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ChriS>please be so kind as to answer IF U SEE this message or not , as something or "someone" is blocking communications, if U cant be there party , watch or play , dont forget to tell your friends..every one of them is welcome..

INVITATION to Footy FUN & FRIENDSHIP weekend(Ze) august 14/15/16 ..09

Hello makkers,

…its going to be (another) great "Craic"…

1. you are INVITED The INTERNATIONAL "footy FUN & FRIENDship weekend –

august 14/15/16 in ZONDEREIGEN (Baarle Hertog/Nassau)


Friday from 18h welcome party at Cafe schuttershof

saturday ; 7-a-side football tournament for the " European NOT – WITHOUT –


Barbeque; trophy presentation ; party"@ FC ZonderEigen then "high

street/night life" party..

Sunday; for survivors ; "farewell brunch" & "surprise"…

entrance costs ; e10 per person ; including party/BBQ – cheap B & B available (book early)

DUE to some CIA "interference" at the "pirates weekend" the hotmail account

is closed at the moment so please reply to chris@eured-san.net

"European Not Without Me SUPER cup 09" – phase 2

@ "Sonnenveld" ZonderEigen, Belgium (Situated between Eindhoven & Antwerp)

European 7-a-side Tourny theme ; "MORE Footy FUN & FRIENDship & Belgian Beers"

for info; contact Dirk via email ; Dirk.Matthe@telenet.be


* Net proceeds to kiddies charities; such as "Kika" , "RED Nose day" & for awarness ; "JUSTICE" (Hillsborough)

Subject: RE: INVITATION to Footy FUN & FRIENDSHIP weekend(Ze) august 14/15/16 ..09



ok -last move M49 30th July 09

mini fridge


red hoover

dvd/cd s

chairs garden (2)

pizza cooker

red plastic closet for clothing, dont know if there ten but they are all there

a portable hob?

Jeans i, socks yes 0ne pair, t shirts one black one,

sweater brown with black stripes


glasses you can have your cuttlery

one book

tv and remote control

your garden table

your plant in the garden

stuff in the cellar

a lamp

lfc mousemat

black phone ( landline)



Dear Mrs VdV,

AS you make it clear that you like to read books & watch films, here is a STORY for you, the difference is (unlike "Kill Bill" or "Notting hill" or so many novels) this is a TRUE (& honest) "enlightenment"

title ….dont forget to <smile> ….(NOT a slimy "love letter" ) <SMILE PLEASE!> Zwolle 90728

The scene ; a Jazz bar in a small dutch city.."CS" is sipping some italian sparkling stuff (suppossed to be "tasting") but the massive talent of the girl singer (Diana) & his natural lust for music & dance draws him to the lyrics of one of his favourite songs, as she sings….


I can’t light
no more of your darkness
All my pictures
seem to fade to black and white
I’m growing tired
and time stands still before me
Frozen here
on the ladder of my life

It’s much too late
to save myself from falling
I took a chance
and changed your way of life
But you misread
my meaning when I met you
Closed the door
and left me blinded by the light

I can’t find
Oh, the right romantic line
But see me once
and see the way I feel

Don’t discard me (baby don’t)
Just because you think I mean your harm
(Just because you think I mean your harm, oh)

But these cuts I have, cuts I have
They need love
to help them heal

Oh, Don’t let the sun go down on me
Although I search myself,
it’s always someone else I see
I’d just allow a fragment of your life
to wander free
Cause’ losing everything
is like the sun going down on me

….applause and his focus returns …but those words that mean so much in his life of extremes..

"Don’t discard me (baby don’t)
Just because you think I mean your harm
(Just because you think I mean your harm, oh)"

for "CS" ,this world, right now , feels SO good, the people here seem friendly, a little bit too "clicky" but not in a bad way..Delano understands & clicks his fingers with the beat, and attractive ladies spark his male desire, "LBA" made a "freudian slip" (" have ALL NIGHT to listen to your story"…oh really? <BIG SMILES>…then later, after Diana & he partner seranade us, he asks LBA to dance…the first time the rhythm was slightly out, but by the third one, oh that good feeling of having a lady "lean on me" her head slightly on his shoulder and they move together more easily & slowly, everyone watches them, for the second time in a month a young lady danced like this with him..last time afterwards all the woman in the bar wanted to dance with him .that "scent of a woman" feeling…

BUT, last time also, that lady (Christelle?), who almost seduced him with her young body fitting so close, the next night ignored him, (her boy-toy was around) and the other one (Ezrra?) actually apologised because she has a boyfriend…"warning" messages..but his life is too short for such fear…the "tasting" finishes and 2 of the ladies go to eat, leaving LBA & her boyfriend there, & another couple, she wanted to make him jealous? well the way he whisks her off before CS can offer to "show her the city" seems to indicate that dancing & a little flirting with CS did the trick…

She tells CS her "twiitter" name as she kisses his cheek goodbye, he remembers that he also has one, but finds all that a bit "gay" and although he mails & writes a lot, for him "facebook" is more than enough "private networking" he recalls he has a (twiitter) pseudonym & tells her & the others..(though he dont expect them to remember…people these days just dont bother, everyones so "busy" with themselves..hyves, facebook, linkedin & now twiter etc etc people dotn DO anything,anymore?.. at least , it seems nothing exciting… ) it was a good evening, but those lyrics (as always he needs to react positively to a "neggie" ) push him into the progressive, "lets party" he says to himself, the wines OK , the atmospheres good, the ladies said they will come back after dinner, but anyway the voice of Diana is enough to enjoy..she sings an upbeat number so he gets a young student girl to dance…sure, he thinks, people will comment about the age difference, but why should it matter, why cant people just have fun & enjoy others doing so..?.)

CS grew up in those days when the "merseybeat" rocked the world, music, dance, concerts, parties and clubbing where the genders actually came TOGETHER for enjoyment! (then disco) and of course footy..he still tries to recreate the "atmosphere & attitude" and often succeeds, hey, and give some money from organising the FFF ("Footy, FUN & international FRIENDship weekends") to the kids charity…he talks to Diana, chats to her partner, drinks some more wine before B & M return and after another round its off to "singel"..until early next morn..

Saturday…ouch!…A BIG hangover!!!! ….memory not so good, but that dance & "scent of a woman" feeling comes back through the daze…sh*te, what was the (twitter) pseudonym of that lady…LBA?…

does he still remember his own pseudonym?…really, would like to see her again..has an instinct that she needs "council" , at times like these he recalls the past & the people he has met, all with a reason..,each being a part of the puzzle,.his "talent" of using experience & ability to ask the right questions (and get the answers) always helped the others – but he himself?…

so he "searches" twiitter, and also tries some other ideas, puts some (intentional) funny/desperate messages on the sites of likely candidates, sends an email to a shop where he (thinks) she might have said she works..then bingo! …one of the sites theres a "tweet" that roughly translated says "anyone know the pseudonym of that great guy from LIverpool from the tasting last night…was it….."…so CS reacts YES it was…but dont be arrogant & writes a message…BUT problem is that these "twiiter" PM’s are as useless as an sms in stating any "depth" …so he thinks , well, he told her that he was PROVOCATIVE (he said she is "modest" but thats just another way of him saying "i like you"…) ..ok sending "identifying" Pm’s (via twiiter & linkedin) to LBA (maybe its not even her as there are several with the same name…but chances are…) …make them "provocative" ..no mystery, no time, or SPACE fot that…(politically correct) BS! …

He invites her on an adventure, or to an FFF weekend..testing her humour, try to open the door..why bother though?..why put himself out "there" again …CS has had so many extremes ; on the positive(?) captained his teams, first (only) in his family or school to travel abroad, live abroad, start a union, start an enterprise, make a million before he was thirty, co-founder of "human shields"…many experiences many influences from the people he met, a multi-cultural rollercoaster with the tragic too…a meningitis -induced coma changed his life into charity…no surpise that he lost his parents, his sister & wife died of cancer, his adult son died through neglect by his first wife, and 2 children of the "next generation" snatched from him (an ambush no less) which led to a 12 year long fight with "fee-male fortresses" governments & insitutions which even now is petitioned at the EU..trusting anyone would be difficult for most people but he still opened up to women, whose modern tendency has become he saw "something" in LBA…

"Cause’ losing everything
is like the sun going down on me"


Sunday, a "stiff" reply comes back…CS thinks .."of course" the PM’s etc seem "desperate" …as he was "desperately" trying to make contact with the intention of a quick meeting (as he was due to drive via where he thimks she works) ..where is HER sensitivity…he had read her "blog"…ah she is trapped in that modern fee-male situation, a young ambitious woman working to better herself also hiding behind books & OTHER peoples lives…she quotes Zen etc , but does she apply it…honestly..CS ;doesnt she realise that she needs to lean on you?…she quotes "Anna" from Notting hill, yet forgets the cold & bitchy way that character acted & repeats the crime..

"Don’t discard me (baby don’t)
Just because you think I mean your harm
(Just because you think I mean your harm, oh)"


Monday…but CS has never "given up" on a good thing…and he knows that somewhere in that troubled lady is a good person..trying to do the right thing…so, as he has to drive that way, he takes a Rose, and smiles…remembers those days in Freiburg ..when he used to buy whole bunches of roses from the sellers who came round the bar, and just give them to every female in the bar, young old, pretty or not..the smiles were worth every pfenig..now if he did that the women would probably get angry, as it could be "sexual harrasment"…so, having had a "curious" encounter with her "wine selling" boyfriend in the street on the way!!!!…ego tucked in his socks, rose hidden in a bag, he reaches out for LBA …hoping that she is there, but she isnt, so he has to ask another (man) in the reception area, this isnt a good feeling..exposed..LBA is busy, …brick wall…he backs off, she refuses the Rose, …what???????????…in all those years no one ever refused the rose!…he tells her "when you need someone to talk to " …(you know where I am) ..thats funny, because HE usually dont know where hes going to be..

Then later, near Antwerp he checks the Net, wow, like a "neutron bomb" she has wiped out all contacts, & blocked him…he just wanted to tell her that she should lose her ego & trust in his experience, because…CS is " someone with a strong shoulder she can rely on. She can hug. Who takes her into his world"..but she will probably never realise it…because whe he opened the doot to life, she slammed it in his face!…

"Don’t discard me (baby don’t)
Just because you think I mean your harm
(Just because you think I mean your harm, oh)"


for more (or less) go to : http://www.eured-san.net/chr1st0ry.html


EuRED Direct Action ("Grass Routes") Network /ChriS SMITH

Postbus #1

Bist 129, B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN, Belgie




Ciao R,

I wnated to tell you that I didnt leave last saturday, in fact because of the storms & traffic problems, and I waited in the bar again saturday night, talking to Paula (barmaid) & hoping you would come there. I hope you have a good sense of humour because I gave Paula a poem to give to you..

We meet on a saturday night?

only 3 days after your divorce

I wanted to hold you tight

but its too early for you, too much "force"

I hope next time you trust

tp dance with me & more…

this is not a "must" ..

because I still believe in "amore"



I am in the Netherlands, and I am sometimes staying in a small city called Zwolle, and sometimes on the frontier between Eindhoven & Antwerp..if U want to visit me you are welcome. I would like to know you better, and for you to know me. I dont ask for anything, so soon after your divorce, but I can talk, or listen, dance or be quiet, have fun or be serious if you want to test me.write in italian or english to my email : ChriS@eured-san.net or hotmail/msn ; eured@live.nl

take care

you’ll never walk alone, with hope in your heart…

ChriS Smith x

p.s I plan to return to Lasino/Lagolo end august/september 


CS>thanks for the questions & for asking me to write this article , in fact I would like to refer it to my recently ended "relationship" with a local woman who lets just call "JD"…

My mother was great, loving & wise, and worked even when sick herself for the community, she was socially engaged , secretay gerneral of the regional socialist party & a great cook & mother to 4 children, she survived WW2 and bombings of our neighbourhood whilst raising 3 of her children not knowing when my father …Tv addicts could recognise the sort of woman she was in the character "Maxine gray" in the series "judging amy" …

She told me to respect girls, and I was shy as a teenager, devoted to "footy" , so that was easy as they scared me, and she also advised me to "treat them as you would want your sister to be treated"…she loved me and I loved my mother as a good son should..with all my heart, my honest father was the quiet one but equally a major influence in his way…My mum died almost 10 years ago, and I wasnt told at the time, as the german authorities (a female "beamte" ) interfered with correspondence for me.

This is only an "compacted insight" & a very, very long & deep story made short, the females I list are not all the women that have been in my life, but they played the major part in the "ChriStory" ..although I refer to them in my "first book" this is the only time I have explained why I am so disappointed in what is happening to other gender…

Gloria…not really my first "love" (I probably felt more for a girl at school that I never even kissed) although I wasnt a virgin when I met her , she was certainly the first sexual relationship..she played off my naivety and I married her when we were both 19 & adopted her daughter (Sarah) who was 6 months old from a guy who "ran off"..we had Adam, the next year, she played housewife & left me the following year after I got a 4-bedroomed house for us..because I worked "too much" she found a "younger guy"..i was devastated..to lose the kids (i treated them the same..maybe even giving more attention to Sarah, than Adam..) ..I paid a third of my income for her & the kids until they were no longer children.. Ididnt see much of them in the first 2 years after our divorce , it was too hard for everyone .I looked after them alternative weekends later but I was always the one to "discipline" as Gloria was weak..she then allowed them to be assaulted by one of her many "friends"….her lack of care indirectly led to a crewed up daughter & my son Adam becoming pschyso, he died in hospital 10 years ago..& Gloria even benefited from his death, being paid off…!

Gaye, probably the only real girl -FRIEND I have ever had, she was the sister of my mates girlfriend..and came to watch me play football..and then she watched every game, rain or shine..we had fun , we danced , we shared feelings and we were true to each otherI had a maisonette in London , which when we seperated (i fell in love with HER best girlfriend; Jacqui) …after 5 years living together (unmarried but the same as man/wife)I gave her half the profit from the sale..we even went on holiday together with her & Trevor from our footy team , her sister & her sisters new husband..she evn picked out the ring with me for Jacqui when I proposed..it might have been a different life completely if she had been my wife,,,but thats (my) life…

Jacqui…beautiful inside & out, loved by everyone..at a xmas party of the firm where she worked with Gaye, I was invited too, her previous boyfriend was acting like an a**hole , and I felt protective, & something clicked when we danced, a rail strike meant that I gave her a lift a few times…but I didnt try to take it further, and then I just went to her parents home, and told her that I had fallen in love with her,,he boyfriend threatened me, but i didnt care…I had started the wine services (S & S ) and was captain at footy , LFC were winning everything, and with Jacqui everything seemed perfect..I let her choose a house she liked to live in, .but her neraby family (mother – in law) was run by women , who bossed the guys & made every decision, I resented & resisted that & something went wrong and somehow our perfect life cracked…I was UNfair to Jacqui & became "workaholic" & aggressive when I came back drunk from a wine trade meeting , I was disappointed that she didnt want the (sick) Adam to live with us….. I was wrong to have casual "affairs" when celebrating business success away from home, (up to 3 months a time abroad, I didnt sleep alone much) and then along came Linda, although we "survived" that temporary split & for a time were very close we lived seperate lives & although I met her again in Freiburg (in fact the party I had arranged for her was interupted by Leons birth) Jacqui (who never told ME she wanted kids) was probably the one I could have had a family with. she once wrote me the most wonderful letter saying she would stay with me & love me forever…but…..eventually told me "enough" and after 12 years "marriage" I stopped living in GB completely and moved most of my stuff (a full container )abroad too.I kept in touch & we phoned every month, but , When i was in Freiburg/Alsace ("alternative/eco-centre of europe") I asked her to come & stay with me (as friend) because she had cancer, her BITTER sister was against me..so she didnt, and stopped contact with me, Karen buried Jacquie on MY birthday in 2005 & didnt even bother telling me, I found out when I tried to trace her when I went over to London the following year…I was shocked & hurt as I loved her deeply, always.

Linda, was 5 years older than me…but I had known her since I was a boy , as she was my Brother’s wife’s sister…very attractive , blond..popular & funny ..good company..and in a job, although manager, that she didnt like…and I was looking for a Sales Director for my new wine company …we spent a lot of time together, ate dinner out at restaurants and one night after a few bottles of wine, I asked her if she liked sex…the response was that we made love everywhere..in the office, in warehouse, kitchen of her house..After I told Jacqui there was even a time when we 3 almost shared a house..but I chose to go back with Jacqui, and for "revenge" Linda told me she had cancer and was away from work, but at the same time used all the knowledge I had given her & things I taught her about management, worked together with enemies & competitiors to ruin me…she even lied to my brother to cause hime to attack me physically…I was knocked down by my own brother because of her, and that meant that 2 of the most important people in my life my brother & Linda were no longer on my side…we lost everything ..a business group worth a million, our bank accounts were frozen,..clients warned off & bank funds disappeared…our house & wine bar was ransacked & the warehouse emptied of wine stock..Jacqui had to go back to her old job & I lived from GBP 100 per week…until I found something to prove her (fraud) accusations wrong …but it was too late..we had lost everything…I employed lawyers & detectives to track her down (which cost 5 years later she phoned me up to say "sorry" but hung up before I could reply…she stayed in the wine trade but I lost my brother through her, and I have never seen her since 23 years!

Sabine, was a friend of Mattheus & Regina whom I knew from "round table" & Freiburg she invited me to stay with her when I was re-locating my Hamburg office, (I had been staying with a family in elshorn previously) after completing my move away from UK..she was a simple girl, she worked in an office, I taught her english, but we spoke german together , I has working "at home-office" a lot (which she thought meant that I was not too busy!!!..on the contrary I worked more, having less travelling time) & she enjoyed "attacking me" (sexually) when SHE came back from her work…she was "fit" so i had to be too <smile> ..Ithink she wanted more from me, but when I started travelling again, she became negative (jealous) and one day I just found my stuff outside the apartment , and as I didnt have a "rental contract" (we just shared costs equally in trust) I had no legal chance, especially as a foreigner in "germoney" (dont let them fool U, in reality there is "zero auslaender tolerance" underneath the main society)…so I went back to Freiburg & was invited to work with the "Saxony development corp." in Dresden, so I was travelling from Freiburg to Dresden , from south west to north east , on a regular basis.

Franziska, I met her wine-maker ex-husband "Ernst" (and he was!) in Ravensburg at a "round table" meeting (i was voted "european R-T of the year" so was "fanous" in the organisation at international board level) …he gave me his card, and told me to "come by & taste the wines" …so one friday there was a massive "stau" on the autobahn between Dresden & Freiburg & as I approached Wurzburg I recalled the invite..I phoned & Franziska was there..not too friendly Ernst was busy with a "sext festival" (!) for guests…but I could by & stay in the neighbours B & B …that evening he was busy with clients and I sat with her , talking then mildly flirting..and (as usual) I was the first to dance , with her,,,I went to the B & B & next day just as I was going to leave she invited me to see Wurzburg (festung etc) I told her "I have had it with women") later Ernst said "dont go" Franziska invites U to stayon our guest couch-bed..and we were alone again…drinking good wines laughing & dancing & that night she came into MY bed, whilst HE was sleeping in theirs (he was snoring completely drunk) was exciting erotic & dangerous,.she told me life had been so boring (they were "king & queen" of the small town near Wurzburg) & had no love since her daughter was born 2 years before but stayed together for "image"…I told her I was moving into a new apartment in Freiburg, and she followed me there , bringing her little girl…I wanted to make this my family – base, but again SHE was jealous when I travelled & suspected any female contact…she left me whilst I was travelling just before xmas.*& moved to her own flat in Wurzburg , to be near her sister (she said) ..but even so, afterwards I took her on a (RT) cruise of the bahamas…and when I saw even this didnt make her happy I stopped trying to rescue us,..she later married a very RICH german RT guy…(i was just the "bridge")…she (also) left a letter saying "I will love you forever"…(an alternative to the "dear john")

Annika, I met her not long after I came out of a week-long coma, I had "dropped out" after spending 7 years on a massive enterprise project initiative of mine involving multi-media networking, and upon (early) release from a belgian hospital returned to freiburg, I was invited, with others, soon after to join a lake-side grill party & to sleep by the lake (under the stars for the first time in my life) but I had discovered that my current girlfriend (another regina) had been sleeping with an irish lad whilst I was away..towards the end of the night I glanced over at a couple sitting nearby and invited them to join our feast…Annika was also angry wth her boyfriend and she was soon leaving him to go to Berlin, he left and we talked & talked until the early hours, and when I walked her to her car by the lake & said goodnight , we hugged & it was like seeing ourselves in a film..I had to see her again, I phoned & she told me she was going to berlin so no point in meeting, but i left messages & when she came back to Freiburg we went to the cinema (with others) & I wrote to her, she invited me to her flat-warming party in berlin..and the relationship started , intensely & passionately & I made her pregnant..I was so happy, as I had so little contact with my "first" family (both in GB; Adam was sick & Sarah had 3 kids of her own to care for).

….but we had different ideas..she was a stubborn person..but we agreed to share the responsibility of our child; Leon , who was born (at home in a wonedrful atmosphere) near Freiburg,a healthier place (environmentally) …we rented a house, I moved my furniture there, we shared costs & I still had a "penthouse home-office" in Freiburg city (altstadt) …but when I "resigned" from the business , a lot of people got pi**ed off with me (because they would not be rich from it) & started rumours…("mafia" cultist , "scientologist" ) …I was "born again" and had many creative idaes (even though I was "in convalesence" )..I was raided by police (without warrant) and when I told Annika she coldly replied "U must have done something, they dont do that without cause" ) ..it killed my feelings for her…and I moved back to the city, we shared the time, Annika wanted to start her own theatre (L.U.S.T ) & continue her band "Shinore" & one-woman-act for kids shows..I looked after Leon until…I was raided again & moved to a (female) Freinds house (Ankelika) to share, Annika was jealous & started to make problems about the "sharing" schedule…until one day , when Leon was about 30 months old, I went to pick him up from her house & they had moved…and told the autorities to give no info to me!!…I already had started a complaint about the police raid and I took this to the ECHR Strasbourg & organised "resistance" for others too that had been abused by the "system" & female exploitation of it…

IMO, Annika didnt want Adam to live with us, stole my son & hid behind the german system (It led to 12 years & 54 complaints against german police, social workers, judges & attorneys) ..I get NO information about Leon, I send him presents, birthday & Xmas & souvenirs from my travels..but no letters or phone calls & have seen him a total of 30 minutes in the last 7 years (because Annika just shuts the door & phones the police if I complain)…

Sarah..my Adopted daughter ..(she had the terrible job of phoning me when I was with Margit, to tell me Adam had died in hospital) .is in her thirties now, told me that I was more respected than her mother (Gloria) …when I visited her family, she was with Steve (an LFC fan) she had 3 kids…my grandchildren, as such..and she told me that Gloria had LIED to them & said that I had left them , not Gloria had left me…& although she loved her mother, I will always be her father..in spirit…Sarah was (& is ) wild & left Steve recently because of a younger guy, repeating the act of her mother…..I will visit her next time in UK..

Margit..I met whilst teaching alternative enterprise & global english language & mostly running the social side of an english school in Freiburg, she was a "mature" student (33 at the time) improving her languages for her (own) environmental business & for fun..she told me that she liked english guys…(especially thr male teachers) but had "only flirted" so far as she was hooked up with a local (Thomas) …we met a few times for coffee & a chat, once she tried to kiss me after dancing, but she was still with thomas, I refused, then after walking her home after we were out in a group, Thomas accused us of "stuff" she left him & came to me the next day..we lived seperate for a while, and after the next "raid" …moved in toghether..I helped her with english & to organise her time in her office work, I educated her in world affairs & she saw me looking after Leon…she saw how brutal Annika was, & margit told me "U are a GOOD man, , a good father I would never do THAT..to U.." but…I was detained for Investigation (U-halft) during the time i wsa "complaining" ..I was accused of being "subversive" <smile> I was not convicted but held for a long time without trial (famously starting a Union to psupport other people whose rights were similarly violated by the "system"

…but then she went (against my wishes) to Malta & I later challenged her that she had an "affair" there, despite that I FORGAVE her & we tried to start a family, but we had problems & decided to part, one week later she told me she was pregnant (Noela)…she was extreme during prenancy one time with me next time against me then went to find her lover & I told her whilst I would be there for the baby I would not support her,,,her nazi family put pressure on her to keep away from me, but then she came & told me "I choose U, ChriS, I choose US & a life together, forever…" she was a coward at birth , but I stayed with her then after I had cooked cleaned, shopped & looked aftter our baby, she asked me to leave the apartment, but I had a family home in Alsace lined up, and soon i demanded the equal custody that we had agreed upon (with her lawyer) , this worked, more or less, politely until I accidentally discovered that margit was going to take Noela away to be with an unknown man who was into "S & M"

…I reacted by keeping Noela at my place whilct asking Margit for an honest explanation, instead she LIED & threatened me, but the local (alsace, france) police were on my side, so margit (unknown to me) registered Noela in frieburg with "father unknown" status (i.e. single mother , then ambushed me with 2 "heavies" in the woods near the house where Noela & I lived..they took her over the german border (only 5kms away & then told the german police that I had attacked THEM etc..after getting no-where I used different people , friends & organisations to get to see Noela following several months of seperation…then margit registered a formal complaint & a bogus accusation that I was living in "germoney" illegally…I added this scandal to my list of complaints (after they hald me & released me without conviction again) & margit was then at risk if I succeeded for lying to the court, so she disappeared to Dublin, I have seen Noela for a total of 20 minutes since 2005, the last time when I went to Dublin & her mother kicked the bag o f birthday presents out of my hand when I tried to give them to Noela outside their Dublin residence…my apeal at the european court of human rights included margits violations (again she exploited the abuse ingrained in the system, which is unequal despite being called "democratic" ) the so called "female emancipation" has led to a gender- biased society in family affairs wheerby women ; such as Annika & margit can "get preganant & own the child, leaning on state prejudice , excluding the natural father, by hook or crook"…

Heidi had english parents, & was a nurse in Freiburg, was someone I met whilst going through difficult times with margit, she treated me well for organising a charity concert in 1999 be-friended me & I lent her my 40 year old album collection, (impossible to replace) she wanted me to leave margit & go with her, when I said "sorry" she let her next boyfriend sell them! – when I argued that she was wrong, she acted as if I was the one who had acted badly.

Christelle, (french-algerian) was a witness to margit’s violations and during the winter (2005) after they kidnapped Noela we were together, either at her flat in Mulhouse or at my home in Geiswaser, I helped her learn english, & the internet & her home-gourmet services, teaching her about wine..she had a young son, whom I looked after when she was out at the various functions she supplied. One weekend when I was in LIVERPOOL for a footy game, she phoned me in a strange mood, accusing me of "laughing at her" …she met me at the airport with all the clothes etc I had at her flat in the back, & dumped me at my neighbours (as my own house was frozen) & she couldnt explain her decision (probably met a guy the weekend I was away) she cried all over our friends, as if it was MY fault>>>

Angie,she is probably the longest time i have ever had a platonic relationship with a woman, she wasnt much more than a beautiful woman-child when I met her, and although at times I have felt like a big brother, father, uncle or advisor to her, we seem, however long we are apart, to becoming real friends, I saw her (she’ s a singer-songwriter) perform in a frieburg pub..she distrusted me (& almost everyone) but I sort of "adopted" her, sometimes managed her, & listened to her rehearsals in her apartment often sleeping on the floor after we talked until the early hours, I took her to Paris & Liverpool, shared a room, even a bed (not for sex), & her weird likings, enjoyed her company & admired her talent. She is now in Berlin and I hope we can share her 30th birthday in september (9/11!!) …

Three of these women ruined the most loving relationship a man can have, for his children, the bond is broken & can NEVER be repaired…and it says much that the last woman in my life has done WORSE…

JD…there is much I could say or write about her, and I met her in Zwolle(a small dutch city), 2 years & 1000s of emails & so many hateful sms ago …her constant mood changes, drunken agression, broken promises & betrayal, why is she the worst of all?…because I told her all the above, I shared my pain , despite my experiences I FORGAVE her so many times & "trusted" a woman with my feelings , listened most of the time to her "problems"…and even then she could not be true ..she finally destroyed the love I had for a partner in me…and now all I want is (not revenge) but JUSTICE!

p.s. and of course NOela…my little girl , she (with son Leon) is one of 2 huge HOLES in my heart , it doesn’t go aaway, every day the hurt is there…how I enjoyed her living with me most of the first 30 months of her life…some years ago, this is what I wrote for her…

poem: tears through a closing door

in my arms for a minute

in my view for an hour

forever possessing my heart

thats my little girl

today in the rain

i surpress the pain

to be with her again

before she leaves on a train

what does a woman know

how a father feels

denied his flesh and blood

wounds my soul and never heals

how can humanity survive

is anyone alive

caring about the future years

has cost me more than five

losing time is bad enough

whilst time passes me by

her tears cut me in half

as we once again say good bye…..

through a closing door…

ChRiS Smith



 Neil Thomas

I’ll put it in the diary!


2009/6/29 ChriS EuRED

next tourny ZonderEigen 14/16th August 09
..next year Zwolle, ZonderEigen & MAD-REDS/Madrid ??? (may21/24, 2010?)


Subject: VH90629 ChriS (UTube Video) RE: LibZw 90624 Liverpoolfans-veroveren-Zwolle
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2009 10:48:21 +0200

ChriS> ………..and more "incriminating evidence" @ ; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-_eLxJM4_c

(thanks to Colin & Hans)

p.s. whose that ‘old bruce-willis-look-a-like" trying to kid that he can still play? <smile>


Subject: LibZw 90624 Liverpoolfans-veroveren-Zwolle
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 2009 14:57:57 +0200


ChriS> last weekend// 456 euros raised for kids cancer victims, unknown amount for HJC awareness (between 250/300 euros pledged) happy days at FFF weekends..join us in ZonderEigen 14/16 august…?

personal comments ;

report & pics at
http://cid-a73c195bb9885b12.spaces.live.com )

> From: eured@live.com
> To: footz@chrismith.eu
> CC:
> Subject: LibZw 90624 Liverpoolfans-veroveren-Zwolle
> Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2009 15:39:51 +0200
> EuRED Direct Action "Grass Routes" Network 90623 ; Footy, FUN & FRIENDship " Special " (inc the Euro NOT without-me CUP 09 …see "ZReDS"website http://zredszwolle.nl )
> http://www.deweekkrant.nl/artikel/2009/juni/21/roby_fc_winnaar_van_internationaal_seniorentoernoo
> http://www.destentor.nl/sport/grootzwolle/5148647/Liverpoolfans-veroveren-Zwolle.ece
> Liverpool-fans veroveren Zwolle
> door Peter Dekkers. maandag 22 juni 2009 | 09:46 | Laatst bijgewerkt op: maandag 22 juni 2009 | 18:45
> Tekstgrootte
> Liverpool-fans vermaken zich in Zwolle. foto Frans Paalman
> ZWOLLE – "FC Liverpool is meer dan voetbal, het is een religie.” Chris Smith, speler van Be Quick 10 en gepassioneerd aanhanger van de legendarische voetbalclub uit zijn geboorteplaats is een echte. Hoeveel fan moet je zijn om ziel en zaligheid te storten in het organiseren van een toernooi gespeeld om de ‘Euro-Not-Without-Me’ cup. "Mijn voornaamste drijfveer is de fun en relationship tussen Liverpool-fans uit heel Europa. Met voetbal en ‘a few beers’ komt het helemaal goed.”
> En dus speelt er zaterdag een bonte mix van spelers uit Zwolle, de regio en Liverpool op het on-Engelse kunstgras van Be Quick’28. Geplaagd door de naweeën van de welkomsparty heeft Smith het zweet op de kop. De fans uit Madrid en Brussel komen later in verband met verkeerschaos. "Maakt niet uit, dan spelen wij met een eigen clubje wel onder Spaanse vlag.” En dus zien we Smith voetballen met maatje Colin Latham van SVI 4, ook al zo’n Nederlandse Liverpool fan. Latham kwam acht jaar geleden vanuit Liverpool naar Zwolle. Zijn liefde voor ‘The reds’ was toen al levenslang verzegeld. " Mijn moeder was zes maanden zwanger tijdens de Europacupwedstrijd tegen Bayern München. Het was dringen op de tribune en een cordon van Liverpool fans ging om mijn moeder staan om mij te beschermen. Zo wordt je dus als Liverpool fan geboren.”
> De afgereisde fans uit Liverpool zijn erg onder de indruk van de accommedatie van Be Quick’28. "Is dit een amateurclub? Wow!” Lee Whittingham komt woorden tekort om zijn gevoel voor Liverpool te omschrijven. "Telkens als ik ‘You’ll never walk alone’ hoor, krijg ik kippenvel. Dit lied wordt overal geassocieerd met onze prachtige club. Laatst was ik met een groepje in het Polen van Jerzy Dudek, de held van die schitterende finale tegen AC Milan. Toen die Polen doorkregen dat we uit Liverpool kwamen zong de hele kroeg voluit ‘You’ll never walk alone’, machtig!”
> Volgens teamgenoot Tom Kirby moet je z’n vader niet laten kiezen tussen moeder de vrouw of FC Liverpool. "Dat komt niet goed voor ‘my mom.’ Bij mijn geboorte werd ze vroegtijdig ingeleid vanwege de cupfinal die Liverpool moest spelen.”
> "From the hospital to Wembly”, grinnikt vader David. Terwijl de dames van Be Quick 3 de knapste boys uit Liverpool toejuichen gaat er alweer een schrijven rond voor een volgend toernooi in België. De opbrengst daar gaat naar de nabestaanden van de Hillsborough slachtoffers. Deze stadionramp waar 96 fans de dood vonden, draagt elke Liverpool fan ook na twintig jaar nog mee. "Sommige mensen vinden dat we de ramp maar een keer af moeten sluiten, maar dat kan toch niet”, reageert Latham. "Voor de nabestaanden is ‘the Hillsborough door’ never closed. Never!”
> .
> Background
> ——————————-
> to our theme ; Football FUN & FRIENDship – for "Euro-NOT-Without-me CUP09 " phase 1-Zwolle
> THis initiative started early in 2007 & was a connection by ChriS Smith (a member of the "veteran BQ#10 team) via "Europe-based LIVERPOOL supporters " to the winners of the HJC cup ("Hillsborough Justice campaign"(justice badge?)LIVERPOOL every last weekend of the Premiere league season to promote not only awareness but to make friends …our extension of this is to include all football fanatics & enthusiasts, fans or non fans across europe.. the "Not without me" weekend in August 2008 took it to the next stage, involving teams & friends from Benelux …local teams & fans and visitors from LIVERPOOL & Brussels..especially to follow the POSITIVE example of LIVERPOOLs world-famous "kopites" (and extinguish "hooliganism" ….)…"You’ll Never Play Alone"


For your current account :

ChriS>Hiya Div, hope U & family, teaMates etc are all Ok…

I am still around as I came back because I didnt hear from Tom (he didnt reply to my sms, phone or email, so I travelled nearly 200 kms back to Ze, just to find that he got back here on Friday (flight delayed 3 days!), anyway below is the info on the hostal I know in MADrid (no big brekkie there either <smile>) – I just sent this email to TEST the situation, because that weekend is looking "favourite" …maybe U can check out the avilability / price too because I suspect that they will be booked early…(last night at the cafe Gunther & his customer "Dickens" told me they are ready for MADrid….<smile>)
as for "ZonderEigen 09 weekend 14/16 august" I have asked sarah about the teams budget because I dont think we can put those older guys in a tent this year, and Maybe we will have to collect them from Schipol…anyone with a "bus" ???

I had a look at your clubhouse – its comong along fine eh? .. dont forget Gunther has a nice Anfield tapestry, the Rafa picture & 2 Flags (LIVERPOOL & everton) that I gave him for the clubhouse… 😉
take care

is it possible to reserve rooms for 20 people (6 x 2 sharing & 2 x4 sharing) ? for 21/24 May 2010?



(90715-19) GRoutes-EuRED-ChriSinTransit-tour.(CH-IT)..for ZReDS & EdAGn Members & friends..&…

.as U may know apart from organising 2 x"FFF (footy fun & friendship) weekends, planning next years "FFF" Madrid & etc, co-hosting the pirates meeting & touring…I just came back from 5 days & 2500 kms driving the old "ZBus" over mountains etc..I went to watch LFC play a friendly @ "St.Gallen" (CH) then to my old wine agent/friend (Domenico ;

www.pravis.it ) & spent last weekend by his summer house in the mountains near Trento (it) …until friday night there was a storm , which literally moved the bus & caused areas of CH & the tirol to be decalred "catastrophe" as some people got killed by extreme weather . the remperature dropped 20 degrees in 24 hrs…heavy rain & gakle-storms on the route I planned to go to Wien …to support LFCV@ "FC Rapid Vienna"..but decided to return to Zw. & got back here yesterday evening after 16 hours & 1200 kms driving…with a "dodgy" gear-shift (coupling)..

On Tuesday 14th June , I was still waiting for the ticket agents of FC StGallen (CH) to confirm they have a ticket other than the "VIP" price (about e115!) but I felt I real;ly needed to see the first game (even afriendly) of this new & vital season (09/10) …

I left about 06hrs on wednesday After about 10 hours slow driving from Zwiolle in the "Zbus" I pulled into St Gallen..hoping to see signs for ASG (arena) but after 3 tries from locals’ directions I found the "arena" in the middle of a massive shopping complex…I was directed by a steward to the underground (vip) parking and even there was few signs for the footy…eventually I found the "kasse sud" and asked what tickets , they had plenty @ 25-30 , so i got a 30ch (e20) ticket! …the game was typical ST Gallen having already a few weeks warm up …made it difficult for the mixture of 26 players Rafa used (wheres dAgger?) ASG probably had the better of the first half but after changing all the players at half time the REDS team in the 2nd half (with "new boy " Glen Johnson doing fairly well…) put some moves together, had most of the play & came close to snatching a winner in the dying minutes (this "ethic" thankfully preserved from last season when we won so many games in the closing stages) …

Another reason for developing "Ko-OP UNlimited" is that 2 unofficial guys (not scouse accents) were selling "souvenir" scarves (half/half) ourside the stadium @ 20euros each (double the normal price, in a so-called time of financial crisis) ok, so, this is the (rich) "swiss market" where money is (more than usual) everything..BUT…it is bad enough that the ticket agent is ripping fans off, but RED support should be identified and not exploited for our fanatical support of LFC…As LFC DID NOT OFFER any tickets for the game, the few thousand fans (not any "usual faces" that I could see) were scattered around the stadium so with most of them being "casuals" and young the home support was the one to be heard, it was significant that my own LFC flag was the onyl one hitched up in the stadium…I had a drink whilst waiting for the departing fans then drove back into the city, which was VERY quiet* a glass at the american bar was just before they closed and a "Thai" bar was where I had my last drink (I think the girls there were offering "extras" but I didnt hang around, as the journey and lack of sleep convinced me to say "goodnight" )

Thursday 07hrs, a helicopter overhead woke me@ my parking place near the station, soon I was having coffee , yoghurt & croissant at the station bar in St G…before making my way slowly to Bag Regaz (the training camp of the LFC squad) …the skies were blue yet the early morning mist as I traversed the mountain roads gave the route & scenery a beautiful view but erie & surreal atmosphere…thankfully i wa still half asleep, as the drop at the side of some of the narrow mountain roads might have made me nervous!. had I not stopped for another "wake up " coffee enroute I would have been at Bad Regas within the hour, …even so I was still there before Rafas lads , apart from M. Pelligrino, who later took charge of the coaching session. As my eating habits had been pretty poor I had an early salad lunch at the nearby "Zoo" cafe..(where I taught the parrott to say "LIV-ER-POOL" ..maybe it could work with som of our "quieter" fans?) …

I watched Maurice for a while use a popular keep – ball method then mix it up with short-ball-long-ball techniques…then had a chat with the guy who works at the club & invited their own team to one of our next "Footy FUN & (international) Friendship" weekends…my next stop would be near Trento (Trentino) and fortunately (as I was taking the non-motorway route) the training camp was on the way ….but I still had some 250-300 kms of mountains to get through, not easy with the "ZBuS" having a gear-box needing renwal..after a while the temperature was nearing 30 (& the engine was much hotter !) so I stopped regularly (the road was often 2000m + above sea level) ..and when in Davos , I decided to have a swim (in-famous for "G8" meetings…NO, not GERRARD number 8…) ..and Davis is PROBABLY where my MOBILE phone was LOST or STOLEN….I didnt notice until I was "climbing" the next mountain..

Not being able to call ahead to my old friend & wine agent from 25 years ago (Domenco ; see http://www.pravis.it) I was under pressure to get to Lasino before their office closed at 18h…so I used the expensive autostrada between Bolzano & Trento, (Lasino is a few kms south of Trento on the road to Riva (del garda)

…Domenico & Lina were waiting for me when I arrived at the mountainside "Cantina" (not "Kantine" JandeG)…& kindly took me to park the "Zbus" by their sumerhouse @ "lago de lagalo" (italian speakers might smile at this name) …then to dinner another 30 mins FURTHER UP in the mountains..to Mt.Bondone…we ate a sort of italian ragout with "polente" which used to be poor people’s food before it became "trandy" ..(25 years ago I took Linda to the region & she asked the winery owner what it was , the lady replied "mais" , but in her accent sounded like "mice"…& was surprised when Linda replied "no thanks" 😉 ….)..

Friday 17 July..starts with a pre-brekkie bath in the lake then I visit Trento (citta0, Riva & Torbole (del Garda) …bringing back so many sweet & sour memories of 25 +years ago when I was a wizz-kid high-flyer making a million in the Trentino wine export trade..success & fun but sometimes too "careless" also ;-( …(talking of "high-flyer" another helicopter passes over the city) ..I wandered aimlessly through Trento (centro-citta) stopping only to buy & eat some fresh fruit from the market…& have a coffee at the piazza Duomo…(U know that small italian expresso which seems just to be made of powder & sugar with a few drops of water in it..) ..The Trento concilio is famous for its part 500 years ago in the story of religion ..then I drove to nearby Riva & Torbole (lake garda) but it was crowded with tourists (usually german) so I didnt stay & returned to Lasino…Domenico & Lina OFFER OUR CLUB MEMBERS their COMMERCIAL price list – 5% discount !!!! …(NO credit , advance payment or paypal/card payment )…I hope to organise a small "wine-tasting" in Zwolle or ZonderEigen..soon, we could become a "ZReDS culture club" <smile> ???

(Note; quality Trentino wines can cost , in a cafe/bar, as little as e1,50 a glass, and coffee, which costs e2-2,50 elsewhere ; LESS than 1 euro a cup)

I had a another afternoon swim & siesta (another helicopter overhead?) then a few glasses of quality wines at "Clandestino" (bar on the lake) before dinner of Polente/formaggio/funghi (cheese & wild mushrooms) at the local pizzeria before returning to the bar to talk to the nice (& recently divorced) "Robbie" (a mojito-lover) until closing time..


I was awake in the night a wild storm with wind & rain that literally shook the "Zbus" …but I still had my morning bath in the lake , the temperature had gone down from 25 to 7 degrees…I decided to tank up the vehicle at "Stravino" but stay until the weather improved, I passed by Lasino & saw Dom.at his offce. he & his checked my email (I am getting used to, and almost enjoy NOT having a mobile phone) ..& returned to have brunch at a very quiet (due to the weather ; we heard of fatalities in the tirol) "clandestino" bar before a run & siesta…& write this report…I had a "pannini" then later (after another run around the lago & swim) , in the evening I "toured" the lake , taking a glass & a "miscarpone" (coffee & special mascarpone cream) whilst exchanging ideas with the very nice young bar-maid "Eliza" (who spoke good english & whose brother hopely starts UNI in Liverpool) returned to the bar to chat with barmaid "Paula"..until everyone decided about 23h to go to a party at Cavedine (the bar owner, staff, customers & I were all invited!) and as i was leaving early sunday morning & already had been in the bar all day, for once , I declined the friendly offer..but I hope to go back In september..


… try the Trentino wines often unknown outside the regions such as "Marzemino" ; Teroldigo ; Traminer & local versions of Merlot , Cabernet , Mueller, Pinot Grigio & Chardonnay – for me some of the best value-for-money wines anywhere in europe..and why not test "miscarpone" @ the piccolo principe hotel..

B &B …Albergo "floriani" ; http://www.albergofloriani.it Hotel/Restaurant ; http://www.piccoloprincipehotel.it


p.s. I have listed my "costs" below..these are "extreme" because of "circumstances" ..packing so much into a spontaneous short trip (entertaining & making contacts for benefit of my associations) ..however a very enjoyable & economic time/holiday can be experienced in these beautoful regions..



road costs;

tank (diesel)

Zwolle e35 (PB.NL)

Near Ludwigshaven (D) e30 cash

in mountains (CH) e20 (cash;no recepit)

tank Stravino/lasino ; e 40 cash

tank (near Landeck, Austria) e30 cash

tank (near Koblenz) e15 cash

parking ; Trento & St Gallen ; e11 cash

tolls ; (autostrada Bz-Tn e3 ) (Tirol(a) e8,50) = e11.50 cash

—– (total 2500 kms = e192.50)

cash out @ helgau? (D) = e200 (pb.nl)

bnl – 700 mr. moser Luca (TT on hols)


other costs;

match tichet (e20;= ch30)

various snacks/drinks in St G ; e30 (ch45)

lunch in Bad Regas (ch15 = e10)

cofffees (e5)

(Lina paid dinner with maria / dom & lina..)

coffees in Trento etc e5

dinner @ lagolo..pizzeria (polente/form/funghi) e15 cash

drinks @ Clandestino (lagolo) afternoon & evening ("robbie") dom/lina e22 cash

sat lunch @ Clandestino e7 cash


piccoloprincipehotel (e5 with eliza)

sat drinks/snacks e11 @ "clandestino" (paula)

snacks enroute aust/D; (brekkie & Mdinner) e14 cash

—–(total ; e145)

= too much <smile>?


To Jan De Gunst

Be Quick 28

To ;

Jan De Gunst

Be Quick 28


Postbus 1106

8001 BC Zwolle

Accommodatie Stadionplein 25 8025 CP Zwolle Telefoon Clubhuis 038 4531186

cc: Jan Diepenheim

cc: Haverkort

Dear Jan,

Please find enclosed invoice from Haverkort. I refer you to the post-tournament report & account sent by email on 23 June 09 to Jur (copy to yourself & others) which I expect you have read. As the conditions of the "Footy FUN & Friendship" weekend @ be quick were changed by your board (placing us in the secondary position) it was & IS OBVIOUS that you bore the maximum of income (& therefore costs) ..we have donated almost 500 euros to "KIKA" …so I enclose the invoice for you to pay. Please settle direct with Haverkort (as your delay of our post has also delayed openingf our bank account) Its sure that Haverkort will provide YOU ("be quick 28") with a proper invoice/receipt upon your payment to THEM.

PLEASE NOTE; until further notice ; Please address all correspondence to Jan Diepenheim ("ZReDS" secretary) Democratenlaan 21, 8014 VD Zwolle. and whilst writing please adviseby email to edagn@eured-san.net the planned date for the next "AGM" (annual general meeting" as I wish to plan whether to include "be quick" in future "FFF" events.



bcc; email list



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