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pirates meet …shhhhhhhh! (secret)

The 2009 "pirates meeting"….somewhere along the border between Eindhoven & Antwerp…" Grass Routes Diary " July 3-7 , 2009


A big Hello to FvR. ; Princess Leah, their boys ; M & S…, ULi & Jeanette..& little Tom…

(the names may have been changed to protect the guilty <smile>)


After a rigourous  sweaty Thursday night footy training session with EuRED & BQ …number 6…..and a "last bevy" with Jan D & the lads in the BQ kantine…I went to "de single" in Zwolle..Esra apologised for Sunday (getting too friendly…as her boyfriend is there THIS night..) and Christelle managed a sneaky smile as her big blond blue-eyed "boy" was also there..)  ah women….so fickle…


I had a couple of drinks , and as I left there close on 03h decided to nap before the 200 kms drive..but only a short one, then I woke up, with the idea to drive on as I could then avoid rush hour jams in Utrecht…


So I was well In time, another nap and I went  looking for F & L  & brunch…afterwards down to "work"  putting the beds up in the "dorm" (outhouse) …and already guest-pirates were arriving from Paris, Dresden or various  parts of Holland, germoney etc…Lithau (?) Robertus & his friend …and we eased into a warm Friday evening "welcome party" Uli & I recalling our "team" ..(although this "worker" didn’t get a room…was " In Transit" again <smile> ) ..fuming from my hotmails being blocked, was that ME or the pirates they wanted to "block"??


P*ss*d on the 4th July!


Early bed for me , so that I could be "sharp" the next day ..the " worker" who mutates into receptionist/chef/cashier/waiter-barman/cleaner/dj- ….after the BBQ for 40 + people I  got a chance after midnight when the (real?) pirates mistakenly left the mic unmanned , being  a "sterio-pirate" together with the host (FvR)…not sure if anyone was listening or understood my euro-scouse jokes…


Its was getting light by the time I went "in transit" …so dark glasses & a "shake-yer-money" look was in order when only a couple of hours later , I re-joined the "team"hauling the kitchen stuff to the brekkie/brunch tent..I took Steve to BH for his TurnHout bus ..and return to dismantle the " dorm" ..and I don’t know who hit me but I had a bloody lip ..(was my DJ-ing THAT bad?)..it had been a dry weekend (outside!) …and "mummy & daddy took this strange "family" to BN for an italian ice cream (people must have noticed that we spoke a mixture of english, dutch & german) …we had a look (eventually at a "pirate" DVD …not what other people think…when THEY talk about "pirate@ dvd or films or music…<smile>)


By Monday (6th July) only the "team" remained…Princess Leah was on her way, the boys at school, and the only topic was the previous nights "coincidences" (5 of our email addresses blocked, the DVD froze, and even the lights flickered…) …I was half expecting the military helicopter that flew close overhead to "unload" the heavy mob…(sort of "brazil" imagine in my head)..

So off  to the library to catch up on the internet and later the Café @ ZonderEigen …Irish night…Tom (from MP) & a nice Else, Greta & the fan club, dancing drinking (too much ) guiness and the music..one of the last to leave , again in the wee hours…

(kermis continues..but that’s another story…I hope!)  😉


p.s please don’t write via eured-com , please use eured@live.nl  to comments or responses write to " Grass ROUTES" ..until further notice..


also ATTENTION pirates..I plan to " tour "this summer (if the "ZBUS"gets repaired by F’s mate..)  whose at HOME? <smile> ??????


(AND the FFFF ; footy FUN & Friendship FIVE -a side mid-week footy league set to grow around europe…<SMILE>) 

and …



Homeless World Cup Foundation – Football Tournament .."

Football Changes Lives…find out how you can join in

From 6th-13th September 2009 in Milan, Italy 48 teams, and 500 homeless football players from all over the world will take part in the 7th Homeless World Cup, the international football tournament that uses football to reach homeless people and motivates them to change their lives.

The Homeless World Cup really makes a difference to the lives of people from all over the world who take part. Over 70% of players change significantly coming off drugs and alcohol, moving into homes, jobs, education and training, repairing relationships and becoming coaches and players. The Homeless World Cup Foundation has grassroots projects in 70 countries, using football to reach 100,000 homeless, excluded and marginalised people. We need your help to meet our goal of working with 1 million people by 2012.

Unite with us to end homelessness by becoming a football star for the day!"




! …





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    Hiya all
    EuRED , FC ZonderEigen (Be.) & ZREDS invite you to participate in a
    7-a-side weekend footy tournament ; with the theme Footy FUN & Frienmdship
    & to benefit childrens charity & HJC awareness in Europe..

    for more info look at

    http://zredszwolle.nl with video & pics of our
    recent great Party & footy weekend …or email me, if U cant understand dutch ,<smile>
    p.s. what about the 5-a-side weekend in MADrid (MAD – REDS) 21/24 may 2010 too!?