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EuRED(irect) Action “Grass Routes” Network special mailing….”excuses” ???::

EuRED(irect) Action "Grass Routes" Network special mailing…."excuses" ???::

17h saturday 15th august….Zwolle!…not ZonderEigen, 


I am walking in the sunny late afternoon thinking about the "excuses" & how
great this weather would be if we were now finishing off the FFF tourny &
starting the "barbie" (BBQ) …but Dix & I postponed it after so many
problems this weekend…I suppose we (as organisers) must take the
responsibility for choosing this weekend when we sat down after the great
weekend we had in ZonderEigen last year…

I had a "gut feeling " when I left Zwolle thursday…and when a motorbike
cop pulled me over for not wearing a seatbelt in the "Zbus" i should have
known it was going to be "one of THOSE weekends" …(he didnt charge me, at
least that was positive..)

These are the "excuses"…

"SKY tv wanted the Pl game spurs v LIVERPOOL moved to sunday, which meant
the return flight for the scousers clashed with KO time , thus meaning the
lads would miss the game,( if they hadnt anyway planned to go to London..)"

"it clashes with the first weekend of the Premiereship 09/10…"

"mothers day in Be."

"In a nearby town this weekend (Hoogstratten) is probably the biggest
antillian music festival in europe…(* which also accounted for the lack
of available B & B & an alternative distraction for the locals)"

"sickness; Mexican flue scare, swine fever …."

"Holidays, family & work commitments.."

+ ….apathy, & the "CIA" (dont need to ecplain what that means..)

we had a little party at the cafe uintil -4hrs saturday morning, but it was
mostly a weekend of continual disaster, with almost everything going wrong,
on Friday I couldnt find 2 friends (M & M) …my bike was busted, the tyre
went down on the "Zbus" ,,,even Dirks "frituur" mucked up his take-away
order!!!! 😉 …and there was a massive traffic jam on the way back
(between Breda & Utrecht..) and I had to detour 40+ kms….

as they say, "sh*te happens" ….BUT what can NOT be "excused" is, after
being informed by myself or Dix about this weekend since several months is..

– NOT making an effort..

– NOT keeping either of us informed (Thanks Andre fro phoning Gunther
saturday morning to say only 3 turned up at Be Quick..)

– and as U might have seen from my other mailing…for someone who was
invited to join us, to then propose an alternative training session @ BQ on
the SAME afternoon..

ZReDS members, U were informed of the aims of the club when joining – it
clearly states that members are expected to follow the "LIVERPOOL way" ///
I am now considering who should be excluded from future events &
activities…(note Nick!& others)

(it was my son Leon’s 13th Birthday on the 11th august – his mother has
prevented him from being with me for more than 10 years now, I sent him one
of MY footy shirts (as he probably knows more about Stevie Gerrard than he
knows about me…and of course the new black away shirt with SG 8 on the
back)..I hear he still goes training but I wonder what a footballer he
could be if given the right support & coaching…

thankfully Dix came with me to Anfield last for the (Torres) friendly with
A.MADrid weekend we got tickets with coffee & blah blah in the VIP
lounge..not my scene, the majority there were "tourists/casual fans" who
never sing or shout (anything positive), and are just there for a chat with
they buddies..& of course we did the rounds of LIVERPOOL footy-pubs before
the game, saw big Graham at the "social" for a bevvy or 2, and of course
results dont matter (!) @ friendlies (but make sure thats the last game U
lose this season, REDs)..we did the "usuals" Grapes pub then rather than go
looking for the others SScousers , stayed @ the "cavern club" until they
eventually closed..a few hrs sleep & we ourselves became "touriists" and I
gave Dix a quick tour of London, finally having a coffee by the Tower
bridge..memories of me as teenager when I used to eat my sarnies & watch
the tourists (then only a few) during my "training" as a teenager (when I
did my "city round" I could walk from one side of the city to the other
through the office buildings without getting wet on rainy days)..then on
down to the ferry, thanks to Dix for his company , keeping me awake & for
driving the last stretch back to Merksplas.(by the time I got to zwolle it
was 2000 kms & about 2 hrs sleep! <smile>)



p.s. Dix – please remind Gunther about the TV idea then we can mention Cafe
Schuttershof (ZonderEigen) on the "Red & white KOP" REDS supporters forum,
as a european venue to watch the games live …good for us, and more beer
sold for him ! (even at only 1 euro a glass)

p.p.s Welcome Johnson & Aquiliani ..

COME ON U REDS..give us Number 19…….
and a trip to MADrid…(& number six?)

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