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NO Leon & B-DAY9/11 @Lagolo/”auf wiedersehen pet” ..(a-z of fee-males)

confidentuiakl diary?/ChriStory…book too 😉 ..unedited! & uncensored….!

personal note ; ChriS>Leon YOU are MY son, (against my will) YOU have had TEN YEARS without me, whether that decision was yours or your mothers, its MY time, its not ONLY your right (or choice) to know me, BUT its MY right and CHOICE to know YOU, if U dont agree to arrange to meet me I will have to make an uncomfortable SURPISE visit, because NEXT year I might not be alive, I might be in India, Africa and YOU WILL regret later if we NEVER know each other as a REAL father & son should..I am not ASKING you, I am TELLING you!!!! I will meet you soon…its your choice HOW we meet.

………………."Grass Routes" special ;  the (modern) fee-males of the summer of ’09..(TRENTINO (2) 9/11(09) birthday &  "auf wiedersehen PET!" )

saturday..5th september 09…
………I left Orestis & Lianne in Zwolle, to return to ZonderEigen/Merksplas (Be) not only to unload some of my personal stuff from the "Zbus" (before the trip to Trentino) but to support (Uncle?)Tom’s photo exhibition of his experiences & project in Ghana, Tom is about to leave ona special 2CV rally/convoy to Ghana from his flemish home…Toms project "Tanga Tours"  is a tourist service that also sponsors (with help from the Merksplas community)  the local school in the Ghanian (?) region of "BongaTanga" (?) ..
Sunday after a visit with Dix to continue planning of next years trip to MADrid ..(Footy Fun & international Friendship weekend May 22/24 2010) …I started my drive towards Nuertingen, hoping to catch my recently 13 year old son Leon..in Freiburg,  so I slept in the bus on the Rhine-bridge near Breisach before trying to catch him at home at his mothers/step-fathers house nearby , but the kids were away on holiday,.but as compensation I enjoyed an early monday morning sunset over the black forest on the way to Angie’s family home of Nuertingen,(NU) near Ulm..(home of ? Einstein)..
as I was early I spent some time at the (tip) economic "Regenbogen cafe" where disabled people serve a quiet meeting point. Then ("do – wa diiddy didi dum) Didi (not Hamman!) …arrived and then Angies friend "PET" (!) before Angie, I had some snacks on board, and we later "disturbed" the local "weindorf" (wine festival) ..

On Tuesday, Didi took a days leave and we met Pet for coffees ,teas (beers for Didi!) & onioncake (tip; try it together with the "new wine") …and bought steaks for the evenings BBQ at "Didi’s penthouse"…as we planned to leave for Trentino the next day (& Didi to work)  we stopped by midnight ..Angie & Pet still had to pack! (warning!!!!)…the idea was to pick up Ingo & Pet at the local train station & meet at Angies Dads for brekkie then depart on the (650kms) drive down to Lagolo (lake) in the Trentino mountains.(in between the Dolomites & Lake Garda)…

With *Pet sitting in the "4th man" seat at the back, we agreed to stop every hour or so, with a lot of "baustelle" (roadworks) limiting speed to only 80 km/ph this extended the journey time considerally – the Zbus really isnt anyway comfortable over 110/120 km/ph ..we had a "shock" because there were no passport or immigration controls, when suddenly 2 "GF" officers pounced on us at the motorway tolls after we had left the Brenner pass (note tolls e 8.60 for the Brenner & e9.40 from there to exit Trento) …They scared us because with threats of 1000 euros fines for not havving a "fixed!" seat for the 4th man (behind) and yet the "nice guy cop" let us go when Angie fluttered her eyes and told them we go to a holiday and her birthday!… 😉

Pet flipped out and the atmosphere was tense when we arruved at the "apart. Vacanze" in Lagolo, about 20 kms south of Trento, in Valle de Cavedine…..we were shown to our very nice 4-person apartment & although having to pay an extra e6 per person forbed linen, it was still a"good deal" …( I had agreed to pay half the total as a birthday present to Angie & the others @e50 each) …
I had already seen the selfish nature of Pet in NU. but she started to scream at Angie, and (behind my back) blamed me as "freak & outlaw" for driving the bus without a fixed (4th man) seat…claiming I had intentionally put them (she meant her!) at risk, (even though I had aksed Ingo if he could take us in his small citroen, which was excluded because of the girls luggage!) …
We snacked wednesday night and had a relatively early night and I took Ingo & Angie to Riva (del Garda) shopping in a very SUPER-market! surely enough (good) food & drinks until the following monday..I invited Angie & Ingo for coffee & (very rich) cakes at a lakeside cafe ..(over-priced but "worth it")..as Angie said it felt like " a film"…nice start to the birthday build-up..(except PET got us looking around for her "special tabac" and not only hadnt paid for the water she INSISTED I must buy & bring from NU but only contributed e10 to the shopping "pot"..

there was already an "atmosphere" and although we had some really nice meal in the apart. that Angie & I prepared..salad & seafood starters & Salmon & potatoes as main course with local cheese to "finish" (although Ingo took us kids for an ice cream at the "little price" hotel later (well, we had Domenicos wine,.,,;) ….and Ingo took fotos of Angie & myself looking into the "lagolo sky-lake"…
I was still tired but although I would normall "see in" the "9/11 birthday gir"l  really had no feelign to "share" the event with the selfish Pet…
…Ingo had proposed to go & get a cake for Angies birthday. so on Friday (9/11-09) we drove down into Trento calling in at "PRAVIS" (www.pravis.it) to arrange for the guests to have a wine-tour on the monday..we eventually found a nice strawberry & white chocolate & cream cake, with the number 29 (as I thought it was not yet 30, we made her 29 + "uno" !) ..and a bottle of "sparkling" to accompany the sweet..
It was a major operation to get the others out of the apartment in time to smuggle the cake etc & light the candles before they came back from the lake…but the SURPRISE worked..a happy Angie…
and for a while all neggies were forgotten…but…I had also booked a table for 4us to take Angie (but also Pet )  at the LP hotel

….a typical Trentino-style novello cucine meal, over-priced but very nice with an excellent bottle of "Teroldigo Rotaliano"..was (for me) SPOILED..when Angie told me Pet (who had said she never wanted to ride in my bus again..) said she had no money to spend for her part of the meal (Ingo & I had already agreed to invite birthday-girl Angie)…I had to control my Anger for Angie’s sake as I reasoned ("Pet didnt pay for water, Tabac or her share of the shopping, and was told to bring 100 euros for the weeks spending money so WHERE has she spent it?…)
After a little dancing & Vino at "ClanDestino" lake-side bar, Ingo took photos of super-star looking Angie in front of the hotel, and by now she was surely famous, then she treated us to an exclusive midnight concert at the Lagolo community open-air stage…

I went to bed (again) whilst the other 3 threw coins in the almost 4000 year old Lago di LAGOLO…(wolves return to Trentino after 150 years)…
Saturday, a much needed talk & walk with Angie to explain that I had held my anger over Pet so much that I was ready to leave alone..and whilst VERY glad that Angie had such a great birthday, I hadnt enjoyed it at all as I had hoped for a week of fun & jokes, singing & dancing..for me the spolied Pet was spoiling US…a strained but controlled meeting after dinner in the apart saturday night ..and all was settled..hopefully..
Sunday morning I gave Pet her e50 & Ingo gave her 20 euros so that I took her to Trento’s Stazione so she could get a train back to Stuttgart…life is too short to accept people acting like the CIA (C*nts Idiots or A**holes)
a coffee with mild Ingo in Trento & we picked up brekkie for the reamining 3 on the way back..the mountain sun seemed to say "welcome back" …sunny feelings returned…an afternoon on the lake sunbathing, a refreshing swim and a self-cooked meal at the aprt…atching the buena vista social club dvd to keep the "feel good" feeling..
monday, raining so I just kept up my fitness with a run, before we set off to shop, but all the local supermarkets were closed, Angie needed to eat so we searched the mountain road for a bar/cafe that was open ANd served some food…with the end of the "rourist season" we ended up at a remote restaurant "casina" near Drena (vale del laghi/valle de cavedine,where their castle wsa a likely photo shoot)…and met Steve (a REDS fan) & Karen who were staying at Riva also looking to have a meal, howverer the pp;ace had just served 2 busloads of irish/brit tourists and we chated to the couple (*tip – I recommended to Karen, a wine enthusiast, that she try the exclusively local Trentino wines; Marzemino & Teroldigo Rotaliano) ..but we left after 30 mins waiting to get to our "personal wine tour" at PRAVIS, Lasino, where Domenico’s wife Lena greeted us & his daughter (Erica) explained to In-go & Angie about the wine-making methods..
Lena was very (too?) generous with the sampling afterwards In-go & Angie (especially) were "tipsy" …so much so that we amused the supermarket assistants in Cavedine (in-go was re-instated as "poy-banker" as Pet wasnt around to abuse his mild manners) ……. an early (22h) night after our meal of considerable portions of tortolini, proscutto & parmegiano…& when in-go & Angie (the wine was having a major "effect" ) went out for a walk, I decided that my own bed was a better decision than to risk another arguement

09h got up to run aroubd  lagolo for the last time this hol…but when Angie awoke she was in ""hungover mood" and full of neggies , so a discussion aafter her lack of awareness started, subdued then boiled up again
, so after cooiking for us, I ate alone whilst the other 2 went for a walk, giving me the chance to be alone, and I went out for probably my last appreciation of Lagolo this week, before coming back for a siesta, so I could be ready to drive us down the mountain to Trento as in-go had invited us to a last meal – we found a restaurant that I knew from 25 years ago (I seem to recall that Domenico & I, the directors of Lagaria, and one time Jacqui (my deceased 2nd wife) and I eating there) the food was good, although over-filling (tip) ..the marzemino (vino) excellent, (there was an "ironic" moment as we were discussing manners & etiquette when the lily allen song "F*ck YOU" came on the radio!)
…and although I was unsure whther Angie had understood my explanation about my social philosophy we walked back to the bus content with the evening, despite the rain (our first 5 days of holiday weather had been very good, so we should not complain…)/////BUT as we drove up the road back towards valle de cavedine the road was blocked, and there were no diversions signs to help us I drove back down towards Trento and stopped to ask some road workmen why & how we should get back to Lagolo..they were confused and seemingly ignorant of the problem, and then eventually suggested I drive over monte Bodone (almost 2000 mtres high, with narrow roads in my "Zbus" ??) …OR take the autostrada too Rovereto(via riva)…as it was a dark night, & raining I chose the latter route….a detour that eventually was about 100 kms and an hour of heavy driving in almost a circle to get back to our apart. This was pressure enough, without Angie compaining of being stuck in the bus with a full stomoach for so long…the song "F*ck YOU" came on the radio again, the irony wasnt lost on me , at least! <smile> ..we arrived back at Lagolo, and all was closed…so an early bed (for me) whilst in-go went off to walk with Angie …at least in-go was apreciative enough to thank me for the "good job of driving" in his broken english..Angie said nothing…
bad atmosphere. I woke 08, got up 09h & packed , in-go still sleeping, so i cleanup the apart. woke in-go at 10h..Angie came out soon after with "face from hell" (JD) /// then asked me to delete her photos from my laptop?…I told her that sounds like mistrust, and if she doesnty trust me why ask me to manage her(and that meant that she dont decide about fotos, logos or anything without me!) …I know she is in a "viscious circle" so I tell her to go away, she starts bitching (again) and I tel her to shut up, she carries on & I tell her to F*** off or I will leave her there, so by 11h we are "readt" to leav we say a arrividerchi & ciao to the Al Matt lady & its pouring with rain, so its a slow ^ QUIET drive back, I consider if i ever want to see Angie again, I think ok, just stop it and see , she did notthank me for this week or for driving us back last night, sad, now she is 30 years , she has to take some responsibility for inviting Pet, whiom she knew to be "a pain" …but Angie also "ASSumed" that I or in-go would pay (when she brought only 50 euros for the week to spend?) …and although in-go isnt someone I am close to, i dont like to see women (ab) use men in this way, and probably laugh about it too….its was only about 550 kms back, but with 5 stops and the first 200 kims over the mountains at around 50kmp/h it was slow…anyway I unloaded them at Angies papas house, and was happy that Didi welcomed me..and said I could stay as long as I want and that I am "a wonderful man" <smile>

note by the time i got back to ZW – it was 2 weeks later & 3200 kms in the old "ZBuS"….

*(auf wiedersehen) Pet ] she exposed herself to be one of these so called "emancipated" feminist man-haters, has a "boyfriend" justfor sex and claims to be a communist, but HER version of  "socialism"  means that whats hers is hers & whats OUR is also hers! – that after the border incident (when I said whatever happens we stay together)…Pet showed herself to be EXTREMELY selfish..even before leaving NU..she let Didi & I pay for almost all,  at the weindorf monday, the BBQ tuedsay, & used Didis empties to pay for her shopping..told me on tuedsay that she might NOT come..!!..then insisted I buy water for all 4 of us .but never offered any money..for that or the travel, she paid 50 only for a 7-nights apart. but nothing for diesel/tolls .(at least e25 pp..)..she all kept her stuff fro herself, but expected in-go to pay for her tabac..and either of us to pay for wine/sekt, meals etc, she paid only e10 for the shopping (even Angie paid e15)..and insulted me (freak.outlaw etc..who wanted to trick them,,why then did I ask in-go to use his car?)…she slept in the "living room" & had the .tv on all night then when i turned it offf because she had her head under cover she said..FFF…ing…!) etc etc..complained she had nothing to do, but sat in front of the tv when a 4000 year old nature was directly outside the door..she took a massive case with her "so she could dress chique like the italians" then turned up at the restaurant like a slob….
Pet is(was?) a friend of Angie who also has this weird "fee-male logic" & often thinks that we must buy a bargain even if we dont have enough money <smile> and who will care-lessly empty the larder  even if theres niothing left for thje rest …Angie needs to care for herself, BUt also identify & RESPECT those who care for her..she was complaining about being "older" (albeit during her "hangover") she needs to appreciate, her OWn talent, and use it (not "excuse" it by doing other things to distract herself from her destiny) to know she has support, and to appreciate that too, she had a wonderful location for her birthday with friends who care about her (at least ONE of use REALLY believes in HER …without ulterior motive!)…and I did this because I want to, even though she didnt even remember MY birthday (who did?, only JD who was with me , anyway, in Liverpool, & the team who were at my party anyway) .she should learn to see what she has and NOt (like so many fee-males) BITCH about what they dont have..
there is something totally self=absorbed about modern fee=males whi bitch about men but selfishly (ab)use us when it suits them to..

other fee-male stories of the summer of 09..

Christelle / Esra..
When living in Zwolle (NL) I often go to "de singel" – its the sort of place where "odds & ends" "mavericks" insomniacs & late – night / early morning party people finish their enjoyment…at the end of June/beg July there was a summer festival (Zwart?) and one sunday night I called into the dS bar for a "nightcap" and found a theatre group of mostly feemales in a party mood having had a success that weekend, so I got drawn into dancing with them, and then a slow dance, and I took young Christelle and she was petite & like a feather in my arms  we moved so easily across the dance floor that as soon as we finished (a bit older) Esra begged meto dance with me too..another slow dance and she got as close to my body as anyone could without getting inside my shirt..it was nice..anyway we drank more, smoked & sat outside until closing time, Christelle & esra were both friendly, and I sensed some jealousy between them, until Esra said that she was drunk, and with a sudden "sorry" disappeared (again)
…a few days later I called in for a drink at nearby "Jazzy"(bar)..I saw Christelle, with some friends..and she IGNORED me, I then noticed a tall (very young) blond guy with "greek-godly looks" ..surely she should not need to avoid (mature) me…would the "boy" be jealous of her dancing with me?…
…a eason to ignore me…hmmm!…
thats not so serious a rejection but then in De Singel…I saw Esra, who was with a guy, and she looked through me at first, then came up to me & said "sorry" and walked away!!!!

the owner of Jazzy jam bar (Del) invited me to a wine tasting just after I got back from my last visit to Trentino, it was Prosecco, so I was confident, and amongst the "enthusiasts" (who had "met" as a "twitter wine club)was a young lady, obviously(?) single, and whilst the very handsome del was sitting on my side, she sat on the other side, and we joked and flirted a bit, and a great black female singer was there, the mood was just right,,,and as we were seranaded with a ballad I danced with her, she rested her head on my shoulder..was this "encouragement" or to make someone else jealous?…she told me the latter, but just as she left whispered her twitter name to me (and I told her mine!) …then the (married)  wine "expert" who organised the tasting came over to me to tell me that she was HIS "girlfriend" (so what?) ..the next day I checked facebook linkedin & twitter & found her..she had left a note on her "twitter" profile (in dutch) roughly saying " anyone know the FB/Tw name of that great guy from LIVERPOOL at last nights wine-tasting..?"…I sent her a couple of messages and on the monday had to pass by her Utrecht  bookshop (which she promoted wildly on her twitter-profile/blog)..on the way to flemish ZonderEigen ..so I stopped the bus there , with Rose in hand went with a smile to her shop…BUT..met her (married) "boyfriend" on the way,,,what a co-incidence…at the shop she became the first women EVER to refuse a ROSE from me, and then disconnected her profile from mine, and her "boyfriend" sent me a threatening email as if I was a "stalker"..!!!…the (compact) version of my reply is this. ".IF she is really YOUR girlfriend she should nOt FLIRT to make U jealous without the risk of the consequences…AND YOU (as a married family man) shouldnt USE a "wine club" to pick up single women, and then complain about anyone else!!."

Anyone who knows that sick dutch XXXX  girlfriend (JD) of the last 2 years will also know that I had to leave some personal boxes with a neighbour when JD threw 2 bottles threw the living room window & proceeded to throw my clothes etc into MerelStraat..anyway Diana moved and then saw &stopped me whilst I was in Zwolle (VH) to tell me that the boxes were @ number 34 with "MIK"…so I called round and she was really nice, she had a nice little girl reminding me very much of my own (estranged) little girl Noela ..asked me if I wanted a drink (I took water) ..and was "politely interested" when I told some of my story…I gave her my postal address/email for Diana & she said (very kindly) that I didnt have to take my boxes until SHE moved away (in September) from the soon to be renovated "Kamperpoort" district of Zwolle….
..maybe I took a chance, but there were no "man signs" around, and I gave her a bottle of Doemicos wine as a "thank U" and suggested maybe we could test the other wines "sometime"..suddenly she went "cooler" ..I proposed by email to maybe have a "coffee, toffee or tea" but no response other than to ask when I would get my things, suddenly there was an "urgency" to have them out of her house, and sent me an email refusing my (really platonic) offer to help her move her stuff with the "Zbus" (because her BOYFRIEND has a BIGGER van! <smile>) then just to cut the "warmth" off completely ,when dutch-speaking Orestis came with me to pick the few boxes up, she kept her door closed, and wouldnt even let him use the toilet………………amazing!!! 

Sandra H.
A "friend" of my (former girlfriend)  XXXX (JD) never invited me to her parties and always told JD not to be with me, told me to stay away from her (whilst taking JD out all night WITH HER and her various Men!!!) was found taking the back fence of Merelstraat 49, whilst I was still living there….

Several women from Zondereigen..flirted & danced with me during the "Kermis" this year  then pretended not to know me when their "friends" saw us after…then theres the funny story of Marie-Anne (version2) when I was last in Zwolle …with Orestis & his girlfriend ..we sat next to a group of ladies and I started to talk to Marie-Anne (who works in the local media-tv or something) we were laughing & joking & getting on fine, and when I suggested some sort of contact she told me "I like women" I said…so do I…..but I am re-thinking that last statement…<smile>
fee-males = EVERY time U think U have the ANSWER, …THEY change the QUESTION <smile>

btw – if U want to know my "social philosophy" …IF u choose to join a group, accept the consequence and HONESTLY put the (whole) group/team or community before your self, UNLESS its clear that you individual act benefits the (whole) group…

Annika…(plastic alter-hippy met in Freiburg, passion in Berlin (made Leon) and stole my son 3 years later) Angelika, ( shared the K14 Freiburg altstadt, my "spy in the RAThaus"…mobbed by colleagues & boss she lost courage, and was grey again)
Biggi (my 23 year old birthday present at my 50th..)
Cariole (champion of the bristols..wine fair..) ..Cathy (sleep frenchy "paradise" in Freiburg..wife of the baron von sh*tehausen)Christelle (french-alger..asked me to love & stay with her "forever".. then dumped me in Alsace when I was away for a footy weekend..laugh, non! )
Debbie K …(devilish flirt & ex-owner of "foutvafe" Merksplas,  softened..twice)
Elaine S…the girl from school, we never did..
Fiona (almost became number 1) Franziska H.  The "queen of sommerhausen" ..(@br 33, left without a trace & "promised to love me forever" but lost her humour in barbados during the RT cruise)
Gloria (first wife, through her neglect, she killed my son Adam..and then hid the hospital mistake, for money?) Gaby Breuer, (stout & clever girl from Fr..loved dogs instead of kids..shared Br.33 for a while..) ..Gaye (One of the best FRIENDS I ever had, supported me, but I fell for Jacqui)..
Heidi H. (an english girl in Fr. with a name like that..sold my 40 yr old album collection, when I didnt "surrender" in U-H!)
Iris…(loved my style of making love, but loved her image more…respect…but she lost her job..and learnt a lesson, I hope)
Jacqui, (was still my 2nd wife when she died, beautiful inside & out, I wish I could have treated her better & saved her from Cancer- R.I.P)
Josee 9see X)
K rista (young translator in Trento)
Linda (hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, extreme passion, she cost me a million..)
MarGIT (told me, U are a good man a good father, I would never do what Annika did, no she did worse & kidnapped my little Girl, Noela), Maltese Mary (was very nice &looked like a Brazilian beauty, was ready to come anywhere with me, but for her catholic family) & (Dr.) Maria, from fr. like many she thinks too much)
Nicole..(wild french sensual sex "the wine trade after sales service, Dijon" ) , Nathalie..(a french student , she said "show me how to love"…I wonder what she did with those "lessons")
Oh ..I forgot someone…(from Doncaster her hubbie sang in the opera at Verona…until we met…)
Penny? no just a dream!
Question?…is there one GOOD woman for me to meet on this planet?
Regine (was car-Matth’s girlfriend..good looker clever frankfurter, called me "sugar ChriS") , Regina of Fr,, nice bosy, but cheated me too)
Sabine (of Bielefeld , sexy & generous..until I mover with Fran to Fr.) , Sabine R..(sweet young student of the english school in Fr..she was a fan, but I mistakenly let M-GIT shut her out)
Tanya (young south african , family near Fr,  a bit nervous-wild , yo ho ho & a bottle of rum..)
XXXX = thats Josee! ..my many times eX in 2 years of Zw.- girlfriend Blonde & selfish, arrested twice, no respect, for anything, even herself..enough said!)
Y & Zoe…to follow?
Angies 29th + UNO!

3 x 9 in your day
30 years, to mature
 like good vino we have to wait..
is there something more to say?

this is just the end of the beginning
from now on U are sure to be winning..
U know U are my closest "mate" (>?)
on this y-our special date,,

budget for Nu-Trento/Lagolo?riva-Nu

Lagolo- al mattina
contratti app vacanze lagalo
via al camp n. 7
38076 lagolo Tn. IT
cmavl@libero.it http://www.vacanzelagalo.it
(contra; 1/09/09)
9.09.09 – 16.09.09 =  e285
pul finale e 30
covers/bedding?  e24
total = e339
(BNL out e1000 11.09.09 via tat, tonelli, pay pal via XXX?/Pravis?)
apart ;
e 50 ang
e100 In-go
Diesel e 50 x 2 = e 100 cash (+e30 already in tank & e60 on return)
tolls e18 ->tn + 8l50 for return
(- IN-GO e50 )
e 50 x pet -> e50 train? (zero Cost for her!) cost me e100 for her
wine/drinks paid by me e 55
brekkie monday e15
in-go paid meal friday
cake/sekt = e41 -20 from in-go
ingo invited us tuesday to dinner..
tolls & extra diesel = e40 -20 from in-go

(return drive
(tank it e20 cash/ause 40? cash, toll 8.50)


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    Heya Chris, a nice writing to Leon, furtheron women are greedy and love to manipulate and being provided especially when they can play with othermens feelings and, kids, grtz Ad

    2 October 2009 at 09:32

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