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NOTinTansit – somewhere in the Flemish Forest ..no FFF…


ChriS>blogging from "somewhere in the Flemish Forest" no FFF here! <smile>

I am now in the middle of my first month at "t’cabin’ …this morning is a bit grey and had 2 visitors (rare!) Toms cousin ^ the DHL delivery man..yesterday it was so different the week had been relatively sunny and I had spent a lot of time on the veranda…I fed the chicks, collected wood for the fire etc, watched ‘endearing love”(or was in enduring love") anyway…,dvd starring Dan Craig etc ..;the story revolves qround q ballooning accident; then immediately switched to actual TV news about… a.ballooning accident (in china)…. sitting on the veranda of t°cabin…in the fresh autumn air with the sun on my face..the colours of the gardens and lthe large "pond"..which covers the whole area in front of t° cabin, the green the fading yellow reeds and the Red of the “mystical” plants …almost surreal …refflecting on life, and if I really want another “wife” and all the illusion, then….reality bites <smile>

Paul tomkins(LFC.tv) recently wrote> the burden of proof – the core of the democratic justice system – is as follows: "the necessity of proof always lies with the person who lays charges."
But funnily, in football, it seems to be the other way around. The prosecution base their thinking on hunches and hearsay. And often, what we think we see is coloured by other factors.
The reason DNA is exonerating so many convicted murderers and rapists is because they were sent to prison based on eye-witness evidence in the days when everyone was satisfied that this proved their guilt. Wrong.
In 2005 I wrote that Michael Shields’ conviction in Bulgaria had to be unsound, because he was found guilty purely on such dubious evidence. The human mind is terribly unreliable in this sense, and plays tricks on us. I’ve read studies of eye-witness experiments when people even identified the wrong sex of the person! Our perceptions can easily be altered by other influences.
Shields was chained up in full sight of those who had arrived to identify him in a parade; they saw a man in shackles, who vaguely matched the assailant (in the way that people from other cultures can ‘all look alike’), so when they were all in the room together, they drew the wrong (but for them, obvious) conclusion.
There was even a case in America where a man served 20 years for a near-fatal attack on his wife; on emerging from a coma she had no doubt that he did it. But while he’d popped to the shops an intruder had snuck in and committed the crime.
While bearing no comparison in terms of severity, I think something similar happens when watching football.

ChriS>its an interesting comparison how judgements are made on & off the field, but lets not FOOL y-ourselves THERE is NO JUSTICE in todays society, democracy doesnt actually APPLY "innocent until PROVEN guilty by a fair & impartial process…

(tip watch the DVD "Felon" for an extreme example of what I wrote about now)

– in the midst of the "financial crisis" more & more people are being "blacklisted" by banks/credit agencies who decide that U have no more credibility even if U have or have not been allowed to argue y-our defence..

the mainstream MEDIA show people arrested, perhaps for civil or extreme accusations of crimes, and reporters show some (biased) "history" or associations of that person…(the famous macarthy "with-hunt" in the USA probably started this modern "trend" in the 50’s …how can that person be treated fairly?

in some "democratic" states; like "germoney" (and more & more in the UK/USA) "heresay" is allowed as "evidence" , so, dont be surprised if U make a joke about "terrorism" that the next day your front door will be smashed down, your home invaded by a "SWAT" unit and your family & friends carted away for unlimited interrogation or "investigative detention" (guantanamo bay is everywhere!)

unless U are rich or have local or political lobby U are likely to be held up to 18 months before complettion, of the "process", if U declare yourself INNOCENT – often "aliens" with no one to fight for them – people are encouraged by police, lawyers, (even their "public defenders") and sometimes "friends" and family to PLEAD-bargain with state prosecutors, as the damage done by ACCUSATION can often be MORE than the "punishment" of a truly guilty person

in the family courts – should U wate money fighting for custody – lawyers & judges are only too happy to take whatever dignity & resources U have left away from U, less than 5% of contested cases are settled in favour of a male parent, despite experiences showing that modern fee-males are becoming less "motherly" more cynical , selfish & consumer-obsessed!

so, …wheres the JUSTICE?…as people become more moronicly robotice in their lack of awareness and dependence on media, history , mass or traditional opinion ..judges are human and more likely to error, whilst politicians call for complete removal of the "jury" …we are MORE likely to make MORE wrong decisions than IF our children were taught the UN human rights articles & intelligent application of them! (rather than state officials being the LAST people to APPLY them correctly!)

"there but for fortune" (Joan Baez 1965)

note…some may be inclined to think that the REDS have an almost unique run of 3 defeats (albeit partly because of our STAR players getting injured) has caused my "mood" but…however, anyone who has read my articles/blogs/journals/mailings/books since I "woke" from meningitis coma in 95 will know that its much the same "warning/message" as ever, it seems that even "crisis" & "Tsunami" cant wake people up into caring enough, so why should anyone care about what I write (but it seems the "CIA" do (obstruct) <smile>


self-indulgence is the movie business (or the DVD buisiness?) I recently watched a film "how to lose your man in 10 days" ..could call it a chick-flick..?..all the special features add to double the time of the film, and this , my friends, is NOT a classic film, like they would have U believe, its sicklly full of the superficial beautiful people that has made the USA ugly..

IN some "third World" regions hospitals are "manned" by families of the patients , who do all the "caring" for their sick family members in the clinic..(leaving doctors & nurses to do the core work and nothing else) of course our "civilised" western bureaucracy & medical elite would crap itself at such an idea..(as they mostly do when "alternative" remedies are proposed) .no in our "advanced technological world" we seperate the sick, the old, the weak …and if the feminists (and their political poodles) have their way then men will be seperated from families too, so that all the girls have to do, is select the seed they want ..women are the cruelest beings on the planet, and would destroy anyone & anything to get power …"HELL hath no fury like a woman scorned" ..its the half of it…so dont worry it wont be long now …

I have tried and only partiially succeeded in several projects to eb creative, ecological or simply supportive of people with disadvantages, yet almost everywhere, simple jealousy, rules, bureaucracy, ignorance and politics have obstucted, opposed or delayed me, and within my own limited tim/budget I can only engage in "skirmishes" with the "CIA" ( "C*nts , Idiots & A**holes" ) of the "western civilization"…so, when Tom returns next year, its my plan to take the "ZBuss" touring down through southernn europe, north africa into wherever, then India, the isklands and back through the poorer states of the middle east and eastern europe (IF I get that far without some CIA killing me <smile>) …staring up centres for footy, networking, and encouraging small start-ups…I am not going to sit in this FAT selfish western society that thinks cancelling a holiday equates to a "crisis"

western civilization particularly and the worlds inhabitants generally have progressively lost the sense of awareness of others, are self-absorbed through the post WW2 "capitalist victory" the USA is in decline for the same greedy & selfish/ignorant reasons..their new world order’s only prize was to be ruler of a massive super-store, but the global customers would have been dead, poioned by exhaust fumes, chemical & nuclear waste…how stupid can people be?…well I am SO glad that I lived when I did, and had the opportunities I had, because I am so SAD that my (stolen) children will live and die in a modern hell….can it change?..of course, but the mass must change it & not depend on politicians or "do-gooders" to do it for them..

having said that <smile> ……..I will campaign to end all future property speculation = if PROFIT on construction/property was limited to the building alone (i.e. NO profit on LAND re-sale) we could extinguish the enemy of the people (INFLATION) now…and truly equate the people of the world and their opportunities..my dream is of a "entrepreneurial team-community" society…In the "thrid world " there is also the "CIA" BUT at least there are also people who I can help and who will want me there…The USA , & Europe is lost, dead , (just no one realises that the titanic sunk a long time agao) ..I know I wont achieve my dream (maybe no-one should EVER achieve their dream) , but I will die in the attempt, I HOPE! (i-a) <smile>

"Fire and Rain" (James Taylor 1970)

Curse on those who stole my children and my music (much of my collection , as a teenager, formed my opinions & were the original sounds of Beatles, Stones, Hendrick, Yardbirds, Simon & Garfunkel, Dylan, Bowie, Yes, Budon’s Animals , Pink Floyd, Zeppelin, all the mowtowners, Green, Fleetwood Mac, Benson et al..etc etc…) ……….The factory music of today, cannot compare with the original sounds & lyrics of the 60/70’s a time of evolution; in all aspects of music, sport and politics…and of course entertainment , particularly the challenging humour used to expose the stupidity of the masses…for example the brilliant "Life of Brian" (monthy python sketches we played out at school like pearls of wisdom)…and to leave U with a positive…There IS a GOOD current film called the "bucket list" ..about 2 guys who make a list of special things to do before they "kick the bucket"…U can help me with MY "bucket list" …or make your own!


with Hope in Your Heart….


p.s. some recent complaints (that might amuse U) inc B(w)ankING;


Aan: "Ryanair Customer Services" <info@frsc.net>

REF EdAgN91008CS-ryanPlaint-FLO


Antwerpen 8th October 2009

We are EuRED Liverpool Supporters (overseas) Network

on behalf of Christopher Smith,

YOUR ref ; FBUQ8N / G4ZSWL – Dates ; 27.09.09/30.9.09/02.10.9 – Maastricht/Pisa92)/Maastricht

!. Extract from travel report of supporter ChriS SMITH

Dix had booked my RyanAir flight via Maastricht =-planning to be away until an early return from Sunday until Wednesday…this seasons CL games give us 3 new venues ; Fiorentina (Florence) Lyon & Budapest..all of which I was looking forward to the trips; new stadiums and, perhaps new friends & experiences…I left Zw (NL) early by road to Maastricht, just as well, as (again) the Dutch closed the motorway …(tip = travel early if U go to a dutch airport on a sunday)..I parked the Zbus in the long term, and proceeded to check in, I had noticed that the printout didn’ t comply with my passport number (probably a glitch on the ryan computer?) so I wrote the correction on it, & pointed this out to the checkin girl & she told me "ok go to boarding" ( no "penalty" delay, or extra charge) …however she couldnt change the Pisa checkin copy (in fact I discovered that once printed it is IMPOSSIBLE to rectify computer glitches or online check-in errors @ RyanAir)

on my return (30th September) it was on time to catch my 03.35 (reserved seat) bus to Pisa…however…..although I was in good time for the flight (still almost 2 hrs before departure, being, reasonable, I (again) pointed out the error on my online checkin ..THIS time, a humourless RyanAir checkin girl told me it was "unacceptable" (company policy!) and I must PAY e40 at the ticket desk!!..I went there to argue, and met a brick wall in the shape of a humourless & impolite local woman, (i speak some itlian due to my wine trade time in Trentino 20-odd years ago) ..I thought "ok I could pay it and try to claim back later"(although RyanAir usually ignore complaints of this kind) …

There was only one ATM upstairs and my dutch card didnt work!…so I decided (as far as I was concerned I had the right documents to go through to security) they passed me through to the boarding gate, and then, we started boarding almost an hour early the TWO RyanAir staff blocked me…one italian woman & an uptight english tw*t..they were prepared to hold up everyone whilst stopping me,…I was told I could only get a decison from the (feemale) "supervisor""(no name , only "number 300") whom I found in her office with a face from hell..she wasnt interested , didnt listen to me, didnt care , just repeated no & I was given a RECEIPT for the extra charge, as they arrogantly already prepared it without hearing my claim..I said, "please, if YOU could be so kind to help me, (their strict new check in policy only came into force the next day!?) as the ATM isnt accepting my card & I will be stuck here if U dont let me on", she said (rudely) NO, ANYWAY, the gate is closed"…I disputed that with a smile.."surely YOU can let me on, theres still more than 20 minutes to scheduled departure, the plane is only parked a few metres from this building, and I only have carry-on baggage ( Ryan probably hates guys like me, because I usually dont pay ":extras" by taking only carry on baggage & booking flights at the cheapest time, ) she was a brick wall…(wow have I had a summer-full of b*tches)…

I went back to Florence but the eurlines bus ddint leave for Amsterdam until friday (cost e96) & the train cost e200, (compared to the e300 ryan tried to land me with)…luckily SH & Niel still there,I just had enough cash for the hostel that night, so, I asked SH to book me (online!)on the next Ryan flight (also friday from Pisa) &gave him 60 euroes (one way)to get back to Maastricht Friday, the flight was almost 30 minutes late & one poor passenger was panicking because the departure gate wasntr announced until very late." The lack of service is obvious with budget airlines, and of course mistakes happen but theres NO excuse for RUDE behaviour & inhumanity, I suggest all other REDS throughout Europe send me their complaints against RyanAir and we can complain against their licence if they dont respend reasonably"


one way flight 2.10.09 – cash e60

(duplicated) transfer Florence/Pisa = e16

Hostel 2 nights = e38

phonecard (see below) = e10

total: 114 euros

2. The phone card serial N.102267

purchased 2nd October 2010

I have attempted to use the card twice (vi Belgian & dutch phones) and your audio service answers that my PIN number is "invalid" how can that be when I have not yet made a call?

claims dept./CS

EuRED Direct Action group Network

Postbus #1

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn@eured-san.net



CENTRALE VERwerking OPENbaar MINIsterie

CVOM ; Postbus 8267,3503 RG, UTRECHT



Antwerpen 91012

to " De officer from JustTITie"? (UN-NAMED public prosecutor)


ref 1. your COMPUTER (UNsigned notice) ref C24829 "Zekerheidstelling" RECIVED at PN#1 TODAY (12th october 2009)!!!

CJIB n. 130938423- kenmerk E21434

ref 2, letter from "Rechtbank Breda" ?>>>ref 13009553 (565817 MB VERZ09-353)

We refer you to previous correspondence from Chris Smith ("CS") rejecting your unsigned claims and repeat


1. Your computer "system" STILL makes no sense. There are NO "enclosures" – (do you use "google" as a translator?) there is no explanation in the native language of the receiver!

2. IT MUST be "explanated" to the "public prosector" that all documentation was returned to your offices.

3. Please explain WHAT sort of anonymous organisation are YOU; am I correspnding with a machine? is this the "x files" 😉 ??? (U dont even sign your "legal " correspondence????? – that is illegal in International law!


4. YOUR (illegal) "claim" to receive payment (by "payable" security) in advance of a full , fair & IMPARTIAL legal process is a BLATANT VIOLATION of article 6 of the council of europe (convention for the protection of human rights & fundemental freedoms) you are effectively stating that I am "guilty until proven innocent! – which is the OPPOSITE of all known democratic society & international (common) law. even your own.

5. IT is COMMONLY known that all electronic systems are currently making errors (libraries, post offices & government offices all complain of systems going down, with viruses and computing errors; therefore I find it more than co-incidence that "CS" received a flood of these "violations" (?)at this time! I therefore challenge your right to "ASSUME" these violations are correct.

CS (and by default his vehicle) was ILLEGALLY "de-registered" from the NL and AS SUCH YOU removed him/the vehicle from YOUR jurisdiction (however faulty your "system may be" THEREFORE ALL CLAIMS in NL are ANNULED & our associates are participating at the EU petitions (Brussels) & we will follow the FULL appeal procedure against YOU & your officers at the ECHR , Strasbourg/EU petitions Brussels, if you continue to violate "CS" rights & the rights of other "mobile europeans" as our rights (PROMISED by the signing of Eu & UN declarations & conventions by YOUR government) are constantly violated by Zwolle & other local authotities in the european regions. WE challenge the VALIDITY of your department, you send automated communications from an electronic "judgement"..there is a form of PREJUDICE or DIS-CRMI-nation in the Netherlands; which requires investigation by independent media. – NO "violation" has been explained.. WE DO NOT accept that "CS" should make ANY payment to your offices,your methods are DISCRIMINATION & ILLEGAL, claiming money without RIGHTS is a FRAUD on your part! – . and YOU must STOP this harrassment . which violates human rights, and the way that certain "officials VIOLATE individual rights claiming penalties etc without FAIR & IMPARTIAL process, any such attempt to extract monies WILL be reported to the EU parliament & eventually appealed against in the ECHR. WE claim euros 1500 against your government in costs to date.


EdAgN reply to: email: edagn@eured-san.net


(this is a computerised communication, & therefore unsigned) postal address:

EDAGN, Postbus #1 – Bist 129, B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


 To Amtsgericht Freiburg

LEMKE – az: 200 Js 16837/04 – AK 23/06  760 VRs

Betref Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 etc etc

Holzmarkt 2,D79098 Freiburg,DUITSLAND  

EdAgN -NU,/mp 18/09/2009/S7-91012

Antwerpen 91012

LEMKE – az: 200 Js 16837/04 – AK 23/06  

Betref Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 etc etc etc

COPY;(via email) unterhalt@lkbh.de

cc; Christopher R. Smith F.Inst D. ("CS")

cc; EU Petitions –

cc; FB europarents (estranged) group network

cc; Media

"Richterin" Prestel, sent a reply 30..9.09 to the letter 18th September 09 received today at the PB#1 ; the reply from "CS" =

1. CS>"in my opinion it is OBVIOUS that "rechterin Prestel" is incompetent and INSANE, not worthy even of a lowly "beamte", so the banal reply is unworthy of response (IMO , she could have passed the request to another "beamte" but she is simply a stupid wasteful drain on society"

2. CS> " the ridiculous CLAIM" of the (illegal) Jugentamt is also returned; (IMO) ;

a) "The EU are petitioned to take action against the FASCIST methods of the Jugendamt"

b) "Mr. Schuler is included as accessory to the "legalised kidnapping of children Leon & Noela"

c) NO payment will be made to HOSTAGE takers A. Hartmann or M. Streifeneder or any "beamte" or instituyion that assists to VIOLATION of their rights

Please note that Christopher Richard Smith ("CS") wishes to visit with his son (Leon) and we wish to know the legal relationship between "CS" and the german "authorities" (polizei/amtsgeright etc) at local, regional & national level. what is his "legal status" now according to german "law". ?



EuRED direct Action group Network

postbus #1

Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn@eured-san.net

on behalf of;

Chris Smith ("CS")

Father of (KIDNAPPED & estranged) Noela and Leon

(violated by german state – ref 22923/05 at ECHR Strasbourg 7.10,.05 transferred to Eu peititons Brussels-ref; nh 70401)




Copy : Margit Streifeneder; Schwarzwald Str.13. D 79194 Gundelfingen

To Margit Streifender (german mother of Noela )

"I have written to you, and your lawyer emailed and left messages on your answering machine asking you to write to me in Wapenveld, Netherlands with proposals concerning meeting my little girl Noela – this communication (by recorded letter and email) is to RECORD that you have (AGAIN) made NO EFFORT to honour the moral and legal rights of Noela, and not only do you violate my rights but even the "german law"  !!!!!!

F.U, Liverpool, (media)

Fathers UK;

Justice Pa Pa ;

Family rights 4 Europe ;

ICHR – den Hague
RA.T. Schmidt;

RAin Degay-Inhofer

to: All media contacts >


copy POLIZEI – Gundelfingen

the latest news…..

a) This morning I telephoned Frau Lemke (Beamte -Amtsgericht, officer of the court Freiburg) ….She said she knew NOTHING about the status of the "process" (Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04 ) and that it was "with the Staatsanwalte" (Freiburg state attorney) , However, when I asked the name of the person responsible , the line went dead…and when I phoned back she pretended not to hear me!

b) Then just before I was leaving for Freiburg a female police officer , supposedly from Freiburg Nord station , phoned me to tell me that all my questions are irrelevant as I am "forbidden" to enter german territory, and If I do I will be held for the remaining 35 days of the "penalty" and then deported to London, her tone was typically vindictive and when I told her that she was part of a process against me that was/is illegal from beginning to end she refused to continue or spell her name, however I do know it and shall add it to my complaint at ECHR and expose this injustice in the media , as its is merely being used to threaten me and keep me from my children…


17th August 05

p.s. I will anyway leave here at 10 hrs tomorrow, I will not simply accept this unlawful german form of hostage taking , with "legalised blackmail"


AN Frau LEMKE – Urkundsbeamtin der Gesschaeftsstelle – Amtgericht , Freiburg

Betref Az 21 AR 8/05 – 200 Js 16387 /04

Frau Lemke

Ist ihre "ermittlungsverfahren" vorbei? oder fertig?

oder haben sie eine datum fuer dem "anhoerung"

Are you finshed with your investigation or do you have a date for a "hearing"?

Bitte SOFORT schrienben an / Please reply in writing immediately to:

Chris Smith / Freedom e Union


11 Grand Rue,

F68600 Geiswasser

email chris@freedome.org

p.s. Please ask Frau Prestel if she is ready to have a TV/Radio interview with me concerning her partcipation in the illegal actions of your state against me?



Ich habe vor meine tochter Noela , morgen (16th August) zu besuchen

bei Margit Streifeneder , Schwarzwald str 13, Gundelfingen

I plan to visit my little giel Noela , tomorrow (16th August)

was machen sie , wann Frau Streifeneder, Rufen sie an?

what will you do , If Mrs Streifeneder phones you to say I am there?

und wann ich eine TV camera crew sind dabei?

and will you allow filming if I have a TV camera crew with me?


Chris Smith


Justice Papa, paris, F4J Int (UK SA NL and USA) "help for dads" (NZ)

Vaeter-Akutell.de , sky news and BBC Liverpool

(*copy for file 22923/05 ECHR)


Statement by Margit Streifeneder 23 Juli 2001

"Ich weiss , dass es da natuerliche Recht unseres kindes ist, gleichen Zugang zu beiden Elterteilen zu haben und ich werde dieses Recht respecktieren."

Margit Streifeneder

Freiburg den 23 Juli 2001

(*witness Ra Richard Sauer)


 email: antwerpensg@nbb.be

COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie ("eurosystem")

attention of Brigitte Smets – Hoofsectiechef, NBvB, Brussel

cc; Peter Neefs – Afdelingshoofd, NBvB , de Berlaimontlaan, 1000 Brussel.

cc; "CS" : ChriS@Eured-San.net

cc; Members & associates & selected media/to whom it may concern.

via NBvB Leopoldplaats 8, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgie

Antwerpen monday 12th October 2009

REF Christopher R. Smith F.Inst D ("CS") . v EOS Aremas, Belgium NV

1. Although he speaks 4 languages , "CS" does not have perfect command of the language/dialect that you use in this part of Europe, "CS" holds a european passport and claim all the rights promised by the council of Europe, and co-signed by your "democratic" government.

2. "CS" joined a complaint concerning the unfair treatment of "mobile europeans" (that is Europeans that constantly change location for whatever reason)

3. "CS" discovered your letter in the postbox, on the way to visit you.today, your letter is dated 16.09.09 and that post-date indicates that EOS Aremas did not complete propoer procedures with "CS" (see also the content of the letter to OES from "CS" sent whilst he was travelling on HOLIDAY to the Italian Alps 0n the 7th September 2009) "companies like OES act like " sharks" and do NOT follow proper methods of justice.

4. BY REFUSING "CS" credit YOU/OES/any banker, VIOLATES article 6, of the ECHR, which promises that a person is "innocent" until proven "gulty" by a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process = THERE has been NO such "process" other than OES being able to damage the "credibility" of "CS"

5.. The counter claim of 2,500 euros against OES/ICS is hereby DOUBLED to e5000 and is NOW "joint & several" against "NBvB" and any banking institution that acts similarly in an OBVIOUS ILL:EGAL action against "CS" or any other member or associate of EdAgN.

(not including punitive damages that may be granted to "CS" or others via an international court process.



Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn"eured-san.net



ref ; MEMBERSHIP number 2380100(7) ?

To Whom it may conern 91019

I recently took out what I expected to be a series of E.R. episodes to watch whilst on holiday in my friends cabin in the Flemish countryside, as there are no neighbours, cafes, internet or propert TV reception, I installed a DVD player, with the intent of watching these episodes in sequence, however;


Season 4

3 discs are missing :-episodes 5,6,7 & 8 and 13,14,15,& 16, and 17,18,& 19

Season 6

2 discs are missing :- episodes 5,6,7 & 8 and 12,13,14 & 15

Season 7

2 discs are missing:- episodes 5,6,7, & 8 and 12,13,14 & 15

Season 10

2 discs are missing :- episodes 5,6,7, & 8 and 12,13,14 & 15



The discs that are inside ar NOT the original discs, they have been COPIED, and are without markings, and I would suggest that someone (from the Library staff) has the originals at home (including the missings discs)

When YOU send me those discs I will complete my viewing and return the sets to the library.

Whilst writing I have to inform you that you had to change my membership card THREE times in this year due to problems with YOUR system, which caused me several delays and time wasted and hardly ever used the computers without there being a problem with the equipment, BUT NEVER apologised or offered rebate/compensation. I also comment that (with the exception of 3 people) the Zwolle library staff are geneally unfriendly and often unhelpful towards non local customers. WE PAY for a "service" which I have obtained FREE in other states, where the staff are BETTER at dealing with people, I would offer your library a coaching course, however, I no longer live in your region.



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