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Celts New Year, but same old BS? (at least we battered the Mancs)


This is a (EuRED-Direct Action) "Grass Routes" special…YES another one!…<smile>

whilst putting the content together for this "Grass Routes issue"….. on 25th October 09, OUR enemy , the "mancs" , came to Anfield, their fans carried & inflated beachballs to provoke the home supporters of LIVERPOOLs REDS (we had lost the previous game @ sunderland, because the referee failed to stop the game before a goal was "scored" against us which was wildly deflected past our goalie by a beachball …on the contrary , despite a run of wine against our run of defeats the mancs players left THEIR balls at home, the REDS showed a fighting spirit in every inch of the firld (I am reminded of the motivation from the coach played by Al Pacino in the film "on any given sunday"..) …OU kid ("El Nino" ) Fernando TORRES scored the all important first goal in our 2-0 win, but it was our "unsung" heroes that got my "joint men of the match" …

Carra *"too old") Lucas (not a "Brazilian") Masch ("wants to leave") …Fabio ( not strong enough") and Yossi ("not a LIVERPOOL player) stuffed the critics of media pundits and non-fans down their throats and even young David Ngog (not good enough) came on to slot the 2nd goal in the 6th min. of injury time (for once fergie wasnt happy with extra time added ? <smile> …this game is watched by MORE people worldwide than any other League club fixture …I hope some of them got the message, DONT write off any LIVERPOOL team, the REDS will never give up…YNWA..with hope in y-our heart

SEE Utube ;

theres a party to celebrate the "CELTS new year" (1 st nOvember) …meeting at Macormacks Irish pub , Turnhout at 20h on saturday 31 october – then at "the Cabin" ..its a bit like "camp David" except we arent "camp" and theres no Dave (or Chas!) …

mind U, U might not want to RISK association with me…IF U had taken the time to read my recent blogs…

when I was preparing the word-file for this events "BLOG" ..I used the year (9) and the month (11) ..and what number did I find…?

to be sure the "CIA" (C*nts, Idiots and A**holes) will tune into THIS message and I will be lucky if U read anything , it will probably arrive in your inbox on 2012 after I am dead of "no mysterious" causes…

why so cynical?

Apart from my (and anyone I have associated with) communications, phones, correspondence, banking and accomodation being obstructed to almost farcial degress, every internet cafe , library network or friends cumpter system has been damaged affected or obsturcted/controlled in one way or anoither..

but how can I take them seriously

we still live in a world where ignorance rules 95% of the planets population

– an estimated 25,000 kids die daily from the mess we made – solved for EVER , IF onlly your govenments stopped spending on weapons for ONE year and gave that saving to re-distrubition of food

– Idiots crooks & actors Preside ofver the most powerful world military "mights" (or "might-nots")

– we pump 6 billion tones of polution into the air we breathe..

– so called "intellectual " dont realise or want to change that making profit on land stolen from the people causes the stress that kills us..

– Theres still enough Nuclear weapons (or waste) to destroy the planet and everyone/thing on it several times over

– People are becoming robotic and more stupid as more technology becomes available

– Humour is transfered into bitterness, more prejudice, more money-related greed

– Less awareness, care, and intelligence and TRUE entrepreneurs scarce.

(para-prasing from the film "imagining argentina" …………….Politics is like DOG sh*te ….if U step in it U stink too)

…politicians should be dealt with like babies nappies, checked & changed often..for the same reason!)

Heard USA & other western economies continually complaining abiut being undercut on manufacturing by japan, then taiwan, now china, maybe services from india etc …I am old enough to remember when the yanks flooded the UK with cheaper products & services….its Karma..the USA wanted the capitalist dream, to rule the world with commercialismn, now its biting their ar*e …what a pity ! 😉


I have recently moved into a house in the Merksplas area; to spend this winter (’09/10) further wriiting a book concerning my life story & psychology..

However I have considerable experience and want to stimulate social contact and communicate with the local community and therefore offer [-

* A Free and OPEN english language course, once a week, with spontaneous content, from basic conversation to Business/Political/legal dialogue level

– for participants of any age

– for a maximum group of 10 people

* A One on One course "how to be an entrepreneur" (including "starting up" ; risk management, and Eco-logistics)

* Football Coach a childrens/youth football team

* Campaign sponsors for a follow up in 2010 to Tom’s charitable adventure to Ghana ; (see : http://www.tangatoursvzw.org) by providing a coaching centre network for disadvantaged children ; starting with BongaTanga and developing throughout the african and indian continents.

note all my activities are charitable/not-for-profit – you may enquire via Niel? at the BIB Merksplas or by email (in dutch or english) to ChriS@eured-san.net

Christopher R. SMITH F. Inst D.

B2330 Merksplas

email ChriS@eured-san.net


and this is the latest on my arguement v "waterloo bankers"

The main points is that :-

a) I am damaged (prejudice) without any proper fair impartial/legal process

b) the b-(w)-ankers expect me to "BEG" the people who have insulted and damaged me

c) the bank dont apologise for their "failings" (losing my digipass, failure to transfer to LFC, etc -see also complaint to ING.NL below)

d) its almost impossible now to be a "mobile european" in todays "digital – trust no-one society"

why do YOU, the people ACCEPT that these "B-w-ankers" screw U then make U pay for it, they inflate the cost of living and the general inhumanity,

time for world people bank

ChriS>Kris, thanks BUT…sorry, no…

I dotn see how I can ask OES to change their stance when I am in the middle of a conflict with them, if this is above your status, please can U organise a meeting with your manager as otherwise I will have to go to ING international with my complaints…and then I will have to publicise it over my network…



From: kv@ing.

Date: Mon, 26 Oct 2009 08:57:18 +0100

Subject: RE: S791024 CS->Kris V /TH INg 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

Hello Chris,

The application can be done on two conditions :

– when the registration at the "Nationale Bank van België" is cancelled

– when your pension comes every month on your ING account

I hope you can convince the other credit card company that they made a mistake and that they will cancel the registration at the "Nationale Bank van België".

Met vriendelijke groeten,

Kris V.

Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2009 2:10 PM

Subject: S791024 CS->Kris V /TH INg 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

ChriS>Hello Kris,

Please NOTE the reply from NBB..("registered that you contest the registration of the payment default and that this will be visible to other lenders")

will ING now progress my Application?????????????????????

From: <EdAgN@eured-san.net>

To: <peter.neefs@nbb.be>, <edagn@eured-san.net>, <brigitte.smets@nbb.be>

Subject: RE: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie (eurosystem)

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 2009 07:40:58 -0400

message from CS>"hello Peter,

BUT.. it is OBVIOUS that EOS and their clients ICS KNEW it was contested even before the amounts became due, they didnt comply with normal

procedures; nor complete a proper legal claim against me .. but they CAUSED damages against my credibility (and ICS caused damages by their own

mistakes/errors and are incapable of being a bona fide financial institution , employing inexperienced kid to handle "problems")..its disgusting and says nothing for belgian "standards"…"

Original Message:


From: Neefs Peter Peter.Neefs@nbb.be

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 2009 13:55:21 +0200

To: EdAgN@eured-san.net, Brigitte.Smets@nbb.be

Subject: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van

Belgie ("eurosystem")

Dear Sir,

EOS Aremas has confirmed us that the legal conditions to register a payement are fulfilled. Therefore, the National Bank of Belgium is obliged to maintain the payment default until it has been paid.

Please note that, following your complaint, we’ve registered that you contest the registration of the payment default and that this will be visible to other lenders.


Peter Neefs


Centrale voor Kredieten aan Particulieren

Nationale Bank van Belgi�

tel: +32 2 221 21 38

fax: +32 2 221 31 18

—–Original Message—–

From: De Geyter Marc

Sent: maandag 12 oktober 2009 14:11

To: Smets Brigitte; Neefs Peter

Cc: Depuydt Andre

Subject: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van

Belgie ("eurosystem")

—–Original Message—–

From: Depuydt Andre

Sent: maandag 12 oktober 2009 13:53

To: De Geyter Marc

Subject: FW: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van

Belgie ("eurosystem")

—–Original Message—–

From: EdAgN@eured-san.net [mailto:EdAgN@eured-san.net]

Sent: maandag 12 oktober 2009 13:45

To: Antwerpensg

Cc: chris@eured-san.net

Subject: 91012BHlib ref: COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie


to email: antwerpensg@nbb.be

COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie ("eurosystem")/


Original Message:


Date: Fri, 16 Oct 2009 08:41:17 -0400

To: kv@ing.be

Subject: RE: Libh-n 91015 FW: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor

kredieten aan particulieren

ChriS>Hello Kris,


the NBB /Belgian credit system is NOt logical…that means that any company can make a BOGUS claim without completing a full legal process..how

ridiculous! (in the meantime the person !VICTIM") is damaged…

the NBB should not ACCEPT any claim against me thats NOT proven in court, I cant imagine OES/ICS accepting to cancel their claim against me as they

didnt follow correct procedures in the first place, how can ING accept such a "catch 22" situation..

it doesnt make me feel like recommended my co-members to use this type of banking system….I feel more inclined to complain about this at the

petitions office of the EU in Brussels as its an obvious blatant violation of my human rights, especially after so many credit/financial/banking

institutions "got it wrong" and caused the financial "crisis"…

Original Message:



Date: Thu, 15 Oct 2009 15:49:54 +0200

Subject: RE: Libh-n 91015 FW: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor

kredieten aan particulieren

Hello Chris,

In the message of "Nationale Bank van Belgie" below is mentioned that they or not responsible for the information they get from the banks/credit card

companies en that they are not able to check this information. So if you think the information about you is not correct, you need to contact the

bank/bank card company who put you on the list en ask them to inform the "Nationale Bank van Belgie" about their mistake.

Can you please ask the "Nationale Bank van Belgie" the new correct information ?

Then I can order a credit card (when your pension comes on the ING account)

Kindly regards,


—–Original Message—–

Sent: Thursday, October 15, 2009 1:37 PM

To: KV

Cc: edagn@eured-san.net

Subject: Libh-n 91015 FW: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten

aan particulieren

ChriS>hello Kris,

as U will note below the "obstruction" at NBB is wrong, please would U

kindly proceed with the card application?

Original Message:


From: EdAgN@eured-san.net

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 09:00:56 -0400

To: cr@nbb.be,

Subject: LibMp 91014 CS /EdagN RE: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

and what are U going to DO about the sitution?

COMPLAINT/counter-CLAIM v National Bank van Belgie ("eurosystem")

attention of Brigitte Smets – Hoofsectiechef, NBvB, Brussel

cc; Peter Neefs – Afdelingshoofd, NBvB , de Berlaimontlaan, 1000 Brussel.

cc; "CS" : ChriS@Eured-San.net

cc; Members & associates & selected media/to whom it may concern.

via NBvB Leopoldplaats 8, 2000 Antwerpen, Belgie

Antwerpen monday 12th October 2009

REF Christopher R. Smith F.Inst D ("CS") . v EOS Aremas, Belgium NV

1. Although he speaks 4 languages , "CS" does not have perfect command of the language/dialect that you use in this part of Europe, "CS" holds a european passport and claim all the rights promised by the council of Europe, and co-signed by your "democratic" government.

2. "CS" joined a complaint concerning the unfair treatment of "mobile europeans" (that is Europeans that constantly change location for whatever reason)

3. "CS" discovered your letter in the postbox, on the way to visit you.today, your letter is dated 16.09.09 and that post-date indicates that EOS Aremas did not complete propoer procedures with "CS" (see also the content of the letter to OES from "CS" sent whilst he was travelling on HOLIDAY to the Italian Alps 0n the 7th September 2009) "companies like OES

act like " sharks" and do NOT follow proper methods of justice.

4. BY REFUSING "CS" credit YOU/OES/any banker, VIOLATES article 6, of the ECHR, which promises that a person is "innocent" until proven "gulty" by a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process = THERE has been NO such "process" other than OES being able to damage the "credibility" of "CS"

5.. The counter claim of 2,500 euros against OES/ICS is hereby DOUBLED to e5000 and is NOW "joint & several" against "NBvB" and any banking institution that acts similarly in an OBVIOUS ILL:EGAL action against "CS" or any other member or associate of EdAgN.

(not including punitive damages that may be granted to "CS" or others via an international court process.)



Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email ; edagn"eured-san.net

Original Message:


From: Cr Cr@nbb.be

Date: Tue, 13 Oct 2009 14:53:26 +0200

To: EdAgN@eured-san.net

Subject: Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

Ref.: CKP.LBS.27083.AV – W1326N

Geachte mevrouw, geachte heer

In antwoord op uw brief, melden wij u dat de activiteiten van de Centrale

voor kredieten aan particulieren zich beperken tot de registratie van

gegevens in het bestand van de "Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren"

en in het "Bestand van de niet-gereglementeerde registraties".

De kredietinstelling draagt de volledige verantwoordelijkheid voor de

gegevens die ze aan de Centrale mededeelt.

Aangezien de Nationale Bank van Belgi� de juistheid van de inlichtingen

niet kan controleren, vragen wij u in contact te treden met de

kredietinstelling die uw dossier beheert en die ons de geregistreerde

gegevens heeft medegedeeld. Indien de registratie niet correct zou zijn,

dient die instelling de verbetering of de schrapping ervan aan de Centrale

mede te delen.


Brigitte Smets Peter Neefs

Hoofdsectiechef Afdelingshoofd

Nationale Bank van Belgie

Centrale voor kredieten aan particulieren

de Berlaimontlaan 14


Tel. 02 221 30 06

Fax 02 221 31 18

Mail: cr@nbb.be <mailto:cr@nbb.be>

BTW: BE 0203.201.340

RPR Brussel



Manager Verkoopondersteuning

ING Bank N.V.

PostBus 99960, 8900 GA Leeuwarden

(telefoon 020 565 50 10)

Sent By hand, post & email; Antwerp 22nd October 09

Dear Banker Tuinga

OFFICIAL complaint v bank ING (REF 4986080 ZE/ZW ‘REDS’ Supporters CLUB -BENELUX-)

cc: Jan D – secretary "ZReDS" club

cc: D. Matthe

cc: ING, Zwolle – M. Braam

cc: EdAgN – 111-legal COMPLAINTS dept (edagn@eured-san.net)

cc: ING – KV – TH. / ING international HQ


IT IS NO LESS THAN 6 MONTHS since I filed an APPLICATION to open an account with ING, Zwolle on behalf of our CLUB, (re; Ze/Zw "REDS" Supporters Club (Benelux)

1) YOU delayed the opening by WRONGLY rejecting our application with returned contents,ID,forms & aims & objectives,members list(x2) – I refer YOU to our letter dated 19th may 09 (*) The application form was PROPERLY completed with the full attendance (advice & assistance) of your colleague (M.Braam) in the Zwolle branch office of ING. The club is registered at the Chamber of Commerce (KVK) Zwolle as a "Club withOUT statutes".

2) I am the only "full time" member currently able to deal with matters, and sole "sponsor/donator" & sole signatory and informed you that we intend to add other officers later (Jan D. & others) It will be done at an AGM In the meantime we proceeded as per (the CORRECT) account application.

3) Because your errors & the possible delay in receipt of correspondence, AT THAT TIME (may 09) we agreed to make the POSTAL address of the club also @ ; "ZReDS"/ChriS SMITH F.inst. D.MERELstraat 49 8011 BW Zwolle, NL AT THAT TIME YOU were asked to PLEASE process this application with NO further delay as I am having to use my personal account (postbank/ING Zwolle; 3934915) to support "ZReDS" club activities, in the meantime.

4) However, YOU REPEATED your Error and TWICE sent documentation to the INCORRECT Post box. Then we lost time in July because WE were absent on travels/holidays

5) Subsequently (DESPITE repeating our letter of 19th may & phone calls to your HQ by M. Braam & his colleagues in Zwolle) YOU sent documnetation (ref passwords/pin) to the OLD address – TWICE!

6) At end of August; Our club Secretary eventually received these items and passed them to me for collection of our PIN/password dated August. however when visiting ING, Zwolle I was informed that we were" out of time" , another password/PIN was ordered on 21.09.09

7) At the end of September new forms were sent to our new address (Assendorpstr 196, 8012CE Zwolle) – BUT were DATED 28th august !!!!! – (quite remarkable having ordered them on 21.09.09)- at the beginning of October I went to ING Zwolle to collect them and was AGAIN told they were "OUT of date" – your employee "Marc" RE-ORDERED via your INg computer system

8) Yesterday (21 October 09) I travelled 400kms round trip from my home-office to collect the forms and obtain the pin – and was told they had not arrived, your young lady in ING Zwolle infoormed me (after phoning 2 or 3 different people in your HQ) that the computer "order" of "Marc" was NOT in the system, and she RE-ORDERED the password/PIN for the FOURTH TIME!!!…she also told me

a)IT IS NOT POSSIBLE to make a "manual transfer" (without knowing my pin) – previously I could complete a simple "overschriven"(transfer?) slip !

b) that the ATM card I received a month ago is UNusuable…

c) WE cannot make any payments to organise media for our "LIVE tv" club meetings

d) WE cannot pay for a website (att)

e) WE cant pay for our members t-shirts.

…in other words WE ARE IN A WORSE SITUATION THAN back where we started 6 MONTHS AGO!!!

DAMAGES; (to be claimed against ING bank/NV & global, its employeess "joint & several")

– 10 HOURS wasted time travelling to several "pointless" meetings at ING, Zwolle and corresponding (including this letter) = 10hrs @ e25 euros = e500

– Travel costs x 5 = e200

– Loss of charitable income (not yet calculated) – as we have not been able to register our website as we cannot pay the hosting company

– Damage to reputation of "ZRedS" – probably requires an independent institution to calculate the costs of failing to provide member services

– Miscellaneous compensation and punitive damages (to be calculatedaccording to international law)


a) YOU pay the enclosed invoice IMMEDIATELY

b) YOU refund 50 euros in our account to Jan Diepenheim (club secreatary) and we find another bank who WANTS to provide a PROPER service to OUR club members

YOU were provided with confidential information regarding this club being part of a European Network of similar clubs and our intent to find ONE bank to service a potential 100,000 members YOU give us NO confidence that you are COMPETETENT to manage a "piggy bank" never mind the responsibility we are planning. I would have HOPED that considering the DAMAGE done to the reputation of "bankers" that YOU might have tried HARDER as representatives of your profession in the light of the mistakes made by w(B)ankers (World-Bankers). I have filed a complaint that may eventually be heard in the international court and global media. IF I expose evidence that this is part of a DELIBERATE OBSTRUCTION to our plans, your bank will spend the next 10 years litigating its defence in international process and be a laughing stock of the global media!

PLEASE REPLY IMMEDIATELY by email to the address BELOW


(founder member)

ChriS SMITH F. inst D.

email ; EuRED@live.nl or EdAgN@eured-san.net

c/o EdAgN (Direct Action)

Postbus#1 ,Bist 129,

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN, Belgie


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