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all TRUE REDS…is it WORTH the price of a match ticket…?


is it WORTH the price of a match ticket…?

to SECURE Y-OUR club’s FUTURE, do YOU care enough to spend the same as you might spend ON watching ONE match (basic match ticket, programme , a tea, coffee or 1 bevvy in the "Albert" ..<smile> ?)

ChriS>EVEN in the darkest times, when adversity faces us, we must NOT overlook the greatest OPPORTUNITY…

below stats taken from the OFFICIAL website (www.liverpoolfc.tv) SHOW the global POWER of the REDS , IF the Potential is USEd…

over a million registered "fans"….

on past experience (albeit that I dropped out of business/management almost 15 years ago after a meningitis coma..) I KNOW and PROMISE that IF over 1 million "fans" could invest just 50 (fifty!) euros EACH…(making a fund of 50 million euros) an eventual REDs Supporters fund of FIVE HUNDRED MILLION EUROS could be achieved, …

SUFFICIENT to obtain at LEAST "shared managment" of LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL club..to

– ensure top level challenge for all major european and domestic trophies..

– retain the Anfield stadium as a heritage site

– support and improve the managment structure and ensure enterprise potential is realised

– maintain the "Liverpool way" as envisaged and enabled by the vision of Bill Shankly


– develop a global "grass ROUTES network" to re-establish honest social values and footy at basic levels for kids of all ages..<smile>


– each fan opens a savings account in his own name NOW of at least 50 euros to obtain a voting share

– A new managment body with 1 million shares obtains a multiple of 10 times

– Shareholders and especially PLAYERS and ex-players, long time supporters and established members encouraged to invest more

( in lieu of xxxxx)

– Investing shareholders / lenedrs receive a bonus om achieved profit ( a "return" on their investment – but No extra voting power.

I could achieve this and therefore I am sure there are people know to supportters who could achieve this – I do not need a "position of power" but before I die I will give every assistance possible to those who can make Y-OUR dream come true and ensure the REDS are back "on the perch" (sorry fergie!)

for more background see the "shelved concept" at http://www.eured-san.net/eured_ko-op.html

"popular opinion" states that "it cant be done"…that we have no chance in the modern age of even partially owning a top club"…well its up to US?…popular opinion never stopped a LIVERPUDLIAN before?..as I said I dont need to be involved, but I will fight anyone who ruins y-our CHANCES, dont let Apathy, oundits or neggies rule y-our DREAM..if anyone decries this then I openly question their MOTIVES and CHALLENGE Y-OUR loyalty…(we dont have to be born in L4 to be a TRUE RED!) …instead of people asking "why should we try?" …lets reply "why SHOULDN’T WE?"



Paul Rogers 31 October 2009

A difficult start to the season might mean Liverpool are currently playing catch up to league leaders Chelsea but when it comes to online matters, the Reds have left the Stamford Bridge outfit and every other club in the league trailing in our wake.

Fresh from seeing a record millionth fan sign up to the official Liverpool Football Club Facebook Page earlier in the week, a new Official Facebook Barclays Premier League table has been published and unsurprisingly, the Reds are sitting pretty at the top of the pile.
With over a million fans already signed up to enjoy daily ‘wall’ updates, photos and video clips from the LFC Facebook Page, Liverpool can boast over half a million more ‘Facebook Fans’ than every other club in the Barclays Premier League
If you haven’t already become a ‘Fan’ of Liverpool Football Club’s Official Facebook Page, you can do so for free today by visiting
Liverpool: 1,008,663
Chelsea: 395,514
Manchester City: 28,968
Everton: 22,215
Stoke City: 9,343
Wolverhampton Wanderers: 3,853
Fulham: 1,722
Blackburn Rovers: 546
Arsenal: 0*
Aston Villa: 0*
Birmingham FC 0*
Bolton Wanderers: 0*
Burnley: 0*
Hull: 0*
Manchester United: 0*
Portsmouth: 0*
Sunderland: 0*
Tottenham Hotspur: 0*
West Ham: 0*
Wigan: 0*


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