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91126…when Harry met…ChriS! …(+ Noela, Reds & w-ING plaints)

KOP UNlimited #
.91126 …when Harry met ………….ChriS.. (another "Grass Routes" special ..not sorry…! <smile>)


no apologies for promoting "follow the (REDS) flag" (webpage under constrcution above)

I just
want to find positive things to do with whats left of my short life on
this wonderful planet inhabited by so many  "CIA" ("c*nts Idiots &
.we may all have one foot in the gutter but some are reaching for the stars"

before I
start this "Grass Routes update" I was watching belgian (Fr) TV channel
3 and suprised me with a programme "the Heysel tradgedy"..

I was
immediately thrown back to that night when I lost my appetite for
footy…and simultaneously I associated an "element" that has
re-attached itself to Lfc in recent years since we started winning
trophies again…the eng-er-land fans and others ;  those that jump on
the bandwagon of pundit opinion…and moan, snipe, or show lack of

(oh and a
tip if U havent watched the film "leaving las vegas" with Nick Cage and
elisabeth Shue ..i recommend it..its fiction, of course, but, theres
more humanity and love in this brief relationship between a "loser"
drunk, who has lost his son and family, job etc and a lonely high class
whore than some "christian married couples" in their whole lives)

So the
REDS are going to be playing this season out in the "Europa league"
with a final in Hamburg…I have good memories of german connections
to  "League/UEFA double-winning"  seasons and when we won the UEFA cup
in 2001 in Dortmund..I have a similar feeling now, mind U, nostalgia
isnt what it once was…


November (911) began with plans of travel..but I had to get a new
gearbox for the "Zbus" which dented my budget to get to Lyon..a guy
prentending to be a fan offered me a lift (RAWK) then "disappeared" and
the REDS could only draw via a goal from Babel and an error let Lyon
equalise to obstruct our progress in the CL (although our injury-cursed
squad had probably "lost it" when conceding 2 late goal at anfield
against them…

"Mission Probable-Berlin"

I had
offrered Harry (HT) to help recover his bike , as HT had initiated 2
charity-related projects, connecting to the "Ray of Hope" appeal ( for
Ray Kennedy, who tragcally had to sell medals to survive) riding a
moped to Madrid and the "Marina Dalglish" (cancer) fund …and when he
mentioned that he was looking to recover his "sick" motorbike from
Berlin (RAWK) I proposed to meet him at Lyon and bring him back to my
place so that we could pick his M-bike up when the "Zbus" was
ready…(although the bus was ready on the day I had a suspect tyre so
Harry told me he would make his way back to the Flemish cabin from
Lyon…"by lifts from Reds or hitch-hiking"…

I have
recently acquired a"USB" stick that enabled limitred sms/email traffic
from the cabin, so was waiting on news from HT , suggesting he met at
"Macs" in nearby Turnhout (be) …HT couldnt seem to give me accurate
"eta" so I was a bit nervous that he (whose health is not great) might
have difficulties in finding the way or even arriving that night. about
20h an sms from HT announced his arrival near Turnhout so I started to
drive to the irish pub (about 20 minutes away) …I asked the barmaid
"have U seen anyone looking for me" (but she didnt get the joke) and a
very relieved and exhausted HT came through the door some 15 minutes
later having got lost in the town..a pint of Guiness helped and back to
the cabin to chill out (or warm up in his case) and a few bevvies
before HT could get some much needed rest..

agreed to
take it easy that weekend so HT could recover a bit of strength before
we went to Berlin to pick up his m-bike in  my Zbus,,,we had a few mild
"bevvy sessions" at the ZonderEigen cafe and at the cabin and I cooked,
made a change having someone different to test my "cuisine creativity"
on, well, no complaints from HT as he cleaned his plate every time, or
he was just hungry..<smile> watched a bit of Telly and the dvd
"man of the year" a good political black-comedy about the USA…(money
buys everything) "democracy" /..(mind U the footy fourm sounded almost
the same,,.,) and "Magnolia" about "connections and circumstances" the
intro was interesting in itself..on sunday , woke too late for watching
the local footy so,
did a "tour" of the frontier town of Baarle trying to get HT his
"baccy" . on monday I complained again to my ISP of blocks & delays
to my emails/sms/FB messages etc..and Macs irish pub did NOT show the
footy v Brum (2-2 goals from NGo-al and SG) but we found by accident
that Gunther already had the footy channel installed at the ZonderEigen
cafe!, mind U he only told us 5 minutes from the end after we had
another belgian"bevvy session" (duvel!) and scared him with a loud
"exchange of ideas"

Tuedsay ,
apart from a belgian detour near the cabin (Merksplas) and tanking we
only had one other delay in the "Zbus" to Berlin, traffic slowed just
past Hannover…so as 700kms had gone so well I suggested to HT we load
his bike and drive straight back, (as I also guessed we would be out on
the town if we stayed) & we loaded at Neils (MADreds) brother paul
& mate phillip’s flat within an hour or so, were back on the road,
so, only 2 and a half tanks of diesel and 1400 kms round trip , we
"landed" back at the cabin by 05hrs…crossing the frointier twice ;
avoiding machine-gun posts etc and with only 2 pee/coffee stops…what
a team!…what a Zbus! ……..
"mission probable- Berlin completed" …we had travelled 1400 kms without a mobile, no door locks and a dodgy tyre!

HT decided
to leave the m-bike in the cabin garage and although we recovered from
the allnight-no sleep trip a bit on wednesday he re-assembled most of
the m-bike for me to take over next month (HT to pay for the ferry and
I pay my diesel..as I was probably going to try to get to a couple of
home games..Flo & Ar*e-nal …though HT said he might get me a
"complimentary " ticket…I was pleased to help him..and me..although
the locking system  (which went pear-shaped when we were in Berlin) and
the faulty tyre valve needs sorting..)  Thursday evening HT wanted to
invite me to a session  at the Ze cafe..we were talking about "scaring"
Gunther (again) with a contrived arguement, & ended up in a
conflict about elite-splitters on the web forums and I commented about
the same in society..(people escaping to their island instead of
confronting the wrongs in the society) …in spite of my offer to take
him to Antwerp or Geel in the morn, HT left at mnidnight,,by
thumb..(hes another Gem..)

following weeknd seemed "quiet" without HT, so I tried to make a path
in from of the garage so i could park the Zbus in the dry, and sunday
took manager Dix to watch Fc ZonderEigen, with Robbie & Kurt (pen)
getting the goals in a difficult away game (thats what I loved..winning
away, and pray the REDS get back to it soon)…..had a couple of
bevvies with the team before coming home…found meself talking to the
chickens again/..("fergie" , "whenger" and "jose".)  the following week
constantly having to pump up the tyre meant the value needed replacing
urgently., .my xxxx JD decided to bother me with emails, so I "ended"
it with her..again (she hadnt contacted me in months, so guess who is

ING bank
(nl) actually replied to my complaint and gave me e200 "compensation"
for lost travel due to their errors, most of the time people think I am
mad to complain but this written apology actually could open the door
for me to claim for all my damages…why dont you peoples join me?…


lucky ….I was at the garage again making a pathway and heared "beep,
beep, beep", a  rare sound in this remote forest cabin
area..<smile>…I thought it was a mobile phone or a car alarm in
the distance..then suddenly, realised it was the cabin smoke
alarm!…..I ran back faster than I had in years…even from about 20
metres I could see the flames, and in those seconds, my thoughts went
to .."The Cabin…gone?…all my stuff..gone?…a log had literally
"jumped" almost a metre to the wall and caught fire to the painted
wallpaper and the wooden stool, and the flames were only cm’s from the
plastic veggie shelves and WOODEN kitchen..(by the time any firemen had
got to this remote cabin, the cabin, its contents..and me (had I been
sleeping) would all be gone..)

luckily I
caught it in time, supressing the flames whilst covering my face with a
towel..a few hours of open windows and cleaning up and all the damage t
be seen was a small hole in the carpet by the stove and some missing
wallpaper,,(though the burnt paint left smells and stains that needed a
good clean-up)

 ..very lucky …but I have been havent I?…how many times ..a bottle
went through my eye with glass near my brain removed by operation when
I was only 5 years old, (6 month "blind" in hospital) 3 car (write-off)
crashes .., the week-long meningitis coma (not expected to wake up)
…??? hmmmmm….

though that I didnt get to Budapest..where  had visited 20 years
previously for a round table formation..(they had their first strike in
25 years after the Berlin  wall cam down) ..but that was a great
weekend despite the chaos, this time my tyre went flat and I did not
find a way to get to Chareroi airport in time (160 kms from here) as
there are no night buses or trains..I had planned a good trip, staying
at "home made hostel" and due to meet REDS from the belgian Lfc fan
clubs and the Polish group and of course Ferenc and the
Hungo-REDS..(hungry REDS? <smile> ) although my journey (with
nasty Ryanair to Bratislava, then train to Budapest wasnt simple) I
didnt know about the wizz air direct flights from Eindhoven until it
was too late,,I hope I can get back there soon..maybe for Xmas as I am
alone this year…

I have
since been keeping my body "fit" with running to the shops or biking
and for my head I have aired my ideas about the REDS and watched the
game v "2nd hand manc rent-boys" ("citeh") ..when another 2 players
(dAgger and Babel) were INJURED in the first 15 minutes .(@Macs).we
need to lift this injury CURSE soon to get back to the top where we
belong..I stll have hopes of winning the 2 LEAGUES; "Europa" and the
PREMIEREship this season, of all clubs "come-backs" are the REDS
speciality. (my other "ideas" are stated below..had a heavy-bevvy
session with the fc ZE team on sunday which I didnt recover from until
monday which helped take my mind of the struggle…

then talking of struggle, we come to my estranged little girl…..


This is a message i sent to all FB friends…

(and an email exchange with a neighbour of margit ( my estranged little girls mother)

Diana, …my estranged little girl (Noela) has her 8th birthday on
friday (28 november) -I would be very grateful if you and your network
send birthday cards to the last known address below..(I have had no
news and not held her in my arms since she was 3 years old!) ; Noela;

c/o M. Streifeneder, 49 St. Lawrence Road, Clontarf, DUBLIN, Ireland. 

ChriS91126>dear Janice,

commiserations on your loss, and thanks very much for bothering to let me know..

(i am not surprised that margit dont answer the door she has a guilty consience and thats nothing to do with money..)

I know its
not anything positive for me, but in my situation any little bit of
news helps..I didnt get those emails – my other ISP got blocked and
(although it seems like paranoia) I am sure my emails have been blocked
or delayed generally, Sgt Sexton didnt reply to me, or friends who
tried to explain my position or even communications from NGO’s are
ignored, I know local police dont like these things,,because its
obvious injustice, Margit can just go to court, without me having to
there, say what she wants or needs to say to get me excluded and I dont
even get told whats happened because she lies and says amongst other
things that I am always travelling…I spent years trying to get
justice in Freiburg and when she realised she could lose she moves to
Dublin, I just dotn have the resourcse to pour money into fighting an
unjust system to get the rights I should have by all common and
international law

 ..and I
know if I win anyway she will just move on..the system effectivey
allows (and in some way protects) virtual kidnapping..people have told
me to do the same, but unlike Margit I couldnt put Noela in the middle
of a violent struggle..as much as it tears me apart to know that I
probably will never have the relationship a father shoudl have with his
kid..and i love her so much, I am sorry that I bothered U so much with
this…but its difficult to know what else i can do, its caused rifts
in my relationships since because maybe I now almost expect women to
betray me..and most people dont see this side of things they only talk
about "deadbeat" dads but dont realise there are hundreds of thousands
of estranged parents (mostly male) around the world with  kids that DO
want to give and support their children with a full & natural
relationship, ah, I have gone on a bt much,,,obviously I dont even know
if margit and Noela still live at n. 49..but if U see or hear ANYthing,
I would be eternally grateful..take care, I wish U and yours all the

ChriS x

> Date: Thu, 26 Nov 2009 11:11:11 +0000

> From: autumnleaf@eircom.net

> To: eured@live.nl

> Subject: Re: S7-LT 91122 Hello Janice – ref Noelas birthday


> Hi Chris,

> Sorry I have been away for a few days, the only reason I came back was because my husbands sister died.

> I do
not have the presents anymore, I gave them in to the police station to
be given to sargent Sexton at the end of March or begining of April I
cannot remember exactly when. I put them in a bag stapled it and
stapled a letter I typed explaining the situation to him. I heard
nothing back from him.

Before I did this I e-mailed you telling you what I was going to do but
you never replied. I got no replies to any of the e-mails I sent.

> I presume now that you did not get them.

> I
went up most days to no. 49 and knocked and knocked on the door but no
one ever answered. I heard people walking down the stairs and along the
hall so I knocked louder but still no one answered. I did this on and
off from the new year until the middle of March when I decided to give
up. I have been told since that no one opens doors in apartments or
shared houses because it could be someone coming to collect a debt.
Apparently people only open the door when they have gotten a call from
who ever it is that is coming.

> Sorry to hear you have had no response from the guards.

> I cannot imagine what it is like for you but I hope you get it resolved someday.


> Kind regards


> Janice


"Shanks" ….

Shankly came to LIVERPOOL 50 years ago like a football "messiah" but he
is so much more to me, a mentor and a social example that kids today
should care about…how to believe and make people committ to the
"positive"  ..

"he made
the people happy" is written on his statue, but in fact he did MUCH
more;  he gave people HOPE and belief to take themselves out of
ordinary lives and become bigger than their dreams..

the Famous
manchester united player Geiorge Best wrote in his autobiography about
"Shanks"….. when Best complained casually one day before the rival
teams met, to Shanks about not being paid well but being hounded by
paparazzi …

Best>’Fame, son,’ Shanks told me, ‘is the price you pay for doing your job well.’

Best goes
on " A few years later I was to understand the full implications of his
words. It seemed every time I met Shanks he would come out with at
least one piece of worldly wisdom or humour. When I was about to
renegotiate a contract at Old Trafford and intimated that I would be
looking for a considerable rise in basic pay, Shanks gave me a long
hard look. ‘George, son, some advice,’ he said. ‘Don’t be too
demanding, because it’s a sad fact of life that genius is born and not

In 1967,
we arrived at Anfield to play Liverpool and as I glanced out of the
window of the coach I saw Bill Shankly standing at the main entrance. I
was the first player to alight from the coach and when I reached the
entrance Bill shook my hand warmly. ‘Good to see you again, George,’ he
said. ‘You’re looking well, son.’

This was
unusual for him, and knowing Shanks to be a wily old fox, I decided to
hang around to try to find out what he was up to. As each of the United
players entered Anfield, Shanks shook his hand, welcomed him and told
him how good he looked. Eventually, Bobby Charlton, a born worrier,
came up to Shanks.

son. Good to see you,’ Shanks said, shaking his hand. ‘But by God, if
ever there was a man who looked ill, it’s you, Bobby!’

face went as colourless as an icicle. ‘Ill? I look ill?’ he repeated,
running the fingers of his right hand over his forehead and down his
right cheek. He was visibly shaken,

Bobby, son. You look like you’re sickening for something. If I were you
I’d see a doctor as soon as you set foot back in Manchester.’ Shanks
patted Bobby on the back and took off down the corridor, leaving him
trembling in the foyer.

In the
dressing room, Bobby was conspicious by his absence and, ominously,
there was a delay in announcing the team. We sat around kicking our
heels, no one daring to get changed in case Matt Busby had a tactical
plan which meant leaving one of us out. The thought of getting changed
only to be told to put your clothes back on because you’re not in the
team is a player’s nightmare.

Matt Busby entered the dressing room with Jimmy Murphy and told us they
had reshuffled the team which had beaten West Ham the previous week.
Bobby Charlton was unavailable. He’d suddenly been taken ill."


my messages to REDS…

a) on the subject of Supporter-owned Club..

Quote from: xerxes1 on November  5, 2009, 12:31:32 PM

Fry is right. And if you look at Newcastle and Leeds, even mid table,
then relegation may not stir the masses, people just drift away.

I do not doubt your sincerity. I do offer some tough love. The reason
why G&H still own the club is beacuse no-one is prepared to pay a
price sufficent to prompt them to sell. Few fans would wish to pay them
off at a price the market is not prepared to pay.

reason why SOS & SL have failed to become movements actively
supported  and financed by more than a few thousand is the rest can’t
be bothered.

"Support" means different things to different people. We have 26,000
season ticket holders ( about the same as Villa and Newcastle) who
won’t boycott or protest, the season ticket is the be all and end all (
and I respect that).

have 4000 "corporate" ( boxes/ hospitality/ meal) tickets, much lower
than our competition who are happy with a ticket ,as well as what they
have got. That only leaves 11,000 tickets  a game of "matchday
support".The illusion of 1,000,000 "fans" has to be counterbalanced by
the facts.

    To dismiss reality is not helpful. Rome was not built in a day – but it was built with bricks and mortar…


I dont want to build Rome, I dont believe in concrete, almost all the
major success i have seen or made in my life have been through a basic
belief – things done for other than "concrete" or material reasons..

ok mate, lets actually discuss this instead of throwing spanners into the "werks" 😉 …

I know it
can be done,  there are enough examples in history , corporate or sport
…we need a domino effect – to get a group going and ONE of the
reasons i am working on getting this going abroad is that too many
"locals" look for any reason ("excuse") ..NOt to do it..and those that
claim that they are doing it (ShareLFC?/SOS?) dont have the experienec
or the dynamic necessary..

I have
been told myself to "give up" on several occasions – I was "finished"
before I woke up after a week-long meningitis coma and suprised the

"senior" person told me not to start my own business in 1979..within 24
months I had made over a GBP million profit with a start up of 500

time I got hold of a group of electronic/installation companies that
was valued by the administrator at almost a million quid for GBP 70k
…simply by playing " poker" with the other side..

I co-launched the "human shields"…(oops)

at the
same time i am (since 15 years) experienced in not-for-profit
activities where "miracles" have to be achieved with little or zero

I have a global network of contacts – which seems to make people insecure..which I could tap in ONCE "something" got going..

maybe U
are one of them, maybe not, but the only effect that the "alienation"
has on me is to not bother to talk to Lp-based fans…I love LIVERPOOL
the team, the manager, the TRUE supporters (wherever they are born) ,
but I am , like Shanks, Kenny, Emlyn , etc etc etc an "alien" who
landed into ths lifetime love affair – its the only constant in a life
that lost family and all those I loved over the years..U dont need to
read this, but I am telling U anyway..because I have found that
sometimes an "enemy" that I understand is more worthy than "friends"
that dont dont understand me..and are so easily insulted that I dont

I dont
love the "club" because IMO things have always been wrong off the field
even in our best days on it.- I LOVE everything intangible – spirit,
the "craic"  the "come backs" and "bonding" I have had with REDS all
over the globe – its been MY life  .IF there was a way I could show the
TRUE REDS on RAWK what I KNOW can be done, I would , as I dont need or
want to "profit" so I just have to do my Utmost to make it happen in
another way..and I wont give up until it happens, or the planet boils
over <smile>

as we
approach the 50th anniversary of Shanks arrival…we should remind
ourselves what he achieved..and apply ourselves with the same spirit,
dynamic and sheer conviction that he had,,THAT would be the BEST way to
honour the man and what he gave US??

YNWA! (with HOPE in y-our heart)

b) Mentality..

of all, whatever personal opinions are , its VITAL that we give 100%
support to Rafa and the team-squad for the rest of the season, anything
else is obviously counter-productive…

If I am
correct in the info prior to Rafa’s arrival he won la Liga and the Uefa
cup ine one season by having virtually TWO seperate teams playing in
the league and europe..I feel that that (whatever the remaining results
in the CL are ) this makes so much sense considering the massive injury
problems etc, we have had since the season commenced…

Rafa plays our BEST team, in the Premiereship, and a 2nd /fringe team
in the other 2 competitions…this may upset those (me amongst them)
that value Europe, or the FA Cup, but I feel that ONCE we have won the
PL once , we can "relax" and go on and build a trophy-winning dynasty
with Rafa & Kenny together and NOT cause the SPLIT that some fans
are screaming for, we were World-Beaters only a few months ago, and
with our best players back we shall be again, soon, BUt I urge Rafa to
resist the tem[ptation  and pressure from media and fickle fans and
simple SAVE our best for the PL – that means (say)  SG & our kid,
Pepe, Masch, dAgger, benny, and fabio (?) ONLY playing PL games and the
remainder of our very large squad fighting for the chance of playing
europe/fa cup..this also may give us a better chaance of blodding
younger/new players withotu the intense pressure of the PL  games…

especially young people need to have GOOD examples, not to be
indoctrinated with the "me me me" and "money is all" mentality…care
for others, be honest, do the best U can, and dont give up…Virtue,
loyalty dignity, truth, justice and….<smile> humour (and not
"bitter sniping") are vital to LIVE…otherwise the word LIVE is
reversed and becomes…EVIL…

oh and a few  words for all of U that believe the mainstream  media …

If you don’t read the newspaper you are uninformed , if you do read the newspaper you are misinformed .

— Mark Twain

notes (this months recommended dvds)

"leaving las Vegas"

"Return to sender"

"Reconstruction" (Scan)

"The life of David Gale"


"my house in Umbria"

BIG complaint v b(w)ank ING (dutch owned) :-

Without Prejudice

to (w)bankING – for the attention of Cheif Exec Jan Hommen

DEAR Jan Homman

COMPLAINT & Claim against you and ING joint & several

I was (force) "introduced" to ING because I was using postbank (in Be & NL)  in the last 3 years. and claim:-

1. That it
IS a violation against "ordinary people" (low income or economy-level)
and (IMO) is a "veltvet facist" method to remove local banking / post

( by the time I moved from NL 6 months ago there wrer NO facilities where I could pay in cash or make a manual transfer.

2. That
during 6 months ING FAILED to operate an account (Zw) for my "not
-for-profit" organisation which indicates DISCRIMINATION based on ING
political/religious bias.

(I have
received a letter of "apology"  from ING (Lee) after several weeks of
complaining with e200 "compensation" for my aborted travel caused by
neglect & incompetence of ING, however my time was not compensated
and the letter from ING obviously proves GUILT) Therefore, I am
co-ordinating a "quasi class action" to oppose ING & its group
associations on a global basis.

3. That
despite massive profits ING have a corporate policy to reduce personell
levels and this results in limited experience/discretion and a lack of
service, and incompetence.

(ING are
not the only bank to make mistakes,as I know Rabobank,Zw, also made a
similar mistake, HOWEVER to actual LOSE a payment transfer (TH,Be)
shows inability in basic operations.

4. That
ING rely on robatic/computerised systems means that disadvantaged,
impaired or seniors citizens are unable to make normal banking
transactions without computer training or assistance.

5. ING
have allowed viruses to interfere with operations due to the
over-dependency on computer systems so that no less than THREE times
(Be.) over a period of 5 months I have not receive a digipass from ING 
(different office from claim item 2 above)

The reason
I mention your EGM/AGM  is that I have close involvement with
sufficient quanitity of business that has been neglected by ING which
could boost profits and you as "chief" have to accept responsibility
for LOSING business and should be removed from your post and replaced
by management that CARES for people and profit (but not at the expense
of both).

ChriS SMITH F. INst D>



Bist 129,

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN

email edagn@eured-san.net


and V "JusTITie" of Netherlands..



write 2 CVOM Ref 130938423;

to the computer (identified as "De Officier van JusTITie"(?)

1. . yr letter (BACK-dated to 13 oct. 09) was received today (16th Nov.09) once again these tricks and YOUR methods are INVALID.

2.   I
refer YOU to my previous correspondence which has not been answered by
any HUMAN person , or anyone who has a bona fide position of Justice

3. The "rules" referred to in NL are therefore ILLegal and UNacceptable to any logical intelligent being.

4. Your
"officers" (who are controlled by one or several machines (computer)
have collectively VIOLATED the following aritcles of the European
Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundemental Freedoms

= Art 3
(Degrading treatment Art 5 (liberty) Art 6 (innocent until proven
guilty by IMPARTIAL process)  Art 7 (illegal law) Art. 8

Art. 9 (Beliefs) Art 10 (info)  Art 11 (association) Art 13 (not official) Art 14 (DIScrimiNATION).

removal 5…illegal removal  of "paper -residency" from NL of my person
also applies to the vehicle, therefore it is outside of NL jurisdiction

I therfore claim an appeal  proces at the Hague to clarify a futher complaint at the ECHR (Strasbourg) and EU (Brussels.)

EdAgN/C. Smith

Post bus #1

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN


email edagn@eured-san.net


historical/hysterical complaints/campaigns/alternative journals







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