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Shanks 50 years ..part 3

Shanks, A Perspective – reasons to be cheerful  # 999….50 years on…

I keep going on about it but it IS shameful that at this time, when we should be celebrating 50 years ago, when  Shanks started to make this club into a global power…that I spend so much time arguing and fighting to defend the "holy trinity" the legendary (myrhical????miracle-mythical?) relationship between Manager, players and supporters. Shanks always had to "fight and argue" with "the office" (read his book "Shankly by Shankly" and that problem is still with us whether it H & G or a poor mentality in the ticket office or shop , the adminsitration etc of the company that deals with off-the field affairs…is poor.

maybe it s a reflection of the "prize" that capitalism "won" …and y-our kids are taught that they can do anything as long as they get rich (at the expense of anyone else, pragmatic or morally) /// I have been a supporter since those days of Shankly rising up from "nowhere" and my own story was (is) greatly influenced by Shanks and his "Liverpool way" …one thing I certainly understood is that you dont show weakness externally and you dont betray your own…but there are traitors, intentional and by "accident" , now who insult our manager, our player, they are destructive & promote our enemies in doing so..

had formidable opposition on the field in those days too, Best, Law and
Charton at ManU, Bremner & Giles, Greavsey, Frannie Lee, Bell, even
dare i say it Ball, Harvey, Kendall etc at….

BUT. even
if we might have "quietly admired" some of their players, we supported
any player who wore the LiverBird on his shirt..and Shanks enforced a
team ethic, the pass and move, forward together, defend  together in
our TEAM that collectively was greater than anything the opposition
could do individually…and against all odds we succeeded, and that
spirit was the same, in the dugout or on the terraces. This is a
"socialist" ethic, the team is more important than the individual,
however, the Great Man , Bob, Joe and Kenny later could harness the
individual within that Ethic ..the dream society is like a team of
players that instinctively know when to pass responsibility and when to
take the initiative,the team comes first., (I am not PT, so I am not
going to risk futher insult by explaining what I just wrote,.,you
either get it or you dont..)

This club,
since Shanks, was ((is) much more than just winning trophies, even
though all our mangers and directors insist that silverware (and money)
is our priority, it really is about a spirit, a mentality…as Shanks
would say; " I might break your leg but I wont cheat you…"

being different…

There are
many times I have felt like walking away..after Heysel, Hillsborough,
and we lost our way  in the nineties…but then that spirit would call
me back to support that "holy" alliance..and Rafa is the only manager
around that embodies the dignity, ability and spirit I believe in..a
footy-socialism..with a brain.

Of course
some "fans" who post on this and other forums and who even go to games
have been "conditioned" by the rise of the "capitalist dogma" the media
is OWNED by it, and media rules the minds of the masses..but WE are
LIVERPOOL , arent we? arent we different from the "rest"?

 if we are
not..then go build a big stadium , fill it wih people who only want the
11 most expensive players on the park, and a manager that tells them
what they want to hear, and an " office" that plays lip service to them
too.. IF SUPPORTERS dont stand up NOW and "argue & fight" to keep
that what is different, then people around the world wont be the only
ones to mourn what was" the best club and supporters" …YNWA is sung
around this planet by many fans, and as someone who has spent most of
my life abroad…I can confirm that most of them , when they hold their
scarves up high and start to sing " when you walk through a storm"
DREAM of being kopites, and you, we , who Shanks told his playes shoudl
be priviledged to play for, should NOW realise WE are "priviledged" to
be RED SUPPORTERS and fight to keep our spirit, to Hold on to what
Shanks gave us, to hold together because the enemy is at our throats…


Some perspective on our current position…

We have
probably the best keeper in the World, and arguably our captain is not
only a truly great player he is the most complete footballer I have
seen in 40 years.

Carra is one of the best defenders in the world (at a time when defending is difficult due the trend against "contact")

we have the captain of Argentina and he is probably the most effective defensive midfielder there is.

we have one of the best strikers (when fit) in the World


Agger who may yet (if fit) become as good as Hansen, or better

we have former Brazilian player of the year

a right full back who could become the best in the World

we have Dirk…(enough said)

Benny whose skills are so under-estimated

Internationals Skrtel, Babel, Riera (and Acqu?) and may others on the fringe come good…if we support them

rising in Ngo-al, Insua, Spearing, Martin, Pacheco..and several other
young players in the reserves & academy that could form the basis
of a REDS dynasty if Rafa can continue his "Rafalution".. we still
have, (appreciated best when we are "away") the basis of the best
supporters in the world, and I love euro-aways for the craic and
feelings of once more being in "Shanks RED army" ..but with Rafa the
general now..and Rafas "backroom team" with Kenny, Sammy & Maurice
etc with all the experience and ability to sustain our challenge for
years..and if supporters really want to we can make this club our own..

We still
have a stadium with magic that comes alive when we go into a game
really WANTING it with commtment and feeling on and off the park…

opposition will fade, they are not invincible, not even close to that,
the media "forget" that all of our rivals have lost at least 3 games
this season too…and they DONT (yet) have our SPIRIT…we need to hold
together, to have BAL:LS and not snipe at each other or at our manager
or players ..keep our "trinity" HOLY..dont shoot holes in it!

So many
reasons to be alive, to be grateful…its an insult to the great man,
and to yOUR-selves  to do anything other than celebrate being …a RED!


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