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thanks SHANKS, part 4

from the book "Its much more important than that" (S.F. Kelly);

"Fortunately the spirit of Shankly still stalks Anfield. It always will!  On dark windswept nights,his steel toecaps can be heard echoing down the corridors, his shoes scuffing the concrete floors as he makes for the dressing room.
You can sense him lurking in the corner as the team make their last-minute preparations, his fist clenched, ready with words of encouragement,. "Come on, son" he’s telling them, slapping each one on the back as they prepare to leave the dressing room "They’re rubbish that lot. They’re not fit to tie your bootlaces."………
……..And as the players make their way out, he tidies things around a little,. Its quiet in the dressing room now. He hangs up Roger Hunt’s spare shirt , sees that Kevin Keegan has some extra shin pads. The out he goes down the corridor, a smile here, a handshake there.
And as Shankly climbs the steps that lead out to the pitch, he reaches up to touch the "This is Anfield" sign. In the distance, you can hear the Kop singing a final chorus of "You’ll never walk alone". As it finishes, he emerges on to the pitch, looks towards his beloved fans on the Kop and raises his arms in salute. The Kop responds; Shank-lee, Shank-lee, Shank-lee"  ……..

thanks SHANKS


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