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ending a beginning ; begining an end; start to Believe again?

from here…

I send best wishes at this time of change…

I began 2 FB sites this Year…. and am starting  the "follow the REDS Flag"  (webpage under contruction) :www.eured-san.net/ftf.html

KOP UNlimited ; http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=183999854031
he was here now; I feel Shanks would say ; "we are ONLY 12 points behind the
lead what THEY did in the first half WE can do BETTER in the 2nd; dont
talk about 4th place to me,( I grew up with the Shanks mentality;) its
like half-time in Istanbul…believe and go for the top, have faith,
support 100% and sing YNWA louder than
the cowardly snipes of the nay-sayers..thats the Shankly way; thats the
LIVERPOOL way, and that should be y-our way; always, YNWA!"

and ….

N.E.P.A.K ; (local and Global) Network of Estranged Parents and Children;


"too many people have similar problems of losing their kids by
abduction, or their kids are abused, if all the individual activists
and groups exchanged information and co-operated local and global we
surely would achieve more ; if we posted info,lobbied and organised
meetings and actions collectively?

and to close this "calendar year" (the original solstice already started on the 23rd and the celts on november 1

….below are extracts from "ChriStory-booktoo"…and are dedicated to  my (estrangd children ; Leon and Noela : Adopted Sarah; deceased wife Jacqui and and son; Adam, and to especially to Tina O=T(iam)O for her "warm" late night "exchanges" and Lfc Nikki whose messages amongst other REDS have made it easier to get through a period alone and often cut off , in a SNOWbound flemish cabin, (see above) these last weeks………………..

*Check christory link at the bottom
for key moments



AGrass Routes
So(u)lStice Special from a not overly happy ChriSmitH….


(extracts from
“ ChriStory – book too – U have got ta get in to get oot!” 😉



“Why the SEE, I
eh? Hate me, “ChriSmitH” and How to be an Alien “


first a bit of
“Scouse humour” ………….



ChriS SmiTH


just taken this
from an old Reds thread …..

lad> “Can I mind your car mister?"

lad, I’ve got an Alsation in the back"


it put fires out?"


( I f u don’t
get the joke then U have probably a very soft life )




ChriS SmiTH

(with apologies
to John Lennon…sung to the tune of "so; this is christmas" and al
my friends who couldnt get here…..this is for U! <smile>

and …SO; THIS is ChRiS SMiTH ,
and what have U done? …
left me on my own,
visitors i have none

another year older
but still up for fun…

if U fancy a fight
I ll do a bottle of cava
and argue all night…

and SO; THIS is ChRiS SMiTH
I hope U get sun
cos its snowed on me dinner
its got up me bum…


war Is OVER; if
U want it , Tina..x  na na na n a.






Ironic that my
late night chat lady Tina  O should ask
me why the “See I eh? “ (cia?) should virus bomb my laptop – at this tme of the year
when I am alone; snowbound…resulted in this update of a previous story or


Then as if God
decided to wind me up further, after getting to bed at 05h this morning
following 3hrs of energetic , high speed, loving; funny  and arguementative “chat” with Tina,…" Patrick”
, a local bizzie woke me up to request a visit to his local colleagues next
Monday morning, “ don’t let it worry U on this xmas night” he said….oh, as if
!  :p


So after
catching up with various FB messages and knowing Tina won’t be in contact ; as
she tells me she is WORKING from 08 h today until 04h this morning , its late
afternoon on Chrismas holidays when I start writing this “See, I eh? Update” …..


(what do the
initials stand for ?, well the “C” could be for criminal, but that could be an
insult..to criminals, who tend to accept the consequences of their choices; no
its hard,but “C*nts” is more fitting to them, 
“I” stands for idiots because a lot of 
them are simply stupid and apply such a banal form of prejudicial “logic”
that no other word fits them! …the “A” is for the corrupt and nasty “A**holes”
that simply want to be in power and bully….



It probably
began when I was 5 , in the days when polio was a result of wartime
malnutrition in many kids , my first day a school..waiting to start our classes ; a young lad in the row in
front looking like Forrest Gump unsteady on his callipers, bumped into a big
stocky boy, who then shouted some abuse at the poor kid, and pushed him into
me, …I didn’t have a clue what I was doing, but I must have picked up something
from my elder brother’s movement (amateur boxing) but I just pulled my arm back
and laid hm out, cold! …I never had to fight again in the whole of my
schooltime. 😉


(f it had not
been for falling on a broken bottle nearby my house , almost going blind, and
having 6 months in a special eye hospital for men in London I might have taken
up the “gentlemans sport”…)


As  a lad I loved to draw pictures, my wild
imagination went wild, I could disappear into my room all day and draw my way
around the Universe..so I loved art lessons, until one teacher gave us
homework, to draw or paint a rural picure.. I produced a near perfect picture
of a boy with an Indian cow,  the teacher
rubbished my work, and gave me a low mark, accusing me of  copying … That was the last art lesson I
attended , I bunked the remainder of the lessons, playing footy with other
truant mates in the park, or fields.


(However, my
drawing “skills” were very useful in convincing clients/partners about “deals”
– by illustrating on paper, sometimes on a restaurant table cloth or serviette!


I got a “work
experience” position  at the age of 16
with a wine and spirit forwarding/shipping company in London. ( There was no
work that I knew of in Liverpool where my main passions of Footy and Music were
centred) IT was owned by a rich family , 2 upper class twits and their cousins
owned  and “Directed” the company; one of the cousins was an ugly looking
lanky g*t , Albert, a weird guy with a form of phobia..


One day, I was
wearing my brand new suit , bought with my first month’s money, he told me to go
down to the dusty cellars in the office, close to the city “Monument” tube
station …and bring up the wooden Bordeaux vintage wine cases , which were
thick with dusty grime. When I  Had
unoaded  the trolley, my suit jacket was
covered with grimey dust. Albert come to check on me, and all I said was “ oh,
look at my new suit!” …he immediately replied “ there’ s a thousand young lads
that would do the job, you can leave now if you don’t like it”.. as a young lad
of 16 his coldness shocked me, how casually he could play with my life…


( It would give
me great pleasure, no more than 5  years
later to quit that company, to go to something much better, and soon be earning
double his salary at half his age!)


3 years
later  I was really shown the “worth “ of
people in the “system” … I had done every apprenticeship in the wine &
sprit trade, post boy, messenger ( great way to learn about London) , customs
agent , taking import papers to the docks and paying duties etc for wine
shipments, van-boy; assisting drivers with deliveries, warehouseman,  unloading containers full of 1000 cases on my
own on a Saturday to win extra income….then in the order department , writing
100’s of delivery orders by hand! …


Until I was
promoted as assistant to the Logistics (Transport , distribution and
warehousing)  at the age of 19….! .. Bill
, the manager, gave me (thankfully) all the work to do, and I loved it, I was
hungry for the responsiblity, and it tested my organisational skills, and
having to instruct drivers & warehouse staff of various ages from 25-60 was also about
learning man-management , including a very tough cockney Union leader, and
“Gus” who seemed to find a new “excuse” every day to avoid work!


Well, about 6
months afterwards , Bill had his 2 weeks annual summer holiday, and I was “the
manager” – and at that time lived about 50kms from London, I had to walk, bus
& train to commute from the Island into central London (later by tube also)
I had a 13hr day, sometimes 6 days a week. (I met , and had my first real sexual experiences with my first woman, who already
had a daughter, and we planned to marry, yes ; at 19) ….


One day, one of
the Brothers walked past our office / (there was glass from waist – high)…

And he saw me
with my feet up on the desk reading a book, storming into the office he shouted
“ Smith, what are you doing?” …startled, I replied ; “ I have done my work”
..”let me see, said the angry boss. All records were hand written, no computer
programmes, one had to use the brain!  In
fact, I had organised the next TWO days delivery programme etc. He looked at
the ledger and then at me, and said, a bit quieter “ Don’t let me see you with
your feet on the desk again!”


I was worried,
and the Monday morning that Bill came back, he went straight into the boss’s
office , so I thought I was in trouble, and when Bill came back into our office
without explaining I was sure, but then he started to clear his personal things
from his desk, so I had the courage to ask “Whats going on, Bill? “  he said “ I’ve been sacked, I ‘ ve been doing
this job for about 20 years, and you seem to do it better, according to HIM!”
;;;; I was shocked, but got use to it fairly quickly, (of course they didn’t
pay me the same as Bill, and I started to realise how these people get rich…)


I found a
better job;as assistant to the intenational shipping manager , for a larger company
(isis) nearer to my 4-bedroomed house, where I lived with my first wife,
adopted daughter and our young baby , (Adam) I was a virtual “workaholic”
usually, the first to arrive in the office and the last to leave, and worked
Saturdays too, I knew more about the company and all its departments than
anyone there, including the 2 managing director/owners ; John & Allen (
these 2 were younger and more informal with staff, although more professional
than my first employers)…


More income,
more responsibility, plus , I was making tariffs and policy for the company ,
abroad, visiting wine agents, learning more, and 
organising european networks ( before “network” was used in the
language!) ..at 21 years old, I was aready 5 years into it, but,  my gold-digger first wife left me to visit
her mother with the kids, and didn’t come back! (she found a YOUNGER guy at a
disco) …so I committed my time even more to my career, although I still found
time to captain the local footy team and support the REDS at every opportunity.


One weekend;  I went in to the office
Saturday morning; to clear up some old items, and found the general office
closed, the cleaners were polishing the floor with machines! About 6 of the 100
staff were there, so we went into a side room, but we couldn’t get to our desks
or phones, so made tea/coffee and “moaned” , I got quickly fed up with hearing
this and said , “well, what are WE going to do about it? – We all agreed to
make a list of things that needed sorting out, and three of us agreed to meet
outside the Directors office, and confront the 2 owners Monday morning,  ( this was a time when Unions were frowned
upon in offices) at 08.30;


I was in the
corridor , at about 08.15 .. alone, and was nervously considering a
“withdrawal” when Allen arrived, I was caught there, “ Whats up, ChriS? –come
IN! ” he asked , virtually forcing me into their office. I started to slowly
explain when John arrived and they seemed like 2 sharks ready to devour me, as
I finished a bit aggressively (nerves giving me adrenalin) “ So what are YOU
going to do about this?” ..John smiled and Allen surprisingly answered, “well, John and I have been wondering how to improve staff communications, how would
you like to communicate with the staff for us?” I was 21, a sort of Wizz-kid”
but this was a real chance…


I proposed a
Staff Association, and selected another youngish middle-manager to form our
mini-committee, but, I insisted they game us (me) real power to make proposals
and get agreements. which I did in the following 3 years and it was a great
experience handling staff and management, and I was also promoted to
commercial manager the next year, so it did my professional status no harm. I
learnt just how small-minded some of my colleagues could be when “the company”
paid, and how the bosses “manipulated” people for profit. And t remember that
most people are cowardly when they have to confront powerful people and that
when someone says “ I am BEHIND you” , they are often WAY behind you!!




IsIS, what
C(h)rIs IS …this?


channelled all my energy into my career at Football (I was still captain of the
local saturday and sunday teams) my career just wet Skywards, I was commercial
manager by the age of 23, organising the wine shipments from all over Europe
with full loqd and "groupage" shipments moving efficiently under my
control, I knew ISIS better than anyone, and became very self-confident,
learning all the business tricks from my bosses and improving everything with
my own ability to organise naturally in the most effective and progressive ways,
I ran their company, the general manager was a (nice) fool by comparison, I was
"simply the Best" ..however, apart from an incident I will call
"the one armed bandit" (better left for personal explanation ) it all
changed when I took my then girlfriend on a holiday- business trip(as my kids ;
adopted Sarah and Adam, were away with my first wife, now divorced, and I was paying
her a 3rd of my salary, so she could "entertain" a stream of
"uncles" in their house. ) We visited our main transporterd in the
Bretagne region, owned by a French family and managed nby Scot; Alan MacKay.


We travelled in
my new compqny car on the ferry to St.Malo, had lunch with Alan, then went for
a drive around the country roads, but it had rained and the sunny weather had
caused a slippery surface, the nearside wheel caught the grass verge, and the
car just went…..into the field and twisted, spun and rolled over several
time and came to a rest , right way up, but it was twisted, and the water from
the rad caused steam to rise, There had been no-one around but suddenly at the
hedgerow there were people, one woman screaming thinking we were on fire!  Gaye, my girlfriend had just a few scatches
on her chest, where the safety belt (which had been made compulsory, just 2
month before) had bitten into her skin , as we rolled. I phoned Alan from a
nearby phone box, he told me not to worry, "I will pick U up and sort otu
the police, go to the bosses house, he invited U both for dinner"  ..


We had a great
dinner (loire wine, oysters) with the boss and his wife, and he asked me what
we planned now "I expect we have to go back to the ferry as the car is a
write – " I replied, thinking about all the extra holiday stuff we had in
the car. He asked his wife if they could share her car? then threw his keys to
me (a brand new Citroen CX) and said "take mine" WE had a great time
driving on down to our friends in Bordeaux, to the Pyranean mountains and Sete
for more holiday before returning the car, BUT at the time of the accident I
had phoned Allen at Isis and he was very angry on the ‘phione,m I reminded him
that it was "only a car" and WE are unhurt!  …..Upon return to the office I caught
chicken-pox, and had to take some days off sick (very rare) and there was a
rail strike, Allen wouldn’t let me keep the replacement car at home, when I was
fit , I told him to "stick his car where the sun dont shine"  as our french friends showed more care than
my own boss.


"positive" out of this was that I gave a lift to Gaye’s best friend ;
the beautifuul Jacqui, who later became my second wife)*


The drama
didn’t cease, I borrowed a friend?neighbour’s car to attend another interview in
LONDON, I got rammed by a juggernaught’s trailer on the way back , forcing me
off the road, through a lamp (fusing all the street lighting) but again had not
a scratch on me! …luckily my friends were amused ..and in the insurance
business. I got the job,, but within a week had a row with their general
manager, a man of senior years who when I called him "Jim"  replied "you can call me Mr. Petch"
I called him sonething completely different <smile> and left, I had more ability in my
little finger than he had in his whole life! Then the largest logistics
organisation in Europe (Calberson International had a head office in Paris with
thousands working there , road-containers and 
trailers parked on the roof! I was still only 24 and here I was
attending board meetings as I was appointed to specially develop wine services
for them. A key moment was when the managing director of the whole european
group of companies was interupted by his secretary during a special meeting of
the directors in Paris, which I attended, when she told him that the owner of a
very important french company was on the phone, he replied " tell him I
will call him after the meeting" Everyone went quiet and stared at me as
she replied " its not for you, its for ChriS SMITH!".


Within a year I
had made a success of new Wine services from Bordeaux and burgundy, creating
the logistics, the tariff and obtaining the clients business..especially from
another wine shippers (Essel) – One day I got an anonymous phone call "
Hello ChriS , you dont know me , my name is Roy, and want you to come back to
UK, please meet us in LONDON"…  Roy was
a "flash " millionaire with "new money" a cockney and his 2
rough partners also drove their rolls royce cars and had huge country  mansions near London. "what do you want,
Chris, boy?" Roy asked , well I didnt want! – I was there because I was
curious and wanted to also see "my competitors"  so, I thought of an amount which was DOUBLE
my salary, and told them, Roy looked at the others for a few seconds then said
"and what else?" …I was a bit surprised, so I thought of the latest
car on the market, with 2-tone colour, sunroof, electrics, sterio etc and he
said , "well that a lot better than our general manager, our first
employee who has been here for 13 years, but if thats what it takes, ok, you
got it" ….I went back and told the boss who hired me for Calberson, and
he said "dont go, let me speak to the board of directors and the MD, we
dont want to lose  you ChriS!" …


Even though
Calberson matched the offer , I deceided to go, I figured trhat if they could
match that money, they had been undervaluing me so far, and it had only taken
an outside offer for me, for them to pay me what I was worth. I went to Essel
as commercial manager responsible for business development. Now , 25, I started
to understand some more business tactics, they already had a young staff, with
a young Sales Director and people doing most of the job, I should be doing.
they had simply "head-hunted" and BOUGHT me, to stop me winning
against them! – Then I saw Mike (Seabrook) was running around doing everyones
work, I told him " Mike , you are the General Manager, come to lunch?
" then I told him how to delegate responsibility and make his departmental
staff a "team" …within weeks Mike and I were able to go out for
hours , lunching and drinking with clients whilst the office worked like a
perfect machine….until…….


was offered another position with a french company (Pan-Euro) to set up a new
office and be UK director , 5 year contract, with country house , sports car, and as I was now
"engaged" to the lovely Jacqui, I even took her to Poole, Dorset to
look at the big country houses. The perfect life called to me. but…I am loyal, Mike pleaded
with me "we work well together, ChriS" (I was great at negociating
deals logistic structures, and systrems, and , he , now, was an effective
administrator) "lets start our OWN Wine Services" ….We challenged 3
major clients , during social hours, and all of them told us that because of
the minor recession we should NOT do it, but ONE of them also told Roy and his
co-owners!) I was fired there and then, whilst Mike didnt get kicked out until
the next day. There was no empathy, no mercy, although I still had an offer on
the table , HE (mike) was their FIRST employee, on the street, kicked out with
no compensation, he had a new "wife" and baby…THIS made me
more determined  >>>>


S & S


..We formed the
company with only 500 GBP, rented a shared office , one table, 2 chairs in an
office smaller than your living room, and a shared telex machine. A
"sleeping partner" helped us get the customs guarantee, within 6
months I had obtained business from the 6 major wine importers, (including the
demanding superstore "Marks & Spencers"….we "turned
over" a million in the first Year , our only major "expense" was
" nice second hand cars for the first xmas , I married Jacqui at the same
time started our adventure, everything went for me, a young man, sucessful,
LIVERPOOL fc winning everything in the league and 4 European cups in 7 years, a
period as close to heaven as I can still imagine. travelling Europe, testing
the best wines, top restaurants and hotels, often paid for by suppliers..A
house for Jacqui, an apartment near Trento , for me . Europe was my playgournd,
life was easy…by the end of the second year we had moved 6 million bottles of
wine , just 2 guys and later an assistant , in a small office, often with a
quarter of a million GBP in the bank, a clear million profit made by our second
year (that was when a million actually was a lot of money! <smile>) then …I took my
first , and last summer holiday , only to find that Mike tried to change
everything, upset clients, upset our assistant. When I returned I challenged
him "Why, Mike?" ..

he said
"Pat, (his "wife who years later left him and took their child away)
said that you do all the glamourous stuff travel, and go out with clients and
negcoiuate, but I just sit int he office!" – I replied , " You idiot
, it was working so well,  a) I am not in
busines with Pat, or am i? …b) I do what I do very well, and so do you, we
are different, like chalk and cheese, dont spoilt it -WE both get the same
financial rewards, and at least you dont have to sit and listen to some
a**holes jokes in the middle of the night"   and I am losing trust inhim when this happens and
ask to have an extra ONE per cent share-holding.


Mike avoids the
issue , until our assitant tells me that Mike has been meeting our
"sleeping partner" to obtain control. I am so angry and sad, we had
it all, and thanks to a weak man and a devious woman it was gone, NOT the
company , not the profits (although neither he nor anyone else in the wine
trade would  have similar success, ever again) 
but the feeling of "US winning against the World" ; 2 lads from
different but humble backgrounds, working class, "making it" then
throwing all those good times away! I was so sick of it- I walked away, in
such a hurry to get out I "gave" Mike my share for only about 25
thousands pounds, thats me!


to be


last party @
"What Wine bar?"


Its strange the
time that followed, mind you "strange" would fit my whole life for
99.9 % of people on this planet, I decided it was "party time" I had
been concentrated on my ambitiuons since I wass a 16  year old, and all of my "targets"
(I dont think I ever felt that success was a "dream") ….had been
achieved, even those like "being my own boss, being managing director or
owning a company, a millionaire by 40 had already been achieved before I was even
30 years old..I took people for a "party" sometimes as many as a
dozen, taking Jacqui and/or various "friends and acquaintances" out to
the best restaurants and clubs (one special time at langhans barsserie in the
west end of London was a story of its own) – but I felt that I still wanted to
do something more in the Wine business. ..

….I formed a
new company,  the assistant of S & S came too and I asked Marks & Spencer etc for orders. The major clients all were obtained by me, and so they
mostly followed ..until Mike S (who had taken oin several people to replace me)
was prompted by his "silent partner" and wife to go to court. An
injunction was taken out to STOP me, and in itself was incorrect, but the effect of Mike
"washing our dirty linen in public" tainted our new wine service and the
large clients felt uneasy with the situation and withdrew business. Jacqui had
left her clerical job and so we started a smaller group, with agency,
importing, distributuion, wholesale and retail via a special (What?) wine bar
which I had opened with the two property men near Stansted airport, that was
worth a million, so within a couple of years, despite the obstruction again I
was a millionaire "on paper" …

As the business
expanded , eight companies, I wanted to involve family, probably the action
that eventually destoyed my "2nd empire" was to appoint my elder
brother (also Michael) …*

MY next move
was to engage my brothers sister-in-law ; Linda ,five years older than me
,  she was a very attractive blond, good
thinker, and was managing a petrol station and shop, which was way below her
capabilities. I offered her a position as Sales Director, and whilst Jacqui had
the wine bar to look after, Linda was "selling" everything else, it
was a "mans world" and she could manipulte the guys too easy,
especially as I also trained her in Strategy, tactics and corporate management.
WE spent a lot of time together, travelled together and not long after she had
settle in, we went to dinner, and indian meal, I was introducing her to the
"dolce vita" >> and we seemed to suddenly relax, not
"distant" in-law, on the fringes of family or bussiness associates,
we were just "us" a man and a woman , joking, and then flirting..and
without thinking, or planning I just said "do you like sex?" .she
replied , without a pause. and smiled into my eyes "oh Yes I do" – I
knew she was on the verge of seperation from her husband, but I dont think I
cared about that. …..We had an "affair" stormy, extreme,
passionate, we made love, hot and deep, here , there, everywhere we could, and
we fought in the same way..until a time when the conflict-affair caused me to
lose my driving licence (another story) after a wine and spirit banquet in
London..and she had to drive me around…just meant that we virtually lived
together, but I was still married to the lovely Jacqui.. When it came for time
to "choose" between Linda or Jacqui, I was almost sick with conflict
within me, it made me ill, and I decided to stay with Jacqui…


A few months
later, Linda wrote in to the office to say she had a serious disease,(one-cell
anemia)  and had to stop working, I tried
to trqnsfer some activities to brother mike and there were ownership battles
going on with my property "partners" and my former company, it was
one long battle, it seemd they knew too much. months went by, and I seemed to
be spending more and more time and money involved with lawyers, It was like a
series of "Dallas" (in fact I recall the managing Director of one
transport company saying that he wasnt sure if I was "Bobby " or
"J.R." 😉  ….) …I was still
creative, and testing ideas around Europe, selecting our own choice of wines,
and so on.  …I left Jacqui and Mike to
look after the EIGHT english-based companies whilst I flitted between
apartments in Hardelot (F) and Trento (I) ..with all the female distractions
that brought with it. Then on a return visit to Jacqui at the wine
bar…something special happened…

…It was a
quiet monday night , hardly anyone had been in our wine bar, and then a guy in
a very smart business suit walked in and bought cigarettes from the machine and
left, something about him made me concerned, but I went back to using the
opportunity to catch up with Jacqui and her news, as we enjoyed these times of
being "alone" . I also enjoyed "helping" behind the bar and
the social contact with (retail) customers when I came back..this and our
"Wine cash & carry" which we successfully ra once a month, was a
lot of fun, and had bonded us back together. Jacqui forgave me for the Linda
" affair" until….

As she was
checking the takings and I was clearing up the bar for her, suddenly the man in
the suit came in and handed me a stack of papers, and said "you must
leave, give me the keys, the policeman outside is to prevent any violence, that
is an "Anton Pillar – moreva INJUNCTION,…you are now both removed of any
control or influence in ALL OF the 
COMPANIES names" (all Eight companies were named!) As I started to
argue he continued " The police will remove you by force if necessary, I
am an officer of the court , aithorised to do this by a HIGH COURT judge, and
anyway, (he turned to Jacqui) – Mrs Smith your private house is at this moment
being entered, dont YOU want to be THERE?", he said, with an evil smirk on
his face. I wanted to hit him, this jumped up lawyer, but the idea of them
being at the house, urged us to drive the 50 kms in a no time at all, putting
the events at the wine bar to one side. ..

..at the House,
which I had bought for Jacqui, as her wish, and had it renovated and converted
as a spanish style bungalow, was being entered and exited by several people, as
we arrived, all carrying boxes, which a colleague of the a**hole we met at
Stansted told us, were, "all papers concerning the eight companies", all
personal papers and anything THEY decided was relevant to the COMPLAINT against
US, our personal bank statements, (even passports !) And LINDA was standing at
the side with one of them, with a sneer on her face, as I moved towards her
another of the "officers of the court" presented me with papers which
"prevented approach within 100 metres" …TWO policeman were there to
"prevent violence" …and stayed behind, I made tea for us, and Jacqui
was so upset, when they saw that we were far less than the "fraudulent
monsters" that the complaint implied, they became very synpathetic, and
realising this was an act conducted by Linda, in revenge against me , one said,
direct to me "Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned"..


All our bank
accounts were prozen and Jacqui obtained her old clerical job, so that we had
an income, as the "trade" knew that the accusations were mainly
against ME, I was unemployable, and there were some "funny moments"
as I had to go shopping with our neighbour’s wife, hunting for bargains in the superarket and becoming a "home-man" coking for when Jacqui came home, as we
had gone from the "high life" to having an emergency income of 100
GBP per week. Plus, We had to hand over all the wine in the warehouse, our
company lawyers and accountants officers had been "raided" by the
same lawyers, with all our files and documents removed, I was charge with
various forms of "fraud" against the eight companies, as I had
obviously received payment authorised by either myself or Jacqui for managment,
and travel expenses etc, and had NO proof that these companies were mostly
owned by me. I had given Linda AND brother Mike power of attorney and it
seemed he had sanctioned Linda’s attacke, also my ex-partner , Mike Seabrook
had received transfer of our wines into his warehouse. We realised that Linda had
used her "illness" as "cover" whilst negociating my
"downfall" with all my business enemies and competitors, I lost the
property investment and wine bar in Stansted also..I had a sneaking admiration
for her ability to use all I had taught her, against me..


The sickest
part was that my parents and rest of the family had been told that I was
"money mad" and would do anything for business, and it resulted in me
being attacke dby my elder brother,(*who was also in love with Linda;so jealousy played a big part in this disaster)  I had lost 2 of the 3 most important
people ofmy life , who, I loved and would have died for, in an instant……I had to appear in the HIGH COURT of
London, and DEFEND an action by my OWN eight companies against ME (and Jacqui)
– and had not one piece of paper or any money to do so…IF I lost then I would
be more than poor I would be ruined and perhaps even imprisoned for fraud…and
then I recalled that I had sent a "family tree" of the group of
companies, which proved my ownership..

..He wasn’t keen
to help at first, but he said " Well Chris, after your "affair"
maybe you deserve this, but because I like Jacqui , I will represent you"
– three months later we defended in court, proved that Linda had lied,
but….my "2nd empire" all my assets; money, wine, clients, bar and
property investments had gone..and more important , my relations with family
and ‘friends’ destroyed too,..

Although I had
"won" in the court , I could not "counter claim" against my
OWN companies, so I spent another 20,000 GBP chasing :Linda with detectives to try
to recover something of the assets, which all disappeared, worth more than a
million. About 5 years after I had been advised by my lawyer to "give
up" (he even made a "technical" mistake that I could have
claimed for, but, I reasoned with myself, that without him, I would have been
deeper in trouble) I had a phone call at home one saturday morning and as I
answered, a familiar voice reeplied " its Linda, I am sorry" – she
hung up and that the last I heard of her, although I was informed that she had
hooked up with a client in the north of england. and although Jacqui stayed loyal,
I believe, that deep down, she never really forgiae me that I had risked
everything for Linda, and we seperated some years later, not least because I
was constantly away…working on my ….




In those post
wine-trade years I developed a Freelance enterprise-management service, to
improve other peoples companies, enable start-ups, joint ventures and networks
of small companies (this was long before "networking" became a trendy
occupation) – my first Cleint-company was an electronic developer who had been
a client of our "wine cash and carry"….He was a briliant &
inventive developer, but was sort in the office and terrible administrator, I
proposed that he only had to pay me IF I could turn his business from almost
losing money into a healthy profit. I brought his wife in and a secretary, who
between them "protected" him from adninistrative dutues and improved
the efficiency by 30 % , with 30 persent growth in net profits, he told his
friends and the "contact chain" begain again…

…I travelled
3 continents and handled several clients in various industries, electronics,
communications, insurance and financial services, manufacturing  etc and won awards from investment
companies for the business I developed. I was a "Star" again, still
"young"..but bored..although I had a "coup" by acquiring a
million-pound group of companies for a cost of GBP 70,000, eventually I
realised that my "clients" (and beautiful women I met) only used me and "loved me" for
financial gain, not for who I really was..

But, who was I?…I
was along way from the idealistic teenager that entered an office at 16,
football was still my hobby but it too, had suffered from the demands of being
a "workaholic"…I had been addi cted and had virtually destroyed all
my private life along the way.


So, I decided
my next , "last" project would be for me, to occupy me for the rest
of my life, so I put together a group (Gemini) to become a consortium to
eventually back a multi-media NETWORK throughout 45 European states, involving
300 business partner-companies , providing over 500 online services &
products to a global "intranet", which only NOW, decades later, is being realised by
others, and becoming "normal" to y-our lives, day by day. I was in
the last week of completion of a 7-year investment of my own time and money,
when I went to De Panne ("breakdown") on EASTER SUNDAY , where I


to be
continued…(and edited) <smile>

Note (which provides book "notes" unedited from "ChriStory" up until I was ambushed and Noela snatched in may 2004 ;





at xmas
something to remind U all how hard it is for estranged fathers – written just
after the last time I was with my little girl:


Subject: tears
through a closing door

First written Thu, 5
May 2005 23:36:18 +0200



in my arms for
a minute

in my view for
an hour

possessing  my heart

thats my little


today in the

i surpress the

to be with her

before she
leaves on a train


what does  a woman know

how a father

denied his
flesh and blood

wounds my soul
and  never heals


how can
humanity survive

is anyone

 caring about the future years

has cost me
more than five


losing time is
bad enough

whilst time
passes me by

her tears cut
me in half

as we once
again say good bye…..


through a
closing door…

ChRiS  Smith x

91231 @t’cabin -14h END…



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