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C(h)riS’ is STORY book2 1995-2004 -> Noela

by "popular request" 😉
..extracts from "ChriStorY-booktoo " you have got to get in to get out"

…continued ( see previous blog).

first a recap of key/relevant points from 1980-1995:-

1980 – 4 October  – Married second wife (Jacqui)

Discovered that one of first wifes many boyfriends had abused Adam and Sarah

  1. this caused Adam psychological problems later , and
    arguably led to his eventual death . his mother neglected him and I was
    too busy travelling.

1985 – I started own Freelance enterprise networking management service (Europe, Asia and USA) 
1989 – Initiate global comms project ; linking 300 partners, with 500
services in 45 countries (Europe based) in co-op with Ukrainian Space
Agency and private consortium
1992 – Separate from Jacqui, my fault (too many affairs)
1993 – Moved to Freiburg , following an invitation from a friend (central EU location)
1994 – comms project featured on Ukrainian and Malta TV! ( international press coverage)


1995 – Meningitis (during last week of project) one week in Coma (Veuve, Belgium)

  1. Doctors advised me to take 2-3 years convalescence ! Had to
    stop all business and travelling , no energy; limited concentration, 
    German “partners” (property agent especially (Borgbohmer) got angry;
    started hearing “rumours” in Freiburg (gossiping that I was “Mafia”,
    “Cultist” “Scientologist”….)
  2. Met Girlfriend (Annika) and spent passionate 3 months in “Alternative scene” Berlin ,
  3. Formed Charity ; Ecology; Education and equal rights 
  4. Son Leon born 11 th August
  5. Lived together near Freiburg , close to border with Alsace and had office/flat in Aldstadt Freiburg.
  6. During September-october : POLICE raid Freiburg premises and friends office in Reute and Berlin.
  7. They took (ridiculous) 50 % of my files (some personal docs, passport and driving licence) treated us like “terrorists”
  8. NO EXPLANATION of charges or suspicions = NO SEARCH WARRANT
  9. This caused first major argument between me and Annika (Leons mother)
  10. October – First Complaint to ECHR Strasbourg ref dossier 5c 1921/96
  11. November 6 – I paid for the complaint to be translated into German for Amtsgericht/Staatsanwalt (anon), freiburg.
  12. Dec 12  ref ECHR to violation of articles 5,6,7, 8, 9 10, 11 & 14

(BY NOW virtually all professional and private relationships
permanently damaged , scandal in a small town, separated from Annika
BUT I WAS caring for son Leon 50% of the daytime) My Org. claims 3 million in damages against “Stadt Freiburg”

  1. – Instructed Freiburg Lawyer Gabriele Matt to complain
    again to Staatsanwalt and the against the Landlord (unmuessig) who was
    trying to evict me because of the “police problem” (HE was later
    arrested for tax fraud!) – we sent the rest of the files to the state
    (ONE PALLET of docs)
  2. 2 April = SECOND raid by POLICE (no papers either!)
  3. 15 April claim (copy c. Westerdijk ECHR dossier ref PJ 9787 –34887/97
  4. NO EXPLANATION or accusations against me
  5. Mobbing of my witness (Mrs A. neubert, who worked in RAThaus, freiburg)
  6. Removal of comms equipment (estimated value Dm 100,000 -)
  7. Police gave me NO list of the property they removed
  8. Police and city officials made offensive comments
  9. Evicted , nowhere to sleep – Angelike Neubert offered a room at her flat ,(temp)


  1. (I met Margit Streifender (later to be Noelas mother) whilst I was making a presentation at an English school in Freiburg)
  1. – October 6  Mrs Neubert, who had been demoted in her job
    because of associating with me had been my “spy” in the RAThaus, and
    exposed corruption by the Mayor. Now she was scared, and had no daily
    contact but she pre-warned me that there would be a THIRD RAID on my
    (different) apartment in Freiburg!

This time police took all (clothes, documents, computers , food and
toys) held me for 4 hrs then let me go in just a T-Shirt, by the time I
got my things back , several months later;  half the property was
ruined (stored badly) STILL NO EXPLANATION.

(I was sharing the time with my son Leon , with him sleeping 3
nights at my flat, but when I shared with Mrs Neubert, Annika started
missing appointment )

  1. I moved temporarily to Margit
  1. -May  I went to collect Leon from Annika and she had moved, no forwarding address! – disappeared
  2. I saw her briefly at a music concert , but Annika ran away!
  3. I
    found out that she had a new boyfriend , so I visited him, I was calm ,
    but he insulted me without me saying a thing! He slammed the door in my
  4. I phoned him and warned him to keep his hands off of
    my son …or else…as I remembered my adult son Adam being abused by HIS
    mothers boyfriend.
  5. This boyfriend of Annika (Wolfgang) complained to Police that I had “threatened him” but  there was no process against me.

June – Margit was “mobbed” by her landlord (where I was staying too)
August 11 (eclipse & Woodstock  anniversary) was Leons THIRD
birthday, so I organised a music concert for childrens charity ,
Kosovo, and to raise awareness of the problems of many non-germans I
had helped in freiburg – I dedicated it to Leon, and people came from
different parts of europe; asia and America
August 12 ARRESTED – the staatsanwalt told my friends and the british
consulate that it was a “small problem to be investigated” and thatI
would be released inside one week!

  1. NO EXPLANATION : NO CHARGES (Mrs GRAU , the magistrate had no Humour either)
  2. I was kept for the first few weeks in a military style prison and my dossier taken over by the Court PRESIDENT (Mrs Bruegger)
  3. My son Adam died age 26 , in England , Mrs Bruegger refused to let me phone my family!
  4. I received MANY letters daily from friends and human rights activists from around the world , opposing my arrest

Sept 9  – charges were given to me in GERMAN ; which I rejected
Sept 10 – ECHR gave me a dossier refence = PM 14964
Sept 13 (and 20 Dec ) Margit wrote to ECHR  – quoted Dossier (application) 34887/97 !

  1. No reply from ECHR

Sept 23 – I Wrote from JVA Freiburg (U-haft, Hebel str)  to ECHR ,
quoting dossier ref 326.426/99 to inform them of violations 1, 2, 3, 4,
5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 14
Including the complaint that Judge (court president) Bruegger had opened my confidential correspondence with ECHR!
Sept 27 – Made official complaint v Judge Bruegger and prison officer
– Bruegger also refused to allow me to have an English Lawyer!
Oct 01 –    Instructed lawyer G.Matt to complain (instructions ignored!)
Oct 4   –    Appeal Ref Dossier 14964 to ECHR (copy to OLG , Karlsruhe)
Oct 19 –    Complained to OLG (Oberlandesgericht, karlsruhe) concerning bad conditions in U-Haft.
Accused of threatening behaviour against Annikas Boyfriend (Wolfgang ) = the REAL reason for my arrest?????

  1. Margit evicted from her flat

Oct 25  – letter to Callewaert at ECHR (explaining difficulties to
make appeal whilst in bad U- haft conditions) constantly obstructed by
court Pres. Bruegger and prison officers. OLG refused my complaint
(because it was in English)
Nov 7  – complaint to the Hague
Dec 1  – Wolfgang Maier  was identified as the leading staatsanwalt behind the accusations against me (still not clear)
      Dec 30 – Complained to Callewaert  ECHR that the JVA chief prison
officer in U – Haft , (Krumm) denied me photocopying facilities for my

Dec 31 – eve of year 2000 ; No celebrations; no visitors ( no “free time”) !!!!!! bad weekend!

Jan 7  complained to boss of JVA , Freiburg (T. Roesch)
Jan 11 NOSE broken , when used my face to try to stop 2 germans hitting a (very stressed) Lebanese man
The prison officers took me to hospital (with bleeding face) in HAND and FOOT CHAINS!
Jan 22 – My mother died (in engand) not informed until 2 weeks later –no phone!
Feb 21  Claim v Stadt Freiburg & Staatsanwaltschaft (copy to ECHR)
Feb 28  ECHR confirmed my application – dossier 55141/00 !
March 2  – I replied that I still don’t have photocopy facilities – and
send a resume of my complaints (Margit sent a suppliment in my name to
ECHR) including the fact I was being denied my choice of defence,
(including denied access to my English lawyer) denied my evidence,
denied witnesses
March 11 – Complaint v INHUman conditions in JVA hospital wing
(I also refused to give evidence against other prisoners, and was
threatened by judge schleif with “prison in prison” and yet it was the
JVA that caused stress)
April 20  – Complaint refused (?) by (Dr.) Callewaert BUT HE CONFIRMED
THAT HAD ONLY received part of my complaint that same day (in German!)

FORMATION of “freedom (e) UNION – by myself and others in U-Haft , with aims:

  1. Improved conditions in U-Haft
  2. Personal training (relevant to New millennium)
  3. Partcipation in community (local and global)
  4. Assistance programme (self-help)
  5. EQUALITY, FAIRNESS and RESPECT for nature!

     May 5  Dr: Callewaert of ECHR replies that there is no “appeals
procedure” (and ignores the suppliment complaints (even though
conditions in U-Haft made a “correct” applications virtually

     MAY 6  Demand to amend the contitution of the European
convention for the protection of human rights and fundemental freedoms.
(in English and german language via margit)
      Organised a Muslim ceremony for an African whose mother had also died!

(Note, of course my investments, prospects etc were all damaged by
the continual delays , which was normal in U-haft for non-germans ;
between 9-12 months, and I estimated my claim against the state at 5
I tried to contact Dr. Suaddeau in freiburg who treated
me for after effects of meningitis (memory and concentration) but could
not. So I began self-meditation to ease the stress of such a long time
in bad conditions!  (ANYWAY  it is OBVIOUS that It was IMPOSSIBLE to
have a FAIR and impartial process after 5 years delay!)

May 23 ; My birthday – no phone calls allowed to family , friends or
Margit and still no contact from son Leons mother (Annika)

August 11  Leons 4th Birthday _ ALLOWED TO PHONE my son – but Annika hung up!
(by this time I had made around 200 complaints or helped other
prisoners complaints against police, prison officers; judges; social
workers , officials at the “auslaenderamt” during 16 MONTHS , still in
U-haft , I had discussions with Margits lawyer who acted as a mere
“tranbslator” and negociated a release if I STOPPED making complaints!
(I wanted to try to find my son and have a life with margit)

DECEMBER 5 – released after 16 months in U-haft during which I had 5
different judges handling my dossier (GRAU; Pres. BRUEGGER SCHLEIF;
I made complaints of INCOMPETENCE against ALL FIVE ( and Noekel called ME “subversive” !)

I did NOT “celebrate “ my release as I had no contact with my
estranged son (Leon) my adult son Adam dead; my mother dead, and Margit
then told me she was “unsure” about continuation of the relationship(?)

I eventually found and negociated some visits with Leon ; but with a
lot of opposition and resentment from Annika, who told me ( Leon has
another “PAPA” Now!)

I found out Margit had betrayed me; with other men and had used my
funds (from selling my parents home for things she wanted to do) 


January – Margit and I agreed to separate , then ONE week later she told me she was pregnant (with NOELA)

I proposed that we try to make a relationship work again, for OUR
childs sake; she agreed, and we lived together at a “WG” in Freiburg
part time and I pre-paid for a complete level of the Streifendere
family home in Bayern (150 M3) so that I could continue charity work
(Equal rights, ecology, education) at a small office inside , and
“illegalised” people could stay there whilt I “re-trained them” and
that the place could someday be good for our future child (with garden

  1. I bought many things for this reason!

Margit became more difficult (I thought it was the pregnancy, but now I know different) she changed her mind almost every week
On my birthday (may 23, 2001)  she met me at a rose and a placard saying “ I love you” at the Freiburg station!
The next week she told me she didn’t want to go on summer holiday with me!
By the time August came round , she would not tell me where she was going; I was worried as she was 6 months pregnant!
She replied that its nothing to do with me, and she might keep the child for herself!
I then called a meeting and she signed a shared custody agreement in front of HER solicitor!
After the holiday , which she admitted was to look for the ex lover
that she had an affair with just prior to my release from U-Haft, she
again told me she loved me and needed me to stay together forever.
Her Bavarian  family really hated me (even before they met me!) and
told lies about methey put pressure on Margit at that time saying if
she stayed with me they would disconnect her from their family.

Sept – margit told me that she didn’t care what her family said she wanted to be with me and OUR child!
October – I moved back to freiburg , (her family were trying to evict me anyway)
I supported Margit in every way, including cooking ,cleaning; shopping and caring for her until Noelas Birth;

NOV 28 (2001) I held Margits hand , about 36 hrs ( Noela was
registered in my family name and we had a “World passport” made in that
style , with my family name, but Margit didn’t “work” during the birth
, it was hard on Noela, who was stressed and her hip was damaged
because margit wxas scared of pain! But I held Margits hand all the
time, tried to calm then encourage her.*
Then the following month I
cared for margit , cooked cleaned; shopped and cared for her and Noela
, I was better at getting Noela to sleep!

Then early in 2002 Margit said “F*ck OFF!* I don’t need you!

So I stayed at friends until I found a home (“celtville” 11 Grand Rue,
F68600 Geiswasser) after a short while to buy through my pension fund.
I is/was intended
to be a home for my family and soon after Leon visited me (until Annika
got jealous about me organising a borthday party that year, and came
with her boyfriend ; Wolfgang and took Leon back , and made sure I
didn’t see Leon on his birthday that year either!)

As soon as possible I picked up Noela , from Margit (or she would
meet me in Breisach) for a few hours, then a day, then a day and night
, then 2 nights ,

2003 – the relationship was “distant but polite” with margit and
sometimes for Noela s sake we shared meals and even Christmas and
Noelas birthday at my home, and Noela was starying 2-3 nights

2004 – Noela was staying 4 days and nights a week , I was happy to
build my life around time with my darling little girl, we both spoke
English to her and she was bright and funny, until 19th may 2004

(last picture taken of Noela in our garden, in Geiswasser, near the Rhine river, in Alsace, France)

 …thats when we were ambushed in the forest outside our home in
alsace.. and Noela kidnapped, ..her mother has been recently tracked
down to dublin where she has told a pack of lies to the police so that
she can keep me away from my little girl..

this is the text as it appears on activist Michael Hickmans website (his comments are those prefixed "ED")


(note all addresses apart from margit’s own parents;; Noela’s german grandparents ; have changed)

This text is as it appears at http://www.freedome.org/pERVERT.html

Noela was kidnapped by Margit Streifeneder on 19th May
2004 and has been kept imprisoned by her deranged mother and her perverted
child abusing family and hired accomplices since then,


no one has shown any interest to the damage done to Noela, because Margit
is clever at playing "innocent" but she is ready to SELL Noela to the highest
bidder…………….Noela’s REAL father; Chris (whom Margit denied even
existed ) has not slept properly since the day she left him (he cared for
her 4 days of the week),,,Chris has lost his whole family through the perverted
actions of this woman and the German authorities that protect Margit and
so many other perverts in their society…pictures of the PERVERT holding
Noela ………still IMPRISONED in "germoney"…contact for your participation
in obtaining freedom for Noela

Extracts of the email from Margit to her NEW boyfriend Mark in England on
Saturday May 8, 2004 which disclose the inability of Margit and her devious
intent to betray Promises made to Noela s Father Chris and enter into a perverted
relationship (involving Noela) with Mark Genn

(it has been decided NOT to repeat the whole email because of the pathetic
content might distract from the DANGEROUS aspects of her actions & intent

(Ed = editor)

Dear Mark,

"I know you are the right partner for me and I also know I can be the right
partner for you. We both know that relationships need a lot of effort and
work to put in so that they grow. I did not put enough

effort into it. There is more inside me than you have seen so far."

(Ed = it is clear that Margit put little effort into maintaining a relationship
with Chris other than cheating on him; breach & and betrayal of trust
" Find a job, probably, unless I had enough financial background to realize
the idea of a combined bookshop – café – "

(Ed= Mark is attractive as a potential financial backer, he is rich, whereas
Chris is NOT, Margits interest in Chris "cooled" as soon as she realized
Chris would not "finance her dreams"

"I would love to sit on the veranda with you at the evening, watching the
stars and talking about the day, what was good about it or not so good, or
making plans for the next hikes, or watching you having Noela on your lap
and reading a story to her."

(Ed = whilst denying Noelas father Chris those aspects of a real father –
daughter relationship, she "offers" Noela to mar
k) "I am good at supporting
my partners in their projects, better than

in creating lots of own ideas. I would love to share a house with you in
the countryside"

(Ed = as far as Chris is concerned the only thing Margit is good at is spending
his/your money on her own "projects") Margit & her lawyer wasted most
the money Chris received from sale of his home !
) "are only a
few "musts", for example a garden and enough rooms so that

there is some private space for each of us and I have to admit that I would
find it very hard to live in an old house that needs a lot of renovation
and hasn’t got decent facilities in the bathroom and

kitchen. I am not a DIY – person, and I don’t think I would feel happy in
such a place in the long-term."

(Ed = which is exactly the sort of place Chris acquired for her é her family,
which Margit then declined , leaving Chris to finance it alone
) "As for
Noela: of course do I want you to get involved in her life and in her education.
The only reason why you haven’t met her yet is because you’ve been here only
one time and this first time I agreed to Chris’ wish. One of my main thoughts
when I left you last week was that I want to share more of my life with you
and especially Noela."

(Ed = Margit is quite openly planning to REPLACE Chris with mark in Noelas
life , this was probably her plan from the very start, to exclude Noela’s REAL
father form major involvement; including "education" and replace Chris with
a "rich (perverted) sugar-pappa"
) "She eats well. She gets more and more self-confident.
She has been "clean" since she was about 1 year and 9 months old."
(Ed = it was CHRIS that got Noela "clean" before she was 18 months old! )
". That’s also why I did not restrict Chris’ contact to Noela so far – despite
he once kept her against my will at his place and thus"

(Ed =, it was Margit that took Noela away without notice resulting in Chris
keeping Noela at his home, no longer than "usual" ; because she don’t mention
that Noela lived with Chris 4/7 this of the time!
) ", Because I certainly
won’t let him decide about her school education. I haven’t made up my mind
about this myself, but at the moment I would definitely prefer a private
school no matter what country we are"

(Ed = SHE has decided to put Noela through the "rich system" whilst she was
telling Chris to keep discussing alternatives with her
) "On my way back home
from England last week I thought about moving to England as an interim solution
(maybe by the end of this year), especially as you mentioned the idea of
getting a bigger place somewhere in the countryside. I could then go back
to Germany every 5 or 6 weeks for one week so that Noela could stay a week
with Chris."

(Ed = at the same time Margit was lying to Chris about Noela going to a local
kindergarten , and changing Noela’s relationship with Chris from a shared
custody arrangement to an "occasional daddy"


Of course this would mean that I at least partly break my promise not to
take Noela away from Chris – and it wouldn’t be easy to cope with this because
I just know how much it hurts being separated from your child. But the only
other possibility is that I stay here for the next 15 years which certainly
means losing you, if I haven’t already."

(Ed = no need to say much, Margit COMPLETELY broke her promises to Chris
and puts her own selfish, materialistic demands before Noela’s welfare, and
breaking promises to Chris is not important to her
!) "The problem of my passiveness
is a serious problem,"

(Ed = yes it IS, especially when it "offers" their daughter up into a perverse
relationship that she is committed to follow by being "bought" , by a rich
man, who will finance her dreams, pay for Noela s "education" etc et
c ) With
practice, as you said yourself and we saw each other only 4 times now, about
14 days & nights all together. Is that really enough for you to be so
sure that it won’t work?"

(Ed = its NOT enough to justify risking a little girls life with a virtual
stranger; considering Margit admits her own naive & passive personality"
"As for my remarks about "my secrets" and "you would be a fool …" – they
are both silly and I apologize for them. The only "secret" I might have is
that I would like to bring some S&M elements into my sex life – which
does probably not surprise you anyway and is only a secret because I’ve never
told anyone so far. I have no other secrets."

(Ed = elsewhere in this letter Margit states that Noela always shares her
bed; so what things would Noels experience ; having excluded Chris from the
scene; the openly person capable or interested in protecting Noela is Chris
; Margit and mark already planned perversions such as "S & M" (sado-masochism)
with Noela in the same BED??????????? no wonder Chris blew a fuse when he
saw this connected to all the other "plans" Margit was making with mark to
take Noela away from his protection)


M>The thing with the "male club" – yes, I do admit that I sometimes feel some
sort of hate against all men in general."

(Ed = as with so many German women; they hate and USE men)



ChriS>When I find the energy I will bring you up to date…and explain this…

Title: tears through a closing door

Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 23:36:18 +0200
From: "ChRiS"

in my arms for a minute

in my view for an hour

forever possessing  my heart

thats my little girl

today in the rain

i surpress the pain

to be with her again

before she leaves on a train

what does  a woman know

how a father feels?

denied his flesh and blood

wounds my soul and  never heals

how can humanity survive

is anyone alive?

 caring about the future years

has cost me more than five

losing time is bad enough

whilst time passes me by

her tears cut me in half

as we once again say good bye…..

through a closing door…

ChRiS  Smith


neither mother provides any information about the children nor allows contacts between brother Leon and sister Noela


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