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ChriS-tor-Y book 2 05 chapter 2

05 Chapter 2…EuroKINGS; then "deported"…



………I got NO AMSWER from these group
of "gestapo" – SIX of them to arrest me in a childrens playground,
these are animals with no care about humanity, treating me as if I was a
terrorist packing a weapon or about to explode a bomb, they would NOT trell me
"why" I was arrested…


Then at the magistrate, another fool,
tried to tell me that I owed 800 euros for not paying a "penalty" in
bavaria as I hadnt registered – apart from him even getting the dates wrong, I
had already complained about the "bavarian foreign office" in
Landau/Dingolfing and had answered their "demand" for me to register
there. As I had argued that I was not obliged to do that, and anyway they had
"evicted" me from Margits parents house, (although I had paid a years
rental in advance) ..I just receited the articles of the ECHR/UDHR to the idiot
and knew he was only "obeying orders" ..anything to stop me a)
chasing Margit and her ambushing thugs and b) my public and networking media of
open opposition to the local corrupt and stupid "beamte" …and
global pollution of minds and bodies…


So, they said IF I paid this money I could
go free, THIS is YOUR democratic world, this is NO no fair process, just a
forced compliance to the rules that protect the rich and punish the poor or anyone
without political, religious or business "lobby" …


I refused, of course I wasnt carrying that
money in cash, they suggested an ATM, I didnt trust them, I am sure they would
try to drain any finances I had, and the weird change in the credit mutuel
relationship made me even more sure I would not "feed" this monster
with one CENT of my assets. So they "punished me" – I reasoned that
they would have done so anyway, but this way THEY have me (the "ChriS
virus") in their system…and NOW I had "experience" to use
against them..


They put me in a "transit" cell,
guaranteed to hurt your mind and soul, should ONLY be used when transporting
ACTUAL criminals long distance, for overnight stay, no books, no radio, not
even a view of anything outside as the window faced a wall, just a slight
glimpse of the sky and the stars, which somehow gave me comfort, along with
feeding the birds with the almost unedible stale bread I got daily (theres
another story to tell about "feeding the birds") the first military
U-haft in 1999)..


No contact, not allowed to phone, unless
it was to one of their authorised (controlled) attorneys, who can not be
trusted, they would n’t give me any stamps or post  any letters, nor
contact the British consulate which they are OBLIGED to do. I met some
"interesting" guys and there were 3 who were being tarsnposrted to
Karlsruhe, who knew each other, and I made them smile teaching them LIVERPOOL
songs (I should have been on my way to Istnabul for the final on 26th may)

the night before my birthday we laughed
jiked, smoked a lot of ciggies, tried to make tea into "bevvies" and
one of them gave me his best t-shirt as a birthday present – I still have it!


Unfortunately, the guards didn’t like my
("no surrender attitude" )

and as soon as the 3 guys left , they
stuck me in a small cell with a very disturbed gut , who I later was informed
was arrested for some sort of child perversion, in a roo; no bigger than your
bathroom, 2 people couped up, worse than hens, you MUST like the other as a best
friend to survive sane. What a way to spend my birthday! – but apart from my
detention, and no "charges" being given, it was now the monday before
the BIG final the REDS of LIVERPOOL v AC Milan , an epic that I obviously now
would not see "live" – and there wasnt even a radio in the
"transit" cell…


The guards would "play"
with  the heads of those in these cells, saying, when asked 
"oh, tomorrow, you will go to so and so, dont worry" and the guys,
mostly non-german, would then be left for another few days before being moved,
the "beamte" thought this was extremely amusing. SO when on my
birthday they told me I would be sent to "JVA Lorrach" I wasn’t
convinced. ..but, as I was always awak with the light, they told me, "U
dont go to the yard (the only one hour exercise out of 24h) U can shower then U
go to Lorrach today (Tuesday)



THe "JVA Lorrach" looked like
something from "colditz", and the local road signs I saw through the
barred windows, so close to the swiss border that I imagined being Steve
McQueen in the famous motor bike scene of "the great escape"…but
the "welcome" was fairly "standard" the guards were almost
"polite" by comparison with Freiburg, and apart from the not -nice
"full body search" I was actually ASKED what nationality I would like
to share with, (as with Freiburg) their were no Brits or "colonials"
who were natural english speakers. and istead of our "promenade"
being at 08hrs these guys (almost all waiting for deportation or appeal) were
actually allowed to shower every other day and had exercise in the afternoon.
and, SOME were allowed to have radios, sterio or even TV (if they paid) in the


(This part of the story was actually
printed in the june or july issue of the "KOP" magazine) The guaurd
proposed I share with "a european" and I said "well I speak
french german and Italian " so anyione in here is in the same situation ,
is ok by me. I asked around, "anyone got a TV" on my level – 2nd
floor -?..and there was a nigerian that had lived a while in London, who was a
"manc" (fan of Manchester United!) – oh sh*te, I thought, I cant even
ask our bitter rivals, but he wasn’t so "devout" – he only followed
manure because of their success at that time, the Liverpool REDS had recently
started to come back to their place at the top, and we were still just ahead of
"therm" as the most succesful British club of all time. Rafa Benitez
had the "spirit of Shankly" in his blood, and we had faith that
although massively seen as "underdogs" we would take on
"anyone" …


The lad said, "OK U can borrow my TV
to watch the final", I could only offer to help him with his
"problem" in return. Then it dawned on me that the guard had
"paired" me with an Italian, the FINAL was against MILAN!! …ah
well, maybe I will die happy if we win, I thought after the other italian
inmates – giving me "stick" (verbal/insults/banter) the next day
(25th may) the day of the final that the "cell mate" was there
because he was appealling against a CONVICTION for murder – I told them I
wasn’t prejudice and that our team would n’t give in, and nor would I. The TV
was sneaked into our cell during the exercise break, (it wasn’t
"allowed" to share of course, no one there amongst the beamte wanted
us to help each other)


At 20.45 (german time) the match kicks
off, Milan score after ONE minute, by half-time we are 0-3 down, but
surprisingly, as I stare in shock at the little Tv screen , the italian guy
says to me (in his langauge) I don’t like AC Milan, they look too arrogant,
dont worry LIVERPOOL will come back, then I felt OUR "You’ll never walk
alone" feeling come through from Istanbul, hell, I thought, lads go out
fighting. The other inmates had banged on their cell-doors to remnind me every
time AC had scored ; THREE times during that "nightmare" first
half..but then in only SIX minutes of the early part of the second half it was
ME banking on OUR DOOR 3 TIMES!!!!..the rest, as they say is HIStory (or
ChriStorY?) ….



LIVERPOOL were one again KINGS of EUROPE,
and I felt invincible the next day in the couryard, a big grin on my face. The
other Italians looking down, and somehow, as so many times before, I had won
respect and spiritual support from unusual or even UNIQUE events, when I needed
it, the angels helped me..


back to "reality"…


It took me 2 weeks to get a letter out –
asking the British consulate office to visit me, not becuase I believed in the
govt. but because I wabted to test what THEY would do, for a
"citizen" wrongly arrested and kept 23 hrs a day in a cell smaller
tha n your bathroom with a "stranger"..for what? (who todays applies
"innocent until proven guilty by a fair and impartial process"
article 6 of the ECHR?) and to various human rights orgs I knew , and fanily
Van Loo (NL) -Joke forwarded this oinfo worlwide and very soon I received more
post from various activists rpomising "support"..


I got virtually my first contact from
outside with self-appointed "rep" of the "vaeter
aufbruch"/"?justice papa" organisation..

Thomas brought ciggies, sweets, smiles and
promotional t-shirts (at least was a change, as the gestapo had taken my bag,
which contained t-shirts, underclothes ,and ..picnice etc from me on arrest)
and issued me in Lorrach with OLD, (not 2nd hand, but maybe 20th hand!
"prison blues "…


There follows 4 "reports " from
Thomas , posted on the internet..

(in German and French)




20.06.2005, überarbeitet am 27.06.2005


Mein Bericht vom Besuch Chris Smith in der JVA Lörrach


Viele Grüße



Der Redaktion liegen bisher keine offiziellen Dokumente vor. Alle
Angaben ohne Gewähr.





Thomas "reported"
(his own words are not exactly mine !)

– Thomas was ONLY allowed to
spend 20 minutes with me

(anyway if I had visitors it
would be a MAXIMUM of 1 hour per MONTH)

– that I had been there one

– that Margit and thugs from
the "S-M scene" had abducted Noela

– that my fatherhood had NOT
been recognised by the GERMAN system

– IF I wanted a lawyer, it
had been anyway refused

– I was to be "deported
" despite living in nearby Geiswasser – to England!

– I had NOT been
(physically) "tortured"

– That I could not pay the
800 euros fine so must wait 80 days

(I told him, that if I had been
a billionaire I wouldnt pay "them"

– That the TORTURE is to be
seperated from my children







Geiswasser map:


Homepage von Chris



Chris freut ich über Post in der JVA :


Chris Smith


Bahnhofstr. 4

D-79539 Lörrach

falls möglich, können bis zu 4 Briefmarken 55 Cent
beigelegt werden.



Thomas wrote;

– That all members should
please send Chris postage stamps –

(I only had a small anount
of cash, and used it on postage stanps)

-I am english

-I cared for Noela In
France, that I moved the family from Bavaria to Alsace. (I had lived in the
family house In bavaria – rent paid in advance)

-I had a son of 9 and a girl
of 3 (Leon and Noela) both abducted

(French law stated both
parents have automatic equal custody)





Chris freut sich über Post

Chris Smith


Bahnhofstr. 4

D-79539 Lörrach


falls möglich darf man jedem Brief bis zu 4 Briefmarken
55 Cent beilegen.

Viele Grüße




Thomas wrote

– I gave thomas a letter sent to Noela via margit that
she had returned "to sender"

– I had explained to Thomas that the female "german
state attorney" had attempted to accuse me of crimes against Margit, so
ridiculious – such as "theft of bicycle" and "assault"
against Margits "boyfriend" (supposedly the THUG that ambushed us on
FRENCH territory) – It old the Judge who CAME to tell me about these
"charges" IN the JVA Lorrach .."YOU should be ASHAMED" of

– and that Thomas should circulate
this INFO to my global contact network..

– THAT A JOURNALIST and french lawyer
situated iin BERLIN wanted to come and INTERVIEW me !!!!!…In the detention




D)Chris wurde am 5. bzw. 6. Juli 2005 nach England abgeschoben.


Am 01.06.2005 wurde er verhaftet und hätte 80 Tage in der
JVA Lörrach bleiben sollen, bis zu seiner Abschiebung. Nun wurde die
Abschiebung unerwartet vorgezogen. Von den 80 Tagen hat Chris nur 35 Tage in
Lörrach sitzen müssen. Seine Haftzeit wurde um mehr als 50% verkürzt. Ein
weiterer Termin mit öffentlicher Verhandlung wird also nicht stattfinden. Es
wird auch keine Demo in Lörrach geben. Trotzdem ist der Fall Chris noch nicht abgeschlossen.


Viele Grüße



= That I was arrested on 1 June – (it
was 19th may 05) .

– Deported 5/6 July (7th!)

– that I had been held in the cell 35
days – it was closer to 45 days

– that all (stupid)

charges were DROPPED

– no "NEED" to hold a
"demonstartion" outside the JVA Loerrach..

– the "Case ChriS" goes



sort of, EXPLAINED by email


——-Original Message——-


From: team

Date: 07/10/05 13:07:40

To: avanloo@12move.nl;

Cc: chris@freedome.org;


Subject: the Great escape (Chris) ,
now help rescue the children


Chris> Hello, (i am not yet
contactable on this email so dont reply here!) please forward to the people on
the list


A special unit (illegally) "deported
me" during tuesday – wednesday night 5-6th July via Stuttgart (from
U-Haft) in hand and foot chains …deported to the "war zone"


Firstly I would like to thank the
Family Van Loo, Angie , Clive (& Val) Mark (Wayson) Claude, Sean and particularly
Thomas Sochart (see redaktion Vater-aktuell.de for my news!) and Stephane Hervy
of "Justice Papa) the combination of your support , my own resistance
against this mixture of german malice and incompetence and the
"threat" of public exposure helped my confidence.


BUT its only the "end of the
beginning" I am still under threat of arrest (for the manufactured charges
based on the lies of officials and mother of my children) we DID make a
"hole" in the destructive system and shouldnt we USE this chance to
bring about change, ot least because MY children and thousands of others are
kept prisoner in similar circumstances by mothers who not only dont care, but
are prepared to use every mean and cruel trick to "win" possession of
OUR children, I will go now for Complete protective custody and
"theft" etc and others could join actions


please forward this message to the
others on the list, I am at the moment trying to repair my home , try to get
services re-connected etc , (and keep the wolves at bay) and get my enterprise
sorted out (i was deposited in London with just 10 Euros) BUT it is vital that
we work together , because "they fear" public exposure;;;


thanks again (i will contact you,
goodness willing) witha full report and proposals as soon as I am


take care





outside JVA Loerrach with the "REDS shirt" that I left there in, now
has been sen to my son Leon, I hope he keeps it)


NOTE ;  2 more
"scarey" events that didn’t get "reported" ………


1) The day after the " chief of
Colditz" called for me to speak to him (the first and only time during 6
weeks) he asked  why a jounalist would want to interview me, and I replied
"why not?. considering……" – he was very nervous.


The next day I was cut off from anyone, a
friendly beamte warned me me, then I was in "solitary" could n’t
phone the (unhelpful) consulate

– couldn’t post any letters, not even exercise
with the others.


at 02 hrs …..the door opened by
"uniformed police" NOT guards – who took me to Freiburg…there a
"team" of scruffy, thugs, without uniform, name or numbers, chained
me in the bag of a van , and about 03hrs we went off into the
countryside…once more to play with my head..


When, eventually we arrived at Stuttgart airport,
the sargeant there shouted at them to unchain me, and asked me "are you
really so dangerous" – do you want to phone anyone? – it was 06hrs …


I replied – "NO and NO, after 6 weeks at
06hrs – who should I phone? " then 2 friendly plain clothes – 2 metre tall
bizzies came to offer me coffee before taking me on a SCHEDULED Lufthansa



In London,  the immigration officer at
heathrow was handed my passport by one of the "goons" …he looked at
me (flanked by these 2 big german bizzies) and asked "have we got a
problem with you?" .. I answered " I dont know , have you?" I
was waering my LIVERPOOL shirt, still as they hadnt let me change clothes since
the excercise yard 2days before.  He checked his computer and said, "No
you are ok, you can go on" – the 2 germans looked shocked, Margit and/or
their superiors had probably told that I was somesort of major terrorist/mafia
boss or cult leader, or all of that…. 😉 ..I smiled and walked on through…


what was NOT funny was that they then gave me my
"box" a cardboard container secured with the german state seal, 
and when I opene it , it contained my bag, with clothes, that I needed as I was
beinning to "hum" = AND THE REMNANTS of the "picnic" from 6
weeks before – they had either not searched my bag, which was
"routine" or DELIBERATELY left the rotten food in it..how
"petty" can they be?


I had to wash and air my "fresh"
t-shirt in the airport toilets, amusing other travellers, then I threw on a
half-damp shirt and the rest of my sparse belongings into the bag; and realised
I only had 10 euros; in one of the most expesive cities of the world…. I
managed to get a ticket to the city;  and as I borded the underground
train I saw the 2 bizzies; and couldn’t resist goading them a bit with questions
like; “how much did it cost; 2 police from Loerrach to freiburg your team of
thugs to Stutgart, and you two; Lufthansa return tickets; hotels in
London;  over time ; several thousands of euros; and I am just gonna get a
nighbour to book me a budget (easyjet) flight back to Basel ? isn’t that a
waste of german state money? Ect etc” I spoke to them in german, then switched
to English when they tried to wind me up about Steven Gerrard, wanted by
chelski ; I told them “he wont leave; he’s not german”


I picked up 50 quid spending money from the
P.A. office in London; and booked into a B & B near Southend, near to where
my adopted daughter lived, and Steve, her man , who was also a Liverpool fan.


But; when I was waiting for a typical English
breakfast at the B and B – the new came on; about THE LONDON BOMBING, which had
happened only hours after I had passed through almost exactly that part of the


The couple had problems but Steve took me
looking for my ex-wife Jacqui, and we found a “for sale” sign outsde; no one
answered the door ; but, just as we were leaving the neighbour called “ are you
chriS?” …and he invited us inside, he and his young wife made me sit down and
offered me tea “ jacqui died of cqncer” he said, I eventually replied
“when?”  – “in may” which explained why our regular monthly phone calls
had ceased some time before, (I also written without reply) ..”they buried her
….on the 23rd May” …….MY Birthday…!


I had phoned Clive taylor ; an English guy
living in the next village from Geiswasser ,

In Algolsheim, (which was also a potential
Gemini location until the meningitis coma of 1995) Clive booked the easyjet
flight back for Saturday, and steve and the kids (my virtual grand-children)
made me feel as “comfortable” as possible before I made my way back to London
(Luton) airport despite many areas being on “terrorist alert” …I asked myself
do “they” see me as a suspect?…



Back at geiswasser …relaxing @
"celtville" ….until?



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