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ChriS-tor-Y-book2 05 chapter 1

ChriS-tor-Y-book2 05 chapter 1


-chasing Kidnappers &…




05…chapter 1


Early in 05, after Christelle and I had
made several visits to Freiburg, to embarass M at her office and to try to see
Noela at Margits flat..

we took Christelle’s son and also went to
a playground outside a swimming baths nearby. I was still doing occasional
radio programmes at  "radio dreyeckland" despite the
"risks" having already filed so many official complaints and been detained
a total of 16 months without trial

(U-haft = "detention and
investigation")  I wondered how we hadnt been "stopped" by
the german police, although maybe my 50 + complaints at Strasbourg may have
"worried" the fascists.


I had proposed also meeting
M with Noela in nearby "neutral" Basel (CH) ..she was running our of
excuses..and there was the risk to her that a PUBLIC complaint of child
abuse/perversion against her, her family and the hired "thugs" could
damage her image permanently. its really something germans dont like to have
their "weaknesses" EXPOSED in PUBLIC..it seemed to be the only weapon
left , as I could not rely on any one or any aspect of the "legal"
system, in Baden nor Alsace, where either bias or apathy ruled.


But, as Christelle and I
were watching her son Quentin play in the sand – I had an Idea..and later that
day emailed a proposal to Margit to meet IN the swimming baths, which had a
pool for young kids and a cafe – which gave the opportunity to meet and be with




Meanwhile I was still trying
to get contacts with my son Leon, too…and I noticed strange things going on
with my internet connections, charges doubled, disconnections, the the website
(www.freedome.org) bombed with virus..my phone sounded "tapped" , the
whole network going down regularly a sif it was "shocked" by a sudden
high voltage charge (lots of material to "feed" my
"paranoia") …when I used the atm (credit mutuel) double showed on
my account? _ complained, but also weird that my friendly contact, was no
longer "available" and replaced with a "robot"(Mr
Werck!)  – he didnt show any interest in my complaints, and I had the
feeling he and the local estate agent wanted to get hold of my house…it had a
large piece of land, which could have enough room for 2 houses to be built,
according to a neighbour….




M indicated she might meet
me at the pool (she was scared of my "exposure" threat , so I was
hopeful, but at the same time, I had some problems with Joke, communications
seemed distorted and emails arrived from her, but didnt seem "normal"
then I went to LIVERPOOL to go with the lads to the League cup final v Chelski
in March ..we lost but I knew a lad (Dave) who worked in the Albert, and when I
got back from Cardiff we met there, and the next evening too, with some of his
mates, telling Jokes. I had told Christelle that I would phone her monday
evening, and I called her, a bit merry but happy and looking forward to seeing
her and Quentin…


I said .."Hi
Christelle" – how are U?"  …she roplied " busy" in a
bad mood ?…I said" Dave here would like to say hello, as he and his
girlfirnd would like to invite you here and meet you and your cooking "
(Christelle had her own culinary home-cooking service, in Mulhouse, which I
helped her with when I was there) ..and the line went dead…Dave gave the
phone back to me and I phoned again but the answer phone was on " I said
" I dont know why U hung up, I hope that there is nothing wrong between


The Next day she met me at
nearby Basel airport, it was cold, we had a fairly cold winter in that region,
she told me that ALL my stuff (I had some clothes at her flat) were in the back
of her car, and that she would drop me at my house..!!!! I kept asking
"why?" ..she wouldnt answer properly then eventually said ,
pathetically, "U and your friends were laughing at me in Liverpool"
…I tried to explain that we were in a good mood, but not laughing AT HER,

but…her explanation didnt
seem TRUE. I knew an english couple in Mulhouse, and they also couldnt get a
proper answer from Christelle as to why she was suddenly against me. The pipes
at my house had frozen, and I had to stay at a nighbour in the next village
until I got the house warmed up, with the wood fire etc ..


IMO, there were 2
possibilities with Christelle, either a) she had met someone else whilst I was
away, b) she had been "got at" (see more later)




I had an eventual agreement
with Margit that spring to meet at the swimming pool, IT WAS "SAFE"
for her, I could hardly take Noela out in my swimming trunks …most of the
time Noela stayed with me, I tried to be as "normal" with M as
possible, biting my lipe (there were so many things I wished to say)

I was "polite" and
If I bought Noela an ice cream, a snack or a drink, I woudl also invite M,
Noela also tried to bring us together when were in the water calling to her
mother (in german of course, as she was fogetting her english, only living
around germans) to come in the water, adn holding BOTH our hands, this was my
little girl, the peacemaker with more common sense than her mother. Only one
time there was a "funny" incident. I had invited them bith for a
drink in the cafe there, and we were sitting around the table and M made a
negative remark, Noela (3 years old) just got up off her chair, leant across
the table and slapped margit’s face. ( have to admitt it took all my effort to
avoid burting out laughing) Margit said nothing!


I also made contact with an
American (Mark "Mr" Bean) a kind, but weak man, with an english
language centre in Balgau,(Alsace) I supported him several hours a day with
management ideas and methods to help in organising his time-management and
organisational logistics, I cleared up his office, literally, and he split with
his partner, but couldnt manage his own fanances, and also got "cold feet£
when he realised my "opposition" to the system, and owed e1000 to my
charity for my time.


In between the bank
situation got even more "intense" and I sent his COMPLAINT to them



Smiht (CS) AND For YAFOY ASSOCiation

11 Grand Rue, F68600 Gesiwasser.

(international charity Epoch Trust society N. 3182122


without prejudice

Charges and CLAIM  V CREDIT
MUTUEL (a bank)  and Mr. Olivier Werck (an individual ) joint &


The manager of CREDIT MUTUEL in Wettolsheim,(mr Werck, ear Colmar in the
Alsace, has shown extreme (alledgedly  racial) PREJUDICE against the

Since opening, the bank accounts of Yafoy and CS personal account have
been kept in a positive psition. Yet, Werck has reacted to a BOGUS “problem”,
without reasonable warning , when the acoounts moved into debit ONLY because of
HIS or the banks OWN “errors”.

Following a meeting today at the Gendarmerie, Neuf Brisach, CS returned
a letter sent by Olivier Werck (OW) to CM Wettolsheim, after making adjustments
recommended by Mr. Ciavaldini.

We are convinced OW follows the “George W Bush syndrome” , to
cause  a problem then attack the “weakest victim” available, CS, being an
“etranger” , is easy to ATTACK.

This may be to try to STEAL the property at 11 Grand Rue (NOTE ; credit
secured by insurance documents, NOT the property)

The contents of this latest letter (writtem  31.3.05) is
un-necessary and a TRICK to transfer blame of CM.

 Mr. Ciavaldini informed CS that the banks are acting very
“strange” (tricky) using legal “jargon” to trick CS or Yafoy.

CM produced a duplicate credit card and debited the account of CS during
2003 and 2004 with an amount of about 2000 in dublicate or incorrect debits.
There monies wrongly taken BY the bank, which produce a FALSE debit situation,
OW then “blamed” CS.

The bank have ALSO paid, (with  the knowledge and agreement of OW)
about 1000 euros to local government (Tresorie) against over-charged 
utility invoices, despite CS informing OW (and previously the Tresorie) these
were false.


THE ACTIONS OF OW , since taking over
from Mr. Dany Schaffhauser have been neglegent and agressively negative against
CS and Yafoy Association

This may be due to;

Bank policy

Local politics (fascist)

Neglect or inexperience


Consipracy to defraud CS or Yafoy Association


In fact dealing with OW and CM in the
last year or so, has been a “CATASTROPHE”

The FAILURE to properly investigate
bank errors , informed by letter in December 2004 and then again by wmail 25
january 2005 has resulted in a LOSS for CS personally of at least 2000-3000
euros !


OW has threatened to take control of the home of Chris s family and ,
the HQ of Yafoy Association and sell it to make a profit for the bank, froma
situation manipulated by the bank, following the BANK errors….

The bank accounts of CS and Yafoy have, and ARE in CREDIT.

OW failed to give CS PROPER or FAIR notice of his intentions to
blacklist Chris and eventually Yafoy Assoc.

OW failed to cancell and invalid cheque for e500 against Yafoy.


 DESPITE the problem being petty, IF CM had corrected their own
errors from 2003-2004 CS would never have been in debit…

It also seems Werck falsified correspondence , claiming a warning notice
had been sent on 5th March , yet the letter eventually received (BY
COPY handed to CS by OW) on 16th march was dated 7th
March (the original NOT actually received before 26th march) this is
Negclectful and ILLEGAL dammage to CS “credibility” (according to international
common law)


Normal meetings between OW and CS
of 2004) were postponed because of banking delays, sickness and bad weather


On 1st march (the day
before a meeting at the bank) CS returned from a voyage to Liverpool, to find
his home blocked by ICE and UNINHABITABLE  because of flooding…CS
immediately phoned the bank and informed Werck. CS also informed Werck (by
phone, email or letter) that due to this problem he was having to stay at friends
in freiburg. CS was NOT living in Geiswasser between 1-11th March.
OW took advantage of this situation to “BLACKLIST” CS , whilst CS was unable to
do anything to defend himself or Yafoy Association. OW deciding not to inform
CS through email or secure communication (OW obviously not CARING to be sure
that CS received any “warning” of the “blacklisting”).


CS had alweys responded quickly to
banking correspendence, but many times the bank did not respect the
correspondence of CS or Yafoy Assoc.. In fact CM often ignored his letters, and
even LOST some important documents of  Yafoy Association! Blocking the
formation and development of the Yafoy.org company and the development of
business , needed to support CS management of charitable events.(such as childrens
initiatives and concerts for the poor, or for assistance for refugees)


Despite CS being reasonable. OW
“blacklisted” CS on 5th march ( a SATURDAY)  , OW avoiding the
normal email correspondence in the full knowledge that

 CS was ONLY in “debit” because of CM banking “errors” (or
deliberate sabotage, by CM or another party; )

CS was NOT living in Geiswasser due to the ICE-Cold weather and flooding

CS did not know what Werck had done until 16th March!!!! =

CS had never before been in debit with that bank

The family and dependants of CS , and the Yafoy Association , and the
new Enterprise  would be irrepairably damaged by this deliberate and
unprovoked attack on the “credibility” of CS

 The INCORRECT “Blacklisting” is cosying CS and his new enterprise
(HSm) a minimum of between 10-30,000 euros

Incorrect debits and internet errors have not been credited by CM


The accomplicity of CM with the “Tresorie” has resulted in at least 1000
euros being STOLEN from the account of CS with


The THREAT ( a form of “blackmail”) of
taking the home of CS and the HQ of Yafoy Association is in itself a crime
(according to international common law)


CS had an agreement with D.
Schaffhauser that interest payments woiuld be reduced in accord with market
rates, therefore the repayments should have been at least reduced by 2000 euros
in the last year. (current market rate only 4 per cent) OW made no attempt to
propose this to CS.


Although OW and CM may claim that all
of their “errors” to be “accidental” they are at LEAST GUILTY of NEGLECT and
cannot be trusted with the confidence of CS or Yafoy Assoc. Therefore no
further payments will be made into either account until CS and Yafoy Assoc have
received appropiate apologies and COMPENSATION from CM and OW.


Note that attempts to possess the home
of the family of CS and the HQ of  Yafoy Assoc and friends will be
defended and an action for criminal, malicious and PUNITIVE damages , under
international law, completed against Olivier WERCK personally and CREDIT MUTUEL
with all relevant damage and neglegence claims added and included.

The deliberate failure by local
authorities to inform CS or yafoy assoc. Of planned “Flooding” of the region
around Geiswasser will be calculated as part of the neglegence damage claim.


E & O E

Copy Gendarme Ciavaldini




In the Meantime the
"casual" arranngement continued at the swimming baths, usually once a
week , meeting according to M’s career requirements, exceopt for one
"fathers day" meeting outsidein Freiburg, when there a lot of people
around, but we had met in cafe and then I carried Noela around the pretty
"aldstadt" of Freiburg and had ice cream etc, before M took Noela
back home on an "S-bahn" from the cirt centre. Noela wabted me to go
with them, I nearly did! …(in those seconds I wondered even if it was
possible to "repair" things with M enough for Noela’s sake, even
sacrifice everything to live with these monsters for her sake?…) but too late
the doors closed and I could see Noela crying as the train slowly pulled
away..I cant write more than what I wrote then, in a "poem"..


tears through a closing

Date: Thu, 5 May 2005
23:36:18 +0200

From: "ChRiS"


in my arms for a minute

in my view for an hour

forever possessing my heart

thats my little girl


today in the rain

i surpress the pain

to be with her again

before she leaves on a


what does  a woman

how a father feels?

denied his flesh and blood

wounds my soul and 
never heals


how can humanity survive

is anyone alive?

 caring about the
future years

has cost me more than five


losing time is bad enough

whilst time passes me by

her tears cut me in half

as we once again say good


through a closing door…

ChRiS  Smith






after a couple of months
,of these meetings, I was hungry for "progress" and now I was back
making radio programmes at "RDL" whenever I travelled across the
Rhione to Freiburg to see Noela, I suggested to Margit to meet at the PLAYGOUND
by the radio, on May 19 (it didnt click that was also exactly ONE YEAR after
the ambush/abduction of Noela by M & co..) ..I took a bag with me, as I was
going to stay over with a friend, and suggested that Noela could say something
on the radio as I prepared my "birhday" programme to go out the next
week,23rd may (LIVERPOOL would by playing the European Champions league final
in Istanbul the next week, too and I  was hopeful to see THAT VERY
SPECIAL  final, on the 25th may, 05)..



I had been at the radio station
, and as I sat in the sun, watching the other kids and their parents enjoying
the playground nearby, with my bag, a picnic inside, with sandwiches for US,
and flowers, for Noela and Margit, to see if I could mend something more…)
when I started to realise they were late..and a cold feeling started to grip
me, as I looked up …a man approached in civilian clothes, but
"stank" of police…I looked around me, as he said with that arrogant
german tone "ausweis, BITTE!" …





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