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ChriS-tor-Y? book 2 chapter 3 D …

ChriS-to-Y? book2 05 chater 3, d + correspondence..

above drawing rejected By Margit, Noela doesnt know how much I love and miss her..


D) 4 files
“logged” by Jo Van loo (NL) of exchanges between her and other activists and
NGO,s during ander after “my escape”


 Subject:   please help

From:   "Jo van Loo"

Date:   Wed, June 15,

To:   tromp@casema.nl (less) andy@f4j.nl

 Dear Andy and

 I got a letter
from Chris Smith today. He was arrested on May 19 in
Southern Germany when he tried to meet his daughter Noela. He is still
inprison in Loerrach
Germany near the border with Switzerland, close toBasel). They want to deport him to England and to take over all hispossessions in
Als ace, house, computer, furniture, car etc. His exwife Margit, the
mother of Noela is behind this.

His process will
be held without his presence. He expects this will takeplace within 3
months after his arrest. He asked me to
inform fathers 4 justice international (I haven’t theaddress, maybe
you can forward this message?), to inform you both and please to inform
human rights organisations you know. Chris isn’t shy ofmedia attention
to his case.

 His address in
prison is:

Chris Smith,JVA – Loerrach
(L-o with 2 dots on top-r-r-a-c-h)

Bahnhofstrasse 4 79539 LoerrachGermany – Deutschland

 Can you help him?
Informing others about his situation, visiting him,sending him
letters or whatever you can think of?

 Many thanks,

 Jo van Loo

PS Sorry that I
have been quiet last months, my dad got a serious health problem in
December 2004 and I have spend and I still spend lots of time with him. Because
of this it is impossible for me to do much for Chris except sending
postcards and a letter once and a while.

 Subject:   brief van Chris

From:   "Jo van Loo"

Date:   Thu, June 16, 2005 9:32 am

To:   "robin_vanloo@hotmail"

 Hoi Robin,

laatste nieuws bij ons: (snip) We hebben gisteren een brief gekregen van
Chris met de vraag of we het onderstaande willen doorgeven aan jou.Hij schrijft dat we niet bang moeten
zijn.(please also have no fear!)Hij klinkt wel opgewekt in zijn brief aan
ons. Heeft veel tijd om na te denken en veel goede herinneringen aan
ons bezoek aan hem en zijn bezoek aan ons komen boven. Hij heeft bezoek
gehad van het britse consulaat in Frankfurt, maar die konden niets voor hem
doen, het was al te laat om zijndeportatie proces tegen te houden. Hij
had 2 postzegels gekregen, één voor zijn brief aan ons en één heeft hij
gebruikt voor een brief aan het ECHR

committee human rights?) in Straatsburg

Hij heeft mij gevraagd fathers 4 justice
in te lichten over zijn situatie,dat heb ik net per email gedaan. Veel
meer kunnen we niet doen denk ik. Hij zou trouwens wel geholpen zijn met
duitse postzegels, zodat hij brieven kan schrijven. Misschien dat Joel
of ene Angie (zie hieronder) hem die toe kunnen sturen – brengen? Dit
schrijft hij zelf niet, maar dat zitik zelf te bedenken. En misschien kunnen
we zijn sleutel naar Joel opsturen, die kan dan misschien zijn
computer en wat andere dingen "redden"? Misschien kan hij of
Angie dat overleggen bij een bezoek aan Chris?

Nou zie maar, in ieder geval nog veel
sterkte met leren en tot ,vrijdag-zaterdag,
Hartelijke groeten

JokeFor Robin,

 “Hello Robin, I hope you
understand my letter end of may. There follows a message whichI ask you to send
to Joel and Angie (her email is @yahoo.de
(I think!) or tel 0049-761-5573264 – I was hoping shewould visit me
last week but maybe this or next week?

To Robin, Joel
and Angie, (Robin please email … manager@haasz smith man.org!)”

 “This is the
current situation:

A deportation
process was made against me in
Bavaria basically because the the official (a
mr. Heil) at the Auslanderamt disliked me. He instigated a complaint on the
ground that I had not registered and despite my written objections:

A) that I was not
even living in
Bavaria full time

B) I gave him a
copy of my letter returning my passport in 1998

C) that I was in
fact living in
Alsace at the time he complained at the
courtnthey refused to
trans—? (sorry can’t read that word) his complaint against me and
processed me in my absence.

Despite my
notices/objections to the court and the brit. consulate that itwas illegal.

I have written to
the ECHR Strasbourg on the basis that I have been denied a fair and
impartial process, discriminated on ethnic and gender and denied family
life. But it is probably too late to stop the deportation process. As the
Brit. consulate told me I am not entitled to legal aid and only make an
appeal at the OLG Karlsruhe with a german lawyer, which I am denied =
"catch 22"

But my only hope
is to oppose this (and if I don’t oppose this I might get a " …. (?
can’t read that word) ban" and no chance of seeing or being with my children
(losing also my home and prospects)

 So publicity and
pressure on the magistrate Richter … (? can’t read the name) Amtsgericht
(R?? XTV 35/5) or Judge Mrs Klein Landgericht 

4/T/146/05) If
protest like fathers 4 justice or "fair trials abroad" can interview /
publicise on this problem that not only protects me but so many hundreds if
not thousands of non-german fathers with kids held in "Germoney"
(Even your personal complaints may help – who knows?)”

 As for HSM

“I hope Joel and
Angie are in email communication. Consider how to proceed without me with
regards to german students.Also it may be
possible to make HSM "
Mobile" including specialist seminar languages,
enterprise and "security"! around
Europe. Joel or Robin –
please ask Luke to give Angie an HSM email address (in my absence)

 Angie if indeed I
am deported to
England and if Dave is ok about Liverpool, we could start
seminars (languages, enterprise or "security") there and another 1 dim(?)
– link training by webcam via the webbing http://www.haasz-smith-managements,org (Joel)  Angie, Joel and
Robin, my beloved football team had to progress to the final at times
without key players and their captain. This is all I ask of you to take the
challenges positively. Good luck, Chris.”

 Dear Clive,

Chris Smith is in
prison in Lorrach. He included a letter for you in a letter to my family. His
handwriting is very difficult to read. I have written down what I could read
in the attachment: 050617 chris to clive I had a phone
call with Angie from
Freiburg this morning. She told me that Chris is going to
lose his house and prospects very soon. That you and she visited him in
Lorrach last Tuesday. So maybe you discussed in person with Chris what is in
his letter to you already.

 In the other attachment
you can read all my correspondence for and about Chris’s situation
and the respond I got. I would be happy
when you and Angie take over these correspondence for Chris,because I have a
heavy load on my shoulders with a dad, a husband and a son all chronically
ill. Another aspect is that I live to far away from Lorrach to function well
as coordinator for his correspondence. When I receive messagesfor him or from
him, I will forward them to you.

 but please keep
me posted about Chris. My family and me regard him as a very good friend. I
offered my help as a witness in his case against Margit, whichyou can check at
his website http://www.freedome.org I’ll write
letters to Chris on a regular base in an attempt to cheer him up a bit as far
as I can in this horrible situation.

 Thanks for all
you do.

 Jo van Loo


 Subject:   another letter from Chris Smith

From:   "Jo van Loo"

Date:   Thu, June 23, 2005 3:51 pm  To:   "mallet Tom"

 Thanks for all
you do. I hope we will be able to help him out. I just posted a letter
to Chris to tell him that I have had contact with you and Angie, that I
spread the news about his situation and that I forward all correspondence to
you and Angie. COuld you please send me the email address of Angie
too? She promised me to send me an email, but I didn’t receive it, and
she doesn’t answer her phone at the moment. I get music when I call her.

  I got another
letter today from Chris after I had posted my letter to him. He wrote that he
is writing another 4 pages to us, page 9 – 12, but Ireceived only 2
pages, number 11 and 12 on one sheet. The first were in his earlier
letters, I received them well. I did send an
email to Christine Townsend of the Brit. Consulate in
Frankfurt on his behalf today on his request. It wasn’t yet in "log chris", I
will send it later if you don’t object.

 I am curious to
read what was in page 9-10. Maybe you or Angie can find that out, when
you visit him again? page 11 of this
new letter starts with 20-6 (which is probably the date):

"Hello, I had a
visit today from Thomas Sochart of Vater Aktuell." Chris asks me to send
Thomas details about the kidnapping of Noela in May 2004 and to refer to
http://www.freedome.org. I am eager to help and to inform Thomas, but to many
people digging around in his case can work out badly? What do you think,
informing Thomas or wait until you have found a sollicitor? Chris then writes
that you and Angie would come on Tuesday. Mark Bean won’t
be coming, he has other priorities (I have no clue who Mark Bean is? Then he asks
about my kids and my husband and me, how we are doing and to send him letters
with our news please.

Then again he
asks me to email Thomas Sochart. page 12 Chris
writes that he thinks that Thomas comes from the same town as Angie.
"It is good to know that something is happening, but at the same time it will take
a lot of different people with good will to break the oppressive and
systematic destruction of peoples lives." He asks to check
Prison Ashram on the web, they send books for free to prisoners. I will
do that.

 21-6-05 he writes that today they change bed, clothes, towels
and underwear.
"They put me in U-haft worst section even though I should be "Straf???"
????? and Deport. One more complaint to add to the long list".  "One month
here seems to be a lifetime.. I will do my best to continue to do good
things." He hopes that Robin, Joel and Angie don’t give up on HSM business, antoher
prisoner is translating the website into spanish. 80% of the prisoners are
non german. so there are always possibilities. He signs with "
YNWA -you never walk alone and love and respect to all.Chris"

He ends with
"sorry about my writing, my eyes are not good and the light is bad."

 That is all for
the moment.

Please send me
the email address of Angie. Again many thanks
for all you do.

 With regards,Jo


 Fri, June 24,
9:52 am

To:   jvanloo@barthsyndrome.org

Priority:   Normal

 Hi Jo

 As you know I
visited Chris on Tuesday and he was in good spirit,he is
only permitted 1hour visiting time a month. and I will
go again in July. I am  seekingadvice from a
friend over the
French Court position on Chris’s house but
to be on the safe side Angie my wife and myself will
remove Chris’s clothes and furniture and also collect
his bike from Frieburg. I yesterday spoke
with a solicitor recommend by Mark Weyson and from
my discussion it would seem that Chris can not be held
after 80 days, unless he is charged with another
offense, which means he has to go to court. This being
the case he needs legal representation
and I am waiting for a call from the Solicitor I spoke
with to recommend some one in this area.

 whilst I am not a
lover of the German system or cannot understand
there mentality, I am sure you understand I
really do not want to get to deeply involved in the
politics of the situation or Mr Michael Hickman
or though his position may be founded. I will write to
Chris and bring him up to date on matters my end
and keep in touch with yourself. As for Angie e-mail
address I will get this for you on Saturday. Sabrina
Zarker the European Lawyer seems worth keeping in
contact with, perhaps they can find representation
for Chris’s case, it may be better then a lawyer from
Frieburg who may just want to sweep thematter under the
carpet, to get it out the way if you understand my
meaning.   I will be in
contact Regards Clive


 050701: I
received another letter from Chris Smith today:

Date 28-6-05

Jo, thanks for
your letter. I am not sure if you will be able to understand this letter
"another day in paradise".I explained to
Clive and Angie the reasons for my "bad hand-writing". Even your contact
at "fair trials abroad" seems naively surprised that I don’t have my
personal word-processor in this "mushroom club" (keep us in the dark
and feed us on sh…)The main problem
from "inside" is the naivity of those "outside". Sometimes
my pity is reversed <smile> If it wasn’t for
Leon and Noela it would be only to break
the system. And the reason I
have gotten angry with friends is because they think once a lawyer or human
rights org is involved, the battle is over. Please note:

 * the system
officers (Beamten etc) tell lies – surprise!

* so called
"helpers": social workers, "defence" lawyers and even those
pretending to work "voluntarily" help the system.

* instead of
DOING SOMETHING people write letters (better than nothing)

* people know
it’s all wrong but still pay tax to help it continue

* the queen
declares in British passports that she will "PROTECT" the holder –
the consulate assures me her government will NOT

* 25 times more
fathers are seperated from children in
Europe than mothers

how many men commit suicide every day in prison

* the state
attorney, judge and "defence lawyer"ensure that every day justice is
buried deeper

* Men are
"sold out" and told to betray their cell-mates to "free"

UNTIL PROVEN innocent – and then face a "test" without a chance of

(No one is set
free unless the state has a motive and the man is "on record".

* fear rules
; causing violations

* and so on

Me, I am called a
"crazy rebel" because I stand and oppose?

Today I had to
spend my prisoners hour "promenade" writing because they told me I
must wait another month.

The  ??? (Fleischmann) made an offer: if I accept
deportation I COULD go out next week. But I would be arrested if I try to visit
Freiburg in the future (Do you understand?)
And still they "threaten" to REVERSE the truth about Margit and her
thugs attack. I asked Clive to visit the gendarmerie, but….

 I have a dossier
at ECHR Strasbourg Ref 22923/05 but without media and public exposure even
"win" there won’t get my children back or stop my house being
possessed by bank or sold?

"my" life?

 A young man sits
crying in the cell next to me because his family blame him – people are so

EVERYONE outside
is to blame or is "responsible" for this mess.

Paradise or hell – it depends on your perspective.

Thank you for the
Liverpool reports and for your contact with
Clive, Angie and so on.

But don’t think
that any of your family are less or more important. If you ALL work as a team
it won’t only help me,but my children
and many many other children everywhere

KNOW!  But for now there
is one good reason for doing the right thing = simply because it IS the right
thing to do.

 "what we do
in life echoes in eternity" xxxxx Respect and love to all the family!



July 2005: Snail mail letter
to chris

 6 pages: copies
of his letter dated
28-06-05, typed sides 4, 2 sides typed out
handwriting: Chris wrote (snip, see above).

I added:

Jo answers:

I did send your
letter to Sabine Zanker (4 pages is all I got, although you asked for 5 pages
to copy and send to f.t.a.) at Fair Trials
Abroad 3rd Floor, Downstream
Building 1
London BridgeLondon SE1 9BG UK

 You are in our
thoughts many times. Clive and Angie
stated that they were sure that you got reading glasses and german stamps. They take care
for your house and will contact a lawyer to fight the selling of your house and
deportation. Your case is
published on Vaeter Aktuell and justice papa normandie.You are always
welcome in our house for a holiday or a (short) stay to discuss your future,
all possibilities, new strategy’s etc. Hope this helps,

Joke van loo, 49,
8191 XC  Wapenveld,

Angela Marchetti <angelus_furens_in_tenebre@yahoo.de> « Aan
adresboek toevoegen » « Af zender blokkeren »

avanloo@12move.nl  CC:  

Onderwerp:  Ant: Chris Smith Verzonden:  Tue, 5 Jul 2005 00:12:33 +0200n

Hey Jo, Thanks for your
mail.A pity I don´t have an own Computer.Yeah I
send him stamps, but it´s only allowed to send 10 stamps
every two weeks Chris said.I really hope he
comes out soon!!!

 Take care , Angie

 Subject:   blasts in London

From:   "Jo van Loo"

Date:   Fri, July 8,

To:   Sabine.Zanker@fairtrialsabroad.org

 Dear Sabine, I am in total
shock because of the horrific blasts in
London. All British people are in my
thoughts and prayers. My sincerest condolences for allvictims and their
families. I hope you, your
family, friends and the team of fair trials abroad are all well…

 With kind
regards, Jo van Loo


+ correspondence


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