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ChriS-tor-Y? Book 2 chapter 4 c ..defence to attack?

 ChriS-tor-Y? Book 2 chapter 4 c ..defence to attack?

when ONE is constantly attacked there seems to be so many things wrong …

past can even seem clearer on reflection…



RE: cvHSm 50801Re: Balgau50728CS-HM QUEEN reply not received (One


Fri, 5 Aug 2005 12:34:20 +0100






details for
Munich are as follows:






(00) (49) (89) 211 090


contact there is Mrs Christine Ruhstorfer who is the Vice Consul.  I

pass on your email to Mrs Ruhstorfer and ask her to send you a copy of

letter that was sent Lörrach.






Consulate General, Bockenheimer Landstrasse 42

Frankfurt, Germany



chris_H S M Celtville [mailto:manager@haasz-smith-management.org]

Monday, August 01, 2005 9:27 PM


Cc: chris@freedome.org; balgau;

cvHSm 50801Re: Balgau50728CS-HM QUEEN reply not received (One



mr Scales , this is the email address of an enterprise, please email

in future with such matters, I would liek the address

Munich , however, I would like a copy of the letter that was
sent to

, that i didnt receive, and a proper respoonse to my complaints

thank you





Dear Mr SmithThank you for copying your letter to me.  I understand

that my colleague Christine Townsend replied to you recently on this

subject giving you contact details for
Buckingham Palace and advising

you that because of the imminent closure of this Post you should

contact our Consulate-General in
Munich who have now taken over

Consular responsibility for Baden-Würtenberg. If you require those

contact details re-sending please let me know.Regards  Martin Scales

Consul/Management Officer,

British Consulate General, Bockenheimer Landstrasse 42

Frankfurt, Germany



>      —–Original Message—–

>      From: balgau

>      Sent: Thursday,
July 28, 2005
4:26 PM

>      To: Martin.Scales@fco.gov.uk

>      Cc: chris@freedome.org; christine

>      Subject: Balgau50728CS-HM QUEEN reply not
received (One

>      month)


>      "JVA Loerrach 28 June 05 HM QueenThe

>      HouseholdBuckingham PalaceLondonSW1A
1AATel: 0207 930

>      4832 Madame, Christopher Smith V
yourselves : Accusation of

>      Fraud I am writing to you  because it is my experience that

>      the declaration iniside the front cover
of the British

>      passport (apparently sanctioned by you)
is highly MISLEADING

>      at best; and FRAUDULENT at worst!
Christine Townsend of the

>      British Consulqte in Frankfurt informs me that YOUR

>      government does NOT need to protect
British Passport holders

>      from the German Government ? I beg to
differ, as in the

>      B.R.D ;;;;;;;;;;

I have been arrested without explanation (twice

refused access to a british lawyer

had my premises searched (twice) without warrant

been evicted during a search for no other reason than i was "suspect"

been refused access to my own evidence – taken from mly premises

denied telephone ; postage stampts or prompt contact with the Consulate

denied legal aid or my choice of representation

had 51 serious complaints against german officials  ignored

been seriously injured whilst "on remand"

suffered other damages to my person whilst kept a total of 18 months "on

>      I have had virtually all my human rights
violated ( as understood in the Council of

>      Europe convention and UN declaration of
1948) in a so called

>      "tolerant and democratic
society" that is trying to get a

>      permanent seat on the Un security
council? I could go on,

>      and on about the damage to my family life,
my home ,

>      property ; enterprise, and self; but
instead I simply ask

>      you to remove your declaration from ALL
British passports or

>      I shall take the appropriate action under

>      common (natural) law and the media to avoid
others being

>      fooled into believing they are
"safe" in what I mockingly

>      call "Germoney" Yours sincerely
Chris Smith" (then care of

>      JVA Loerrach ; now at
"CeltVille" 11 Grand Rue, F68600

Geiswasser (
Alsace France) email chris@freedome.org




Onderwerp:  congratulations

Verzonden:  Thu, 11 Aug 2005 16:39:54 +0200


Hi Chris,

congratulations with Liverpools victory in Sofia and with the birthday of

Leon. We hope that you managed to visit
him and that he and you are okay.

We posted a snail mail card to congratulate Leon with his birthday.


Fam van Loo


Van:   ChriSmith <chris@freedome.org> « Aan
adresboek toevoegen » « Af zender blokkeren »

Aan:   familie Van Loo <avanloo@12move.nl>


Onderwerp:  Re: congratulations

Verzonden:  Thu, 11 Aug 2005 20:48:23 +0100


Chris>thank you , I saw Leon for a few minutes, its too difficult
to talk about

at the moment, but at least i could kiss and hug him
for a few moments, but it

would still be good for you that u sent direct if you
can take the time..

(Leon c/o WeberStr 29 , D79232
March-Buchheim, BRD)

respect and love to all the family



> photos at



> > Angela Marchetti reporting for team@yafoy:

> >

> > Chris SMITH, a caring father from LIVERPOOL defies an ILLEGAL

DEPORTATION ORDER to visit his children held hostage
by German mother(s)


> >

> > * Tomorrow , 4 th August CHRIS will be
interviewed live on local

"FREE" radio, in Freiburg about the risks he regularly takes in
order to


try to see the children that previously lived with him
4 days a week,

CHRIS risks arrest every time he crosses the RHINE river into what he

refers as "german occupied europe"

> >

> > * In the 12 years CHRIS has lived in this
region, by the
Rhine river


on the French-German border, he has made no less than

complaints at the NEARBY European court of HUMAN

against German officials including judges, state
attorneys, lawyers,

police and social workers who have alledgedly assisted
the abduction of

the children by the mother(s)of the 2 kids (LEON , aged 9 next week and

NOELA, aged almost 4)

> >

> > * In MAY 2004  Chris and his daughter Noela were alledgedly

in the woods nearby the family home by 2
"heavies" employed by the

mothers ; CHRIS was injured and little NOELA abducted.
The local

(Alsace) Gendarmerie could not react fast
enough to stop NOELA being

taken over the nearby German (Rhine) border, the mother and child then

disappeared. somewhere in what Chris mockingly calls

> >

> > * THREE Months ago (MAY this year) On the
exact anniversary of the

above mentioned "brutal kidnapping"  (to quote) CHRIS was ARRESTED by

german police in Freiburg (Baden-Wuertembuerg) and spent 6
weeks of a 3

month order to DEPORT him in a german DETENTION CENTRE
("colditz" to

quote CHRIS) missing his birthday and the FAMOUS 25 th
May victory of

his team FC LIVERPOOL in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE final Istanbul)

> >

> > * However the concern of CHRIS is that he
discovered some alledgedly


perverted associations of the mother(s) with
sado-masochistic groups and


although the sympathetic French police sent the report
Freiburg state


attorney, they claim to be "powerless"
within the german judicial system


, the mother is still at large, (CHRIS claims that the
germans protect

"their own" no matter how vile)

> >

> > DURING his detention CHRIS received daily
correspodence from parents


with similar experience of children "held"
by germans with fathers, and

child-parent support groups from around the World
seeing him as a sort

of "focal" point for this increasingly
worrying problem of cross-border

abduction, particularly as there are over 10,000
children held by german


parents who exclude the estranged non-german parents
from the lives of

children, regardless wether the ESTRANGED parents have
custody rights or


not…CHRIS claims that the german state activiely
assist this by

"demonizing" non-german parents.

> >

> > The nead of the British Consulate (M
Scales?) was unaavailble for

comment with reference to a letter CHRIS wrote to H.M.
QUEEN and the

British Government recently (text below)

> >

> > end quote from CHRIS (live on FREE RADIO Dreyeck Land, Freiburg 16

hts 4th August)

> >

> > "People need to realise that it damages
the CHILD and SOCIETY when a


CARING parent and CHILD are seperated – the on – going
damage is

irrecoverable for all concerned and affects EVERY part
of society and

destroys the right of BOTH parents and most important
the CHILD to have

a real and NATURAL family life , even if that means
TWO homes, however I


will RISK all to protect my CHILDREN"

> >

> > END 50803

> > AM 4 team@yafoy.org

> >

> > footnote, apparently there are French
parliamentarians ,european

journalists etc interested yet the only party in Britain so far

interested may be BBC LIVERPOOL…?


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