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ChriS-tor-Y ? Book2 05 Chapter 4 b- “problems at home

during the summer of 05

The problems at home (CeltVille) mounted up whilst the germans distracted me…

correspondence ; (read the last one to the local gendarmerie – police)

D Instance = section Civile

Rue des Augustins


Colmar cedex


Celtville 13 07  2005


11 05 000394  A L ´attention de Madame
Paulette Kraemer


n ecire bien Francais


tried to visit you yesterday 12 July


was blocked by the german authorities from attending the court in
Colmar on either 25 may or 15 th June 05

understand that the matter was stopped by Mrs Grimm
, however my own COUNTER=claim for
Euros 10,000 has not been settled


I wish to do so, is it possible to continue my claim


ask you to remember that I have previously complained in my corresdondence that
you do not comply with the ECHR Strasbourg

Have a dossier claim no 22923/05 and i refer you to article 6 of the human
rights concvention: and there may also be a Tv and radio programme concerning
this general matter of human rights violations concerning myself.





Grand Rue, F68600 Geiswasser


F4J International
UK, USA & S Africa Justice = Papa Vater=Aktuell.de

LIVERPOOL  – WWW.freedome.org 



N.B.  I was battling to get justice as “they” tried
to force me out of the region;;




 Freedom  e 

11 Grand Rue ; F68600 Geiswasser


Mr  Jean-Jacques Dieudonne

CABINET de Maitre
Jean-Jacques DIEUDONNE

6,Rue Conseil Souverain

68600 Colmar



Balgau 19 07 2005

Dear Mr Dieudonne


Ref Chris Smith and others v your clients
O.Werck  and  Credit Mutuel Wettolsheim


The Meeting at your office (15hrs Yesterday?)
was cancelled as I do not wish to meet a) in your office b) without an
independent witness and c) without involvement of Mr Dany Shaffhauser (with
whom I conducted original negociations). 
Please be informed that I do not trust lawyers generally , certainly
NOT German lawyers, and Alsations may be of a similar mentality. 
Please note:


  1. I DON’T accept ridiculous interest rates of 16.4 % charged on the
    bank statements of the account 00013813140 (euros as I deny owing CM
    ANYTHING at all!
  2. I have delivered my accusations of Fraud to Mr Ciavaldini of the
    Gendamerie, Neuf Brisach and opposed your clients “notification” and
    “assignment”  alledgedly claimed
    against MY family home and the base of “F U” and the charity “Yafoy
  3. I have been invited make a docu-Film about my problems with
    discrimination etc in the “dreyeckland” and ask if you would agree to be
    filmed during our next meeting or if the film crew could spontaneously
    film you in your office?
  4. Your clients claim is NOT legally binding, an IMPARTIAL court would
    not allow it because it was false, for many reasons I wont help you with
    right now, however should you attempt to “hurry” this through a subsequent
    appeal WILL reverse the decision and I will win either at the ECHR
    Strasbourg (dossier N 22923/05) or via other international court WITH
    punitive damages to be added.
    amicable solution and bearing in mind your clients have cost me and my
    Company etc between 40-50,000 Euros. We propose to offer you a settlement
    of 120 fixed monthly payments of around 416 euros a month to clear this
    alledged debt via the company HSm (see


You have 10 days in which to reply or the offer
is withdrawn. Please DO NOT attempt any force as all attempts to STEAL the
property in question (and Mr Werck KNOWS that “steal” is the relevant word)
will be met by maximum resitance, demonstations and WIDESPREAD publicity!




Chris Smith


FU =
“Freedom e
Union” is a registered Union for the protection of  persons
“illegalised” by  unfair state

Tel  0033(0)3_723602                 balgau@haasz-smith-management.org

we do in life – Echoes in Etenity,  YNWA”



there were also the “ghosts of my past life” to face up to…



Dear Karen,


Ever Since getting back from London I have been
considering what to write to you , and yet I feel  that whatever I write will be wrong.


However I have to write to you.


I am sorry , sorry that I was such a  B****** 
In the time I was with Jacqui , sorry she didn’t come out here to live
in a healthier atmosphere, (even with me!) sorry I didn’t know about her latest
relapse, sorry that I feel so helpless now. And sorry that people must really
hate me not to even tell me she was buried ( the neighbour said it was on my
birthday; 23rd May )


Since I had the meningitis 10 years ago I have been
progressively working on myself doing my best to try to improve things about me
and (even if its sounds corny) the World in general. Equal rights ,
environmental issues ,  ant-war ,
refugees , kids, education you name it , I have had a “go” and got myself in a
heap full of sh*te in the process!


In fact I was detained on 19th May and held
until 9th July as I was waiting to have a picnic with my little girl
Noela, held for six weeks until deported to
London, with just 10
euros in my pocket. So what?


If it makes you feel any better I have paid dearly
since I moved to this region ;

Meningitis; both parents died ; Adam, Carole all gone
and now Jacqui. I had both kids snatched away; Noela violently last year; and
my relationships with women; well, you could say its all turned round exactly ;
now they cheat on me….


The only constant is my team Liverpool, and I could only watch
the final on TV because of the deportation process (which merely camouflaged a
conjured-up complaint by Noela s Mother to keep me away so she can get a new
guy to be “Pappy”


I love both my children deeply  and being separated from them long term is
enough pain but I cant grasp how I ever let Jacqui out of my life.


I know its weird to talk about this to you now; But it
comes back into my head the good times we had with the BBQ at
Wick Lane.
Jacqui and I siting out in the evening knocking back a few of the many wine
bottles and listening to Billy Joel. “Only the GOOD die young” may explain the
feeling I have today


Before I knew , I visited Sarah and we walked to Adam’s
bench at
Southchurch Park and talked a lot, and she mentioned the time I took her to your parents
in Wickford with Adam, and mucked around in the garden with Pete and Joan, it
chokes me up now.


Karen, if you don’t want to see me I will understand,
but I know Sarah wanted some of the family pictures Jacqui had and I too have
none here although I still kept my favourite photo of Jacqui on the wall, still
have it.  I would appreciate hearing from
you, and the chance to talk to you sometime, but let Sarah know.  Recent events reminded me just how much I
miss a family and someone to share. YOU had that at least in Jacqui.  I wish she had told me that she wanted kids
(although in those days I might not have listened) I don’t regret my kids; any
of them ; Adam,
Sarah, Leon nor Noela but I suppose that why I am hurting now, “bad karma” or


I don’t know what I can do, if I can help sort
anything out I will try to get over as soon as I can. IF YOU WANT me to.


Take care of you and yours




Chris Smith


11 Grand Rue





De: "chris"

"Olivier Renault" <olivierrenault@t-online.de>

<gs5555@aol.com>; "JPPN NDG" <jppn.ndg@wanadoo.fr>;
"balgau"; "tsochart@vaeter-aktuell.de"; "michael
Volschow"; "team"

Re: 50725B Re: 50724B Chris-Olivier Renault Re: Urgent

lundi 25 juillet 2005




I am grateful that you contacted Loerrach (JVA – Mr Suetterlin) it helped BUT ,
I did ask him at the time to ask YOU to explain your "role" in
writing , you didnt write to me in JVA , and now you seem CONFUSED? do you
understand my caution?


that contacted the "officials" got a different story, I was arrested
for what ?  a "Geldstrafe? " or
"deportation" or a complaint by the mother?

recent info go to



the older story


(click on "world peoples court")


you want an interview then propose a date ; at MY address , but hurry because I
intend talking with BBC and other medias TV and radio,  IF you are "collaborating" (spying
for the germans) then dont bother contacting me, I dont have any knowledge of
you , i suggest you contact Stephane Hervy of Justice Papa or Thos Sochart of
vaeter-aktuell.de because I am planning a meeting on 4th August and want to
combine radio and Tv interviews then


when I was in u-haft-deportation I experience many tricks , the germans use
other prisoners to get stories, they even use priests and "social
workers" too


you are a GOOD "investigative journalist" how come you have survived
in "germoney" they simply dont allow people to stay who contactly
expose their "system" (a comination of malice and incompetence)


is NO "medizinische oder psychologische Gutachten " but I have enough
files full of complaints against the german officials;  judges, mayors; lawyers (state and
"defence") police and social workers to fill a car boot!


seems you want "minute detail" and I cant imagine how that will work
in an interview , so I am looking for someone who wants to turn this (not only
my situation but the situation of germans mothers stealing the offspring of
non-german fathers , with STATE assistance) into some sort of "Docu-film"
……..are you interested in that or not?




is a brief report of recent events ; if you want MORE you will have to be more
HONEST with me.


"balgau" < balgau@haasz-smith-management.org >, I have access
to this email address from time to time  ,
and please cc chris@freedome.org

post I send to him is being interfered with………..and my snailmail is
taking about an extra week or two to arrive (i have just complained at the Post
Office ….so "Mr Paranoia " has real concerns…?


 as I am not yet "wired" at home ;
the guy who stayed there didnt pay the electric bill ;  whilst i did my latest bit of
german-windmill-bashing (don quixote, ha ha) 
trying to find my sense of humour , it must be somewhere in this
stinking mess they left me with


postcard version of what happened


 ; 13 months ago Margit & 2 thugs snatched
mylittle girl Noela (now 3 1/2) ….and disappeared over the german border (i
am 5 kms from the
Rhine Bridge, I complained at the local
gendarmerie but whilst sympathetic they said they could only send my dossier to
the "staatsanwalt" in
Freiburg (baden wurtembuerg, “germoney”)  ….and asked me to be patient ,


  after 6 months I got fed up with waiting for
nothing to happen and started putting pressure on Margit via Internet;using  kidnap posters and threatened to lodge a
formal complaint via Mulhouse (where  I
stayed there last winter with)


 anyway margit conceded a bit (or so it seemed)
when I suggested that I meet Noela with her in a swimming pool , to stop Margit
using the excuse that I could do the same as she did ( snatching Noela back)


 ….this went on reasonably well; considering
I was controlling my temper sitting next to Margit in the swimming pool for the
sake of Noela….until I proposed a change with the sunny weather…


 on 19 th may (I had planned a cheap holiday
the following week to celebrate my birthday on 23 may and THE final on 25 may )
I had prepared a picnic at a Freiburg kiddies playground for Noela , and whilst
waiting 6 or 7 plain clothes police arrested me, just like that without
explanation ( obviously set up by margit) ….





rdl_fr 50805-o6 Ciavaldini


Gendarme Ciavaldini, Neuf Brisach


This is
NOT a complaint, it is reflection , observation and comments


When I
installed the generator at my home the whole village didnt hear, because they
were occupied at the summer festival , all weekend, and the noise from the
event could be heard several kms awaz, at 03-04 hrs in the morning, I did not
complaint, but I wonder if I had , would they have to stop at 21 hrs?


When I
moved to Geiswasser , I invited all neighbours to my parties ,I had many
different guests , with different cultures and up to 15 different nationalities
once a month in first year, the Serna family came too!


I helped
with their house, and taught Mrs Serna some english, (for "free
meals" ) and they also invited me to some of their parties, BUT when their
house was finished , they became like 
"snobs" and criticised my house etc,


I am sure
Mrs Serna helped Margit Streifeneder when Noela was abducted by informing where
and when I was walking in the woods with Noela on 19 May 04, because all my
visitors tell me that she controls all visits by them , and I know she checks
me, whenever I leave or arrive!


On the
other side, my previous Neighbour Jean Marc was very friendly, and relaxed, BUT
when he left Redelsperger came, and immediately cut my vine without discussion,
not socially developed, germanic mentality, and talked to me like I am a dog!
(and told me he knew i was in prison,(this incorrect because, in fact
"U-Haft" is investigation, not prison!)


bikes and cars and trucks go through this village at up to 100 km per hour past
my house, (inc the "marie-NOT-idiots") I fear for children, even
though my own are not here, because i told the Mayor one day there could be an


workers at at
7 am ? and dogs bark at all hours of day or night, The
faming generators amd machines used all night can be heard clearly in my home
and all over the village. but who complains?



No one
offered me help or sympathy when Noela was abducted, no one cared about how I
felt, just dis-connected me, and froze me out of their community…


I bought
this house for my family , when mother didnt come so i have had to survive on
my pension fund…I have done so, but i dont need more pressure from the
community. its ok but when Serna built his house during last 3 years they
often  woke me up saturday or sunday at
08 hrs, BUT I didnt complain!


people opposite NEVER said hello or even looked at me or my guests in 3 years!


when my
team came second in the summer football festival in Geiswasser in 2002, they
didnt allow us to play again!


big enough to shake my house and rubbish vans come past at 05 hrs !!!! (for
example 4th August)



I invited
everyone in village to an open day, but no one came  and told the neighbours about my history,
meningitis etc , but they still look to see if i make a problem, and if i don’t,
they invent them!


The Mayor
and Redelsperger poison my roses, vines and nutbushes but no one cares about
anything  if I complain in the last 2
years about bad treatment and wrong invoices for water, refuse or electricity
etc, they just steal the money from my bank anyway and ignore my valid  opposition.. BUT, if the neighbour or  mayor complains the police and prosecutor
acts within 24 hrs


only had
such problems in the "drey eck land" and not in 2/3 of the world i


Now I
plan to make enterprise and language seminars in balgau and vosges , see http://www.haasz-smith-management.org  after 10 years of helping people with
volunteer , benevolent and charity work, i stay here to fight for my kids but
the "rumour-mongers" try to destroy all…


I dont
want or need sympathy, just to be treated fairly and honestly (where is the
LIBERTY EQUALITY and FRATERNITY in this community?


I hope
you understand thats all I expect from you too!




11 Grand




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