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ChriS-tor-Y?-book2 05 chapter E -through wind & rain

ChriS-tor-Y? Book2 05 Chapter 5..through wind & rain…

(rain = rechtsanwaltIN)

is the toad behind a lot of this …he is the head state attorney and
when you consider that this "man" violates my rights and even his own
states laws openly then maybe you will understand why they did what
they did to me ; to us, and someday maybe TO YOU?



August 05                              
AZ 200 Js 16387/04


have TODAY received a number of letters INTERFERED WITH BY YOU, before, during
and after YOUR ILLEGAL „Deportation“ of myself to London, and other criminal
acts by you and other officials ,judges, and „beamte“


1.       Why didnt you send this
post DIRECTLY to my address in Geiswasser, which YOU have ON RECORD?


2.       YOU deliberately DELAYED
my receipt of this VITAL correspondence by sending it via A. Scharfenberg, who
is and was NOT instucted by me, as you KNOW (knew)


3.       YOU have deliberately
delayed the INVESTIGATION of YOUR illegal and corrupt activity of you and your
colleagues, the police and judiiciary


4.        YOU have opened CONFIDENTIAL correspondence.


5.         YOU have identified yourself as my adversary
and the enemy of fair and honest public service, you are the person responsible,
you are a disgrace!



e Union Org.


Grand Rue,

Geiswasser          email




and the pressure to force me out goes
on…and on…



Subject: [Fwd: 50818cv-HSm Cs-Uem votre ref D/BD002689
0200 B]

Date: Thu, 18 Aug 2005 18:22:37 +0100

> TO R. van Loo 
– Director, HSm            cc
UEM  – Mr. Moll

> cc (FU org etc)


Dear Robin,

Sorry that your time was WASTED during TWO visits to
UEM at Neuf Brisach , I

DONT feel you should employ UEM at 11 Grand Rue for
the electricity, continue

with private energy, fuel or Solar Generator…


a) because UEM (Moll) 
ignored your fax

b) They dont charge correct invoices

c) They insisted that A. Marchetti came to their
office, then they wanted to

have the company stamp (which wehad with us today)

d) Then we presented with the original company
certificate , which they

copied, and then denied they copied

e) Then they refer to a different manager, Moll, then
to the Tresorie

f) they sent out invoices for abon. AFTER CUTTING the
power, and the tres.

sends claims for invoices I never received!

g) now its handed to "Mrs Bad" to continue
this silly game…

h) Now its the Chamber of commerce

i) It is NOT necessary any more , they live in the
past, HSm is an EU

registered company , it doesnt have to register every
time it makes business

or activity in one or other part of Europe, (otherwise we would have to employ

10 people just to do that in 25 EU states!)


In my opinion this is just another example of the
incompetence / rascist

mentality in this "dreyeckland" they just
dont want to help "etrangers" and I

am sure thay will find a new "excuse" each
time we play their "game"


Chris Smith


Nous avons ecrire une facimile concerne le contrat
d’energie 11 Grand

Rue , Geiswasser ( votre ref D/BD002689 0200 B)


51003cv-FUCS Re: 50928cv-CS Re: CLAIM v. Christelle FADY-GRIMM

Mon, 03 Oct 2005 16:47:30 +0100

ChriSmith <chris@freedome.org>

WorldChilkd-FU "For the Childrens Sake"

ChriSmith <chris@freedome.org>

isabelle <isabelle.chassagnon@edf.fr>


etes informer que je sera presente ma plainte contre Mme

FADY – GRIMM a la TRIBUNAL Jeudi 6 Octobre 05

total    8350.39

+          628.40 (yafoy- concert)



(contribution to rent at M-ouse)


Total  euros 8878.79


do not respond to my messages)

Smith (and on behalf of B-S Ltd/FU/Yafoy.org)




Chris>If I do not hear from you I shall go to court wednesday , or I

will visit you at your office in
Mulhouse *16 hrs 28 Sept?


H&J Associes wrote:


>  answer to email dated from 9 08
05Mr Nicolas JANDER is currently on

> holidays until 29 08 05.Be sure he will tell you more about this case

> as soon as he will be back.Sincerely,H & J ASSOCIES, 1 rue Magenta

> 68100 MULHOUSEhjassocies@free.fr


didn’t bother persue it – even though It would have helped the charity
fund  – I just got sick of all the



the politians pay “lip service” but
only if it helps their career… (I am too “hot” though?)


Chris> Hello Marc,

I am not sure what info you want , I
can send you an "info pack" if you

want BUT I would like to know from
Evelyne GEBHARDT herself what she can



because the problem is

a) The mentality of many german women
today ,

b) The political/"justice"
system in what i call "Germoney" (especially

in south/west) is incompetent/CORRUPT

isnt Evelyne a
german-female-politician?……..hmmmm, unlikely she will

attack them is it , Marc??



Both my children ;

Leon Robin Chris (Hartmann-Smith) born

Noela Samain Karen Eleizabeth Teresa
SMITH born 28.11.01

were cared fioor by me , fed, cleaned,
provided accomodation , and LOVED

until 30 months


they are held "hostage" in
the BRD , and I am told I will be arrested if

I try to visit them, or even
enter  german occupied territory


My address


11, Grand Rue

F68600 Geiswasser ( Alsace, FRANCE)


My son LEON was Snatched from my home
by his german mother (Annika Hartmann) and her boyfriend (W.
Shubart) on 2.08.02

My little girl; NOELA was KIDNAPPED
after we were ambushed in the woods near my home , by his german mother ;
Margit Streifeneder and two men (one identified as a hired THUG ;
Sam-Japhet Kanziger, who attacked me, and held me on the floor) on 19 May 04
(at the time Noela had lived 4days per week with ME!)


Neither the French nor German state
attorney or police have acted against the mothers or their
accomplices, on the contrary, In the

have spent a totsl of 18 months in "U-Haft" as a result of complaining and trying to see my
children, the last time on 19th May 05

I was arrested whilst waiting to meet
the mother and NOELA and "deported" to
London (although I live in Alsace) after 6 weeks delay

(which only stopped when a jounalist
conacted the detention centre)


I am not married to either mother, but
there is no question that I am the natural father, however, dispite
51 complaints at ECHR;

(all ignored because of german
"political" interference)  I
perceive only opposition in the political world
to thuis problem, for this reason

I am active for a people
"union" to change public awareness, and may be nominated soon as "international
co-ordinator" for a French organisation

striving for parental parity (although
equality is clearly stated as a SIMPLE right in the UN and Council of
Europe HR conventions; no

government has fully ratified these
right! and that is a disgrace to humanity!)


I feel now l the only recourse is
confrontation and public demonstrations, and local/global media
exposure of the culprits, and

their accomplices , including Herr
Villwock, (Oberstaatsanwalt, freiburg in Breisgau, BRD) who has also clearly
violated my rights . and to

co-operate with other parents
worldwide with the same problems as I, to obtain a change in society and REAL
equality of parentale/child



I am grateful that the French "Justice Pa Pa" and other human/family rights organisations have supported me
, or I may have not survived,

although I have lost income, career,
reputation, home and most importantly FAMILY during this time!


Chris Smith


cc: JPPN and others


GEBHARDT Evelyne wrote:


> Dear Mr. Smith,


> we received the underneath listed
letter about your case of child abduction in copy.

> Yet, unfortuneatly we do not
know  anything about this case.

> Therefore I would like to ask, if
you could send me some more information about it

> to check, if we could support you
in any way.


> Best Regards


> Marc Lemanczyk


Evelyne Gebhardt, MdEP

Europäisches Parlament

Rue Wiertz

> B – 1047 Brüssel

> Tel.: 0032-2-2847466

> Fax: 0032-2-2849466

> egebhardt@europarl.eu.int

> http://www.gebhardt-mdep.de


> —–Original Message—–

> From: ChriSmith

> Sent: 17 August 2005 18:56

> Subject: 508017cv_CS-FU – father
risks arrest visiting children


> to: All media contacts >


and…as THE GERMAN STATE CLAIMS “OWNERSHIP” of my children –
maybe THEY should pay ME for caring for them…?


-(its not my aim, but to prove a point that all the german, and most other governments care about is MONEY)






Leon Chris Robin SMITH (alias Hartmann)  born 
11 08.96


Noela Samain Karen Eliz. Teresa SMITH (alias
Streifeneder) born 29.11.01


CHILD CARE amd ancillary costs*


Leon August 96 -> August 02 ,  72 months @ e 500 = Euros 3600


Noela November 01 -> May
04 36
months @ e 500 = Euros 1800


Total : 
Euros  5,400



*excluding criminal charges of abduction and THEFT of
offspring against

both mothers to be dealt with at the international
court at a later



Chris Smith

Freedom e Union / Justice Pa Pa (Parental Parity)


11, Grand Rue

F68600 Geiswasser 
email chris@freedome.


then …


they been “stung” by this “risk” of financial claim?… I had been regularly
visiting the radio station and irish pub ( meeting point for ex-pats) in
Freiburg, ans on the 2§th October I went looking for Noela, and asked a
neighbour if Noela was “ok” – she told me that Margit keeps her inside all the
time, and was very angry last time she know that I had obtained any “info” from
her, so asked me not to ask again, I went to the kindergarten but they had
hired a young “bodyguard” who confronted me with the head teacher , I asked her
why she could not even pass a present to Noela, and she told me that I “had no
rights “ – I said to her “you are a religious woman, yet you treat me without
humanity” … before going back to Geiswasser I decided to call into the irish
pub to watch Liverpool play on tv with some of the ex-pats – Margit must have
informed the police, IN the middle of the game, In a CROWDED pub – a plain
clothed “bizzie” came up to me – “Mr SMITH” ..you must come with us, there were
3 or 4 officers behind him, I thought about “resistance” and wondered how many
“friends” would help me? Then I thought “ok , remember Ghandi – every time they
arrest you, they invite you inside – and that’s where so much work can be done

cont/// (i hope)



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