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ChriS tor Y? bk 2 05/06 deja vu -3 month

05/06 deja vu Chapter
2 -…..3 month report (tennenbacher strasse)


answer to Jo’ s enquiry…


Hi Angie,

Was Chris Smith deported on 1 Dec 2005 to London or not? Clive Taylor and
stephane Hervy (Justice papa) were thinking that he was deported earlier, around
22, 23 November.
We did get a phone call from England last Sunday, and an English lady,
Joyce, told us that she got a letter from Chris that he was still in JVA in
Freiburg, Tennenbachstrasse, and he asked
her in this letter to call us and to ask us if we could write to him. We posted
a snail mail card same day, but I
wonder if he gets it, whether he is still there, or maybe deported elsewhere in
the mean time?
I have the impression that his deportation was delayed, but I am not sure. It
could have been an old letter, that Joyce got.

Have you any idea what happened when?

When you are in contact with Chris, please give him our greetings, we didn’t
send him snail mail before, because we thought that it wouldn’t reach him, that
he would be deported before our snail mail would arrive in Freiburg JVA.

Do you know where he is now? And how long he will stay there? We would like
to write him when we are sure that we have the correct mail address.

family van Loo
the Netherlands




Onderwerp; letter
from Chris Smith, JVA Freiburg

Letter from   Chris Smith, written on 25.01.06

received by
family Van Loo in the   Netherlands on 9
February 2006



25.10.05 to 25.01.06

(5   months false imprisonment)

25.10.05 ? At Irish pub,   Freiburg after
spending the day trying to obtain info. About Noela’s  condition from the kindergarten and mother’s


deliberately to have maximum damage to public reputation

and social   relations (as in May 05 at Kinder


 5 or 6 officers violent and degrading arrest.

– 14 hours
(overnight) in   police station, Freiburg
? kept awake without food

then interrogated
by   arrogant feminist-biased policewoman
(detective Mohl-?)

attempted to   discredit my accusations against Margit S.
and her accomplices ambush and abduction of Noela (May 2004)

(note state
attorney uses file ref from 2004 =   200
Js 16387/04


– Next 10 days in
Schubzelle (transit cell)  no phone,  post delayed, 23 hours in (shared) single
cell! No view ? no contact to  consulate.

– No charges ? 31
October applied to release to Amtsgericht? and  
made complaint<br />

(Beschwerde ? V REF 27 Gs 1746/05)

3.11.05   Surprise hearing? with female
"Judge" (Dr. Stuckrath) who again presented ridiculously insulting
accusations from Margit and accomplice that I  
previously rejected June ’05 in L0rrach

(REF AR21 81/05 +
27 Gs   784/05!)

Ignored my
complaint 19 May 2004 in Alsace (copied to Freiburg!)

me to co-operate with german lawyer ref. "custody"

I agreed if
released "judge"decided to "release"me!

– 11.11.05   hauled from exercise yard
("Hofgang") without warning


( now resident
in  "Alt-Bau", JVA Freiburg; –
Open toilets ? bad conditions) "Abschiebung" hearing (REF: 14 XIV
68/05) ? No chance to   defend.


Ertelt told me I will be "deported" to England ? London   (again) on 1.12.05 although I live only 30
kms away.

immediately  objected against deportation
on previous grounds ;

Violation of various
human   rights: discrimination/family
life as my complaint REF 99523/05 at 
E.C.H.R. Strasbourg! (The deportation is based on a fraud)


– 18.11.05
stupid  letter
from"Ausllaenderamt" (foreign office)

– rejected (in
English!) my complaint


– 24.11.05   (one week before "deportation") I
am informed that (on   18.11.05)
"Oberstaatsanwalt Villwock" (Chief State atorney)

opposed my
"deportation" and wants me transferred 25.11.05 to

– Complaint:
Chris   Smith, Noela and Leon versus
Villwock (malicious damage and destruction of  
family life)

– Complaint
against "Beschluss" Landgericht (3Qs  

and violations of human rights ( E.U. Law  

– Applied to
transfer all above matters to tribunal, Colmar (as  relevant "events" occurred in
Geiswasser (Alsace)!)


28.11.05 ?   Complaint against decision
"Beschluss" (continued "Abschiebhaft")at   Landgericht REF 4T 301/05 = obviously


1.12.05 – Claim
"Judges"Ertelt/Stuckrath " damage to family life! Risk to
house and belongings.


5.12.05 –
complaint to Dr. Stukrath (explaining mistakes of court


– complaints concerning interference/  
delay or confiscation of my correspondence (non-arrival)


Refused to
give   my authority to Villwock to
control my post!


2.1.06 Informed
of "Haftprufung"   (why REF
784/05?) to be held 13.1.06 in reply to my application   23.12.05 (also considered using German
"Pflichtverteidiger" for "Haftprufung"   if he makes a complaint versus Villwock.)


3.1.06 –
violation of data  protection by

6.1.06 – received
"decision"of  Oberlandesgericht
(regional court)

Karlsruhe and
complained  violation of human rights

  refused to transfer to Colmar etc.


11.1.06 –
Stukrath(?) cancelled my "Haftprufung" (because of my complaints?????
("punished for complaining")

– Complained
again – asking for   (English)
clarification of my "status"

– Confusion
(deliberate?) caused by  delay and change
of dossier REF<("Aktenzeichen" AR 21 8/05 and 27 Gs   784/05 and 27 Gs 1746/05 = same) = 200 Js

– Complaint
to  Auslanderamt Freiburg  Herr Ritter REF 32.41.1 (violation of
E.C.H.R.  Article 14 prohibition of


17.1.06 -new
complaint against Villwock – violation of articles:

– 6: rights to a
fair and public hearing  within
reasonable time by

independent and
impartial tribunal:

– 8:   everyone’s right to respect for
private/family life, home  and


– 14 (see above)


provisional claim   for compensation v.
Margit etc: child care of Noela:prenatal care of   Margit: loans etc to Margit/family
Streifeneder (fraud?) if Margit insists 
via her lawyer Degay-Inhofer of Gundelfingen that Noela is not my   daughter.


23.1.06 Letter to
Stuckrath (Amtsgericht) – I have not engaged  

(defender) …(including time @ Lorrach) = 7 months without
"Haftprufung" – imprisoning me  
instead of Margit. Placing<Noela in danger! Violations and mistakes
by courts   and Staatsanwaltschaft insult
my dignity and my intelligence with "toilet   paper"




The german state
is simply more ?subtle? than 70   years
ago: children’s rights / and human rights are violated daily by   unfair/incompetent system. I am still
separated from my children inside or outside of prison (Note!)


None of the
"charges" would be valid outside of 
german jurisdiction.

My family life;
children, home, career, privacy, charity 
work and property is damaged daily.



Chris Smith


Press Release 13.1.06

German state  enables "legalised theft" of


The germans have
a shortage of children ? is here a deliberate plan to "steal"

A father of   Liverpool is imprisoned whilst both his
children Leon (9) and Noela (4) are systematically separated from him. He
claims a conspiracy is evident!


That his son,
Leon; "disappeared" with the mother (Annika   Hartmann) when Chris arrived to collect Leon
from the mothers apartment in  
Wasenweiler 7 years ago at which time custody was voluntarily shared.


Soon  afterwards Chris Smith was arrested and kept
"on remand" by what   Chris
described as "Bogus charges" for a period of 16 months until December   2000.


During this time
Chris was refused contact with his son (even via   phone) In 2002 Leon?s mother refused to let
him spend his 6th birthday with   Chris
and because Chris complained he has only been able to spend a TOTAL of  30 minutes with Leon since then.


Chris: "When
I was with Leon alone, he plays, he laughs and hugs me, but when his mother
approaches he seems afraid to be seen close to me"


Despite these
problems and despite the death of his adult son (Adam) in 1999 which Chris
claims was an indirect result of Adam’s 
mother’s neglect and Chris’s own absence through business, Chris
tried  again to start a family.


He has a little
girl Noela (4) with another german woman (Margit Streifeneder) who having seen
the problems of previous relationships allegedly promised Chris "you are a
good father and a good man,   I would
never do the same to you as Annika did, if we have children" –

According to
Chris she did worse!


When Noela was 30
months old and was living 4 days and nights a week with Chris in Alsace
(France) Margit organised an ambush of Chris and Noela in the forest near  their home in Alsace and
"disappeared" over the nearby german border -aided by 2 hired men,
with what Chris claims are "dubious"connections.


Chris claims that
he has done everything (legally) possible to maintain

contact with his
children but has been obstructed by the mothers, who Chris claims have
constantly lied to the police and authorities to   camouflage their own crimes and selfish
intent and to stop themselves being 
punished by non-german courts.


Chris on the
other hand has been held a further five months in detention at the time of

(N.B. State
attorney Villwock and "Judges" Ertelt and Stueckrath unavailable for


Call to non
violent action Brothers and comrades of human rights and children’s rights,
activists andorganisation and individuals who care:


No more talk
& meetings etc. I refer you to the communications   after my "release" (deportation)
in July ’05 I call for consequent action – provide/offer your children love,
care, accommodation, meals,   clothes and

– don’t give bad
mothers a cent!<br />

– don’t pay
bad   courts or governments a cent<br

– be a good

– fight with
human rights/childrens rights

Don’t lose
yourself in "their" laws. Risk prison ?   you owe yourself to your children’s world –
now and in the future

Chris Smith ;
Freedom e Union / Justice PaPa




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