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ChriS-tor-Y?-book2-05/06-(deja vu) chapters 1-4

ChriS-tor-Y?-book2-05/06-(deja vu) ch1-4


October 26 05


chapter one…violations became almost normal now for "Don
Quixote Smith"


It was a different atmosphere to these "
chapters" of my story, the frustration of the human race and the apathy of
people made me ,more insular..the same old routine, the arrest, the "mind
games" by the police, keeping me without food or water the first 24hrs to
"soften me" ..the (illegal) transit cell, where I would be
"waiting" …different "info" maybe deported, maybe in
"strafhaft" as I had NOT paid for the "non-registration
penalty" in Bavaria – as THEY chose to deport me when it looked like the
media were going to interview me in Loerrach – see previous chapters..


my "family home" (CeltVille) in geiswasser,
alsace, at risk – the timing was excellent,
against me! …I had been invited to appear on "ARTE" TV in the
november 05, and I had a flight to Liverpoool to set up a creative network for
kids of all ages to exchange and develop alternative (non-system) projects.


Liverpool lost
the game that I was watching when they hauled me out, the public in
"O’kellys" hardly noticed when I shouted "freedom" (al la
Mandela) as the gestapo hauled me out …ironic that the REDS went on an  amazing unbeaten run, not even conceding a
goal for 11 games, playing the world club championship and going to the top
whilst I had no way of seeing them, their results or even reports other than on
the text of other in mates TV.


So THIS time the
"legal game" was different – I had one "island" ; Frau
saurer, the social worker who I had taught english during our meetings in
1999/2000 was "in service" – I got a note to her, but she wasn’t
"responsible" for me….a younger and "harder" woman,
obviously conditioned well by the beamte how to pretend to "help" the
inmates whilst doing their job of gathering info against those detained…how
naive people are, inside and out…


had no visitors – and it took several months for "regular contact"
with NGO’s or "friends" ..The sh*te waited until the
"penalty" (about 40 days) was "paid" then played with my
head -even issuing a "deportation order" with flight details etc to
London (again) before at the "last minute" deciding to charge ME with
the ridiculous "GBH" claims against the thug that ambushed us and
helped M kidnap Noela…if this WAS fiction, no one would believe it, but real
life is full of it, most people dont want to admit that they contribute to a
completel;y corrupt and simply WRONG society..the following notes are exchanges
and stuff that was recorded thereafter…


to Joyce (who I was planning the creative networld in Liverpool with) and
Stephane of "Justice papa" being their european co-ordinator I had
recently visited him near Le Havre with Angie. I had teken Angie , for a treat
to Paris on her birthday, and Liverpool, to get her "gigs" where we
met Joyce and her "group" of students at the "Cavern"…


Stephane1-4 :

051105 Stephane 1.pdf 051105 Stephane 2.pdf 051105 Stephane 3.pdf 051105 Stephane 4.pdf


Her/Him to further the "info" to Jo, Angie , Clive (whose motives
later became questionable) and even "fair trials abroad" as I
reasoned that even they might make this "high profile" as I wsa
getting known to the "mainstream"..


letter of opposition to "Dr. Stuckrath/Judge Ertelt" as I had already
lodged an APPEAL within days of arrest 

051105 Stephane 5.pdf


Sansitre ;


Complaint to the European court of human rights..ha ha , what a joke!


between me and Stephane.(051105).and.lettre 1= 2pages

051105 Stephane 5.pdf


was concerned, it being winter, about losing my home, and the contents –
digital Tv, massive music collection, clothes, classic furniture I had since 20
years…who would help…and who would exploit? (see also the letter to
Colmar prosecutor Calvano)  I was more concerned that I would miss Noela’s
4th birthday..and in hope (over experience) I had asked a swedish
"friend" (Mats) to mediate between margit and myself, despite her
constant betrayals..of me and Noela…




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