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ChriS-toY? Bk2 06-(déjà vu) Chapter 5

ChriS-toY? Bk2 06-(déjà vu)  Chapter 5


REST of 06…



estate agent "Lemeunier" of Colmar was like a vulture, The new german
neighbours had ruined my vines, contents stolen, house ruined…He knew I didnt
have the resources..(or inclination) to renovate the home that I had worked so
hard on, it was in bad condition in 2001 now 5 years later after repoairing and
renovating , installing a generator and making a patio and flower/veggie
gardens out of a "rubbish dump"…it was once more in a bad state..


should have been the home of Leon, Noela and me…some vivid memories of
playing footy in the garden with Leon,and planting seeds with Noela.stayed with
me BUT, FAR too much pain,

I thought about friends like Daby and the fantastic party in 03…

and although his offer was much lower than the best
I could have hung on for, a virtual "forced sale" it meant that at
least I wouldnt spend the next 6 months fighting the corrupt bankers..I was
just too tired..


had made this complaint though…I wasn’t going to surrender..


"Subject: 60411W SCANDAL at Credit Mutuel (MEDIA ALERT)

« Freedom e Union »

11 Grand Rue ; F68600 Geiswasser

Mr Jean-Jacques Dieudonne

de Maitre Jean-Jacques DIEUDONNE

6,Rue Conseil Souverain

68600 Colmar


19 07 2005

Dear Mr Dieudonne

Ref Chris Smith and others v your clients O.Werck and Credit Mutuel

The Meeting at your office (15hrs Yesterday?) was cancelled as I do not
wish to meet a) in your office b) without an independent witness and c) without
involvement of Mr Dany Shaffhauser (with whom I conducted original
negociations). Please be informed that I do not trust lawyers generally ,
certainly NOT German lawyers, and Alsations may be of a similar mentality.
Please note:

I DON’T accept
ridiculous interest rates of 16.4 % charged on the bank statements of the
account 00013813140 (euros as I deny owing CM ANYTHING at all!

I have delivered my
accusations of Fraud to Mr Ciavaldini of the Gendamerie, Neuf Brisach and
opposed your clients “notification” and “assignment” alledgedly claimed against
MY family home and the base of “F U” and the charity “Yafoy Association”

I have been invited
make a docu-Film about my problems with discrimination etc in the “dreyeckland”
and ask if you would agree to be filmed during our next meeting or if the film
crew could spontaneously film you in your office?

Your clients claim
is NOT legally binding, an IMPARTIAL court would not allow it because it was
false, for many reasons I wont help you with right now, however should you
attempt to “hurry” this through a subsequent appeal WILL reverse the decision
and I will win either at the ECHR Strasbourg (dossier N 22923/05) or via other
international court WITH punitive damages to be added.

However as THE
INTENTION OF THIS COMMUNICATION IS TO REACH an amicable solution and bearing in
mind your clients have cost me and my Company etc between 40-50,000 Euros. We
propose to offer you a settlement of 120 fixed monthly payments of around 416
euros a month to clear this alledged debt via the company HSm (see www.haasz-smith-management.org)

You have 10 days in which to reply or the offer is withdrawn. Please DO
NOT attempt any force as all attempts to STEAL the property in question (and Mr
Werck KNOWS that “steal” is the relevant word) will be met by maximum
resitance, demonstations and WIDESPREAD publicity!


Chris Smith

FU = “Freedom e Union” is a
registered Union for the protection of persons “illegalised” by unfair state

Tel 0033(0)3_723602 balgau@haasz-smith-management.org

”What we do in life – Echoes
in Etenity, YNWA”



I allowed Le Meunier to start the "sale" proceedings…this
"home-office".."CeltVille" had been an "Alamo"
against the "evil empire" eventually falling but had been my home
since 5 years (apart from the german "inquisitions") my "family
home" some fantastic parties..(one time at least 15 different
nationalities) a "refuge" for Algerian Marco, Kiwi "Momo"
and Swiss "sean"…and other people "sans papier"..ans some


where were (ARE?) my BEST belongings, souvenirs, clothes furniture and other
things…no one knew..no-one cared, and I felt Clive was "strange" I
could have stayed and searched ..but JO’s invitation to spend the next couple
of months at Wapenveld near Zwolle, and have a "family feeling"
around me..was too good to miss…


loaded up the little polo that I bought with what little cash I had spare from
Clive , with whatever of my remaining belongings "worth saving" and
Spent the next couple of months or so with the Vanloo family


from a trip over the channel, to visit the separated Sarah and Steve, she had
left him, and we watched the (“Garrard”)FA CUP final together;

I tried to reason with
Karen; but an “essex boy” lawyer had twisted her head agains me..I wanted the
family photos and stuff that Jacqui (her sister) had kept; SHE wanted me to
give her the proceeds from an insurance policy from when we were married, I
might have done, IF she hadn’t acted like such a hard-case b*tch – and used the
lawyer to hide from personal contact; all I wanted was to share some emotions –
I always loved Jacqui. The police snapped the car I had bought from Clive, (he
hadn’t paid the English tax) and was lucky to rescue my clothes.


in NL (“Never never land”)…continued my work for EdAgN ; tried to maintain http://www.freedom.org
(despite virus bombing) supported charity and other volunteer projects..


information can be found on www.freedome.org,
i dont intend on feeding another politicians career …i dont trust one of
them, i am leading a european direct action group networg, the time for
discussion is over the fascist rule is disgusting and the apathy of so called
activists who send emails to each other instead of doign anything disgusts me
too, none of the german organisations or politicians have any real interest,
they lie to yoyu, An..they just use us for publicity or to distract us from
radical action…the gams is over, we fathers take justice our own way from now
on…I cant wait any longer, my little girl is in danger

bye, chris

Original Message —–

From: an

To: freedome

Sent: Saturday, April 15, 2006 2:44 PM

Subject: returned letter from Noella

Dear Chris,

I have seen in your files,that You wrote to Mrs
,on Monday 3 October 2005.

She answered you,and asked for more informations. I hope you
answered her.
I pass in Brussels,I always can bring her the enveloppe who
came back
from the family where noela lives,as evidence in
the case. But please,can you answer me??? I only will
be in Brussels on the 25th April,so don’t hurry.
Best Greetings,

An Tryd to fone you,but I think you are on
Eastern-holidays now.


-(Mrs Gebhardt was another politician that fed off
of family misery to further her own career)




Chris>u may not "know"(or rather want to
kno"w) what i stand for …(obviously you only are interested in your own
propaganda, and cant be bothered to read www.freedome.org)
but i "clearly"stand AGAINT people who manipulate real and panful
issues for personal ego ..or whatever, I am AGAINST any "power –
player" people like you "j"just replce one form of manipulation
with another ……..

Original Message —–

From: fried

To: ‘freedome

Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 7:27 PM

Subject: RE: 60414W_Euro Direct Action Group
Net. Chris-> "J"

Wrong. Other people have had their time –
like fathers 4 justice. Some of us are just starting to apply the sort of
networking skills, based on non-exclusion, which have always been what I
sought. I am fundamentally unclear on what you stand for – if it is human
rights, then you need to learn to apply them in your own approach first.

Yes, bye.


—–Original Message—–
From: freedome chris [mailto:chris@freedome.org]
Sent: 14 April 2006 13:26
To: fried@aesops.force9.co.uk
Cc: team@yafoy.org
Subject: 60414W_Euro Direct Action Group Net. Chris-> "J"

"J"…….just P*** off <smile> …we
dont want co-op with you …….your a self-opinionated political time waster
and like so many divert people from simple resistance that they can
understand…as eintein said.."really intelligence uses language a five
year old can understand ) ..and to top it all you are a snob, I would love to
take you on in open debate..maybe that will happen one day soon .people like
you are worse than the "enemy"…you had your time and you ve blown
it…bye 😉

Original Message —–

From: fried

To: ‘freedome

Sent: Friday, April 14, 2006 2:12 PM

Subject: RE:
http://www.freedome.org/Calendar.html (childrens birthdays and networking

I’ll put it up when you sort out the
presentation problems I mentioned in my earlier email. All email messages sent
to the EDM listserve, or almost all, are of a high presentational standard.

See this example of a properly formatted
and presented list, I can send you the code for the page if you wish.


—–Original Message—–
From: freedome chris [mailto:chris@freedome.org]
Sent: 14 April 2006 10:32
To: team@yafoy.org
Subject: http://www.freedome.org/Calendar.html (childrens birthdays and
networking events)
chris> a calendar for y-our events , meetings, demos and NETworking
action etc…AND childrens birthdays (so we can send birthday cards to remind
them children (and those around them) that DADDY and friends have not forgotten
them…go to http://www.freedome.org/Calendar.html

if you wish email me with your events and/or childrens
birthdays lthough my plans are 6 months behind the page will be updated and
integrated into the freedom e media web radio (
http://www.freedome.org/freedom_e_media.html ) under construction…

and with REAL activist ; John..

chris>hello John, see below…Sent: Monday, April
17, 2006 10:22 PM

Subject: RE: 60414W, EDAGNet Good friday Chris-John
NonViolent Action works?

John> Chris, I checked out the "Strike
Campaign", but I just don’t think > "not" doing things is
going to have a big effect.  Boycotts can
be  effective, but that is usually after
you have a cohesive group that  will act
together — we don’t have that yet.

Chris>we have got a group – the European Durect
action group, and even if we didnt , as ghandi proved , it takes only ONE to
start the process that can change a whole empire…its too bad that so many
people "wait" for the numbers ………..""The golden rule
is to act fearlessly upon what one believes to be right." -Ghandi " I
just gave 6 months of my life in prison, and I will go back maybe next time for
2 years if I try to see my Noela again, but thats a small price to pay if there
a chance I can change the future for her and others..

John> I still would have mentioned it on our list,
but it has to be about parents, not just dads. 
While I’m not sure about the effectiveness of a ‘strike’, I really don’t
have much doubt that  keeping the focus
on ‘fathers’ is a no win.  Half the
members of  AKidsRight.Org are moms, the
crazy system can effect anyone.  We don’t
need the rights of ‘fathers’ protected, we need the rights of ‘parents’
protected to be considered Fit & Equal when it comes to the kids.

Chris>agreed, BUT in the regions of Europe i am
active in, and particularly the german regions the pro-feminist bias is so
blatant that THAT has to be attacked HERE equalised  before 
, theer is not ONE complaint here by a woman, but I know 30 men
personally affacted, a systematic theft of offspring, especially non-german
fathers , who are reported if they object to the mothers 100 per cent rights –
John the german state of baden-wuerttemberg 
actually gave its judge "" the "right"to tell me in
court that , despite Noela having lived more time with me , the mother could
simply get 100 per cent control , without me doing a thing wrong and despite my
complaints made and supported by french police that the mothers organised a
violent ambush and kidnapping of Noela in may 2004 …if you lived here you
would understand how one-sided the situation is…

I do support parental parity, and I am european
co-ordinator for the french based "justice parentale paritie BUT as far as
deutschland is concerning, which keeps over 10 THOUSAND kids HOSTAGE due to
"protection"of german mothers (which is within its
"grundgesetze", an open violation of gender discrimination) – the
germans a) automatically deport any non-german who is arrested (very convenient
for mothers who want to "lose"their non-german ëx"and keep the
child b) do not even recognise the EXISTENCE of an unmarried father

John> I went throught the site, I saw a poem about
a dad visiting  his little girl — it was
very nice, and very sad — that was written by you?

Chris> yes , one of the last times I had any time
with Noela , she was only 3 , and I had done my best to protect her from the
mentality of her mother, and agreed to meet on fathers day,  having to deal with a cold hearted woman
whilst trying to make my daughter smile, I had given her a shoulder carry back
to the german tram stop, and just as the doors closed , she cried and

said "get on daddy"…and I didnt , instead
i went home and creid my heart out, and it chokes me up now just to think about
it, i sort of blame myself  for maybe not
doing what she asked and going back with her , despite her mother , but I
didnt, and I certainly dont need any motivation to fight against this new
fascism, alone or with anyone who wishes to join, I dont nave any rules…men
or women ….no membership just people fighting against an evil that is as
destructive , as any fascism is…

Your thoughts?    Best regards!

Chris>keep in touch anyway, I will put in a good
word for you guys , and

girls 😉

see also :




chris> Stephane , moi….toujours le "Délégué
chargé des relations partenaires au niveau européen"
Justice Pa Pa ???? cest Vrai?

Original Message —–

From: jppn.ndg

To: ‘Jean-Claude FRANCOIS’ ; Ferrand

; gabriel.dufils@tele2.fr
; eslm72@netcourrier.com ; chris@freedome.org ; ‘HUGON Alain’

Sent: Wednesday, October 26, 2005 8:08
PM  Subject: [Norton AntiSpam]
Coordonnateur régiona

Eric, Pour formaliser la disussion que nous avons pu avoir :

"Nous avons pris la décision de nommer Eric SUAUD
"Délégué chargé des relations avec les associations partenaires du
grand Ouest"
lors de notre Assemblée Générale extraordinaire du
13/10/05 (en accord avec JC FRANCOIS). Nous pensons necessaire d’avoir des
relais privilégiés dans les régions et cela n’impact d’aucune manière le
travail d’Alain HUGON (qui lui dépend de l’Union Nationale). Pour information
Chris SMITH (qu’on ne présente pas…)est nommé "Délégué chargé des
relations partenaires au niveau européen"
(toujours en accord avec JC

Nous pensons que pour nous devellopper (et être plus
forts…) nous devons être à l’écoute de ce qui se passe en dehors de la
Normandie, c’est bien le sens de ces nominations…


En CC :

  G.DUFILS (Délégue Régional

PS : Pour davantages de renseignements n’hésites pas à
nous solliciter



or from
the "public defender" RAT Schmidt..

From: chris@freedome.org

Sent: Tuesday, April 11, 2006 8:36 AM

To: RA.T

Cc: jppn.ndg
; UKFathers@yahoogroups.com ; GEBHARDT Evelyne ; christine (consul-of-vice Munich
; chris (B-S) smith

Subject: 60411W_FU-ukOf-Jpapa -Chris-Smith->RAT
Schmidt ("BERUFUNG")

smith> RA T Schmidt

fuer ihre
informationen ; ich habe schon eine "berfufung" an das ANTsgericht
geschikte ( mit einschreibung mit datum ; 5 April 06)

eine kopie das "Urteil des Amtsgericht" via email an mir schicken

post an:

Chris Smith c/o :

Bouma-Smith Fromation & Management Services Ltd

Brummelkampstraat 49

8191 XC


email chris.smith@bouma-smith.nl

UND ich
werden bald forbei kommen meiner AKTEN zu hollen!

bis ……….bald


Chris Smith

Euro-Cordinator  CSEMA
– freedom e
(Worldchild media)


Justice Parentale paritie /UK Organisation

..and the
usual "admin" to resolve;

Hi Chris,
Good to hear you are a free man again! Yes Margrit’s lawyer asked us to close
youyr site, but we refused and told them to get a Dutch law court order.
Haven’t heard anything from them since.
Sorry about this, and I’m sure you have stacks of stuff to do, however we sent
Robin two invoices that have still not been dealt with (read payed to us). I
would appreciate it if the Bouma-Smith company would pay them immediately.

Hello Luke,
Excuse the abrupt message…but just got here from being released after 5
MONTHS "on remand"…..thanks to same problem s..Noelas monther
Margit , instead of being investigated lied to the police who were
"happy"to keep me in :UntersucungsthafT"until tuesday (4th
april, margits birthday) ignoring my complaints att he ECHR (Strasbourg etc) ,
i wasnt even allowed to say happy birthday or happy xmas to either Noela or
Leon …some old german bullsh*te….do you want to tell ME about Margits
complaint …or shall I guess it……..?
p.s. I kept myself "busy"whilst 23 hours a day in the cell awaiting a
first "hearing"date…with my 53rd human rights complaint against
"Germoney", 14 complaints against the courts (since being arrested in
the Freiburg irish pub whilst watching Liverpool on TV , 25th October 05) and
23 complaints against the prison, the most "famous"being that
prisoners were NOT allowed to receive copies of the articles of the United
nations universal declaration of Human rights (1948) co-signed by all
"democratic"governments ……….guantanamo? ..whats
that????????????? 😉

IVIN InterVisors InterNet


I kept "busy" .opened up a local bank account..and started to be
"normal" 😉 ..then JOs husband , (obin’s dad) Albert  was "got at" ..Robin hadnt paid the
ISP and he started to make problems, Jo was stressed and sent some weird
communications out that upset me / us …I had perhaps been too
"fatherly" to their children, as Albert had NEVER lived or worked
elsewhere, and their ONLY "foreign" holiday had been to visit me in
Alsace/Freiburg, (I had taken them to the radio station and made a programme on
RDL with them too) so I suppose I was "exotic" ..


negociated with Lemeunier in Colmar via email, and had only to go their and
clear up a bit and sign the papers to get paid 
off, there wasn’t much left by the time the bank had claimed EXTRA costs
and the local authorities had bumped up their own claim..(but later I drove by
the house and my "justice" painting on the side of the house, before
I sold it, was still there!) …


the summer I went to a café in hattem (between
Zwolle and wapenveld), where I organised a
RED Nose day event..and watched the World cup as a fan of the dutch team –( LFC
signed 3 dutch that year) and met a girl singer working at the café ..she studied
psychology , and at the end of her shift we had a long conversation.. she revealed
her dream; to sing on stage with her student band from groeningen; So, I made
her dream come true, with a budget of less than a 1000 euros; they had 2 “gigs”
at the world-famous cavern

and cut their first CD in a LIVERPOOL studio, that I was able to organise..making
Sofie’s dream come true and hearing the applause she got at the pub where we
stayed brought a lump to my throat; as if she was MY daughter..


found a single room to rent in Zwolle at the top of a student block which
shared bathroom and kitchen, and I was again "Daddy" as they left the
place dirty and messy , so I cleaned up, and ocasionally met them in Zwolle
centre for a glass or 2, the first months were really just getting used to
being ALONE..I dont remember winter or Xmas much ..apart from spending the rest
of my awailable funds on a few special away trips; (
Bordeaux, Eindhoven, Istanbul..etc) which were much needed positive
injections with the “Lunatics” .. supporting my beloved REDS on their way to
another final..I also went to the wine region of
Trento and visited the contacts of our
creative network in Tolmin (
slovenia) to discuss a media centre and studo
for the kids and that was 06…!


cont….(07)                               blog
from eured@live.com?







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