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CSY bk2 05/6 -( Deja Vu) Chapter 3

– CSY bk2 05/6 -(
Deja Vu) Chapter 3


wishing we are "Aliens" to get our rights…?


The above
"packs" the constant "paper war" I had with the system…in
between I got to know guys from all over the World including Wilkinson from
Uruguay etc, and had the usual mixture of fortune, xmas and new year in
detention, having missed Noela’s birthday were hard, but they still are today.
Of course as soon as "allowed" (and one positive was that I
"knew" a couple of the guards) was to get playing footy – surprising
the others with my ability and fitness, and …as Frau Saurer was "social
worker" organised meetings once a week with the "alpha club"
(religious) and eventually our own "philosophical" group , just
before I left…


one "funny
incident was when we got a new "trainee social worker" an attractive
young woman, to sit in our meetings..after our first initial "test meeting"
she asked us what we (me) wanted to discuss "human rights"
<smile> ..she naively told us that SHE would copy the articles of the
UDHR (Universal declaration of human rights created by the UN in 1948, promised
by all "democracies"  and sent
into space in the 60’s or70’s to show how "advanced" the human race
is supposed to be)…and bring them to the first meeting..


There we were,
all gathered round the table, with Frau Saurer, and she came in and sat down,
and looked blank at us…so i asked "Have you brought the articles with
you?..(guessing the answer) .."Yes but the Chief of the prison wouldn’t
allow me to bring them to THIS meeting, I dont understand – !) ….WE DID!
…its ok for ALIENS on the other side of the UNIVERSE to know what OUR rights
are SUPPOSED to be..but NOT for those arrested by the "democratic
system"…as I stated at the time " Well that says it all – meeting



WAS it the
content of my radio programme ? that led to such fascist

reaction by
"germoney" my rumoured "activities" mafia or cult leader?

simply that I didnt accept the THEFT of my children?


and what I called
the "ANTSgericht"(AMTSgericht=local court)


…there was a
list of complaints I filed on the InterNet..could be used as a "school for
students of law" ;


complaints made at Amtsgericht (local court); LandesGericht; Auslaenderamt
("foreign dept ") , OLG (regional court)


– and versus the
MALICIOUS chief prosecutor : OBERstaatsanwalt Villwock


– & the 53rd
complaint registered at the EUROPEAN COURT OF HUMAN RIGHTS …or ("how to
pretend to give the people justice")

which started in
1996 and eventually got rejected TWELVE years later on a


22923/05) dated 7th October 05


– 23 compaints
made at the U-Haft" (prison) conditions of the (preventative detention,
awaiting crucifiction, "on remand") …………..europes own


from "little victories" in confronting the bullies of the
"beamte" and they even transferred the original sergeant-major idiot
from the military U-haft to the new "tennenbacher wing" all this
money on petty "crime" …I only ever met one or two really
"nasty" guys..I enjoyed the footy..even thinking “why get
released?..for what to mix with people conditioned by money?” – there was often
more "real friendship" & humanity inside than outside..I hated it
when we didnt have enough guys for footy and had to just "body-build"
..played ping-pong but I wasn’t as good as I used to be..


helped a couple of young lads that needed guidance, being the
"DAD"…and had regular meetings with Mrs Saurer, who was one of the
few who knew just how ridiculous it had all become..

the"Alpha" meetings I had confronted their methods…that we all will
be saved if we believe in the son of GOD; Jesus …I asked "did it not say
in the bible that we are ALL "children of God" ??..surely, that means
I am also the son of God, and brother of Jesus, so must save myself and you


from february 06 the "paper war" continued, and I had moved several
times – sharing different cells..some funny, some "hard" (convicted
murderers nevcer scared me, they were on "appeal" and my experience
sympathised with them..if the system can be SO WRONG about me, why not them?)
..Eventually they "tried" me with the pathetic old lesbian "Mrs
"Judge" Prestel" …whom I, of course opposed from before the
date was set!…so, to justify the "crusifiction of ChriS"…they
forced me to attend..IT WAS on Margits birthday, and I took a ROSE from the prison
priest to give to her with irony…I knew that the system “beamte” thought this
was "funny" to hold MY "inquisition" on that date…only 6
months after my arrest was actually "quick" by german standards…


"chief " prosecutor (Villvoch) wasn’t there,, they sent a
"junior" ..who presented the THUG as " a friend" of Margit,
as her “witness” and the "cross examination" was pathetic, Despite my
objections to him, Ra Thos Schmidt was presented to "defend me" –
well I would rather have had a dyslexic martian for all it mattered…The whole
thing was "scripted" …he and the prosecutor "pretended"
…I just opposed EVERYTHING, and annoyed Prestel as MUCH as I POSSIBLY could,
the old witch, she vrtually senile, and hated men of course..an ideal person to
"judge"…it was pathetic..


PROSECTOR tried to present a case of ATTEMPTED MURDER…I ask the reader to
SLOW DOWM, and just ABSORB the FARCIAL situation…ME, having been ambushed and
my child stolen VIOLENTLY, was being ACCUSED NOW…NOW, TWO YEARS afterwards of
ATTEMPTED MURDER…MURDER!…say it again… MURDER!…because I had INJURED the
THUG during their AMBUSH IN
FRANCE!!..I repeat…. IN FRANCE…Germans….phew,  nothing , but nothing, has changed since 60
years EXCEPT their attempt to be "subtle"..but thankfully they still
employ goons, Schmidt wanted me to accept a "mitigated" defence..I
told him to STICK it where the SUN does not shine , and I would add him to my
list of violators..its also a point i made to many frustrated inmates, that
these germans – and elsewhere in government and industry Worldwide are SO INCOMPETENT
that what seems like MALICE is often sheer stupidity and ignorance.


they played out "the game" all day, and I was released , just enough
time to get back to the U – haft around 17h on the 4th April 06, pack my overnight
bag and say goodbye to as many as the lads that I could see, and the guard was (finally)
pretty good in opening up a few cells and a some were at the "philosphy
meeting" so we exchanged hugs..and I got the train to Breisach ..ME, who
had been accused just hours earlier of ATTEMPTED MURDER, was walking through
german – occupied territory..a "FREE" man..


then what mess would I be returning to..at my home in Geiswasser




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