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Bk 2 – oh oh 7 = chapter 3b ..Loony summer – cont..


"EuRED grass routes (special) reporting"

Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2007 06:39:22 -0400

> ChriS-70806EuRED  Grass Routes Report
 ‘weekend in RoTT-er-DAM (be REDD & DAM(n) the rest?) report’ …

> Despite my environmental beliefs when I found out that hiring a small  budget KA (r) for the weekend in Rotterdam/Mechelen was cheaper than train,  it seemed logical, as I could then transport those old video casettes to > Marc (D) ..to be (reluctantly? <smile>) transferred to DVD …when I used  to travel in the ‘ 70/80’s my 2nd wife (Jacqui) was ‘under strict orders’  to tape every LFC game on MOTD or any LFC – related news item, (this was pre-Sky & armchair live tv footy that younger footy fans are now ‘spoilt ‘  with)

 the 2 heavy boxes also included odd non-LFC programmes & ‘kop’ magazines  and LFC progs from the ‘ Athens campaign’ (06/07) because I know that Marc  D (like Nico) will ‘appreciate’ them …then on thursday night Marco  (ALSIN’s dutch supporters club chairman) sent me an sms to try to get to  Rott. Airport as the LFC team were due @ 13.40h Friday ! – I was sweating on getting there as I had only booked the KA from 12h in Zwolle AND had to  load up the boxes at my ‘Zwolle Penthouse-shoebox’ before speeding to  Rotterdam, (thanks Marco for organising the match tickets & the ‘route by  email’ 😉

I got there 10 mins early but the LFC charter flight was late! , and chaos  ruled whilst we tried to work out which exit the team would come through,  suprisingly relaxed security, when suddenly I was standing by the arrivals  door and Pepe & JAR walked past me (with Peter Crouch nodding to my  solitary applause!) then the rest of the team (looking VERY tired &  miserable) sauntered through pulling their travel bags with them & one by one climbing on to the waiting coach. Whilst the dozen or so LFC fans (& occasional real supporters!) got shirts & books signed, I (being unprepared  & inexperienced despite 40-odd years of being a REDS supporter) just wanted to shake some players hands for the first time ever, Dagger; Torres,


Xabi,  Carra, Finnan, Voronin & Momo (who in fact was the only one to get his name
 chanted) got their hands shook by this ‘over-age groupie’ 😉 and looked  appropriately suprised! , also managed to get on the bus to shake RAFA’s  hand and wish him a ‘Great Season’ (….please!)

> Back to Paddy Murphys pub in the city centre & hooked up with the other ‘ALSINNERS’ & travelling scousers …a sing song in the pub and on the tram  to the ‘de Kuip’ stadium; a quiet game with what to me was an obvious ‘2nd  eleven selection’ but 2 fine (FIRST ever ) goals from Torres (not yet ‘match fit’?) and a  superb Stevie G classic with only his 2nd touch in a cameo performance.. as
> Marco & Maurice etc were staying as ‘de Kuip’ to watch the other game, I  (eventually) found my way back to the KA and about an hour on the road to  Mechelen where Marc D helped me find my way…(sms)……..a sunny & quiet  saturday, where I got to know Marc ‘at home’ his (REDS fan) Mum (Jose) and  ‘uncle Karl’ & the ‘fitness club’ ;-)…(sometimes just doing something different, with different people in a different place is a holiday for  me)..some nice (local ) cusine with Marc & his mum (thanks) in between  ‘Cava’ with Henrik & Sabina and a few bevvies in Mechelen centre with Marc  (during which my mouth went into overdrive…telling stories & opinions on  LFC) and a brunch sunday morning with him & his mum & back off to Rott. to  pick up Marco K.

> Marco had not told me that ALSIN were presenting LFC with a trophy that  morn. and Marc Steurs luckily had booked rooms at the same hotel as the  squad and they had a great time (see http://www.liverpoolfc.nl photos) with Stevie  & co, but I anyway missed Marco, because of a traffic jam on the ring-road  and parked at Slinge and made my way to Paddys irish pub, where Marc S. proudly showed me the pics, ….as I was driving I had restricted myself to Coke (cola!) until I met Stefan (skillful scousers ) & flemish mates..(a  few of murphys REDS soon put that right, singing on the tram & with the  travelling REDS in the away end, seperated from the other lads..)…..the  game against Feyenoord showed that we still need to get sharp and that Rafa  still hasn’t picked his best team, we dominated (again) but the home side  went ahead before Stevie levelled the game in front of us (‘travelling  kop’)..enjoyed a good song or two and joined the sheep and about an hour or  so later I was back on the motorway to zwolle & ‘home’…Note; LFC ‘s  pre-season form was overall acceptable; winning most & remaining unbeaten  in all games apart from the Hong Kong pen shoot-out thanks to our
ex-keepers blinder & missed chances (again)….heres to having a real craic  at No.19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


> …comes in many forms , and now that the REDS are once again drawing new fans’ a subject close to my heart was the aspect I WILL end this friendly  report with….

.the LIVERPOOL way?….I urge all REDS to consider how you apply it in your  (daily) lives…I was made up to meet Stefan, Nico (briefly) and many other ‘Liver-mates’ this weekend but when I hear of guys talking down to my  flemish mates or other non-scouser supporters etc i want to SHUT them up…and NOTE;

 LIVERPOOL FC was formed by OOT (in the idiots vernacular ‘out of towners’ )  ….

 the FIRST TEAM was made up of SCOTS!

– the most influential in the history of LFC were; SHANKS, Paisley, Yeats;  St John; ; Clemence; Keegan; Emlyn; Souness; Dalgliesh  (not a ‘pure scouser’ amongst them)
– BLUEsh*te are also ‘proud scousers’
 Our Squad has something like 15 ‘nationalities’ – so why care what ‘origin’ > our support comes from?

 my question is DO YOU understand the LIVERPOOL way?….the SPIRIT that  Shanks fired up at LIVERPOOL making it the MOST succesful BRITISH club and arguably the BEST CLUB in the WORLD!

 its nothing to do with the administration, its not the ‘brand’, … its the  RED RED HEART that counts and dont ANYONE ever put down a player wearing  the RED of LIVERPOOL or someone who REALLY SUPPORTS y-our TEAM
 it pisses me off when people dont care WHO I am rather than where I was  born…for the record My parentts were ‘scottish-english’ and although  conceived in the north I was (technically) born in a south-east (Thor-Rock)  hospital (does that make me a West- ham fan?…just how f*cking STUPID can  you get?) ..I grew up between the Liverpool & London regions..there were no  job opportunities in the wine biz in the North east) if these prejudiced  idiots & ignorant BIGOTS had their way Shanks would have only stayed &  played & managed in GLENBUCK village and you and I would have been denied of life-time memories ….(believe me , without BILL ; it would NOT have  happened!) my ‘english’ family was dominated by SOCIALIST Scots with  connections to former PM Harold Wilsons (* Stevie G’s birthplace) HUYTON constituency and all our family (kids too ) delivered Labour party flyers  when I was a boy (that was when that party was a real Socialist movement  …and our colour was RED….and didn’t stop me becoming a  paper-millionaire before I was 30years old!) …..I have often gone without  meals to pay for my tickets/travel to LFC games.

Shanks embodied the Celts spirit..FIGHTING for the people..ALL the people  (‘he made the people happy’)….the CELTS spirit lives in my soul, and in  the soul of REAL LIVERPOOL people, but thats nothing to do with  ‘nationality’ (or religion)….this planet was ONE before politicians  started building walls & fences between people  ……………………’nationality’ is artificial and false…
> Question ; apart from ‘political nationality’ what is the similarity in the  mentality of people from Freiburg (black forest region near switzerland )  or Berlin about 800 kms away?….or people from Rotterdam & Amsterdam (ask  Feyenoord & Ajax fans) …or Mancs & Liverpudlians 50 miles away?…even  the flemish lads have different dialect , so…DONT BE STUPID!

 people are divided by rulers & ignorance and just as I dont care who or  where a player comes from as long as he does his best for us…then nor should REAL RED supporters …and take that in your daily life when you  tend to brand someone by nationality..or ‘creed’ ..or ethnics or whatever  (yes, there are even some good germans..<smile>…or, so I am told!….)

 I have lived outside of Britain most of my life …call me European? ok!  ….but, maybe I will move to ASIA or S.America, so what?… but most of  all my name is ChriS…and whether it be Marc, Marco, Stefan, Nico, Bert  (or any of the 4-letter club<smile> ) John, Jean or whatever GET TO KNOW  each of US, as individuals BUT also as part of the LIVERPOOL (family) way  😉


> I NOTED that the english government spends GBP 60-70 MILLION pa on  renovating ‘heritage’ sites so LET US ‘protect’ ANFIED when we move to  Stanley park…this is Y_OUR heritage…never mind the sacrilege of being a  BURIAL place of many deceased LFC supporters it is a REAL cultural heritage ; a site that affected the lives of millions around the World since  1892……who will JOIN this campaign?….are you a REAL RED or  not?…….fight for true LIVERPOOL culture & history to be protected.(the  site should remain active; with museum, training, (reserve games?) events & concerts keeping it ALIVE !!!!!…DO YOU CARE, if not, why not ?? … JOIN  US ??????


 well its ALL personal….BUT, my ESTRANGED son LEON is 11 years OLD on the  11th of AUGUST ; several of my ‘LIVER-Mates’ have kindly agreed to send a card (any card, photo postcard, with or without your name on it with a  simple ‘Happy Birthday LEON’ greeting on it would HELP my own efforts to  bring him back into my life (and as he was captain of his kiddies footy  team when only 6 , playing mature footy; he might save us some money in the future! <smile>) …please send this week to:  LEON  c/o A. Hartmann,  Weber Str. 29  D79232 March – Buchheim  Duitsland (‘Germoney’) Deutschland > (as his mother tends to take him on holiday in case I visit on his holiday!

> NEXT : ‘there’s NO time to lose?’….(Toulouse)

YNWA  J4 the 96 (& Justice for all!)

 Chris SmitH

EuRED (an unofficial universal network of REDS with the same feeling for  the LIVERPOOL way)  edagn/3 floor > Prins Mauritstraat20a  8019 XT Zwolle

 p.s   Special thanks to Marc D, Stefan, Marc S, Marco & Nico (the Greek  Elvis-teddy)
 (personal note : MDmum; Jose; San Jose; SawJose & Yentil)

and…………..another Grass Routes e-mailing;

 "A hard days night ; we didnt come here 2 LOSE …(Toulouse)
I had my usual coffee at the Ilgusto Sandwich bar in Zwolle, and  checked my emails before catching the train to meet Marc in Mechelen;  experience taught me to catch an earlier train, so even the 25 minute delay  on NS didnt put me behind schedule and Marc kindly picked me up at & took
me for dinner with him & his nice MUM… I was pleased also to be able to  shower & change before the main journey…

 KOLA (Kurt) a member of the "flemish 4-letter club" managed to get Barts   bus for the 2000 km 36hr round-trip (not) To lose…(Toulouse)….a nice   "save" as flights & other means were difficult or expensive…Nico pulled   up around 22h with (ticket)Mike; Walt-er(!) ; and (singer) Bert at the
station made up the 7-man"crew"…snatching a snooze "en route" we arrived to mediteranean temperatures in  Toulouse… parking at the violets stadium a quick pic (photo*****) and  then off to pick up tickets at the crown plaza, a drink on the way and then the WORST INDIAN MEAL i can ever remember..  PLEASE NEVER GO TO:
> "le BOMBAY"
> Rue des Gestes (i think it was a JEST!)
> Toulouse
 (apparently they are connected to "The Bombay" LONDON NW3 …feel free to  tell them too how we feel; the mid-day "express" was cheap @ e7.50 but apart from the "house wine" going missing …the "food" was neither express nor appetizing….
the temperatture was up to near 40 degrees and we at least found a decent  bar for a few more lasses of "Bastides" (Tarn) rose (and Cola of course!)  and then the 40 minute "short walk" to the nearby stadium …I got picked out by police but it was because the LARGE sign "visitors entrance" was not
meant to be taken seriously , the small signs that no one could see where meant for us!…
 the late ticket & travel arrangements meant that only around half the  LIVERPOOL supporter contingent were at the game (and as is traditional at   french stadiums we were put in the meshed "animal pen" in the corner (the only positive was that we could move around and it was in the shade…)
 I really felt for the team in the 40degree heat, but all credit LFC played the usual pressing game, and predictably, virtuallly the "2nd eleven"  (Alonso; Agger; Kuyt & Torres not starting)  and kept the home team (who had beaten champs Lyon the previous weekend) to minimum chances and I think we had the most of the game, although Stevie  looked a bit "off" even before his injury (toe) had been given "special   attention" by a few of the Toulouse players.

a great strike by the impressive Voronin (who had looked sharp already pre-season)…just before half-time settled the tie, and although we looked tired even with Momo, Torres and JAR coming on, Toulouse equally wilted in  the heat…

I dont think I stopped sweating from the time we left the "Indian" until half way up the autoroute to Paris…Kola taking over from Drivers Nico,  Marc & Bert on the way back, and I had about 3 hours of the 11 hr journey…having an arguement with auto-pilot "Sonja" on the way (especially on the Paris Ring ..forgotten how to spell!…..) ….nagging me about speed, and then mumbling (links -rechts in flemish…) and   avoiding any choices as we approached Paris…isn’t it dangerous to rely on computers to do our thinking, I am sure I would have been more comfortable if she had been switched OFF, shame cant just do that with a lot of females with issues…how dangerous can you get ..?..a FEMALE Robot, imagien the mess on the roads at that special "time of the month" ……i can just hear it (Sonja>) " I am NOT talking to you unless you say i am right" …as your car ends up in the centre reservation of some "spagetti junction" or other….and FEMALE police-robots….with PMT ??? end of male population for sure (not that the current mob of "modern women" arent dangerous enough already) , they talk about climate change & nature etc , but who drives little Johnny & Jane the 500 metres to school in their gas guzzling motors  every day?…

 (come to think of it ; how many women claim men are at fault for the state of the world forget that its women who spend the most of the time during  the formative years of y-our kids???)  anyway, the costs were "do-able" (even if the wear & tear to the body &  mind might not be) and I was very grateful to be able to "crash" on Nico’s  couch….before preparing for the LUNATICS charity FUNDAY in EKEREN this weekend and the (antifa) Easton Cowboys fun/footy weekend in the "west  country" next week….
There was a private moment, I was driving, bit bleary-eyed on the autoroute   up towards Paris, and with the bus "loaded" with the sleeping lads, and it   felt just like a bus load of "family" on board, it was a good feeling…
> ——————————
ADD… SUnny Funny weekend days…(Antwerp)

it was an almost perfect , I was already @ Nico’ s in Ekeren as he kindly let me stay over after Toulouse and after dinner we went of to join the rest of  the "Lunatics" preparing the harbour footy-campsite for the special   LUNATICS FUN DAY (4Sylvia), Annika sorted me out a small tent, as I am definately a camping novice 😉 ….and we soon got some beers and were singing songs around the camp fire, time went by, people went to sleep, but  I was still there with the hardcore and at about 02hrs the lovely Miriam decided to take me off to meet her mates at a nearby tent-disco, she was  really sweet and we had a few dances before she found her boyfriend..and I  decided to get back before I was too p*ssed to find the way…Tequila, beer & rum/cokes are not the best pre-tournament training for a senior  footballer.

the "World 6" performances suffered considerably from my lack of co-ordination & energy and it wasnt until The LUnatics selected me that  I felt back in rythum…I was "rested" for the semis which were as far as  the Loonies would get. …the winers were "dansing chocolas" (bit of a  spelling mistake?)

….most people seemed to be in the right spirit for this CHARITY  initiative, (apart from a group of G…….who didnt join the bar or dancing ) and after eating & chatting with various visitors (including Patrik & Sabrina)"chemical Wally" and I got the DANCING under way….luckily the "trap-pist" beer didnt stop me identifying between footballers in dresses (Nico looked ravishing in his long black number…&  Tom in the min-skirt, wow!) and the lovely Nadia but I was a good boy, and  kept on dancing until the very end of music & beer….a few short hours sleep and wake up to sunny sunday clearing up the site ( a successful charity result with over 2000 euros from one day, is about the same as LFC  achieving 2 million?) and started to think about the BIG match between my
 LIVERPOOL FC & the "Chelski rent – boys" ……we met laughing Jan; Patrik  & Sabrina; Dirk; Bert2; & Nicos parents in the "Irish Times Pub" (Antwerp)  and spirits were raised by catching the end of the Mancs Derby with ManUre   getting beat (only 2 points from their first 3 games tastes sweet ! )…..

 THE REDS came out ready for the challenge and after 16 minutes an exquisite  through-ball from Stevie Gerrard put Fernando TORRES on a one-one basis  with the Chelski defender en-Haim ,new boy ("el Nino") Torres duly roasted  him and placed the ball past Cech in to the opposite corner of the goal YEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!….and the energy of the LFC team indicated we would go on to get more, chance after chance cam and went , at half-time still 1-0 …..then after a midfield error, the Blues sent the ball across the edge of the penalty area…Malouda threw himself at our Defender (Steve Finnan)  and the Referee blew the whistle , surely a free kick for us???…NO a
> penalty! ?….against us!!!..???????….the idiot in Black (Rob Styles)  could only be blind , bought or a chelski fan to give that decision…we  were ROBbed ….the pen. took the steam out of our attack and despite dominating most of the game we had to be "happy" with a home draw against
> the billionaires…whatever, they know and we know that (once again) we out-played them, and come the return at "the bridge" we have another chance  to stake a claim for the League ….as I say an "almost perfect weekend"

 still wasn’t over…Nicos parents invited us to mussels & frites (not  fritz!) in the terminus restaurant – VERY enjoyable food & company, and  then Nico met V…. on the way home, so maybe he will finish THAT   story…..<smile>and I went back to his house to watch the match highlights on BBC…<smile>

> 70812-20
> “Beeb bias”

the BBC (Beeb)  takes its "Spin" into sport reporting…on daily reports LIVERPOOL FC
performance again was played down …same on MOTD (who regulary showed LFC  as the last game on their saturday night highlights last season) LFC  getting to 2 Champions league finals in the last 3 seasons wasn’t even mentioned in a discussion with David Davies last week, and rounding up the  weekends footy, Chelsea’s (struggled) win was applauded, Man Utd ‘s poor  0-0 (with massive money spent on forwards) was played down and Arsenal  congratulated, despite scambling a late winner…. …the beeb spin is the same in sport as in political & social  reporting…BIASED!  and….

the ridiculous FUSS that Stevie Gerrard’s injury is "protected" by  Rafa Benitez, of course the Beeb staff; riddled with Chelski rent-boy fans,  Mancs, cockneys & worse; cockney-Mancs, forget how many times their golden boys were protected or when LFC’s Premiereship chances were harmed so many times by injuries to M. Owen & (Captain) Jamie Redknapp , who was virtually sacrificed to the (failed) England "cause"…

 At Least Carra has been intelligent & honest enough to realise where HIS loyalties lay, and as far as most LIVERPOOL supporters are concerned we would love Stevie resign too, because the english government does  nothing for real socialist people & the beeb & mainstream media is so
anti-LFC biased that I couldnt care less if England play games or not, and  IF I was LFC manager I wouldnt want our players risked in a team where they  are neither protected nor appreciated.

“Grass ROUTES special”………

Birthday@Aegina-Athens and a uNICA LUNATIC summer and the re-birth of “WorldChild"..

ChriSmitH70828…..CowBoys, Pauli-GIRLS & drag-queens- toilet-trees, homeless-gnomes…(& WorldChild!)

Cullumpton ("Crumbletown") cow-weekend 23-27 August 0 07

We set off from Ekeren (near Anwerpen) in Nico’s car with a limited squad, Minky, Ivien and Peter bringing Jan, Mattias & President Wim….expecting to hook up with "footy-prossie" Patrick (& my "daughter" Sabrina) in Crumbletown and hopefully the usual "ringers" will want to make up the team….on time for the 14h Calais-Dover ferry….however once we hit the M25 it was slow-going and arrived & unloaded @ circa. 21h…(thanks to (?)"son-in-law" Patrick & Sabrina for the tent loan !) …..off to the welcome party at the main tent…some live music then I roamed and "found" the Pauli-girls ; Lucy (A….) ; Tina…the LOVELY NICOle…….NOT to be confused with the RAVASHING "shame academy" compere & translator Nico-lette!!!!<smile>van dyke….  (& "superstar Inga")…..then mojhitos(spelling?) …and a VERY ROMANTIC (no, no sex!) experience (but thats a "private story" …sorry!)….but hey Nica, maybe the idea of Trees for the bathroom (toilet-tress = toiletries) could work? 😉

I cant remember all the games (ask Nico!), through the hangover I vaguely remember we (LUNATICS) started with a commendable 1-1 against the "fighting hearts" and later scoring with a header for another team (Republica) AGAINST st. Pauli+girls (sorry!) ..we lost a couple but against TOTNES (!) deflecting an OWN goal from outside the penalty area, before making an "assist" (pass) to Nico for his "wonder-goal" equaliser (a la Alonso?)…on the sunday we dressed up again in the "saturday night gear" ….apart from our goalie looking like something out of "life of Brian"….I have never played in kilts before but a long dress?…I really could have been mistaken "lady in RED" …(APART from the lack of T*ts)…and later we were all brilliant in winning the "Local derby" against the Kapellen (girls!!!)

and that leads me back into the saturday night "Shame academy" …having been excluded from the Loonies "planning committee" I was a bit "surprised" to be told literally 5 minutes before we went on stage what the performance was …performance ?…we did our best to come last on the stage and the footy field, and apart from grabbing his T*ts & pinching Nico’s a*se (thats Van Dyke in lipstick…not…the real one! <smile>) ….who was that guy in black wig, sunglasses baring his backside?…I laughed so much when I saw Ivien in his summer frock, dancing away then later arm in arm with a lady..her in jeans!…

Nigel and his crews spanish inquisition theme "the referee is a b*stard" went down well with all of US (especially LIVERPOOL supporters recent memory of Ref. Rob(ber) Styles denying our REDS win over the Chelski rent-boys)..and rightly won the FAME prize, and St Pauli-girls "royal show" could have gone "over the heads" of some of the audience, rather intellectual…dont you think ? <smile>..also nice was singing "Ring of Fire" ….the RED Spirit & influence gets everywhere!…….

talking of the REDS, we skipped off during saturdays pause to watch LIVERPOOL FC win at Sunderland ; Momo scored our 7000 th league goal and Voronin making it 2, whilst controlling the game ; a professional performances Stevie Gerrard being out (toe) Sami having his nose broken, and Carra being injured (rib?) …and lets mention FERNANDO TORRES (who last week scored a great goal against Chelski, almost exactly 30 years after KENNY scored his first goal for us…) Nando was like "road runner" and could well scare defenders sh*tless…

I sort of "kidnapped" Pauli-Girls prize (for organisation???) a gnome …but they have my "Liverpool European capital of culture 08" shirt as "pfand" …and I want to swap shirts (or something!) with them and maybe promote The "Happy ChriSmitH-WorlChild foundation" (network) with one or some of them in Hamburg one day ! (insha’allah) ……the "homeless gnome on tour" can be a symbol of my "launch" …question who is the biggest ? him or me?…(keep the answers clean!) ….and Nico-lette got the tag "World ugliest (or worst?) drag queen"….I really enjoyed the last night with Lucy and Nica, finishing off the beer at the main tent and appreciating the nights sky before returning to our seperate tents

 ..I did NOT get to sleep for the 3rd night running (maybe it was the climate; alchohol or…excitement?..but I didnt sleep properly all weekend)…awake again monday to pack up, de-tent and go for a goodbye brunch with the girls (Nicole & Lucy…thanks for the company ..and the spoon!…<smile>) a flirt with sweet Helen (the cafe service was great, the food was  ..) DONT forget you are invited to LUNATICS near Antwerp (probably August 08)…a nice WARM HUG ..and then I am on my way with the boys (despite some temper-tantrums & delays getting off …) we beat the traffic and made the 18h ferry back to calais – beautiful weather that had blessed all this year’ s tournaments continued…

notes (what about linking up the Palestine thing?)

for LUNATICS mini-shame academy….(as we used to do in RT!) I would like to "fine" the following: (all donations go to the "kitty"…or should we call it "pussy")

Nico(lette) ; (the greek elvis-scouser) TOOOO much lipstick,  and please shave SOMEthing or someday you WILL be mistaken for a bear, shot and mounted on some idiots wall!

Laughing Jan ; FAR TOOOO serious !   <smile>

Wim ; for trying to score a goal against the girls; for fouling (on or off the pitch) you are PRESIDENT.. FFS!

Ivien ; the frock! its that simple (and for not crossing your legs when you sit down!)

Peter ; for attacking a chair and getting injured IN THE TANGO CAFE before the game!

Matthias ; for impersonating a messiah-impersonator ("Brian") … "he’s NOT the messiah..hes a VERY naughty boy! " 😉

Minky ; getting injured during his "YMCA" thing..

Patrick ; my "son-in-law" wearing every team’s shirt, you "footy-whore"!!!

Me:;;;;; losing the plot and getting "romantic" and many other things..(I am sure you can remind me")


email: Tr0uble-shoot1ng@chrismith.eu

Euro-Direct-Action Group Network/EuRED (WorldChild)
3eFloor, Prins MauritsStraat 20a
8019 XT Zwolle, The Netherlands, Europe!

The story continues ; the consequences too…



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