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bk 2 oh oh 7 ..chapter 4 a ..autumn/winter flashes..

oh oh 7 Chapter 4 a…The REST of the Year..autumn/Winter flashes

I had excluded the “Pirates weekend report” for fear the cia would close the communications, so as it was different from the “footy spring-summer”

……report , (not for cia eyes ho ho ho)

Subject: EuRED grass routes (special) reporting" (our Kid/pirates w/end)

"multi-CELTural music & pirates club…almost live..again for 2 minutes…"
(the names have been changed to protect the "guilty"..

what a great weekend "OUR kid" ("el Nino" ) Fernando TORRES …wins the Euro 08 final (against “them") …and i (Alien : ChriS ) meet the rest of the worlds "pirates"..ZONDEREIGEN is near Baarle (Hertog-Nassau) "special" already because of its 30 enclaves and 2 communities split by 2 nationalities..is typical of a region which last weekend hosted (thanks to "F" & his boss-lady) …the largest  meeting in the world of international radio …"pirates" …and although I was there as "guest-worker" ..helping with hosting, ticket collection, cooking the Barbie..serving brekkie etc..as one of the "team" on saturday night I managed to say "hello" on the radio set-up in the tent by the "pirates" for the first time since .."multi-CELTural music & pirates club…almost live" for the FIRST time since the programme was shut down (by my removal) by the nasties of germoney…

I was pleased to meet nicer germans on the weekend, like (another?) "crazy Chris" ..Uli (he and I passed the qualifications for Macdonalds by the speed of  our BBQ cooking of hamburgers…sausages, steaks &….sate-skewers !) & his wife jeanette…all the way from Dresden…"Dave" was there from the states (obviously a CIA-mole..) there many dutch including 3 from Zwolle, who I never got round to chatting much with, as I was "working"…3 french (including Michel from Colmar???)
so we only needed an italian and I would have met people from almost every place I have lived…inc "mouth of the south" & Ste. from S.E. London also not far from where I lived almost 30 years ago ..

we moved the tents around, but it seemed to push people together and of course the 4 finnish lads stayed up drinking all night, (I crashed on the family couch about 02hrs, and got awoke about 6am by "cartoon network"..thanks kids! <smile>)  and apart from some hangover-induced "murmurs" whilst waiting for brekkie to be served sunday morning, the atmosphere was very good and to hear the stories.. including how (not) to tap electricity from the main public system…<smile> it was good to be a "pirate" again ..(although U know ….I do my best to "plunder" and obstruct those BIG ships (shi*s?) of the "system" whenever I can ruin their fear – ridden rule-laden methods ..

so thanks again for the fellowship, and I hope (insha’allah) to see/hear you all again soon…be good and if U cant be good be careful …(as my dear old departed ma would say)  please note theres a charity fun/footy & music weekend planned in Zondereigen for 22/23/24 August 08…further info via email

The situation with Jose had been  like a yo-yo during the summer, someti,es she was leaving “hem” then not; I had a couple of flirts in between (Nica) and it seemed when JD went “missing” (told me that she was staying with her hisband and didn’t want me , Nica did, some of our commubications indicated that our “flirt” could be more, so I had planned to try to see Leon again and visit Patrick and Sabrina on the way back from a Liverpool trip and I suggested that I take the “holy gnome” prize to St.Pauli girls team in Hamburg, as none of them had enough hand-luggage space for their return flight from england, …a chance to see Nica…

I spent some time with sabrina (who I had “adopted” at the Lunatics weekend, when some very young guy asked me if she was my daughter!) and her man Patrik, a fanatical LFc fan; who almost always wore a REDS footy shirt. I trained with the “fighting hearts “ whilst there, and again Leon was “away” when i tried to visit, (thanks Sabrina for taking me there; It is always usefulto have  a “witness” to make sure I wasn’t accused if I was alone) …I stayed at S & P’s spare room of the “wohngemeinschaft” (collective accmodation) near to the solar – energy housing estate that i had promoted in the early days of living nearby some ten years before, smal world, and was happy when their neighbour told me he was driving to hamburg the next day..

I sent sms to Nica; to make sure she was still at the St. Pauli girls training session/bar before she left as I had booked a Eurolines bus..and made it just as they were finishing changing (yeh yeh fantasies of ladies changing rooms run amok in the mind…) Nica took me to one of her favourite restaurants nearby and we had a n enjoyable time, chatting smiling, and then on the way to find the elusive Eurolines bus stop, we stopped at a small bar for a couple of last drinks, and she put her legs across me, and we kissed..still warm in my memory, the cia mde sure the bus from hamburg was turned out on the way to groeningen where I got by train back to Zwolle..emails continued with Nica..until..(see chapter 5)

I had been over to watch the “Lunatics” Saturday league team, and trained with them a couple of times, and stayed on Nico’s couch as he was solo, I cooked for us a couple of times because his parents did everything for him, he wasn’t that good a cook. Then at the beginning of the winter JD had a big fight with hem and windows were broke, and she came crying to me, which resulted in me letting her take over the “shoebox” and me temporarily moving to Nico’s couch ; he helped me move enough of my stuff so JD could move in quickly. I didn’t enjoy the uncomfortable couch, but i was on my own daytimes, but I did enjoy regularly training with the “Loonis” and a few bevvies after, and went back to Zwolle to check up on JD a couple of times..

So, for a few weeks I was based at Ekeren, I used to email daily with JD, she woked for the social security bank at Deventer 3-4 days a week, and when not on line she sms or call me, I tried to get her to call when Nico was at the office, but often she called at awkward times, Nico just wanted to relax after dinner and watc TV..it was difficult JD was very demanding; and a bit lonely at the “shoebox” – there was a TV and music but that wasn’t good enough, I always said that she should take this time to make her next move, with or without me; she taked about getting her own place. The owner of the buildig was an old b*gger who didn’t respect people and would barge in to the rooms without waiting to be anwered. He did this with my neighbour and once with JD.

This was a big house split into several small apartments..and he did the minimum repairs and charged the maximum he could. And we would eventually be in dispute; of that I was sure. Every day changed with JD, one day she wanted to be with me, next day to go back to her husband and kids , the next to have her own place. She applied anyway for a place, that the community policeman (“Rob”) knew – I didn’t like the guy much , he was “cool” with me and overly-freindly with JD.

I went over to Liverpool for a game and to attend a major AGM at the chamber of commerce, and I was discussing a point with the chairman, when i was told that I could no longer attend meetings as  B-S (Bouma – Smith) the company of Robin and I had not paid the membership. I argued as I gave written instructions to transfer the money from Rabo(robber) bank 3 months previous. This casued a major “image problem” and B-S was then excluded from the “Best of” info and the network of contacts for european development. So, I had moved the account to Zwolle, so on my return I wen to see JD as she was planning to move to another place, but I would be away , probably in Istanbul, and wouldn’t be around to help. I complained to Rabobank – but although they admitted ‘eventually) that they had NOT transferred the money (despite sufficient funds) they neither compensated us nor apologised. Robin by now was not responding to my emails and was absorbed in the “fraternity network” of the university, so we had an “EGM” and informed the bank that we would close the account, I made a official complaint and we effectively “wound the company up based on the damage caused by the bank. (rabobank tried to add extra charges for THEIR error)

In the meantime I had developed the contacts with Fuat and used another Grass Routes E-mailing to keep the  people informed.. (from: Chris L1verpool) Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 08:26:58 +0000

EuRED71018->71101(Samain)….from Ekeren to Istanbul & back…til death do us part?

ChriSmitH..(?)…reporting : (on Kurds – curses- kebaps – attack-turks -cages …ladies & love <smile>)

(the same old cr*p…but different..from the "Universal gypsy" -WARNING..after 3 weeks "sicky" …..its a long one!…<smile>) …coming ……

…it was the 18th of October when I left Nico’s place in EKEREN (near Antwerp) semi-comatose – not from alchohol! – i had some (UbH) virus – and felt the sickest I can remember – (the day before when I went to the market next to Nico’s I felt and LOOKed like a drunk at 10am – and had to hang on to the side of the market stall as I was walking 1 step forward & 2 steps side-ways <smile>)
AS it took me twice as long as normal to get to Ek. station in my condition – and as usual the train to schipol was changed/delayed…but I was well on time as I had left several hours early – even had time to get some travel insurance (only 5euros p/m! – i was actually "sold" on it by the lady at
the bank…)

I got a shock yesterday the ez desk charged me e59 to change my return flght (ManUre in December changed by sky-control-TV) – the original flight cost to schipol was less! – which means my budget coudl exclude 28/29 november Porto home game (Amsterdam-LP-Am.) so – then took
off to Basel – to meet Patrick & Sabrina in the airport near freiburg- to give him the promised "Torres 9" shirt that it took some trouble to get in LIVERPOOL for him and being an LFC fan he stripped off  & put it on in the Basel airport cafe immediately – Sabrina kindly took some more LFC souvenirs ; LFC scarves & programmes to give my son Leon – who I haven’t seen for years – (his mother always makes sure he is out if I try to visit!)  so then I check in again for Istanbul – and the flight was made interesting by sitting next to a group of swiss & swedes who were sneaking whisky in their beer cans ..much to the dismay of a very serious Germanic (not-easy)jet hostess…they weren’t hurting anyone or being that noisy – I said it might have been "noticed" if the flight had had that many LFC fans on board – but "we" would never do such things 😉

there was a lass in the arrivals area from Manc. who seemed reluctant to share her transport to Sultanahmet – so I got a bus (Lire 9!) and a taxi (you have to negociate to avoid paying too much) and was "early" at Fuats (my kurdish mates pad in sultanahmet overlooking the Bosphorus!) and he and his friendly warrington-banker "Mahmud" were up waiting for me at 03hrs…good lad!

the I ST AN BUL life….(& the planets madness in general…..<smile>.)

– Fuat is a "workaholic" with 4 mobile phones – often answering 2 at a time…stress levels high – always on call – …..and we are on the move as he gives me an insiders view of his daily meetings & with a phone call being answered first thing – and last thing when I eventually thankfully – get an "early night" …i am so "knackered" after the sickness & journey & LACK OF SLEEP…that I was sound asleep & didnt hear or know that an ambulance came Friday night to his flat as Fuat had a minor heart attack ! next day was "derby day" and "adopted LFC fan" Fuat got himself fit enough
enough to haul himself to join me at the "james joyce" near Taksim square to watch the game (early kick off) an irish LFC fan a back-packer & myself were the only ones there – with a lot of celts upstairs for the old firm derby at the same time..

we only realised there was a "bluenose" when Sami scored – for them! – but thanks to some fight & Dirk KUYT (2 x pens!) I was singing "bitterness" to him as he went moaning out of the door!…;-) …(mind you I would also have been p*ssed off had the REDS lost that vital game – 3 points to keep us in touch and raise spirits ahead of the game AT Besiktas!…back to Sultanahmet – and a quiet meal (only YTL 15 for the pair of us & another early night)…

drama the night before here…I went to bed at only 23h & I was sleeping  when Fuat had a minor heart attack-he called me but I couldn’t hear –I was so deeply sleeping & dreaming when his  ambulance came – and brought him back from hospital  in the morn. he seemed better but weak
and as I was still not fit after my sickness we were a pathetic pair!
🙂 …anyway I  asked Fuat if  he wanted me to stay with him-but I had to go to book the hostel for Marc & kurt who come on tuesday…we have chances for our friends to come back here again for visits and Fuat felt up to go with me to irish pub to watch LIVERPOOL play everton –

It was a very nervous & fast game – and KUYT scored both penalties as we won 1-2 at their ground – so a rare good day for dutch vibrations in my life it seemed ???? 🙂

…Fuat wants to develop his tourism & consultancy into translations & asked Nico for a cost from his firm…but on the saturday morn. I had to go and sort out the rooms because Fuat had been laid up after coming back from the hospital – and the sultanhostel told me they were double-booked
(typically the guy Fuat knows wasnt there so – knowing "fussy" kola – I changed it to an apartment (!) opposite the Istanbul hostel..& phoned Marc to meet near at cafe by the sultanahmet tram stop..where I had met the"Greek Lunatic hairy bear Elvis"(Nico) the first time in december 2006.

I was happy after the stress in Zwolle  (*JD and B-S! ) & "sicky" days on the couch at Nicos that I actually slept at Fuats in a double bed. ..it was warm – often "t-shirt weather" I was trying to get my self together, I slept much better although not fully recovered after the sickest i have felt since the
meningitis 12 years ago, and reminds me that my body is still "mortal" …maybe thats why I have contacted ladies this year, feeling weak,, but the modern women dont want to "care" about anyone except themselves, I appreciate all Nico & Nico’s parents had done, helped me move my stuff on
short notice and put up with me being "sick" around them..I had been to Lunatics & although enjoyed the training though I think I wasnt fit enough to do 2 hrs straight off, I thought my energy had come back.. but it nearly killed me!.

….i wanted to get fit at Fuats and hopeful recovery in LFC team spirit & victory saturday, and do my best (insha’allah) to look after Marc & the lads in istanbul (& kola!) .. isnt it strange that so many woman only react & say "I want you" after she (JD)  senses i am leaving – thats typical woMAN!..almost every woman is telling stories. i generalize about that! – but say "if the cap fits let them wear it" – dont be reactive if it dont fit you…but i also respect a fair fighter!… but todays mass are uncaring – the apathy of allies & insensitivity…everything caught up with me and i knew the sickness & bad feeling would change when i got here…i tell her what I feel and the lady gets angry & bitter & reacts for my honesty!!!!…(and disrubs my host with over night phone calls ( Fuat and Nico affected by this)

It was everything combined – the feeling of being cut off – then all the other things at the same time – especially happening – the cruelty of people – the selfishness of modern woMAN – the stupidity of
modern MAN…and the open wound that is my children i prefer people who are "too sensitive"than too cold or "cool" (who didnt wear that red sports bra :-)???? maybe EuRED will create this for our female supporters, 🙂 – how do know I what most want! ? cats looking for more cream – lots of power & choices that they cant cope with…

ON Monday I complain at the British embassy & witrh Fuats help at BJK – meeting the stadium manager, "political" UEFA rep.& their blond secretary! 😉 i considered NOT to go to the game – many reasons – to boycott because of the way LIVERPOOL supporters being treated as animals – i dont accept to watch the game in a cage- strange but the reasons for this journey were
mainly cultural contact & progressive anyway not just to see this important game … know that? 😉

…..i pushed them to their limit 🙂 pointless arguement?..we shall see…so many LFC fans hadn’t
travelled because of the conditions & there were almost none in Taksim on Tuesday – Fuat & i met marc & ko-la ((Flemish 4-letter LFC fan club) at the tram stop & took them to their hotel (changed
again) and we cooked "local dish lamb etc " at Fuats place – (flat) and presented Kola wih a huge bottle of coke..(thats all he drinks) .and surprised Marc with a belated birthday cake.. (Marc le tickie) but Kola didnt want to stay so i went with them to see if we could get into watch LFC train at besiktas – but mondays "welcome" was obviously worn out – so they went off to meet some lads later at taksim and I am backat Fuats having an early one -watching  fenerbahce at psv .. 0-0 with him & Mahmud . Fuat has invited me to move here – and i plan to test it – as I do PREFER
the idea of sharing  rather than a room of (on) my own…

….it gets me into a place where MAYBE someone might appreciate my experience & talents…(and i dont mean getting p*ssed every night or pulling birds – although…..<smile>)… i can prob. get a 6 month visa and give it a test from jan 08..i can still get to the games if i book ahead..maybe only once per month – but Lunatic training might be difficult …but i will try to be there from time to time…;-)

when i was young boy i watched james Bond film "from russia with love" centred in istanbul..it even had an attraction then – there is also the “miracle of 05" and also there is the 12000 years of being centre of "middle earth " (med.ter.) …and i like to be in centre and my feeling is that WE have been here in other dimension/time – celts-berber-kurdish family connection … ??? and if & when Peters flat near Antwerp becomes available next year..well I might still …..the situation in Zw. was still confused when I left…who is honest enough to be my partner – who is??? 😉 ..my lady of red
underwear (Nicerpool)*?

EURED – the Game @ Besiktas..Poems & more…
To Brit. embassy – Istanbul
& Besiktas – Stadium manager

> > From: Chris L1verpooL team4l1verpool@hotmail.co.uk
> > Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 07:12:30 +0000
ChriS>Gunes I much apprecate what you say personally – however whilst our beloved game is taken over by commercial interests and tainted by the few –  it is up to people like you & me to stand up & say ‘NO’ …if we allow our  lives – here or anywhere – to be controlled by the few (idiots)
– whether it be a > > hoolian or George Bush – its the same to me..then WE are no better – who said its not the bad people who matter – but the good people who do nothing that are to blame’ ???? never mind who said it – its TRUE…but maybe even this small contact is a beginning 😉

Gunes> hope to see you tomorrow – enjoy the game & cross-cultural friendship..and  may the REDS win !!! 😉
> > EuRED 71022
> > To : Turgut AKHAN – – BJK â?"stadium manager
> > Email : akhant@bjk.com.tr
> > CC: GunesYurdover " British Consulate-General  office Istanbul
> > Email : gunes.yurdover@fco.gov.uk
> > CC: Fuat KOLCA â?"email : info@slateandnigel.com

> > Ref : Maintaining friendly relationships between people of Istanbul & Liverpool.

Firstly, whilst I am a member of the Official Liverpool Supporters club I must make it clear that my contact today is a personal initiative and has no official sanction from LFC or the supporters club. I have supported my club for 40 years and have travelled most of europe, yet, there i no place
outside of Anfield closer to the heart of true LIVERPOOL supporters than Istanbul!

> > Besiktas v LFC 24th October 2007  Therefore, many of our loyal supporters were dismayed when the official website  http://www.liverpoolfc.tv) explained the seating "arrangements" of the away supporters for the coming game. Having had such a welcome in 2005 (and the party thereafter) and an enjoyable return. (for some of us, although many fans did not travel, as we had already qualified before the game v Gala. ) Many of us have re-newed friendships & memories. The Besiktas fans that go to Anfield will have unrestricted viewing â?"  however, OUR fans on Wednesday will have to view the game through the "cage" ?" whilst we are informed this is "normal" treatment of away fans, some of us hoped that the people of Istanbul would remember our SPECIAL relations?    

 Investment & tourism

My friend (Fuat) knows full well that LIVERPOOL supporters like to party & spend Money freely some 40,000 or more supporters were here in 2005 and many since return for holidays and souvenirs of a night that some consider the best of our lives! Apart from the emotive element this brings good business for ISTANBUL! I am not interested in corportate sponsorship nor VIP arrangements BUT surely the astute local people realise that you don’t put  your good regular customers in a cage!

>>European Capital of culture 2008 – 2010

If this is for safety of our people (?) then so be it ! but , ISTANBUL has won "European capital of culture" status for 2010 â?" should you not be able to convince your people to ensure safe passage for your friends from Liverpool.? " which was awarded the "European capital of culture" status
for 2008! (next year!)  Apart from my own personal love for the people of the TWO cities ; Fuat and myself are currently engaged in ideas concerning cultural exchanges , childrens charities & youth initiatives & so on, and for us it would be counter-productive if anything obstructed the development of progressive relations between our supporters ; our people ; our clubs and our cultures.  I hope the message is received in the spirit of warm co-operation.
You’ll never walk alone!..lets go on together!
> Chris SMITH
> EuRED : European Liverpool Supporters network â?" 8019 XT Zwolle
> NL.  > Tel + 31 638 751 034
> Istanbul : c/o Fuat Kolca tel +90 (212) 516 9 545 –
Istanbul 0 07

"Istanbul  is wonder-FULL of mosques kebaps & Scousers , Istanbul is wonderful "

 Ring of fire is another song
 That everyone can sing along
 That famous night in may 05
 When YNWA kept our hope alive
 Here again we are to play
 Besiktas in October (0 07) not May
 Who knows in 08 where we will be
 in Moscow? Or in Wembley? (or manchester <smile>?)
 But REALLY it is the league we want so much
 Our Captain the trophy to touch
 To lift on high at the end
 Of this long season us to send
 Us into glory once again
 (drink an efe to that "19th hole" ..in one!)
 The travelling supporters “hard core” we
 Sing up & UP and CHAMPS we again will BE

 Is this place the base for me?
 ISTANBUL ! can you see?
 Chris the universal gypsy ,finally rest
 And become the very best?

> Istanbul 23 october 0 07

Original Message:Tr0uble-shoot1ng@chrismith.eu
Date: Wed, 24 Oct 2007 17:11:29 -0400
To: gunes.yurdover@fco.gov.uk, tr0uble-shoot1ng@chrismith.eu,
akhant@bjk.com.tr, info@slateandnigel.com, team4L1verpooL@hotmail.co.uk
Subject: RE: Fist 71023 RE: EuRED 71022 To : Turgut AKHAN & Gunes Y

ChriS>well-its debatable if the better team won- but credit BJK for their  energy and defensive capability- it looked like the REDS were the HOME  team – WE boycotted the game – because of the "cage" (i wont accept to be treated as an animal) and because of the POLITICAL exploitation of a FOOTBALL match something WE would NOT allow at ANField!.. (btw – there is a party in sultanahmet saturday if you & your lady are  free?)
Original Message:
From: Gunes.Yurdover@fco.gov.uk
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 08:01:44 +0100
To: Tr0uble-shoot1ng@chrismith.eu, akhant@bjk.com.tr,
Subject: RE: Fist 71023 RE: EuRED 71022 To : Turgut AKHAN & Gunes

Gunes> may the better win. I totally agree to the proverb, and the rest of  what you said. I will be based in the office tomorrow and hoping not to get  any emergency calls. I hope you have a good time and leave Istanbul once  again with good memories. I have a friend who lives and works in Liverpool  on a ship. I don’t know what he does when not at work, but I’m pretty sure he would be interested to meet new people around there.
Have a good game.
 Original Message:
From: Gunes.Yurdover@fco.gov.uk
Date: Tue, 23 Oct 2007 07:19:43 +0100
To: Tr0uble-shoot1ng@chrismith.eu, akhant@bjk.com.tr
Subject: EuRED 71022 To : Turgut AKHAN & Gunes Y.
Gunes>Thanksks for your email Chris. Before I go on I’d like to point out that  whatever I write in this email it is my personal opinion. I do not  represent any views of the FCO nor the UK nor due to my nationality.  I appreciate very much your words ‘development of progressive relations
between our supporters ; our people ; our clubs and our cultures’. I agree and believe this is what it should be all about. but we all got to admit that football hooliganism is a grand problem  worldwide and it doesn’t exclude any club’s group of these ‘extremists’. I  am a Galatasaray fan, so was my dad so was my granddad. But honestly I can  throw up due to various behaviours, especially ones that give grief and pain  to others, of some of our supporters. I know very well that both LFC and
BJK have this type of group within – can’t be without. The important is to be able to contain these thugs via the decent supporters, who are there with full heart ready for celebration or meditation :).
Unfortunately, because of the above reasons, THERE HAS TO BE A CAGE for now – its only for 90 minutes after all :). I know the better way would be to  watch the match side by side, drinking chilled beer, whatever and enjoying. But look around your world, there’s war everywhere and sports events like any other activity is a reflection of what goes on around the world. If we
could be peaceful that we can do it. When the world is ready, we will all be sitting and enjoying like civilised people and enjoying whatever we’re enjoying.
Take care.
ChriS>a Moep not a poem <smile> called ….GOOD B ye!

Goodbye means GOOD be with you….
But, You can take it how you want
Yes I am smiling !
But I am deeply hurt
This is not a POEM
JUST A WAY to focus
Words are powerful
But I need to feel "US"
To talk about my children
Is to touch my weakest points
Because I have failed
There is nothing which daunt(s)
I have been held
In a charmless cell
Been taunted – been abused
Fought the titan & Been sent to hell
But I can fight all battles for the world or me
Because I know my tactics, my strat-egy
But if you want to hurt
Just take my three kids from me
Dont tell me "it will be ok"
Thats too simple – Thats too gay
Be my soul-mate – come and REALLY hold me
Is all I wanted to say!

(btw the golden nica is a special prize for designers, i read this morning
in a designers magazine:-)

Nica>evolution all the does and don’ts will help you find your way resolution and you
got to stand tall open minded every day mysteries exist for us to find dem
nothing never happens until it reach the time then metaphores and miracles
dem just blind dem and if you live in fear and doubt you will always stay
behind then the master got his eyes on what you doing so humble yourself or
your blessings will be ruin nuh see no rain a fall heavens gate a call and
without no love boss nuh go listen houses build by wisdom small large or
medium but it’s overstanding that we turn it ina kingdom there is no
sacrifice when what you seek is freedom nothin new about the words we are
saying and there is nothing new about the things we are doing confusion in
our feeling in search of the meaning longing for spiritual healing prophet
priests and kings same song dem a sing got to seek your soul and no bother
with the bling cause certain frequencies connect humanity and speak of the
vinity love and shear infinity got to learn the rules so i can break dem
properly if i man a loose i man nuh loose none a me clarity bun dem
authority senseless ideology help me sing da song deh with me new

another Moep (song?) for U….
you see a difference between me & my dream?
oh no , like strawberries & cream
they go together
its not changeable like the weather!
> you promised to meet me –
> and then send excuses
> tell me about 20 years ago
> for what are those uses?
should compare you with those other germans
so dont compare me with the past.
i havent, what do you mean?
you say i push
i tell you just to be honest
i have written so much
and if that doesnt say
what you need
then it has to be good-day!
in cull.you know
in Hamburg too
you are just scared of what comes next
shall i come there again to follow this through?
if you tell me that he means more- then i dont
believe it
because if so then all between us was just sh*te..
dont feel sorry for me i would rather die
and if you cant find time for us.. for a while i will cry ..
…but i will survive ..alone!
because you wont be able to atone –
for what you lose .. will be gone…


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