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Bk 2 – oh oh 7 chapter 4 b ..autumn/winter flashes

chapter 4 4b ..autumn/winter flashes..cont..

I STA N BUL Life…(continued)

– the world is a place affected by negative commercial non-values which has made people soul-less – u can blame me – for being honest – or them for being sheep?
does anyone out there know the films of "fatih akin"I am still looking for anyone who wants to co-operate on the "ezine" /journal "Alienew5" since young Anna (the swedish girl i met when SHE spoke to ME at the jazz bar ) backed out – warned off by religious bigots?…or?…(Nico,its sort of like Liverpool’s "slacker" or "Boss" (the new LFC fanzine…) but "universal" <smile> an ANTIDOTE to the world affected by negative commercial non-values which has made people soul-less – ?)

Fuats brother was "detained" (the family is Kurdish) for claiming his rights – much as I was in "germoney" …and we take turns to get breakfast ready…bit different with fetter cheese, olives & concentrated (home made) grape spread on fresh baguettes etc… eating looking at a view of the
Bospherus on a sunny morn.  here – i really hope …. for a new day – with creativity and enthusiam from people – its what is lacking – to aproach the day with a positive attitude towards life & others …more confusing emails rrive from JZ….and ideas for EuRED ladies bH & panties – could be the first valentines pressie for LIVE-r(?)birds….<smile>

Fuats brother came here last night – they have gone to do some biz…- so to get over the game last night i am working on some creativity for the "joint venture" web pages…always helps to do something positive after a neggie – although LFC played well – dominated the game..c’est la vie! –
didnt like the way the match was used for nationalistic Anti-Kurdish fervour by the Turkish govt.!!!!
still recovering from the Sickest Ihave been in my memory in the last 2 weeks – who noticed?…c(h)ris is in crisis…everyone does have their own problems like I have to deal with the loss of my kids every day! …its not the problem of the swedish girl – thats just a small thing…its the
attitude of western european women – and the coldness in the society that makes me feel its not worth returning – i HAVE not felt fit enough to go out ANY night since i arrived as Fuat can tell you  i sent out an email about the boycott of the game – above is a copy of letter to Besiktas & the Brit embassy…Marc was very "funny" about the ticket – i got the impression from Kola that he was distrustful ….the night before the game I had organised meeting them – hotel & meal – at Fuats home – a birthday cake & then Kola…..- i just dont accept this "know the price of everything – value of nothing " mentality that he has – he seems to distrust everything & everyone-its not my understanding of the Liverpool way!..

bit disappointed with Kola……..not that you can do anything – when I got back from an agreed meeting point with Marc/Kurt as arranged . i was as p*ssed off as Fuat …they didnt turn up – and i didnt have a tickie. – I as a piss*d off at the attitude wof kola – that night before the game- Fuat
& i laid on a warm welcome – waited an hour for them by the tram stop took them to the hotel (pre-paid ) – cooked a really nice meal (and my choice) bought a cake for Marc – but KOLA wanted to go to the stadium – even though it was clear from our exp. that he wouldnt get in – i felt it was a bit rude – and Fuat stayed home (like me he was still recovering) but i think he would have come and helped if kola had been more friendly – i ts not just about being "correct" …

BUT for me his mentality is one of the reasons i feel like moving from western society…theres so much coldness & mistrust..he arrived with negative attitude – and i explained that when Fuat had a minor HEART attack saturday – i had to sort things out – so as Fuats guy at sultan wasn’t around – i went to another i KNEW (istanbul) and they offered an apartment for lire60 (total) …per night (for the apartment) – then yesterday i went to make sure and check them in as rooms were in demand…and the apart. wasnt ready so they gave the boys a room at a nearby hotel for the same
(lire 60 total) .. so i paid out lire 60 for their room and another 50 for food/drinks ( my choice – which i did for MARC ) …I WAS surprised that the price of tickets – already received in post – ? GBP 22? – but i said they dont have to pay for last nights room – i will take the ticket in exchange ..marc seemed ok – but then inorn. the hotel manager said they could stay in that
room – but KOLA didnt like it – Marc just shrugged and said we have to change because KOLA isnt happy with the bathroom!..no feeling of warmth or appreciation from him KOLA wants this & that..and Marc seems to be affected by him too..THIS is NOT the "LIVERPOOL WAY" …so after breakfast we agreed WITH them to meet at 17h at Sultanahmet – they werent at Taksim at 15h &
Fuat told them twice i would be meeting them at the istanbul at 17h (as agreed in the am) but they dont show – we did not then feel like going anywhere when KOLA is involved – & so in solidarity with Fuat to boycott the game anyway (and because of the cage) …..i felt fed up & maybe its because i have been sick ..but probably its just the way i am..(I prefer the way Nico, Stefan & the Flemish skilfull scousers & Lunatics usually are = the LIVERPOOL way….)

Fuat can’t understand – he has seen how wonderful LIVERPOOL SUPPORTERS CAN BE …and when one acts so cold – its hard to swallow …for him ..and I have to agree (especially as he rejected the hospitality – questioned the accomodation – still unpaid) and didnt turn up at the hotel with the ticket! we choose not to discuss the situation about me unless it is faCE TO FACE to explain (I was communicating the conflict between following cosmic destiny and human desires to be a father & family man…(ask Nelson Mandela what he gave up to give SAfrica freedom-or what Ghandi s family sacrificed for India’s independence)

Fuat (my "host" ) and I recently got back from a walk along the seafront (bosphorus) and we had ride over to the asian s on the ferry (had a 50c cup of tea on it- so we arent really burning a hole in the budget) then went to an asian fi±sh restaurant which cooks the fresh fish you select ın front of you & we had salad beetroot juice & water with it (still no alchohol in the last week! apart from one glass of wine) …really hea lthy – we di±scussed some creatıve plans – and took the tram back to his flat & ate some pomegranet … I am still suffering the (I hope) remnants of this last 2 weeks (BH) sickness…although I am sleepig better (on a bed-not couch) I still have sore eyes & throat and a bit of bronchitis

…JZ woke me up early with a panic this morning – she had more problems with her man…why do women think it is OK to invade" a mans privacy when THEY want – but get so UPTIGHT …when their "space" i disturbed – one more perverse complaint about the gender PC world we now living in … going  to Besiktas to complain about the position they give LFC fans for the game on wed. (restricted view with high fences ) when their fans come to Anfield they will  be in a "good spec"… is just one of the activities here …I am becoming Y-our universal gypsy -adopted Lunatic (btw it seems someone stole my lunatics t-shirt from my bad in the loading section between check-in and the plane..didn’t know that we had got that popular <SMILE>

> One of the reasons I planned this trip (even before I knew LFC would be playing  was to test LIVing possibilities … And if I came here I would also PROBABLY have to give up any hope of seeing my own 2 kids again – NO-one knows the pain of losing a child through death unless they experienced it?" PLUS having one or TWO children living apart/taken away? For ever? And you might just start to know the pain.and why I dont trust (most) women) it would probably be good for me to start a last new chance In Istanbul; although the flemish REDS family are a nice  possibility and there is a flat (Peter) near Nico that might become available soon ( next year) I was pleased Patrick & Sabrina invited me for next xmas! That’s nice,  although again heart-turning because it would remind me of the kids

– and if we can’t change the world, we have to change ourselves > i start planning the JV with Fuat – website designers & nephews office/flat(?)…and the return journey – withonly an hour in Basel to connect flights …if all goes well i will be ok (will I get met at Schipol by JZ???)))my mobile dont work because calls from NL used all my credit…! …so tried to set up skpye & freecall on Fuats laptop – but problems with Rabo?…

I asked "U" to phone Noela’s mothers office in Freiburg to check out where she is?…but U finds reasons not to….
(SONday) …Fuat took me to a seaside-town part of Istanbul – we had lunch by the bosphorus sea..hes like my (younger) brother but i thought of that song ("everywhere" …fleetwood mac..)…i want to share all these wonderful places with a lady 2 care & respect who feels the same about me..
but also i felt like the "man of the world" .(f.mac).<smile>..then it took over TWO hours on a bus to get back to the centre-traffic …and the bus was full when we left – but like an illusion 50 more people poured on to it..;-)

so i was late for watching the LIVERPOOL v ars*nal game on TV at the irish pub * but i met andrew (lived here 5 years) from dublin – alani & michelle from OZ – 2 english guys & 2 sisters from belfast (kathleen & angela) …..i drunk a LOT FOR THE first time since Liverpool (beginning of october..with Stef & the lads ) …. one of the young girls from oz was very friendly touching me all the time….but i didnt try to take her back… and carried on talking to the 2 lasses from belfast – 1 of whom lives here – she is also involved in training – fashion design – they were 30-ish – i suppose!)
Monday before I left was "National day" and Turks being stirred up, marching – with flags everywhere…. and nobody is talking about Kurdish people what hard problems they have.
more confused emails from Zw.- how much i have worried -I have felt so weak after sickness & needed for "U" to care about ME

…i spent my whole life looking after everyone …made my own life – my own way – own business and all the problems that i carried ..and now i want to be cared about too! -"sharing" is not just a bed or a home – do "U" know what it takes to be the partner i need ? whether U like football or not or have the respect – to think about why I am here or what pleases ME – I listen to others problems and respond – (the person who wants to share to care about what pleases me – what hurts me and not ONLY what is Y-OUR life! AND ITS NOT about whether YOU like football – but that you didnt think about why i am here or what pleases ME – you tell me about you & i listen and respond – i expect YOU (the person who told me last week she wants to share with me) to care about what pleases me – what hurts me and not ONLY what is in YOUR life! 

i get on the LFC website – disgraceful that some new "fans" (armchair or spoilt) are doubting …Sure its true that Voronin missed some chances in last 2 games – but for me he is a great contributor – didnt any of you see the game v spurs (only 3 weeks ago) ??? best player & scorer of one of the goals…things aint going right – BUT recently – Stevie started played better than for the last month – but on another day might have had 3 – BJK first goal was a fluke..just realise that its stupid to panic – this squad CAN win the Premiereship…it just maybe not be our year in europe…sh*te , we have had 2 CL finals in 3 years – dont get greedy 😉

its the mantality of the media-controlled mass – the same that automatically assumes that someone arrested by the police must be guilty…(how many times have I heard someone – supposedly intelligent say " oh, he MUST have made a mistake!" – why MUST??…people make mistakes –
and governments, police & judges makes MORE than their fair share BECAUSE they cannot admit them….)

sleep heals …the first sunday I was here was the first time I had slept in 2 weeks after Nico’s couch when i was VERY sick…in the last 6 months I have had mostly grief on top of my daily stress of living without my kids…and hardly any of the "good" aspects of a relationship…this made me ill…like in a Black Hole (BH)……..(I am just starting to feel fit after 2 weeks of sickness – Fuat is now sick!) ;-)..

although we had several nice (non-alchoholic) meals  nearby for less than 5 euros each)much of this last 2 weeks Then I followed him around Istanbul as he showed me his daly  *duties* .It reminded me of when I was a young kidd goıng to the shops with me mum. I used to hate it as she would stop & talk to everyone . & she knew everyone & his dog!…Funny thing i that Istanbul has a massive charm even with  about 20 million people. And is still more friendly than Zwolle with it’s mere 100000?….The drivers tooting their car-horns at every opportunity and the countdown at traffic lights and pedestrian crossings provide  you just 30 seconds to cross a main carriageway  before getting run-over by what seems like hundreds of *Formula 1 * contestants
We often visited his nephew’s office & sorted some visas & talked & talked & talked- and James Joyce Irish pub is NOW a meeting point for our EuRED supporters network & saw LIVERPOOL s game v Neverton & Arsenal on sky TV therethe last night before leaving we bought fresh fish at the market & Fuat cooked/…and ate our "last supper" with his brother …the next day …on The 31st October I should be at schipol then train to Ekeren but I will return in January to be creative In Itanbul sharng with Fuat & working on networking & other communication activities  in an  exciting world

…….& going….

….so on the day of the departure – i was awake at 07.30 (6.30 CET) Suat was up & off early./..Fuat got up & walked to meet the transit bus outside the sunlight hotel…BUT…it was already there (08.30 for 08.45!) …oh good…!..and I got on, and then we went around attempting to pick up others for sabiha airport…and after 40 minutes of "doing the rounds" of sultanahmet (when I reminded them that I had a flight …) they went back to the agency office & put me on another transit bus…on it I met (blond) Darin …american student travelling around europe & Michael who is in TV and wants to get into publiching (!)….

Darin had been overcharged (20ytl) so I compensated with a "Nes-cafe" at the airport – 7 ytl for a coffee?????….thats how much Fuat & I paid each for a meal for !!…and had a chat with Michael whilst we waited to board… (TIP in Istanbul – dont assume that online check in is enough – they still want you at the EZ check-in !) …..the policeman at the passport control in sabiha Goecken said "your passport looks worn – have a nice flight ………ChriS!"….!!!!!

had a needed sleep during the 2 1/2 hrs flight…(TIP at Istanbul – they mistook "on line" booking for "speedy boarding" <smile>….& it always makes me laugh on all ez flights because if you board at the back you are almost always seated at the same time as those who paid for "speedy boarding"…)
.the flight was Early to Basel…BUT "swissport" work "on time only!" ….and would NOT let us disembark before the exact arrival time (14.10) – as I only had an hour – and although the departing EZ conection to Schipol was a few metres away…they insisted I go OUT through passport/customs/immigration controls into CH…then back through the departure / customs/boarding gates!!!!.. so I took the chance to get my return ticket to iSTANBUL (jan) but
"Swissport" charged me double the standard (their "handling costs"…) for paying cash…

(TIP – if you are pushed for time – ask ground staff to get you moved up the line) – the young lady "bumped me" to the front…so I was at the departure gate (having checked in on-line) …10 mins early – but they loaded us on time!!!
(altrhough the combination of rude Dutch/german/swiss almost kicked me off!)
y-our universal (adopted) lunatic celts-gypsy-scouser
I didnt go direct to Ekereen because who was waiting to meet me at Schipol.???…(JZ)..but thats another story…

latest report..the GOOD, the bad & the uuuugggglllllyyyyy……(71001-71008)

from "ChriS in Liverpool" (again)  October 1-8 , 007

I feel like cr*p, not surprising when you fill a body with occasional fast (junk) food, & a lot of alchohol, go out @ midnight in just a t-shirt & dont sleep…the immune system says "wow" what ARE YOU DOING to me ChriS?…and so I have a sore throat & sniffles and stiff muscles ….but
what a GREAT party-weekend….!……… and much of it was "down" to Stefan & co; THANK YOU! (and of course good to see you again Nico! sweetie! <smile>)  the week began with my complaints v the media (again) Watching BBCtv "Football focus" again the anti – LFC sniping came out again… (whilst creaming themselves over the "fantastic start of Arsenal" )

The smarmy young presenter (whatever his name is I dont know, but what makes him an "expert" is even less clear!) said "Rafa Beneitez lost the premiereship because of his rotation policy!" – oh really?

Maybe we lost it because certain players were distracted by World cup games for the national teams, & didn’t perform in the final, and whilst I am on the subject; Steve  affected by having to play for England with a damaged toe…or maybe we lost because we went all the way to the Champions league final (again!) in Athens, (further than the Beeb’s favourites ; ARSEnal, ManURE or the Chelski rent-boys) which perhaps streched the squad, which Rafa has now

Furthermore, whilst its fine for the Beeb to recognise the 125 history of Tottenham on monday, lets not forget that saturday was the date (29th September 1981) that the Greatest manager in the history of British football, and "Lawro" should have mentioned it even if the biased Beeb "forgot"!

Shankly gave Liverpool a soul through his empathy with the common man, he gave the club an identity that made it respected throughout the world and, most of all, he brought dignity, class and distinction to a club that was in danger of being cut adrift prior to his Anfield arrival in 1959.
Liverpool is a special club because of the sheer humanity that Shankly brought to it
And it is because of all of this – the philosophy, the humanity and the dignity – that Shankly does indeed live for ever. (no thanks to the "Beeb" …so "beeb off" <smile>)

Oh, and after we won at wigan it was a "relieved Rafa" whilst ARSEnal were congratulated on scaping a 1 goal win at Westr Ham! – AMAZING!… (& the sh*tty S*N reports exagerating Stevies car collision when a boy run out in front of him) …and will some one PLEASE shoot Garth Crooks!
..please!…;-) (he said "Man U MUST win at Brum"…why? when theres still 90 – odd points to play for!)


people were asked to wear a RED t-shirt (worldwide "push") for ann-san "Sushi" v Burma governmentt & for freedom…the failure of so-called western "democracy" to involve itself gainst another dictatorship (as in Iraq?) just highlights the lies told by Bush & co for the reason for their
"intervention" ("freedom is just a word"…..)…anyone that voted for Bush & co (twice!) is beyond my comprehension..and the rest of the worlds population is not much better as stupid policies of the "new world order" rule y-our lives…


on the news some people complained aboout petrol price increase..if high fuel prices pushes people away from using their cars , and encourages car-sharing, better public transport (a long-time coming) and alternative fuels (which we have had for more than 50 years) and heavy goods vehicles ("juggernaughts") from the road onto canals & better use of the
railways..then I AM HAPPY, because once the air we breathe & this planet is
finally poisoned theres no return!…


young woman with baby…running across town, I wanted to ask her why, she carried the baby (about 6 months old) like a sack under her arm..why…?…whilst it seems that todays women have it all and dont know what to do with it!…surely they cant be happy that the boring german ladies "celebrated" the "re-united germoney weekend" when their footy team won the Ladies World cup again?….going the whole competition without conceding a goal, looked just like a female version of the male team that used to bore us to death for decades! …I watched the final on sunday, and
the Brazilian girls at least tried to entertain…and I had  to laugh at the pre-match singing of the Brazilians whilst the german team just looked …serious! 😉

Prison or pennies?

Uk tories try to win more votes by "dealing " with crime by making MORE prisons …instead of dealing with the cause of crime; an unfair commercial/consumerist-obsessed society! I was on time leaving Zwolle wednesday morn. had a coffee upstairs in the schipol departure lounge …and when they wanted 12 euros for a coffee, sandwich & juice I offered to pay by plastic money..it was declined, despite a meeting with my bank monday.. isn’t it always when i am travelling that these things happen?…I was well early, and checked in and was told the flight was 5 mins early…. WRONG, we left 30 mins late…the pilot said we would arrive "about on time" which in airline language is 30 minutes late?…but that also meant i missed the airport express bus,
adding another 30 mins delay…

checked in at the "interntional Inn"**** and again card was declined, so its down to stretching my cash, which is a pain as I promised Patrick (Liverpool fan from Freiburg) I would buy him the special "away shirt" (with "Torres 9**" on it)….so no bevvies tonight! (mind you I did not
feel much like celebrating the abismal performance of LFc last night,. (the worst I can remember!) when using up all my "spending money" to come here, its frustrating , I felt like putting me boots on and getting out there, I could have out-performed "the best midfield in the world" last night…
I thought Fabio was one of the few players that deserved anything
…the rest, defence was shaky, is Carra missing D-Agger?…midfield, momo & Stevie gave everything they won…away!…and up front…nothing…I felt almost sorry for young Leto as the team (and dare I say it Rafa was out of form…) but the Marseille fans (less that a thousand cetrainly were in voice, in town and 2 hours before the game on the Annie rd…full of english beer they really did their team proud, who responded!…  in fact had I been colour – blind I would have been sure that they were the REDS and LFC were the "unfancied" away team… Cisse & co played the ball
around and dominated, in fact 0-1 flattered US!

…maybe if the ref had allowed their "goal" before half time the team might have woken up, but to wait until the last 10 minutes to put Marseilles goal under seige is tooo late!  (btw thanks to Marc, the tickie was waiting at the Albert as promised.."belated happy birthday" from Tommy…)
(**btw…it took 2 days going around the various shops & 3 different Lfc shops, but I eventually got Patricks shirt, shorts & socks, panic over…<smile>)

and let me say "SHAME ON YOU" to those on the KOP that were leaving 10 mins before the end in "my day" they would have been hung from the rafters or never let back on the hallowed stand…(but then were are all a bit "soft" these days… )

I should have known that there would be problems when I took my "sample" to the "Royal" (hospital) to have tests completed …they ("secretary lisa") told me that the department "rapid xxx clinic" dont exist…carrying the "liquid" around the hospital I felt like some sort of suicide terrorist with a bomb in his hand , having changed his mind , not knowing what to do with the "explosive" <smile>

"lisa" also asked me why they dont treat me in NL, I said "because THEY dont want to…" and as I am still a NHS member whats the problem ..?  …she said oh, you will have to make an appointment at the (non-existent) clinic ..so come back in november , its only open thursdays…***(today is thursday but obviously too busy for my "problem"!?>)  *** I since got a phone call from "Lisa" that appointment is for 13th December/..so my health cant be very urgent…..you have to laugh at this mad , stupid world eh?…isnt it great to be an "Alien" ???? 😉

…. oh, and the guy in the shared dorm. SNORED all night (****at weekends they now want 20 quid a bed!!!) I think he is german ,<smile> there was an aussie guy in the hostel, a couple from catalan, and the young confused irish catholic woman ,for whom I was"councillor " too…
Friday, I was in the "Arts village" office catching up on stuff, and later in the sunshine walked along the mersey, and later went to the library (free) internet….again and as I was a bit tired I got a DVD and settled down to a quiet night in the hostel "lounge" …the film, called "we are dancing in our minds" a brilliant, warm, funny tragic story about 2 criples in wheelchairs confronting life, despite their problems…

so many people moan about this or that, what they got or haven’t yet waste their time (and in the middle of the night, so I  considered an early night, but I like the "vibes" of the "cavern club" on a friday night where witty locals & visitors mix & listen to live music & disco…oldies mostly (with of course some beatles..no Luka sorry!)… the flemish "squad" Stefan & co & Nico should be around this afternoon, so  I will be well oiled by tonight… its been warm, almost 20degrees…last night the local girls typically (even in winter) are virtually naked…but there were enough male hunters  around..I just had a bit of movement on the fringe of the dancefloor because I was tired , drank a couple of glasse of RED wine..and went to bed about 02h.

.. so, I was "hungry" for some REAL (REDS "family") company by the time I heard Stefan & his Flemish lads would be arriving early afternoon on Saturday and we got around to one or two bars, "pen & wig" then "little coopers" from about 14h….then..sometime just before midnight…we went out to the O’Neils irish pub., with disco.until about 03hrs , great that there the girls come up and want to dance with me, without being asked…and a number of people told me they liked the Anti-fascist "Easton cowboys" t-shirt (more mpromo, Steve!…<smile>) and I danced with a couple of women, fast not slow…! <smile> I left the sexuality on the dance floor…those girls could get me in to trouble!…<smile> and outside gangs of the virtually naked local lasses still walking around….I thought !  Basta cosi! (get some sleep!) … I hoped to go & get a win Sunday v "spurs" & concentrate on the League 😉

I went looking for Nico, who was down at the "power league" pitches (kirkdale?) playing in a 8-9 scorline 5-a-side game, and I must of gone off in a dream of memories as Emlyn (I also wore the captains No. 6) powering from one end of the pitch to the other before unleashing a missile into the top corner of the Spurs net)…because by the time I got to Nico they were finishing…so I went to Stanley Park (the site of our expected "new stadium" ) …and sat on a bench hoping to rest my eyes for the coming 24 hrs without sleep…and who should walk past ? Kurt (called "Cola" because he dont drink alchohol)

….Nico & I were in the "upper centenary" for the spurs game, and of course they aren’t generally as loud as when we (were) on the KOP…(I remember the HJC game last season when Marco & I shouted at others around us to "stand up for the 96", when the stewards were trying to get us to sit down) …great view…BUT although we were happy when 1-0 after 12 minutes (thanks to  Voronin, the "man of the match" getting on the end of a rebound from Stevie G’s free kick) and the team were starting to play flowing footy again, despite missing chances…too many "lazy fans" just watch and when spurs scored their 2 goals either side of the break, and Torres got a late equaliser its possible that (and I hate to say this) these IDIOTS missed 3 of the 4 goals, if they hadnt checked out the scoreboard maybe they went home (10 minuttes before the end) thinking we won 1-0!…I shouted "sing up – support your team" but these are not TRUE REDS.

..unlike Strefan & his lads….real supporters, real MATES…and I enjoyed your company,…..thanks!…(its easier to communicate with you & your lot than most of the english I meet) …and despite our "early confrontation" even ex-para Ray gave me a big hug as he left us in Matthew street! (and Dave is a good lad, has a similar opinion of women!)  I was disgusted at the lack of TRUE LIVERPOOL support, at the game and IF Voronin had asked Stevie for the captains armband then he would have had a fair claim…Voronin was playing with the energy, enthusiasm, fire & passion that TRUE REDS demand…Stevie, often strolling, (which is ok when in control) even pulled out of tackle!…to think I would have given 10 years of my life to have his position in the team.

-internet being blamed for kids violence…sure ?….lets not blame the money-obsessed, banal influence of cold-hearted cynical capitalism & consumerist be superficial beauty-FULL society?..or parents paranoia that wont let kids play outside , but will let them use the net for anything else than education & communication..? (and too worried about what the "neighbours think" or worry  that their "status" might be questoned by an already sick society?)

guess what …I dont see my kids in years , but people whinge about the smallest problem to me..what example is being set to the young people, ?…a bad one! Instead of worrying if someone has the right income, job, house, car etc, ask if they have GOOD intent.instead of worrying (as some American might say "serving the man") John Lennon was killed in 1980, he was persecuted by CIA etc whilst trying to get his message ("imagine") across to people….his message is as TRUE now as it was then..but people arent, and its getting worse….sorry….I want to change this….alone if
necessary but via "WorldChild team-networking" if possible..

…we finished off at the "Grapes" matthew street, and a disco ..(where some bluesh*te seemed to be after trouble..but then disappeared..,<smile>…picked up the bags from Stefans room & 5 in a taxi
to the airport..but earlier that evening…….a lasting memory of "Janske"? 13 year-old cheeky faced when "sandwiched" by 2 girls on the stage…and all the lads taking photos …a "superstar" in the making… I only slept on the flight over (luckily as Stefan & the others were all too deep asleep at the cafe upstairs & J.Lennon airport..I had a big problem to wake them in time for check-in,,.. had to laugh at Raoul who fell of the airport couch and still managed to keep sleeping)…
p.s. would you like to write article (in your language ) for my journal …any subject, (one page!) ?
"If ignorance is bliss – why aren’t more people happy?"



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