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Bk 2 oh oh 7 chapter 4 c…for your eyes only ?

for your eyes only…

The battle for justice went on; and on;

AN/TO : Land-RATs-amt Breisgau – Hochschwarzwald.
cc: EU Parliament petition/RA Alberti cc:ECHR & various NGOs/media
cc: Family rights (europe) -P.Tromp/me cc: EM Thoenes (adv.)
cc: The International child abduction UNIT – official solicitor
CC:RAin. Federica Guilbaud DEGAY-INHOFER (lawyer for the ACCUSED abductors)

EDAGN REF70901CSvEE-LEON- E.D.A.G.N 3eFloor, Prins MauritsStraat20a
8019XT ZWOLLE; NL – email; tr0uble-shoot1ng@chrismith.eu

REF Freiburg Jugendamt correspondence (2548.404109)
dated 28.08.2007 received today (1st September 2007)

The boy Son LEON Robin Chris SMITH (alias Hartmann)
(born 11.8.1996)and abducted by Mrs Annika Hartmann & Wolfgang Schubart -this abduction aided by various german officials; police; judiciary ; & the violations of CHILDRENS rights & HUMAN rights committed by employees of the gender-fascist ‘Jugendamt’.
The CYNICAL timing of this communication – when actions against BIAS via ECHR and EU petitions are complaining about the tactics of the fascist ‘Jugendamt’ is well noted and not surprising.

IT IS OBVIOUS that Mrs Schueler issues instructions to encourage the mother to CONTINUE ILLEGAL SEPERATION of Leon from his father; Chris. SMITH and recent attempts to connect father & son are contunually obstructed by german citizens/state officers (‘beamte’)
The ACCUSED : ‘Beamte Schueler’ & colleagues of the ‘Jugendamt Freiburg’ & Annika Hartmann & Margit Streifeneder= the ABDUCTORS!
prostituted by female lawyer : RAin. Federica Guilbaud DEGAY-INHOFER
The PLAINTIFF : Chris SMITH (VIOLATED FATHER also co-ordinator & childrens/equal rights activist/common lawyer of E.D.A.G.N. )

* The PLaintiff REFUSES & REJECTS any german language application from an ILLEGAL institution known as the ‘Jugendamt’ & reminds ‘the Land-RATS-amt of his claim of several millioms of Euros v Freiburg.
* The (‘retired’) Plaintiff HAS & WILL support his CHILD when (& ONLY WHEN)EQUAL RIGHTS are re-instated (He will NOT make payments via a state that violates human, equal or childrens rights or aids & rewards women abductors of his children, protecting THEIR crimes)
* The Plaintiff reminds ‘Beamte Schueler’ & colleagues at the gender-fascist ‘Jugendamt’ that they ARE GUILTY of the violations previously recorded in corresopondence & court by the Plaintiff.
*The MEDIA are made AWARE of the BIASED mentality of the german state and other govenments around europe that openly assist VIOLATION of the Hague convention on the rights of children & the UN Universal Dec.of Human rights/Council of Europe-ECHR(Strasbourg)
* attached previous (website)complaints made against the accused.(cont.)


the complaint of Chris (as father of Leon &; Noela) Smith is against the state of ‘germoney’ (B.R.D.), but also against all who feed that & other state monsters,from inside or outside of it…the self-serving state employees, corrupt politicians,& the manipulative town hall officials, robotic discriminating police, the prejudiced so-called social services, prison & judicial system and the infamous fascist ‘jugendamt’ (land-RATS-amt’) controller of child issues & chief perpetrator, but do not forget the whole of mother Annika hartmann, (pet) ‘boyfriend’ Wolfgand Schubart, their clique & allies who enabled the original ABDUCTION & seperation of Leon from his father, the abuse of human rights ignored by the EU, UN & the Hague despite all those declarations & rights you think you or we have, & not least the guilty by-standers ……YOU , the general public, the ‘silent majority’ who are far too ‘comfortable’ to care…i start with an open letter…to the ‘jugendamt’ LandsRATSamt ‘Unterhaltsvorschusskasse’ Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, Freiburg


Without prejudice

Leon Hartmann Born 11.08.96 – 93292.500417

cc: Frau Resch (&a the rest of your fellow bureaucrats)

OPEN LETTER (copied to ‘vater/pappa’ & other internet Ezines & human rights watch etc)

Without Prejudice

1.Please refer to previous correspondence & numerous complaints IGNORED by you since almost& 5 years, if YOU want something from ME then speak MY language! (quoting your Chancellor KOHLs world press statement in 1990!) write in english or celts! It is surely no coincidence that you wish to pressurise me at this time as i have not stopped demanding equal rights from the mother of MY SON.
2. I am correct & DO YOU refer to Leon SMITH (born in the town named by germoney as ‘Wasenweiler’, in the ‘Dreyeckland’ on the 11th August 96 whose birth i registered?
3. Are you attempting to ‘claim’ something , because even German people dont understand your bureaucratic language, write plainly!..& clearly!
4. I have not received ANY reply or re-action to my various Claims against your department & your accomplice Annika Hartmann, Mother who abducted my son, encouraged by you & with the help of your government & who kept him seperated from me for a period of almost 2 years (without even telephone contact), & who continues to deny Him & I our equal rights of father-son togetherness
5. I REFUSE to negociate with a government bureaucracy whose participation in corrupt right-wing capitalist-dictatorship methods are ruining this planet, this region & causing suffering
to the people &their children.
6. YOUR judiciary, police, government, its politicians & bureaucrats are ALL in violation of the articles stated in the Council of Europe (for the protection of human rights &
fundemental freedoms ) & United Nations Universal declaration of Human rights & the Hague treaties..but you OBVIOUSLY dont care as long as you can continue your ‘paper chase’ & keep YOURSELVES employed – you have NO interest in the rights of the CHILD either nor in simple equality of justice!
7. The ‘application of law’ in the regions occupied by Germans (who invaded this ‘Celts’ region 1500 years ago) are Prejudicial against fathers & against ‘strangers’ ‘aliens’ Foreigners’ or anyone who is a non german capitalist male. the TRUE feeling & ideal of ‘family’ is lost on your primitive methods of giving power to those who complain, bully, shout, pay or lobby the loudest
8. I exclude myself from your system,because it is Wrong, & i follow the lifestyle of my Celts ancestors,leave me in peace
9. When my son lived with me I paid for his food , clothing & rent, I do not have any income now (thanks to your government interference in my life!) but IF i did , i WOULD NOT pay
the German government (or any other) ONE PENNY, in order to help you divorce me from my child , to assist the criminal acts of your department & his mother, & I RECOMMEND TO ALL FATHERS WHO DO NOT GET EQUAL RIGHTS TO DO THE SAME!

Unfortunately Many fathers friends & coleagues have wasted time, energy & income on lawyers, politicians, demonstrations & media, however, the only REAL ‘weapon’ is to deny you funds, to restrict your ability to continue discrimination.!!
If you want to arrest me , you know where i am!
Father, common lawyer equal Rights activist for ETS-FU!

‘And it seems to me perfectly onthe cards that there will be within the next generation or so a pharmacological method of making people love their servitude, and producing … a kind of painless concentration camp for entire societies, so that people will in fact have their liberties taken away from them but will rather enjoy it, because they will be distracted from any desire to rebel by propaganda, brainwashing, or brainwashing enhanced by pharmacological methods.
– Aldous Huxley, 1959

WARNING (dated several years ago!)
there follows a ‘bitter’ personal comment by Chris to mother Annika SO; YOU GO ‘CRYING’ TO THE BEAMTE AGAIN:::::its no wonder LEON ‘cries’ almost every time he is TACKLED (at football)…even when its fair & he isnt hurt, such EXAGERATION gets the other player into trouble….just like you… even if i ‘TACKLE’ YOU FAIRLY – you go ‘crying’ to the state…YOU ARE REALLY, a ‘CORRECT LITTLE GERMan’ arent you? the 3RD REICH would be PROUD of you & your colleagues at the RATSamt….

comment…..’>sure there are emotions in my text, which engangers your clear understanding, try to understand how it when the person you love lives in a street that you go through daily & you are FORCIBLY restricted from contact ….. not by his wish , but by a bureucratic monster allied to a cold-hearted mother & her allies, you are ‘alien!’ and alone……………

and this is my recent complaint………

the GERMan ‘rats’
11, Grand Rue
F68600 Geiswasser (Fr

‘Electronic Text ‘ To LandsRATSamt, Amtsgericht
ACCUSATION v ANNIKA HARTMANN (AH), Weber Str, D79232 March-Buchheim & Wolfgang Schubart,(WS) Unter den dorf St, Wasenweiler


* That Annika Hartmann (‘AH’) did FRAUDulently mislead Chris Smith in 1995 whilst he was in post-meningitis condition, with the intent of taking his Seed for selfish purposes (that is the intent to exclude him from fatherhood) , with maliscious aforethought.
* That AH , in May 1999 with the assistance of Wolfgang Schubart (‘WS’ ) abduct the child Leon removing him from common family access & denying him a LIFE with his REAL father, making process
& changing address deliberately denying CS information of the sons
* That AH & WS did give misleading & contrived evidence against CS to the Police & Amtsgericht, in order that AH can replace CS with a GERMAN (WS) ‘substitiute’ whilst CS was detained for ‘preventative investigation’ (U-haft)
* That through this action the rights of Leon have been abused, not
least that he has lost the chance to become a Natural speaker of the ENGLISH language (this action, supported by the German state is
obviously RACIST) & denied Leon the chance to stay with his REAL father (CS) and his real sister , thus denied a REAL family LIFE.
* That AH has on many occasions threatened total removal of contact if CS protests about the  above THEFT of his son by AH & WS, this is BLACKMAIL by AH, assisted by WS as the German state never deal with complaints of ‘aliens’ satisfactorily , the matter shall be dealt with outside of their control.
common lawyer & equal rights activist for ETS-FU!


The Chairman – Committee on petitions
attention Marcin Libicki
European Parliament
B-1047 Brussels

Petition 0290/2007.   

Zwolle 28 November 07 (Noela´s birthday!)
Thank you for your letter dated 10.09.07  (314081)

Please note I have moved my correspondence address : (below)

Please reply to my new email : EuRED@live.com  with progress of this above-mentioned petition

Chris Smith / CSEMA
– European Direct Action  Group Network
c/o Driehoeckstr 87
2180 Ekeren

The Official Solicitor
International Child Abduction & contact Unit
81 Chancery Lane,
Zwolle 27th July 2 007

To whom it may concern

ref : abduction of Noela – born 28 Nov 2001 & Leon – born 11 Aug. 1996

Before I provide more background & details of my 2 children both abducted
whilst I was staying in Alsace (France) and currently held in the B.R.D
(near Freiburg in the german state of Baden) and deliberately estranged
from me, I would like to know what general or specific assistance could be
given to me, I am currently staying in the Netherlands, having ceased
professional occupation following meningitis-induced coma in 1995, i have
taken "early retirement".

I hold a British passport, and have made several complaints to all the
relevant german courts; the FCO (& german-based British consulates); I have
an appeal pending against the B.R.D, at the human rights court in
Strasbourg, and have joined a petition of various non-german parents with
similar plaints in the European Parliament.

However, all these processes seem to be (deliberately) delayed by german
officials who have attempted to alienate me by bogus accusations of
criminal or subversive activity on my part.

I have no knowledge of the childrens location, condition, education or
welfare, partiularly of my daughter, who, at nearly 6 years old, is, I
believe at high risk of bad or abusive treatment, not to mention the
potential psychological damage of sudden & violent abduction from our home
in Alsace in 2004, and continued seperation, as she was in my daily care,
from birth up until that time.

I surely dont need to explain the distress I feel for my children and
myself, & I would be very pleased to hear from you as soon as possible,
which advice or what action, if any, your department can do for US. my
private email address is cs@chrismith.eu


Chris. R. SMITH
(tel 0031 638-751-034)

edagn, 3eFloor
Prins MauritsStraat 20a
8019 XT Zwolle
The Netherlands

cc. E.M. Thoenes, Dommerholz; Zw.



71126..I went to Newcastle to support the REDS, because I didnt know where (estranged) Noela was…and it was her birthday on the 28th November, and deceased wife Jacqui’s on the 1st december, I needed to be “busy” and focussed on my “other love” ; the REDS..

ChriS>tired but happy our small team of Euro-REDS got back last night from Newcastle…via LIVERPOOL ,, after almost 2000 kms of driving…
after the midnight departure – we got to Newcastle about 9h for for a big breakast (with some liquids to put us in the mood) …parked near to the ground…(prices always go up on matchday) Stevie got us on the way with a THunderbolt free kick (clever set up with Lucas) …a Sami back-klick got Dirk on the scorsheet & Stevie laid on the third for Ryan Babel after a fine move – LFC dominated throughout – the home side never even won a corner or had a shot on target! – and Torres made several chances for him self with his lightening pace and ball skills – it could have been (another 7 or 8-nil thrashing for the Newcs) – I wouldnt like to have done that so much to the usually friendly geordies but…having dared to boo our captain for his (poor?) performance for england – we reminded them (& the media & the yanks!) by chanting "we arent english we are SCOUSE" …and "you can stick your F***ing eng-er-land up your A*SE …!" ….! <SMILE
and of course we gave RAFA our support – he knows who WE are behind!!!!
after the game a "smooth getaway" and we were back in LIVERPOOL – Nico & Marc were staying on the Wirral but unfortunately only one bed for Wacker & meself…so after meetign up with Ian and various other visits …some nosh in the Sandown Wavertree -Nico & Marc went off for an early night…so the 2 of us had not much of an alternative than to go out "on the town" …so after checking out the "scene" at the "magnet" & bit of "sight-seeing" at concert square …and wood street..we got down to on’neils ….bit of dancing – livened up when 3 lasses arrived and proceeded to surround me…it only a bit of fun…but nice <smile>
and then we met "Barbie" & Christine at concert square …and …nothing much else…
my reply to any more questions : is : "I am only concentrating on training & coaching" ..eh Nico 😉
p.s. another drama with JZ?…to be continued….

" leaving las vegas" (or Zwolle….) my "last night" in Zwolle – I took a beatles book of lyrics of all their songs to Delano at jazzy jam bar & a (EuRED) t-shirt for Innicke ..and surprise! the student downstairs (Yuma) turned up there with her Mother Harriet & Dad Jan….then Roy (who organises local music concerts & production) …and we had a great time – eventually moving after 3 rounds to the "wijn-huis" …and carried on til midnight – telling jokes & exchanging stories…typical like a "holiday romance" – I have been in Zwolle since summer last year and ever relation fell flat – even the aussie girl Jess & her husband (Reuben) who ran the sandwich bar where I had my coffee or sarnie most mornings (& a loooong chat) was sold off..- just ther same when you meet someone you like on the last night of your holiday…..

this morning i woke with a red w(h)ine hangover…

another surprise – although I helped her with her move and stayed several times at her place -cooking & cleaning and clearing our the yard/garden, we had an arguement (again) & decided not to have any more relations – JZ appeared at the station to send me off with a hug & a kiss…
(her last email yesterday " I will remember you in a very positive way, and treasure our memories and the time we spent together. xxx ")

controvesial stuff at LFC – with the yanks interfering in the management by Rafa – he is our manager and real LIVERPOOL supporters will get behind our manager – we can & should get the money elsewhere – why not a "supporters buy out" (a la Barca!)…not having anyone (let alone some capitalist swine from texas ) ruining the best chances we have had in almost 20 years!

ironic isnt it? – the result of the "capitalist defeat of communism" (although no where have we ever seen REAL communism ! (only a fascist / pyramid dictatorship version of it!) …
has produced a ROBOTIC society – where freedom of speech is disappearing – where human rights are eroded – where managerial initiative is swollowed up by "corporate rules & "codex" – where the "new world order" are able to execute – without fair trial or legal process anyone the quasi idiotic "security agencies" deem "necessary" …JZ complained that her social-bank insists she "follows the system" instead of dealing with clients problems – managers cant decide if you deserve a loan – just a formular on a computer decided by faceless people…

the UK government just lost massive amoutn of personal data on millions of people – and their reason for "digital ID" is to PREVENT crime – yet this just goes to show (as  IF any intelligent person needed to be reminded of it …) GOVERNMENTS employ monkeys – & monkeys make mistake…computers fail too – bugs get in the system  – DONT ever trust the politicians ! – alsways QUESTION….any "rule " you are told or "info" the medias propaganda fills you with! – that way maybe , just maybe we might win back our society …("To be yourself, in a world that tries, night & day, to make you just like everybody else -is to-" fight the greatest battle there ever is to fight & never stop fighting"- Cummings ")

met Marc S> & his son – who could look even older than "el Nino"…hes going to pick up another 20 t-shirts (EuRED) t-shirts from Anfield …for those of you that have been asking…now available for re-sale @ 10 euros each – 2 euroes of which will go to the HJC & 2 euros to a childrens &/or youths charitable org and automaticly enables you to join the (VERY UNofficial EuRED European Based LIVERPOOL supporters network) 😉 …bit strange handing over the cash at a station…paranoia sets in when (once again ) a helicopter appears over head (everywhere I go!)

tonight we go at midnight to geordie land – Nico, Marc D. & "Wacker"…4 of is in a car ..abotu 800 kms each way to Newcastle – get behind Rafa OUR teams manager & the REDS …it was decided to go to Newcastle in Nicos s car …this week the LFC internet video channel (LFC.TV) featured LFC games at newcastle..recent games form 99 & 05’06   & especially the FA cup final of ´74 ..i was there at wembley –  we won 3-0 and it was the last game of my spiritual mentor (Bill shankly) as manager and the formation of the  "Liverpool way" of combining the best of british with "european style" football…(bit like me eh?)..very emotional-its the first time I have seen  the whole game on TV since 1974 – I took my brother…and the satdium was bouncing – our travelling kop..about 45000 of us,.,,shook wembley stadium- the concrete stand was bouncing – arguably
 the best/first big LIVERPOOL memory..

tomorrow(saturday)s a big game for us after the "nationistic break" and i think its first time i have been to "geordie land" itself  in a long time…Nica told me about an article about the question why supporters are always singing? = we sing because its our nature our culture it makes us happy – and more importantly why dont you?….LIVERPOOL FC supporters started this in the 60 ‘ s trabsferring the popular (local Liverpool-born) BEATLES songs via 25000 or even 60 000 people singing one song …sometimes like magic starting a ong spontaneously – is something special and unique – only copied by other fans around the world but never bettered… to be continued (insha´allah)
EuRED ; (Very UNofficial European-based LIVERPOOL supporters network) 😉

MY little Girl Noela will be six years old on 28th November 2007

I have not seen her for more than a few seconds- since I was arrested & deported in 2006 whilst trying to trace her after I was ambushed when her german mother (margit) abducted
her with male accomplices in may 2004 (from OUR home in Geiswasser, Alsace, FRANCE and taken over the german border by margit ) …

The mother has moved From Freiburg (Baden)  without any forwarding address – and has gone "underground" –  making a website to present another man as Noela´s father – Margit also forged birth registration to omit me from Noelas life – this is an absolute THEFT of my daughter!

Any of you that have children might understand how it feels when you lose a child..and I HOPE you never have to experience this feeling of a contunual OPEN wound – of a father knowing his child is with people who may harm her physically or emotionally or psychologically. those people are the subject of my human rights complaints at Strasbourg and a petition at the EU parliament & the international abduction centre.(London) lawyers representing the mother ignore legal correspondence & german courts allienate me.

german state authorities build a wall of corruption around their citizens who abduct children.

The ONLY active thing I can do is to REMIND any of margits family (where she first hid Noela after the violent abduction in 2004 ) that I HAVE NOT GIVEN up and that people are aware of the crime committed by margit Streifeneder.

THEREFORE ; I ask you to send a birthday CARD, or even just a postcard with a "Happy Birthday Noela" message – and sign it as you wish – anonymous , or as a "friend of your Daddy; Chris" …this is only a SMALL chance but …its all I have right now…

thanks in advance –
You ´ll never walk alone – with hope in y-our heart
ChriS. R.SmitH
email : team4L1verpooL@hotmail.co.uk

send to:-

Noela c/o Streifeneder
H-Georg & Annelise & Johann
Birkenstr. 16 94419 Reisbach-Oberhausen, B.R.D. Duitsland / Deutschland ("Germoney")


One of the most pleasing trips, and great performances was in Marseilles , in the last game , December 07 of the group phase, a 0-4 demolition of Marseilles, and qualification for the next CL rounds; Hvig been at Anfield for the 8-0 revenge on beziktas and with the loones when we beat Porto 4-1 we really came good to get  the “must win” in Marseilles!  A Stevie pen and the famous  “Torres slalom” got us 0-2 ahead until Ryan Babel and Dirk Kuyt got the 2nd half goals which
sealed our victory and much- deserved progress!

The VERY last event was on the 30th December when “Whacker” (one of the “skilful scousers” and regular Lfc fan; Invited me to his special birthday party. I had often gone to games or on trips with Stefan and his mates, all REDS living near to Hasselt (Be.) They have their own little stadium and club bar, Organising footy tournaments and going over to Anfield ; with up to a dozen of them sharing  ONE double bedroom, the owner of the pub-hotel where they stay made me laugh when I asked him where their room was “ it’s that one; but take care , if U leave your bag there, you might not find it in the morning, its like Beirut in there, with all those bodies strewn around the room.

Anway “Whacker”  and the lads were going to be watching us play at “citeh” in the afternoon, Nico had gone over to watch Liverpool and he and Marc D were staying with friends of theirs after the boxing dau game for “a while”. JD insisted that she had to be with me on new years day as she had been with her kids and the rest of her family , 2 brothers and parents during Xmas. I left Ekeren and got the train down to Diest and Neel collected me from the station. We had a LOT of “duvels” and I was fairly well on my way when we went to pick up JD in MOL, I had told her that I might be late but she was already fuming at us getting there only 15/20 mins after her, which was pretty good in th circumstances.

The party was great, great food, wine and music, in a disco bar just for us, so for once I was with “my crowd” and I don’t think I stopped dancing much except to check on JD. But , I should have known when she drinks , she either gets angry-violent or emotional/crying! The latter was the case this time..We had planned to stay @  Raoul’s home (lakdal) but when Stefan saw JD “showing off” crying and so on after the party, I am pretty sure he and his mrs decided to get JD and myself away from the area…they drove us some 40 kms back to EKEREN before returning to their home near Diest, very hospitable, but, Nico wasn’t expecting me to take anyone to HIS house whilst he was away. I didn’t have any choice – there were no hotels open at that time, and I couldn’t make JD sleep on the couch, so we both took his bed…

Would have been OK , if I had seen him first, but his mum came round to clean up, even though I did it better when I stayed, and I told her that JD was upstairs and that I would clean the living room and leave the bedroom tiday. Nico didn’t like JD, and I sent an email trying to explain. There were no trains the next day for JD to get back to Zwolle, and anyway it was new years eve, so we stayed until we could get a normal service, Nico over –reacted and sent me an sms saying that I must leave immediately; That damaged our relationship and between myself and those Flemish Lfc fans that knew Nico and Marc D well.



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