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Bk 2 oh oh 7 chapter 5 b ..poems /reflections …

Bk 2 oh oh 7 chapter 5 b ..poems /reflections …and souvenirs..

istanbul 0 07

Istanbul – is FULL …of mosques kebaps & Scousers – Istanbul is wonderful

Ring of fire is another song
That everyone can sing along
That famous night ın may 05
When YNWA kept our hope alive

Here again we are to play
Besiktas ın October (0 07) not May
Who knows in 08 where we will be
in Moscow? Or in Wembley?

But REALLY it is the league we want so much
Our Captaın the trophy to touch
To lift on high at the end
Of this long season us to send

Us into glory once again
(drınk an efe to that “19th hole” ..ın one!)
The travellıng supporters – hard core we
Sing up & UP  and CHAMPS we again wıll BE

Is this place the base for me?
ISTANBUL – can you see?
Chris the universal gypsy – finally rest
And beccome the very best?

Istanbul 23 october 0 07

GOOD B ye…
Goodbye means GOOD be with you…
But, You can take it how you want
Yes I am smiling –
But I am deeply hurt

Thıs ıs not  POEM
JUST A WAY to focus
Words are powerful
But I need to feel “US”

To talk about my chıldren
Is to touch my weakest poınt
Because I have faıled
There ıs nothıng whıch daunt(s)

I have been held
In a charmless cell
Been  taunted – been abused
Fought the tıtan & Been sent to hell

But I can fıght all battles for the world or me..
Because I know my tactıcs – my strat-egy
But ıf you want to hurt
Just take my three kıds from me

Dont tell me “ıt wıll be ok”
Thats too sımple
Thats too gay
Be my soul-mate – come and REALLY hold me
Is all I wanted to say…

lyrics to "honesty" (B.Joel)

"If you search for tenderness
it isn’t hard to find.
You can have the love you need to live.
But if you look for truthfulness
You might just as well be blind.
It always seems to be so hard to give.

I can always find someone
to say they sympathize.
If I wear my heart out on my sleeve.
But I don’t want some pretty face
to tell me pretty lies.
All I want is someone to believe.

Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you.

I can find a lover.
I can find a friend.
I can have security until the bitter end.
Anyone can comfort me
with promises again.
I know, I know.

When I’m deep inside of me
don’t be too concerned.
I won’t ask for nothin’ while I’m gone.
But when I want sincerity
tell me where else can I turn.
Because you’re the one I depend upon.

Honesty is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard.
And mostly what I need from you. "

take care
ChriS x

"Happy ChriSmitH" poem, prose, small stories, song & bullsh*te book

whats a "Happy ChriSmith book" ?….well people asked me why i dont write a book abiout life, my life & this planet etc…but thats too early, I will write it when its finished <smile> …in the meantime, I prefer to present a "taste" a "starter" ..most of these poems, observations, songs  or whatever were written spontaneously, from the heart & soul…with emotions of the moment, this first book may have taken 40 years to prepare but the contents came to me in less than a hour and help me survive the good & the bad times by identiifying the emotion to myself, I recommend this, and offer to show anyone how to do this, its BETTER than therapy..

opening poem dedicated to UNicA…

title: your daily male!

so the thought of waking to look in your eyes
is that I only want between your thighs?
to look into them cool deep & blue,
sure most of that is true
but thats only a part of what I see in you (US)

to make a book was your idea
and it helps overcome the fear
that you might lose yourself
or lose your current "wealth"

but I see a chance
that we can seize now..
not to run through the door
but keep it open until ….wow!

maybe its not normal to be so honest
maybe its "crazy" to be direct
but I wont lose this moment
because "society" must learn to deal with the "ChriS effect"

I open up to you
and thats not easy to do
because I know them thick walls opposing us
so lets not make a fuss..
just be 😉

subjects pages can be taken out or added! ("like limette menu")

* children
* footy
* intimate
* WorldChild
* to the BORG
* A.O.B


dedicated to Noela ;

on her 6th birthday…28 nov 07

ChriS>its difficult to explain how I feel today…so heres a poem as today is dedicated to my 6 year old NOELAs Birhday;
its your sixth today – 2 years have gone by
not seen you since then – I ask myself why?
its such a grey day – and I dont know where you are
are you where they say – or are you afar?
how can i tell these people – they dont know what it means to me
that you are in my heart- and I do things that they cant see
that I am dying without you and me – that sounds so dramatic
so I follow the reds – and put my souvenirs in the attic…
I have written many things and maybe someone will show
you the person Daddy really is – because you wont know
mummy keeps you – her way of hurting me is wrong
maybe my life will be short – maybe yours will be long
do the best you can and read my messages and poems
you might even know me better than the ones I am showing
be a good person – be fair & confront the bad thing
make your own mind about people – dance & sing
I hope you will know why I am this way
I am a man – not grey nor gay
Daddy doing things in his own way –
that maybe IN your world YOU can have an HONEST say.
I love you VERY much
Daddy xxxxxx

 ("for Noela …& Leon") Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2007 11:34:38 -0400

 for Noela

if one day you see this
I may be already gone
i hope you know this
in my heart you were my sun

know I always love you
wherever I may be
and that I did want so much
that my love you could see

Daddy x

(this above was written after seeing a website of the mother where she introduced Noela with a man I never ever saw before
as "our family", as if Noela had been sold, and I dont exist as a "Daddy" anymore)

"tears through a closing door"
Date: Thu, 5 May 2005 23:36:18 +0200
From: "ChRiS"

in my arms for a minute
in my view for an hour
forever possessing my heart
thats my little girl

today in the rain
i surpress the pain
to be with her again
before she leaves on a train

what does a woman know
how a father feels
denied his flesh and blood
wounds my soul and never heals

how can humanity survive?
is anyone alive?
caring about the future years
has cost me more than five

losing time is bad enough
whilst time passes me by
her tears cut me in half
as we once again say good bye…..

through a closing door…
ChRiS Smith
CSEMA – WorldChild Initiative

(the above was written when on a rare chance to spend some time with Noela, she had been carried through Freiburg on my shoulder laughing, then Margit wanted to get the tram back to where she lived, I put Noela on the tram, she looked at me and started to cry…"get in Daddy" she cried…and for a moment I thought well get in, do anything to please Margit and forget all the injustices, betrayals of the mother, just to be with my little girl, forget all my other activities…get in my mind screamed at me, but my legs wouldnt move, ..and it cut my heart
into pieces as the door shut)

CSEMA – WorldChild Initiative ; is a project I started as a "compensation" for not having my children with me, to place my energy into supporting children & young people to have the sort of chances I have had in my strange & wonderful life…

Noela 😦

sent 23 December 05 from Chris Smith c/o JVA U-HAFT – Tennnenbacher Str 16, D79106 Freiburg

( 6 years after "marriage" to her mother Margit "inside")

my little girl Noela – what fun you brought to me
In our garden , going shopping, we were a sight to see
your Daddy and you, happy and care-free
I love you more than ever, and I am SURE that you KNOW,
I wish you a HAPPY time now,
and always, wherever YOU may GO…

your DADDY chrismith
BIG love HUGS and kisses and nos-nose!

(exp: I was "arrested" at the Freiburg Irish Pub in the evening after I had tried to find Noela at her kindergarten …who refused information ; saying "only the mother is allowed" …the neighbour also told me " I cant give any information, Margit will be angry" so Margit must have told the police i was "stalking" …and they kept me 6 months in "investigative detention" under false charges, which were reversal of the truth, over Noelas birthday & xmas…and Margit returned the present & pictures I sent to Noela..unopened!)



EuRED-ode to the CL season…

so, the new CL campaign  begins
Sure, WE CARE who wins,
but, REDS like to Party too,
LOVE to sing, the whole night through…

Theres Stevie in the middle,feeding Pennant or Babel on the wing,
and with Javier, Momo & Xabi,"the best midfield in the World"
…(& defence & attack!!!) <smile> we can sing

Lads (& lasses) come from all over Europe,
come to support OUR team,
are there more of us?
thats just the way it does seem!

Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul or Porto,
PSV, Chelski, Turin or Milan,
The REDS will overcome all,
because IF anyone can, WE CAN! 😉

Porto 19.9.07

the REDS in Porto,
drinking green vinho,
so we only got a draw,
we will go on, I am sure
singing through the night
no trouble, no fight
just a party with the lads…
in Porto..

(I am a LIVERPOOL supporter, a RED, Identified with the team in the late 60s when I was a boy – because the manager was a Celt (a Scot called Bill Shankly) who built a foundation of spirit that exists in the team, the club and especially the BEST supporters in the World…coupled with the music of the beatles we had 25 years of non-stop success…and in many ways , so did I, this was MY time.and is coming again)

tribute to Luis….

(sung to the "you are my sunshine" tune)

Luis Garcia, sorry to see ya
leave Anfield, this year..
5ft seven, you rose to heaven
when you blew lever-kusen away

and against Juventus…
to the semis you sent us
to score & spite "no way Jose"

Luis Garcia,
you came from Barca
& brought us joy
but they took our Luis away…

Luis Garcia,
we sang  "La bamba"
though you’ve gone
in our hearts, you  will stay…

Luis Garcia…..


Prins MauritsStraat 20a
8019 XT Zwolle, The Netherlands

(EuRED is an unofficial network of REDS, who are not British-based..expats & "aliens" , and its a special world-family, and the best times are when we go away to different parts of Europe to "SUPPORT the TEAM that wears the RED, a team that you all know, a team that we call LIV-ER-POOL and to glory we will go" <smile> )

> so …my own ODE to "NO-way Jose" (mourinho)
> …..funny that we were in
> Porto (his former club) this week… 😉
> "No way Jose,
> could you stay..
> boss of the chelski rent-boys
> Once Abramo, had HIS say…
> but you did have such a MOUTH
> worse than the cockney-south
> you even insulted OUR RAFA,
> couldnt haVE GOT MUCH DAFTER..
> we knowed you out the CL (semis) twice!
> and with the FA cup , it was Thrice!
> and though you are a pain,
> and even make Fergie sound sane!..
> we shall miss (hating…) you! ;-)" 

(exp: written on news of the departure of Manager J. Mourinho from Chelski,London 19.9.07, ;  Jose Mourinho, was FC Porto’s manager, then went to Chelski (London) 3 years ago, and he likes psycho games,provoking & made a big mistake to insult the REDS…especially as we beat the "blue rent-boys" (Chelsea were always the "rich London glamour-club" without tradition or success) TWICE in the Champions League semi-finals in 2005 & 2007 …and the Billionaire Russian business-man (Abramovich) affected football by buying the club and
giving Mourinho an open cheque-book, they even bought players for 30-50 million euros ONLY to stop other clubs getting them..it stinks……BUT, this season it looks Like LIVERPOOL, ManUre & ArSEnal will do better, so now Jose is leaving, and maybe the REDS had helped by stopping him from winning in Europe…<smile> a little bit of male-bitching ;-))


I sung (alone again) my own song,,,
> "in the sun, having fun
> making noise with the boys..
> we are RED…
> put the rest to bed….
> (the rest go to bed?)"

Porto 18.9.07

(exp: REDS are always UP for a "party" we sing wherever we are, and in Athens we had 50,000 even though only 15,000 had tickets…I joked that, as it was my birthday, they had come to
celebrate with mE!…we are usually the ones keeping the bar, restaurant or hotel open until breakfast time, and have a respect for those, even the opposing fans who stay the course!..and sing along..)


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