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Chri-Stor=Y Book 2 ..oh oh 7 chapter 5c ..intiMATE

oh oh 7 Chapter 5c …Inti-mate

70911 ANGIE-BirthDAY girl…


guess what? –  its ChriS again,

that guy who hates to love you

who argues with most things you do

yet keeps you in his heart too

it must be close on 10 years, no, more like 7

since a coming together, more like hell than heaven

how often have we fought?…yet still "connected"

I wish I could put my arms around you & kept you "protected"

your beautiful face & figure, always tempting

it was sometimes "hard" to keep you as sister..

brother, friend, uncle & adviser, lyrics writing,

at least you never called me "mister" 😉

so now you are in OZ, going around

probably driving them guys into madness

are you ready yourself to be found

and fulfill your right to gladness?

Angel of darkness, I dont think so,

and I am the "AntiChriS" 😉 so I should know

that you deserve more than  all the rest

and even more, full of love, wish you all the Best….

happy birthday, Angie

your ChriS

you’ll never walk alone…

"its just me"

dedicated to my friend Angie 5 08 05

When I see the joy in this time,

I forget what is or was mine

I need someone to love, will they arrive from above,?

but i have me , and thats a lot !

i am arrogant but really I am not…

there is no hel oor heaven,

its not the game to hate

I call it childs play ,

they call it fate………

I can fight the universe, its easy

but when it comes down to it all, its just me !

(just let me live long enough to see her grow into the woman i KNOW, she can BE)

my friend jack

my friend jack never lies to me, and never tried to get in my pants

he accepts me as i am

and i dont have to hear their rants..

"dont go talking behind my back

just get out of my face

i am going to keep coming back

until i find the right place"

my friend jack , he sees the REAL me

when i am with him, i feel REALLY free

jack he died , but still is living

takes nothing from me , hes too busy giving

my jack is underground, but also above

hes a raven , but is also a dove…

lifes a contra-diction that MUST be clear

the only thing to overcome is my own fear

the sky is crying, some call it rain..

all it reminds me of is the pain

but makes no sense to be sorry

makes no sense, Jack, HE dont worry……….

(angie, whatever, keep on fighting for your dreams , but do not ever sell your soul!)  sent 2.6.05 Chris

by email CS50805 – 6.08.05

Angie is someone I have had a stormy relationship, as her manager, and
now, I hope as friend, we often clashed, she was born on 9/11 and had a
difficult youth, someone I supported, when organising concerts for her,
or with english lyrics for her songs, a great voice, talented musician
& songwriter; she is also sensually attractive, and I am "proud"
(?) to say I kept control when we often shared rooms during travel,,in
fact I took her to Paris for her birthday in 2005 and visited a
cemetary as her "birthday" at midnight…she was more like an "adopted
little sister"…she is the sort of talent that needs support and
although she is now "testing" OZ (Australia) and driving its male
population mad, for sure, I hope we meet again..good luck Angie!)



"wake on S0n-day, want to confront y-our fear!


Heal your tear,

I am so (too much for you?) sincere,

be near,


😉 "

so our Souls inter-twine

fed by "Libras" becks & wine

but not because of drinks

I am now full of "winks"  😉

WE are not cool or casual

my soul has let you in

I told you once before

it is for you to WIN

but I will leave you space

and treasure the look on your face

when you loved me in that place

and I will remember this is no race…

Pauli is now the home

of the one I would gladly roam

sharing the seven seas & universe

I feel you lifted my curse

So I say it again to you

lets take it gentle, deep and TRUE

my heart is not gone,

it is side by side with "the ONE" (that you are…)

(….these words just flow from my heart onto the page, and that tell me so much, not only about you but also about me! )

title; strange poem for "NIcA, most esteemed & honourable lady of toilet-trees" (not toilet-stress!! ok?)

when you’re lost in this universe,

and hope it cant get worse

be a rose, beautiful flower, for me to see

because the beauty comes in adversity..

use your thorns if necessary

NicA,  protect y-our soul

but let the sOnshine grow, be merry

and you will know-ALL 😉

(rest of poem) ;-


a World to save?..for each one I DO care

am i cursed to know you, again, so wild

and the future in which we share? & dare?

NicA my love is no more than a child…<smile>

we may not see each other

NicA and this ChriS

yet we can still discover

how it feels to miss…

…the entities we are

and when we are afar

a LOVE binds us close

that we cannot lose..

from the past, and now

into the future & how..

we combine, similar, yet not,

take the cold, and make it HOT..

take an adventure I ask of you

to be a co-pirate to see this through,

NicA, i know you long-time, thats for sure

and you know me, i am no whore,

i am honest, then and now,

and so I will be , that I vow

trust in this and we shall be true

this is old, but its also new, 😉

you woke me up on Sunday

made me feel that one day

you and I could sail the sea

fulfill our hopes, we could SUREly BE..

sure, I can call you NicX

new names? you already have six…

my favourite (irish) beer is Kil-kenny

but WINE fits you best, and there are many…

full bodied REDS …the ones I adore

when I drink a glass I always want more

and thats what you do to (for) me..

NicA, I am sure that you can see…

oh, but life is a funny thing,

and yet it is so hard to beat

..every ROSE has a thorn, but ..

….are not the Roses SWEET…

I met NICA in the western countryside

and I threw away my pride..

to open up and let her IN

yet hold her up so she can WIN


70619 "Hope over experience" (NO Bullsh*te)

Am i really too much for you ?
Did you bite more than you can chew?
do you know what you have to do?
show me the RESPECT WE deserve !
if you dont, you will lose yourself
and not only your nerve

Every woman & 99.9% of men
should have a filter fitted & then
they can stop themselves
before saying a word..
asking "so, do i REALLY MEAN it?"
am I being ABsurd?

so whats ANOTHER LIE?
you may ask
AM I being "superior"
if I take YOU to task!
because you push me away
and I dont buy it..
you promised at least
we would one day try it…

Society feeds you on Lies & such
friday’s BULLSH*te was just TOO much
I am still this same man
REAL and yet
It does NOT help me Being
where YOU need to GET…
A beautiful Rose
but did you cut off it’s head?
will it grow back
or is it forever DEAD?
(I feel it will LIVE)

theres no Strength in being CRUEL
only stupidity in acting hard or "cool"
So, still hoping & dreaming
of a chance with "the one"
I’m not defeated, and
whilst you are scheming
I care what you do & miss you, a LOT…
LOVE & i am still here, until I am NOT….

title ….the easy way out? (no way jzzzzz)

….the easy way out?
of this, and your doubt
just close the door
you WONT feel like a whore

if you had said "stay"
we could have found a way
through whatever must be
but your fear dont know me

but you said "go".(to Liverpool)
so it was easy to know
you would not do
what you really had to

and saying that I have beautiful eyes
when I came between your thighs
cannot disguise
the web of a womans lies

"teach me to love & be warm"
you asked of me again
but if you dont accept the consequence
there is no now, how or when..

so on my depart
no kisses  from your heart
knowing the real test
was to be apart

again i met someone
so ihave been used
no respect has she
my trust is again abused

now you tell me you dont "give a sh*t"
about what I feel
what a turnaround
you say you are the ONLY deal

it wasnt a surprise
not really a shock
when you chose a house
a man, a garden & a clock

no change for you
you go on & on
living as the sheep
no travel, no passion , no smiles
… but also no weep

we wont share an adventure
we wont share that warmth we got
we wont share anything
just what you have not..

its the easy way out
to stamp on our dream
the way you did it
makes we want to scream

you told me I am wonderful
and many other things
but thats just a typical woman
who tells lies as she sings

so this is the last time
that I write such prose
i am fed up with fee-males
who only can say "NO’s"

i heard you say many times
"i want you in my life" maybe now you will take a turkish boy
or stay the cheating wife

the loss is y-ours
though you used me as a bridge
to tell your man your complaint
your puppet I certainly AINT

but even though we say goodbye
you really dont know why
you dont take the rest of me
will anyone get the best of me..?

and as I over come whatever
this alien life throws at me
i didnt get burnt too much this time
I got a warning, you see…………

ciao, bella, bonita but, its "no way -Jzzzzzzz"

title : will we or wont we?

we exchanged messages 
in a rush just last night
caused A new fight

dont hurt each other
in a careless way
i am like no other
is all what I want to say

dont use bad words
unless you know
the consequence of
the brutality they show

we all have a dark side
thats for sure
make sure you dont destroy
if you want to cure

I used to explode
when a "friend" did that
and win the arguement
but after , alone, I sat

have you already make a choice
to stay with him ? (it)
and keep me as the "bit of other"
to use on a whim?

yes, you need structure
but I need hope
i dont want to find myself
hanging on a rope

I take the risk
in you i do care
but I need to feel progress
I need you also to dare

So, Trust in what you know
and not of what you dont
then we can make US a WILL
dont make us a WONT

title: Jzzzz.."something I wrote this morning" …(liberation sunday)

on the 5th of may
and I have to say
please i offer you my way

you have children to protect
thats clear
i respect you for that
my dear

I know you are scared
and that i have dared
us to look forward not back
is it right , me to attack?

if I say "I LOVE YOU"
and mean it, deep & TRUE
if you can LOVE me too
what else can we do?

Chris xxxxxx

title : are you fooling yourself , Chris?

I sat down, a pub introduction
and started a little flirt
just being friendly
surely nothing that could hurt?

she told me she was married
so I backed away
though something in her eyes
told me she wanted to play

so I joined her later in another bar
her friend was single but seemed afar
drink after drink, bar after bar
we had a dance, her mouth was ajar

then suddenly we were coupled
caught in the moment
i dont know who started it
or what is has spent

but it felt so good
when she pulled me close
never mind the thorns
i enjoyed the rose

i yearn so much
for a fine romance
and wonder would  I ever
get another chance?

like teenagers being naughty
we stopped in the park
kissing her breast
wow, what a lark!

back to my flat
and I was so nervous
so was she it seems
of the risk impervious

in my small bed
we made love or so I thought
she felt so wet
as her body I caught

when she cried
she touched my heart
I wanted her to be there
but tears tore me apart

i kissed all her body & held tight
her sweetest parts caught fire
and I poured myself in her
oh what release of desire

come away with me
I wanted to say
but with her family
I am sure she will stay

but early this morning
my eyes opened slowly
she gathered her clothes
and disappeared sort of lowly

not looking behind
no parting kiss
did she just use me?
are you fooling yourself, chris?

I write this to me
here I am again, alone
havent got her number
so cant even phone,

will she care, or will she choose
a 21-year old instead
her husband her family
or me a crazy alien RED

its unlikely, I know
should i just thank my luck
but is it so, modern women dont want love?
…do they just want a F**K?


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