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ChriS-tor-Y -bk2 OH OH Seven(-07).. chapter 1-

ChriS-tor-Y -bk2 OH OH Seven(-07).. chapter 1-5

oh to be a "Happy ChriSmith"?

chapter 1   RED army marching (or flying) through Europe…again

This Year (07) was intended to became a "romantic one" …after the "dramas" of the previous years died down, and having been "alone" for the winter in the little "penthouse shoebox" in Zwolle (NL= Never-ever, land) …I had  "wished" for romantic partner, someone to love, it seemed such a long time since I had hugged my kids and apart from a couple of "brief encounters" in "de singel" (Diana?) and "Jazzy Jam" (the jazz-cafe) at New years. I had been celibate now for a while, fighting like going to wat then coming back and there was no one to greet and cuddle "the warrior" …ah but only hoolywood writes those scripts , people who risk all are not seen as heroes in today’s modern "New World ORDER" – (I certainly did NOT "order" it <smile>) I had to remind myself, "dont do anything , thinking U will be "rewarded" do it because ITS THE BEST THING TO DO…


Early in "07"  I had been again to Tolmin (Slovenian mountains) …to likn up my creatvebias project with Suzanne (who promoted the "best of" in Liverpool) and with the mayor (Uros) ..to
Provide FREE enterprise centre / immersion courses (these are spontaneous target-based seasonal seminars / courses especially for people with ideas or dreams – to help focus on the plan, technology and
language required (with positive egological & cultural advantages
-. A "european min-capital of culture- linking LIVERPOOL and other parts of europe LIVERPOOL 08 and Istanbul 2010 for example
– Programme of music events/festivals integrating existing TOLMIN /SOCA valley events – local people/artists and global visitors co-operating positively
-. Provisiong networking contacts local, european and global to help local people develop their ideas whilst remaining based in TOLMIN/SOCA valley
– Open contact for creative development beneficial to the local community and global cultural understanding – development of global english

There was an english guiy who had a para-gliding school in the mountains and a house as a basis for adventure holidays and I ofered to go in with him, but he was absent, and I tried to get his gorlfriend (Katerina) to start up with me, as she was looking for a new direction, but he was "got at" and her obvious inexperience and his "doubts" shelved the above ideas…I proposed to delano, the owner of Jazzy in Zwolle to oragnise events in Zwolle and music exchanges, …but the locals didnt like "foreign" initiative..I also met 2 "student teachers" in Zwolle, Spanish Belen (almeria) and italian Antonio, (puglia?) who I had hoped to include in the projects. we had "tested" the cafes and restaurants together before they returned to get their "degrees" back home,

and I complained that the stadium "police" at Anfield had failed to honour the 96 killed at Hillsborough , when we had protested about the failure of the english (london) government to bring the gulty policemen to justice…my exchanges with "Ged, stadium manager)

ChriSmitH>your email was sent from "joan morris" but I will answer as if it is indeed from GV Poynton
1. My comments are my own, and no one else is responsible for them, you use my first name, but do not use your own, this indicates part of the problem. For many of us perceive a mentality that indicates many of those in LFC administration consider themselves above us. Yet, the trouble, we have, as life-long supporters have, just in getting tickets, travel and seeing our chosen team when we want , does not justify the lack of respect we experience. No other industry could treat its customers so badly, and survive!
2. None of us wants to hinder young or old people, or anyone else’s enjoyment, however, YOU have to remember that one-off situations require "one-off " management, the FA cup demo was a special situation, none of us needed an unsympathetic tannoy announcement in the midst of a very emotional event. None of the real supporters would persist in deliberate obstruction, and in fact if ALL at LFC had done MORE to EDUCATE supporters, through its website, magazines, tours and the MEDIA connections it has etc, then I am sure no REAL supporter would complain about "obstruction". The reality of the safety issue is that you were more likely to cause ANGER by your PA announcement (thus YOU risked a "safety issue") than perhaps solve one uneducated "fan" s disappointment.
3. Rules & regulations , and governmental interference without intelligent application (as proven today in society by the numerous errors caused by over-government) cause more problems that they solve (Iraq anybody?) "rules are for the guidance of wise men , and the obedience of fools"
4. The club also have a responsibility to the body of long term supporters, who have often given their lifes energy to the club, only to be badly treated by its admninistration. In these days when commercialism "rules" we hope that LFC remember this. We are not animals, we love this club, but there are times when our emotion (especially against injustice) gets hold of us, you have to accept that, in as much as it worked for us in Istanbul, it is part of us. (We were also the fans that clapped Arsenal off at the end, too!)
5. In conclusion, there is a distance between you and the real support, and some of us fear this will increase when the stadium moves etc. YOU need to be fair, real LIVERPOOL FC supporters will not let this club down, there needs to be closer and more progressive relationship between us.
Chris Smith
E.D.A.G.N, 3eFloor
Prins MauritsStraat 20a
8019 XT Zwolle, NL
email chrismith@orange.nl
—– Original Message —–
From: Joan Morris To: chrismith@orange.nl  Cc: Michelle Carroll
Sent: Tuesday, January 16, 2007 10:03 AM  – Subject: EuRED70112 ChriSmitH – Dr Kop. Defiance….in defeat
Chris,Thank you for your email and we note the comments you raise. What you need to remind yourself is that if fans decide to persistently stand, it is against the Ground Regulations, and the Club’s General Safety Certificate. Also it means that many fans old and young can not see the match, which is a major issue and is causing many problems which could lead to a safety issue. The Club have a responsibility to work within the regulations, and if fans persistently stand the Club will take action and will use the Public Address System.
Yours sincerely
G V Poynton Stadium and Operations Manager
LIVERPOOL – European Capital of Culture 2008

………..Mind you, always my "first and only TRUE LOVE" is the LIVE-r-BIRD…the "emblem" of the "Liverpool Family, and the "RED army" we  were "on the march" again…The last defeat had been on the 26th October, and apart from the "World club Championship" final in Tokyo, where a biased referee had disallowed several of our goals, we were not even conceding any, I think we went 10 or 11 games without letting in a single goal! winning all of them?..anyway our "outsider" chances of the League were looking better, but in Europe, we were invincible, I had been to all our away games ; Bordeaux, Eindhoven and Istanbul (Galatasaray) where my new "Red-mate" Marc from Mechelen had introdcued me to Nico and another 2 from near Antwerp. I had "hooked up with them in Istanbul, where I had a weeks cheap holiday on my own and also met Fuat , who at the time, had his own restaurant, adopting LFC as his "other team" after that "miracle final of 05" when the Reds were (almost) dead and came back to win it on penalties…(go back to the "05" chapters to see what I had done <smile>) …I had spent some enjoyable time in Istanbul, sipping tea on the ferry between 2 continents and started the "EdAgN " mailings, including "grass ROUTES" which were/are a mixture of travelling reports, observations, philosophy, advice and humour…

I had also got to know Marco the chairman of the Dutch LFC supporters club, when I had been in Rotterdam for a visit to Jo’s son Robin at the Eurasmus college, last year  The "ALSIN" members watched the games in an irish pub (of course!) there and I had met Marco and another belgian Marc (Steurs) there and joined their club, going to Liverpool for a game that winter and even travelling up to Rotterdam from Zwolle (almost 200kms) to watch games against the mancs and chelski on the big screen with the lads, when I couldnt get over to see the games live, through ticket shortage or budget reasons. I remember particularly "Ronald from sweetwater" who hardly understood a word of english but had a massive LFC LiverBird tatoo on the whole of his back..he knew the songs though, he mixed it a bit, a bit of trouble sometimes , but a good lad at heart. When we were in Liverpool I had taken him "club-hopping" going from bar to club to disco, as nearly every bar has live music or disco in Liverpool. He panicked a bit in the early hours when we walking back to the hotel where our dutch group were staying – he wanted to get a taxi, I told him not to be soft it was only a few hundred kms along the side of the mersey river. Mind U, I was also the worse for wear, I was sharing a room with "hermann the german" the miserable old treasurer of the club, I went to jump on to my bed, missed and landed, laughing me head off, in between, I must have scared hermann, because I dont think he slept another wink, and was at breakfast by the time my head woke me up, we won 2-0 against (I think) Sheffield Utd – 2 goals from Dirk which pleased the dutch lads ..and me, we had tickets in the "annie road end" and  we sang "Rafa’s got his Dirk-OUT !" (Dirk Kuyt) 😉

Talking of singing, the song "have a little faith in me" comes to mind as the "theme" of this year, and we did in Rafa Benitez, that he could take  us to another final…in Athens, so when we qualified from the "group phase" I BOOKED a week of holiday, as I said to the travel agent "anywhere within an hour of Athens city" – she picked "aegina island" – harbour …and asked if I wanted to lok at the brochure, I said "no it’s ok …a double apartment , swimming pool, tavernas etc only an hour from Athens, IF we get there, and the final is ON MY BIRTHDAY ..what a party we shall have…only 600 euros, i’ll take it." …

I visited Fuat (the restaurant owner) in Istnabul in March to progress my project EdAgN , Creativebias and WorldChild etc  to link up creative exchanges between Liverpool, Istanmbul, Zwolle, Tolmin and other networked locations around Europe.To also add possibilities for B-S and see Fuats "insider" Istanbul..to form a co-operation with Fuat – who was being forced out of his retaurant by giovt taxes and higher rents etc. I donated a small amount to his fund in return for staying at his flat that week. I also made contact with a new ISP for http://www.eured-san.net (see pics etc) as the dutch ISP had been "got at"..


I had been to the european away games, with Marc in Bordeaux (where I had met Michel Duniau, whose deceased wife Danielle, was my contact from the wine trade, 30 years before) and his new wife) Eindhoven (with the "ALSIN" members) and Istanbul (v Galatasaray , whom we had already beaten at home and didnt need any points, so it was a "friendly" at the "Attaturk" ..more of a "nostalgia trip" because of  "the miracle of o5") then..WE got Barcelona in the draw for the knock-out round, first game away@ Barca …great, I connected with Marc and Nico and a couple of other lads and we flew cheap Ryan or "veuling"  air from Eindhoven or Schipol, booked a six-man dorm.in a neat hostal .near Barca harbour, after arriving and checking in on the first of our 3-day stay, we didnt quite "make it" to the city centre (Ramblas) we "stumbled" on a "Cava-bar" in the harbour area ..I kept wanting to use the french "Ca va? = Ca VA! " because its was VERY OK…only e4,50 per bottle of the BEST Cava and that included 2 plates of "tapas" ..we didnt leave there until they thrw us out about midnight, between us a bottle every 20 mins or so, so I thnk we each consumes at least 2/3 bottles that evening, and "did" the whole list of tapas, and goodness they had a long list..great stuff!..
then we went to town….

Someone had sent an sms that we should meet some scousers in a bar on the Ramblas or just off it, by 01hrs so there was about 20 of us in small bar…singing all the great Liverpool songs..until, no lie, we drank EVERY single bottle of beer the owner had…literally drunk the bar "dry" and left about 04hrs…all 6 of us, completely drunk..I remember Sven and the little round lad, taking us in the wrong direction, until we realised, and HAD to jump a small canal to get back on the bath to the harbout and our hostal…the other lads , a bit younger , but not fitter, jumped over, it wasn’t so wide, but I totally mis-timed it, and jumped almost a metre too early, and landed on the other side, in the wate! ,it wasn’t deep but I had thumped the edge of the other bank just below my left knee, the water was cool, and everyone laughed (me too) that my boots were soaked…so no-one thought about the trail I was leaving, thinking it was water, until after about 500 metres, one said, "ChriS, thats not water?" ..I pulled up my jeans to above my left knee, and just below it, was a wide gash, just pouring blood.

The lads seemed to sober up quickly, and 3 went back to the hostal whilst the other 2 hqiled q tqxi qnd took me to the locql hospital "emergencia" unit. The nurse was great , she took me straight in, no waiting, and was goin to give me an injection, I said , "dont need it, I cant feel a thing" she put SEVEN stitches in it and provided a sort of splint to support the leg, which had to be kept straight. Sven gave me some paracetemol when I woke up after only a couple of house sleep, the hostal was  a bit noisy, and I got a call from Marc Steurs as I tried to get back to sleep, I was due to meet him at the hotel where LFc were staying to collect his ticket, as I got one from the flemish lads, he could have mine, luckily I had already sent him an email with this info, and I just managed to utter enough instructions to him, so that he could collect it, before I passed out..

Only an hour or so later, I heard the lads getting up for "brunch" ..there wasnt must left at the hostal, so we head straight for ….the "CAVa Bar" …I never made it to the game, The "Nou Camp" is a high rise stadium with a load of staits, and for sure we would be standing and singing for at least 2-3hrs ..my left leg wouldnt move other than straight, so after "testing the Tapas" again, and some very hard basque stuff in a special Basque (?) bar in this catalalan city the others went off to the game, whilst I got "propped" up in the nearest Irish bar, where a few ticket-less Reds and local fans mixed in a fruiendly atmosphere, I got a line of "sympathy" beers in front of me, we were a goal down early in the game, but the "troubled golfers" (thats an in-joke!) of Bellamy and Rijse acored to make it 1-2 to the us, (the REDS playing in WHITE) …i forgot my injured leg as the goals went in, but the pain reminded me after..so, off to meet the lads again , a few more bevvies , then Sven and a coupe of others left, we kissed each others cheeks belgian style, hugged, Liverpool style and I went off to sleep, the next day we were on our way back, but I had an early flight, so tried to get a nap at the airport, having had to taxi there, and I was lucky that the flight steward of "veuling" let me stretch over 3 seats..I got cramp in all my muscles though, chest too, I could hardly walk the long trek at Schipol to the train terminal, and on a train direct to Zwolle, another taxi to the "shoebox" then sleep, and more sleep, I didnt leave there for a good 2 or 3 days…


The "Philips stadion" of PSV Eindhoven, is close to the city centre, and train station, but the last train left for Zwolle BEFORE the game (which kicked off qt 20.45) ended. I am a DEVOUT RED , its "sacriledge" to leave a game before the end, total disrespect. SO ALSIN chairman ; Marco offers me to stay with him overnight if I go back to ROTTERDAM in his car..(probably only if U understand the geography will U get this) ,,,so I met the lads first in (as usual) the Irish pub, where it was full of REDS and locals, I saw Marc S, who had my ticket as we would be sitting near each other, and several others. Flemish and dutch and scousers that I knew, and got talking to a few PSV fans, who were very hungry to have my "5 times" scarf, so I swapped for a PSV Scarf as I had another RED scarf in my pocket (for "emergencies") ..(btw-most of the scarves I collected in recent european travels are now scattered around the walls of Cafe Shuttershof in ZonderEigen" …)..Marc S, had sorted great seats, although not in the corner like the other REDS, we were exactly on the half-way line, and (as someone later told me ) sat in front of a "famous" fat PSV fan, so that at Stevie, J.A.R. (Rijse) and Coruchie scored the 3 goals in a 0-3 display of Liverpool (REDS in YELLOW) power, the TV camera kept panning to this "Fat fan" but instead saw ME standing up in front of him celebrating each goal..and in  my heart and mind KNOWING I was gonna see them in the ATHENS final on my birthday in may…



Chelski , with all their russian billions , and who were well ahead in the league were in the way , AGAIN, ..apart from league games, we had played them in the champions league group stages the previous season, in the league cup final in 05, beaten them over 2 games in the now famous semi-finals of the Champions league that same season, beaten them in the FA cup semin finals the season before, but not in the PL, and here we are again, first leg at Stamford bridge, and a great "warm up" at the "8 bells " pub in Fulham, all the songs and singers were there…we lost the game 1-0 (that C*nt ) but out-sung the rich rent-boys and the west-enders in the pub and in the stadium, feeling quietly confident depite the result…back on the "barts bus" via the channel to Antwerp…

I had also seen the games in Liverpool , I took chaufeur George when we beat Gala 3-2 (great game, and great winner , Crouchie with an over head kick) and ,

Zoe ,  of the Lord Nelson hotel management to the game with PSV (George got a bit funny, anbd I had to pay full price for a room at the hotel; and by this time i was a "economy B&B/Hostel" fanatic…the price, even discounted by Zoe "hurt" ..If you can understand that within my meagre income from the insurance fund after the "drop out" I can make probably 2/3 games a month, via sharing travel/accomodation, budget airlines/buslines and cheap hostel/B&Bs or even no sleep , sometimes I dont even bother if I am goin to LP for a game, if I can time the flights right, coming back the next day…the only game I missed was because ALSIN decided to let one of their "favourites" have the ticket despite promising me that I would get tickets to all the european games, if I WENT to all the European games, so as they always got a minimum of 2, often took mates of mine. what angered me most was that the treasurer (hermann) and another lad, had told me it was the LFC ticket office to blame, when I challenged Chris Sunter there, he showed me a letter from ALSIN, my name wasnt on it for the Barca home game, as luck would ahve it I flew to LP anyway, and Chris S sold me a "return" so I saw the game anyway, but had to make do with the REDS sport centre for the home win over Chelski..what an atmosphere , another penalty shoot-out and party into the night…

cont (..)


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