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ChriS-tor-Y? book 2 -“CULTure 08” …chapter 1 A ..start.

Chapter 1 – the start of "Euopean CULTure would be "capital" <smile>

Finally…LIVERPOOL ; after once again becoming the centre of European
Footy, when the REDS won the 5th (and retained) the "The European Cup
of Champions" in Istanbul 05

 the event that I had been promoting , finally arrived…Liverpool
"European Capital of CULTURE" … I had to keep reminding some english
that it is EuROpean capital of Culture, and if anyone knew European
"culture" it was me…


I was sent a "happy xmas" mug made by my son, Leon, although I get no
contactw ith him or info about his life, it was a bright moment in the
winter of the conflict..I sent him the usual "LIVERPOOL
Goodies"…replica shirt etc etc scarves and stuff..


I wrote to Liverpool Football Club… Lfc.tv admin,
………… from somewhere on mainland europe..12th Jan, 08

Wouldn’t it be "cultural" to have a EUROPEAN contributor in this year of "European Capital of Cultur(ed footy) 08" ?????

Theres so much to write about this club, and its (still exceptional)
support, I will resist recounting many stories of supporting Liverpool
since the 60’s – right now what concerns me is that there seems to be a
lack of passion..in the recent support as well as the team perf

I have been based "abroad" (in 5 different countries) for over 25
years, & I tend to go more to away games, the support is mostly
more vocal (per man) and due to my own "home-base" enjoy away European
games, for not only the games, but the pre & post-match fun &
friendship with supporters from all over Europe, but today I am sitting
at home, hoping for a good result, as nervous now, as I ever was!

we played @ middlesboro´ and could only manage a 1-1 draw, and with
Arsenal slipping up by only drawing 1-1 at home to Brum, it was surely
a chance lost, as we need to take any chances to claw back the 12
points needed to level with the leaders (although we have a game in
hand). How much did the players "want it" today.?

Passion is especially important to my personal culture, I didnt follow
LFC due to my father being a supporter, or due to birth (I was not born
near Anfield) rather due to the  dual influence  (my mother being an
active socialist when I was a boy) and having Celts ancesty the
management  being in the hands of my "mentor" ; Bill Shankly made one
very strong arguement for supporting LIVERPOOL FC, but it was the
beatles music that had cemented my soul to this place first.

on, the Lennon genius was to also influence my "political" viewpoint
and "shanks psychology" featured strongly in my organisational methods
in enterprise or private life, at heart and soul I feel truly RED!  and
have had to defend that decease(decision) at home and all across Europe
with wit & sometimes body,

I played football, as a lad, my hero was Emlyn when as a teenage
captain of my local team wore the number 6 shirt and imagined myself
playing with his energetic & enthusiastic

I was lucky enough to grow up with 4 great LFC teams, and thats at
least areason I am grateful to have been born during that era when we
won, 13 leagues in 25 years & 7 european champions cups in 7
seasons! – yes, we were spoilt, something I remind myself and others
when I see easy criticism when things arent going well.

Passion, bringing me back to my earlier point, seems lacking in life as
in football where media & money rule, and belief, …todays 
"pundits" are quick to write us off, as we used to be regularly written
off in the " old days" ….so what else is new? …on BBC s football
focus it was stated that Fabregas is better than our Stevie, so did
Stevie prove them wrong today? did he give is all, as Emlyn did?

I wasnt there, I manage on my low income budget, to get to about 20-25
games a season, home, away or in Europe, (I have lived & worked on
mainland europe in the last 25 years) so i dont know, other than
watching highlights. or when LFCTV do show the game in full, can make
some sort of "judgement" …was there enough passion, belief &
effort to back up the undoubted ability that Rafa has collected in the
squad, we need to fight for this league.?

The Beeb mention Annelka performing well, now for Chelsea, and I always
felt G.Houllier should never have let him go, at 28 still worth, for
me, the GBP 15 milion, but did our texans say no more money?..I do feel
that we can still do it, we have to win away against all our rivals(and
we can if we play our best game) but, when I watch the "kop talk" on
LFC TV and hear everyone of the seasoned kopites "give up" on the
title, I can only imagine Shanks saying "hey son, are you really a
LIVERPOOL supporter, WE never give up, until its impossible, and even
then we dont give up!"

With Daniel Agger back, (and hopefully back to form, as I really feel
we missed his defensive and creative abilities from the back) arguably
its the first time Rafa has a full squad to choose from for the next
game until the end of the season, he said " I am happy with the squad"
there are still 51 points available to us= 90 points should win the

I tend to think there is too much media, too much "chat" &
pre-match "predictions" by players that tends to be a bad "karma" in my
book, but all credit to LFC.TV, I am a fan, and have often spent up to
6 hrs watching our own channel, who needs the "Beeb"?…I would enjoy
writing for the official website, but arguably I am too passionate for
todays "correctness" – so I would finish this contribution with a
question for LIVERPOOL FC supporters & online fans;
Would you pay double for your e-season if it meant YOU owned part of LFC?

ChriS Smith
(EuRED) PB#1 – Bist 129
B2180 Antwerp-Ekeren, Be. Europe

In january I had further contact with Margrietje (another
M?)  again A "Lunatics player" (see previous chapters) had put me in
connection with this "house-sitting/sharing" person, and as JD was in
"nuclear countdown" mode i was offered the possibility to stay at their
"legal sit" with her and  her "toy boy" Maurice ‘ spare bed/couch; this
little M also had  furniture, she told me that old lady owner (in
theory) had agreed that I could move in within a couple of weeks
(beginning Fenruary) I had already changed plans with Istanbul, as I
could NOT afford travel & a higher rent than I had been paying so
far,in the future whilst staying at B-Nassau, apart from short (mostly
weekend) football outings…i felt a bit strange moving to be alone
again, but i am hopeful of some social connections
from the village  ZonderEigen…

write my book & maybe some teaching & football with their
nephew ..I had already changed my plans more than once because of JD…

23, 2008 12:21:23 PM I wrote to edwin.lovers@nl.abnamro.com because I
had lost some property I never even got the claim form ,  which I had
asked him to send c/o JD, Kleine Baan 11, 8011 BD Zwolle. to fill in
the form on my behalf…

M asked me for a small  "guarantee" to cover the furniture etc at the
hose-sitting lace in ZonderEigen, little M told me the story that she
new the deceased old lady that lived there, but the family – who lived
apart oin different countries didnt like each other…I
had planned to be going to be in Istanbul from 3oth January until 10th February and after to to paint before moving in…
I would have cancelled Istanbul, except I wanted to explain my
decisions to Fuat , not to move to that big city of 20, million and
instead to a village of about 500 people.

Fuat’s cousin had let us down on the "centre" where our JV would be
based – and he wasnt really looking the "enterprise partner" I had
expected after I was there in 07..little M told me I should have a car,
as it can be remote – we agreed I would go there that weekend as anyway
I was catching the eurolines bus from Breda to London which arrives
London overnight…so I coul
d see the REDS play at Chelski in the league – we "beat " them 0-0 😉 without Torres and Skrtel was magnificent in defence. 

had moved to "Kleine baan" after causing a dispute with the idiot that
owned my "penthouse – shoebox" and a physical controntation between him
and myself, (he made a habit of entering the female tenants rooms
without invitation, and when he did it to me – he got "moved away"
pretty fast. Things were "spoilt" at Nico’s – against indirectly
through JD, as Nico hadn’t liked the idea of her staying with me at the
flat during new year (although I hardly had a choice, I would n’t kick
her out on the street, even if SHE would do that to ME!)

Also Nico thought that I had tried to register his address as "permanent"
however it was clear (during my visit to the Ekeren town hall and from
my email to them, that it was "temporary" -) In europe now all
governments have betrayed the EU "promise" of freedom of movement , and
without a residence the banks wouldn’t open a local account for me,
even IF , as I did, have an account with their partner branch in
state! (thanks to the "New World order" propaganda causing hysteria
post "9/11")  it’s intended to stop "mobile europeans " like me , who
"might" be "subversive"

Patrik , who has a serious illness , amd who played in every summer
footy tournament was always wearing a replica LIVERPOOL shirt, in fact
I took him another one with "Torres 9" on it, and as I had a ticket for
LIVERPOOL FC v A. villa on 21St. January 08I gave it to him and asked
Mraco and Marc S to meet him and look after him, (although he doesn’t
"booze" I was happy that Patrik enjoyed his first ever "Anfield

ANGIE was in "Oz" (Australia and sent photos of the night sky etc
there; and when I was "clearing out" my stuff that JD had carelessly
left behind from the "Shoebox" I met my Neighbour’s mum (Harriet) wh
told me a fantastic story of her relatives escaping the Gestapo, In
Zwolle at the end of WW2, HER generation liked the Brits for the
"liberation of Europe" (Europe seems more like an "occupied territory "
now than then! …

After new Year JD had asked me to move into "Kleine Baan" (Zwolle) with
her, at least until end of January (when I would start "house sitting"
in Ze) it didnt take more than a couple of weeks before she changed her
mind and decided that me being there is keeping her kids away, l then
told landlord Huismann by letter that I willstay at PM20a on my
conditions until I find a permanent home-

Around new years I had also stayed at (Lunatic player ) Peter’s flat
Kapellen at nearby Ekeren, I had to pick up my sports bag , left @
Nicos (for footy training) – and  return  his key AS I have had a
disagreement with Nico – the atmosphere changed and it was difficult to
maintain "friendly membership " with Lunatics..I got on well with most
of the lads and did not really want to stop contact…but…..

I wrote to him at the time…(see chapter 6) ///  happier times with Nico (hat) in the Istanbul bus from Taxim…


During "positive moments with JD , we discussed this…

c-j’s Crazy Wine & Food social Club
* free wine-tasting of wines from around the World
* innovative cooking & alternative cuisine tips

* crazy events, concerts, fun & social events
* 60’s 70’s & 80’s dinner/dance parties
* specialist "insider" tours & travel

CJCW&FSC is a not-for-profit organisation ; any profits go to local or global childrens charities & developments

membership applications to: eured@live.com
or : c/o J. D, Kleine Baan 11,  8011 BD Zwolle, NL

Questions & proposals to : ChriSmitH ;
postbus #1 . Bist 129, B2180 Antwerp-Ekeren,  Be.

I was moving between the "Never-ever lands" …between Ekeren, Baarle
and Zwolle, apart from travels to Liverpool and Istanbul , using
Library services and intrnet cafes for my communications, JD had given
me several reasons for not staying in touch we had already "split" a
few times, and each time she would ask me to return, it was frustrating
, with the way, she would tell me " I want U in my life" but, was it
just "sex" ?…or lonliness or fear that she might end up without a man
, as she got older. ?..at Kleine Baan 11 (KB11) she wouldn’t show any
signs of me being there, and none of her "clique " or family invited me
to parties etc. (did she ask
them to, or not to?..or simply ignored my existence…)

 i cancel my travels to be "there for her" she abuses me, if I travel
she says "you dont care about me"  spent a lot of time alone and
thought well, In ZonderEigen  there wont be much going on in a small
village ..I can .write my book & maybe do some teaching &
football with the local lads. JD would change plans at the last moment
and expect me to be available, It cost me thousands in travel costs –
re-arranging my trips, because she decided to come or not..and when I
stayed at KB11 she would invite her daughter Yara for tea without
telling me ( expecting  me to "disappear"  not "risking" the step into
a real partnership, its clear she wanted a weekend boyfriend and thats
NOT what I needed…

so …I wished her well the last time at KB11 when she told me to leave
in from of Yolanda…unless she becomes consistent* CONSEQUENT (with
promises & committment) & hones
with her kids , with hem and with me she wont get the happiness she is
seeking…I was fed up with changing my plans to suit JD or anyone
& everyone else, she complained that her husband, ( hem)  didnt
communicate – but didnt want me to tell her how i really feel, instead
she a) forced me to leave in a bitter and very danaging way b) asked me
to leave…the tendance to "dump on me" …when she cant deal with hem
or the kids…she went out last thursday (after asking me to
leave)..and (?) whilst I had a miserable time…and there is a part of
her that IS like a MONSTER = a part that finds it easier to destroy
than to overcome problems…

 I WAS angry with the bank but took JD to see the house I would be
sitting ,  i even said "sorry" about my bad mood , and about hauling
her around and offered to find  a cafe whilst i

did my errands & decided to take her to (another ) quite expensive
cafe before leaving Antwerp, …as my treat, but in the last days of
being with her at K11 she had no care about my condition,  at one time
I was in constant pain with the lump in my mouth and the poison
afffected me badly, but i still cleaned and shopped ( I spent e150 on
her)  still not feeling "FIT" – i hoovered, washed up again , washed
& hung up her clothes & prepared a meal u…
I was doing my best, it was a MIRACLE that I had any positive mentality
in the midst of all this negative society, and problems , I still try
to go on & be creative, then she
me, I AM NOT FAIR??????  – and I should "shut up" and keep my feelings
to myself – because she decided that she dont want to hear any of it ,
she dont  DUMP on hem, and does not even tell her  lawyer how hem is
damaging her life..I asked her  what she wants…I knew what I want
…for the previous year I had spent a lot of time, used a lot of
energy and felt older & weaker & poorer as a result, I had not
given up…but wasfed up…without patience or tolerance left, it was
all used up…

JD invited me to go to her and watch "faulty towers" and a DVD
"bringing down the houses" one week  after she forced me to leave KB
11,  Until I moved to Ze, Patrik and Sabrina had invited me to the
previous xmas/new year party in Freiburg, but I had stayed so that JD
could be with me at New Year.
I did my best to support her with her fight to get shared custody of
her kids. but she couldn’t be a good example and her daughter Yara
tries to talk like an adult to her., when she rea
lly needed a "mother" as "example"…

JD would "forget" my travel plans, or ask me to delay them for her,
just like my photo and cards & CDs got "put awaY"  when the kids
visited , I was feeling sick (weak) .."disease" is a word that means
"not at ease" ..I am basically not "at ease" in a relationship thats
still unclear..she did not seem to want to invest enough into what I
want – a strong caring loving & committed honest sharing
partner….JD would tell he kids that we were "finished" because hem
had said I was a bad guy, so JD thought she was "winning them" by
betraying her promises to me..

80212 .."they didnt want me to go to Chelski-…(its a long way to get to their shed")
Datum: 12 February 2008 08:27
ChriS>this is a sort of "report" …but in fact also part of an
unedited book "ChriStories" ("you have to get in – to get out")
 …..BNmm80212 .."they didnt want me to go to Chelski-…(its a long way to get to their shed")
 its monday afternoon & the SUN is shining …is this a good sign
..at last?  we enter the year of the RAT…but that seemed more like
last year …no, sorry last year was my year of the RATS!…
i have had my snooze and sleep input after a weekend of travelling
without a bed…(i mean without a real bed to sleep in) …airport
lounges bus depots & so on – & me back aches!.. it was cold
this morning as I arrived in B-Nassau near to my new home of "Funky H"
… (2 hrs early of course because i WAS NOT in a hurry <smile>)
Margr. picked me up…nice lady? – but wasnt yet ready to move in – so
i will crash at the "barracks" for a while (wanna bet the Cia is
already planning a raid thinking my version of al-kai & aida..has a
new HQ! ?)…be in by the end of the week..so WARNING a Home-hotting-up
party must be IMMINENT …watch out World – I am back!

 …from Istanbul …having left from Breda in the cold on the 31st
jan…the eurolines bus was late ….and we got rousted by french &
english police (thanks Cia again!) every bag was checked – exceopt mine
– because I didnt have one – as my clothes were at Fuats in
Istanbul…so that gave "them " a different reason to interogate me!…
up to Luton and by the time I had checked out a few things had a lunch
etc it was time to board …of course I am a little keen on getting
there earlier than the schedules 20h eta – so…we are about 30 mins
late on dear not-so ezjet!…
having missed my sleep on the overnight bus/ferry…(usual bad food
etc) i caught up a bit on the flight going – had a small delay getting
through checks (my 3rd visa expired so they ripped me off with a 30lire
version (should only be 10 quid = 15 euros …about 20odd YTL!)
 Fuat home alone ..his dutch visitor MM – not there – too cold – Fuats
one heater being sparingly moved around …so having no sleep – i
caught a cold! …
this took the shine off my preformance and during the following week we
didnt go out for a bevvy ONCE! (honest!) …we had a lot of good pizzas
& kebabs etc & Fuat cooked fresh fish & meat again from the
market – but WE DID have a VERY positive meeting or 2 with the EuRED
project (**& LFC global supporters network etc) and the creative
workshops & "talk – club" concept being warmly received in europe
& asia…(see http://www.eured-san.net !)
so http://www.EuRED-SAN.net actually got online too – although most of its
pages are still being "completed" and some translated…(*personal note
So there I was walking aroud in my coat & with wooly hat on in Istanbul! – having left a fairly mild Europe,,,,
last Saturday of course – I had so much time because my ez flught would
just miss the eurolines connection and as I had intended to make to the
game at the rent – boys shed i haD a whole night in Luton airport
(remember the old 80s adverts? "Luton airport – where’s that?) …
so on the (deliberately) uncomfortabe seats – the bad food – awful tea
& fabricated coffee ..it was great! – i must have slept a total of
all of 2 hrs …and tried to excite myself by inviting a very
attractive looking east-european lady for one of those coffees…she
smiled…but said NO anyway 😉
 in the morning (tip – if you take a green line bus from victoria to
Luton airport – get an open return with your ez check in slip = compare
2 x GBP 12 against 1 x GBP 13!)…i make my way to the bus stop
directly outside the terminal – a jamaican female bus driver opens the
door …I ask "Victoria" ..she replied "Jacqueline" ..<smile>…I
had to laugh – that sort of quick witty reply is rare indeed these
days! …
so checked my bag in at left luggage in victoria coach station with the
friendly assistant – & off into the sunday morning sunshine of sw
london! …the snobs ; sloane-rangers etc & their false smiles
& "upper class twit" (see monthy python if you dont understand)
accents remind me of at least one reason I dont need to return to GB!…
but A walk along chelsea embankment – no  " loo" so i did actually pee
on chelsea! (the REDS would almost do so later on too! <smile>)
…and i was smiling – the serious joggers in their serious sports
clothes and I just kept walking …one bridge after another until i
eventually arrived near putney bridge & remembers thats where we
met for the CL semis last year! – and 2 of the lads I remember were
there ! – and had a spare (lucky for me as my usual "flemish –
connection" had let me down…
so a couple of pints – a coke & a double "BLOODY (RED) mary" (&
a quick chat with Sue & the lovely young lass behind the bar who
kept calling me – and every other RED there – "darling" ) and i was
READY for taking on the "cockney blue-sh*te rent boys" …as the game
was due to finish around 18h and I had to check in Victoria @ 19h – i
thought that getting a day-ticket would save time after the game…
at the bridge they were holding some sort of singing (badly) contest –
being the lone RED on their side of the stadium sort of miffed them –
so I sung "que sera – sera" (Stevie G) just to wind ’em up!…;-)
got me replacement scarf & hat & prog. and took up me place in
with the lads – not before watching city take down fergies "champs"
(looking more like chumps ) at OT ! …nice warm-up for the game..would
nt it be nice is we could…..
and we almost did – although heavily outnumberd we out-sang the
rent-boy choir & our lads battered them so much on the pitch you
would have thought we were the home side! –
Stevie had his fighting mood on, Skrtel looked capable – Masch was
immense & on another day Crouchie could have had 3 ! – they only
had one dangerous moment in the whole game! (although annelka reminded
me again why i wanted him to be our back-up to "el Nino")
so just as i was about to leave – a tannoy anouncement "due to reduced
service at earls court" – dont go to fulham broadway…go to earls
court!…??????? ..so much for saving time…
so I walked all the way to sloan square and hopped on a tube for the
short ride back to victoria , got me bag and checked in on time –
almost missed the bus though because of the tannoy messages being
drowned out by "security warnings" ….
so again tried to sleep – read me "RAOTL" (paid John outside the satium
in euros ha ha ha ) on the ferry and had was passed for pie &
veggies (must have been cooked about a week agao!) …had a chat with
the dutch bus driver (as we agreed that security controls were now
ridiculous & always affecting the "budget traveller" the most …)
and of course as I had all day to get back to Breda – the bus was 2 hrs
early – only a "normal" interrogation by english police of all the
dark-skinned passengers (racist ? no way! ..of course …its accepted
now by the public for our "other-brothers" to be treated like
so with apologies to Elvis (costello)..they "didnt want me to go to
Chelski" …but I am BACK and in funky H…..no less …and taking on
the World…
(see my face book – its not 2 -faced …)
take care those who are my mates ..& those who are not …………………..
ps.(re LKC – EuRED supporters network – buy out)
it is amazing some so-called LFC fans starting buy-out efforts –
looking almost exactly the same as my (now ancient) proposals… I ask
you…. does anyone of these "leaders"
* have experience of networking across frontiers (or is it only for locals?)
* formed a Union (I formed " F U " officially registered with the ministry of justice = May 1 2000 )
* organised a buy -out (my first was in 1989!)
* formed an international association? ( shall I give a list?)
* Negociated with consortia? ( I even had a contract once with the
Ukranian space agency for a satellite network which caused the MD of
IBM to visit my apartment in Freiburg)
BUT ….I must be CRAZY …and alone?…well lets talk about the
MAJORITY of fans that NEVER get tickets around the world – WE OUTNUMBER
locals …so how about a bit of RESPECT ..Hmmmmmm?

80227EuRED…news & more …grass routes
Datum: 25 February 2008 19:27
22nd February…from the "EuRED home office" ….latest..
Since returning from the very important meetings in Istanbul…&
the Pl game @the rent boys shed – we certainly dominated Chelski in
their back yard…first time since years that we went there and
dominated …..
there was a sense that day in my own pre-match thoughts that we "could
do them" today and the players seemed as determined as I did when they
started and maintained a threat and an energy throughout…had crouchie
(in the absence of the injured Torres ) finished one of those few
half-chances then we would have secured a "thin line of hope" for the
last week moved in furniture here – in the flemish countryside not far
from the border town of Baarle where you can almost sit in the library
internet cafe on the border of 2 nations…

but its a promising feelings now here with office/meetings rooms &
enough space for visitors/guests and hopefully a celebration BBQ or 2
on the big garden lawn (almost big enough for a training/3-a-side game,
lads! ) looking out on the green makes me hunger for getting rid of
this touch of bronchitis and to be kicking a ball around
…anyone?..the old souvenirs posters of finals & scarves on the
wall and progs on the cabinet, going so far back only Kopites reared on
Higsons, will remember/////…..
So I didnt get to LP for various reasons, (missed the FA Cup exit ) but
my travel was planned to Milano some time ago,,.,and not having
connections here – i didnt even KNOW the result v Inter until the
installer came and connected me up, so quickly tested the link to
LFC.TV…Made UP with the 2-0 which i had dreamt the night
before!…its been 43 years since, as a young lad i wasnt so upset that
we didnt get to be the first British club to make the European cup
final..as we had just won the FA Cup in our new All-RED strip for the
first time…but pride had been dented by "ital-ant-ics"
just writing this report & Stef on the line….wonder if he has
read the reply with Andy H of the "SOS" ("sons of Shankly") ………..?
LFC.TV happens to be doing a tribute to Shanks today (it looks to be
similar to the DVD that I have in the LFC "managers" set) …
it would be sweet revenge if we could now stamp our authority on the
San Siro so many years after being cheated out of the game…people
obviously talk about Bobs record but Shanks was the "special one" that
made us GREAT…
big Marc S couldnt make it here today, but will be here Saturday when
LFC line up against Boro,,,will we be able to take CL form into the
league …hope so, maybe a run until the season
Daniel AGGER, injured for most of the season is expected back – he left
the side when we were top of the PL ..(last game Derby 6-0) .if he had
been ever-present , i am SURE we would have stayed TOP until the end of
the season,,,his defensive abilities, speed and being able to bring the
ball forward from the back makes him (for me) as vital as Pepe, Masch,
Stevie or Torres …
all of whom were immense v Inter, but credit also to Dirk, and Sami,
young Lucas & Babel…i dont hold with this idea that our squad
isnt strong enough..at the start of the season our "second 11" pasted
Toulouse 4-0…
thanks "el Nino" a Premiere league TORRES hat-trick gives aneeded 3-2
win (v boro) by an LFC side suffering a post-inter CL "hangover"


I moved Into the "house sitting " in ZonderEigen, despite a delay by
Marg, and an "incident" when she surprised me by entering the house
without invitation. knowing my previous interest in the "Alter-Native"
I found the cafe next door to be the centre of regional activity , and
was invited to a dance at nearby Merksplas by Filip , who picked me up
from "home" (Ze) I was also curious to find out more about the local
"commune" which employed diaabled and "mentally challenged" in their
shop , bakery and fields..

I was on the LIVERPOOL TV channel.."This is Anfield"  Datum: 03 March 2008 18:21

ChriS>"hello, I saw on the LFC website that a theme tonight is the
"race for 4th place" and also the "search for shankly" although I agree
with Rafa "one game at a time" ..would could be 12 points off the lead
after wednesday – with TEN games left (a potential 30 points( – it may
be overly optimistoc, but I know SHANKS would have some strong language
for anyone who "gave up" on the TITLE with 10 games to go…the other
"contenders" dont look so hot, dropping points recently, and….IF we
had a perfect run in …(including winning at arsenal & OT )a big
"IF" (i know!) …its still possible to steal the title, ..i find it a
bit sad that everyone seems to give up so early…its NOT the
"Liverpool way"

(I had a chat on this theme – with Aldo – who said I was "too optimistic" 😉  …..)

Datum: 03 March 2008 22:00

what a turn(h)out// LFC win 1-3 @ Bolton..and me…i’m on me bike!

The "EuRED centre of european operations" that I recently moved is in
the country green and has a beautiful garden with a lawn you can just
imagine shanks playing 5-a-side on…BUT its about a dozen kilometres
from the nearest "big town" called TurnHout…

I had turned down a welcome invite to meet at paddys irish pub on
saturday with Marco (ex chairman of ALSIN) in Rotterdam, feelign a bit
lazy, the bike ride, bus & train combo wasnt looking too inviting
when i saw the rainy sky…(thanks anyway Marco) so I decided to save
my energy time & euros for a trip to Antwerps "Kellys" to watch the
game at the reeeeebock…

Although I expect to make it to about 25 games a season – what with
moving & stuff my travel budget has taken a hit, even home games
tend to cost a couple of hundred euros or more///…so I was happy to
"venture" to the next best thing…

a quick snack & found my spec in line with the big screen , with a
kil-kenny in hand…it wasnt long until Jaaskelainen (not just
kil-kenny) ahd warmed my soul, he somehow managed to spin the ball off
a Steve snap-shot into their net 0-1 to US!…(mind you the local LFC
fans are a quiet bunch…that reminds me, like the bluesh*te, there are
a few "locals" who are going to be struck of my "crissie list" )…..

Babel started to show his class & ability…btw what happened to the new song for Ryan..

(tune "by the rivers of babylon" – boney M)

"when Rafe brings Babel on..
he will score a goal,
we win the game..
when Rafa brings Babel on" (with thanks to Stuart LFC fan Leicester)

bolton looking to Torres & Gerrard , Ryan got the room to get at
the Bolton defence , so much so that his full back got taken off…

great also to see Fabio (at last) crack a great goal to become the first Brazilian to score for us in the PL…

it was good to see the lads playing the sort of "Rafa" footy ..pinging
the ball around and making incisive attacks, and without our "Star"
Torres having much of a game we still looked well on top for most of
the game at a difficult stadium for us to win at…

and IF…we can grab another 3 points….IF…

I can just hear RAFA shouting in my ear "one game at a time" …..

but should we win our "game in hand" we are then 12 points off the pace
with 10 games left….IMPOSIBLE???? i get that "Istanbul feeling" just
thinking about it…

and a serious note…its not a matter of life & death – its more important than that…

there is a new play and a "search for Shankly" going on for that…I
wish I had been in his shoes, but then he paid for the success…I had
my own "success" when I was 30 years younger than he, and I also
"resigned" (dropped out") and know from first hand experience how the
attitude of people changes when they perceive that you have no longer
any "power"…i wonder of an actor knows anything about that, and I
wonder how many "local fans" were around when Shanks was discarded…

LFC and its fans & players need to remember NEVER to give up
until…maybe,….theres one game left and we are 4 points or more
behind the lead….at the time of writing theres 33 points to be had,
when we play our best we canb win against anyone , anywhere…why not
believe…after all none of the others look "invincible" and they have
to play each other too..if we had a "perfect" run in – then I TRULY
believe we could still DO it///

I have been a bit "hard" on people recently and I believe we now have
to pull together and get behind the team, and we can take the club
eventually, and I propose to postpone those discussions until the close


Bolton grabbed a late consolation through substitute Tamir Cohen, whose
Dad Avi played for the Reds, ..if we are going to let in goals its nice
to keep it "in the family" 😉



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