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CSY-Book 2 – “CULTure 08” chapter 2 A Beltane

CSY – Book 2 – CULTure 08…

Beltane – is the Celts name for the beginning of the celebrations "May day" ..as LIVERPOOL is arguably a "Celts" homeland, (you only need to go there to feel the combination of "Rebellious defiance and party – hunger to feel the "Celtic Spirit"..) so This is the "Spring" section of "08" with a fair combination of both extremes (Rebel-Party)…<smile>

as before the basis of this "ChriS-tor-Y? – book 2 are the "Grass ROUTES" reports…


Sent: Thursday, April 03, 2008 11:49 AM
Subject: ZfhT80403 CS-EuRED..Grass ROUTES…mini-RANT (action…NO LONGER…denied)

CS>GR08#3 (action…NO LONGER..denied) …a mini version

….(as I am getting ready to march….)

CS>(last ezine)" after all NO-ONE is actually DOing anything to improve the world, just filling our time writing or reading about it…"

pleased to announce that I have just been informed that there will be a "demo" in Utrecht on 5/6th June…maybe only a couple of people "STANDING UP" ..but ITS A START.,..(and below are the details of action "Access Denied" //Sabine! note item.16 excluded!)


ALSO DONT FORGET the "international meeting" ANTWERPEN 15/18 August 08

so just a "mini-RANT" from y-our "(un)beloved Alien"…


1. "Insurance" ..I am ASSURED to be damaged by being "European"

2. "dont call the barmaid LOVE"

3. Talking of women…(my dutch ex-girlfriend….)

4. Talking of travel…(Corendon….)

5. Telenet…or any comms/computer company?


1. "Insurance" …ever tried being "European" ?????..

..at about the time I left the U.K. (yuk? /…I prefer "GB" …Great Benitez) ……..in the 80’s …..nice Maggie & even her enemies in brussels & bonn promised us a Europe for brits to enjoy, free movement of individuals, trading, property & money…and after living (? surviving is a better word) in 5 different parts of "Europe" (now called EU) ..I can assure you that it was/IS another politicians LIE…(arent they always liars?)…

Example – Last december I "left" NL (Gelderland)…to go to the neighbourly Benelux region of "Antwerpen" …to check it out (compared with Istanbul???>>>) I stayed at an associates house, and registered like a good boy, at the Districthuis. (the local banks would not open an account for me without doing so…there arent any "cross border" bank transfers for anyone not working for a big company..) …..

I had to close the NL bank…(and credit card with it) BUT…then I found that the flemish banks would not give me "facilities" until I had a resident card…(in the NL ..you were told to get a Sofi-nummer, but that was relatively quick) …I still dont have one, the police have checked me out (well of course the "CIA" read all my mail anyway) but it was "a bureaucratic" visit to make sure I am where I say I am…as if that makes any difference to my credibility…I mean commercial viability wasnt ever decided on our ability to stop still??? was it?

That visit was a month ago and when I visited the local town hall they told me that the "person responsible" hadnt returned form easter ("probably off sick") of course you start to get an idea of the priority "aliens" have in the minds of locals & bureacrats after a while, and I wasnt surprised! …(be mindful of this next time you are tempted to complain against "lazy foreigners"…) …ok so I have a bank account, luckily I am self-suffiecient because no one would employ me without a "card" anymore…

Talking of "cards" a simple mastercard is also impossible until I am here 6 months…try living without yours if you want to travel…forget it!…you end up paying 25/50% more if you cant book budget travel on the net…so dont blame me if the "revolution" starts here where I am living …because I cant afford to "revolt" anywhere else! <smile>

someone else booked a ferry for me the coming saturday, as I was going to be treated to an excursion to London, as I just acquired cheap transport (my "Sub") …but…belgian vehicles dont retain their number plate, that is taken away by the previous owner…I have to wait for my garage to "control" ("MOT") the car (even though its been "controlled" and declared roadworthy until June 2008….then, the insurance agent appliesfor a number…BUT I can neither obtain a "temporary" licence NOR the OBLIGATORY "insurance" in order to travel…apart from which this all costs the equivalent of a month of my budget!…and the ferry company wont change bookings..wasted!

(just received a reply from Cfrance…"Good morning, We can’t help you for this circonstance. Best regards Audrey")

talking of "Insurance" it seems to me thats a REFLECTION of whats WRONG with people now, DO people drive BETTER, or have FEWER accidents, kill or maim less people because they have "Insurance" …

(I doubt it) …

The way people go through life, protected by "insurance" and "assurance" and walls, POLICE, lawyers, (politicians?) and so MANY contradictory rules that they are in danger of disappearing up their own orafice…are we Stronger or WEAKER" for this …..dont answer, I know you will just say "but thats the way it is, chriS"…

one day …maybe one day people will WAKE up…

in the meantime…

2.The Stupidity goes on…."dont call the barmaid LOVE"

(CS>at a time when NO-ONE has acted on the abduction of my children several years ago….such "PC madness" is difficult to swallow..and I blame the public as a WHOLE for continually accepting this cr*p…)



Last updated at 11:39am on 31st March 2008

Bar managers and store owners face large-scale compensation claims if their customers ogle their barmaids, waitresses or check-out staff.

New sex discrimination laws also mean that landlords who allow loud sexist jokes or banter among drinkers could be taken before a tribunal.

The regulations say that bosses are responsible for protecting their staff from sexual harassment by customers – and that those who fail to do so can face unlimited compensation claims.They mean that a pub landlord could be sued if a bar worker complains about being called "love", or over customers telling each other off-colour jokes. Restaurant managers or hoteliers risk action if staff object to backchat from diners or guests asking for a date.

By order: Women and Equalities Minister Harriet Harman

Lawyers said yesterday that businesses will need to show they have tried to clamp down on sexual harassment of workers by customers if they are to guard against the risk of compensation claims.

They advised pub operators to put up warning notices telling drinkers that "harassment is not tolerated".

The regulations were pushed through by Women and Equalities Minister Harriet Harman, who has powers under European legislation to amend discrimination law.

Miss Harman has used a statutory instrument that does not require a division or debate in Parliament.

Complying with the rules is likely to cost "micro and small" businesses more than £10million, according to an assessment by the Government Equalities Office. Last year the High Court ruled that existing sex discrimination law was not strong enough to meet the demands of European directives.

However the regulations – which will come into force on Sunday – have sweeping implications for employers, especially in the pub, restaurant and hotel trade. Stuart Chamberlain, an employment law specialist at Consult GEE, said: "Employers may feel uncomfortable about confronting clients but they need to be aware that failing to take action could result in a claim for compensation, including for injury to feelings.

"Shops, bars or gyms may be able to put up notices explaining that harassment of staff is not tolerated by the management.

"However, professional services companies who encourage staff to socialise with clients may find it far more difficult to convey that message."

The rules allow tribunals to award unlimited damages for injury to feelings if a case is proved.

The burden of proof will lie with employers. There will be no need for workers to show their employer allowed harassment to happen – instead, managers must demonstrate that they were not at fault.

Workers must show they suffered three incidents of harassment before they can make a claim. The incidents can involve different customers, so it will not be enough for a bar manager to ban just one difficult drinker.

The kind of behaviour that amounts to harassment will be for a tribunal to decide. If an employee can prove she was hurt or upset, being called "love" or "darling" repeatedly might be enough to win compensation.

Jill Kirby of the centre-Right think tank Centre for Policy Studies said: ‘This latest round of discrimination legislation has moved far beyond common sense. It will bring the law into disrepute. "It is trying to legislate against everyday behaviour. People will start to be afraid if they call someone young lady or my love. It is impossible for an employer to control customers in this way." Stephen Alambritis, of the Federation of Small Businesses, said: "It really is unfair to employers to expect them to vouch for every customer, including those who aren’t regulars. "Landlords will have to sit around trying to listen in on customers’ conversations, rather than having any rest period or break. "We would hope that common sense would prevail without the need for heavy-handed legislation that leaves employers immensely worried. "Pubs are mostly well run in this country and landlords know when to step in and calm things down. They should be trusted to do so." The laws will be policed by the Government’s Commission for Equality and Human Rights. A spokesman said: "When employers know that harassment is going on they are in a position to do something about it."

The commission said the regulations are aimed at dealing with the "particular problem" of harassment in the hotel and restaurant trade, which employs 670,000 women. The European Equal Treatment Directive which the regulations will enforce says that women at work should not be "subjected to any conduct related to their sex which violates their dignity or creates an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment".

3. Talking of women…(my dutch ex-girlfriend….)

it was another Ironic smile, that I opened the post this morning,from My (dutch) ex girlfriend …with emphasis on "girl"…less on "friend")…. and I appreciate what Shaun wrote about avoiding being drawn into a "divide & rule gender war" provoked by rules & rulers…BUT/// …2 weeks ago having "invited" me (hopefully) to Valencia to "repair" the previous 10 months of "quasi-hell" (which blew my mind, patience, & my budget!) & enjoy the "Fiery festival of San Jose(e)" , I reluctantly (stupidly?)agreed , so you know what happens to good guys, dont you?…she deserted me there, …I had no more contact in the last 2 weeks after telling her what I thought about her "methods"…she sent me an email yesterday…"dont you miss me at all?" ..the correspondence was a list of all her credit cards debts ….obviously she expects me ALSO to pay for ALL the costs of the aborted "holiday"…

4…Talking of (holiday?) travel…Corendon anyone?

Any of you "beneluxers" use Corendon for budget travel ?…I will copy you my recent letter, if they dont refund or offer a reasonable alternative to a flight that THEY changed (from istanbul) without discussion, I will PUBLISH it,,,

5. Telenet

– communications companies & computer manufacturers (hard/software) have a certain arrogance, its ALMOST "charming"..they test their systems & software on us, spending masses on advertising & promotions to get us "on board" (rather than on "getting it right" ) ..then CHARGE us for the extra costs for getting it wrong!..waste our time, and never apologise?…see my invoice..yes its "the Alien" warming up for the Strasbourg hearings, if you think I am tough now, just wait till i get the "cabbages" in court and those B******* who stole my kids from my life!!

apart from that…have a NICE day! <smile>


Onderwerp: (EuRED 80410 "Grass-ROUTES" #4 -08  & Fw: photos)
Datum: 10 April 2008 19:41

this is..(#4 – 08)……………"Grass Routes" …& was originally a journal created by ChriS whilst he was recovering from a meningitis-induced coma in the 90’s when he lived in the german -occupied territory of europe known as "Frei (free)-burg" (irony in that name!) and later became a FREE radio programme also "out-lawed" by fascist oppression and human rights violation against ChriS and anyone who helped or supported his aims or the ideals of freedom, EQUALITY or freedom of opinion or speech, in fact any of the so-called "articles of the UNIVERSAL declaration of human rights"(1948) signed by "all democracies" after WW2! …it became a "forbidden" mailing, so that each time CS made a website – it would get closed down, or "bombed" out of existence by "viral agents" or others employed or encouraged to do so.. TRUTH hurts these people…so TELL the TRUTH…

(CS>this is my perspective of the world…(hopefully with a touch of humour too) 😉

n.B. some of these themes are "family-related" but apply in sense to all aspects of y-our society, and I welcome discussion, and hopefully CONSTRUCTIVE arguement in response, all complaints about "yours truly" should be sent to email: the-moron-in-govt@anygovtorafice.nwo 😉


1. Anyone who had a heart..dont live here!>?

2. A woman who cheated on her boyfriend??

3. women Do this????

4. Care about Y-our children – any children?

5. Desperately…SAD DAD

6. ILL(Legal)

7. Shameless?

8. JOIN …

9…last but not least….the last-ditch Battle against "them"


1.Anyone who had a heart..dont live here!>?

this is y-our world, (tennis) courts & police are just robots obeying mindless & heartless rules, how did YOU allow this World to get this way?




2.A woman who cheated on her boyfriend?? (is it now the way things have become? a generation or so ago, it was the "lad" who "fooled around" …now females ….


3. Do this????


Robert W wrote:

This is a very good article by Barbara Kay taking on feminist ideology – In My Opinion well worth a read.
> "Who’s oppressing who ?" Friday, 4 April 2008

(CS>I dont agree with all of it but a good read, agreed 😉

4. Care about Y-our children – any children, why are centres necessary?

a) LACK of child contact centres…SHOULD THEY be necessary..why arent parents & anyone in y-our communities caring???…..

"He said that there is a "terrible shortage" of child contact centres. Those wonderful, small organisations staffed often by dedicated volunteers, are unable to provide enough space in a reasonable time so that children can see their non resident parents safely, in cases where there is a risk or other need for some supervision." He went on to say "Contact centres are an inexpensive and vital part of the system. Fund them so they can expand their services. If all this means other sacrifices in the public finances have to be made, recognise that the work is, as important as the NHS in its effect on the health of the nation."

Yvonne Kee, Chief Executive of NACCC said, `There are too few centres to meet demand and over half operate waiting lists. Some areas have no centres at all, exacerbated by some closures because of lack of funding. Where it may be too late to keep families together, Child Contact Centres are able to keep children and parents together at a crucial time of family breakdown. Sustainable funding is desperately needed to maintain the centres currently open and to provide resources and support for centres to open in areas of need.’

b) THE governments are incapable…so why dont YOU take responsibility..away from "them" ?

"The governments refuse to give grandchildren/grandparents the legal right of contact. The minimum contact that is essential for their safety is a couple of hours a month or by negotiation, letters, calls, texts, emails, presents on birthdays and Christmas. A helpline that no other organisation can provide because of the unique bond between them.

The major children’s organisations claim they can only answer half the calls from children so what happens to the other half. Children locked in a drug or alcohol home where they are neglected and possibly abused without any chance of help because the law makes it possible for addicts to refuse contact to grandparents.Again the governments claim the family law is just and fair but millions disagree claiming they are being treated unjustly. It is fast coming to the public’s attention the administration of the law is not working as it should."

5. Desperate housewives cause desperate fathers too? SAD….DAD!

Family Rights for Europe, (PT)wrote…

"Three innocent children killed by their Canadian father

I run into this story, a family tragedy from the day before yesterday from
Canada. But these things happen more and more in the Netherlands, Belgium,
Germany, the USA, Austria (everywhere?..CS) as well and seem to be somehow connected to the culture of broken families in our societies, while the perpetrators in it
transcend gender boundaries: both fathers and mothers do it.

What struck me in this story however is that the father involved is reported
to be in disarray leading a troubled live with alcohol abuse for a period of
at least half a year previous to the sad events that have now followed.
During this period he was engaged by the Canadian criminal justice system
several times, but only to impose correctional and punitive measures on him,
never to offer him any support and help it seems. In fact he was facing a
criminal court hearing (and possible jail time?) today on charges for
driving while prohibited. Taken from the article he seems to have been
leading a more and more lonely live disconnecting him from both society and
his family, but he received no support to reconnect again and was thus left
by society turning him into a lonely wounded and failed wolf.

We live in societies where personal support and help is paid for with great
sums, is professionalised and depersonalised. But I can’t help noticing
that not much of it is being made available to men in obvious disarray and
distress. Other then punitive and correctional measures that is. Why is it
that men and fathers are not (considered worthwhile enough to be) treated
humanely and be offered support, a listening ear and a helping hand to
reconnect when in distress and disarray in our societies, but are instead
immediately further isolated, ousted, excluded, prosecuted, criminalised and
pushed down or in a corner?

connected to above,,,

CS>did you see…7th April 2008 :: Rome, Piazza di Spagna ::

World Memorial Day in remembrance of all those Dads in the world who killed themselves ?See :: What is coming up in Shared Parenting (EU)

more at:


and note…DADS ON THE AIR http://www.dadsontheair.net

Dad helped Kidman through split with Cruise?


but…according to VKC.."It turns out when you ask adults about their parents, 87% say they feel close to mom and 74% say they feel close to dad. So for anyone keeping score, the family intimacy standings look like this: dog 94%; mom 87%; cat 84%; dad 74%." Gauging Family Intimacy – Dogs Edge Cats (Dads Trail Both)


(CS>2006 report, situation is now probably worse!)CS>says a lot all about peoples "values" today…? facture in "commercial obsession" and we really are in the sh*te! 😦

6.ILL(Legal) ….about "Germoney"….(no comment necessary?) from Sabine…

(CS>dont forget the march etc..Brussels to Strasbourg..25 april until….(see also the attached pics)


1. Voices deep concern at the acts carried out within a Member State by an agency that has been in operation since 1939, when it had responsibility for the racial purity of German children and which is now keeping children away from their non-German parents, often against those children’s best interests;

2. Condemns the actions of the Jugendamt, which constitute discrimination on grounds of nationality;

3. Condemns the bans and restrictions placed on communication in the mother tongue of a non-German parent between that parent and his or her children;

4. Condemns the support given by the Jugendamt for parental abductions of children to Germany aimed at creating a fait accompli as regards loss of contact with the non-German parent, and the children’s forced assimilation in Germany;

5. Condemns the unfounded applications to family courts made by the Jugendamt in respect of non-German parents;

6. Recommends that children be brought up in accordance with Europe’s multicultural and multilingual traditions;

7. Calls on the German Government put an end to the discriminatory methods used by the German youth welfare agency (Jugendamt) and to bring German law in this area into line with Community law, with particular reference to Article 12 of the Treaty establishing the European Community, which prohibits all discrimination on grounds of nationality and Directive 2000/43/EC implementing the principle of equal treatment between persons irrespective of racial or ethnic origin, which should have been implemented in the Member States by 19 July 2003;

8. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission and the German Government.

7. Shameless? what went wrong with y-our sense of humour?? ..examples to y-our kids?..

since my teenage years when "Monthy python" was the comedy version of our revolution the "taste" and quality is deserting us, people swallow cr*p and cant tell the difference between real life and fiction,…thanks to mindless media?


8.JOIN the European DIRECT ACTION GROUP network – email EuRED@live.com

IF YOU CARE = DARE! …and YOU should join..A VERY IMPORTANT major european MEETING for all concerned people connected with ANY of the issues mentioned in "Grass ROUTES" …open forum, to hear and ACT ON your "voice" (Antwerpen area August 15/18) action & strategic plans – "resistance" PLUS entertainment for friends & children..camping/economy B & B available, Global "activists" also welcome!

9..last but not least….the last-ditch Battle against "them" to expose human WRONGS ..by ChriS SMITH (EuRED/EdAgN)

ChriS>This Is The content of my reply to the faceless ones who would deny y-OUR children & us a proper FAMILY life…
DOES ANYONE ELSE have the courage to join y-OUR "Pan – European RESISTANCE MOVEMENT" ?

—– Original Message —–

> Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 7:26 PM Subject: : april fools a bit late! – to the

"European (TENNIS) Court of Human …………….WRONGS?"
"CO(u)N)cil of Europe"
F67075 Strasbourg.

Ref 22923/05 – (SMITH versus GERMONEY)

DEAR (?) J.S. Phillips, (if that really is your name?)

your letter ref22923/05 (SMITH v germoney) was written/posted 2 days late, you should have written it on April fools day, and that day is what I will identify the rubbish written within it & use against your colleagues to PUBLICLY denounce the "ECHR" for what it really is ..(a "CON") …and ALL such government/legal institutional violation & wastage!

THE BAD SMELL that comes from your pitiful attempt ( which has taken TWELVE YEARS!!!! ) to (politically) COVER UP the constant violations by your german colleagues is wafting now over the flemish countryside, and the smell is beginning to wake up people all over Europe.

Have you have played enough "emotional ping-pong" with those incompetents in the "german judiciary" …the blatant tactics of delay & loss or ignorance employed by your friends in the lower german "courts" have more relation to TENNIS courts than any basic laws of justice and you WILL BE found out & exposed!

YOUR "german colleagues" have a very sound "stone wall" policy when it comes to complaints..to either

>> – deny
>> – delay
>> – misplace
>> – ignore

Only a (April?) fool could possibly spend his/her life attempting to process a complaint WITHIN the german "system" , which itself has been "perfected" since the days of the Third reich & is specially designed to avoid the complaint ever being heard against it!

I thank you for the CONFIRMATION of my assertions since 12 years that yours is an "oxymoron system" with the emphasis on the latter part of that word!..when you mention justice you mean the opposite, and when you mention "rights" you actually contribute to WRONGS! For you its a job, for people like myself its the loss of LIFE, to have our children stolen, with the full co-operation, encouragement & indeed assistance of so called "beamte" (government "workers",officers, & officials) supposedly serving a "democracy".

THE DISGRACE of your position and the apathetic "method" of the ECHR is going to be exposed. VERY SOON! and YOU & your "committee" individually named along with ALL those other incompetents & criminals employed within its system whether german or in the ECHR itself. A book is written and on order (outside of the EU, to be sure of safety) and independent media will expose it and the truth along with it..

THE EXTREME consequence of people such as you is that terrorists are often created out of such INJUSTICE. It is tempting to come to Strasbourg to tear down the walls of this hypocrisy called "the European court of human rights".

HOWEVER, you shall not tempt me into terrorism, (that YOUR "new world police" would no doubt use to attempt to defeat the ideals you have never understood) but you HAVE rather ENCOURAGED my 200% engagement in ensuring that the ECHR and all such institutions are ABOLISHED, and your job (& security) along with it!

(and the letter sent to Noelas mother etc..)

Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 11:11:49 +0100Edagn-CSvee-71217- Noela-open letter
Liverpool 17th December 2007                                                    without Prejudice

AN open letter to MarGIT (streifeneder)
49 Saint Lawrence Road, Clontarf, DUBLIN 3, Irelandcc:

Sg. SEXTON ; "Garda Station" Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland

cc: EU Parliament – petitions – chairman ( ref:no.0290/2007)cc: ECHR, Stasbourg (ref; 323590/05 )

Margit,  AN OPEN LETTER concerning NOELA (born 28 November 2001)

Firstly,YOU know that you have (again) LIED to the "Garda" officers – & you know that even the biased & incompetent Freiburg "judge" Prestel told you that you must allow access between Noela and myself! – (but you have ignored or avoided all communications. Email, post or phone calls ; either direct of via my legal repersentatives & human(child) rights Orgs."Legalities"I am VERY interested to see the documents you used to FOOL the Garda officers to keep Noela from me on the 16th December 2007 in Clontarf, DUBLIN.  Obviously it now seems a mistake by me to co-operate with them, as they, like others, have "protected" your personal desires. (to keep Noela as your 100% "property") which obviously damages Noela.It was a case of "hope over experience" by me, & apart from the "legal/human rights" aspects you have proven once again, NOT to be a worthy parent – not only because your "paperwork" is based on PREJUDICED german "law" but because you are so Jealous, bitter & selfish that you PREFER to hurt me and in so doing deny Noela a reunion with me at this xmas time, & as you know, on the same day as my deceased son (Adam) birthday. You again show your cruel mentality. (of course you hide this with “sweet & polite pretence” again when confronted by the authorities, such as in Clontarf on the 16th December 07)
"Consequences"I have given Mr. Sexton (Garda; Clontarf) a copy of the EU petition, who inform me that they WILL investigate my claims and I am now also informed by a dutch lawyer that the E.C.H.R (human rights court Strasbourg) WILL hold a hearing in 08 concerning the various german violations of my childrens rights (inc; those you done to Noela) ;and those violations against my person (family rights etc). & The International abduction office (London) has not yet answered.
Whilst you seem to be very sure that you can escape justice and these procedures are primarily made against german govt. Officials (judges, attorneys; police & youth/social workers etc) – should the plaints be succesful, it will be relatively easy to proceed against you; in BOTH the civil and criminal courts ; (all actions will be “joint & several) resulting in bankruptcy ; for you; your accomplices and your family…(as sooner or later a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process WILL result in the TRUTH being known; finally freeing me from stigma and punishing you ; something you RICHLY deserve!) Moreover; In the meantime I could "Go Public" with the neighbourhood & media in Dublin (mainstream or alternative) with regards to your abduction of  Noela & "S & M practices"…(I have not continued any such publicity on the internet, by the way, as the website is temporarily “offline”)
& of course you RISK to LOSE contact with Noela IF I get full custody – after this latest situation and the cost & stress it causes me I am losing all reasons to be sympathetic to you! I have NOT copied your "abduction tactics" as I believe it IS important that NOELA has BOTH (natural) parents/guardians in her life. I will NOT proceed with PUBLIC exposure of YOUR TERRIBLE CRIMES because probable imprisonment would hurt MY daughter ; Noela!   Therefore, I offer you ONE LAST CHANCE ; to be reasonable ; to bring Noela & I back into (positive) contact on a regular basis; to retract your lies; for Noela s sake if not your mine …or your own! Sincerely

ChriS. R. SMITH F. Inst D
An estranged parent of 2 beloved children
& as European C-ordinator
EuRED – EdAgN ; Euro. Direct Action Group Network
(“creative development; ecology & justice for all”)
Ekeren-Antwerpen, Be.email ; EuRED@live.com

From: "Marie-C, P" Sent: Thursday, April 10, 2008 7:09 AM

To: "EuRED (ChriS)"

Subject: Re: EuRED/EdAgN 80409 Re: april fools a bit late!

> hi chris
> i like your style; finally someone with guts to speak out, love***
> Marie

AdVader" > Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 11:41 PM

To: "’EuRED (ChriS)’"

Subject: RE: EuRED/EdAgN 80409 Re: april fools a bit late!

> Okay Chris hear hear it must be said !!!


check out…Krights

to top list of oxymorons…Court Justice?

      20. Government Organization
      19. Alone Together
      18. Personal Computer
      17. Silent Scream
      16. Living Dead
      15. Same Difference
      14. Taped Live
      13. Plastic Glasses
      12. Tight Slacks
      11. Peace Force

      10. Pretty Ugly
      9. Head Butt
      8. Working Vacation
      7. Tax Return
      6. Virtual Reality
      5. Dodge Ram
      4. Work Party
      3. Jumbo Shrimp
      2. Healthy Tan
      1. Microsoft Works

From: Maeliss Sabine Vander Elst
Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2008 6:39 PM
To: 1Bruxelles Strasbourg
Subject: FW: photos Please find attached copies of pictures taken this day. We were in front of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs where we got about 150 signatures.
 Yours sincerely,
 p.p.s thanks for all contributions, you too Ad, Marie, Robert, Peter, Steve et al…  Fini avec les questions, maintenant voici les réponses. Cliquez ici!


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