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CSY – book 2 – “CULTure 08” – chapter 2 b ..Beltane..cont..

CSY – book 2 – "CULTure 08" – chapter 2 b ..Beltane..cont..

Onderwerp: CS 80425 EuRED…"london calling" …another RED wonder on the cards???

Datum: 25 April 2008 10:20

Tuesday…I DO want to go to Chelski (but cant get a ticket)

I went to Veerle Lakdal to watch the game with Raoul, Neel , and later Stefan joined us…a win was looking likely 1-0 at half-time and a couple of chances to make it even 2-0 or 3-0..the rent boys only had one long-distance shot on goal which Pepe took easily..

they had the better start, much as the gooners did in the previous round but we made the better chances and took the game to them after the first 20 mins until then end..or what should have been the end…

just as in 05 the ref gave an extended time at the end of 90 mins…a fluke own goal by JAR on 95 minutes?…sick…ironic as he wouldnt be playing had not Fabio (Aurelio) got another injury which means hes out probably for the rest of the season…

anyone who has played the game can imagine his feelings, especially on such an occasion, I am sure that Rafa and the lads can gee him up, maybe "Ginge" can go and do an "Avi cohen" and score in their end in the "2nd half" of this semi…

I crashed at Neels and wednesday brough the "sub" back to Zondereigen…and got the hammock out and in the spring sun,, worked on generating the positive vibes…

its time to remember reasons to be cheerful…

It may be difficult BUT, LIVERPOOL were the better team Tuesday night, and in both the PL games this season and earlier this year we beat them 2-0 in the league…and of course the CL semis..

I went to the chelski bridge a couple of months ago for the league game, and I believe that PL game was a turning point of this season, our form hadnt been that impressive from the new year…- Skrtl came of "age" in the team and showed he is able to defend against players of the calibre of Anelka and the whole team seemd "turned on" the rent boys only had one shot of any note, and we dominated often pegging them back in their own half, ON THEIR ground,

Crouchie had played well (Our kid injured?) but didnt take either of a couple of half-chances he got, and Dirk might have won it near the end had he reacted sharper..

Therefore IF "OUR kid" is selected and Rafa s pre-match comments indicate he will, we could well do the same there. our few thousand are quite capable of out-singing the chavs (as we did that day!)

You should know we are capable of winning there, and then they can stick their flags where the sun dont shine! (notice the arrogance of the rent boys – THEY think they have won it)


(in the meantime I am off to Brum…to see the B(ounce) team play for points to secure our CL position for next season…hope its a party atmosphere like at Fulham



p.s. its funny..I said last year that i felt we could "win the League in London" as the fixtures gave us a lot of away games there in the last part of the season, but maybe I "visualised" the "winning" of a place in the CL final …its time to win at the Bridge…and continue the party in the RED square…

Onderwerp: Belthane…1st(-15th) may (a bridge too far?…RE: Neel FW: CS 80501 SSStefan – Skilful Scousers def
Datum: 06 May 2008 12:49

Belthane…1st(-15th) may (a bridge too far?…and summer comes to Z25/2..alone again..
For the first time since I moved "base" from the "Zwolle Penthouse shoebox" I have been relaxing on the hammock in this garden, having cut the grass yesterday the smell of a lawn big enough to play 5-a-side on reminds me of "home" playing footy as a teenager/young man on those end of season days…….playing the captains role…and that brings me to a reflection on our exit from the Champions league semi final at Chelski last wedneday, on the eve of "Belthane" (the Celts festival that became "may day" for us as children and was once celebrated by socialists all overv the world, the world is colder and harder since those days thanks to the capitalist obsession with acquisition of land, property, material and all this "commercial"…
Yes I was captain, and althiough my team only played at "local regional football level, I can only reflect on the diffrerence between a captain’s role then and now, I did my best to follow the example of "Shanks" our Scottish manager (1959-1974) and on the field I followed the example of  "Crazy Horse" (Emlyn Hughes) and his all action, energetic leadership encouraging his team mates and bursting forward from Defence or Midfield with "crazy" energy!…later on Souness took over with a different style , merciless tackling, accurate passing & "foot on the ball" control, equally demanding of his team-mates but able to DOMIINATE the game, and the opposition, even when we played ROMA in their OWN stadium in the 84 European champions cup final,….note ?…Stevie ?…
So it became a "bridge too far"…quite appropriate as I write the locals here in "BeneLux"  are about to "celebrate" 5th May (european liberation day) …how many remember..the sacrifice so many Brits gave in the process (during the opetration "market garden") when the "allied" forces launched a ground attack from nearby Antwerp with the aim of capturing 3 major bridges in the Netherlands..the first Eindhoven(?) and Nijmegen were captured but german explosives delayed the assault..and cut off the airborne (Paras) landing in ARNHEM, who were virtually wiped out by Panzer-enhanced german defences (ignored by the high command) ..Arnhem became a "bridge too far" and cetainly its not comparible to match Football and WAR (or is it?) …I wonder how much effort people give in striving for "targets" today when footballers are all millionaires and the general public wouldnt get out of their armchair to fight for anyone else rights never mind go to war!..
in the Many  "battles" V the capitalist mercenary rent-boys of Chelski ,LFC  have been the stronger in almost every game & at least we scored 2 goals in London this time, and with a decent refereee may have progressed to a final against the Mancs, but probably having (in 4seasons with Rafa) beaten the Chelski rent-boys in a semi-final (twice in the champions league and in the FA cup) perhaps "Karma" was on their side this time.(as with the 07 final v AC Milan) ..anyway although I will hate watching the game, I hope this time the blues beat the mancs in Moscow and in the league, the thought of a smiling "swear Alex" Ferguson is almost tooo much to bear…cant real dislike the "big Gremlin" that is Avram Grant..(seems amost shame that "no way Jose", a character , at least, isnt aound the game…)
I had my car "stolen" by the "Politie" on the way to play at a charity footy match wednesday …sometimes its interesting living in non-native english speaking communities to reflect on the meaning of words we tend not to think abou…so, I think the name "Politie" really highlights what they are; "(uniformed) political agents  (police = government policy?) ..my CLAIM, and anyone who has read my recent "rant" v Insurance, b(w)ankers & telecom "providers" might smile when they read the attachment…hope to have a decent arguement with this lot….judges & juries may be far from the ideal solution to obtain "justice" BUT.when reflecting on a modern world where "robot-aircraft" can identify and destroy houses & vehicles "suspected of containing terrorists" …the dangers of allowing police-agents to be roadside "judge & jury" is also eveidence of a subtle "1984/brave new world" element in y-our society.
on the "private side"…my "ex" full of promises to ask to get back together, told me she would "show me" within days she had broken those vows, such is the "modern woman!" ..then did  a "suicide" threat…had a "collapse" and was P*ssed that the dutch ambulance service didnt come…lady, dont believe a word you say, and wont ever….you are another Margit, you even fool yourself!…just like her you say that you "
admire" then when i dont do what YOU want – you attack everything about me!
GOOD B YE ….and to all TRUE REDS everywhere..join the buy out…see http://www.eured-san.net/elson.html
EVENTS this summer////….join ..play or just have fun with us…
 add (attached file )  claim…
Ref: CSvEE-BeneLUX80501Claim

 CS 80501 SSStefan – Skilful Scousers defending the cup @ ZDate: Tue, 6 May 2008 12:50:51 +0200

Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 18:57:03 +0200>

CS 80501 SSStefan – "Skilful Scousers defending the cup @Z

 ChriS>Hiya Neel,> sorry I didnt make it yesterday, Turnhout police stopped the "Sub" and> wanted papers that I dont have so kept it for the moment, no sense of> humour there..! – see below message I sent to Stefan, did you have a good> game?..raise some money for kids? dont discuss the match @ the rent boys,,

Date: Thu, 1 May 2008 02:48:01 -0400> Subject: CS 80501> SSStefan – "Skilful Scousers defending the cup @ Z

> > CS>thanks Stefan, good to see that the "Skilful Scousers" are up for defending the "honour"and the cup, there will be a new trophy (ELSON ; EuRED Liverpool> Supporters> OVERSEAS network) for the team that most represents the right> SPIRIT , btw> – any of the lads Neel, Daffy Wacke, Raoul & the rest of the> lads &> partners want to crash here (as It will go on…) i have 3 bedrooms

> ..they> just need to bring sleeping bags..> > >

From: stefan dams > Sent:> Friday, April 25, 2008 9:23 AM> To: Cristopher Smith >

Subject: RE: We won> it one time, in gay holland we won it one time…>

Chris> Good u want to> continue the tradition of an old school tourny…>

Stef> Shite date though!!!>> I’ll probably will get a team together but unfortunately i wont be playin’>> meself (only there forra bevvie) as i’m off for a holiday next day.> Let u> know in time… > > Still can’t believe a certain player gets payed 60grand> a week but can’t> use both feet…?>

Datum: 29 April 2008 07:07

ChriS> thanks Neel, mate!
I just got back from Birmingham &  istanbul this morning…very tired, not much sleep…
some questions…
what time does your footy thing start? (& end?)
you watch the game @ chelski on TV there?
how do I find the place by road?please email me…I am going to bed now <smille> its 08hrs…tuesday morning

From: gemoetsneel@hotmail.comTo: eured@live.comSubject: RE: INVITATION/confirmation of summer tourny "08" continue the tradition…EuRED/ZonderEigen 22/24 aDate: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 12:28:19 +0200

Hija Chris, Sorry i mail you a little bit late.
The adress of VVV is : Heide 15 3294 Molenstede                              
I hope to see you than at wensday. Sorry but i can not whrite verry good english . I hope that you can read it.  YNWA.  Neel

ChriS>hiya NEELthanks for the B & B(?)tell the "lads" that I am expecting them to defend (with honour!) the "ALSIN cup" on the weekend mentioned in the invitation below, I have changed my flight, so YES I will come next wednesday, please email the exact address & time etc..so I can try to find my own way there……and chin up, YNWA …hope is justified…its only half-time..remember ISTANBUL!

To: gemoetsneel

FW: INVITATION/confirmation of summer tourny "08" continue the tradition…EuRED/ZonderEigen 22/24 aDate: Wed, 23 Apr 2008 10:54:18 +0200

  INVITATION / Confirmation
To: "Winners of HJC Cup"
and any invited guest teams who may  wish to join…
From : EuRED/ LIVERPOOL supporters (Overseas) Network
in association with FC Zondereigen, B2387 Baarle HERTOG/(Barrle Nassau.)
Dates 22/24 August 2008
Hosted by : "Cafe Shuttershof" – Zonderigen.
6-a-side teams invited :
Mens Cup
ladies Cup
mixed/family/kids Cup
Theme : "friendship without frontiers"  friendly competition for the "ELSON Cup"
(idea to carry on the tradition from ALSIN tournament )
Normal friendly footy rules apply (no studs)
confirmation required by latest 30th June 08
bar/food/tombola/lottery/auction profits to be shared between Hillsborough Justice Campaign & "ray of Hope"  fund.
"Celeb guest" invited to present trophies..
apart from HJC winners – other teams pay euros 10 per head for entrance (includes free beer and snack)
R.S.V.P. email to EuRED@live.com
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 12:52:08 +0200

 EuRED/EdAgN-Grass routes (AlieNews) *80510/12End of the season/or the beginning of…. (intro) …this is a "special" last report from season 07/08, but beginning of a new format combining EuRED "tour reports" "AlieNews" and "Grass Routes" …and extraxts from "ChriStorieS" (aka: "you have got to go in to get out!") the Book series by ChriS will be added to future weekly "distribution"… Saturday 10th May being offline at the home/office is inconvenient but having maanaged to use Gunters laptop next door I could check out the (in) frequency of buses from nearby Baarle to Turnhout .(N.460)..i use the word "nearby" casually, because having to bike to BH with a flat tyre and a vandalised bike , with my overnight bag on the bag, isnt (casual) …I just had time to get a cooling ice-cream before hopping onto to Turnhout bus, (TIP: only 80c because I had bought a bus ticket strip for e8 which gives you 10 journies at the tabbacconist shop in BH, info lovingly provided by BH’s Distrikthuis <smile> )instead of going straight on to Antwerp (via bus 410 or 417) to pick up the overnight (Eurolines) to London VICTORia

.. i had a couple/3 of glasses at 2 different cafes at Tournhouts "Grote Markt" (big market square) ..the "Tamboerke" and "Sportsworld" (TIP a place which also shows live PL games!, which sadly the Irish Pub next door doesnt because they didnt pay their sub. to sky TV)used at ATM to get some cash for the w/end (e 70 to pay for ticket & snacks before borading in Antwerp, ) Turnhout was relaxed with a lot of tourists but a very "easy" early evening/sunset feeling…I got to Antwerp centraal at about 21.30h & sat in a turkish cafe near the station & had a kebap to keep me going for the night..and a coffee t the "Terminus" cafe…TIP this cafe is expensive BUT does have offers going on, and if you want to "kill time" I only spent 7 euros in Antwerp and e10 in Turnhout, so its not an expensive evening if you know where to go…)

 Sunday…Eurolines must recruit form mad schoolteachers agency , this driver was even more "fussy" than the last time, we didnt get stopped by the french this time, but the english customs checked all the bags ..but were at least chatty & reasonably polite, one lad who stopped me, asked to look inside my bags, my old training shoes poking out the bag, were definately grotty, so I said "good job you got those gloves on (but who chose purple, your mum?..)"… an immigration officer had commented on the state of my passport, and I said, "its al this (budget) travelling , it wears out the passport (and ME!) …the old British (10 year) passport was as strong as a hard-back book, and probably could survive WW3!"anyway despite the fussing, and moaning and bitchy driver, we were on time at Victoria (06 hrs) so I decide to go to the nearby main station, get some "quids" (GBP 40 should do it..) check out a coffee at the nearby mainstation (TIP get a days rail card if you are in London, it covers underground & main line within the inner london area GBP5.90

 .. DONT be fooled by "breakfast only 2.99"(e.g; Upper crust) at some station kiosks..best deals are usually at cafes near the coach station or if going to footy, near the stadium..look for the side-street "greasy joes" -type, not for your "yuppie" but usually good value)(TIP, if you want to use "left luggage" so as NOT to carry your overnight bag with you, the lock ups are best value at the coach stations; "only" GBP 3.50 compared with 6.50 at mainline sta.!)I bought a newspaper (a rare event for me , but at least the sunday mail has a weekend magazine or 2 to give you a full days reading for "in between") ..so, by the time I had got my cash, train ticket, had breakfast, a coffee, and a paper I am off in the direction of "Totting-ham" (Tottenham) where LIVERPOOL FC would see out this "interesting" season…(KO 15 h) …its only 9h…but…ONCE again, good that I left early because again. they are playing games with the underground system, and contrary to advice from "LU stewards" I managed to get to "white hart lane"(WHL) by distrct line to S. Kensington; Piccadilly line to Finsbury pk; Victoria line to Seven sisters (where its possible to walk to the stadium) then mainline to WHL, turn right & right again, and there I am at the away end (Park Lane ) ..and theres a little cafe on the right , so I had a roll & tea for about 2 quid. and ignored the stares of locals surprised to see a RED alone in "their cafe"

…I thought back to the "good old days" of RED domination and how the locals then woudl have certainly picked a fight with me…it seems like things have improved, but along with the "aggro" the passion has also been lost, its a game where plastic fans, wannabees ; "yuppies" & women of suitable income can afford to go…its not really a "peoples game" as in the days of my "mentor" Shanks…he’d have a fit if he saw the stuff of today…and I drift back to my last visits here to prove my point…(memories)I was at a UEFA cup semi when their Martin chivers scored to make it 2-1 to them in London, but our 1-0 at Anfield meant that we were through (oh but for JAR "og" last week v chelski could have been the same, another euro-final) ..and vividly remember standing on the side next to spurs fans and Bobby Graham ( a GREAT scottish player, who scored a fantastic goal at Everton in 69 when we won 0-3 the first ever footy match in colour on BBC tv) scoring the 2nd in (i think) 0-2 win @ spurs …and a lad shouting to him, as he went off  .."see you in the ale house tonight Bobby-lad" // oh how times have changed , you have to be a Yuppie to meet most of todays players later on at one of the exclusive clubs or restaurants

 …mind you, I am now (once again) a "man of the people" (that means I also poor <smile>) …I went down to "the park" and had a bit of "banter" with the bar man, before it filled up with an equal amount of locals and travelling REDS …watched more rubbish pundits on sky tv sunday programme, manc & cockney fans the lot…refuse to accept the inevitable that (as long as we maintain Rafa and support the REDS, and tell the yanks to keep out of his way) LIVERPOOL FC are back amongst the elite…I also watched an ex-LFC player Barmby help HULL win @ watford – so …enjoyed a few bevvies (which severely dented my budget at london prices) talked to a taffy who was already "there" …still too many fans affected by mainstream media/pundit opinion

…anywaywent looking for a match programme (difficult) then bumped into Marc D, with "istanbul-tickie Mike" and paid for my entrance (I had invited Marc for an "end of season pint" but his "clique" has a problem they carry around with them its called "Nico" and hes scared of me…why, I ask? <smile>)…after a slow start the "travelling KOP" gets started with the "Torres bounce song" (Liverpools n. 9) its great to have a real class player, so young and who "fits" …OUR KID (El Nino) Fernando Torres is almost a legend in his first season,….we didnt play that well, but came out stronger with the team attacking the (portable) KOP-END…the out-of -favour VORONIN scored the first (and those fans who forget how good he was early on in the season shut up moaning for a while ) ..then for the 2nd time in the game OUR KID gets the ball on the edge of the Pen area

…stops, then he murders Woodgate for pace before tapping the ball, like a golfers putting stroke into the net, we GO WILD, and we are singing the "bounce" again.(much toi the annoyance of the spurs stewards, who take about 20 minuties to get us to sit down, before we jump up to "bounce" again <smile>)..this year I have been very lucky I havent seen a defeat , mind you we only lost 4 league games all season, scored the most goals of any PL club in all competitions and 33 GOALS form OUR KID!!!!!…its probably will be harder for him next season…but with a stronger squad and with Babel, Lucas, Skrtel with an extra seasons experience , Dagger back PLEASE! ..(Pepe gets the "golden glove" for being the best goalkeeper too!)….we already (with the reserves winning the national league too!) have strength in depth enough to challenge ON all FRONTS…IF we had beaten Man U TWICE instead of the reverse (due to our own fault & bad referee rather than their "talent") WE would have WON the league…thats how close we are…)So I walked back to "seven sisters" underground and reversed the journey

 …back to victoria giving a manc fan (gloating that they had won the Pl and are going to Moscow next week) the FIVE!! (CL wins) …which shut him up! …and travelling with some depressed spurs fans…apart form woodgate dont see much about them to be happy about..though…(TIP if you want to buy any items difficult to find outsite of GB, theres a Sainsbury shop open 7 days a week at Victoria sta.!, I only spent a fiver there..then after picking up my bag and changing back into my shorts (its been around 30degrees all w/end) parked myself by a nearby pub opposite the coach station, I saw our (fussy) driver from the night before and said " can I get on"

…no, he said "Iam not ready"..anyway I get on first, and found a good "spec" and later it filled up (all with sun tans <smile>) and a lad from Ghana living in London sat next to me, and he told me hes going back to Amsterdam to visit his family living where he lived for about 10 years too, and we compared the cities, talekd about music footy (LIVERPOOL, and that he had missed a trial at Ajax…now he sort of follows chelski, never mind…) he seemed a sound lad ("TT") plays in the band "Exile" (my space?) and dont like air travel..I told him about Filip planning to drive a 2cv to Ghana, he thought that was fantastic…so "Fussy" repeated all the "dont do this, or I will do that" propaganda (he should work for the bizzies)… again…BUT, the (aggressive and ignorant ) overnight french police gave a us a real hard time in FOLKSTONE (this time back via Chunnel-train) …and one poor woman had FIVE bags turned out by them and the driver tried to blame HER for missing our "slot" …I told him to calm down..its the exagerated SYSTEM is to blame, and I joked with TT & naeme about high-jacking the bus,

..one of the STUPID aspects is that I left a bottle on the coach – it could have contained abough liquid explosive to destroy the tunnel..but its wasnt checked…its typical..these political agents just wanted somethign to justify being "on the job" all night …why we need so many police?…because there are "terrorists" ..yet its clear that IF there are REAL "terrorists" we would all be dead by now, because its easy to fool the stupid "political agents"…no airports do it so that people spend more time buying things to keep commercial income for the shops etc, and for "jobs"

 …the ports pick on (mostly black) budget travellers , because we have no "lobby" and most wont complain about being trated as animals. as they are scared of the officials …so we are 2/3 hrs late , missing my planned train from Antwerp to Rotterdam (and missing sleep) so I stay on until Utrecht (getting a little sleep) and saving some money as "fussy" didnt ask me for any more money,,,as I bought an NS ticket for my return to Breda at only e13.50 with bus ticket back to Baarle (3e) it was cheaper than a one-way tick of 17e from Antw. to Rott

…so something good came out of this delay.. I left messages for the team at Rotterdam, as I wanted to play footy again – as I hadnt since the "Nico incident" in December …no training apartt from biking, (& some long walks) but its isnt the same..so Thanks to Marcel (?!) …Juurian, and the lads..I vaguely remember some names; Henk, Paul; Jan; Ed, Steven (excuse me forgetting other names)..(friendly people .hoping to repeat the chances and to get you guys along for the "EuRED" international challenge tournament"

August 22/24 here in Z! (apparently one of there players is living at a nearby belgian town, so we could share travel next season ..insha’allah? <smile>) to play at the SPARTA facilities is nice.I had to leave early, (because buses here stop early on holidays) but got 3 games "run out" …my muscles, reactions & "skill factor" will take a while to get back to near form..but it was an enjoyable day, although the 30 degress made me a bit dizzy (BIG thanks to Marleen for being a nice taxi from Rott. centraal & back after the games, so I got back in time!!!) I am SO glad I didnt go straight home form Rott. after the last"overnight bus"

….Later after collapsing at home for a late siesta , and a bite to eat…had a beer or 2 next door with Filip & Linda, nice invite next thursday and saturday….its the end of a season, of expectation, Fun, passion, sorrow and featuring "OUR KID" , tours to Marseille(!), Porto, Istanbul ; Milan (!!) London Newcastle & LP (of course) but as they said at the END of the film "Casablanca"…this could be the START of a wonderful friendhip".

……life(end..or is it…my book seems to take a lifetime to complete (*thats irony for you!) , <smile>) every time i get close to editing its completion another chapter begins

….the stalking helicopters, delays & lost messages in my sms & emails, controls on every journey that I book via the net..and I just watched a film…"the girl in the cafe" reminding me AGAIN why my last 12 years have been in conflict during an attempt to challenge those around me, open peoples eyes to the dangers to our planet, to the 30,000 kids that die of starvation EVERY DAY, to the injustice to poor people everywhere, caused by most of the people reading this just caring about themselves and much they can buy

…..kisses & hugs everyone….EAT less, USE less, BUY less & GIVE more to those worse off than you whatever location, nationality, race, colour, creed, status, religion or age..and all you do, is just shrug your shoulders and say "its not my problem" or "i cant do anything about it" …but everyONE could stop this…IF you told your government "I wont pay ANY MORE taxes until YOU stop this abuse of humanity" (and they could immeditately by re-distribution of resources, I’ll show them if they pretent they cant!..but radical action is needed, NOW, but "they" prefer [political compromises and drawn out conferences that solve nothing, but ensure they all stay in THEIR jobs…)

..n.b. the USA/EU could save 20,000 children a day by transferring 20% of its military/police budget (thats the money they spend on keeping you and I under "N.W.O police control") ..to feed "third world economies" "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." add:- and below is a letter to my (estranged) children…U dont need to read it of course.. To

Noela c/o Margit Streifeneder49, St Lawrence RoadClontarfDUBLIN Eire (Ireland)Leonc/o Annika HartmannWeberStr 29, D79232 March-BuchheimDuitslandZ25/2 dated 14th May 2008 cc: E/B.pritt, Wortel

Dear Noela/Leon
I am writing the same letter to you as I am to Leon/Noela
– Firstly, to remind you that I AM your natural father, If there is any confusion about this, I can only say that I have ALWAYS since being involved in your birth felt you are MY child, and NOTHING anyone else can do can EVER change that feeling. It is surely probable that YOU wont understand this letter, had the agreement between your mother and I continued you would now speak 2 or 3 languages Perfectly, your first language would be "world english" which I would have helped to develop in order to give you a great ADVANTAGE in the World that you one day must face alone.Therefore, whilst writing I also realise that you may NEVER get to see this and many other cards letters & presents that I (& others who know of this situation) have sent you since we have been seperated, so I have copied this letter to a legal office to ensure that whatever happens to me, ONE day, even after my death, you will get it, and maybe investigate more about me. As far as I am concerned you were ABDUCTED against my will, however it is not my intent to discuss the arguements that no doubt you are given by your mother, I just wanted you to KNOW me before I die as I reach another birthday. I have a permanent residence in the Flemish countryside, and would LOVE for you to visit me. Apart from the FACTS that (a) according to the Hague convention for children it is YOUR RIGHT to know both of your natural parents on an EQUAL basis (that means without prejudice or discrimination from one side) and (b) according to the United Nations Universal declaration of Human rights (1948) and the European Council of Europe (ECHR) convention for the protection of human rights & fundemental freedoms, I have EQUAL right (as your mother) to "family life" that means I should not be excluded from knowing you, whatever the "local law" or your mother says; I should KNOW you, be informed of your activities, have pictures and have influence, at least and should have EQUAL access to you!The arguements can go on until I die, thats for sure, and I have explored many ways to get your rights and my rights established, but I also know until your MOTHER acts fairly, she can continually avoid contact, by her influence on you (which is not even seen as "strange" because by simply excluding ME, you cant compare US,so, by fair or foul means, she "wins" YOU! It may be that she has to face some punishment or penalty in the future for this, I have often offered "amnesty" to her but she stated clearly that she intends to keep you "for herself" as If you are a possession! You are a child and UNTIL you are mature enough you are OUR responsibility. Your mother may claim that I didnt support her financially. I always provided for YOU, when we had fair sharing of custody; I fed you, clothed you, played games & showed you what I could in the restricted time. I always wanted to pass my experiences and know-how to you, as so many other people have benefited from my talents it is another pity that you are excluded from this also.IF, as it may be, that we never meet again, I hope the spirit I have stays in you and you are not defeated by the negatives around you and people who may try to bring you down, especially if you are known to be my child, as some people are very jealous of me and of that. I have done my best to help other children, young people, and disadvantaged persons that I have met in the last 13 years and I shall soon make a finbal decision about my own life, which affects you. Get to know your brother/sister please, you are "blood family" even if your mother objects. It is YOUR BIRTH right too, and maybe you will need each other in a World that could be difficult. I have done as much as I can to improve the World you live in, but I am not a GOD. Be sure that whatever anyone says about me, my INTENT has ALWAYS been positive for you and the planet you live on.your father

I shall love you always
Daddy xxxxxxplease send any written reply/correspondence to
EuRED/ (EdAgN)-Direct Action group Network
Postbus #1 Bist 129, B2180 Antwerp-EkereNBe.


Onderwerp: GCafe80517 PARTY 23 May
RE: EuRED80515 BH LIB 80514 august 22/24 08 INVITATION Datum: 17 May 2008 12:20

ChriS>I am having a "warm up" party for the locals – to get them used to our style of party-ing, Friday 23rd – with BBQ at the house next door to the "host" bar <smile> you are welcome! R.S.V.P by 21 May

 Subject: EuRED80515 BH LIB 80514 august 22/24 08 INVITATION>
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 07:10:03 -0400> >
INVITATION FRIENDLY EuRED "alternative champions League/cup winners cup"
> friendly FOOTY > 22-24 August 2008 ;;;i n the FLEMISH countryside:

HJC Cup Winners! join the> "Europeqn Cupwinners Cup ::(alternative to champions league) :: challenge> ROBY FC> > Date: Tue,

 Hiya, last summer I was with the hosts ALSIN (dutch LFC fans) but played> for a Lunatics team; Marco the ex-)chairman of ALSIN supported my idea to> continue this tradition in my home town (village) at a very interesting> place with a strange name (Zondereigen) near the equally strange place of> Baarle (which a belgian enclave on the dutch border ) which has 2 names> Baarle-Hertog (Be.) & Baarle nassau (NL) ::: enough of the "tourist info"> .; > > our local cafe owner (Gunter Potters of Schuttershof) has kindly offered to> host the ROBY FC team from LIVERPOOL at the rear of his cafe ..FC> Zondereigen to provide footy facilities . AND organise a visit to the> brewery (some of the best beers in the world are made here; and the local> pils costs only 1 euros a glass, so U might have trouble getting the lads> to play footy, or go home…) > > we plan this .. Friday 22 august – arrival and welcome party…Saturday> visit brewery & footy… <smile>sunday morning brunch with locals sunday> afternoon/evening departure the other teams invited – > >

ROBY FC – Liverpool fans (winners of Hillsborough Justice campaign cup 10th> May)- Celtic fan club (keeps the traditional LFC-Celticfriendship with the> Bhoys going) a team based at Rotterdam – the defending champs from last> season- the local village team – British United ; Brussels > >

we will have a BBQ after the footy & a disco at the local cafe saturday> night… we can host a limited number of guests; WAGS etc.> > .(the girls are up for it if you bring lasses to play a friendly here) I> take it Kenny from HJC will come and maybe Craig who is working in NL at> the moment you to organise your own travel > > –

we are situated within about an hour from brussels/charleroi/schipol or> eindhoven airports (possible easyjet or ryan air deals?°if you bring your> own coach/bus or cars from LP then we are only 2 hours by road from calais> PLEASE let me know if you agree a.s.a.p the local people are really> friendly but excited to know if you are coming so they can reserve places> for you etc.. any other questions you can email me   YNWA/J4t96

ChriS SMITHEuRED> "Crazies" (overseas LIVERPOOL supporters)B2387 Zondereigen 25/2> >



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