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ChriS-tor-Y =Book2 “CULTure 08” Chapter 5 (B)Tears (Noela)

ChriS-tor-Y =Book2 "CULTure 08" Chapter 5 (a) WIN-Tears and a "Merry ChriSmitH"..?

The following should not need "explanation"…I hope…If U have read previous "chapters" U will know that Noela was VIOLENTLY taken from me after an AMBUSH in 2004 outside our home in the French Alsace village of Geiswasser, organised by her german mother (marGIT) who I tracked down eventually to Dublin…

Onderwerp: ACTION NOW for worldCHILD  :  m49 81202 ChriS-jz(ref MarGIT/NOela) REPORT :
 (m49 81002 OPEN letter concerning my CHILD ;  NOELA)
Datum: 02 December 2008 11:12

CS>ACT NOW..please!


"Garda Station"
Clontarf Road,
Dublin 3,

Ireland – IERLAND

dated 2 December 08



It was the 7th BIRTHDAY of my little girl (NOELA) on 28th November, There has been no response from the mother to requests, for contact, or for SIMPLE  information about Noelas well-being, education or anything else. The german mother (MarGIT Streifeneder) abducted Noela in May 2004 & has tried to hide Noela away from me with unknown people in DUBLIN! Letters, emails & phone calls to her (and the local police) are blatantly IGNORED, The Garda have FAILED to explain why she is allowed to continue VIOLATION of my childs rights to contact with both her parents and EXCLUSION of me from my daughters life!

My witness Josee DUIKER and I travelled to Clontarf (Dublin) on thursday (27.11.08) and waited outside Friday morning (28.11.08) in freezing weather parked in front of the address where we understand my daughter to be living…we were there in a rental car @ circa 07.30hrs…at 08.30hrs we saw Margit & Noela come out the door, at the same time a TAXI arrived and it seemed to be waiting for them. My INTENTION was to give a bag of BIRTHDAY presents to my little girl who I had not seen or talked to (apart from a few seconds) in the last FOUR YEARS!…

As the taxi was there, we realised there would only be a chance for a few seconds contact during  a few metres between the front gate of the house and the taxi parked a few metres away. In order to "soften" the contact J. Duiker (a dutch female who speaks very good english) proposed a "woman to woman" contact and started to talk softly with Margit, explaining that I ONLY wanted to give MY daughter her birthday presents and there was NO danger. Margit reacted VIOLENTLY (as she did at the time she abducted Noela from our home)

Margit KICKED OUT, and I was several metres behind I just tried to speak softly direct to Noela and offered her the bag of BIRTHDAY presents, then Margit kicked out at me, and missed, instead kicking the bag of presents so they went out on the street. A young pedestrian walking past attacke me, thinking (as is "typical" ) that Margit needed "protection" , I pushed him away and told him to back off, as "this is my daughter" he quickly left the scene -as two Garda  officers (Mr. Clark & a female) arrived, they must have also been parked in the street, ("ordered" by Margit?) watching the situation.

Both officers were young, the female officer (who did not give her name!) was very aggressive, abrasive unsympathetic and beligerent the whole time, the male (Clark) was mostly reasonable. However, afterwards we asked if they had children, they didnt, so had obviously NO idea what damage is being done, by these violations of NOELA’s rights to have contact with me. A little girl seeing her birthday presents strewn over the street and her distraut Daddy treated like a "terrorist" held back by police is the RESULT of a PERVERSE society.

Following the above "incident" at 49 StLaurence Road, Clontarf, DUBLIN on 28th November 08 , I DEMAND an answer …to explain


please answer these questions;

+ WHY did YOU ignore my SECOND "open letter" -TWO MONTHS AGO asking for your help (or clarification) concerning my daughter Noela, your duty is to help AL L people, and IF you had responded fairly then YOU could have AVOIDED this ugly situation, which HURTS MY CHILD!

+ WHY EXACTLY did your officers OBSTRUCT my contact with MY DAUGHTER? – what "law" did I break?

+ WHY did they accept that Margit has some sort of court "order" against my contact BUT were unable to tell me any details of such "order"

+ HOW is it possible for "justice" to be done IF Margit can get an "order" , without MY involvement (I was not informed of any court procedure or process that excludes me, although my correspondence address is known!) ??

+ WHY have you not sent me this "order" (I asked for this ONE YEAR AGO, when I first came to Dublin and was asked by you NOT to approach the residence AT THAT TIME) – my REASONABLE behaviour is PUNISHED by continual exclusion! – IS THERE an "order" at all? if so how or where can I get a copy of it?

I have encountered considerable damages & costs, not least the time of J.DUIKER & myself coming travelling to DUBLIN, (as you didnt reply to my correspondence) we were on a POSITIVE MISSION – bringing SPECIAL presents from the NETHERLANDS & LIVERPOOL (we travelled via Liverpool to Dublin) accomodation & car hire, but the emotional damage is beyond identification, to NOELA and myself, and YOU are ENFORCING THE VIOLATION of a CHILD BY HER MOTHER!

The "law" now is MORE BIASED than ever…SERVING the parent in "possession" (usually female) , even if it is as a result of AMBUSH & ABDUCTION. The "law" today has NO relation to "JUSTICE" and the political "laws" of nations are the BIGGEST CAUSE OF "TERRORISM" because you show that people (who are without money or political corruption to BUY it) will NEVER be treated FAIRly.

The mother will tell you, that even though I know the weakness & corruption of the SYSTEM" I am prepared to FIGHT on ALL FRONTS for my child, and risk arrest or worse because I love & AM RESPONSIBLE for my child – IF ALL parents CARED enough to confront what is WRONG then people like me would not need to be "activists" . YOU are wearing the UNIFORM of hypocrisy, and I DEMAND answers, and any REASON why I should not bring YOU to international justice?

ChriS SMITH ( ANOTHER estranged Daddy & father of 2 ABDUCTED children)
Euro. DIRECT ACTION (Grass Routes) Network
Postbus #1
Bist 129
B210 Antwerp – EKEREN (Belgie)
email: eured@live.com  or  111-legal_edagn@chrismith.eu  oredagn@eured-san.net

p.s. I invite Friends or anyone who cares about CHILDREN or JUSTICE – write a letter to SGT SEXTON or Margit asking for an EXPLANATION >?????

skype: chrismith.csema

From: eured@live.com (now eured@live.nl after it was "virus bombed")

Subject: m49 81002 OPEN letter concerning my CHILD ;  NOELA

Zwolle (Netherlands) 2nd october 08



"Garda Station"
Clontarf Road,
Dublin 3,
Ireland – IERLAND


ref : NOELA (Streifeneder )- SMITH

(49 Saint Lawrence Road, Clontarf, DUBLIN 3, Ireland )

 I did not get any reaction from my letter to Margit STREIFENEDER of December 17th 2007, (copy enclosed) or from yourself. However, YESTERday (1st October 08) I took a chance (as I have done several times) and phoned the telephone number in Clontarf and THIS TIME, rather than have the phone cut off by her mother, my DAUGHTER NOELA answered. This was the rough content of that conversation:-

 Noela> Hello

ChriS> Hello is that Noela?

N> Yes

C> this is Daddy, how are you

N> I am fine

C> what did you do today?

N> I went to school

C> What did you do at school?

N> I saw a fire engine

C> Thats nice, do you like school?

N> Yes

C> Noela, would you like to meet Daddy, shall I visit you?

N> Yes

C> Do you know I love you?

N> I love you too!

C> I am VERY happy to know that, please ask mummy to contact me about meeting


C> ok bye bye for now

N> bye bye

Sgt SEXTON -> I enclose a copy of my previous letter to Margit & I gave you a copy of the letter concerning my ATTEMPTED visit on 16th December 2007 in Clontarf, DUBLIN, which GARDA obstructed. and gave YOU a copy of the correspondence with EU Parliament – petitions – chairman ( ref:no.0290/2007) which proved I have a complaint being considered (with other parents) against the actions of german officials & officers who failed to deal with the violent abduction of my daughter from OUR home in Alsace (France) in 2004.

I have NOT made Margits action PUBLIC in Dublin, for the sake of Noela, and despite Margit claiming that I will NEVER see Noela again, I remind her, you and any other official that it is NOELAs right as much as my own to have EQUAL access to BOTH parents. THEREFORE I am making plans to visit DUBLIN and ask that neither YOU nor any other official OBSTRUCTS this meeting between MY daughter and myself. IF you care to help NOELA PLEASE reply to my WITNESS : Josee DUIKER; MerelStraat 49, 8011 bw Zwolle, Netherlands (email : 8011bw49@live.nl ) – who is prepared to ACCOMPANY me to protect MY & NOELA s rights or email myself ; worldchild@chrismith.eu or via EuRED@live.com )


ChriS. R. SMITH F. Inst D
An estranged parent of 2 beloved children
cc: EuRED – EdAgN ; Euro. Direct Action GRoutes Network

("creative development; ecology & justice for all")

Postbus #1 , Bist 129
B2180 Ekeren-Antwerpen, Be.
email ; EuRED@live.com

  a poem for Noela 1st October 2008

for a minute or two on the phone I heard your voice
first time in 4 years – i wanted to rejoice
but my heart is too heavy because i dont know you
i told you i love you, but i want to show you

how can anyone understand how i feel?
i am your daddy, i wish it was real
to hug you, and kiss your face
but i dont know how you look, or anything of your place

you said "I love you too" and almost broke me apart
and that you want to see me too, we could make a new start
your mummy told me I will never see you again
but I will come to you through storm wind or rain..

I love YOU

your Daddy ChriS XXXXX


The last photos of Noelas when we had such a happy time at "CelTville"


Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2007 11:11:49 +0100

Edagn-CSvee-71217- Noela-open letter

Liverpool 17th December 2007 without Prejudice

AN open letter to MarGIT (streifeneder)
49 Saint Lawrence Road, Clontarf, DUBLIN 3, Ireland

cc: Sg. SEXTON ; "Garda Station" Clontarf Road, Clontarf, Dublin 3, Ireland

cc: EU Parliament – petitions – chairman ( ref:no.0290/2007)
cc: ECHR, Stasbourg (ref; 323590/05 )


AN OPEN LETTER concerning NOELA (born 28 November 2001)

Firstly,YOU know that you have (again) LIED to the "Garda" officers – & you know that even the biased & incompetent Freiburg "judge" Prestel told you that you must allow access between Noela and myself! – (but you have ignored or avoided all communications. Email, post or phone calls ; either direct of via my legal repersentatives & human(child) rights Orgs.


I am VERY interested to see the documents you used to FOOL the Garda officers to keep Noela from me on the 16th December 2007 in Clontarf, DUBLIN. Obviously it now seems a mistake by me to co-operate with them, as they, like others, have "protected" your personal desires. (to keep Noela as your 100% "property") which obviously damages Noela.

It was a case of "hope over experience" by me, & apart from the "legal/human rights" aspects you have proven once again, NOT to be a worthy parent – not only because your "paperwork" is based on PREJUDICED german "law" but because you are so Jealous, bitter & selfish that you PREFER to hurt me and in so doing deny Noela a reunion with me at this xmas time, & as you know, on the same day as my deceased son (Adam) birthday. You again show your cruel mentality. (of course you hide this with "sweet & polite pretence" again when confronted by the authorities, such as in Clontarf on the 16th December 07)


I have given Mr. Sexton (Garda; Clontarf) a copy of the EU petition, who inform me that they WILL investigate my claims and I am now also informed by a dutch lawyer that the E.C.H.R (human rights court Strasbourg) WILL hold a hearing in 08 concerning the various german violations of my childrens rights (inc; those you done to Noela) ;and those violations against my person (family rights etc). & The International abduction office (London) has not yet answered.

Whilst you seem to be very sure that you can escape justice and these procedures are primarily made against german govt. Officials (judges, attorneys; police & youth/social workers etc) – should the plaints be succesful, it will be relatively easy to proceed against you; in BOTH the civil and criminal courts ; (all actions will be "joint & several) resulting in bankruptcy ; for you; your accomplices and your family…(as sooner or later a FAIR & IMPARTIAL process WILL result in the TRUTH being known; finally freeing me from stigma and punishing you ; something you RICHLY deserve!)

Moreover; In the meantime I could "Go Public" with the neighbourhood & media in Dublin (mainstream or alternative) with regards to your abduction of Noela & "S & M practices"…(I have not continued any such publicity on the internet, by the way, as the website is temporarily "offline")

& of course you RISK to LOSE contact with Noela IF I get full custody – after this latest situation and the cost & stress it causes me I am losing all reasons to be sympathetic to you!

I have NOT copied your "abduction tactics" as I believe it IS important that NOELA has BOTH (natural) parents/guardians in her life. I will NOT proceed with PUBLIC exposure of YOUR TERRIBLE CRIMES because probable imprisonment would hurt MY daughter ; Noela!

Therefore, I offer you ONE LAST CHANCE ; to be reasonable ; to bring Noela & I back into (positive) contact on a regular basis; to retract your lies; for Noela s sake if not your mine …or your own!


ChriS. R. SMITH F. Inst D
An estranged parent of 2 beloved children
and as European C-ordinator
EuRED – EdAgN ; Euro. Direct Action Group Network

("creative development; ecology & justice for all")

B2180 Ekeren-Antwerpen, Be.
email ; EuRED@live.com (now edagn@eured-san.net)


more "mundane complaints"……..

atum: 03 December 2008 12:30

to legal; inform media of complaint v Budget?

> From: cs@chrismith.eu
> To: cs1@budget.ie; pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> CC: eured@live.com
> Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2008 05:41:07 -0500
> Subject: RE: FW: COMPLAINT m49-81130budget-rental=yr ref (Dublin Airport) 71002699-001-9535
> Without Prejudice
> CS>Dear Emma,
> your salesman told me the cost would be E39 (against e66 by Hertz) + 15
> euros agreed for insurance, "just sign here" the extras will be refunded
> when the car is returned full,
> the fuel guage was full…e92 is NOT ACCEPTABLE,
> IF you are NOT prepared to refund anything the WHOLE BILL WILL BE REJECTED
> –
> sincerely
> C.R. SMITH F.inst D
> Original Message:
> —————–
> From: Budget Ireland Customer Service cs1@budget.ie
> Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2008 15:46:58 -0000
> To: pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> Subject: FW: COMPLAINT m49-81130budget-rental=yr ref (Dublin Airport)
> 71002699-001-9535
> Dear Christopher,
> In regards to your recent email, I have been checking your file in relation
> to your recent car hire. Your quoted rate for one days hire was €22.00
> including Vat and Third Party Insurance.
> Upon arrival you were charged:
> Airport SurchargeRoad Fund €25.00€1.13 including VAT.
> Theft Protection Waiver (TPW) €11.35 including VAT 
> Excess Waiver Insurance (EXW) €17.03 including VAT
> Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) €6.00
> Fuel Deposit €84.50
> Total charges on pickup €167.01
> Less Fuel Refund €75.00
> Total overall charges €92.01
> Unfortunately I am unable to authorise any additional refund other that the
> remaining fuel charge of €9.50 and the Road Fund of €1.13, total amount
> €10.63
> The extra insurances that you signed for are voluntary insurances, once
> these insurances are signed for, they are accepted and therefore become
> non-refundable.
> I have spoken to management regarding your complaint about the desk staff
> and I can assure you that this issue is been addressed.
> Regards
> Emma Curley
> Budget Car Rental Ireland
> Tel: +353 (0) 90 6627711
> Fax: +353 (0) 90 6628046
> Email: cs1@budget.ie
> Address: Athlone Road, Roscommon, Ireland
> http://www.budget.ie …celebrating 50 years of low cost car rental
> —–Original Message—–
> From: pr1vate@chrismith.eu [mailto:pr1vate@chrismith.eu]
> Sent: 30 November 2008 14:56
> To: info@budget.ie
> Cc: 111-edagn@chrismith.eu
> Subject: COMPLAINT m49-81130budget-rental=yr ref (Dublin Airport)
> 71002699-001-9535
> to:info@budget.ie
> Budget Rental
> Athlone Rd
> Ierland
> yr ref (Dublin Airport) 71002699-001-9535
> tel (01) 8445150
>                                   COMPLAINT                               
> Without Prejudice
> To whom it may concern
> I returned the vehicle mentioned; 06D68950  (BG1969) to your Dublin office
> (2) at the airport on friday 28th November 08, & was handed the papers,
> before my partner & I wen tto departures to catch a flight to Eindhoven.
> The previous evening, we made a spontaneous decision at the  airport
> (arrivals) to rent a car, for economy, as we only planned to be in Dublin
> for less than 24 hrs. We asked @ Hertz & their offer was e66 (inclusive for
> 24hrs) ,next door was your office & your salesmen called to us as we passed
> offering us a saving ; "only 39 euros" …(to return @ 14h friday)
> Then we agreed to pay extra e15 for insurance, that was ALL!
> It was understood these costs were inclusive of all taxes & extras… the
> extra costs for fuel would be repaid on return. thus we expected a FINAL
> cost of ONLY 54 euros!
> however;
> your invoice includes;
>  "TPW" = e10
> "V.A.T" = e6
> "3rd PTYINS" = e3.52
> "PAI" = e6
> you have only credited e75 (although the fuel guage showed "full" on return
> tot he airport)
> I had no time to check your calculations at the time, but inform you that I
> shall inform Mastercard to reject your debit,
> please bill me the limit of euros 54! – and please inform your salesmen to
> be HONEST about costs in future, if I dont get compensated/apology my
> complaint may reach the media & european consumer associations.
> sincerely
> C.R. SMITH F.inst D.
> MerelStraat 49
> 8011 BW Zwolle
> Netherlands
> cc: Euro. Direct Action (GR) Network
> Postbus #1, Bist 129,
> B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN, Belgie.   email 111-edagn@chrismith.eu


Onderwerp: FW: "STand UP 4 (Football) JUSTICE"…European/Global Grass ROUTES network
Datum: 12 December 2008 14:04

ChriS>Marco, I cant connect to RAWK, would U care to post it there…?
(probably on the sos or hjc threads ..or make a new thread if U agree…?>

From: ChriS@eured
 Subject: "STand UP 4 (Football) JUSTICE"…European/Global Grass ROUTES network>
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2008 04:34:16 -0500> > "

STand UP 4 (Football) JUSTICE"…European/Global Grass ROUTES network> > REDS…..real Supporters of LIVERPOOL fc teams over the years have been> innovators, of witty chants & spontaneous songs, & NEVER Surrender> "die-hard" SUPPORT , arguably born of celtic influence in LIVERPOOL &> promoted across EUROPE and the Global World of football…and> ………..media/politics.> >

The approach of the 20th anniversary of the HILLSBOROUGH disaster is> unfortunately marked by a LACK of "grass roots" Justice, the plight of> MICHAEL SHIELDS is NOT a one-off example of a bogus legal system but just> another (sad) example that is TYPICAL of problems EVERYWHERE inside or> outsode of the so-called "DEMOCRATIC legal / political system" (be in no> doubt that legal procedures are influenced or controlled by politics)> >

OUR OWN experience of the lack of Justice, is terrible , but it is not> isolated , and since "9/11" the excuse or smokescreen of "necessary> anti-terrorist security measures" have eroded the already FRAGILE existence> of individual protection by human rights articles (UN:1948) originally won> by a generation that gave their lives in WW2, a form of commercial facism> has emerged to further enforce the property of the the elite, the rich &> their political lobby. WE ARE CURRENTLY "celebrating" the 60th anniversary> of the UDHR (universal declaration of human rights) anyone notice?…(maybe> on the other side of the universe, but not in THIS World!)> >

We have seen how "casually" UEFA PUNISH OUR club’s supporters, in their> "corporate-bias" decisions ,whether its concerning ticketing for finals, or> the recent FIASCO concerning our Champions league tie @ A. MADrid. I am> informed by MARSEILLES supporters club recently that one of their members> has spent a month so far "on remand" without trial for simply holding on to> their banner at MADrid, (fans claim to have video evidence shows a POLICE> BATON charge, indiscrimately injuring several fans, to remove a banner> because it had the "jolly roger" on it!) – a full report has been posted on> http://www.redandwhitekop.net (forum) Utube & the Marseilles (official fans club)> website.

These are examples that are KNOWN, there are thousands of unknown> stories which are not captured by video or publicised because they are> surpressed by mainstream media, UEFA, local authorities, corporate> interests or government.> > Can we use the "system" to complain?, almost 20 years after Hillsborough we> should know the answer = NO ! …..in the UK (a so-called "example of> western Democracy" ??) ….? I have spent much of my "free time" in the> last 15 years in volunteer campaigning, and just recently the acclaimed> "European court of human rights" (Strasbourg) decided to DENY a court date> for an appeal TWELVE years after its original apllication!!!! – someone> said "Justice delayed is justice denied"..> >

Whilst governments around the world bail out the rich & the corporates with> Billions of euros, pounds, dollars, jen etc of money belonging to the> ordinary people, (YOU?) …when the casino called the "stock market" fails> , yet when they make someone redundant may tell you its "necessary to> maintain OUR profit" …our own "buddies" Gillet & Hicks have been> exploiters of the human market and are far from the financial saviours that> some fans were fooled into expecting. & Despite the valiant efforts of> "Share LFC/Sons of Shankly" they are still unwanted elements in OUR CLUB,> and mark my words this is OUR club, no matter what it says on paper. OUR> relation with the team & Shanks began the RED revolution and the RED> Revival with Rafa Benitez & some of our RED supporters opposition to the> "sell off" has a similar feel to it, in spite of the corporate vultures.> >

OUR game, which for many of us, is OUR LIFE, is being SOLD out, UEFA &> their "buddies" would love us our clubs to all be on the market & a "ticket> box office" AUDIENCE, they DONT WANT US, they virtually auction off our> places in the stadium, hate our LIVERPOOL family, or any similar SUPPORTERS> groups such as MARSEILLES or those in ISTANBUL like Galatasaray or Besiktas> (yes & I know we arent all angels)…and anyone notice the recent "F**K the> police" banner at a champions league match? at least some people around> Europe are in the mood to stand up!> >

SO, what to do?… I (via the UNofficial network of european based> supporters I represent, as a mere supporter ) call on all of you who are> almost ready to give up and all of you that are ALREADY prepared to STAND> UP, to organise regular "STAND UP 4 (football) JUSTICE" revivals, at as> many games as possible, we may risk ejection or arrest, but isnt it worth> it – > ???? many already STAND, so you should help those "weak ones" <smile> and> IMO – this is not aimed at "appeal to power" to get "them " on our side,> its to GIVE CONFIDENCE to those around us, to know that WE have to take> back our game, our lives and own the CLUBS we love.> >

ChriS> eured@l> >

p.s. please note you may see this repeated on various forums/mailings – if> U get this more than once please note its not "spam" ;)> > > > Original Message:> —————–>

> Subject: M49 81123 ChriS-Carole RE: getting ready for Liverpool.> > >

 ChriS>hiya Carole,> waiting for my mates in LP to confirm if they have tickets for us, we get> into J. Lennon around `18h, if time permits will have a quick bevvy @ the> "Albert" or "Oakfields" ..if we get tickets I will waive in the direction> of yourfans ..maybe U would like to visit us sometime in NL, or I will come> to Mars one day! take care> YNWA> >

Original Message:> —————–> From: carole sebastian fr>
Date: Wed, 19 Nov 2008 22:39:23 +0000 (GMT)> To: chris@eured

Subject: getting ready for Liverpool.> > >

Hi Chris,> We are booked for Liverpool. We travel with our supporters club, they> organize the whole thing: plane leaving Marseille airport early morning+> ticket for the game. As it is going to be our 6th away game this seasonÂ> and according to their policy of the more you go the least you pay, it> only cost me 100€ . we don’t know the full details yet but it will> probably be like the other times: we’ll be arriving in the city around half> ten, which means we’ll be in the pub from eleven on. Then around 6 or 7> o’clock special coaches bring us to Anfield, but after the game it’s back> to the buses and straight to the airport… no wandering around town after> the match.> This year my godmother is coming (she didn’t last year because she had a> broken ankle), I’ll still have the craic but I might have to do a bit of> sightseeing with her… and I’ll have to take it easy on the Es (damn it> … one though, she won’t notice, will she?)> Did you manage to get tickets? Let us know either way.> Chat to you soon- Take it easy.> > Carol-> > > > > ——————————————————————–>


During my brief "stay" with Jz….the town hall…paper – pushers….

Datum: 05 December 2008 14:13

Gemeente Zwolle
PubliekZaken, frontoffice
Antwordnummer 119

Postbus 10007, 8000GA Zwolle

Yr REF U196 – R. Veerman
Our ref : CSvEEZw81205gemeenteZw

I have received a letter dated 25th November from your Burgemeester? (office?) I do not comprehend the dutch language used in your communication, my native language is english (I do speak French, Italian & some german, which helps me understand PARTS of Dutch.)

I am not permanently resident @ MerelStraat 49, Zwolle, I am currently registered @ :

ZonderEigen 25
B2387 Baarle HERTOG

until 2013!

However, the property in ZonderEigen is currently  being re-constructed, therefore I am party visiting/staying at my friends addresses (above) &/or "house-stting" in Merksplas near Baarle Hertog,my activities are charitable (non – profit volunteer) &  I have not & am NOT claiming any Dutch social security or any other facilities from the dutch system at this time. MY correspondence address for any reply is;

EuRED. Direct Action (Grass ROUTES) Network
PostBus #1 , Bist 129,
B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN

email : pr1vate@chrismith.eu
legal communications to:  111-legal_edagn@chrismith.eu or edagn@eured-san.net

Therefore, I return your formular, unused!

C.R. Smith F. Inst D.  5th December 08

and still EASYJET play "pass the parcel – complaint"….

Datum: 30 December 2008 15:32

Dear Mr Smith
Unfortunately I do not work in the Customer Service Department, so am unable to assist with your query.

I have forwarded your message to our Customer Experience Executives, I am sure they will give the matter their prompt attention.
Best regards

Clayre Catlin
Revenue Protection Team – Fraud
easyJet Airline


From: ChriS EuRED [mailto:eured@live.com]
Sent: 27 December 2008 09:37
To: Clayre Catlin; #Revenue Protection Team; info@prestigetraveller.co.uk
Cc: 111-legal_edagn@chrismith.eu; edagn@eured-san.net
Subject: attn c catlin EASYJET OuR Ref s7-81223ezjet-plaint

<mailto:richard.hargate@easyjet.com> clayre.catlin@easyjet.com <mailto:richard.hargate@easyjet.com>
cc: robin <info@liverpoolreizen.nl>
cc: info@prestigetraveller.co.uk

Without Prejudice

23rd December 2008

to      Clayre Catlin <mailto:clayre.catlin@easyJet.com>   EasyJet                                                                                                                                                                              OuR Ref s7-81223ezjet-plaint

(- Complaints/compensation dept.)
Hanger 89

Ref: flight number EZY8872 – booking confirmation : EF1K8NP

Schipol (AM) to London-Gatwick

21st December 08

Passenger Christopher SMITH

 I booked this flight in order to attend a meeting in LONDON in the early afternoon, I left home near the belgian/dutch flemish border FOUR hours before the flight & drove to Schipol to be sure of arriving well in advance of the scheduled Departure.

 I was at the aitport by around 07.20, On arrival there was a notice that the gate (in "H") would open @ 09h. I proceeded to the deaprture area, although I realised there was no actual gate number. I am a regular flyer from Schipoil with EasyJet so I am aware of the methods & conditions of organisation at the "H" terminal area.

 AS 09hrs approached there was no sight of an easyjet aircraft that could be provided for this flight, then at 09 hrs a notice came "flight delayed until 09.55" )  this seemed a rather minor delay so I felt it not necessary to worn the persion I was due to meet  in London. However;

 As 09.55hrs approached a further notice was made "delayed until 10.45hrs"  NOW I have made complaints about such mis-information before, as IT WAS OBVIOUSLY CLEAR at the time the first notice was made that the plane had not left London – thus it was a clear mis-use of the "customer/consumer service advice" system! Although you are an economy airline, you are also obliged to act reasonabvly and NOT give out false information DELIBERATELY.

 Upon exchanging my news with a fellow passenger, he informed me that this problem is frequent on this particular service (Schipol->Gatwick) especially on a sunday morning. We suggest you have an on – going fault in your operations?

 THE PROBLEM was enhanced as the flight only arrived @ around 10.45 hrs , and we took off some 40 minutes later! – causing an ACTUAL DELAY of around TWO HOURS for a flight that should take less than one hour. I WAS TOO LATE FOR MY MEETING There are alternatives (bus, rail & competitive airlines) who may benefit if you do not respond to this complain productively. Having missed my connection in LONDON, I also wasted a "easybus" ticket of GBP 6 & a GBP44 return ticket (via a competitor’s company’s on time service. Furthermore, in my "panic" to try to get to the (eventually aborted) meeting, I must have dropped 2 money notes (GBP 20 & 20 Euros), I wonder if U would care to compensate me, I have not claimed for my lost time (24 hrs @ e25 p/h = e600) which I would be inclinde to do, if I took this to court.

 I await your response with interest.

 ChriS. R. SMITH F.Inst D
Euro. Direct Action GR Network
Postbus#1 , Bist 129
B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN

so, although I missed the game @ Ar*enal …I started organising a trip to Anfield for the "Be Quick Zwolle" lads…

Onderwerp: RE: Libh/S7 81223 RE: LiBh/S7 81219 ChriS-Vincent/Hugo
Datum: 23 December 2008 13:57

ChriS>Vincent, I sent U an sms ?  did u get it, about LP …looks like our BQ w/end willo be to the game v Sunderland..IF U still want to go to the match v Everton monday 19th Jan, we must decide soon, just 2 people could be ok, but cost about 200-250 e uros each inc flight/ticket & overnight…?

From: eured
To: vincentvdheem
Subject: Libh/S7 81223 RE: LiBh/S7 81219 ChriS-Vincent/Hugo
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 13:38:17 +0100

ChriS>thanks,very much  I will look to get a s-bag when in zwolle – somewhere cheap?,…anyway are U & Hugo etc going to the new years EVE party 31.12.08 @ BQ???have a happy "chrismith"

From: vincentvdheem@To: eure
Subject: RE: LiBh/S7 81219 ChriS-VincentDate: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 14:02:34 +0000

Hey, That should be ok, if you can tolerate the mess then it’s fine with me :)I think we’ve got a matras and a pillow somewhere but bring something like a sleepingbag. Vincent,

From: euredTo: vincentvdheem
Subject: LiBh/S7 81219 ChriS-VincentDate: Fri, 19 Dec 2008 14:33:29 +0100

ChriS>hiya Vincent
sorry we didnt have a better "xmas drink" , I spent my LAST night with Josee, who is now my xxxx-girlfriend, and I wanted to ask a favour, as I probably come to Zw for the "mix tourny" 3rd Jan & we shd have training 7th & I coach the kids 8th jan…could I stop over from 3rd until 8th jan without causing U guys too much trouble 😉 ????
all the best,
happy "chrismith" & a great & succesful 09!


Onderwerp: LiBh/s7 GRoutes "special" …so this is "chrismith" & what have YOU done?….
"may the (RED force be with U (report) for EuRED "Grass ROUTES"

Datum: 23 December 2008 13:50

…..a   ferry merry "chrismith" & a happy 08/09 solstice to U (teaMates , enemies & etc)  .an honourable  draw @ the emi-Rites …mAY the RED force be with U!….
………those who consider themselves Celts celebrate the "solstice" and now, (as I write 22/23 dec) is the changing of TIME, the days get longer again..as most celts dates have been stoled by the church…we have "xmas" or what I call "chrismith" <smile> …….I didnt go out saturday (apart from a swift Duvel @ "chapeau" merksplas) …after watching staR Wars…(doumentary) & the classic "Billy Elliot" on dvd …an early night …midnight (the celts new year starts on (Samain) 1st Nov, so by all rights I should have been drunk for the last 53 days…)
05hrs Sunday the 21st Dec, and my internal alarm woke me up…and soon I was on my way through the dark flemish forest where I am staying…(house sitting go to ; http://www.eured-san.net/p1sz.html ……or email eured@live.com  for details)  ……a feeling that this indeed was the darkest day of the year, combined with an expectancy , going back the the city where I started my career @ a 16 years old  "work experience employee" at a wine & spirit shipping-import/export company, then based in eastcheap, near the monument (London EC3)…almost 40 years on…I parked & returned the Hertz rental @ Schipol around 07.15 …wrote post/xmas cards to Di (who had been very kind to me during (JD) "troubles" in Zwolle & to my beloved son LEON (now 12) to tell him how much I wish he was with me now…as The RED force (in the form of ONE went on the missionary work to London-Gatwick via Ezjet)..<smile>
but the evil forces were at work…I was planning to be @ the Drayton Arms (near the Ar*enal stadium) where RAFA’s RED army were to meet for our clash with opponents DESPERATE to get back in the title race at our expense, our own recent habit of drawing games pehaps gave them the chance, but our poor record since the ar*e moved from Highbury was also due to be broken…I went through to the departure area @ schipol…just before the scheduled boarding time of 09h and the "info" stopped – planned boarding was "delayed" , "until 09.55…" hmmmm…only 15 minutes ?…not worth stating?…unless thats the time we board (departure was due @ 09,40) …I got talking to a young man ("ed") who noticed my RED shirt & "born a RED" scarf…approached and told me he is a LFC fan! (although he couldnt remember the last time he had been to a game @ Anfield!) ..another cia spy?.. ,<smile> …then as the "delayed departure time" got close , another "advice" appeared …"delayed until 10.45" ….which was also BS! ….as we saw the plane come down the long runway area to the ez terminal area about 10.50!…we took off circa 11.25h …landing @ about an hour later @ gatwick, & as usual the LONG walk from the "cheap" terminal was about 15 mins, …I saw (young)"ed" waiting for his luggage (who told me he had been made REDUNDANT because of the recent ABN banking fiasco & financial "crisis"…I advised him to start a service similar to my own (non-profit) service to help people make their own ENTERPRISE start-ups..(see the links @ http://www.eured-san.net) …

(TIP)I could have got an (express) train from Gatwicks main terminal @ about GBP 16, but the "easybus" runs from the same terminal as Ez arrive @ , and a bus was waiting – I exchanged "banter" witht he driver, when asked  "are U going to Fulham" , he thought i was "brave" going into "enemy territory" (Chelski live in FULHAM!) …but as Obi one would have said…the (RED) force is with me, I know no such fear! ,<smile>…(and the "ezbus" only cost GBP 6, left straight away, runs every 20 mins & was @ Fulham within the hour! via putney bridge!,,,,I sent an sms to my LP contact who usually would have a "spare" (ticket) for me…I was over 2 hrs late & significantly the bus passed by the "8 bells pub" (a well know pub for REDS in LONDON, although frequented by "cockney – bluesh*te & Fulham fans) – so I decided to "celebrate" solstice ("chrismith") ..@ the pub! …(as London underground tends to close down/have delays on sundays, my 2 hour delay had cost me a real chance of getting to the meeting point on time to meet J) …
(TIP) I heartily RECOMMEND their lamb sunday dinner…a full plate of succulent leg of lamb (and although I am far from being a "patriot" I really havent tasted Lamb anywhere else in the World, that compares to a  well-cooked GOOD british pub or home dinner, with sprouts, baked potatoes, carrots, brocolli , with mint sauce of course,  <smile> for only GBP 6.50 = about e7.at the moment!) I ordered a pint of "T" from saucy Nicole, sat down at a table with "mad mark" (a Fulham fan joined by his polish mate "Merek") and soon got into the "cheer" and I got a call after about the 5th pint (J : "maybe if U come now there might be a chance of another spare" ) …its almost an hour to get to Ar*enal (without delays) & then get to the "away end" and meet J..it was too tight,(and so was I !!!) ,,this time (for the 2nd time in 2 years I had failed in my mission…BUT…here I was almost a LONE RED to spread the RED gospel in the middle of  several blues ("John" seemd to be friendly enough sitting together with another "armchair LFC fan" (Colin) ..the 2 (ugly-pug) dogs "Stevie G & Chelsea", the ar*e fans left, without wanting to exchange any "banter" with me,….Manager Sue (scouser husband Tom was sick) appeared, their daughter being an Ar*e fan we had some enjoyable exchanges..
I hadnt seen a game on Sky since I went to Rotterdam for our win over the Mancs (scum) & before OUR game came on , our ex-capt. Jamie REDnapp & that idiot Andy Gray etc were discussing the coming "event" and commentary on WBA v Man City…enjoyable 2-1 win for West brom against the "new billionaires" …now 3rd from bottom, ha ha ..money solves everything eh?…so I sat closer to the screen at the from of the bar, in front of all the chelski fans wanting us to lose <smile> and a young "citeh" fan working nearby (who was constantly distracted by Nicole ..)  who had professional trials and decided to back the REds with me…(mostly because of his disdain for the cockneys) …I am not a "beer drinker" but the effect of several pints disappeared as the game started, out opponents seemed "pumped up" like it was a CUP final …but we were matching them with fast & furious footy, pinging the ball around until …a ball was hit up to our defence which seemed to catch Carra & dAgger unwares…dutchman van Persie took it well …1-0 to the "gooners"
….the pub went wild (negatively!) …Sue was upstairs, but I believe..the (RED) force is with us,,, <smile>

We hit I high ball forward, the much – maligned Robbie KEANE caught it on the volley, and from outside the penalty area the ball flew into their net – 1-1  ! (note funny , that morning when I tanked up the rental car before returning it to schipol I fille dup @ pump 11 …I had an instant "flash" that 1-1 would be the score…) …now LIVERPOOL were in control, we took the game to them, this time better attacking , not so hectic and more effective, Stevie G blazed over , it COULD have been 1-2 for US @ half-time… in the 2nd half we looked on top, several shots on their goal, not much risk from them, Lucas had a good shot saved well …then for the 2nd time  Adebayor went "over the top" (he was really "pumped up" & dangerous in the early first half) …a RED card, but , unfortunately our team didnt use clever PATIENT football to KEEP the ball and tried too many times to get a "quick forward pass" instead of wearing down the enemy, and cutting them apart with our EXTRA man…all credit to them, (Ar*enal) worked hard (to Keep themselves in the race for the PL) and made it difficult, but we should have been more clinical than allow ourselves to be distracted by the "hectic" atnosphere at the emi-Rates…(Andy Gray & co just confirmed the general idiocy prevalent in footy today, stupid, ignorant opinions showing so little understand of the game they profit from..)
I sat and had a much more "informed" chat with "chelski john" & "colin" (lfc-fan) before taking the tube to Victoria to catch my overnight bus back, somehow, either @ the pub or at Sainsburys victoria shop (open sunday evening!) I had LOST 2 notes (a GBP 20 & 20 euro note!) through a new hole in the pocket of my old Levis…pity the "dark side" still scores sometimes…but I had got my "pressie" for the next few days ; brown "HP sauce" (TIP…use not only @ breakfast but with with various dishes & snacks such as cheese sandwiches) "PG tips tea bags" & 2 x "Cadbury (chocolate) selection boxes"  for the local kids…..I checked in  @ eurolines & an ayrshire driver made me smile as he tried to explain to many african & dutch passengers who "attacked" the bus (destination; "Hamster/Breda")  as it arrived  to "FORM an ORDERLY LINE, please!" ..in a BROAD scottish accent…<smile>..I was the only one who could understand him, (or wanted to?…)
He got us away & on the ferry @ dover early, (no big hassle from the immigration "gestapo" or cia ,<smile> must be on the "xmas cheer" mode?…;-) ……)  but getting to BReda an hour eary didnt help, but made HIM smile..(insurance claim?) …luckily it wasnt as cold in recent weeks, and a french lad made me smile, impatient that he could get a cofffee because the dutch kiosk nor any of the cafes were open @ 06h …i got the (first!) bus to Baarle half an hour later (and its a fair criticism that there are NO waiting rooms or shelters  for Eurolines, nor seating nor toilets at Breda (NS) station…"the poor" travellers are not important here…) ..an EIGHT kms walk to T’cabin , start a fire and I am HERE for my PRIVATE celebration of " Chrismith" Solstice ..I wish U all the best – whatever U may believe…may your Go(o)D go with you , and may the (RED) force be with those who need it…heres to a wonderful RED "08/09" …its the time,…

p.s. btw ….. MAY 25, ” 77 was the first (of FIVE) European cup final)VICTORY for the REDS in Rome launched d LIVERPOOL # ..ON the SAME day……..STAR WARS & (the force) was "Launched" worldwide via  the first film (the most succesful in history), 6 years later also on the 25th of MAY the 2nd STAR WARS film was released, on the same date in 2005 LIVERPOOL won a EUROPEAN champions league FINAL, with a "force" that defied logic,  so be be GOOD ….&…..MAY the RED force be with U…

p.p.s – interesting comparison between the 6 "phases" of LIVERPOOL fc since Shanks arrived and the 6 "episodes" of STARWARS..? , and… I am proud to be RED….and if U are "proud" in "western democracy" or proud of your "national politics" be it english, belgian  french, dutch, german, italian , american or whatever politicaL label U have been given , watch "Hotel Rwanda"   (or "cry freedom" "sarajevo", Vietnam or "Ghandi"..the story is the same , just the faces change) .. …and tell me again what U are "proud" about…
the unique …..Angela Marchetti ..
LIVE in (benefit) CONCERT…@ "without me"
@ the (in)FAMOUS Cafe Schuttershof ZONDEREIGEN (Be.)
Saturday 10th January 09
from 20h

Datum: 30 December 2008 15:20

MY  registration request at Red and White Kop Liverpool FC Forum has been received,
The username registered with was harvey-tuttle and the password was …………..
The Red and White Kop Liverpool FC Forum Team.

and so go around……………………….



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