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ChriS-tor-Y =Book2 “CULTure 08” Chapter 5(a) WIN-Tears & Plans

ChriS-tor-Y =Book2 "CULTure 08" Chapter 5 (a) WIN-Tears, and plans,,,

Apart from attending LIVERPOOL’s games around Europe or @ Anfield )and often in London as it was easier to get to some of those games, I Started to make plans "08" started to become "09" ..

I wrote to Sarah Deane concerning the HJC cup 09…to inform that Roby FC boys (including Joe, at least one RED ..) won the "European NOT-Without-me CUP" 08 in Zondereigen – continuing the tradition from 07
when we invited the sefton shed lads to Rotterdam, this is expected to continue in zondereigen or another "Benelux" location in 09..we distributed EuRED/HJC (Hillsborough Justice Campaign)  info & t-shirts with HJC reminders at that weekend..and I have agreed to bring the  "FC ZonderEigen" team, friends and wives to LIVERPOOL for the HJC cup next may (09) _ I had funded 100 t-shirts, with a list of the various charity projects I was involved in, which  also promoted the HJC, which I had distributed at the various events, tournaments, FFF weekends, and during my "travels" around europe..


On 16 December I wrote to my contact at the International Inn, LIVERPOOL (CathY) – but "Rupert"  informed me that she had left..
a pity , Cathy was always helpful & friendly & one of the reasons I kept coming back to the INT INN..they NOW asked for
a 50% deposit , which seemed high, as the Hostelworld guys usually only take 10% , however we did want the reservation  for 20  persons and the "new management" didnt feel inclined to offer discounts to our "non profit org" the standard GBP20 per head applied to our special reservation for may 22/23 09.

( some form of photo ID will be required for check in. at the International Inn4 South Hunter St(off Hardman St)LiverpoolL1 9JGT. 0151 709 8135 http://www.internationalinn.co.uk Shortlisted – Mersey Tourism Best Customer Service Venue of the Year 2006 Shortlisted – Academy Ambassador award For Excellence in Customer Care 2005 Winner – Mersey Tourism Awards, Outstanding Customer Service 2004 Nominated-Mersey Tourism Awards, Small Tourism Business 2004 Shortlisted – Academy Ambassador award For Excellence in Customer Care 2003 Winner -Academy Ambassador award For Excellence in Customer Care 2002 Winner – Mersey Tourism Best Customer Service Venue of the Year 2002 Winner – Mersey Tourism Awards, Small Tourism Business 2002
Onderwerp: : m49 81109BQ#10 ChriS-Bram RE: "Euro Not without me -BQ Zwolle tournament 09" (Rupert was "proud" to remind us….<smile>

Previously on  09 November 2008 I had proposed to hold the "Euro NOT-Without-Me Tournament 09"  with the FFF theme ; Footy FUN and friendship" …at the "Be Quik club" that I had recently joined…"Bram" was my "first contact" and supposed to be the "leader" of the veteran team that they expected me to play for…I wrote…

"ChriS> Hiya Bram

1. Please confirm that June 20th is acceptable to "the board" 😉 I have started sending out invitations -the Liverpoool lads are pretty sure of coming over..
2. I am sorry & frustrated that I could not even play 5 minutes , I felt my muscle pain in the warm up, IF we had a stronger team maybe the other defenders could have "protected" me but I think they had enough to do,
<smile> it was VERY sore after training , and I probably should not have tested it yesterday,..

I know I am the "new (old) boy" and I dont know how "serious" the boys want to take this team…but I feel a bit of alternative tactics are necessary so we can "enjoy" some results…I already proposed a different "set up" but I dont know what reaction U have, If we can continue & increase the existing focus on "possession" that we already have mostly in training & take KEEPING the ball into games, (never mind the attack, just get used to calling , communicating & passing to a RED shirt) we get to have confidence in ourselves & each other..
When (if) I am fit – I would like to play in front of the defence – I also think that whoever plays there – one of the centre backs must remain central..if we play offside then the keeper must be a sweeper…and we arent quick enough,,.so we should play another way,,,as we have few attackers & not much youth, we should play deeper & use our intelligence <smile>

also, can we arrange the next "friendly" against a weaker team ?…so our team gains some confidence..<smile>

I hope you understand that I just want everyone to enjoy the game…(and maybe I am not used to teams in RED shirts losing ..<smile>) ..

It will take years before I can speak enough dutch to express my feelings & ideas so I hope you accept my contribution to the club this way"


RE: "Euro Not without me -BQ Zwolle tournament 09"
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2008 11:59:33 +0100

Datum: 30 November 2008 14:30

ChriS>Hiya # 10 team-mates!

I hope some of you understand this language,…..I speak several tongues but dutch is not (yet) one of them! …I am relatively NEW at "be quick" and I am very happy at the FRIENDLY welcome I have had here,

So, maybe U might think its too "early" for me to make suggestions, as I have not even played ONE full game for the "BQ#10 vets" yet! <smile>

after yesterday, AGAIN only playing a couple of minutes, I have decided to restrict my involvement to TRAINing until I get my muscles "ready" to make a FULL contribution, I am sorry that I have failed so far to help U to a win..normal luck is obviously against us, so, we should make our own…

BEING a long time on the sidelines has also helped me seen how the team plays (or doesnt!) …the absence of "success" has a long term effect, and I am pleased at least to see smiling faces in the bar after some "heavy" defeats .,..and the training is very upbeat & enjoyable…so….

why not take the "atmosphere" from the bar & the training to the "competitive game"…???

by now most of you will know that I am a fanatic LIVERPOOL supporter..I go to games, when my limited budget allows , at home and across europe, I have supported my team since the 1960’s …and have seen fantastic success, but also enjoyed a special "mentality" of friendship that crosses frontiers & cultures…in the players, & the supporters..enforced by a SCOT ; Bill Shankly , he was a real honest RED socialist! …<smile> …and a "simple" genius!

I played in a local league, as captain from the age of 16, and also later on after my business travel stopped my involvement, I organised football tournaments & coaching …and other things 😉

I FEEL VERY STRONGLY THAT WE MUST ENJOY football and although I grew up in a very competitive "winning" environment – I FEEL we have to forget that now, and first concentrate on enjoyment of the "basics" …as I see it..

* TO get a STRONG central defence/Midfield, I hoped that Rolf and I could build up something BUT it was changed yesterday..why?…lets make that a priority, with or without me..

* Training, concentrate on "communication" ….simple pass the ball to the nearest player then move into space  (Shankly; "pass & move = The LIverpool way") and do the SAME IN THE GAME, dont worry about mistakes just pass the ball to OUR shirts.

*LOOK for the ball – call for the ball – WANT the ball, even when we are losing…and SMILE!

*Support the player on the ball, and support the defence when we lose the ball (even us "oldies" can get back behind the ball when the other team has it..

*DONT try so many "hollywood" passes (when U can play like Steve Gerrard I will personally recommend U to LFC!) <smile>  midfield/forwards try to make a "match-winning pass" instead of simple (triangle) passing ; diagonal backwards or sideways…we all make this mistake!

*defenders should look for easy pass to midfield – forget the long ball…our forwards will normally have 2/3 defenders to beat, if they lose it – the pressure comes directly back to us,,

PLEASE TALK in the dressing room,before the game,  I have gone out to the field 3 times with people whose names I dont know! – "team – mates " must be "mates" before we are a "team"…(not only in the bar) = POSITIVE team spirit!


I know its good to be casual & relaxed, I am basically happy if my legs "work" at this age, half my problem is my thinking is 2/3 metres ahead of my bodies reaction..<smile> I am still the "new (old) boy" so if U tell me to SHUT UP! – of course I will, BUT, I would like to assist Bram/Nico/Rolf in coaching & helping the whole team,each of you is IMPORTANT players & reserves/substitutes – I have SEEN ALL OF YOU play well, at least in TRAINING – we should just work & be eager to transfer the best spirit to the game, and enjoy, and I am SURE that after we get CONFIDENCE in EACH other, we will not only ENJOY playing, we WILL WIN>>>(not only in the bar! ) <smile>

a BIG thanks to everyone of you , for your warm welcome so far!

You’ll Never (Play) alone 😉


p.s. IF ANYone wants to go to LIVERPOOL this winter – they MUST tell me by EMAIL,soon, then I can start organising that weekend (earlier than later, please)


ChriS>Hiya Bram,

I didnt stay for the whole game saturday, I was getting cold & wet..

OK I have proposed JUNE 20th for the "Euro Not without me -@ BeQuick Zwolle tournament 09…

 Maybe I am able to train wednesday – I hope my leg muscle is better…can we also tall about "team tactics" ??

 I feel maybe a system with a defensive cover in midfield (Mascherano’s  role) and one of the 2 forward players playing between the lines ("in the hole") its more defensive but maybe we need to build up confidence by reducing damages ??

From: a.v.duinen (Bram)
Subject: Re: m49 81030BQ#10 ChriS-Bram RE: Zaterdag thuis tegen ZAC 14.30 uur
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 10:55:39 +0100

Hello Chris,
I’ ve got the message of the board that there are two date available : 20 and 27 of june. You van choose a date.

—– Original Message —–
From: ChriS EuRED
To: Bram van Duinen ; Robert Middendorp ; Boyke Beni ; Byong te Winkel ; Ed Schenk ; H.Staman ; Hans Okken ; Harry en Julia van Dijk ; Henri Eikenaar ; Hugo Staman ; Jan Diepenheim ; Jan Klein Wentink ; Jordi Navarro ; m.bos@cad-accountancy.nl ; Marco Bos ; Nico Venema ; Paul van Emmerik ; Peter Hanning ; Peter Houtzeel ; Rolf Visscher ; Ronnie Zwiers ; Sander-Bos ; Vincent v.d. Heem ; Wouter Schrijver Cc: footz@chrismith.eu
Sent: Thursday, October 30, 2008 1:20 PM
Subject: m49 81030BQ#10 ChriS-Bram RE: Zaterdag thuis tegen ZAC 14.30 uur
ChriS>hiya Bram,
…..not sure at the moment if I will be fit, as my upper leg muscle is sore,which i stretched last, but if I cant, I will come over later..
btw –
let me know about the POTENTIAL "euro NOT-without-me 09" date and if the lads want to go to a weekend away in LIVERPOOL early next year …

13 December 2008 12:39

ChriS> hiya TeaMATES……& Rolf 😉

as this is cancelled I wouldlive to invite everyone to the bar after our next training/match (if postponed to next saturday) to have a "merry CHRISmith" drink  with me & get the "team spirit" REVIVED <smile>
Datum: 12 October 2008 22:16

ChriS>Hiya Bram
I hope the team did better in the 2nd half saturday?
by the way, earlier this year I organised a mini-interntional football tournament (see http://www.eured-san.net/enw0me08.html )
would it be possible to do something similar (bigger> next year 09) ???? @ Be Quick?
…….cu wednesday for training

From: a.v.duinen@hccnet.nlTo: eured@live.comSubject: Fw: Be QuickDate: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 00:55:36 +0200

I forgot the list. Here it is.
—– Original Message —–
From: Bram van Duinen
To: Chris Smith
Sent: Friday, October 10, 2008 12:54 AM   Subject: Be Quick

Hello Chris,
Here are some things you need to know about our footballclub Be Quick and our team.
First the official site:
On the page wedstrijden-trainingen en verslagen you can see the date and time of the game. So saturday we play at 14.30 against WVF 9.
This an old site of  our team 10e : http://www.bequick10.nl/index.html The site of last year has crashed, but soon there wil be a new one.It gives you  and  the injured ones are coming back. You will not see that this coming saturday, but after three weeks from now on everybody is there and hopefully with your Liverpool experience it will be an extraordinary year .
I’ve included our playerlist with adresses and mobile numbers.
If you need to have another information, you can call me up or send an email. Allthough I’ve seen some private stuff of you on the internet with adresses (at the Mauritsstraat, where I’ve had a room in the seventies) and phone numbers, is it good that you email me your present numbers and adresses.
See you saterday or coming wednesday at the field.
Bram van Duinen.
06-44748214ChriS>Hiya Nico,
if I understand well U are injured! – well i think we are all a bit damaged ?  <smile>
myself I am close to full fitness – and now we stop! ,   so I hope U have a merry CHRISMITH ! & a happy new year…

Subject: RE: Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 13:14:05 +0100From: n.venema

Als gevolg van een hardnekkige schouderblessure zal ik dit jaar niet meer actief zijn.
Hopelijk is deelname aan het mix-toernooi op 3 jan. mogelijk.
Met de recessie voor de deur adviseer ik iedereen de komende weken zoveel mogelijk te eten en te drinken (dat pakken ze je alvast niet af!)
De 2 helft van het seizoen gaan we er weer met frisse moed tegenaan. Het mooie is, dat het nooit veel minder kan gaan!
De kerstman (Nico)

To EXplain, Nico was one of the senior players, and whilst I didnt really get "close" to anyone, except maybe JanD , who, whenh I later formed the "ZRedS supporters and social club" became secretary and LFC fan /member, Nico (not the one from Ekeren) was "ok" polite and friendly enough, and joked a bit, as when I did eventually pla for "be quick" I played joint centre -back with him a couple of times, I liked to keep everything recorded , so every agreement was also sent by email, even this charity/non profit "fun" weekend , because IF things go "wrong" pne can get even MORE probelms than when its "business" and I already realised that "Leader Bram" who later got extremely annoyed when I used the german translation for "leader" <smile" had talked to me about others behind their back, had failed to reply to certain questions, and my instincts told me that he could not be trusted.

It was later proven to be wise to be aware of my instincts..again..

Cont…chapter 5 B  …(and C6 and 09?)



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