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ChriS-tor-Y? -CULTure “08” chapter 3 B..”sunny”->DARK side..Bye Ze+JD

chapter 3 B…("sunny") ->the DARK side..Bye Ze+JD….!

The removal from Z25 meant that I had to re-direct post to the Antwerp postbox, and re-=arrange my details as LFc member, which I did, but my "member pack" did not arrive..and eventually I had to get a replacment pack from Anfield, in person, love the club, love our team manager, the players and the supporters , but the office , well it may as well be like the TV series "the office" !!!!…

which is also why I sent this email to Annika (Leon’s mother)

Onderwerp: M49 -80821 – Message for Annika Hartmann / Leon

Datum: 21 August 2008 10:06

Message for Annika Hartmann

Hello Annika,

21 August 08

this email address was mentioned on your answer machine when I phoned, your
"handy" wasnt possible to hear (bad line)…I wanted to know if LEON got the LIVERPOOL (away) Shirt (with LEON 8) on the back ????
(as LFC sent them direct from online ordering)

I also have my 40-year old football programme collection , which is very
sentimental, and one of the few things I have been able to keep "safe"
since I left Britain

IF LEON wants it, and IF he "respects" them (that means not to "swap" or
sell the programmes that go back to the 1960’s (not only LFC but other
clubs too) then I would give it to him for a ChriStmas present..but would
LIKE to explain about them, there are stories and things that make them

could you ask him if he could come into correspondence with me – either by
letter or via email (preferable) postal box ; PostBus #1 – Bist 129 B2180
(Antwerp.)Ekeren, Be.

am currently busy with the activities concerning ;


i have cc my other email addresses..

(Annika later told me that Leon did n’t want the souvenirs, but of course that was Annika "taking for him"..)

and then of course "fee-males" always seem to "drag me down to earth" when I am on a HIGH spirit….this was the "latest" with Jd…at the time, one minute she was offering to come to Dublin, then lying about being pregnant and losing "our baby" when she KNEW just how much I wanted kids in my life..I wanted to believe her , but too many times she cheated and lied, like so many modern fee-males, she could n’t or WOULD NOT tell the difference between true or false..BECAUSE Jd had reneged on various promises and agreements to share a house in Zwolle, ( Because of my "mobility" the Dutch wouldn’t let me have the same "deals" as locals (apart from the Shoebox" and thanks to Jd ‘s "antics" I had lost that alternative) ..and now Jd decided that unless I did everything as she wanted she would simply "cancel" our agreements (but this time I had her write it down and sign it, not that it matters when she is on "nuclear meltdown mode"

Onderwerp: RE: FW: m49-80831 chriS-Josee (notice2quitetc)
Datum: 31 August 2008 18:34

ChriS>Josee as U know I also planned anyway to go to Ze. next saturday to pick up my (fridge/hoover etc) stuff I can stay there until monday…tom said I could stay in a tent in his garden that weekend..so U can have your party for Raoul..

Original Message:
(notice2quitetc)Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2008 16:42:35 +0200

to Josee Duikercc: Irma Thoenes (no action just for the record/file)80831

ChriS>Josee,Please let me clear up matters because obviosuly the emotions have affected your memory or understanding of the situation

1. AS promised I transferred e690 euros (even though according to our agreement I have no obligation to pay anything until after 1 month) my bank website confirms
transfer was made on 29th August 08

.2. -I have told U the truth – my income (3 months ) was e2300 (which makes me eligible for legal aid) – sometimes I have "borrowed" from the future in order to fund OUR trips etc- with regards to your credit card-earlier this year I was without credit card
 -as local Be banks dont provide cards until residence of 6months, as U know
– As U wanted ME to book flights for US – U gave me credit card number and authorisation.
– after our dispute in Valencia I used it to get home
– that was in the spirit of our agreement. Also I transferred monies to U a month later and asked U if U were satisified
 – U said Yes!
– U didnt pay for anything I hadnt informed U about or reconciled financially
– your own poor
financial management is the reason U owe a large credit card bill now
– I have spent several thousands of euros to maintain our relationship not least on constant travelling back to Zwolle (despite your "moods" and changes of mind) and taking U to Berlin & Hardelot etc and restaurants

3.YOU must give me 3 months notice IF you had no right to make an agreement it is YOU that are ILLEGAL
– as an EU citizen I can live anywhere – I have NO CRIMINAL RECORD, although I may be perceived as a "rebel" or "potential terrorist" because of my anti-establishment activism. U invited me
– even on friday by sms (before I saw your emails of 28th august) to come "home" asap. and U told me to bring ALL my things to M49 because I should TRUST you…!!!! U are in BREACH of that trust if U try to forcibly move me , or use the TYPICAL fee-male PLOY of claiming " assault". _ i have quit the previous house, and turned down offers to go to Istanbul or palmos (brazil) or other places to work on creative projects etc.
4. U seem to be jealous of my creative projects (example many young people were made happy last weekend) and my LIVERPOOL connection – I told U many times it is not against U – its is merely the only constant in my changing life and the LIVERPOOL network is more like a "family" as I have none of my own and being estranged from my 2 children and my deceased son, maked this an emotive subject when U criticize my choices – I planned this weeks LIVERPOOL trip since weeks and made promises- to share driving (Ronny; the other guy, had NEVER diven on english roads before!)- to attend a "shareholders " meetign – I was interviewed on Local LIVERPOOL tv- & (following the succesful weekend in zondereigen) to bring back LFC souvenirs and replica shirts ORDERED by Zondereigen people who wanted to associate with Liverpool after that event!

5. to confirm U told me …

YOUR email Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 20:57:46 +0200

JD> "you aks me for the situation????? Well i can be very short, it s over
between us, the baby is dying, so no strings between us, you have 4 weeks
to pick up your stuff. I will move out within a month. Let me know when you
come, then there will be someone ( not me) in the house, and you can get it
out. "

CS>so U ended the relation…Note : the events of saturday night (30th August) – You started drinking wine heavily in the afternoon and around 20h attacked me verbally then physically – hitting me in the face twice whilst I sat on YOUR couch. – mainly because I refused to leave as U contested the agreement to give me 3 months notice and insisted I leave immediately.- U then locked yourself in the toilet for almost an hour sobbing – I phoned Harriet (Yumas mother) in case I needed someone (a woman ) to help get U out – eventually U came out and I held U in my arms for a while and U aplologised- then U started drinking again, and then verbally attacked me again because I would not accept blame for what U did.- Then U hit me in the face and kicked me – I defended myself -also trying to hold your legs and your left leg (I think) got twisted because I pushed it back after U kicked me.- then U completely flipped out – and threw a bottle of wine through the living room window which broke into the street and damaged the curtain too. – The neighbours gathered outside. – U phoned the police to get me out claiming I attacked U – I phoned Harriet thern the police suggesting they come to control the peace,as I had been attacked.- U started throwing my things – clothes etc out onto the street telling me to leave and threatening to throw ALL my things on the street.

— Then the neighbours witnessed U throw a SECOND bottle through the window and offered me a place to stay – the police arrrived and noted details – U apparently told them that I could sleep @ M49 but I didnt trust your condition and I was worried that U might hurt me or YOURSELF , I told the police and they said U were not drunk enough – I suggested that for YOUR own healths sake that they should take U to a friend or family – they refused. U told everyone (including officer Mr Zings & officer 3120 and me to "get out of YOUR house" – and U went to bed. – So I tool my laptop (in company of the agent Zings ) to the neighbour and slept in the spare room of "Bert" ..at 03hrs-U sent me an sms @ 06.42 saying "dont leave me alone" and that U were "sorry" etc.I phoned U after a few minutes and agreed to come back and U told me I could stay permanently – and that I dont have to leave at all.(I note these things to hopefully PREVENT a repeat and to advise U to be honest about your emotions with your family and friends and not to let your pain explode like a volcano and hurt the one(s) U love..


Saturday, August 30, 2008 5:21:50 PM
havent received the money yet.
From:  Josee D
CC: em.thoenes@dommerholt.nl <em.thoenes@dommerholt.nl>

JD>i dont believe you have a low budget. You have spent for footy, renting
cars, and paying me the rent at 2ooo euro’s. so you say you get a 1000 euro
s a month. i think you are a liar. And you did enjoy zonder eigen very
much, i happen to know that from filip that you did. so dont be the victim,
i travelled a lot to you even paid a taxi in the night to see you. I dont
moan about it but you keep mentioning the costs. ( as you did with
margrietje and the police who took your car.) i paid for 2 days valencia at
least 600 euro’ s . and lets not forget you stole from my cc card for the
use of flights hostels and numberplate.( without asking me). so dont be so
arrogant i have a lot of proof to finish you off when i want too. so i am
the legal renter off this place to,( you came to live with because you were
trowng out of the place in belgium which you knew from the start was for aq
short time anyhow) i can write to them to end the contract asap and you
have to get out as well. Since you broke up with me, i think it s normal to
go asap. so let try to be really nice to each other, it will take so effort
from me but i will try.and ont he 8 the of september your out anyway.   

Sat, 30 Aug 2008 17:45:08 +0200
ChriS@eured-san.net <chris@eured-san.net>

since you broke up with me i dont have a clue why you want to stay here,
because its conveniet? and you did enjoy zonder eigen very much, ( i know
from philip you enjoyed there very much so dont be a victum).and was your
decision to come to me, ( and i come to you during the night with taxi
costs) so dont moan as much as usual over the costs. you stole from my
creditcard remember? at least 500 euro’s. i paid 600 euro’s for two days in
valencia. you booked a return ticket on my costs without asking me. And you
stole before that from my creditcard for traveling, flights, hostels and
numberplate, which you lied about when i asked you. i still have that
proof. you even went to italy in march with a flight you booked from my cc
card. so dont play the innocent to much!

From: Josee D
Sent:Saturday, August 30, 2008 5:26:36 PMTo:ChriS EuRED
(eured@live.com)  i am not impressed by your emails to your so called
lawyer.i will try to be nice to you, but i want to know when you are not
here especially on the 8 the of september oterwise i have to do it another
way. pls stop the emails, i have accepted our break. 

M49 80849=80829 ChriS-Jz..1Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 13:48:50 +0200

ChriS>see the seperate email to thoenes…
cc you 

Date:Sat, 30 Aug 2008 12:09:34 +0200 it s your choise to break up. i wonder what
you would have decided when i was still pregnant. another margit story? i
want my space, so i suggest we talk about when your gone, because i want to
see my friends and kids and family without you. raoul s birthday is next
sunday and i want to give him a little party here next day on
mondayafternoon and beginning of the evening. so i think it’ s civil when
your not there.questions as did gerrit sleep here tonight and what i do
when i go out or with who i go out dont have to be shared anymore. it s
very difficult for me to live with you anyhow. I wonder why you dont even
ask me how i feel, it must be a lot of hate and bitterness. ( not build up
only by me, but your luckage). well no strings attached, you know you dont
even have the right to be here so its very civil and polite of me to let
you stay here. Few rules: you wash your own clothes, and do your share as
vacuumclean, etc. i dont want to eat with you, or do anything else with
you. I am thinking about leaving here, ending the contract, i will let you
know if i leave. You dont realise that i do really love you very much. I
have lost almost a bucket of blood yesterday and saw the baby. I am a bit
dizzy and feel weak. But the blood is getting less and the pain, so it will
be ok i hope. i have an appointment for echo tuesday with the midwife, and
there going to see if everything is out.

From: Josee D
)Sent:Saturday, August 30, 2008 5:24:15 PMTo:ChriS EuRED
(good luck with shirley debbie kathy or whats so ever. you
broke up with me not the other way around. 

 M49 80830 =80829ChriS-Jz..b
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 13:56:22 +0200
ChriS>U really think U should try to be HONEST about what YOU did & READ not only the hate-full sms messages U started on tuesday morning after U left and continued 3 days long .but what I have to accept over 16 months  – this is the 3rd time u "lost our baby" and ironic I happen to be away when you decide to have a "drama" and cause damage to "US" .and ask yourSELF if U could go on with someone who acts like you..?…and read your emails of 28th august " its over" and you have 4 months to get your things out, dont come near me , etc etc..it WAS CLEARLY YOUR CHOICE to end it…and for once you have accept what YOU DO>..see letter to Thoness – I will be reasonable – if U arent ..good luck with geerit or whoever…I still love U but can no longer accpt these "attacks" ..third time was one time too many – it hurts that u didnt care enough to protect this baby..u called coldly (*)..

Sat, 30 Aug 2008 12:25:57 +0200you really make me laugh when saying i
should try to be a good woman. I do think i am to blame for this breaking
up, and i ‘ll take the responsibility and consequences of that. And i am
really sorry you dont want to go on with me, that s maybe hard to believe
for u, but true. although you should have stayed with me this week. i didnt
lie , you see it as trying to get attention???? is nt it your duty as the
father??? you dont think so i now that, but i disagree. you started in your
emails about abortion, asking me if it was your child, saying i would
probably do the same as the other bitches in your live.thats very evil as
well, i think. but enough is said about it, i want to go on with my live
and u too.

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 17:21:14 +0200

i dont agree on one thing, you broke up with me not the other way around.
so it s your choise and you wanted me to write you the letter to inform you
i want you out. so i did.   

Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 00:07:50 +0200
ChriS>so I noticed in the 4 emails of yesterday you wrote that I have to leave in 4 weeks – so U want to have a party with me here (the [person U propose to kick out)…if I see anyone , your family or friends I WILL tell them MY story,,,maybe they donty believe ME , but I will tell the truth and I will see gereet one day (maybe in the coffee shop) and ask him why he only visits (or U only invite him) when i am not here, and yes I didnt feel (instinct?) like entertaining him alone @ sandras – (she calls U selfish and U prove her right,…) I know U dont want to see it from my side…but U dont really care how I feel , "so what" ..I can GO out saturday night,..I dont need to be negative ..my lifes too short for all this sh*te



Because of what U wrote in about 50 sms messages since Tuesday (no wonder U have a monthly mobile phone bill of 80 euros!) – please REMEMBER we have a SIGNED agreement between us (witnessed by Irma Thoenes) so IF U want me to leave U MUST give me a LETTER stating this, and I will leave exactly 3 months afterwards. Due to this recent conflict and as U are no longer having (*) ////(and why U started using this (*) I dont know. ) I will be "away" as much as possible as U have continued to abuse , insult & disrespect me, I will do my best to be polite and friendly (not as friendly aS Geerit, as U told me..) I am sure I WONT be "in the gutter " as U said twice already if you dont "house me"..

2, for attacking me merely for getting up early, and then progress to the same repetitive mass of abusive bullsh*te containing evil accusatons and attacks which I WILL NOT accept…so U cant keep on ,like several times before culminating with "its over" and making so much stress that OUR baby is lost then not realise that eventually (as I warned you SO MANY times) has a permanent DAMAGE on "us"…

3. U caused this misery – and ask yourself why…i cant feel like responding with love when you are filling my mobile with hate-mail…and if i react and my responses are mild compared with your ATTACK – U are naive
or just arrogant to think I will always take it and not stop caring and protect myself ..4, IF YOU loved me , cared and respected me you wouldn’t use that language – and a loving mother dont say those things, U seem to have deliberately built up the stress from tuesday morn..if U talk about mis-carriage and hate the father of (*) then it has an effect on your body…and the stress meant that I could not enjoy going to LIVERPOOL , all the journey and the game and on the way back i had no rest and little fun because I was thinking about the pain U cause and what I can do…nothing because U already did it..and NO after travelling from Liverpool at midnight, with .little sleep (I had promised to share the driving so how can I a) not go or b) have a mobile phone arguement with U that ruins their FIRST trip too…and uses up my credit & battery, what if I had an accident on the motorway – driving in the night because of being distracted or a heart attack ..or would that make U feel "revenged" ,,,simply because i didnt do what YOU wanted..

5. So we left the ferry late – got caught in traffic at the kennedy tunnel and I missed a train to breda and had to wait an hour…by the time I got the bike, took the LFC things (again which were PROMISED and important to continue what i started last weekend not only for ZE but for Zwolle..football/kids events (and U didnt bother to follow up my request with Zwolle FC/LFC did U?..) I was completely exhausted and it
started to rain and was windy…there are no lights on the COUNTRY path to Tilburg , which is 25kms @ takes nearly 2 hours at slow speed..I would have TRIED it IF U had NOT sent so many negative messages..NO I dont FEEL sympathetic when U abuse me, and dont blame pregnancy (thats an insult to a baby) BECAUSE U did the same before when pregnant and NOT pregnant many times///  IF your BEST friend geerit is so great and would come to you 25 kms on a bike after a sleeples 36 hrs (at the same time as U ABUSE him) then he is a saint and U should go to him…SO, dont blame anyone but yourself for the negative Karma that comes from evil & selfish destructive behaviour…and the lies are clear because U tell everyone different stories – and U even contradict yourself with me, but all I am doing now is writing what I wrote or said many times. when U become honest YOU will become a good woman, or U will stay in the hell U made…U went TOO far this time for "kiss and make up" ..far too far and far too evil..i love U but I cant accept giving any more to "US" ChriSx

p.s. I will stay away as much as I can & sleep seperately because I dont want ever to go through this pain again, to dream of a child and a partner who cares..it doesn’t exist – so if U want me out give me the letters & copy it to thoenes and I will leave at 3 months from that date, I would RATHER live "in the gutter" than be treated like sh*t…(obviously there is no need for the appoinment of 9th sept.) and I will try to get gunter to keep the fridge there…(so much for agreeing when u said "oh bring everything here – why dont u trust me" …but even now I am kicking myself for trying again..hoping that U could learn from the past. I am sad for me, US and you…I suggest U read the "boy who cried wolf" story.. 

Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2008 21:39:00 +0200
my father always said to me: a relationship is always good when the balance
between positive and negative is in balance. For me the balance is out, to
much negative, so no future for us. you ruined it today when you called me
and told me you were tired and i was in bed with pain. the balance has
gone, to much misunderstandings, to many things unspoken, to much pain for

if you dont believe me and you still think i am playing a game, you can
call my docter was there yesterday and my midwife. maybe if the * comes out
i will keep it for you as prove. maybe then you believe me, not that it
will change anything betweeen us/

 From: Josee D
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 5:31:20 PM To: ChriS EuRED

chris,you call me a liar??? make it up the blood??? you
destroy more then you want with this REACTION. you will never ever EVER
trust me . i suggest you come back when you want, and we have a good talk
about us. so your leaving me because it was planned? and you think i make
it up, just as you thought the 30 the of april i was lying.you dont know
when you come back, we, ll thats nice. Heavy punishment but thats the way
you are. and i wont cancel the party, because i am not going to lye to
several people when we dont have it. and they never come again, so it a
party with or without you. your choise and thanks for support, and i think
you should be with me inspite of the fight. you dont know what this does to
me losing our child and you. let me know when you come because i am
inviting my kids of course. call me a liar is calling our love a lye,
destroy everthing. so you also switch off phone, so no contact, no matter
what happens to me….I’ M VERY TIRED.

 From: Josee Dr
Sent: Tuesday, August 26, 2008 8:04:38 PM To: ChriS EuRED
.i am thinking about if to react to you ,and how, the
use of telling you my feelings, sharing the pain. If you dont believe me
anyhow whats left there to tell you? You think | I have come all this way
without loving you?? You ask me if its yours?? Why do you think that??
Why?? You tell me you dont believe me ( about the bleeding and now the
cramps) , so then dont. You say i will probably go back to Hemmo, haha ,
your really dont know me, if I had a gun I would use it for him. But we
never talk about him, or my kids. Sure I can and will have to handle this
alone, actually got used to it. When i had a miscarage the 2e time last
year, i told you it hurted so badly i thought i would lose concensence. (
and it was only 5 and halve weeks there) . Believe it or not i can handle a
lot of pain.( you can aks my midwife). When I told you that you didnt have
sympathy for me and even now it”s no different. Ones a thief always a
thief thats the one thing i dont believe in. But you do. You think i will
have it aborted???? How did we got into this mess. So what I am doing
loving our baby? With a father who s never been there when i really needed
him. How am i fooling??? Just myself. I am to blame for this mess no one
else and i will clear it. I am always trying to be tough, never asked you
to stay with me when you went. I dont look forward to seeying
you…………. And dont send a X for the baby, its hypocrite………. (
because its a mix of us, and you dont believe me,so you dont love half of
it. ) I feel very hurt, and this will never go away anymore, and it kills
my feelings for you.

RE: M49-80826 ChriS-Josee …..again?..again???again & again!
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 15:20:41 +0200ChriS>XXXX

Jz wrote on an sms timed 14.26h today "i am probably losing our * &  U leave me alone with it to handle..? @ ..this is almost evil thing for her to send to me …is she is playing a game without (again) caring about the consequences…these are similar words she told me TWICE BEFORE when she told me she was pregnant (always when I went away…)

..Josee, I am going to switch off my mobile when I leave NL, because I cant afford the cost of 20 sms or the stress …IF U suddenly decide U are losing our baby (*) then i am suspicious because U started this arguement …the card i left on the table was from margit (Noelas mother) I found it in the european map when clearing out the car..she also told me "different things " and your SUDDEN turn against me (now) makes me think U will also hurt me by taking a child from me…(*?????) I dont know when I come back, if this is the atmosphere, and U are going to play more games – I suggest U stop and consider what YOU, and U ALONE are doing to yourself, me and (*the baby?) because starting this fight cant do anyone good and such stress alone can lose it..btw – YOU KNOW that I planned to go to this match in LIVERPOOL even before I was sure of getting a ticket I told you – because I invited U to come, U didnt want to…- IF U didnt want to be left alone, U have parents & friends…and certainly these games of yours dont make me "sympathetic" – I have shown U VERY MUCH CARE & ATTENTION…but U abuse me…ChriS X (for the *)

Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 05:32:59 -0400>
Subject: RE: M49-80826 ChriS-Josee…..again?..again???again & again!>

> ChriS>Jz, dont be stupid U are just trying to YOUR words in MY mouth,…
> AFTER losing ALL my family and especially THREE children U KNOW how much I
> want a chbild././and YOU USE IT TO HURT ME…>
> I have given EVERY IMPORTANCE TO HOW YOU feel – ONLY TWICE in 16 months did
> you NOT send me a bad messaGE when I was away (athens may 07 & last
> weekend) oh, Josee thanks so much …do U know what is "childish" when U
> dont accept consequences of anything U say to me, so maybe U dont want to
> push me away…your moods are the same NOW as they were all the 16
> U told me before SEVERAL TIMES U WILL decide (not us) if U will keep my
>(our) baby but in the PREVIOUS 2 times U had told me also that U had been
>with other guys – what should I believe when U say & write so many
>contradictive things, and dont want to tell your family and tell me to
>"keep quiet" andf THEN U say "oh why dont you seem happy" (how can I feel
>happy when I cant talk about what I should be happy about?" RIDICULOUS!!!!
>> shall I expect also that U do what Adams mother, or Leons Mother or Noelas
> mother DID TO ME…let me LOVE a child then take it away>>>??…
> U are making stress out of nothing …just exactly what U told Yvonne NOT
> to do with her guy..and stress for YOU …for me( so that I go 2 nights
>away with no feeling of rest between last weekend and the next 2 days)

>…sure then U dont respect what I have to do before I leave and tell me
>about YOUR "work" …
> I have organised an IMPORTANT event AND MOVED home…U have never had to do
> that alone…
> (always remembering how many
times U kicked me out or changed your
> mind…)
> so, IF U want to see me thursday let me know…I have a contract and have transferred the next 3 months money (early) – i have legal rights ..or
> maybe you go back to hemmo before then??..
> with U who knows????
> just open your eyes and look at us…and I dont have to explain BUT I
> "worked" from the age of 16 until 42 non stop often between 60-80 hrs a
> week..about 40,000 hrs …U say its not a competition but its YOU that> cause comparison.././
> and we could have had a nice day before I left…
> now I leave angry bitter and sad about the way this is…why have a party
> saturday (and U told Yvonne it was a "house-warming" when I thought it was
> for everyone to KNOW me/us better…!) do U ever keep your word.?
> I am going soon, what a waste! another half a day spent on arguements with
> you..>

Jz> it s been enough, you leave with a bitter taste???? How i feel is not important, if i lose
the baby doesnt interest you?? Well because i was not happy with thepregnancy’s twice,
 i am not happy with it now??? I dont make> a problem, i just telling you the way i feel.
 If this is how you feel about the last 16 months ( you loved me more) stupid remark,
 its not a contest, then i dont agree. You make me feel shit, and it s your fault!
Dont bother to sms me the coming days, i wont respond. had enough with this childish behaviour.
So about now, the fact that if I will lose the baby, would be my fault.???
( smoking and stress)???????????????? > > >

 Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 11:05:44 +0200> To:
Subject: RE: M49-80826 ChriS-Josee …..again?> > >
JD>what do you mean by asking"It is our child you carry?? You have asked me that before. Your not sure its yours???
> I dont deserve this thats what i think. How dare you aks me that again????> Why???? > >

M49-80826 ChriS-Josee …..again?> > Subject:M49 80826 ChriS-Josee
> >
ChriS>well Josee, how "childish" I am.. to think that U wont be selfish…almost every time I do ANYTHING that I enjoy WITHOUT YOU – U make sure, either by face or via email/sms that I must feel guilty,, I got up this morning, I was going to stay awake and take U to the station and have a little snack together before I leave, … I DARE to wake up…"childish" and I lent over to touch you, U didnt react so I thought U were asleep, obviously U were pretending?..so that U could take out somer anger on me …? "childish"? then YOU say " IF " I want a relation with U …IF IF IF ?????> is that an idiotic thing to say to me? IT IS OUR child U carry isnt it? –  I spend time & money bringing my things here, even despite bad experiences with you… I am living here, and have told U that I will REDUCE going to LFC travel or trips … but dont forget U were INVITED to
last weekend & DIDNT WANT to go because YOU saw YOUR kids,,,,and U were also invited to go to LIVERPOOL… nothing comes first for me…U see your kids when they want, and U work when U want…U do what U want…so.,,how am I suddenly the bad guy??? for NO REASON other than U want to dump some sh*te on me…well done – I suppose now I will get another 20 nasty emails & sms sent to me whilst in LIVERPOOL, thats not "childish" is it???>   I will probably go early if all I have is an arguement before I leave – i have been care-full with you doing the work U wanted around the house, being sweet with your parents …specially in recent weeks BUT I really get tired of this attitude & just dont need UN-NECESSARY STRESS from U – its> bad enough that there are negative people out there..maybe U should postpone the party? (until U realise just what I GAVE & GIVE to OUR relationship…

 p.s. Just got your FIRST sms.(I am waiting for another 20 abuses…)

..U> gave up your "family" because yr relation with Hemmo was FALSE..learn your lesson…and dont take out yr frustrations on me…please!

Date: Sat, 23 Aug 2008 11:33:13 +0200> To:
Bhlib 80823 ChriS-Josee (from hotmail)
 Hiya, please also cc: pr1vate@chrismith.eu when U send me emails, because> at the moment one or the other is blocked and then i have 2 chances,,,,I can read any message U might have sent after 16h yesterday ..so I am sending this…I miss U V .Much and would have liked to share this weekend with U , but on the other side It is in some ways enoguh to worry about everyone here, the lads tent got flooded last night…but they had a good time until the early hours in the cafe …eventually we were singing but some of the locals were a little scared …but they seem good young lads and most have a hangover, they had breakfast with the big 2cv crowd…and now are looking around Baarle..filip & I will pick them up around 13h and they go back to get
ready for footy…> I wont book the dublin thing yet…so…unless U sms me
within the next few> minutes,,, lYa ..ChriS XXXXX

The discerning reader may probably not want to read the above, but unless U know whats going on, you reall wont know the "atmosphere" of my life at this time, its a miracle I got anything done..

like …promoting "WorldChild"…


Aan: <mark@bitbiz.org> <jjanez@gmail.com>
CC: <team4l1verpool@hotmail.co.uk>
Onderwerp: ChriS 70828MARK -ChriSmitH-WorlChild foundation" (network)
Datum: 29 August 2007 11:00

The "Happy ChriSmitH-WorlChild foundation" (network)

cc: e.m. Thoenes (adv.)


ChriS (Chris Smith = ChriSmitH) is not only a "Eur-Scouser" ; adopted
LUNATIC .he is one (crazy) Alien! (in the use of the word Alien also can
mean alleen; allien or Alone….) fate or whatever you do or dont believe
in means that ChriS has "freedom" and after deceased son (Adam) and 2
abducted children (Leon, 11 & Noela, almost 6..) ChriS also has no family
to leave his "inheritance" to…. although he is not quite ready to be
"beamed up" (btw – is "pop his clogs" a dutch expression <smile>???) means
that whilst considering his legacy he doesn’t want to leave a will &
testament that enriches the people that took his family, ChriS has been
searching for a "reason" to invest his remaining time, energy and remaining
funds (from the enforced sale of his former family home) and to once again
use the hidden "talents" <smile> that once launched him as a wizz-kid with
expertise in "psycho-strategic logistics & communication management" – (FFS
– whats that?????????)…..

anyway, enough of the bullsh*te – the bottom line is ; HELP KIDS = help the
WORLD…and this "foundation network" is intended to last long after he
departs, but if not, to have least made a positive impact, whilst using
limited resources;

ChriS will fund his own travel & give up his "penthouse shoebox apartment"
in Zwolle (NL) and go "endlessly on tour" …to link up people &
initiatives (existing & new) such as those featured by Easton cow-people in
Cullumpton, or by Pauli-Girls..or "fighting hearts-Freiburg" ..or
LUNATICS…M.I.N.K (Tolmin) M.I.N.T (Liverpool) and/or C.I.T.E (Istanbul)
etc,etc…the idea is to put his limited assets, resources & money into
getting this network going and for others to continue you it, YOU are
invited to participate in a once a year meeting to decide who & where &
what should benefit from this initiative………………(and dont forget
to support next years LUNATICS event near Antwerpen!)


* to provide the atmosphere of change; improvement; attitude & chances of
young people in particular; helping not only disadvantaged, homeless or
abused children but any child "at odds" with modern society

* to improve the lifestyle and opportunities of at LEAST one thousand
children every year (global target!)

* to have a positive CARING creative effect on current & future society,
beginning with every child understanding their (childrens) human rights &
equalities (& the Golden Rule!)

* to develop an eco-logical society supporting alternative ("grass routes")
multi-media networking (and also include value exchange between youth &

" to ENABLE the birth of "WorldChild" who BY choice is "stateless" (free of
religious, political, national, racial, even gender-bias, or any other form
of group-discrimination that harms natural growth

what you can/could do…?…=

– support; inform ; network ; find new/old contacts and causes and connect
– help ChriS if you can provide couch; b & b and communication facilities
when he visits your region
– support & APPLY the aims in your daily life = consequence means being a
GOOD example
– provide a small room/cellar where ChriS can store his few remaining
personal items (a few boxes!)
– inform ChriS of any ways he can make some "pocket money" in between to
ensure he dont starve. <smile>


But at the same time, I had SUPPORTED my "adopted brother" Fuat , in Istanbul pragamtically, emotionally and to a certain extent ; financially, and I needed to clarify our "situation"..

Onderwerp: m49 80903 ChriS-Fuat RE: hello
Datum: 03 September 2008 11:15

ChriS>ok Fuat,
I am pleased for YOU that things are OK./../for YOU…

but 2 things:
the words "consistency" and "consequences"
if U REALLY believe that in ANY aspect I let U down then its probably best if U dont communicate again, do it YOUR way, with YOUR brain, Brother…
I wish U success, take care

From: fuatnigel-46eured@live.comSubject: hello
Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 19:40:34 +0100

hello bro.. hope you are fine and well lets close the subjects and evrythþngscause: the thýngs ý dýd: was more than evrythýngsnot valuble wýth any amount of  fuckýng money…and you see all your lýttle thýngs and lýttle sýde and you never had or have thank about my carýng and evrythýngsyou lýve on your wrongs and rýghtsbut SORRY I HAVE MY OWN BRAIN AND I AM DOING VERY WELLAND EVRYDAY BECOMES VERY VERY GOOD AND MUCH BETTERSO: LETS SEE: WHO IS THE GOOD TIME FRIEND WHO IS THE REALL TIME FRIEND PLEASE DO NOT WROTE NO MORE THEM SHIT E MAILS THANK YOU………



Datum: 31 August 2008 14:50

IF i was a billionaire I would not give you 1 lire now…why?…because it dont help you, U have to learn things I already told U, financial parachutes dont help U, its hard but true…and IF U want to keep contact with me – U must answer MY quaestions instead of telling me what U want…ok BROTHER?

From: fuatnigel-4: HELLO BROTHER
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 17:56:08 +0100

HELLO BROTHER.first of all ý miss you very muchthen send to you all my best and warm regardsý have tryed very very very very hard to here.but: ý wýll sort out the  fýnacýal problemsthen ý wýll open very good offýce and wýth the students room and class and evrythinsg hereý know : from the begýnýng ý need help help help helpbut : ý know you dont have possýbýlýty to help me: and ý knew that clearso : ý have to work more harder and get evrythýngs ready : so you can come on the wel establýshed system wýthout any work and any effort.ý dont know rýght now whats your possýbýlýtýes about the fýnacýal stutuýonbut ý am sure: not very wellall the best for nowý wýll be ýn uk ýn few weeks týme for some thýngsand ý wýll start to make reservatýon for fenerbahce and the other clubs organýzatýonsall the best and hear from you soonlove fuat


and if this wasn’t enough..the "blockade" of comms goes on..to my ISP;

Datum: 01 September 2008 12:52

????? how can I complain about delay @ blocking of my emails (in & out) and access to MY website (www.eured-san.net)

> From: ChriS@eured-san.net> To: cahit
Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2008 05:06:31 -0400>
Subject: M49-80901 ChriS-Cahit ref http://www.eured-san.net
(uploading new webpages/docs)>

> Hello cahit
I hope U are well… I am having considerable problems ..
1) many times I try to connect via plesk and I am told by the web that it is an "illegal website"
2) I have a new webpage with pics – the password is stored – BUT sometimes(someone or something) it is just "kicking it out" even though it is EXACTLY correct can YOU identify what/who is blocking US
… how can I stop this…?
and get my new pages uploaded…easier?
 best wishes
(and my website and emails via http://www.chrismith.eu didnt work at all at this time..the "cia" obviously thought that the "footy FUn and Friendship weekend" in ZonderEigen was the beginning of a global "UPR|SING" <smile>…could be !?

and of course..the "strain" was showing on my contact with "lawyer Ellen"

Onderwerp: FW: X25-80904ellen (comms/ignorance)
Datum: 05 September 2008 10:01

 Dear Ellen, still no communications from you after all this time..maybe> telenet are also stopping your emails (??) ..thats ironic!

 I do NOT expect U to write very much, but act EXPECT YOU to act reasonably towards me..isnt THAT possible?> (whatever your personal dislikes or "demands" are!) I receive no REPLY to many messages (and therefore dont complain if I repeat them!)  do YOU really maintain that it is "reasonable" (or in keeping with your duty as a legal "officer") to IGNORE my messages and emails and POST since 5 weeks! – that I took time and TROUBLE & COST to photocopy and send thing> to you, to repeat emails time & time again, just so that you can IGNORE things that are IMPORTANT??? and tell me NOW that you are not interested??? you think this is "correcT by you? > and I must again inform you..as follows;
 1. I dont "occupy" Z25 (Filips idea!) My org.(EuRED/EdAgN) is PROTECTING>it from illegal capitalist EXPLOITATION…I was given the keys to Z25 as guardian/house-sitter by. M. Moust, there were no limits to that "responsibility" AND anyway I told U (via email, latest 25 august ) that I had phoned the telephone number U gave me for Francois’s "son" but there was no-one there, just an answer-machine!.
 2. The "telenet" saga is PART of the arguement over Z25/2 as Moust ordered it – and SHE negociated it and told me it would cost only e30 per month (which I paid!) not more than 800 euros! – and if Telenet are blocking> emails then thats a violation too..
 3. YOU did NOT have my authority to hand over keys to your "legal> colleague" Vloet without all outstanding problems being completely resolved (including Telenet) I cant argue with a belgian problem when I am not living there.
 4. do YOU understand that YOU should have told me FIVE weeks ago that U are> not going to do anything any more for me or assist the things I am doing, and my DELAY you contribute to DAMAGE the situation.
 5. YOU promised to find a "legal colleague" to hand my petition etc concerning my children 3 MONTHS ago, I have a bona – fide complaint against the methods of the flemish "legal system" _ i am not scared to take all these complaints/matters all the way to EU parliament in Brussels etc. and its up to YOU if you want to go against me too…so if YOU dont want to carry on then U will be a witness, any way hand my dossier to a competent colleague PLEASE!


note also unanswered;
Datum: 04 August 2008 09:17 to M.Moust

Chris>Hello, this is a private "without prejudice" message
as U know i am moving by 15th August ..but
a) the ladies bike has been taken, have you or maurice got it?..otherwise we must report it stolen (i paid e31 for its repair)
b) we have been told by our legal adviser to have the state declare the building for demolition, have U or Francois any objection to having the building declared unsafe now?

(Of course, a typical mentality is to ignore communications they dont want to or cannot answer properly, so she ignored me, and because she is a close friend of Filip’s Linda, they stopped talking to me, too)


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