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ChriS-tor-Y? – CULTure “08” …chapter 3 ..”sunny” but “NOT without-Me”

ChriS-tor-Y? – CULTure "08" …chapter 3 .."sunny" but "NOT without-Me"

Moving from Spring to Summer without "fixed abode" was a "different" sensation..and having lived in ZonderEigen for most of the year "08" whilst Liverpool had "European Capital of culture=08" with a 3 billion pound programme going on, I wsa next door to the "08" position on the flemish bicycle route..

"ZonderEigen" roughly translates into "Without me" and the "MAIN" event would be the footy tournament..for fun and (international) friendship…bringing a team from Liverpool to ZonderEigen for the "NOT without me weekend" was my little part in support for "CULTure 08" <smile>

As before the "Grass Routes" e-mail "reporting" is the basic structure of "ChriS-tor-Y" supported now by the web-pages of http://www.eured-san.net and more lately http://www.facebook.com/Chri5mitH ..which to a large extent represnts the masses hunger (or rather "addiction" for "instant" media ..maybe these stories will only make sense to the average reader when the full circle arrives with people wanting to consume in a careful (slower) manner..right now (as we are having problems with at LIVERPOOL footbal club, people have been CONDITINED by the "success " of capitlist-consumerism to just want "now" …)…

CULTure?, what Culture?…

Brazilian Nina, kept sending "beijos" and asking me to meet her over there or when she visits her girlfriend in Antwerp…at the time of seperation from XXXX Jd it was becoming more and more tempting to just leave europe and all the negative behind, bu then I dont give up on contact with my estranged kids or the REDS. contacts with Nina also got blocked…I had hoped she might be "subversive" but not that way ..<smile>

I had complained again to our new ISP in Istanbul about the failure of the website login, and further comms "interference" the problem that the NWO security methods now cause is that we now dont ever know if our communications are being blocked or our internet service is simply not working.."welcome to the FREE & "democratic" world of the NWO…! (mind U I think they had more problems with blocking an Istnabul ISP than an EU or USA ISP <smile>

In July I considered , with Jd to offer some "start up services" in English / Dutch..
http://www.eured-san.net/benelux-training.html , but the email addresses were blocked – in fact all my various email addreses in this series/Blog have been blocked..must be a "coincidence" because i suffer from paranoia, dont I? 😉

I had a little while to move from the House-sitting, as I had given Ellen ("lawyer") evidence which proved that they were wrong to try to evict me, but the "judge" didn’t like a "stranger" winning so, as they say in boxing terms, £he had to knock the other guy out to get a draw" ..I won the case, because I only used Ellen as a "legal interpreter" – unless you are an idiot, dont give power to lawyers, if U MUST use them then control them, because THEY are all in the same club as their "learned colleagues" (the opposition attorneys and judges) they will sit in the cafe drinking coffee, or booze together at the bar(its also what they call their "society") , laughing about you.

 Ellen had contacted me the day before the hearing, Marg and the woman tried to evict me, despite our agreements, which I had kept on email, surprising her lawyer. Ellen had not prepared or read through my evidence and I had to get angry in order to get her to realise that I was not in the wrong. Their lawyers insulted me, he didn’t know that I understood some flemish. Thats what I mean, If I insulted a judge or lawyer in court they would penalise me. but I smiled having beat the system in a very small victory!  I asked Ellen to counter-claim for e5000 , but she didnt want to lose
 her "club membership". I asked Ellen to get a "forensic translation of the judgement" into english? because I knew they had made legal mistakes, but she would not, and even ignored my instructions giving the keys to the house to the crooks without my consent. I had keys to the ajoining house, so moved a few things there whilst I made a claim (even with Ad transalting it into dutch for me) ..but they broke in and stole my stuff..deja vu number 99!

I had an "exchange" via internet with Stefan ("flemish Skilful scousers") I was sad and angry that Nico and Marc were still "freezing me" its not right to do that, I had attempted to confront Nico  in Milan after we played at the san siro and Torres won the game for us, with several thosand REDS  all "bouncing" and in a happy mood, I felt in a good mood enough to extend my hand to him, but he turned away, I nearly thumped him on the spot, but the others didn’t know my side of the story, I would just increase the "bad guy" image in their eyes..In July when I was still in Ze I went to antwerp to pick up my post from my post box,  and I called at Nicos > (decided to confront him and stiop this bullsh*te one way or other..) but he wasnt there – so I went to Wim (president of lunatics) inkapellen, he was off work with neck injury, and we talked he told me he know  nothing…but I explained my side and he invited me to Lunatics tournament/weekend middle august (one week before ours..) so i left a note at Nicos saying "wim has invited me, so maybe you better stop this …?" we
shall see…(nico had so far blocked my emails as "junk")

One of the "treats" that locals in ZonderEigen (Filip,a 2CV enthusiast,  before his girlfriend linda, "pulled him in" and I used to go out thursdays or sundays at unusual times to "Debbie’s Foutcaffee" a bar where anything goes, and I caught the eye of owner Debbie and she mine, when I was seperated from XXXX Jd (those are not kisses, btw) I invited her for dinner, and I cooked really wel, got some ice from Gunther in the cafe, and we sat on the roof and had a discussion, then listened and danced downstairs in that huge house..and …we went out a couple of times, but the bar’s reputation attracted some idiots too, and on my birthday i had a "set to" with 3 of them and it caused some friction between Debbie and I , as I felt she "provoked" these young guys too much when they already drunk when they came in, anyway I kept in touch with her, at a distance. She didnt want anyone to know, same old story….

I had registered within the revised "Liverpool Supporters club-member scheme" and yet felt that whoever was promoting the LFC.tv certainly wasn’t "old school" ..they wanted to ask who was the "best" manager..Shanks or Bob..I wrote at the time..


" its wrong to do this IMO… Its almost an insult to subject the memories of 2 deceased GREATS ..because they played different roles..BUT there would not BE an LFC of the standing of this club without Shanks first laying the foundations..its arguable whether LFC would have gone on to win the same haul of trophies between 74-89 with Shanks, but probable..BOB – whilst an obviously immense & shrewd
manager did not & could not have had the confidence and ambition to argue and fight to get the club "sorted"…

Shanks could have been anything, could have been a leader in almost any
situation, wheras BOb needed an environment to improve,, Shanks gave him
that …Bob was magnificent in raking over and applying what was needed to
make the club a european cup legend ..but as a man Shanks wsa the only one
who had the "something" to turn a second division club into a great name

too many people look at numbers and were not around in those days…i
really dont see how anyone who is younger than 40 can even vote or give a
complete reply – sorry to say that i think LFc are wrong to sponsor it and
both men should be honoured for their different roles…but its almost like
comparing a builder with a painter…and i dont even like using that

if I had to vote , which i dont , and wont, i would vote Shanks…but
please lets just honour them both.."


I was looking forward to the coming footy season, and the REDS were goign to play in BERLIN, in their first friendly , so as Angie lived there now, I took the risk of bringing Angie and Jd together and proposed to pay for their (cheap) match tickets if we could overnight at Angies flat. …..

EuRED-"grass routes" SUMMER special 10-24 JUly 08
"from A.L.F.-sitting to dunking doughNUTS & "was ZOLL das" ?..
the previous week/end had been quiet,  apart from a pizza & a couple of wines at "de Singel" …
and a visit to the bar in Z. and an early morning drink with nice lads; young Tim , his girlfriend & co..i had moved some stuff to Frans in anticipation of a change of address, but i am still here in "without me" for the time being//…a visit to the President of the "Lunatics" resuklted in an invitation to their summer tourny (one week before OUR Zondereigen EVENT/weekend fun & fiooty , at the end of august…will Nico still "hide" ??….)
Saturday morning I left in the hertz rentacar from  ZonderEigen ("without me") ..to join Jz house & dog sitting for Sandra…cut the grass & tidied up and off to Zwolle before the weather changed, but it did, again & again…i gave Sandras dog the name "ALF-Manuel-Gardener"…
ALF because he looked like the thinf from the Tv comedy, "Manuel" because when giving the grey long-haired old english sheepdog any commands it just looked at me as if to say (like Manuel from Faulty towers) "que?" …and GARDENER …because he didnt get out much til we gave him long 2/3 kilometre "walkies" ..and had a mentality similar to the character played by peter Sellers in "being there"…
….Jz & I cut his long hair, which tended to get in the way of his eating/seeing…and when he went in the pool he got nervous and clung to the ladder like a little man with both his front legs as if they were his arms..U just had to “be there” to see how funny (not cruel) he was…
Jz invited some neighbours & colleagues to a BBQ @ Sandras – so in order to feel "comfortable" I did the cooking …
…several courses, meats;sausages; burgers; gambas; corn-on-the cob; salad& bananas…what a feast and the wine got the better of everyone, especially Jz…
sunday mostly slept, and monday decided to delay departure to Berlin so that jz could arrange for a sitter for us ! …and she came to Berlin..too…having already agreed with Angie to stay at her flat after the "friendly match" (Herth Berlin v LIVERPOOL fc) I was pleased to have her company on the 1200 kms round-trip….but at the back of my mind i was also conscious of the RISK of visiting "Germoney" and being "detained/investigated" again…just to make it "interesting" Jz informed that she hadnt any I.D. on her! ….
so, can U imagine how I felt when just after makign a mid-way "coffee & pee stop"…a GREEN & white ZOLL police van (which had been tracking us almost since we had crossed the dutch/german border) decided to PULL us in…
I didnt even know thats what they were doing , I just kept thinking "sh*te that POLIZEI van is now just in front of us..surely they wont"…Jz said "they want us to follow" but I didnt realise that they were actually hanging out of the passenger window waving a red ping-pong bat at us,, (to HALT!…) …the adrenalin was pumping when they pulled into the parking arae and signalled to em to stop behind them..I got out…
the exchange went something like..(in german)
older officer ("beamte") > are U carrying anything ? weapons? drugs? MONEY etc ?
me> NO!  just 50 euros cash..
younger beamte> your papers?
me> my passport …(thinking "please dont check it out on your computer…")
older> your wife?
me>not my wife, friend…Jz?…
Jz> NO cant find it…
older>(to her) U know u should carry ID ?
Jz> didnt check before I left, i have a credit card..
me>(thinking…oh sh*te..they are bound to take us in…and then, they have an "excuse" to keep US …and even when they let Jz go. they are SURE to keep me for questioning again..the last time 6 months,,,)
so i said (as they asked me to open up the back of the car, the LIVERPOOL banner nearly flew away ..) "look – we are goingf to Berlin, my team LIVERPOOL is playing a FRIENDLY football match there…and (luckily) here are the tickets, I am a member of the LFC club and got my tickets from Liverpool ..(and also got 2 from hertha sent to Angie)
younger beamte> oh, you will not lose to Berlin, …(and we started to talk about football, him being a Bayern fan..never mind…<smile>)
me> yeah but our best players ("stars" ) are at home; Gerrard; Torres; Reina, Alonso etc..
so we will play mostly our reserves & youth players
younger> but you could still beat Hertha
me> (thinking= lets cut this chat & get out…) yeah sure, if we play well enough, although Hertha are in their stadium…
(then I noticed the older officer going to the van with my passport and match tickets in hand..
and held my breath..)
younger>(whilst checking all the car door panels etc) "when do you return to NL?"
me>probably tomorrow – we expect to stayt just one night, I have to return this rented car!
older>(coming back from the van, gives me the passport & tickets) "U can go…!"
-maybe he didnt check the general computer ? (they MUST have a note about me on it)
-maybe german beamte have been told to leave me alone (after all I have made 54 complaints in Strasbourg and have a petition against "germoney" pending in Brussels)
– didnt they use Jz as an excuse?..maybe because in reality they were only looking for smugglers and sometimes one section dont talk to another…
– maybe because Jz was "witness" ..not easy to justify anything against me when I am not alone…
anyway 3 hrs later we were at Angies flat, a cooling off, coffee and a snack…helped a lot…
we gave Jz a short tour/site-seeing trip of Berlin city and its monuments (see pics!?) ..
and caused some shouts from germans & smiles from a few REDS when we drove around the "Brandenburg tor" (gate) -supposeldy shut off to traffic due to the visit of Obama from the USA (suggested that we sell him our "spare" for the match at a profit..<smile> )…

managed to escape the rush hour traffic and extra jams caused by blocked-off roads and get to the stadium (parking only 100 metres away) around 17h..well early hoping to "hook up" with some travelling REDS…but there was only a handful of "hard core"..REDS…most of the lads there were part-timesr; one-timers; armchair fans and kids that had hooked up to LFC recently and maybe because many of their mums & Dads ; Berliners ("doughNUTS") .are beatles fans…and associate with OUR club …a Hertha fan & his mum (or grandma) sat next to us whilst Jz Angie & myself enjoyed a glass or 2 of the RED (wine) and I taught them the lyrics of songs, a Danish lad came up and "Steve " from Leipzig who gave me a newspaper with a pic of "OUR KID" (El Nino=Fernando Torres) scoring the winner against the germans in "Euro 08" …pity it wasnt him scoring the winner in the CL final v the Mancs, but I smiled & thanked him anyway …I can wait …
The girls seemed to have had a good time on their "VIP spec"  (but bit like the centenary..no one singing!) could nt see the banner from where I was (witht he "travelling KOP" behind the goal, almost 52 K saw the game – not bad fro a friendly match – especially as it was clear that OUR "stars" wouldnt be their – for me I was pleased to see the new lads (Dosena &  Deggen?) for the first time (Pepe, Xabi & our kid al still "resting" ) DANIEL AGGER back from fitness  and especially the young lads ; Pacheco looked very sharp & creative ; should have had a goal, Voronin worked his socks off, should have sunk the pemn, but both keepers
played well (inc our new "2nd choice " Cavalieri..)
There were 2 girls sitting in my row with short RED skirts & low tope – I think every lad in the stand had his photo taken with them, dont know if they were local, as there were quite a lot of east-european voices around me..an early "YNWA" but the inexperience of the fans was apparent as most chants & songs were un-co-ordinated, still its pre-season, so the "subs & reserves" of FANS get their chance too…we went back to Prenzlauer berg, parked there and walked to a nearby bar , warm enough to sit outside , a chat and back to Angies for a few hours sleep before the (thankfully) uneventful & sunny journey back to "never-land", tired but happy…
heres looking forward and hoping for a successful season for the REDS, in the Premiereship & champions league once more ..no 19 PLEASE Rafa???
enjoy your football whoever you follow, in the top flight or at local park level., its important for kids its important for society its important to learn about the ethics, the team work and to fight for the sport that should keep kids feet on the ground….kicking a ball!  <smile>
Bill Shankly – ‘The socialism I believe in is not really politics; it is humanity, a way of living and sharing the rewards’
p.s. I wonder if I should mention the crazy theatre/alternative “happenings” I organised in 1995 in BERLIN & Freiburg…especially when the drum flew across the stage…..?…(see “the book”)
p.p.s. dont forget our tournament "fun & footy" with BBQ/Disco etc 22/23/24 August..
free camping & cheap B & B available..email footz@chrismith.eu
 additional stuff
– poem (Lyrics) "Horrors maze"
– Holland a "Banana RepubiK" ?
– Flood the motorways
– flemish Tips
– Hurricane?
– HORROR’s maze
Angie is a singer-songwriter & gave us an impromtu "concert" of several new songs and whilst discussing the title of one of them – whether it should be called "Morrows Haze" or " Haze of Morrow" came the title "Horror’s Maze"…..so …this is "horror’s maze" (written on way back to Z25/2….24th July 08 inspired by …Angie/berlin)
a spontaneous poem/lyrics for?…(check spelling)
in a daze, I see the gaze,
of HORROrs’s maze ..
and I querstion my ways…
out of the Horror…or or or
.(guitar/cello solo/angie vocals)
hungry dying, children crying..
politics lying..again & again..
…in this "horror’s maze"
whatever he or she  says..its a maze..
a "horror’s maze" …these days..
just a trendy craze …for more & more..
.(guitar/cello  solo/angie vocals)
OR I can be strong..
..I know what is wrong..
..then it wont be long..
till I wake up …in my own dimension..once more ..or or?
.(LONG guitar/cello  solo/angie vocals)
= Holland a Banana REpublic ? – ESSENT voted Europes Worst utility company:
Jz has been tryiing to get ESSENT to styop billing her for her OLD address since October 2007
– she has phoned seven different people/departments in their "orgfanisation"
– received 20 letters & visited ESSENT offices – "customer services" (where she is told to phone another office)
– been promised 4 times that it will be "sorted out" – Jz even sent the cancellation by "recorded post"
– been told to write to 2 OTHER companies to have the services with ESSENT stopped!
ON 21 st July (before leaving for Berlin) she got a phone call – the person from ESSENT said she would write
– the letter arrived and referred to a conversation on 21st JUNE (?) ..and said her services would be dis-contunued from 11th August 2003 (?)
– and she must pay e 170 euros on top of over 500 euros she has paid for services NOT received (for her old address)
UNLESS you agreed to a contract saying so in the beginning it is YOUR LEGAL RIGHT to cancel a service/product  from the person/company you bought it from – there is NO WAY that ESSENT should expect JZ to contact OTHER companies to dis-continue a services that she ordered via ESSENT and NO WAY that it should take TEN months to cancel said service!
WE HEREBY DECLARE ESSEN & the various associated companies (including "Oxxio" to be this MONTHS WORST UTILITY COMPANY IN EUROPE
Mind you much of the problem is the failure of the dutch people to complain (they seem to becoming more "german" ?) the dutch railways are a mess – which everyone seems to accept and the bus station has no time-table or info when services are delyed or cancelled (such as Veolia buses going on strike without any notice board informing paseengers)…as in the failre & erosion of human rights it seems the public get the society their APATHY deserves???
– FLOOD the motorways ?
I was reminded again of the mess of modern transport when driving through "germoney" with an endless line of heavy "goods" trucks filling the inside lane of almost every motorway = delaying traffic; causing pollution ; endangering users and obscuring signs – I usually use trains or buses and ride a bike, but because of the costs of "public transport" i sometimes use budget travel (Ryan/ezjet) but the summer costs are too high – so I rent a car = its cheaper than buying a car and better than paying for it to sit around or be used for just one person all year (me) ..after my meningfitisi coma in 1995 – I wrote on my website and presented to student groups etc my concepts theories and experience of "Eco-logistics" …a way to change y-our lifestyle that would (could) improve y-our world and save it for y-our childrens sake…well U know its easy then to attack ME – even though alternatives to fossil fuel have been available almost a hundred years, wind & water powered energy even before solar could have avoided th eozone problem …and I recall one person (with a sarcastic grin) asking me "ChriS, U are such a clever guy, what ONE thing couldm solve Europes pollution…I said immidiately "FLOOD the motorways"………..anyone care to argue this radical solution ?
(of course some adaption would be required, but the long term costs would be cheaper)
– container barges carrying 10. 20 or even 100 loads with 1 or 2 pilots overnight maintain delivery requirements
– normal car passengers switched to non-motorway roads & rail
– local trucks meet containers via rail & canal reducing energy use.
– canals produce air flow thus reducing existing pollution
– less stress and END to reasons to "lobby" for oil use or worse to go to WAR for OIL  ? ( a la USA-led Baghdad invasion killing thousands of kids, to get strateguc control of OIL regions)
too simple|? no! – why wont it happen , because the public are too selfish & apathetic -letting  politicians too weak/corrupt continue the pollution of the oil monopoly

a)       Apart from forming the new “Flemish LIVE-R-BIRD club 08” <smile> one of the most beautiful things about where I am sitting at the moment is the countryside, – this morning I biked 20-odd kms from “without me” to Tilburg (through 5 borders!) and it was a clear blue sky, sunny with a slight breeze, many “profi-style” cyclists just speed through the area, but this morning i just soaked it up..recommended a cycling tour of antwerpen-kempen/brabant border ares around Baarle…
b)       Rentacar ; summer time the budget travel costs go up, so i tend to rent a car instead, IF U can book ahead, (say one month)  reserve the cheapest car at the BUSIEST time – more often than not you will get an “upgrade” to a bigger nicer vehicle – for the same price ! as happened today _and this one is a diesel , so cheaper to run!
c)       “FREE sitting services”??? ; anywhere in europe ??– do you want someone U know to look after your home or  property?..if you are away or on holiday, care for the dogs, cut the grass; feed the fish cat or rabbit? Even decorate the kitchen?…email : JoseD@chrismith.eu  or pisz@chrismith.eu or EuRED@live.com
(NOTE property only accepted if confirmed by email – and recommended or known by  a friend or aquatinance of Jz or other EuRED member )
Go to :   http://www.eured-san.net/p1sz.html

–          the “Hurricane”
we watched  the film “Hurricane” again last night – highly recommend it if U havent seen it or read the TRUE story auto-biography of Rube “Hurricane” Carter ….mind U – I still wonder if U really need convincing just how many times injustice occurs and if its really necessary to publish a book before justice is applied throughout y-our world…it still amazes me how many people read a book or watch a film and identify with the (rebel) hero – but when they encounter such a person in REAL life – label him/her a “trouble-maker “  or say such STUPID things like …”well he must be guilty – other wise they wouldnt have arrested/imprisoned him , would they? “

“he’ s not the MESSIAH, hes a VERY NAUGHTY BOY ! “ (M. Python s “Lifeof Brian”)


I had another "period" witrh Jd, she came over to Ze again, apologising, and we "got dressed" to go out one night, had dinner inTurnhout and I took her to Debbie’s bar , as Debbie didn’t want to continue anything , I hadn’t persued her either, so we had cooled off, we had a good night there, singing and dancing, then just as we were leaving , Debbie insisted on coming to me and hugging me close, with a whispered farewell my ear, we kissed on the cheek, I wasn’t so surprised at Jd being upset by this, as it was obvious to anyone who looked close enough that we had been "close" ..but when I I looked at Jd and thought about all those betrayals she had done to me (and more) when I was travelling, I told Jd to "stick it" tus she wasn’t there for the "big "not withotu me" weekend..I was "without her" and that made it a relaxed time indeed!

I was also planning to go to the champions league qualification games at "nearby" Liege and at home (Liverpool v Standard Liege) but the ticket office were a complete shambles, and even though I had "history" on my fancard and was in the new "member scheme" it was a mess, I eventually got "sorted" for the game in Liege by belgian Marc S…but it was funny that I had to "host" the Flemish contingent in the french-speaking region..even explaining to the Liege ticket office and chattingto the Standard fans, as I lead our little group into their "fan club" (supposedly not allowed) and we were bought drings and had photos taken by their fans.

AS I had got no reply from a request to see Leon on his birthday (agust 11) I ordered the new Liverpool "replica shirt" to be sent to him direct, – via email with Annika he was sent a  "Leon 8" shirt (Leon had been "captain" of his local kids footy team, so no surprise that his hero was Stevie G..and later wanted only "Garrard 8" on the shirts I sent him)

Legal or ILL-legal?..Of course theres the "normal dispute" with the B(W)ankers..and ..

Aan: <j.berg@rabobank.nl>
CC: <111-legal_edagn@chrismith.eu>; <edagn@eured-san.net>

Onderwerp: RE: 3702.00.411 Bouma-Smith Formation and Management
Datum: 15 August 2008 14:16

CS> Mr. J. Berg -YOU FAILED TO RESPOND TO POST & EMAILS sent ONE YEAR AGO…SO,  why must I "know about" this…do YOU know about how many complaints made by me on behalf of the Company BOuma-Smith …because of RABOBANKSs mistake, YOUR banks mistakes led to the demise, so please read this following email and then go away…or better still PAY US COMPENSATION OF 20,000 Euros , …(maybe the media would like to read about the story of your bad services???)
a/c 3702004: EuRED-ek – Bouma-Smith to Irma THOENES – general matters post-Zw.

From: ChriS EuRED (team4l1verpool@hotmail.co.uk) Sent: Thursday, November 29, 2007 12:26:41 PM

To: g.leeuw@rabobank.nl; teambedrijvenadvies@rabobank.nl
Cc: e.bosch@dommerholt.nl (e.bosch@dommerholt.nl)
TO : Rabobank – attn Gerd de Leuw
still laughing at me?
for your info;- (sent today to dommerholt advocat)do not send any letters to Prins MauritsSt 20a  please send them via dommerholt – em Thoenespb 1182 – bloemendal str 78001 BD ZwolleNL
thank you – end of communications!

EuRED-ek – B-S to Irma THOENES – general matters post-Zw.Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 12:05:28 +0100

to Irma Thoenes

Dear Irma,

1. General  As I told you during our first meeting , I came to NL solely to work on "bouma-smith formation & management services ltd" – a closed company limited by capital & shares, however; Resignation of one co-MD (Robin) who decided to concentrate on his individual career in Rotterdam, the illness of a potential new business partner (Ben de JOng) ; the interference in email communication & failures of the first Dutch ISP to provide clear & efficient email & website services (@bouma-smith.nl) ; the failure of the orange "wifi" (chrismith@orange.nl) which ceased to operate in March 07 ; plus the mistakes of Rabobank (taking 3 months to make a VITAL business transfer to LIverpool chamber of commerce – losing our membership at a time of build up to "european capital of culture" and cancelling the wrong bank card etc!) was not quite sufficient to make me want to give up on NL – BUT the sale of "il gusto" recently and the antics of Mr. Huismann have forced my decision, to leave – at least temporarily. (there will be a formal EGM on 14th december in Liverpool to decide further action – considering litigation against Rabobank) Unfortunately, i had no personal relations that gave me reason to stay & no interest in my charitable offers by Zwolle community! please use my hotmail for messages in the meantime.

 2. 8019 20a (Huismann!) please note the letter I sent to Huismann should be referred to a litigation/human rights lawyer in your practice – I reported the incident to the police when Huismann raised his fist and told me to "go back to england" …the following day he burst into my room – again without waiting to be invited and despite letters & such asking him to phone or leave a message before arriving…there was a struggle during which both Huismann & myself were physically hurt! also THE construction works near P. Maurits vibrated the room from 07h until 19 hrs which meant I could not write or rest…. – I have told his son in law "Roy" (who speaks good english) to write – c/o your address –  with his response to my WRITTEN complaints.also note that I am in the process of seeking alternative accomodation – but may spend the next months setting up a centre of activities at Pan-Tel – elahadin Pinar Cad.Mevlüt Çavuþ sokakÖzdemir Ýþhaný No:4 K:3 D:8Mecidiyeköy/ Istanbul 34100TURKEY

I would like your lawyer to make proposals – if your firm is capable of delivering an effective litigation or which government office is interested in racial abuse – to be contacted? (however – this is as pre-cost consultation – not "on the clock" – as with the Rabobank – the eventual fees if your lawyer is engaged to litigate against Huismann and/or Rabobank – are responsibility of "bouma-smith formation & management services ltd" (bank account at Rabobank Zwolle 3702004- contact Gerd de Leuw)  a copy of this email will be sent to him. With regards to my Estranged Children I have informed the European Court of HUman Rights (Strasbourg) that they should reply via your address with the progress of my application  for a hearing (SMITH v B.R.D " – (germoney) application n. 22923/05 )Of course Noela’s 6th birthday yesterday (28 Nov) was distressing for me – not knowing her whereabouts or condition – however I am informed by friends that her mother (Margit Streifeneder ) may have moved – if she has moved outside of the BRD – I will try to have her found & arrested for the violent abduction near our home in geiswasser (may 2004)..please inform me urgently IF you receive any news. billing I have eventually seen your invoice of 15th November -(it should have been addressed to the B-S company – as I left GW to NL solely for the company)I am confused as I understood that you acknowledged that a) our inititial meetings prior to you being engaged were without costb) you would only be paid for actual agreed ACTION – which as far as I know was ONE letter (that I pre-prepared) which took one month to be sent to the mothers lawyer.- I suggest that in light of my situation and that I have referred THREE new clients to dommerholt (inc Tielbaard-Duiker, Jose ) that the  billing is credited ……..blah blah blah

and on the subject of "fee-male lawyers"

Just a week or so before "the weekend" I wrote about the end of the "ZonderEigen house-sitting" to "lawyer Ellen"..


TO Ellen Geerts

ref ZonderEigen 25-/2

Dear Ellen

1. I enclose the keys for Z25/2 – THESE ARE NOT to be released to ANYone
without my agreement – -which is based on satisfactory conclusion of the

2. I have left the structure known as "Zondereigen 25/2" – I have NOT
received a forensic translation of the "judgment" you sent me from
"Turnhout vredegerecht court"

3. I am situated at the house in front which has been EMPTY for several
months. EdAgN shall protect "Z25/2" also as a community property & as "Dads
Refuge" (details forwarded to BH "gemeentehuis"

4. I require an answer to questions made to Francois, Moust & "lawyer Vloet"
– bike?
– safety of Z25/2 (demolition date)
I shall PROTECT the property as much as I am able from TRESPASS
/endangerment due to unsafe structure & wirings etc and PROTECT the unique
NATURE i have discovered in the garden area. Furthermore, a defence system
needs to be dismantled. All these aspects should be noted as WARNINGS to
anyone attempting to force entry to the structure or land area known as
"Zondereigen 25-/2."
– the Telenet situation
– EdAgN claim (invoice) =Legal "Lien" of Euros 5000!

5. I also wish to know, on behalf of the people, what use is intended for
this area. as it was not legally registered.
and require PROOF of any "ownership" or "contract of ownership" before
allowing YOU to hand over any KEYS.

I also have personal possessions & items belonging to "EdAgN" etc still on
the property & would advise ANYone (including Bailiffs NOT to "test" my
resolve in prtecting the rights of the people and myself and MY FAMILY
(including my children) who may also be resident at any time.

IF you have any questions please do not hesitate to email me via
111-legal_edagn@chrismith.eu OR EdAgN@eured-san.net OR (if confidential)
via pr1vate@chrismith.eu

thanks you in advance for your understanding & CO-OPERATION

cc: BH "gemeentehuis"
cc: EdAgN
cc: Ad-Vader & other human rights activists /orgs

Aan: <gemeente@baarle-hertog.be>
CC: <Eured@live.com>
Onderwerp: M49-15th August 08 Change of address ChriS.SMITH
Datum: 19 August 2008 15:19

CS>please note that as from 15th August 08 – ChriS SMITH moved from
Zondereigen 25/2 to Zondereigen 25. – postal address continues to be
ZonderEigen 25/2.


and the weekend before the "not without me" Tournament I went with Jd to visit the Lunatics tournament, No one had invited me to play, it was a big tournament, but they had excluded my "EuRED" team, and only President Wim, and (black) Kenny was really friendly. even "adopted daughter" sabrina and patrick seemed cool, and so we didnt stay long, I felt sick that the crap that Nico had seeped into good memories..end of that era…but then ..what agreat weekend "WE" had…
Onderwerp: http://www.eured-san.net/footz.html

RE: REPORT: European NOT-without-me-Football FRIENDSHIP CUP 08-> 09 Datum: 02 September 2008 09:27

see http://www.eured-san.net/footz.html

NOT-Without-me Cup 08 "REPORT" ("EuRED/grass routes emailing")

FIRSTLY… a BIG THANKS to ALL participants, local or other, players, fans
and "organisers" ……..<smile>

"Success….Eventually" (22-24 august 08)

(Winston Churchill once said that "Success comes from going from failure to
failure with enthusiasm…thats probably this years message..)

This idea started to form significantly on May 1 of this Year, 246 emails,
countless phone calls & sms and just 3 months later the "event"
happened…..EVENTUALLY! …………….
……..My frustration with planning the last weekend of the 07/08 –
invitations to go to the HJC cup ,OR A "heavy" footy week in Vilnius OR a
fan-weekend in M’Gladbach & the last PL game the REDS played @ spurs
….the rare ticket opportunity in London & a cheap overnight bus made it
easier to decide considering my budget was low, but missing the HJC cup got
to me so a couple of weeks before I thought well, lets make another
"International weekend" ………ex-ALSIN chairman Marco K. informed me
that the Dutch supporters wouldnt be invited over the HJC winners, and as
ZONDEREIGEN has a footy club, I thought "why not here" and the invitations
started going out..Although many teams were already committed to the
LUNATICS event in Antwerp which was planned from last year for this August
(11-a-side & LADIES ) ….

SO, what was special about this weekends 7-a-side EVENT @ ZONDEREIGEN????


THIS year (08) is the "European Capital of Culture" in LIVERPOOL (a huge
billion-euro "cultural development programme" going on under the name
"LIVERPOOL 08" …the Bicycle route number "08" = is situated at

"Grass roots" (grass "routes")

OUR initiative is to Bring together cultural & Friendly connections at "low
level" (grass roots) to people who are NOT affected or invloved in "BIG
CITY developments" …Theme : "football  fun & friendship without
frontiers"  = "NOT-Without-me" !!! We roughly Translated the name
ZONDEREIGEN into (english) "without me" ..and to represent the SPIRIT of
friendship and LIVERPOOL’s FAMOUS anthem ; "you’ll Never Walk alone" ….we
call the Trophy for this weekend the "NOT-without-me Cup"


There was a special competition in LIVERPOOL in May of this year called the
"HJC CUP"  whereby small teams & fan clubs compete for the trophy which
promoted the "Hillsborough Justice Campaign" (charity)- the winners (ROBY
FC) …a group of young guys living in the LIVERPOOL area WON the cup and
were INVITED to join OUR Initiative.

other teams invited included:
– British UNITED football Club (Brussels) – british ex-patriots
living/working in Brussels
– FC Zondereigen
– "EuRED"  (odd players From : EuRED/LIVERPOOL supporters (Overseas)
Network )  including ChriS SMITH <smile>
– A team from Antwerp (via Gunter)
– A Celtic team from Rotterdam (unconfirmed)


Was that everyone makes new friends and that Football can be enjoyed away
from the money-mad business influences all over Europe, and that this event
sets GOOD  examples for others, especially kids on how to enjoy football!
(see also http://www.eured-san.net/footz.html )


EVENT Programme
(see also http://www.eured-san.net/footz.html)

ORganised by ChriS SMITH +31 638 751 034 & Gunter Potters (Cafe
Schuttershof) Tel.: 014/633169 – Gsm: 0498/329964
& on behalf of EuRED/LIVERPOOL supporters (Overseas) Network in association
with  FC  Zondereigen, B2387 Baarle HERTOG/(Baarle Nassau.)

 Dates:  22/23/24 August 2008 Hosted by : "Cafe Shuttershof" – Zondereigen.

 Saturday : 7-a-side teams & unlimited teams on sunday for the final
fun-day kick – about

> 22.aug. welcome party & meeting
> 23 aug – saturday afternoon from 14h games – bbq / party
> 24 aug brunch & finale fun game – for anyone still fit – all ages &
genders to have a nice "kick-about" fun game..

Theme : "Grass Routes football  fun & friendship without frontiers"
competition ….. for the "NOT Without ME Cup"  international FUN &
FRIENDSHIP  tournament 2007 ) Normal friendly footy rules applied

about  ROBY FC ,,,

Ian organised the team with the sole purpose of playing in the HJC cup (may
08). & had never played together before then as a group, Ian knew the lads
could all play. the Team was made up by Ian, brother David Wah, cousin Andy
Wah, and four friends … Paul and Sean Avery who are brothers, Mike Ford
the goalkeeper and Gary Clarke who unavailable for this event contributed
loads in getting Roby FC to be the HJC (08) final winners. winning the HJC
cup with late drama, but the path to the final was less exciting. Roby FC
beat every team played convincingly right up until they played Sefton Shed
in the final. That game was full of ups and downs. Roby took the lead, 1-0,
then 1-1. 1-2. 2-2. 3-2. & scored a late goal to make it 3-3 and  thought
it was going to penalties. From the kick off, Sefton scored a dubious goal
which Roby players thought was over head height. A fired up Gary Clarke
scored a late goal from far out and forced penalties at 4-4.  keeper Mike
was in fine form in the shootout as he saved 2 penalties and we scored all
4 of ours to win the trophy. It was a tiring day but well worth it. With
Gary dropping out, Joe, A REDS fan, joins 5 blues & a spurs fan, all living
in LIVERPOOL to play in the "European NOT-without-me football friendhsip
cup 08" (and are invited to DEFEND their "title" in 09!)

BRITISH United FC (team I & II )

see http://www.bufc.org/

FC Zondereigen

awaiting translation of the club history…play @ "Sonneveld" in the
village of ZonderEigen – in the UNIQUE FLEMISH region of Baarle Hertog,
just a few hundred metres from the Dutch border(s)…..

Cafe Schuttershof.


The "reality"…<smile>

The Roby team flew to EINDHOVEN friday evening and returned to LIVERPOOL
Sunday evening….Their 7 flights tickets & football kit have been
sponsored by the Liverpool office of Randstad- this is a purely
NOT-for-profit event – there was be a small auction of LIVERPOOL FC
football shirts from 1977 & 1984 European CUP finals etc to raise funds for
charity. (a childrens charity will benefit from any resulting profit)
"Friendhsip Cup", transport , and Barbeque sponsored by "EuRED" (me) and
the winners trophy, "accomodation" & Brekkies by cafe Schuttershof,

Thursday …(21st August 08)

I drove 170 kms to have an "organisation meeting" <smile> with Gunter
(owner ; Cafe Schuttershof) & Dirk (FC Zondereigen) – as I had "officially"
moved out of the house next door to the cafe, one week earlier. I had left
a bed and blankets etc at the house in front, but "someone" had cleared
that out too…so it was going to be an uncomfortable night on the floor,
but I should not have "worried" …apart from the tournament itself, I only
left the bar for a few hours the whole weekend ….;-) ….AS their club
was "hosting" FCZ manager Dirk decided on the "rules" – as WE had made it a
"7-a-side event" to fit in with the HJC cup…."meetings" are short events
in Z! – so when Filip’s friend Tom suggested we "warm up" for the weekend @
a gig in Merksplas I readily agreed, there we met local nurse May & her
hubby Michael from Hamburg, who also supported the weekends events. Several
"pintjes" etc & I crashed out @ Toms house in the nearby countryside, not
wanting to either drink or drive 😉 or test the floor of the house next


A couple of hours "rest"on Toms couch, some eggs( thanks ) and I was on my
way to help get Filip & BIG Kuhn set up the accomodation, which I Gunter
told me was a "family tent" from Filip, rather than rooms (was this part of
a cunning plan to sabotage the Roby FC team?) WE just managed to get it put
up when torrential rain followed, and continued when ANN & myself went off
to pick up the ROBY FC lads @ Eindhoven Airport, we left early enough so
that although the new road system and heavy rain caused several kms of
traffic jam we were still well in advance of the Ryan Air flight arrival.
Ian "spotted" the LFC banner and within an hour we were knocking back the
first round of many "pintjes" (small glasses of primus draft beer) the
"ZonderEigen fanclub" girls told me in broken english " oh, the boys look
nice…)  ….after a couple of rounds I "introduced" their team to the
"accomodation" – I hoped that the tent would stay dry enough for them, but
encouraged by the locals (who wanted to get the lads drunk) many rounds
plus "shots" earned by card games (whereby the winners/losers had to down a
jaegermeister) we were all "wet" …and the lads were wet outside
too…because they informed me the next morning that their tent had


The brekkie area behind the cafe was also flooded so we sat inside the
disco hall and most of us (not you Ian!) had breakfast …despite hangovers
and (in my case, at least ) no sleep….I told them that thjis would be a
"story" they can tell back home….<smile> …a short visit to Baarle
(thanks to Filip being co-taxi-driver taking 3 of them in his "duck" (2cv)
and "shaking them" a bit, I was convince the Z. "sabotage" of Roby Fc would
continue….and even the local police moved them out of the "training area"
next door…about the same time the 2 squads of British Teams  arrived @
the Schuttershof Cafe, ZonderEigen, mostly Brit. ex-pats including 2 REDS.
and their attendance was Very important with 2 clubs dropping out (with
dubious "excuses" at the last minute) ..thanks especially to Fitz, (in the
absence of Vince) Lee, Tonio & the boys for entering immediately into the
spirit of football friendship…as for the Z."sabotage" ..it didnt work as
ROBY FC won their first game 8-0…

(IMPORTANT note to participants please email footz@chrismith.eu confirm
your own "match reports" especially goal scorers & other relevant details
for our records and the planned webpages!)

I was very pleased that Ad (from the fathers contact in Utrecht) & the
"Z-Fanclub" girls also joined the locals to watch the footy, the weather
had improved and Roby FC’s 2 wins & a draw were enough to clinch the title
in the afternoon sun. after the games we had a FINE Barbeque & enjoyed the
temporary bar in the (not yet fully complete) FCZ clubhouse, although I
dont think much of the day passed without a "pintje" in my hand (if you
pardon the expression!) …I just wish the photographer from the Antwerp
gazette had also taken a pic of the truck carrying the 7-a-side goalposts,
as it got stuck under the tree on the way!

the "European NOT-without-me Football Friendship cup" was presented to FC
Zondereigen, not only for hosting the games, but the friendly manner they
made everyone welcome, (despite the "sabotage" <smile>) …and the players
of ROBY FC were worthy winners, playing "total football" and should feel
themselves Proud representatives of the people LIVERPOOL, and the
representatives of HJC. I plan & hope to encourage others to continue this
theme of "grass roots football friendship without frontiers" and keep young
people away from the darker sides of modern life, (mind you those "angels"
certainly enjoyed their time that night in the bar, with the locals, and I
am sure that the "Z-fanclub" (at least…) cant wait to see photographic
"evidence" …"Gunter, give us a wave" sticks in the memory (with Gunter
obliging with a grin!)

(Ian & co..PLEASE dont forget to email me with any pics taken ! to


Having left the cafe @ about 05hrs i just "popped in" to the disco-hall,
where a small group were still dancing, Kuhn bought me a last "pintje"
which at least ensured I could sleep a couple of hours before brekkie,
spent alone as the lads had a "lie-in" …so I had a nap in the car, and
then a coffee on the cafe terrace. If this had been my old round table
club, a few "fines" would have been handed out notably for
"interpretations" of the flemish names "slagroom" (cream) "Noblesse" (beer)
by (i think) Sean, David & Ian; Paul (Captain) expecting the brunch order
"speck butty please!" to be understood by flemish bar lady; Greet) Joe
doing kung fu on a wasp & Andy’ s "showbiz brunch" (spagetti. bolognese)
The planned "all comers kick about" was limited to the lads & myself (I
suppose the locals were all still asleep, or scared of comparing their
skills with the lads, including ground staff who couldnt be found as there
were no changing room keys!)…the lads had to change & shower back at Ann
& Gunters bathroom, and after after lots of thank-yous &  (according to the
Z-fanclub) a tearful fearwell Filip (Anns car) & I ferried ROBY FC to
Eindhoven (despite a blip on Ann’s route planner) we were well on time. As
for myself I was pleased to be on my way to a comfy bed.

Thanks again to EVERYone who participated in ANY way.

POTENTIAL Teams to be confirmed for "09" : (applications MUST be CONFIRMED
by 31st december)  – dates 21/22/23 august 09 or 14/15/16 August 09 (please
state your preference)

Roby FC (08 winners) : – BUFC :- Aeolus, Rotterdam  : – Anderlecht Fan Club
:- FC ZonderEigen :- EuRED-Flemish Live-R-Bird club team
Antwerp ? (Gunter?) :- "Fighting hearts" : – Molenbeek (Brussels) :- FC
Vova (Vilnius) :- Flemish Skilful Scousers (07 winners)
Celtic fans, Rotterdam :- Zwolle FC fan club : – FC Bochum Fan club :-
M’gladbach Reds : – Lunatics FC (?) –  Walsh team (cork?)
Easton boys (Bristol) – St. pauli fan club (Hamburg) :- Canvey Utd :- Leigh
town Fc.:- (a.n.other ALSIN team?) ….& winners of HJC cup 09??? <smile>


personal note ; having lost my own children (including 2 sons) I MORE THAN
appreciated having the lads from LIVERPOOL around last weekend, being PROUD
of their football, enhancing the reputation of the Liverpool footballing
community & not only having the fun (etc)  in the bar friday & saturday
night, but their company in general & of course the "casual kick-about"
sunday (only the 2nd time I have kicked a ball this year) …seem to be
good lads, even the "blues"….<smile>

 email enquiries and applications to join the 09 events to be sent to
footz@chrismith.eu or  eured@live.com

> Tel 0031-638-751-034

postal address:

EuRED – Direct Action ("grass routes") Network / Liverpool Supporters
(Overseas) network
Postbus #1
Bist 129
B2180, Antwerp-EKEREN, Be.



account: (transparent notices available of all financial matters relating
to  "EuRED" not-for-profit events.)

"Not Without me" Friendship Trophy : e60 (sponsored by ChriS "EuRED)
"Not without me" winners trophy Zondereigen 08 "sponsored by Cafe
Transport : car rental : thursday – monday 5 days @ 23 = 115,00
(Zw->Z, Z->Eind->Z, Z-BH/BN, Z->Eind->Zw->Til) = est 550kms
Fuel :(22.08.08) 66.07e paid by ChriS
parking /misc Ann/ChriS (drivers) whilst waiting for Roby FC (paid by
ChriS) = 19.85 (PB.nl)
PhoneCard (orange) mobile/sms (PB.NL) = 20e (paid by ChriS)
246 emails – time cost = zero charge (ChriS bene.)
* Roby FC accomodation (Tent) provided@cafe  unknown cost (ChriS to buy
from Filip?)
Breakfasts for Roby FC (8×2) @ Sch-cafe : sponsored by Gunter (only 7
BBQ x 9 (Roby + Ad + ChriS) = e90 (sponsored by ChriS/"EuRED")

total (actual) EuRED outlay: (rounded) e270

income :
2 x LFC Euro-cup-final shirts (donated by ChriS) = e200 (cash received)
e35 donation from Roby FC = e35

= minus 35e


to come : 9 x e10 (HJC/LBird 08 club t-shirts) ..still @ cafe. (ask Gunter?)
on loan (scarves donated by ChriS @ 05final DVD with Gunter, 7 scarves @
banners x2
Barca, Chelsea, Galatasaray, Graz, internazionale, PSV & LFC) – offered to
Dirk for new FC Zondereigen  clubhouse


The owner (Gunther) of the cafe "Schuttershof" decided to KEEP my banners, pennents and scarves on the celings and walls OF THE CAFE in ZonderEigen after the weekend, and since then I have brought back "souvenir scarves" to be added to the others…


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