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ChriS-tor-Y- CULTure “08” chapter 4,a/ autumn…Leaves & WIN

ChriS-tor-Y- CULTure "08" chapter 4, autumn…Leaves & WIN….or Win then leaves

The BEST of the summer – the Footy FUN and (international) Friendship weekend with the "Euro NOT without me" challenge cup ..was reported on the webpage ; (with photos to identify the "guilty" , lol ..)


Theres a lot of "Grass Routes Specials" in this time…Autumn leaf..? no, in autumn, I leave…….Autumn brings in changes, and in my life thats a permanent cycle, in fact it would be a change..if something did NOT change…<smile> Theres a biitter attempt to see my little girl Noela, on her birthday but the REDS were WINing…but whilst my love for the REDS "holy trinity" of players, manager and supporters continues, my sympathy for "the office" does not…

Onderwerp: FW: M49-80830 – MEMBER :  10369748 ref  season 08/09
Datum: 03 September 2008 19:13

anyone care to respond. (rathan than another computerised response?)

cc: Liverpool Supporters Union / E.L.S.O.N.

From: ChriS To: ticket@liverpoolfc.tv

CC: customerservice@liverpoolfc.tv>
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2008 05:17:42 -0400>
Subject: M49-80830 – MEMBER : 1036974 ref season 08/09

("Carol") Ticket OFFICE (confirmation of letter sent today)> > Liverpool Football Club> Anfield road> Liverpool L4 OHS Great Britain

 2008-8-30> : ref season 08/09

 Dear "Carol",> > I had a brief chat with you @ the TO before the game v Liege – I had to> pick up a DUPLICATE because my ticket had not been posted to me (again)>

1. My "status" according to the LFC website is "e-season – holder" however AS YOU KNOW – I registered as a MEMBER at the beginning of July 08
 (Member card nr. 10369748) – the "bug" @ http://www.liverpoolfc.tv "system"> identified me as a "new member" – but didnt give any discounts on shop> orders online!

 2. YOU ALSO provided a "DUPLICATE" member pack (thank you!) – however I> believe that was ALSO not sent to me? (it seems my orders get "lost" before> they are "sent"?

 3. YOU retained my PREVIOUS FANCARD no. 10245710 (started on 26 september> 07) therefore by doing so, I have lost THREE months – how will you> COMPENSATE me?

 4. Who can I contact (in management) via email to > -resolve the problem of lost (10% discounts) at the online shop  -and the absence of my matches on my "history" (I saw all the Champions> league games last season (excluding the semis) AND 06/07 (INCLUDING the> final) BUT your "system" didnt register those games, I again saw both> qualifying games, I hope that THIS season these problems will stop. Otherwise I will have to make a LEGAL complaint via the consumer> association

 5. TICKETS FOR Champions League games (08/09) – I have enclosed 2 "travel applications" for> > 16 September – away @ MARSEILLE Flight from Eindhoven (NL) return 18.8.08
 22 October – away @ Atletico MADRID Flight from Eindhoven (NL) return 23.8.08

Due to continual postel "problems" PLEASE email me with a COLLECTION point (in Marseille) – I dont want to> have "exclusions" about ticket history / qualification because it is OBVIOUS that your TO administrative computer records are NOT trustworthy.

ChriS. R. SMITH F.Inst D.> European Co-ordinator
EuRED Direct Action (EdAgN)> Grass "ROUTES" /Liverpool (overseas) Supporters Network
 private tel : 0031-638-751-034
EuRE D A G(r) Network/EuRED (WorldChild charities), Europe

Angies birthday is on "9/11"

Datum: 12 September 2008 16:28

its worth @ the time of "9/11"  to keep a balance …60 yrs of human rights?

1.    http://www.eured-san.net/UDHR.html

2. family life   ….& the UDHR?


11th September 2008

80919 …."EuRED "Grass ROUTES" special….."LIFE on MARS…………………eille?" (eh?) <smile>

ref (Eu)REDS CL away tripe @ OLM 80916-18 I hadnt slept the night before going to marseille but on tuesday morning I was up by 04hrs because my trip was "stressed" as I knew i had no spare time (to catch the RyanAir from Eindhoven-boarding 08.55, The FIRST train of the day left Zwolle on time @ 05.46 but day started bad with almost disaster this morning as it broke down in amersfort with a 12 minutes delay (I only had 11 mins to change trains in utrecht) _ I was "lucky" the NEXT train was slightly early & i ran full speed when the train stopped in Eind. and just got on the last Airport bus 1 min before it left, & checked in through the security queue just in time for boarding… the travel to Marseille was early, and got on my "navette" to marseille st charles MAIN station (tip= pre-paid via internet) and i was pleased until i realised when I got to the Vertigo hotel/hostel (Recommended!) that my mobile (now T-mobile since they took over from orange ) hadnt changed to a local system – I freecalled & emailed from the hostel internet asking for help as thanks to LFC "TO policy" I had to get a ticket from Jol. because there wasnt any other possibility…I had to email Jz and sms Graham (another red in Marseille who had come in via Nimes..) to get a message to her & boyfriend Keith (who had driven down from London!) and after so many sms etc (and Jol. phoning me telling me that they were at the Vieux Port and not being able to hear MY voice screaming "where are U? exactly – i will find U! …(problem is that incoming calls also using up my credit quickly = tip DONT use t-mobile!!!!) …much amusing locals walking past me (shouting like a Lunie) as I had decided to go walkies …"searching" for the others, but then Keith eventually got through and we met @ the port & got my ticket (thanks Jol/Keith!) , & had a couple of local bevvies with them before I when to greet Marc S (of alsin.be /EuRED) & his wife L. & we went off to pick up the travelling kop & any other mates-EuREDS at "O’malleys" bar back at the port before metroing to the velodrome – a little competitive sing-song was ok on the train , until a locall scalley stole by favourite "born a RED" scarf out of my pocket just as the metrodoor closed! – cheeky ****er !
oh yes..er….The GAME was ok first half (met Daffy standing next to me!) but OLM made it difficult second half and we didnt play as well, giving away possession far too cheaply, Stevie (wonder-goal and ice-cool for the pen retake!)


& "our kid" ..were surely not really fit?…anyway Marc & wife came back to O’Malleys (they didnt have room so had to sleep at station this night & got train back next morn) and I stayed with them until 02h with Jol. & Keith too.& their mate from watford (they drove back wed.) ..didnt sleep much noisy people in room..(lady next door got up early, some idiot with a mobile alarm he didnt shut off ..and was that YOU, Steve of Worcester, giving the chain-saw a match?) got up(12h) but broken sleep didnt help much, so had a chat with "Julian" (hotel clerk) and a "promenade" to the port for a coffee in the 30 degee sunshine…
Back to "Vertigo" to send emails & a siesta..then back to the port for "Moules-frites" (tip = only 8euros for a bucket of mussels & chips @ "Collins bistro" on the right side of the harbour ; "Vieux Port") …half a pichet of wine and I was just sitting on a bench admniring the yatchs and contemplating an early night (First airport bus leaves Mars. @ 04.30)…when "chain-saw Steve" & his mates ; MarK & Russ walked along – and "persuaded" me to guide them to O’malleys to watch footy ..or them eat Bouabaisse (local Mars. paella-style soup dish) ..for me it was either an early night or stay up until 04.30// so…i wanted to stay on cokes (not Coke!, i mean COLA’s!!!) but Russ tempted me into a couple of Bacardis..just to liven up the colas..and Carole a strange OLM fan (with a perverted view of bluenoses) sort of Mars-irish female being joined us & became the lads local guide…come..sort of…er….what exactly, will probably always be a mystery, she was born there but had spent 12 years in Dublin etc and her accent when describing the locals dishes to the lads was a joy itself!!! these "close encounters" are one of the great things I love about "EuRED grass routes travelling"…that & the high life of the B&B/hostels..ha ha ha///….
so instead of leading us into an OLM "ambush" she took the lads to a restaurant where the high point was not only her translations (more interesting than my "bourne" command of french) but MARK/s verbatim renditions of scenes from "the BLues bros" (film)…we split afterwards about 03h Carole Mark & Russ in one direction (?) and "chain – saw" and myself walked back to vertigo,Steve could only manage a chat in the lounge before he succumbed to sleep, and I thought i had better just "rest my toes" for an hour …but the lack of sleep since monday got me, and I forgot where I was, who I was and shouted something like "what the F*ck is the time" when MY alarm went off , thinking it belonged to someone else, luckily my own mind/body alarm woke me 5 mins later, and i pushed my weary self to get to the bus stop, thankfully only 500 metres away..by the station,..
S0 without proper sleep monday-to-wednesday, and about 20 minutes nap on the return plane, I was totally exhausted but VERY happy at the people I met & still looking forward to the dinner & comfy bed "home" promised/an on-time Ryan got me back to Eindhoven where happy Atletico fans were getting on the opposite flight to Madrid (which I will take next month – insha’allah!) 😉 ..
so, a BIG thanks again to Jol/Keith, Marc S & L…PLUS "chain saw" Steve ; MarK & Russ @ "Carole" (?)..if those really are your names <smile> ?
until we meet again … <SMILE>
Universal Gypsy-Alien/
EuRED Direct Action "Grass ROUTES" overseas
(unofficial) LIVERPOOL Supporters Network
p.s. SINCERE commiserations to YOU who lost your mother in recent weeks
belated happy birthday (9/11) to Angie , "the ex-virgin EuRED in berlin" 😉
ChriS> this is a "special" EuRED "grass ROUTES" mailing.. FIRST a BIG thanks to RAFA and the lads in RED for BEATING the mancs 2-1 on saturday … the game (LIVERPOOL fc 2 – some team from manchester

1) 13th September 2008 ….had a "dutch flavour" with Stevie & "OUr Kid" rested because of injuries, Dirk Kuyt assisted Ryan Babel ‘s winner after Van der saar had helped a shot from xabi into their net off of wes brown..thanks …and A HUGE WELL DONE to all the supporters who never gave up, even though the mancs were 0-1 up after 3 mins

….great performances all round in a TEAM effort which goes to PROVE that it NOT necessary to have the most expensive players to win the biggest games. Great to see Masch having a go, and both our often maligned full backs Fabio & Abeloa getting forward, new boy Rira looks to have some skill worthy of regular selection, Benny Dirk & Robbie (Keane) all worked hard to makew it difficult for the mancs "glory boys " to getb their game into gear, (btw with "shrek" and munster-tevez plus rio , and neville when "fit",the mancs must have one of the ugliest teams in the world?)

my man of the match ; XABI ALONSO, considering all the spec over his future during the G.Barry saga, Alonso stepped up , and added to his summer performances with aggression and skill with his high level of passing he shone above all the "superstars" saturday. a personal mention Marco K. has been invited to be "EuRED" chairman for the coming year and unless there are any other valid nominations ("Eured members should know who U are")

 ..I shall formally put Marcos name forward at the next meeting..JZ and myself (having no budget to get over this weekend) joined Marco and outsung the pitiful mancs who outnumbered us at our "party" @ paddy murphys pub in Rotterdam. Looking forward to seeing "youse REDS" in Marseille & Madrid..after beating the Mancs its good to go into the CL with confidence, and I hope Rafa rests Stevie and our kid so that the other players can prove they are worth their own value. off the pitch "Eured" (www.eured-san.net/elson.html ) have similar ideas as those promoted by "shareliverpolfc/spirit of shankly" and I add their INTERESTING report from saturday below.. the "positive energy" created @ Anfield saturday may be also noted by the stock market <smile> which only invests 1% of the world peoples assets..that Lehman, Merril & AIG (the mancs sponsors!) are in trouble is a sign that a POSITIVE SOCIAL change is happening? <smile>

Spirit Of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters’ Union last week called for two> victories. For a large, and loud passionate march to take place prior to> the Manchester United game, and for fans to then take that anger and> passion inside and convert it into supporting the team during the game. We> all know what went on inside the ground, and the fans were magnificent.> Outside of the ground, it was a resounding victory. Thousands of fans> gathered at the Liverpool FC Supporters’ Club on Lower Breck Road, to take part in the march. Seeing such a massive show of red strength marching up> the road, in protest at the owners Tom Hicks and George Gillett, was an> inspiring sight, and as such even more fans joined in along the route. By> the time the march reached The Kop, the numbers had swelled to around 4,000> and George Gillett inside the ground, Tom Hicks in America, and the rest of> the world will have no doubt heard our message – Enough is Enough, Hicks> and Gillett, Out Now!

 We would like to thank all those fans who took part in the march, and all> those who backed it but were unable to make it. To those who stood and> applauded – the march is just as much for you as it is for anyone else. We> appreciate the support, but next time, feel free to join in. It’s my> football club, your football club, his football club, her football club. It> is OUR football club. So lets fight for it. And we will keep on fighting> for it. It needs it. We wish it didn’t but it does, so lets keep up the> fight – We can win it!

 Prior to the march taking place on Saturday, George Gillett asked for a meeting to take place with Spirit Of Shankly. A decision was made to accept the request and meet with him. The meeting took place at Anfield prior to the march and a small delegation met with Gillett. He made a number of claims during the meeting. However, he gave no indication as to what his or Tom Hicks’ future plans for the club were. He claimed that the> club was financially sound, and was in no worse a situation than any other> football club. He also claimed that the banks were responsible for the debt> being put onto the football club as a result of the credit crunch.

Headmitted communication at the top level of the football club was not as it> should be, between himself, Hicks, Ian Ayres, Rick Parry, and more> importantly the manager, Rafael Benitez. In answer to stories reaching us to the contrary, it was made absolutely clear to Gillett that we were not running our campaign against the current owners at the instigation of Amanda Staveley or anybody else connected to Dubai. Make no mistake – This is a victory for the Union. One man who we have campaigned so vociferously against wanted to meet with us. No one has been taken in by anything Gillett had to say. The meeting provided us with an ideal opportunity to tell him about what we believed was wrong with the football club, primarily how they have ran it since the takeover. We also reminded him that we, as a Union, wanted both himself and Tom Hicks to sell up and leave. Further detail on what went on during the meeting will be> sent out to members shortly.> > Finally – Thanks again for the support on Saturday. If we stand together, we can and we will win!> Spirit Of Shankly>

latest "EuRED" event ("Euro NOT without me Cup" ) … http://www.eured-san.net/ENw0me08.html
sponsored by http://www.eured-san.net/benelux-training.html  


Datum: 30 September 2008 12:32

 CRISIS? what Crisis?…this is CHRIS, it IS…<smile> (a EuRED "Grass ROUTES" network SPECIAL mailing  )
what CRISIS?

…its just a sick joke …that politicians call for 800 billions of dollars to "bale out" the stock market from ITS "Crash"…? with other European markets etc following?
does anyone bale ME out if I make a bad decison?…
do the FAT CATS and increasing number of millionaires & BILLIONAIRES give their profits to the poor, or help solve lack of resources, when around 25000 kids die daily from poor management of this worlds resources??? do they F**k!…………..
the USA and other "democratic governments" who are systematically destroying the rights of the poor and the individual in favour of corporate/commercial capitalist & political interests of the FEW , now want TAXpayers to agree these "necessary measures" and try to kid U it will save YOUR jobs,,,why dont all those rich put their hands in their pocket???


….BECAUSE they make MONEY when the market "wins" and THEY (usually) make money when it goes down, and people like me (used to) help them find ways to reduce the tax on unearnt profit.
THEY and THEIR bankers will take Y-OUR homes from YOU when U cant pay your credit or loan, maybe in this "CRISIS" they will have to re-think IF people just REFUSE to accept that any more…
THERE IS NO LOGICAL reason for inflation, in fact with technology and automation EVERYTHING SHOULD COST much LESS….so what crisis?
CHRIS IS ONLY a simple man who can argue OVER them that if it wasnt for speculators (including bankers and insurance corps) FALSELY inflating the price of "property" land itself cant cost more, but building costs are "recovered" with 1000%+ profit!!! …
WHY do YOU allow this?…U would vote against terrorism that destroys y-our lives and those of your family & children – WHY do U let it happen this way, have’nt WE all become too comfortable and this "CRISIS" is LONG overdue as the "market" is FALSELY Inflated by "brands" & hot air so that "stock" has no REAL value (since many years)


INVEST in someone you know, sponsor a young entrepreneur – start your own enterprise – invest In someone YOU KNOW…go back to "grass roots" and stop making the RICH even RICHER….enterprise is GOOD , IF it helps the society …as my "mentor" Bill SHANKLY once said " the socialism I believe in has nothing to do with politics, its about SHARING profits and working together" lets do that


and even if you are NOT a RED, maybe you could sponsor someone who IS ..BECAUSE NOW may be the BEST time to launch a supporters BUY-OUT of LIVERPOOL FC , the club is already re-creating a powerful GLOBAL dynasty (thanks to Rafa BENITEZ and REAL loyal RED supporters ) and with this "crisis" people ought to switch their monies INTO a REDS fund..contact "shareliverpoolfc" or "spirit of Shankly" or "EuRED" if you want to invest direct or join a "syndicate" ..
"power to the people" <smile> ?????

From S.O.S :-
Dear member, Please find below details of two separate meetings that we, as aUnion, have held recently at the request of George Gillett and RafaBenitez. You will also soon receive, in the post, the firstpaper-based Spirit of Shankly newsletter which contains details oflast month’s meeting with Rick Parry.

Meeting with George Gillett, 13th Sept 2008 On Saturday September 13th several Spirit of Shankly Union committeemembers met, at short notice, with George Gillett at Anfield a fewhours prior to the match with Manchester United. The meeting had beencalled by Mr Gillett so that he could hear, in his words, "what was onour minds". Mr Gillet was accompanied by Chief Executive Rick Parry and long-timefamily business associate, Jim Skidmore. The Union laid out unequivocally its opposition to Gillett and Hick’stenure at the club. Mr Gillett was told in the strongest terms thatthey had failed to deliver on their pledges regarding their ownership.He was left in no doubt that the Union saw neither he nor Tom Hicks asfit to run Liverpool Football Club. He was reminded of three basicclaims that they had made when acquiring the club: * That no debt would be placed directly upon the club* That work on a new stadium – the whole point of the sale of the club- would begin almost immediately. "A spade in the ground in 60 days"* That he would respect the clubs traditions and values conducting theclubs affairs in a proper manner in keeping with ‘The Liverpool Way’ Mr Gillett was told that the management structure at the club wasuntenable; that the division within the club was causing stagnation atbest, and at worst causing us to fall behind our rivals. Gillett wastold that the club appears to have no real, clear leadership. Theapparent lack of dialogue between himself and Tom Hicks was a realcause for concern for all Liverpool fans, as was the lack of dialoguebetween Tom Hicks and Rick Parry. We made it clear that the internalwarring at the club was a great of source of embarrassment and concernfor all supporters. The Union then pressed him on the issue ofsaddling the club with a huge debt, reducing its ability to compete inthe transfer market as profits are eaten up by repayments. In response, Mr Gillett agreed that the leadership issues were farfrom perfect and that communication was not as it should be. Hedescribed the position as "cumbersome". He did, however, takeexception at being branded a liar over other issues. The club’sfinancial position changed, he insisted, because of the globalfinancial situation, not because he reneged on any previous promise.External circumstances outside his control, with the banks, were thecause of the debt being placed upon Liverpool FC during therefinancing process. This was, he went on, at the banks’ and other financial institutions’insistence although he would not explain how the credit crunch itselfcould cause such a reorganisation of the debt. Mr Gillett also failedto reconcile, in the Union’s eyes, his own stated intention of notloading the club with debt, with his partner’s modus operandi in theleveraged buy-out business, whereby – in Hick’s words – "When I was inthe leverage buy-out business we bought Weetabix and we leveraged itup to make our return. You could say that anyone who was eatingWeetabix was paying for our purchase of Weetabix. It was justbusiness. It is the same for Liverpool". He denied that the debt and lack of operating finances had led us tofall behind in the transfer market; claiming that the club was in"decent" financial shape and had outspent everyone – bar Chelsea –over recent seasons. He claimed that the club had plenty of money topay any debt repayments (he categorically denied it was anywhere nearthe £30m quoted in the press, but would not elaborate when pressed fora more accurate figure) and to operate in the transfer market. Hedenied that neither he, nor Hicks had taken any money out of the club,other than legitimate legal expenses accrued during the takeover. Hereiterated the club’s previous announcement that the turnaround in theglobal financial markets had led to a temporary halt on the stadiumbuild. "The credit crunch", he insisted, "is here – it is real". Mr Gillett agreed to look into a number of issues such as the £29 fancard membership scheme and other recent initiatives that we felt weresqueezing the ordinary fan and were, instead, catering for thecorporate market. He also agreed to consider the effect that thestadium delay was having on the overall regeneration of the Anfieldarea. Despite all of Mr Gillett’s claims, and his attempts to play down thesituation we find ourselves in at the moment, we have not and will notbe changing our stance. We remain unmoved in wanting Tom Hicks andGeorge Gillett out of this football club, for the benefit of the cluband for all of its supporters.

Meeting with Rafa Benitez, Melwood 18th Sept 2008, 2pm A delegation from the Spirit of Shankly accepted an invitation fromRafa Benitez to meet with him at Melwood on Thursday 18th Septemberafter training had been completed. The meeting lasted just under fourhours and covered the many aspects of Liverpool Football Club. Themanager enthusiastically confirmed his commitment to LiverpoolFootball Club emphasising that he and his family were very settled onMerseyside and that he was as determined as ever to bring success toAnfield. The delegation listened to the manager’s passion and visionfor the club and its future but also some of his already widelyreported frustrations in not securing some of his primary transfertargets. Rafa Benitez spoke at length of his love of Liverpool Football Cluband especially the fans whom he described as ‘the heart and soul ofthis football club’. He said he was extremely grateful to thesupporters who had marched in his support last November 2007 prior tothe Porto Champions League game. He persistently emphasised he wasvery happy at the club and was determined to win more silverware forthe club and its supporters. He confirmed he had been approached byother clubs but was intent on staying here, as has been widelyreported in the press previously. He acknowledged the financialsituation at the club but emphasised that he was determined to bringmore success to Liverpool Football Club even though he was ‘not on alevel playing field’ with other top clubs in terms of finance, whichwould now include Manchester City after the recent takeover. Rafa Benitez emphasised time and time again that he was a ‘winner’and would do everything in his power to achieve this goal and hewanted everyone at the club to work together in order to achieve this.He felt that some of the other ‘top clubs’ had a united front when itcame to dealing with The FA The Premier League and the Referees Body(PGMOL). He felt as a football club we were sometimes unwilling tofight our corner. The delegation asked him if it would be possible for LiverpoolReserves to play at Anfield as this would give the opportunity forlocal youngsters to visit the ground and see some of the first teamsquad. Rafa Benitez said he didn’t think the pitch at Anfield couldsustain the added amount of games. He said he wanted the Reserves toplay at The Academy with a small purpose built stand based on the RealMadrid model – he said he had given the hierarchy his ideas some timeago but as yet nothing had happened. Rafa Benitez was very enthusiastic about the role Sammy Lee wasundertaking and felt that Sammy embodied the Spirit of Shankly andunderstood the value of the Holy Trinity of the players, the coachingstaff and the supporters. The meeting finished with a tour of the excellent facilities atMelwood. During this tour Rafa explained that they had adorned thecorridors with images of the history of Liverpool Football Club toemphasise the heritage and traditions of our great club. He alsoexplained in detail why he had altered one tradition and requestedthat ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ be played and sung when the playerswere on the pitch. He felt that this would inspire our players andstrike fear into the opposition. Any further correspondence from George Gillett, Rick Parry, RafaBenitez or, indeed, any other parties will be communicated to our members. Spirit Of Shankly –

to be comtinued…..


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