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CSY? Bk 2 – “CULTure 09” chapter 4 C…Union / and seperation

CSY? Bk 2 – "CULTure 09" chapter 4 C…Union / and seperation
GRASS ROUTES "rememberance day SPECIAL" 11.11 2008.

TODAY @ 11h, 11 day
of the 11 month is the OFFICIAL time to remember those that died in WW1
& WW2 – lest we forget them and WHY they died…but it seems we
have..so ask yourself?…what am I doing , am I part of the problem or
part of the solution?("Grass Routes is an independent FREE networking
email which sometimes via unuusual, radical or IRONIC methods, attempts
to support & enCOURAGE people to have the self-confidence to take
back y-our lives from those who, still, try to enslave us, directly or
indirectly..")  LIfe (& Vive la Resistance!) on Mars…@
MAD-rid;carole S from Mars(eilles) a vous faire partager un blog
intressant et vous recommande http://liberez-santos.over-blog.com/
Message de carol from Mars : "Santos, a Marseille supporter, has been
in a Madrid jail for over 40 days now!!! the prosecution asked for 8
years !!!! I was there, I know what happened, this goes against
everything Europe prides itself of. Help free santos, go to that blog,
in the newsletter section and add your name to the list which will be
brought to the European Court of Justice. Thanks for the support. FREE
SANTOS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!

C>Well, the European court officials (& the politicians that
manipulate us) dont care much about ordinary people, Carole, it took
them 12 years to eventually refuse my appeal for the hearing of 54
complaints against officials & citizens of "Germoney"…BUT, let US
support each other, network & fight against the oppression of
people by "authorities, government & large corporations".

..JOHN Wilson – John’s battle goes on in Australia(if anyone CARES to
support this mans fight for JUSTICE or be educated email
111-legal_edagn@chrismith.eu or edagn@eured-san.net to get Johns email
address or discuss WHY the support for those who DARE stand up for
y-our rights IS VITAL.(snip)

"We returned to some seats outside "No. 2 ARREST COURT" and a tall
young lawyer approached saying he represented the Gold coast City
Council and asked how we wanted to proceed, Guilty or Not Guilty, and I
said there will be no proceedings until there is Trial by Jury and that
the Jurisdiction of the Court will be Challenged. Of course, he didn’t
have a clue …and walked away. We re-entered "No.2 ARREST COURT" and
sat and waiting till the other cases had been disposed of. Then their
matter was called. The thug on the bench started the usual "I’m the
boss, here" routine and tried to intimidate our lady and husband. This,
naturally, silenced them when they wanted to say what they wanted to
say. I made discreet noises to call them over to me and I said, "Don’t
forget what I told you. Tell he, "I am not happy to have these
proceedings continue. I am a free woman. I am a sovereign human
being..etc.". This she did and interrupted the bully boy to say just
that. The "Magistrate" was quiet for a few seconds and as soon as the
word, "sovereign", was utter he bellowed "Stop that. I’m not going to
listen to any of that rubbish!". He then looked straight and me a
shouted, "Get out of the court! Get out." I stood up and he repeated,
"Get out." As I was leaving, I said to our heroes, "Stand your ground."
…again, "Get out!" I was outside "No.2 ARREST COURT" and a uniformed
beer-bellied 50 year old man stationed himself at the door of the court
to make sure I didn’t go in. I asked him, "Are you a Sheriff?" and he
answered, "No. I’m a Government Security Officer. We’re like the
Police.". I said I’d never heard of such a thing. Inside the court,
there were exchanges (of which a transcript has been ordered). The
matter was adjourned till February 2009, and the couple were placed
under arrest. Before they left, they had to sign Bail Slips. We now
have two more very brave and genuine Fighters for Freedom(snip)

..JW>"Trial by Jury is Democracy. Subverting and/or extirpating the
Right to Trial by Jury is TREASON" – "Today, I saw a comment on
television regarding the US Presidential Election…won by Barack
Obama. The commentator said, "The People have realized that the true
enemy is CORPORATE AMERICA" and that is why the election went the way
it did. In other words, ordinary People are fighting back against the
malicious and rapacious corporations that are destroying American
families This backlash will impact the whole world over…including
Australia. It’s going to be more than straightening out the
economy…it’s going to be to punish the wrong-doers. "
http://www.democracydefined.org/The Home Page of The Democracy Defined

 * FOOTY & FUN without FRONTIERSthe Date for the first of the 09
summer Euro Not With0ut-me weekend meetings will be held 19-20-21 June
09 (also "solstice")in ZWOLLE NL, – all REDS are welcome to join,
participate or simply "party" with us! (email EuRED@live.com for more

* To my son, LEON…who will never know me, happy Celts new
year!(written to the mother of my estranged son; Leon)Tuesday, November
04, 2008 4:37:33 PM

Dear Annika Do you really EXPECT me to believe you?

…after almost 10 years of "exile"from my sons life?about 3 years ago
I surprised LEON in your garden, on his birthday he wasplaying football
with his mates, when he saw me he came to me hugged me warmly and said
he loved me, but when YOU came out of the house, he pulledawayscared of
who? me or YOU? YOU & others have filled his head with YOUR
interpretations (I could callit "propaganda" but you certainly wont
accept that either)

 …YOU DENY him any "balance" against your agressivefeminism &
opinion of what is "right for him"with your buddies scared to disagree
with you. He would feel DISLOYAL toyou IF he said or did anything that
identifies with me, is this the SUCCESSyou hoped for with him? ..that
he copied what you want out of obedience > he doesnt know what real
"responsibility" means – you took his choices away.He has NO CHANCE to
listen, on equal terms to your opinion or my opinionand then choose his
own way, he only gets your opinion (and surely Wolfgangisnt strong
enough to offer opposites to you) your mother warned me aboutyou, but
at that time love blinded me. I am sorry for LEON that you punishhim
(indirectly) for losing me

…Its SAD that I cant pass any "inheritance" to him, that he will
regretlosing things that only I can give him (not only pragmatic but
experiencesyou cannot compare with) when I am gone. LIFE is too short
for me tocontinually plead for FAIRness from you, IF you havent learnt
that by now,you probably never will, I forgive you for what you did to
me, but not forwhat you do against LEON…its sad (& says much
about your limitations) that you are already defensivebefore I wrote
anything! my love to LEON


 I tried to phone my little girl (now approaching 8 years old ) but
when I said it was "Noela’s Daddy" whoever answered the phone was cut

Subject: Liverpool Supporters’ Union not taking anything for granted

Dear Member

Whilst reports indicate that Liverpool Football Club’s American owners
arepreparing to offer Rafael Benitez a new contract, the Liverpool
Supporters’Union, Spirit of Shankly, believes that supporters should
judge Hicks andGillett on their actions rather than their words. The
Liverpool Echo reports that Hicks has assured Benitez that dialoguewill
commence within the week. However, Hicks and Gillett have failed toact
upon numerous previous promises and assurances. Spirit of Shankly
is,therefore, concerned that their cavalier approach to the business
ofrunning Liverpool Football Club may lead them to once again disregard
fromafar, the assurances that they have made. The Union has genuine
fears that a failure to commence negotiationsimmediately, or any
significant delay in bringing this matter to aconclusion, will impact
adversely upon both existing player negotiationsand the club’s ability
to operate effectively in the January transferwindow. It is our
information that key first team players are now enteringa phase of
their existing contracts where new deals will be necessary inorder to
prevent a repeat of Steve McManaman and Michael Owen typescenarios. We
are also led to believe that a number of players’ agents arereluctant
to enter into negotiations while the position of the Managerremains
unclear. The instability that Hicks and Gillett have brought to the
administrationof the club must not be allowed to infect the playing
side. We know thatthe Americans are actively seeking to offload the
club, we know that theywill have real problems in refinancing the debts
that they have heaped uponthe club and we genuinely doubt their
commitment to ensuring that LiverpoolFootball Club can operate in
anything approaching relative security.This is not a case of Spirit Of
Shankly supporting anyone individual overanother. This is about the
ongoing mismanagement at the highest levels ofthe football club, which
has undermined the most important position at theclub, that of the
manager. This needs to end now, to allow the club to moveforward both
on and off the pitch. Regardless of their apparent willingness to talk
next week about extendingRafael Benitez’s contract, Spirit of Shankly
remains firm in its oppositionto Hicks and Gillett’s ownership of
Liverpool Football Club, contrary toclaims made elsewhere in the media.
The instability that their regimebrings can only be a source of
weakness as the club endeavours to achievesuccess on the pitch. They
are the weakest link, they have to go.Spirit Of Shankly b)Subject:
Spirit Of Shankly response to George Gillett’s recent commentsDear
MemberPlease find below a statement, in response to George Gillett’s
recentcomments in the media about the situation at Liverpool Football
Club.No Change in supporters view on American Owners

Spirit Of Shankly, the Liverpool Supporters’ Union, is surprised to
hear George Gillett’s claims about the relationship between fans and
himself andTom Hicks having improved, based on the "media they are
seeing and an awfullot of the fan communication".

George Gillett and Tom Hicks are sadlymistaken if they believe the
anger towards them has in any way subsidedfollowing the recent success
on the pitch for Liverpool. Anger towards the owners has remained has
high as ever. Gillett & Hicksshould not mistake satisfaction with
the performance of the team andmanager (the renewal of whose contract
remains one more undeliveredpromise) for fans softening their stance on
wanting to rid the club ofthem. George Gillett has admitted he and
Hicks got off on the "wrong basis"and are "embarrassed" by it. Where is
their admission that they have gotoff on the wrong basis with Liverpool
Football Club, the fans and manager?Where is their apology for the
embarrassment they have caused the footballclub and those associated
with it, through their inept running of the club,and their petty
squabbles played out in the public domain?George Gillett seems to think
he can win fans over by hailing the manager,Rafael Benitez, as "one of
the great coaches". Fans have had this opinionfor a long time, and it
has come full circle from when Hicks and Gillettmet with Jurgen
Klinsmann, undermining not only Benitez, but the positionof Manager,
the most important at Liverpool Football Club. However theywant to
dress the meeting up, their actions have caused great embarrassmentand
anger, yet we see no apologies from them for this. Claims by Gillett
that the stadium is put off on a "temporary basis" is notto be
believed, after Spirit Of Shankly learnt of over 130 redundancies
atDavis Langdon, the company responsible for the construction of the
newstadium. An insider told us that "the redundancies would not have
happenedif there was any chance that work was going to start on the
stadium in thenear future". Gillett not commenting on the refinancing
of the debt on theclub does nothing but further the frenzy about what
is really going onbehind closed doors at Anfield, or on ranches in
North America. George Gillett and Tom Hicks should think again if they
believe fans aregoing to be taken in by their PR spin, on letting the
team take centrestage and do the talking. Fans have been calling for
this since the verybeginning, so why have they only just started to
listen now? Gillett andHicks have offered no explanation as to why they
have behaved the way theyhave, no apologies, no insistence on putting
right their wrongs, noinformation given to fans on what is happening
with the stadium, noreassurances to fans that the debt re-financing
will not affect the clubadversely, in paying running costs or the
transfer budget. This lack oftransparency is making one thing clear to
the fans – those running thefootball club are inept and need to go now
to allow this club to moveforward on and off the pitch.We reiterate our
message to George and Tom – You have no money, nocredibility, no
honesty, no integrity, no dignity and you are not fitcustodians – Get
out of our club!Take the next offer, finally do the right thing
Spirit Of Shankly   

UEFA ; USELESS, EGO-maniacs & FAN-abusers?

Hi ChriS,Today ShareLiverpoolFC released an ‘open letter’ addressed to
the current owners of Liverpool Football Club. As a registered member,
here is a copy of the letter and a few weblinks to press coverage.Thank
you for your support. We will continue to keep you updated on progress,
ShareLiverpoolFC Board

Today’s press coverage:Liverpool Echo – "ShareLiverpoolFC tell George
Gillett and Tom Hicks: Sell our club to us"Times Online – "Supporters
group urge George Gillett and Tom Hicks to sell Liverpool to
them"Telegraph Online – "Liverpool fans group write to Tom Hicks and
George Gillett asking to buy the club"

Dear George & Tom
We understand you have decided to relinquish your ownership of
Liverpool FC and are actively looking for a buyer.Along with the vast
majority of Liverpool fans, we agree with your decision to withdraw. We
would like to buy the club on behalf of the fans, and invite you to sit
down with us to agree a deal. We are confident that if you’re willing
to sell to us for a fair price, we would have sufficient backing
(either from the fans alone, or with a suitable partner).As you may
know, ShareLiverpoolFC is an IPS – effectively a ‘Co-operative’ – owned
by single shareholding members (not unlike the Green Bay Packers). We
are not motivated by making a profit from the commercial exploitation
of Liverpool FC; all income would be directed towards the benefit of
the Club and the team itself. We want the Club we love run solely in
the best interests of a successful team, the fans and the community.We
believe we represent a real opportunity for both of you to bring to an
end a troubled period of ownership; an ‘exit strategy’ which would lead
to admiration and respect from many. Doing the honourable thing and
selling the club to the fans would return it to the values that made it
the most successful football club in England and one of the best
supported clubs in the world.If necessary, we will come in with a
partner. As you are no doubt now aware, the stewardship of a club like
Liverpool cannot be separated from the interests of its fans and its
community, and anyone thinking of bidding for the club will realise
that the backing of the fans is essential to ensuring a harmonious and
successful club.There is now a growing feeling across the sport, from
FIFA and UEFA to the FA, and from the grassroots upwards, and even from
our own government, that big clubs are in real danger of losing touch
with their audience. You could help reverse this trend.We’d also like
you to be able to leave with dignity. George, in an interview last
March, you said, "Our goal from the beginning was to add….to the lustre
(of Liverpool FC)…".At this point you can only achieve this by doing
the right thing – and that is to offer the club to the fans.Come and
talk to us.Yours sincerelyShareLiverpoolFC
 * ITS GOOD to be a shareholding RED !
When the crunch comes, ShareLiverpoolFC will bid for the club


Friday, October 31, 2008 12:06:14 PM



Hi ChriS,It’s the countdown to crunch time for the American owners of
Liverpool FC. The final deadline for Hicks & Gillett is only seven
months away. The £350m debt which the Americans owe to the recently
nationalised bank, RBS, has to be re-structured by July 2009 at the
latest, and there is every sign that it won’t be straightforward. It
might even happen in January.As you all know, the financial picture is

In the present climate, RBS will probably require a very significant
cash injection from the owners before even reconsidering the loan – and
that appears very unlikely The cash the Club has to spend is heavily
dependent on income from the Champions League but the servicing of the
debt is going to drain away LFC’s financial resources to recruit
players If the current debt can’t be re-financed, going in to
Administration is a real risk for the club; the 20 point loss in the
Premier League would scupper almost any chance of participation in the
CL next yearThe result against Chelsea might have awakened genuine
optimism amongst Liverpool fans on the football front, but we should
not let such hopes disguise the real dangers facing our Club right now.
We’re teetering on the edge of a financial cliff and there’s every
chance we could drop off.But any crisis is also an opportunity.This is
the time for Liverpool fans to really get together and take control. If
a financial collapse does come – it may be the best chance we’ll get to
take ownership of our Club.There is a real alternative to the current
owners – it’s us, the fans themselves.Some of you have written to ask,
‘When will we get the chance to buy the Club?’We write to emphasise to
you the opportunity which may be coming our way soon, and it may be
that the cost of acquiring the Club is falling – and to urge you to
convince others that now is the time to register their support on our
website: http://www.shareliverpoolfc.comThere are many out there that still
don’t believe it’s possible – but just look at what’s been happening in
the financial world recently – the ‘unthinkable’ seems to happen every
day. This is the time to break the mould of big Club ownership in UK.
We all know that our clubs are drifting further and further away from
us – the very people who provide all their real value – the people who
love them like ‘family’. It’s time to act.We need more fans to register
with us, as either potential ‘group members’ or individual members.
Help us to reach them. If you know anyone who’s been holding back, now
is the time to urge them forward! If it all goes wrong for the current
owners, SLFC will be in a position to bid directly for the Club –
either alone or in partnership with another incoming owner. We already
have a very detailed understanding of the Club’s finances and will
begin to prepare ourselves.

The Board of ShareLiverpoolFC is tremendously grateful for your
support. We’d like to express our thanks by giving you all a chance to
YEARWe’ll put the names of all currently existing registrants into a
Prize Draw a week before Christmas and inform the winner on Christmas
Eve. (This is NOT an incentive to ‘sign people up’ – it’s a ‘thank you’
for your support.)The prize will allow you to choose two exec box seats
at any home game after January 3rd, 2009, including Champions League
games.[We are particularly grateful to one of our supporters for this

We’ll be in touch again soon,
Rogan Taylor
On behalf of SLFC Board  

Dear ChriS,ShareLiverpoolFC have released the following press release today:
"We’ll put real money into LFC. If you want to buy our Club, come to
us," say ShareLiverpoolFCIf you want to read some detailed background
to LFC’s financial situation, click hereAmidst calls by FIFA President
Sepp Blatter for controls on the foreign ownership of football clubs,
and comments by the FA Chairman, Lord Triesman, and UEFA’s general
secretary David Taylor, regarding the excessive amount of debt held by
Premier League clubs, the fans’ organisation ShareLiverpoolFC have
raised serious questions about their Club’s financial stability as a
result of being so heavily geared at a time when the "Credit Crunch" is
really beginning to bite.Utilising a powerful business modelling tool
widely used in the football industry, ShareLiverpoolFC have reviewed
LFC’s finances from the last audited accounts and projected these
figures forward over the next five years. The results raise some very
serious questions about the financial stability of the Club in the near

Even if the current RBS loan is extended beyond Jan ‘09, under the
current arrangement it will only be until July, 2009. With both
American owners unable to raise money for the stadium, in today’s
financial climate, can they raise more ‘real’, unleveraged money to
restructure the loan and keep the Club afloat? If the football bubble
bursts, could the loans secured against LFC become sub prime and put
the Club at risk? Kop Football Ltd has to find £20m plus to service the
debt of £245m. How will the debt be serviced? Can the owners assure us
that Kop Football’s indebtedness is not to be serviced by the Club? If
it is, how can the Club pay it?Rogan Taylor, founder of
ShareLiverpoolFC, said: "The turmoil we are witnessing in financial
markets is largely down to excessive lending to those that have
difficulty in servicing the cost of the debt and who, as a result of
the borrowing, effectively have negative equity in the assets they have
borrowed on. Without a new owner in prospect, Liverpool FC now appears
to fit this description based on the results of our review. We call on
the owners to capitalize the loan from Kop Football to the Club. In
other words, put some ‘real’ money into the business."By July next
year, ShareLiverpoolFC estimate that losses at LFC will have eroded the
club’s Capital and Reserves to a negligible amount compared with it’s
liability to its bankers; i.e. it will be very heavily geared and won’t
have sufficient income to cover this total interest cost. Over the next
five years ShareLiverpoolFC anticipate losses to range between £30m to
£70m a year. These projected losses are largely due to the Club not
having a big enough stadium or commercial income to support its current
player and debt costs. It is also likely that the Club and its parent
company, Kop Football, will be going through a re-financing exercise
come the Club’s year end. Rogan Taylor commented: "Not a comfortable
position to be in at a time when the game’s regulators are calling for
a reduction in debt and foreign ownership – not to mention the effects
of the global ‘Credit Crunch’ – which will make a Stevie Gerrard tackle
look like a vicar’s limp handshake." SLFC Board member, Barrie Baxter,
said:"ShareLiverpoolFC already represents thousands of fans prepared to
invest real money into the Club. Raising the required funds won’t be
the issue once we have a deal in prospect. We’re confident we’ll be
able to succeed. "We are prepared to consider a partnership with any
incoming buyer with the right attitude to the development of LFC going
forward. After the experience with the current owners, it will be
important for any new owner to ensure that they have the confidence of
Liverpool fans."We call on the current owners to inject cash as capital
to reduce the Club’s debt. If they are unwilling or unable to do this,
then they should move over and let others that can better serve the
Club take control." ShareLiverpoolFC’s long term objective is to gain
control of the Club. However, in the medium term their strategy is to
work with suitable new investors to help achieve a change of ownership,
stabilise the Club’s finances and represent the fans interests by
acquiring a stake in the Club. ShareLiverpoolFC believes their
participation in the future will assist with this. Their message to
potential new owners of "their" Club is "come and talk to us; you need
the fans behind you and this is no ordinary Club. We understand it and
have the experience to help". ShareLiverpoolFC

ChriS-tor-Y – book 2 Culture "08" …WIN..tears…

and the "no way Josee Saga" went on..and on..

atum: 21 October 2008 12:10

ChriS>Josee, YOU changed the atmosphere,
told me how HAPPY U are with me 2 days ago in Singel, then when we get home (after 6 or 7 glasses) start "provoking" how SAD it makes YOU that I dont tell you ALL of my emotions…
so I can now list all the things I take in and accept, small things …

I paid extras in the whole of the last 4 weeks, extra this , extra for that, the previous weekend I paid your bill in Kruidvat etc & when do U show any appreciation of the time i spend on your problems, Rechtbank, I go to Rabo with you, I write letters, change Oxxio ; explain, support, clean cook , washup, wash the couch etc & try to sort out your bike, & etc . etc etc…I dont MIND doing things for you (my partner!) IF I feel appreciated !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on sunday I only expected to have a couple of drinks (I told you, because of going to London u) – but when we are out U act like i have so much money?

YOU KNOW that I already booked (& paid for) OUR travel to LOndon, Liverpool & DUBLIN.// and I wont go to MADrid, (I probably cant afford that now anyway!)…

That decision is very important – but you moan about me being on the internet (when in fact I did the letter to the Rechtbank whilst YOU watched tv ) AMAZING!

and because I DONT come to bed when YOU decide (maybe I want to finisih something for ME! instead of for you) you make a fuss…why shoudl I APOLOGISE?…I didnt say "I am coming now!" (or in "seconds") I said I am coming SOON..(in fact I alsways say SOON, not "seconds" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now DO you want to take it to the NEXT LEVEL and say I am no good at relationships.???
and say i am ***********what next ?- how DO you want to FINISH this????

> Subject: FW: m49-81021 ChriS-Jz..(MADrid, Zwolle, London & key words)
> Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 11:59:42 +0200
> From: jtielbaard-duiker
> To: eured@live.com
> CC: pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> —–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–
> Van: Duiker, José (DV)
> Verzonden: dinsdag 21 oktober 2008 11:59
> Aan: Duiker, José (DV)
> Onderwerp: RE: m49-81021 ChriS-Jz..(MADrid, Zwolle, London & key words)
> what  why do i wear more perfume to work then with you i dont believe what you are asking me. what are you insinuating????????????? I have to work all day and your to busy to do some groceries???????????????? I have paid E  18.90 on saturday by the way for the groceries the pot was empty.. I dont moan about that. And another thing on sunday YOU had the plan to go to jazzy’s AND the singel. Then we come in jazzy and all you do is moan about we cant afford drinks????? doesnt make sence. And another thing go to ……………… I have enough reason to hate you and i do! You ask me about the perfume… You know you are behaving like a child… You are unreasonable and childish and you get the groceries, you have time enough anyway…..  
> All you talk about is trying to avoid a new disaster but your creating one… and you do it delibetiley and you know it. Enough is been said you should just have said this morning, i am sorry i came up late again, but no you start with agression and i find it deeply deeply sad that you ask me why i wear more perfume to work then with you…………… You think you know it all so well, but you have absolutely no skills for a realtionship.
> —–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–
> Van: Duiker, José (DV)
> Verzonden: dinsdag 21 oktober 2008 11:16
> Aan: ‘pr1vate@chrismith.eu’
> Onderwerp: RE: m49-81021 ChriS-Jz..(MADrid, Zwolle, London & key words)
>  your not being resasonable and you jump to conclsusions about hte bike and my parents. And another conclusion is i didnt aprreciate you taking my bike to the station. So i just said i had been waiting and thats for you another conclusion i dont asprreciate that. And you said last night" I come up in a second", whats that ??? a minute a second??? In my view thats quick, in your few its open can take half an hour or an hour. So i dont like that no, be clear then like i said. Because if you say I will come up within a minute i am waiting for you and try not to fall a sleep. But it s clear you dont want to adjust to my rithem. Ok so then i will have to sleep each evening alone?? Thats not what i want. I am busy and fed up with your agressive tone and jumping to conclusions. Cu tonight.
> —–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–
> Van: pr1vate@chrismith.eu [mailto:pr1vate@chrismith.eu]
> Verzonden: dinsdag 21 oktober 2008 11:05
> Aan: Duiker, José (DV); pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> CC: eured@live.com
> Onderwerp: RE: m49-81021 ChriS-Jz..(MADrid, Zwolle, London & key words)
> ChriS>Josee, PLEASEdont EVER accuse ME of NOT keeping MY words..
> (this is the sort of exchange U talk about with Yvonne & her man??? being
> Wrong?)
> when U ask me if I am coming to bed i ALWAYS say "soon" ..and USUALLY (as last night) its WITHIN half an hour – i am not a boy, to be told when to come to bed..
> last night U wanted to watch "gooische vrouwen" (and I am happy) that U like it, but for me its about the same as watching "desperate housewives"
> ..but of course i dont get all the jokes…so IF (sometimes) theres something more important (LFCTV send LIVE broadcasts too or to check whats going on after I post an IMPORTANT message, on the fourm) on the internet..
> PLEASE dont tell me when I can use the internet!
> IF U want to use it (and U go on there sometimes when I would prefer to share a programme t00) I dont complain, do i? U also have all day @ work to use it..
> …I kiss U according to my mood..when I feel like U dont respect me (like U talk like "oh when does that mean, 20 seconds, 20 minutes, an hour?") then i dont feel very "warm"
> and YES I am "warning" BECAUSE ITS IMPORTANT top avoid a "disaster" because I KNOW I wont survive another – I will never want to go through another like before..
> and as U havent had your period I am also worried about that! (it affects me too!) as U didnt take the old bike _I wont meet U @ station..I understood U wanted to go alone to your parents (they have money for U) I offered to take the bike in the daytime..remember..ok so…
> – I dont like how U wear your street boots inside (and on the couch)- I hoover almost everyday and spent a day washing the couch covers
> – U dont appreciate that I came with bike yseterday ("i have been waiting"
> -is all I hear!)
> – I advanced money to pay for tax – I cant even afford to go to Madrid if I wanted to because I spent money in Jazzy/de singel on US, and need cash for London..
> – there is no pot , I got enough food for today..(yesterday) – if U want more milk & wine please bring it ..
> – why do U wear more perfume to work than with me?
> – why dont you say "thank you" for me taking time (LAST EVENING ON THE
> INTERNET) !!! to THINK about then  write resp[onse to RECHTBANK (U can take it to post there when U go to YOUR PARENTS)..
> and NOW I am NOT happy…
> X
> Original Message:
> —————–
> From: Tielbaard-Duiker, Jose (Sociale Verzekeringsbank)
> Date: Tue, 21 Oct 2008 08:17:40 +0200
> To: pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> Subject: RE: m49-81021 ChriS-Jz..(MADrid, Zwolle, London & key words)
> hiya,
> I asked you as always yestrdaynight if you came up also, and you always say yes within a minute or last night you said within seconds, Then I get pissed off when you came up half an hour later. I think thats not so stange. If I ask you that question, i would it when you keep you to your word. But 9 of the ten times you come to bed much later. And it means that i wont faal asleep, and I have to work and wanted to start early and so I did. But 6 hours of sleep is not much. So when you came to bed you kissed me like I am your sister. I would have loved to hug, and make love with you but because there s a tension then it doesnt happen. And I also think that you have time enough during the day ( i am  away for ten hours) to work an d be on the internet. So i wonder whats more ineteresting at time then me??
> So I let youknow several times that i like to go to bed at the same time, dont mind if it happen every ones in a while, but it s becoming more structural then sometimes. I know we have a different rithem, and if i ask you the question will you come up then at least if you have plans not to come up say it honestly that you want to stay up for a while, then i can fall as sleep. It has nothing to do with my period ( which i dont have).
> Yesterday I was after work very tired after work and may be i will be for a while tired after work because i have to get used to working 8 hours again.
> Your worry about a new disaster is no reason not to talk about this. ( and the more likely it becomes feels like you are warning me, and i dont like that either, where ‘sthe trust we are building up???? ).
> I feel i am completely wright about this, because you are a man of your word, but when it comes to the computer and internet you seem not to bother. And if you really want to inetrnet when i go to bed well then just say so, or keep your word when you say "I come up within seconds".
> I will go to my parents, can you be @ station at 4.50 then we can go together?? Can you also get some groceries: milk, and a bottle of red wine??
> Josee X 
> —–Oorspronkelijk bericht—–
> Van: pr1vate@chrismith.eu [mailto:pr1vate@chrismith.eu]
> Verzonden: dinsdag 21 oktober 2008 7:02
> Aan: Duiker, José (DV); eured@live.com
> CC: 8011bw49@live.nl
> Onderwerp: m49-81021 ChriS-Jz..(MADrid, Zwolle, London & key words)
> ChriS81021Jz>Hiya Josee, I suppose U will get this email early?
> its about 06.45, woke up this morn. when U got ready?…were U (are U?) angry that I didnt come to bed with U last night.. and whilst U told me that U are happy with me @ the weekend, I think its better to talk when we are sober & calm, but maybe U feel upset during your period?..U are going to your parents to pick up pocket-money & ask your Dad to move the back wheel on the old (black) bike../?…so I wil get dinner ready when U tell me U leave there to come back…maybe we can talk again – but I also worry the more I try to avoid a (last!) disaster, the more likely it becomes…
> take care, ok?
> ChriS X
> key words
> emotions, Love/SX ,Kids,health, smoke, perfume, bedtime, bikes to sta.
> cooking, Rechtbank
> boots/shoes, couch-cleaning – indoors, pot, wine, tax/advance , MADrid/London/Dublin/LP
> Original Message:
> —————–
> From: Tielbaard-Duiker, Jose (Sociale Verzekeringsbank) jtielbaard-duiker@svb.nl
> Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008 11:16:16 +0200
> To: eured@live.com, pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> Subject: RE: m49-81020 ChriS-Jz..("soul cages" …and ..emotions)
> Hiya,

> Yes was rather tired this morning, and headache, so toke a pil and decided to start later. good decision headache is almost gone, but i am gloomy, because of our talk last night.
> Worried if you r still angry. I still dont see it as provocation, I think ( but maybe I cant judge that) and feel that you shut me off in your pain, feel like i am on the outside, and I want to change that. For both of us,( I want to support you and comfort you) but maybe I made a mistake, it’syour live and your decision how and when to open up.
> I am sorry, I ment well but your wright to tell me how you feel. I am glad you did, because you didnt react firstly after what i said.
> I will let you know when I leave work and we can meet @ the station ok? ( depends on how it goes today) I wont be there before 5 o clock anyway.
> Yes you can open post from the court? Is there a letter?
> take care
> ________________________________
> Van: ChriS EuRED [mailto:eured@live.com]
> Verzonden: maandag 20 oktober 2008 10:48
> Aan: Duiker, José (DV); 8011bw49@live.nl
> CC: pr1vate@chrismith.eu
> Onderwerp: m49-81020 ChriS-Jz..("soul cages" …and ..emotions)
> ChriS>Hiya Josee X

> (pse dont forget always to cc :pr1vate@chrismith.eu )

> I noticed U left later this morning, I slept quite well …without headache (I drunk water @ de Singel, it helped) …
> how R U…I enjoyed our evening @ de singel , the band is called "Soul Cages" …sounded good with their covers of "Sting/Police" music…
> …I tried to contact Ryanair – but the NL office say i cant cancel , but as I cannot rely on "police protection" (nothing to do with "sting"
> <smile>) I think I have rightfull reasons, so i will write to Ryan..ireland …The LFC ticket office dont even have a way I can check about my ticket as all ph. lines for MADrid are closed! – according to my website@LFC.tv my application was logged – but not accepted(it seems?) anyway – I will go ahead with my protest..

> Yes I am happy with you, but its a process of being more happy, and building trust again…its not so long since our last BIG disaster – and I told U that I dont think we can surruve another, so , when U dring well, I like it that you are in a happy mood, BUT…still I cant full relax because i dont know if U might suddenly "flip out" if I say something U dont like, and last night I got worried again when we go back because U seemed to be complaining that I dont share all my (VERY VERY deep) emotions about my losses (and dont forget , unlike you, I have had to deal with losing my mum & Dad ,sister,adult son (Adam) wife (Jacqui) & children (Leon & Noela) COMPLETELY alone, and in order to survive what happened, the coma , and the
> (UNFAIR) detention …etc etc I had to make myself very strong psychologically, it helps that I can talk to you about somethings, & that helps a bit, but please dont provoke me to open up…it takes time for me to trust that U are strong enough to deal with your problems and be strong enough for me to "lean" on U…I had to control my anger last night, I was tired but sober, thankfully!

> Do U still want to meet @ station and take both your bikes to repair shop, maybe they will switch back wheels and accept the old bike as "payment" – worth a try

> dont forget we should visit BQ to check out Vincent @ the bar tonight?
> (i have to be careful about money) – just have enough for chelski…and then no more costs..

> take care – Cu later XXXXX

> p.s. if post comes from the "rechtbank" for U – is it ok to open?>
> ________________________________


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