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CSY? book “CULTure 08” – chapter 4 B …join the Union?

CSY? book "CULTure 08" – chapter 4 B …join the Union?

Datum: 16 October 2008 11:15

EuRED-G-Routes "MAD to get RID of UEFA" …join the UNION?


MAD-rid & UeFA







This was suggested yesterday
to me on the RAWK forum when I asked REDS to make suggestions as top
what "UEFA" really means. WHATEVER the final decision after Atletico’s
appeal, the badly thought out(do they think?) reaction to the "problem"
at the recent CL A.MADrid v MARSeilles game..the "elite" at "UEFA" have
once again (especially Gaillard) shown their complete disregard and
contempt for the situation of the (extra)ordinary REDS supporter.


The main points to emphasise are that:

IF we had a strong SUPPORTERS
UNION/shared ownership of LFC – a strong voice would fight for the
(real) SUPPORTERS rights, which are the LAST thing considered by
footy-biz corporates & UEFA etc etc..

– The fascists @ any club need weeding out by US..the supporters – (see the report from Carole from Marseilles, below)

– THE UNIFORMED fascists (and
any of us travelling supporters know this is not an isolated incident
ARE NOT getting punished with extreme examples @ MADrid &
Hillsborough as long as I can remember…(its the same outside of

– WE the non-rich supporters
loyal to our club who spend almost all our disposable income on LFC
suffer – remember Uefa’s Gaillard saying scandalous LIES about US last
year after Athens?…


a REAL UNION would / could go
a LONG way to really representing US…and IF it was strong..we might
get the game back in OUR hands, with this financial CRISIS there may
never be a better time to invest in Y-OUR CLUB>>??




At a time of uncertainly any
RED who has a bank deposit or investment to withdraw could DO SO NOW
and re-INVEST in Y-OUR CLUB, I am sure the Yanks could and Would be
forced to accept at LEAST a shared ownership and the banks are too weak
to resist a cleverly structed "Supporters SHARE/BUY out plan"…(for
more info on how this could work contact S.O.S or ShareLFC or
ChriS@eured-san.net) …IF U like myself are a TRUE RED have devoted
your spare time (and disposable income) to y-our club then its LOGICAL
to INVEST in it, and INFLUENCE y-our FUTURE???



"International Break…a leg"


I see from this mornings news
as I write this "EuREDmailing" that "OURKid" Babel & Mascherano all
possibly injured in front of our next games (V Wigan @ home, and
A.MADrid & Chelski away ) I just started training with a locakl
Dutch club and the lads there find it hard to believe that I HATE our
LIVERPOOL players playing for the NATIONAL teams – I explained my
Celtcs ancestry but most of all that 15 players are away with 12
national teams and nationalism is an enemy of the people, and
footy…and they dont even pay compensation for our players gettign
injured playing for "them"…(suggestions for "FiFA" welcome?

We our planning to repeat the
"EuRED Not without me cup" next year end of August 09- and add another
tournamnets in ZWOLLE (NL) – with very good new stadium facilities-
either late JUNE or early August PLUS take an EuRED team to the
"antiFa" (how about anti-UEFA?) tournament near Bologna in JULY 09…so
my training schedule has started as I intend to lead out one of those
teams next year..(insha’allah) …I had problems moving out of bed thid
morn..my leg & back muscles stiiff and aching…I was already tired
from pre-traing "warming up" !!!!!…so it was very difficult to start
…not knowing the players and how they react to my "moves" took
time…and my energy level is now very low…but i got a bit better,
although I didnt score (my role should be more like "Masch" anyway) i
made some good passes & tackles & interceptions producing some
assist for goals as we played 5-a-side with small goals …under
floodlights…after an hour i was virtually exhausted but i had kept
going, no injuries, no pulled muscles (thankfully) but had to stay in
the fresh air to cool down a while because of my dodgy thermostat &
i was the last to shower (COLD water) – so it was gone 22.30h before we
left to go to the bar, being my first time, I wanted to socialise but
we only had time for a couple of "pintje" before leaving, so, I ask
myself what sort of players dont leave enough time for "apres-footy"
<smile> ????? will have to teach these Zwollers the "LIVERPOOL


CU next time?


p.s. thanks to Marc S. for
organising & sponsoring the attached banner…soon to be seen in
stadiums around Europe |(maybe not in MADrid though..) also we have a
very nice selection of LiverBIRD shirts for Lads or lasses @ only 10
euros (profits to charity)


Caroles Report>sent by email to me 10 days ago (after A.MADrid v OM)

we met Carole @ o’malleys
(marseille) last month, lass born there but spent 12 years in Dublin,
(her accent is a joy to hear 😉 ……)

> To: eured@live.com

> Subject: FW: News from Mars(eille)-forward to LFC/RAWK?

>> Original Message:

> —————–

> From: carole > Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2008 13:28:44 +0000 (GMT)

> To: chris> Subject: News from Mars(eille)


> How ya, hope u’re well,

> Just been back from Madrid so I thought I’d better warn u about what you

> might expect yourselves when u go there.

> U might have seen the pictures of that bastard guardia civil charging us on

> the telly, but it’s not the half of what really went on.

> – getting into the stadium took ages…and there were only 1400 of us! they

> are very badly organised and their stewards very aggressive. They nearly

> started the beating then, pushing people queuing on one side then on the

> other. Even looking at them is seen as provocation, and we felt right away

> they were ready to go…you know marseille supporters, lot of men and women

> of all ages like myself and my godmother, and you could see that they

> didn’t give a f**k if a 60something woman was to take a few strokes.

> – then they searched us and pushed us away when they were done like

> bleeding animals.

> -once inside we started our usual singing and everything was going fine

> till they asked the Ultras to remove one of their banner because they

> didn’t approve of the Jolly Roger on it… the thing is that we could see

> the same skull and crossbones drawn on one of their supporters’banderole.

> Of course the Ultras refused and then the guardia civil just went in

> without any warning and started bashing people to get to it and remove it.

> The truth is that they were only waiting for an excuse.

> – Reaction of the spanish supporters when they see that??… they start

> clapping.

> – A few minutes later second charging of the police… for what??? I do not

> know. Our security chief comes up in the stand to try and calm everybody

> down… he finds himself on the ground at the bottom of the stairs and the

> only reason he didn’t get hit is because one of our steward went between

> him and the coppers and took the blow for him. And that’s an official

> representative of Marseille football club, with his badge on!!! Â the same

> man who had been to meetings with the spanish authorities a couple of days

> before.

> Our president had to come up for things to settle.

> – During the game, monkeys cries towards our black players, fascist

> salutes, permanent abuses from the spanish coach towards our players on the

> field… just unreal.

> At the end of the game a sickening "zieg heil" could be heard rising from a

> part of the spanish stand.

> – But it wasn’t over yet! when we get out of the grounds there were many

> madrid supporters a few yards from our buses. we are made to understand

> that we should get back into our buses pretty quickly by the police… but

> it wasn’t quick enough, the robocops start charging us again, the last ones

> to get into the coaches feel the truncheon on their backs.

> They even went inside one of the coaches, the Dodgers, a real family

> orientated supporters club, and their representative, a 73 years old woman

> gets hit!!!


> All that to tell you the rumour has it the spaniards are very nervous about

> you lot coming over and they needed a bit of practice before welcoming you.

> In the city though (where we were all day) nobody had any problems, nobody

> caused any problems … that’s why the attitude of the guardia civil is

> unbelievable. We really hadn’t a clue what we were in for before arriving

> near the grounds. Franco may be dead but his sons are still alive and

> kicking (litterally!!!)


> And of course we lost against them bastards! Well done for your victory,

> you’re practically through and I’m delighted for you.

> Enjoy your trip to madrid, the whole of marseille will be right behind you

> when you play them. I hope your Gerrard and your Torres give them a good

> lesson in football. Pity we couldn’t do it.


> Bye bye from Marseille. good luck.


> Carol-Â.

(From Hillsborough we REDS know only too well that police can treat paying customers like animals!)


Due the confusion caused by
"UEFA" and the risk that the game might be cancelled or changed because
of the abov mentioned "troubles" at MADrid _ I did not go there ,
cancelled my flight (NOT refunded by Ryan air) but instead …because
during the autumn I was introduced to a local football club connected
to FC Zwolle by Jd’s brother..and their magazine editor asked for an
"interview"…as an introduction to present me to the 800 other members

Datum: 23 October 2008 12:57

ChriS>that website address is  http://www.eured-san.net/Enw0me08.html

" I am also watching "LFC.TV’ …highlights of last nights Champions League game @ Atletico MADRID v my team ; LIVERPOOL fc

 …I am a member of the
official LIVERPOOL Fc club & also a member of the supporters club
& also co-ordinator of a network of (overseas) LIVERPOOL
supporters, for whom I send a "mailing" (report) of the supporters
trips away in Europe (and sometimes southern england) and some of the
funny things that happen, last year we visited some nice places and we
usually take between 5-10,000 supporters & fans which can cause
interesting atmosphere in such places as Barcelona, Bordeaux, Istanbul,
Athens & Eindhoven

……(I was actually seen on
Dutch TV when we beat PSV last year in Eindhoven during the
celebrations after each of LFC’s 3 goals the camera panned to where I
was sitting ..or rather standing…or jumping around!!!!) I am BRITISH
(I dont mind mates calling me "the euro-scouser" )- my mother was of
Scottish decent and father english – I went to school in england, but
my formative years were during the wonderful 60’s when I spent as much
time as possible in LIVERPOOL , enjoying music of the "Beatles" and
fell in love with the ALL REDS of LIVERPOOL FC at the time when the
great manager Mr. Bill Shankly created a basis of succesful mentality
that led to virtual domination of domestic (and European) football for
much of the next 25 years. Rafa Benitez has brought back that mentality
and as I write this LFC are joint top with "Chelski" and unbeaten so
far this season in all matches. (I expect to go the next "encounter"
@Chelsea the coming weekend AFTER the Be Quick #10 game @ Zwolse boys

…I gave up going to MADrid
so I could train and try to get fit for the coming game..well, I would
have gone to MADRID had UEFA not caused confusion about the venue prior
to the game. I have a low budget for following my team, and thanks to
low prices of "EuroLines"  "Easyjet" and "RyanAir"  plus some
occasional shared driving in "footy-mates" vehicles I can get to
between 15-20 games a season (away or "home " in LIVERPOOL)

 … I played football as a
boy@ schoolboy level, and joined a local club in my mid-teens – and
whilst i started my career in work-experience situation with a company
in the WINE & spirit trade in  LONDON (and studied "Strategic
management") I was soon made CAPTAIN of the teams I played In
(Saturday; Leigh & Sunday;Canvey) @ the age of about 18. I trained
twice a week and enjoyed playing in the local league until I was about
26, and business travel made it difficult. After working for 4
different companies in the "booze trade" I started my own service
company partner in 1979 , we were succesful in a very economic method
of moving WINES (especially from Italy) and handled 6 million botties
in our first trading period (just over a year) Probably success came
too early, but I then left the wine business and became a "freelance
manager" organising entrepreneurial connections between companies from
Europe, ASia & North America.and started Living "abroad"  ( I speak
French, German & Italian, but not yet Dutch..) So what am I doing

…well, in 1995 I sufferered
a meningitis-induced coma, and was told that I was VERY LUCKY when I
woke up one week after, I simply decided NOT to go back into business
and since then have done (almost) everything opposite (not-for-profit)
I have a small income from an assurance company, and although I would
appreciate some more "pocket money" I am very rich in my experiences
and lifestyle – I can choose who & where to help people, in the
last 13 years I have set up charities, organised events & concerts
; launched unknown bands & helped young musicians get started.
Helped redundant people start their own (ecological) enterprise ; been
a (FREE) radio moderator ; made human rights actions, activism &
peace marches etc ; and start creative projectsand spend as much time
as possible getting kids to play FOOTBALL, and understand the mentality
I have learnt myself from "The REDS"Last year I trained with an Antwerp
team called LUNATICS and played for them several times.  recently I
organised a "NOT-WITHOUT -ME football & fun tournament charity")
… see more @  http://www.eured-san.net/Enw0me.html I hope to
contribute positively "something different" to the BeQuick 28 club in
many ways and (if selected) to team #10 …although I only played twice
this year, I hope my muscles will start to catch up with my mind,s
imagination of how I SHOULD play

…with hope….You’ll Never Walk Alone



I also tried to stop the sale of the house in ZonderEigen by that crooked M. Moust and her "client" …

Onderwerp: m49 81028 INJUNCTION to stop sale sale of ZONDEREIGEN 25-&/2

Datum: 28 October 2008 15:51


Advocatenat HOOGstraaten for L.Francois/M. Moust

cc: Ann  Brosens ( councillor@ Zondereigen)

cc: EdAgN

cc: E. GEERTS (lawyer at Turnhout)

cc: ANO

cc; Peitions




concerning : the LAND & ancillary property COMMONLY known as;


"ZONDEREIGEN 25 & 25/2

B2387 BAARLE Hertog, Belgie "


I have applied an INJUNCTION
against the SALE of the above-mentioned property & especially the
LAND in the INTERNATIONAL COURT ; a written opposition to the sale;


– on the basis of a "Lien" by CS – as I was removed ILLegally – false court procedures

– to claim the property as being empty for too long

– to claim the property in the name of (all) the people

– for the sake of nature and the WHOLE community

– to USE the property as non-profit activity by EdAgN until local community involvement is organised.


I believe if they sell it I can block the sale through the INTERNATIONAL court


where is the auction?



EuRED Direct ACtion GR Network

PostBUS #1

Bist 129

B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN





Datum: 28 October 2008 14:40

….is Number 19 really a "Bridge too far" .? .maybe this time its for REAL (EuRED "grass routes report")


chelski 0 LIVErpool 1


Saturday 25th october – Woke
up with "pre-match nerves" this morning….. not only because
(apologies to ELVIS Costello) I DO "want to go to Chelski"…but also I
play my first competitive football league match in Years in the
afternoon…I have been training again with a local "veterans" team at
very good facilities by the FC Zwolle stadium (that we hope to use for
ANOTHER " EuRED NOT-WithOUT-ME CUP" footy tournament next year …)
…but 2 training sessions (and only the 3rd time I have played at all)
this year are not yet enough to "re-charge" these mature batteries
(duracell were not invented when I was) so I took myself off after 45
mins, we were a goal down and my energy levels also were down, I once
found myself up in their pen area, and like "MASCH" (Javier Mascherano)
I suffered from lack of oxygen being that far up the field!


Mind U, sore muscles and a
scratched ar*e arent idea preparation for spending several hours at a
time on the overnight Eurolines bus from utrecht to London
(vic.@e70return) & despite some recent stress, took my dutch
girlfriend (Jz) on the train to meet the bus @ 22h…we were well on
time and the bus too! – half empty, giving us some room to "spread out"
but the driver’s disorted mic. made him sound like he was "the
perverted voice of God" when giving us passengers his
schoolteacher-like instructions…some snoring nearby , a bumpy ferry
crossing and a little sleep and we were in Victoria soon, very
soon…we got some (GBP) cash and a coffee whilst making our plans, the
morning still dark, we changed our clocks, (winter-time) but the driver
had raced us to an earlier ferry and had got from dover to London in an
hour …..After Having a typical english breakfast (?) in an italian
run "greasy joe" (jose?)started to walk in the direction of Fulham (as
everyone knows Chelski is actually in Fulham, and so is the pub that we
usuall meet at..putney bridge) …unfortunately it was raining, so
being sunday morning, and without direct or regular buses we got a taxi
after walking half the way along the Thames river embankment…(GBP10)


We got to the "8 bells" pub
at what we thought was about 8am …and the cleaner let us in after
checking with scouser TOM, who runs it with his wife Sue…it was good
to be in the dry, a couple of Ozzy lads came in, who had been out
drinking all night, and barmaid Nicole had some difficulties removing
them, they were friendly and funny making remarks about the 2 pug dogs
("Stevie G" & "chelsea") that live there …and offering to share
their (cold) hamburgers that they had been carrying around half the
night & buy us "shots", a discussion about the time led us
eventually to check and we had "forgotten" the 1 hr time different too
& were actually 4 hours earlier than expected – so we had been
there since 07hrs (local time) …no wonder when other people came in
the pub, we looked "settled" , we had hoped to pick up "spares" for the
BIG MATCH from LFC supporters who normally have pre-match bevvies
there..(we recommend the pub as its only 2 stops on the underground
from Chelski, is almost 300 years old, friendly & with good beers
& food)


more worrying… when Sue
told us of a serious incident after last seasons champions league game
when a gang of men (alledgedly LFC fans) beat up some cfc fans @ the
pub, even TOM (a scouser) got hurt – this must be stopped because when
we dominated the 70s & 80s a few "hangers on" spoiled our good
reputation in europe (and worse followed) our revival must not be
allowed to be affected by such behaviour…so SUE was at the door , and
only allowed LIVERPOOL supporters that she knew into the pub to mix
with her cfc "regulars" (including a REAL chelsea pensioner, wearing
his row of medals AND a RED top! <smile>..a GOOD omen) talking to
her husband TOM we both agreed that the locals were "nervous" about
this game and WE had a "feeling" that we could win it with a 0-1

They also told us of their
bad expereineces in MAD-rid…(I had boycotted the game not only
because of the troubles, and especially because of UEFA mis-management
& hypocrisy etc…not even being sure of the venue a few days
before the champions league game between Atletico & LIVERPOOL fc
the previous wednesday ) ……SUE said…"we arrived @ the stadium an
HOUR before the game, but the police/stewards at our away section
checked each of about 500 LFC supporter/fan individually taking 5-10
minutes a time and we only saw THIRTY mins of the game, after all that
expense & time etc away from the pub, …never again"..


…something SERIOUS MUST be
done NOW (such as the idea of a supports-UNION with REAL power) to
oppose the continual bad treatment and abuse against REAL football
supporters – no other "business" would survive this way, exploiting
y-our love of the game and OUR REDS team..

SUE didn’t want any risk to
us (especially as I had Jz there) and suggested WE move down to another
pub where the support would be "more RED" (to watch on TV)..and I was
close to giving up about 12.15 (KO = 13.30 local time) when a RED came
over with his mobile, " its Joe for those people from Holland"
<smile> …10 minutes later and we were outside the "shed" and
holding 2 tickets at FACE value, and happy to have met JOE, (thanks
also to TOM & SUE, who told him about our "needs" ,….a BIG TA,
lad….) The SPEC was great, and Jz seemed really impressed ,
especially when we all started singing , she tried to join in and sing
along (good lass for that!) …U all know about the game, EVERY RED
fought for the result, which stamps a question mark on the "pundits"
who bet against us succeeding this season…Xabi scored the goal (&
hit a post) Stevie…with a great left foot volley brought out a good
save from P.Cech in their goal and although the blues had a lot of
possesion it was the REDS that always looked confident and most likely
to increase the score, defence (DAgger, Carra, Fabio & Arby, &
Pepe ) was really great, midfield with MASCH Stevie & Xabi, fluid
moving well into attack with Riera Robbie K , Dirk & later Ryan,
Lucas & Sami to add to the "ariel defence" …a real team (squad)
performance (withOUT "our KID" ) of quality and FIGHT (of the best
kind!) …


with about 4-5000 our REDS
support outnumbered TEN to ONE by the "rent boy fan club" …we OUT
sung them thoughout ALL the game…"scouser tommy" ,"fields of Anfield
road" ,"we’ll be coming down the road", ..we won it five times","youve
no history", "Campioni" "RAFA is the special one…" etc <smile>
.and "top of the league" & "wheres your European cup" in response
to spiteful "murderers" chants when they knew they had lost…Its
usually good at away games but hope those of you not there heard it in
full power on the TV because it was "just like the old days", and of
course the "OUR kid TORRES – BOUNCE" song, UNIQUE to us..its fun just
singing "we’re gonna bounce in a minute"….sunday it sounded almost
like a defiant scally rebel chant..as if to say "F**k U" to the
rent-boys fan club…(there were 2 older "closet chelski fans" sitting
next to me, and i swear they got smaller & quieter the longer the
game went on ) <smile>


…the REDS performance &
support that tasted of "the quality & belief of champions"…After,
I took Jz by the hand and walked back towards Victoria past spiteful
"RBFC" chants & shouts (typical of the morons) "murderers &
thiefs"…and yet a cfc fan with his son had an extra match programme ,
which I offered to buy " as a souvenir" <smile>… he gave it to
me,(free)… he looked sick …their own"belief levels" disappear as
quick their 4-year unbeaten home record…we must never give up on our
hopes & dreams …………..we walked through all the yuppie
restaurant / billionaire residences and I smiled to myself, a good
SOCIALIST rebel RED like me, its SO great to come to places like this
& like a footy Robin hood steal the game and leave with a "coupon"
for number 19 in our pockets…RED revival…"when U hear the sound of
Bill Shankly’s boys, we ‘ ll be coming down the road"….<SMILE>


we got as far as South ken.
tube station, our legs were weary , tired of lack of sleep but despite
being full of adrenalin my leg muscles and cramp from the bus journey
convinced me we should got to Victoria by train. There we asked info.@
the Pimlico police station ; at a fish & chip restaurant (where we
were served F & C by a russian cook & a mongolian
waitress!…and we were the only ones eating there apart from a local
blues fan), 2 bobbies on the beat, who all gave us different directions
so we didnt find the "Constitution" pub (managed by a REDS fan!) ..its
more than 20 years since I was based in this city, but theres still as
many characters , as we waited in the pub opposite the Bus station, had
a couple of bevvies, met "Sunshine sally" a hyped up young girl from
Norwich with pigtails , glasses and who swore like a trooper about the
lads who didnt buy her a pint! …and the "apostle paul" young guy from
Motherwell, who sung a song from Oasis dedicated to her, and shared his
"Pink Floyd" sounds from his walkman with me, then gave Jz his woolly
hat and told her that I was a "decent xxxx" …& asked if she
believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, before the miserable barman decided
that he didnt like the singing (or us applauding) and I had to step
between them to stop a fight..on the way back there,several people @
sth ken tube sta.; in the pub toilets, and a friendly irish lad in the
bar, and the 2 "bobbies" all were pleased when we told them of the REDS
winning @ SB…


21h Sunday – So we were
checked in early @ the bus terminal…by Ousama & Bunmi ! …. and
we saw a mexican wolfie…nice hat!… (private joke) , someone dressed
in a gold – studded cape with some sort of neck attire better suited to
a theatre than a bus terminal, & a stunning looking young
cofffee-coloured girl with a head scarf who looked better than most
international catwalk models I have ever seen…there were 2 buses to
take the many people travellling back to the NL, and soon we were on
board (luckily I looked out @ the bus area early ..as there was no
announcements) ….JZ wanted to sleep so we tried to "capture" the back
seat but it was too full, and cramped …(TIP ; if U use this Eurolines
service" dont wait for info – keep a check on the buses physically…or
U could find yourself sitting on the floor, or left behind!)…the
(different) driver was VERY rude to anyone who wasnt "white" & got
lost on the way to dover because the A2 motorway had been closed, THIS
driver didnt use the mic.(or clean out his toilets) so we didn’t know
what was the reason, until we were at Dover when he told us to "hurry
up" through the emigration check … YOU try telling the french
officers there that we "only have 20 minutes, so hurry!"….

Luckily a passenger woke us
up from our deep "nap" on the ferry when we arrived in Calais, and our
rude driver didnt bother to make a pee/coffee stop on the way and
although he was a bad driver and chose to go through den Bosch @ rush
hour! (a small village according to young cockney lads sitting in front
of us who were going to Amsterdam for "cultural " reasons) he got us
"safely" back to Utrecht about 09.30 getting back to Zw. in time for me
to see the latter part of replay of the match on LFC.TV…

On reflection , sure, we must
keep our feet on the ground, but my FEELING is that "Number 19" is not
a "bridge too far" for LIVERPOOL’s REDS this season..we CAN do it , if
we focus and fight with quality & energy all the way to the end of
the season, on or off the pitch..



ChriS (EuRED) – with thanks to Jz for her company & contribution to this "report"

Grass Routes reporting – LIVERPOOL Supporters (Overseas ) Network

Postbus #1 , Bist 129, B2180 Antwerp-EKEREN

email EuRED@live.com or ChriS@eured-san.net


p.s. just listening to CNN in
the background whilst watching LFC.TV replay the WIN @ chelski and the
failing McCain (USA Conservative-Republican) starts typical Bush-style
fear-mongering – obviously just like chelski fans when they are losing,
he gets "Nasty" (or is NAZI?) …and tries to smear his opponent Obama
(not Osama? ha ha ) and stir up the "God bless America" ignorance of
the average voter…"we need a bigger army to protect us"….er
..against ?…them? who are "they" could "they" be US?…if america is
allowed to become even bigger "world police force" together with other
"western poltical poodle governments " we will be in worse trouble, and
more "local wars " could follow…isnt the USA-led "New World Order"
becoming more dangerous than Adolf’s 3rd Reich? I am not convinced by
ANY politician in the USA, but maybe, just maybe OBama could actually
stop their eventual holocaust of the Worlds poor & distruction of
ecology (OBama’s biggest "crime" is that he "SOUNDS LIKE A
SOCIALIST"….owhhhhhoooooo!!!!!!, scarey???? according to the right
wingers & other bwankers..) its the U, S of A, that is REALLY


I applied to get a place in
the "mondiali antirazzisti" for the "09" tournament, and was hopeful of
getting a team together under the "EuRED" flag…but of course with all
the Jd problems…(see following chapters)..and the "cia"
interrerence…but at least I had good news for the "footy FUN and
Friendship" weekend for the "Not without me challenge cup" at my
current club ("be quick") in Zwolle , with brand new astro turf  (there
are 3 astro areas there @ the Zwolle facilities )  with decent changing
rooms  & bar etc – "accomodation costs" = cheap? <smile> –
unsure exactly how many teams but hoping for 10 or 12 …an agreement
to participate from Roby FC , LIVERPOOL  who won the HJC
CUP….."EuRED" will try to be "sponsor"  ezjet are of course regular
servicing Schipol from J.Lennon airport, with direct trains from the
airport to Zwolle station. Any profits to childrens charity.



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