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CSY? – book2 – “CULTure 08” – chapter 2 C …Beltane +

CSY? – book2 – "CULTure 08" – chapter 2 C …Beltane +

Onderwerp: CafeZ80613 EuRED – "Grass Routes" special…Datum: 16 June 2008 12:37
IN This Emailing..
– OPINION "what is the law?"
– Tips – this Flemish region
– events calendar
– Personal
– classic joke
– What is the "law" ?
…is not the psychology of making rules for others fantastic?…it starts thousands of years ago when a "ruler" or "royalty" or "church/community" leader says what the "ordinary people should do"….and of course these "few" wanted to protect their power, so "rules" from then,,,still form the basic priorities of "rule-making"…today?…
– protecting "property" (not people) ????
– protecting LOCAL interests (instead of all) ??
– making business (instead of community care)
– enforcing bias (whatever that political / religious interest may be)
– jobs for "us" (not "them")

My culture (and in fact that socialist culture supposedly is the basis of all humanity) is to WELCOME the guest…to invite the "stranger" or "visitor" into home & community but the latest version of this "law" has brought the world into a "scared" community, where FEAR RULES…where people are encouraged to "shut out & identify" their "terrorist/actvist enemies" (no different than what the NS did with the german "Hitler Youth" etc, telling the authorities who was "different" etc…)

Well, boys & girls HERE I am..the "odd one" …the stranger, the activist, the visitor, who hasnt had a home base, like a refugee or a gypsy?…through choice or accident I am not like you who have been fixed to one or few locations on this planet. Someone I know, works in a government office and complains about the "foreigners" who are angry with her…I know they should not be treated better or worse than a local, but some of them are rightfully angry when they experience the PREJUDICE of the community, or when they ask for the same treatment as everyone else…(I wont expect them to get more…or less…)

AM I a terrorist?…probably the reason i have been held several times "on remand" by german authorities, or had my correspondence diverted & delayed, emails lost or delayed, phone tapped etc. etc is because I argue….and I argue with the "system" which itself is made up of people like "U", whoever "U" are…I WILL expose violations by "political agents" (the german word is "beamte") or "citizens" (even if they are farmers <smile>) …wherever I am…and so its easy to "send me to coventry"…to shut me out…to turn away and refuse to accept or act upon those things I EXPOSE by complaint or by action…
I propose better ways of logistics, of transport, (last week I travelled around Europe and the failure to transfer that endless inside line of cargo trucks to rail or canal is a prime example ) of lifestyle, of sharing responsibility local & global..the failure to provide REAL EQUALITY , the fact that children are taught (biased) "history" instead of the basic human rights articles says it ALL to me!….
Just remember before you vote for "yet another politician" to make more RULES for "U" ..or when TAX is paid by you or taken from your income, ask yourself, "AM I PART of the Problem , or part of the solution" ????? <smile>
just watched this last weekend the DVD of "Philadelphia" …the issue is obvious but its also a comment on "U" (the public) AND ..THE "LAW" ,…the DVD came with a bonus
of special features and "deleted scenes" …which for me just also remind me that the demand in hollywood is for a "commercial length" film (so that "U" dont have to
concentrate too much! ) AND…one particular scene deleted was called "FOUR against One" …not only did the RICH guys who abused Andys rights have 4 lawyers
but (of course) it reminds "US" that THEY (lawyers & judges) are in a CLUB…the chief of the law firm invites the (impartial?) judge to lunch>>> and so it goes…on & on & on…
– Tips – this Flemish region
I am just a few metres away from the Dutch frontier…even on a rainy summers day, theres a certain charm about this green flemish countryside, I live in a small village which roughly
translated means "without me" (sort of fits me eh?) next door is the village pub AND like the old LIVERPOOL ; the centre of social activity , very active & all ages
& types make up the pub "(ir)regulars" the place has a reputation and is situated on "08" of the bycycle map of the region (another co-incidence consiring the LIVERPOOL 08 ; european capital of Culture programmme?)..

theres cheap B & B, camping nearby, and on sunday my plan is to bike around..first a stop at the "casino" bayerd bio-cafe at Wortel..run by a lady & a team of handicapped lads, nice atmosphere, as they tend to sit down and chat…have a coffee & cake there, then within a few kms
theres an Irish pub,(near Rijksvorsel) with a name that sounds like "high boll*cks) with atmosphere much more authentic than the stereotype irish pubs that have been franchised all over european cities, woned & managed by "Lee" and his wife –
who are real fans or holidays in Ireland, and the pub walls represent that! – having a home made soup or a glass of guiness from the tap…
and a rare daytime visit to the (very Ugnly) Debbbie’s "Foutkaffej" (see http://www.foutkaffee.be) for an afternoon coffee (soon it will only be a nighttimeonly-dance/bar
also with an extra-ordinary atmosphere (something you have to "test" yourself…<smile>) before I make my way back to "home-base" …because, although, (due to my
earlier profession) I am usually a wine – drinker, CAFE Schuttershof offers so many great Belgian beers, and the local brew from tap at only ONE euro per glass..
..its hard to stay away. email me for any further information about the region..
– Events Calendar
June 26 08
Special re-launch party – see http://www.Foutkaffeej.be

August 22/23/24
Weekend of FUN , footy, BBQ & party (including HJC/alternative euro-cup winners cup/champions league/euro 08 tourny & 2cv rally)

– Personal
(isnt it ALL "personal" ?)
I took advantage last week of a rentacar deal, as I had some things to do that couldnt be sorted via public transport or on my bike, and as they threw into the deal 2400 kms, I decided to a) visit Angie (a GREAT young singer-songwriter I supported in the past with lyrics & occassional concerts) who informed me  that she was visiting her Dad near Stuttgart, pick up some boxes from near Freiburg, and , most importantly try to see my son Leon , now aproaching 12 years of age (who I have seen for a total of 10 minutes in the last 5 years, thanks to his selfish mother & a gender-biased german state system) I spent a long day driving in 30 degrees on autobahns full of heavy traffic and so was relieved that Angies friend Didi invited me to share a BBQ at his flat & crash out for a few hours in his spare room before proceeding …I left early the next morning to try to catch Leon before he left for school, but that same concrete thud in my heart, when I saw that his mother (like Margit did with Noela) has moved on, with no forwarding address..any of you that know the "story" can ask me privately the rest will be able to read the book "you have got to get in to get out" cost E9.99 – with any profits going to childrens charities.
– Classic joke
(also featured in the above-mentioned film )
Q – what have U got when U chain a 1000 lawyers together at the bottom of the Sea?
A – A Good start….
may y-our Go(o)d go with U

"Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." MLK


Onderwerp: cafez80630edagn-media ChriS->WNKR grass routes reporting (pirates w:end)
Datum: 30 June 2008 16:46

ChriS>Hiya ian,
trust U & Steve got back safely,
if possible I will put up a webpage with a link all your websites …just give me a few lines to write …(if didnt "get" the WNKR joke until I logged on this morning;;;<smile> getting slow in my old age…

"EuRED grass routes (special) reporting"

"multi-CELTural music & pirates club…almost live..again for 2 minutes…"
(the names have been changed to protect the "guilty"..

what a great weekend "OUR kid" ("el Nino" ) Fernando TORRES

…wins the Euro 08 final (against "them") …and i (Alien : ChriS ) meet the rest of the worlds "pirates"..ZONDEREIGEN is near Baarle (Hertog-Nassau) "special" already because of its 30 enclaves and 2 communities split by 2 nationalities..is typical of a region which last weekend hosted (thanks to "F" & his boss-lady) …the largest meeting in the world of international radio …"pirates" …and although I was there as "guest-worker" ..helping with hosting, ticket collection, cooking the Barbie..serving brekkie etc..as one of the "team" on saturday night I managed to say "hello" on the radio set-up in the tent by the "pirates" for the first time since .."multi-CELTural music & pirates club…almost live" for the FIRST time since the programme was shut down (by my removal) by the nasties of germoney…

I was pleased to meet nicer germans on the weekend, like (another?) "crazy Chris" ..Uli (he and I passed the qualifications for Macdonalds

by the speed of  our BBQ cooking of Hamburgers…sausages, steaks &….sate-skewers !) & his wife jeanette…all the way from Dresden…"Dave" was there from the states (obviously a CIA-mole..
there many dutch including 3 from Zwolle, who I never got round to chatting much with, as I was "working"…3 french (including Michel from Colmar???)
so we only needed an italian and I would have met people from almost every place I have lived…inc "mouth of the south" & Ste. from S.E. London also not far from where I lived almost 30 years ago ..

we moved the tents around, but it seemed to push people together and of course the 4 finnish lads stayed up drinking all night, (I crashed on the family couch about 02hrs, and got awoke about 6am by "cartoon network"..thanks kids! <smile>)
and apart from some hangover-induced "murmurs" whilst waiting for brekkie to be served sunday morning, the atmosphere was very good and to hear the stories..including how (not) to tap electricity from the main public
system…<smile>  it was good to be a "pirate" again ..(although U know ….I do my best to "plunder" and obstruct those BIG ships (shi*s?) of the "system" whenever I can ruin their fear – ridden rule-laden methods ..

so thanks again for the fellowship, and I hope (insha’allah) to see/hear you all again soon…be good and if U cant be good be careful …(as my dear old departed ma would say)

please note theres a charity fun/footy & music weekend planned in
Zondereigen for 22/23/24 August 08…further info via email
ChriS@eured-san.net or Al1eNew5@chrismith.eu –

http://www.chrismith.eu (now blocked)

to be continued – insha’allah 🙂


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