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ChriStory – book 2, …(09) oh, Nein …chapter 2 “(NOT) Without me in LIVERPOOL”..end of the “no way Josee” sage

ChriStory – book 2, …(09) oh, Nein …chapter 2 "(NOT) Without me in LIVERPOOL"
….end of the "no way Josee" sage

26 May

EuRED/ZonderEigen in LP = thanks from/to Sarah D, (HJC cup) and ta from me, may B on LFC.TV???…(HJC Cup / Birthday May 23 09)

(taken from chris’s space/facebook may 25 09)

additional EuRED "grass routes" reporting for "ZREDS"…(HJC Cup / Birthday May 23 09)
This weekend (the HJC cup, birthday party in LIVERPOOL, & the last LIVERPOOL fc game of the season has been in my mind for several months…and apart from a last minute panic when I was asked to take dog "mellow" to kennels , thursday morning being a holiday in NL, we caught the very first train, which being on time, even gave time for a "wake up coffee" at Schipol airport, Hamster-dam! Taking my guest to Anfield soon after checking in at the Inn…we had a big brekkie @ Linda’s cafe opposite the KOP…and then did the Museum (which was appreciated by my visitor) before having a siesta and taking the bus back to J. Lennon airport to meet the 19 coming from ZonderEigen.

19, the number all true LIVERPOOL supporters wanted to have at the end of this season. I had to smile when I saw Dirk M, his brother Davy & Gunther (Cafe Schuttershof, ZonderEigen) in shorts, we may be on the "seaside" but,,.,,,not really warm enough IMO…Dirk & I had previously discussed a quiet "night-cap" before sleep on their arrival, but my intro to "magnet" wasnt sufficient to quench flemish thirsts, and even after a great night @ the "grapes" in Mathew street , some didnt make it to bed until 06hrs…thus was a difficult task getting everyone together friday for the visit to Anfield & the beatles museum (especially as Dirk M wasnt doing "head counts"…<smile>) …

some almost funny moments included going "shopping" at the LFC store, and having their first "bevvy" in the world-fanous "Albert" pub..and waiting for a N.27 bus (service every 10 mins), and then 2 along coming along after half an hour (you had to be there!) I tried to join the "Ronnie Yeats" dinner that evening but apart from meeting "the Saint" in the Adelphi hotel toilets (the 60’s teams were the first REDS that I had supported) I preferred to get back together with my "guest/s" @ the cavern…although I might have predicted that they would have gone to the "wrong" one..I heard one or two of them still coming in between 04-06hrs saturday morning, so was (pleasantly) surprised that they were "up" for brekkie in the morning as we needed to leave about 10h..to get to the HJC cup @ crosby…

I could tell by their faces that they werent too keen on a bus ride and a walk to the footy complex ("playfootball.net") so I booked taxis (the WAGS were already shopping) but one of the drivers looked vague when I gave him the address…problem also was that 7 of our skwaaad were on their way to the LFC stadium tour ( we had 2 team-squads under the names "ZonderEigen" & "EuRED" ) as the tour had been booked up several weeks earlier, this was the only time that many of them would have a chance, most of them had never been to Liverpool & one young lad hadnt even been on an airplane before!…

ZonderEigen started well with 2 wins & a draw whilst we struggled ; we had not played in the same team before and without any other choices I had to go in goal…so apart from a game which we won 7-1 it took Ant, Shay, Darren, John , Wim & (goalie) Jan time to know each other, (at times it showed!) still, the most important thing was to PARTICIPATE and contribute to raising awareness, once again a BIG THANKS to Sarah D. and all the HJC organisers, theres not much better things to do in life than to help such a worthy cause, AND play footy, have a few bevvies , some humour , meet old friends & make new ones…and probably get tongue-tied (i havent yet seen the "interview" )
Thanks to everyone for making a great "birthday weekend" even better!
You’ll NEVER walk alone, with hope in Y-OUR heart, JUSTICE for the 96!
– "somewhere in europe" 😉

p.s. J got me ticket with only minutes to spare for Sundays REDS game v spurs, so I was MADE UP, had it not been for mancs & someone spoiling the sunday SOS concert for me it could have been "Perfect" – but experiences have taught me to be thankful for whatever come along……
take care all of you , you are BL**DY Marvellous! and so is SAMI H, thank YOU for 10 great years of service to LFC ! YNWA!

……thanks from/to sarah D, (HJC cup) and ta from me, may B on LFC.TV???
ChriS>I will be mailing/posting a "brief mailing/report" later, but first of all want to thank Sarah (I know how much goes into organising) Dirk & the lads from ZonderEigen for coming over (and supplying a couple of players , especially replacing me as goalkeeper TA!!!) and OF COURSE Ant ("Walshy") Darren & Shay, and Ant’s hyper-active mate Johnny <smile> …at least in one game (winning 7-1) the "EuRED" team got it together…I hope U will join us in next months 7-a-side in Zwolle (NL) or ZonderEigen (Be.) in August …(WAGS welcome too) …
p.s. oh and ta Johnny for getting out of the way in the last game so that I could score the pen. with my old trainers (their last game) and the old legs inside them – as I said at the time "the only management decision I got right on the day"…<smile>

To everyone who took part in the tournament, to everyone who came along and supported, to everyone who took the time to contribute to a cause that still needs including in the education of so many, a massive THANK YOU.
The weather held, the standard was incredible (even The Normans), and it was so wonderful to watch people come together from so many different places and make it such a wonderful day.
Each and every one of you should be proud.
Detailed reports and photos to follow sometime next week, plus don’t forget to tune in to ‘This Is Anfield’, on LFC TV on Monday night for a report…. 😛 😮
It would be great if any of those who attended would like to post here or IM me their own memories of the day, particularly ‘match reports’, to give those who were unable to attend, a ‘taste’ of what they missed. Photos etc would be gratefully received.
Many thanks once more. Be proud.
Finally, congratulations to THE JUDEAN PEOPLE’S FRONT, worthy winners of this years competition, beating previous champions, the excellent ROBY FC.
A bugger to engrave on the trophy, though…. 😉
Sarah Deane.

12:10 11 May

ZREDS…an OZ sees the Wizard of Xabi & glad to be back_munching-gladbachs?
Sunday 10th may enjoying a late brekkie, in the sunshine of a moenchengladbach old market cafe….
Basking in the feeling, for a few hours more at least, LIVERPOOL are back on top, a comprehensive, well fought 0-3 win @ w.ham …goals by Stevie (2) and Babel against the east london "cockneeees" hard – working team 😉

 …had it not been for our early goal the game could have been much more difficult to win, but a superb reversal of roles with "our Kid" (Torres) slipping the ball through for SG’s perfectly timed run & finish set us up nicely for a "counter-attack" game..the opposition for all their ball possession hardlly had a shot on goal, even a rare mistake by Carra was spurned…the M. Gladbach "Fan haus" erupted with travelling REDS singing us to the top; supporters & local fans & sympathisers here for the "annual friendship meeting" between LIVERPOOL supporters (organised by G. Agg) and M. Gladbach being happy for us too…we shall see…what the "citeh" can do..
well, Man City capitulated @ "orrible toilet…had a few hours kip in the bus and then after brekkie met Berndt ("German-REDS") in the "fanhaus" (we finished off a few "pitchers" with Ben before watching the first half at OT on the tele…then went off the game…

Saturday 9th May
I had driven the 200 kms down to the meeting, & the gestapo kindly waived me through about mid-day @ Venlo (obviously impressed by the "KOP" sign & the LIVERPOOL "born a RED" scarf at the front of the "ZREDS bus"…25 kms later I found the "Moenchengladbach fanhaus" met Graham Agg (organiser of the friendship meeting) Craig & Mel (a rugby man) from Brum, Ben a scouser student living in Aachen,the dark & blond (Liverbird 1) Vickies, Paul from LP(Liverpool) , then "Tower" ("FanHaus" manager/stadium tour organiser) "Johnny" & many others…sat chatting to Craig, Mel & Ben , despite being pestered by "Ass-Soziale" manky cat..a comprehensive stadium tour led by "Tower" …(I tested the acoustics with a "LIV_ER_POOL" ..the travelling KOP would love this stadium) ..then back to the MG fanhaus ..where "Tower" had a "special offer" Sausages, Steaks etc @ only ONE euro each…although barman Ralph was a bit slow with my order for Ben & myself, (but dont worry Ralph I wont make it an "official complaint " @ the EU !) ..
Later , Juergen from Hannover joined Ben & myself and we gave a lift to (dark-haired version) Vicky to her hotel (where I parked the bus for the night) on our way to the "Altstadt" ..the 3 lads testing the murky "Gravel Pit" bar for a few bevvies before looking for the "Irish pub"..well, anyone who knows the "REDS on tour" will know that meeting in "irish pubs" is a normal thing to do during European away trips to games etc, But this is the first time I remember meeting in an "irish pub" called ….."IRISH PUB" <smile>…we watched BBC "Match of the Day" (w.ham v LIVERPOOL being the main match!) then a video of the friendship meeting from 2007 , before irish RED (LUKE ) began to lead the singing…I know a lot of songs, but considering hes about 20 years younger, and after a lot of bevvies, he could still recall all the words of all the old songs…I went back to the bus about 03hrs…
(note its a SMALL World for REDS) , the first & last time I had met Vicky was when we were talking on a bus to Anfield after the SOS meeting in january (before we beat Chelski 2-0 in the league) and LUKE didnt really remember me, but last season I got a spare ticket from him, for the Chelski away League game in London when I took a chance getting the overnight bus from NL and went to the normal pub..he sang a lot there too…)
Last weekend (2/3 may)..

Dean, a young LFC fan (I think his dad "introduced him") from "OZ" (Australia) …who had stayed at the same MADrid hostal, had asked me if he could "live the dream" and go to the "Anfield mecca", luckily I had "won" the right to 2 tickets to the game LFC v newcastle , and so I told him if he could get to Zwolle, I would take him in the "ZREDS bus" …he arrived in Zwolle after flying in from New York via Venice to schipol , about 22h and we had what should have been a short "welcome" drink at "de Singel" but became a session after we met 2 dutch & swedish lads & some locals in what became a "global" meeting..

The next day an earlier than planned start was necessary as we hit 2 traffic jams on the way to Calais (Near Antwerp & near Brugge) ..a ferry across (Deans First ) the channel and we were in LP in time for a breakfast at Linda’s cafe, (opposite the Albert pub)…I gave him my tour of LP and we had the "traditional(but not great) Fish & chips & later went to "Magnet" where we met the voluptuous Stefanie, her mum , Andy & his mates…and slept in the bus, Sunday was another "big brekkie" and the game..(LIVERPOOL v newcastle united ….the "geordies" always have big noisy following, all credit to them…)

Dean was made up to be @ the football mecca of Anfield for the very first time, and the REDS made it look too easy , 3-0 even without "our KID" (Torres) ..Stevie should have scored 3 himself, and Dirk did well again with Benny finishing from Dirks opportunism in the box , Dirk himself scoring the 2nd & Lucas with a header even a BQ10 player could have scored!) ,<smile>..Xabi was brilliant until that thug Barton "took him out" (red-carded) …then Dean slept most of the return journey, without problems or traffic, we found a quiet route without trafic via Bruuge , ….1800 kms, less 10 hrs sleep (since thursday) and one or 2 glasses of vino …(a few more souvenirs & an LFC flag for "Mr. Secretary" with me) ..I needed a VERY long siesta on monday, tired, as usual, (although its "hostile " in Merelstraat … I am locked myself in my room <smile>)

BQ#10 training wednesday 6th May
Met Anne L concerning the June 19/21 promotions (Footy, FUN & FRIENDship weekend ) eventually 😉 (who can make a POSTER?) …then training…just 3-a-side! …knackered!! ..(last weekend took its toll,,) ..but thankfully, I was able to move a bit( less mobile & more defensive this time…) and thankfully the muscles held up well..and whilst the achillies tendon was tight, it didnt get any worse, and I felt it loosen up during training (note buy Bram a calculator as his team always seems to gain 2/3 goals during training, or does he think when he scores it counts double as "away goals" …) ??? <smile> (just a joke Bram) ….btw I think that once we have the FORNAL bank account for the "ZREDS" we can organise the "BQ#10 lief en leed" pot – as the club is registered properly @ the Zwolle KVK (chamber of commerce) it must be better than using someones personal account, agreed?
Sunday night (just before crashing out in bed…)

…just got back from Moenchengladbach (23h sunday) today before they won (1-0 in the last minute) their "survival match" v Schalke 04, the Borrussia fans sang YNWA to us (I was with a group of REDS supporters/local fans) who presented a "friendship banner".(& I gave them my 2 Liege V LFC & PSV v LFC scarves)..we stood ON THE FIELD and sang back to to 54,000 there! ..<smile> ..probably on TV again!

(that & the "fanhaus manky asocial cat" & ralph the poor barman/waiter…etc etc, ) …sounds mad! ..it was! …

Thanks Ronnie ….our new ZREDS website (under construction by RONNIE, ta Ronnie!)

Congratulations to ALL the BQ10 + 3 team…!!!!
to do that after goalie Jan , Hugo, Vincent , Rolf , me, are all missing/gone…!!! GREAT!!! (to come back from 0-1 is very good…!)
(but….U dont need ME???…although my achilles tendon was damaged again last wednesday…I hope to be fit for BQ10 last game…hopefully winning it??) 😉
p.s. did U check with Bram about the postbox (anything fromt he bank for "ZREDS")
From: jan diepenheim To: eured@live.com
Subject: Be Quick’28 10 – CSV’28 9 2-2 !!!!!!!!!!
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 14:30:32 +0200
Hiya Chris,
We have our 2nd point reached in the competition with a tie against CSV’28. (2-2) We played with 3 boys from A2( Ruben, Roy and Joost) , we were at halftime 0-1 behind. But we did not give up, and even after the 0-2 in the second half we were fought for every meter. The result: 2 goals by Joost, the young A2 player. The 1st was a "Xabi Alonso" goal, the 2nd one was a "Dirk Kuyt" goal. Andre played a very good game and gave the assist for the second goal.
Wat concerns myself: I have only played 15 min. Was again suffering from my achilles tendon.
cu @training wednesday.
End of Season ‘Do’
Spirit of Shankly, Liverpool Supporters Union is pleased to announce details of its End of Season ‘Do’.
Relive the season and celebrate the highs and the lows of following Liverpool Football Club on Sunday 24th May 2009 at The Olympia, West Derby Road, Liverpool.
Join us for another night of music including featuring The Maybes?, The Troubadours, John Power and John O’Connell from Groundpig and other special guests. If you were there last year you know this is an event not to be missed!
Doors open at 7.00pm and the first band will be on stage at 8.00pm.
Tickets are priced at £10 and can be reserved by emailing admin@spiritofshankly.com (payment required prior to the event) or they can be purchased from any member of the SOS comiittee or from Transalpino, Hanover St.
From: Mondiali Newsletter newsletter@mondialiantirazzisti.org
Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 17:22:41 +0200
To: footz@chrismith.eu
Subject: Open the rgistration for the Mondiali
The registration for the football tournament at the Mondiali Antirazzisti
2009 will start on the 20th of April.
Further news about the changings in the festival we will publish in may.
ChriS>Yes I was, I was living in "Neider-bayern" (southern germany) at the
time, and drove a borrowed BMW 500 kms up to DORTMUND with an Irish mate
who was living in Munich …
..remember a funny incident when we were standing around the market square..
having a few bevvies and a german policeman with full peaked cap & black
uniform put his hand on my shoulder (to pass through) and as quick as a
flash the scouser opposite me said "ah for you Tommy, ze war is over"

the Dortmund fans also sing YNWA, so the start was great seemed like a home game, we must have had 25-30,000 supporters there…The game was exhausting, nearly had a heart-atack and we slept a couple of
hours in the car before driving back the next morning, took me 2 weeks to recover (Alvaries fans were great also…) I spoke to the german bizzies (as I speak the language) and they said "great final, great fans, NOT ONE
incident of hooliganism!, best they ever saw)

« on: Today at 02:11:26 PM »
LFC TV is looking to speak to any Reds supporters who travelled to Dortmund to attend Liverpool’s UEFA Cup final against Alaves in May 2001, our first European final since Heysel in 1985.The club television channel is looking to make ‘Dortmund ’01: The Fans Story’, a new three-hour show about possibly the greatest UEFA Cup final
ever. The game ended with Liverpool winning on the Golden Goal rule but the score line was only part of the story. The whole trip to Germany was an amazining experience for supporters as both sets of supporters mixed freely before, during and after the final and the Liverpool fans were praised by UEFA for their behaviour.
‘Dortmund ’01: The Fans Story’ will see three supporters talk about the route to the final, their trip to Dortmund, their own tales of what the final meant to them personally and obviously the match itself.
Dear Member,
The Spirit of Shankly would like to draw your attention to the
following items currently appearing upon the SOS Website.
Awaydays â€" the new Kevin Sampson film premiering in Liverpool in
May; http://www.spiritofshankly.com/news/Awaydays-Premiere.html (
http://www.spiritofshankly.com/news/Awaydays-Premiere.html )
SOS End of Season Do â€" 24th May 2009 â€" “the hottest ticket in
http://www.spiritofshankly.com/news/End-of-Season–sss-Do-sss-.html (
http://www.spiritofshankly.com/news/End-of-Season–sss-Do-sss-.html )
Still time to book your cheap travel
SOS has published a legal briefing giving many of the do’s,
don’ts at games and what your rights are if you come up against
“challenging†stewarding or policing;
Please feel free to pass this email on to non-members drawing their
attention to the online membership page at;
The Spirit of Shankly

On behalf of the organisers of the HJC Cup we’d like to draw your
attention to the 2009 tournament details;
20 years ago, 96 men, women and children went to a football match and
never returned. In memory of those who lost their lives on that tragic
day, the bereaved families, and those who endure the painful memories of
that day, music stars from across the city, along with some Liverpool
legends, have come together to release a single in their honour.</p>
<p>The famous Kop song "Fields of Anfield Road" has been recorded with an
additional verse remembering Hillsborough. It will be released on Monday
6th April 2009, and it is hoped the single can reach the charts ahead of
the anniversary. Even if not, it shows the memory of that day will live
on, and the 96 will never be forgotten.
Rafael Benitez has urged Liverpool fans all over the world to buy the
brand new ‘Fields of Anfield Road’ single – which has been released to
help raise awareness of the Hillsborough disaster.
I was lucky enough to be at the launch of the single and I think
it is fantastic," said the Liverpool manager"My message to our fans is to go out and buy it because it’s for a
very, very good cause. We must never forget the Liverpool fans who lost
their lives at Hillsborough
"Generations before mine used to claim that they could remember
exactly where they were when Man first landed on the moon, or on other
such significant historical occasions. For us, everybody can instantly
recall the precise moment they heard the news from Hillsborough. The
memories of the events of the 15th April 1989 are as vivid today as they
were 20 years ago and the launch of this CD is simply an attempt to
commemorate the men, women and children who didn’t return home from that
FA Cup semi-final in Sheffield. We will never forget the 96. YNWA".
Tuesday 21st April 2009
Hopefully all going well Ray Kennedy will be at Anfield on Tuesday night
for the Liverpool v Arsenal league match.
There will be 2 mosaics in the ground – one in the Kop a big white number 5
on a red background and one in the Arsenal end a blue number 10 on a yellow
The Club have given 2 x tickets for the Directors box and have made a car
park space in the main stand for the car – we’ve paid for a car to pick him
up and for a hotel for the night – as Ray would be to knackered to do the
journey all in one day. Hopefully he’ll be well enough to take the pitch at
sometime (probably HT) during the evening and give a wave of thanks for the
support and funds raised by both Liverpool and Arsenal fans alike.
Ray Kennedy was there for us – and now we’ll be there for him !
Hicks’ bricks need new cement mix
The debt laden edifice that is Tom Hicks’ sports franchise ‘empire’ is beginning to crumble. Reports in the Guardian and elsewhere indicate that that his US investment vehicle, Hicks Sporting Group (HSG), defaulted on loans which amount to £354m because he’s failing to keep up the interest payments. Hicks told the press:
"I am working closely with both leagues to find quality partners that share my long-term vision….. I will continue to fund the teams’ operations. I am the largest creditor to HSG and need 51% of the banks to agree with my plan."
Sound familiar? It’s the usual bluster that everything’s fine & dandy, but the likely impact of Hick’s default may, according to Saturday’s Guardian:
"…have the damaging effect of shaking the confidence of Kop Holdings’ two lenders, Royal Bank of Scotland, around 70% owned by the UK government, and the US finance house Wachovia. The club’s £350.5m loan is not only secured against its own assets but also through letters of credit and personal guarantees from Hicks and Gillett, amounting to £185m."
Clearly, increasing evidence that both Hicks & Gillet are suffering serious financial difficulties won’t shore up the banks’ confidence in their ability to successfully re-structure the LFC related debt in July.
Meanwhile, there are persistent rumours that the Kuwaiti guys are watching and waiting…..
Spirit of Shankly is appealing to as many members as possible – and the
wider community as well – to join with the Free Michael Shields Campaign on
a march in support of Michael prior to this weekend’s game against
Blackburn. The purpose of the march is to remind Jack Straw, who continues
to drag his heels, and Merseyside Police who are now re-examining Michael’s
case that we are appalled by Michael’s mis-trial, convinced of his
innocence and demanding of his immediate release.
We will gather at St.George’s Hall plateau at 10.30, where there will be a
short address from the campaign leader, Councillor Joe Anderson. Michael’s
father, Michael Senior will update us as to Michael’s wellbeing before
leading the rally on a march to Anfield. Television and newspaper reporters
will be in attendance, and we call upon everyone for a show of strength and
support as we strive for justice for Michael Shields.
Councillor Joe Anderson said: " I would urge football fans of Liverpool and
Everton to attend the rally and Join us on the March to Anfield as a way of
showing support to Michael Shields and his family. Next month will be the
fourth anniversary of Michael being jailed for a crime he did not commit.
The people of this City who join us will help send a clear message to Jack
Straw the Government and to the Bulgarians that we know Michael is innocent
and we want him released now. Please support us as you always have."
Zw>m49/s-end May 11 09
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24 April
90423EuRED-"GrassRoutes" special – 8 goals(x2), 8 bells & Justice for the 96, on my "other birthday"
90423EuRED-BUS -"GrassRoutes" special – 8 goals(x2), 8 bells & Justice for the 96, on my "other birthday" (& "more mass-debating"…. 😉
its my other birthday…22/23.4.09..I woke up from a coma 14 years ago …so its a "straneg one" (more than usual , folks…) 😉
23 April 09
we formed the "ZREDS" (ZonderEogen-Zwolle REDS supporters club-benelux) ..membership leads to participation in the "KO-OP UNlimited" initiative…
see: http://www.eured-san.net/zreds.html
the last couple of weeks…
90421 (4-4 v Ars*nal means the REDS were top on my "other" birthday..! …another month and my originakl birthday and who knows if we win all our games and the mancs slip up…good to still be in the fight ….)
Today the local Zwolle police hauled the "ZREDS" bus away from outside the house..according to their "computa!" …someone with the name of smith ! owes 188 euros (which was originally only a 30 euros traffic offence, but escalated by "administrative" costs..) I PROTESTED that I once received a fine which mentioned a CANADIAN "Mr. Smith" at my address in ZonderEigen BUT there was no eveidence ot was me so, I returned it to the JusTITie ..with a letter of complaint and never heard any more…the police said the usual robotic/fascist "we are only obeying orders" but said "if U dont co-operate we will take the bus by transport and U will have to pay 200 euros extra plus court costs if U fight this. This is your "democracy " at work…U are gulty via computa! and have to prove you are innocent – which is impossible unless U have a financial advantage or political lobby…I told them that I also had applied for a residents parking 2 weeks ago, the police officer told me that it takes EIGHT weeks, (it only took one week to register myself and one day to register the "bus" …am i cynical in believing that they PROFIT from parking fees by DELIBERATE DELAY of issue of a residents parking permit? mind U another "chapter" to my story was riding a police-bicycle to the station with them.!!! 😉
Date: Sun, 19 Apr 2009 07:31:41 +0200
ChriS>…an emotional rollercoaster of a week…..
1. I took the "bus" (transit) for its first "ZREDS tour" tuesday morning,.,.and tuesday , in the hostile chelski part of London was PROUD of the REDS fighting all the way to a "game of the season" 4-4 @ stamford bridge…even their FICKLE fans had to acknowledge that we came close to ANOTHER LIVERPOOL "miracle" …just a nap in the back of the van then …
2. the Hillsborough memorial service @ Anfield , LIVERPOOL….TWENTY-EIGHT THOUSAND (28,000) people attended the service…and now, perhaps ,after 20 years of LIVERPOOL supporters demanding that the TRUTH be told of how police neglect murdered 96 Liverpool supporters (many of them young boys & girls) …the World will know….there are no supporters in the world like the "LIVErpool family" …I am proud of my REDS team and I am proud of the people who kept on fighting for "JUSTICE for the 96"…
you should look at http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/archivedirs/news/2009/apr/15/N164023090415-1935.htm

3. Despite a "dodgy wheel" a ferry blockade (which closed the Calais/dover services immediately after we sailed on tuesday) I picked up "James" a (lost) Liverpool fan on his way to Nowhere & got back over on thursday night (and managed to carry over 3 SHEFFIELD students, one of them from the HILLSBOROUGH district) going to Croatia by "bumming it" …(hitch-hiking) for free! …we eventually got to Calais & ate at the hyper-market , 4 of us slept a couple of hours in the back of the "ZREDS-bus" in Antwerp and then friday morning I dropped them @ Venlo so they could get to their next stop @ Nurnberg (hope they dont start a rally there! <smile>)

4. Saturday , my leg was sore especially after sitting almost 3 days in the "bus" …so I "flagged" the line in the first half as "sub" but …Nico went awkwardly down after 25 minutes of the first half, when the team were looking OK without me (Wouter playing well , more or less in my place) …we all rushed to him, to see he has broken his LEG!!!…I tried to cheer him up with a comment that "I am sorry to say U wont play the piano again" but I am not sure Nico appreciated my humour , NICO! I WISH U the very BEST and a speedy & full recovery, ….GET WELL SOON!…Ronnie gave me the captains band…I will try to do it jusitice..
(EVERYONE try to get to training wednesday – we want to send Nico a message!) …in my opinion we should have stopped the game when Nico went off! (no one really felt like playing on without him!)
5. SUMMER football & fun..
a) 19-21 June the EUROPEAN "NOT WITHOUT ME" CUP weekend "Football FUN & FRIENDship"…@ Be quick with 7-a-side teams from LIVERPOOL, BRUSSELS & MADRID…& our local friends…
b) also on 12th JUNE in a 6-a-side tournament organised by "Skilful Scousers" (LIVERPOOL fans in Belgium)
Start Time: Friday, June 12, 2009 at 6:00pm
End Time: Saturday, June 13, 2009 at 1:00pm
Location: terreinen van VVV molenstede
Street: heidestraat 11
City/Town: Molenstede, Belgium
All "be quick players" PLEASE email me (EuRED@live.com) if you want to participate in the "ZREDS" team for above OR in other summer football / fun tournaments !!!
Date: Sun, 12 Apr 2009 16:43:23 +0200
ChriS>Hiya TeaMates
once again we failed to win 4 BQ#10..@ VSW..after standing up against their attack & a GREAT goal by Hans from a free kick, we "collapsed" to be 4-1 at H-T (FT: 6-1) sad because their equaliser was because we didnt mark up, despite having enough defensive players, their fourth was my mistake in calling "offside" without looking…I just hope we get at least one good result this season and that I can do more for the team, actually play with full power, a full game , when fully fit (second half my achillies tendon strained again)..anyway, hard luck lads, we had chances to win but……..

I will be away from training, after the REDS 4-0 win yesterday I have HOPE in my heart that we can win @ Chelski, if any team can do it, against the odds, LIVERPOOL can, but MORE important the following day (wednesday 15th April) I go to HILLSborough memorial service at ANFIELD from 14h, to honour the 96 supporters who never came home from Sheffield 20 years ago, and to call again for "Justice" for those whose lives were lost because of police/stadium neglect!
15th APRIL is also a personal date, as in 1995 (on easter sunday) I went into a meningitis-induced COMA, and woke up a week later, that date ALSO changed my life completely…
These are times when I am reminded what is special about our club, in good & BAD times…the REDS have a global family and all are welcome that have respect for our unique history & mentality; thanks to JAN for proposing to wear the black (EuRED/Justice4t96) t-shirts @ training wednesday, thats a Great Idea! , please spare a thought sometime on wednesday for all people who died at sporting events around the World or those whose lives were cut short through INjustice! we are all a family in this moment.
take care
You’ll never walk alone …JUSTICE for the 96!
(more information @ http://www.liverpoolfc.tv or http://eured-san.net/hillsboro.html or http://www.contrast.org/hillsborough or http://www.redandwhitekop.net or (in dutch) @ http://www.liverpoolfc.nl/hillsborough.htm )
Thursday, April 09, 2009 8:43:39 AM
ChriS>Thanks to everyone who re-organised their evening so we could watch the game v Chelski last evening in the BQ bar..
difficult for me anyway to focus on training before a REDS game,"ZREDS" now have 12 members (including that "blue rent-boys traitor" Rolf!) ….
as for the game, I feel a bit sick this morning, …maybe LIVERPOOL scored too early & relaxed because we didnt look the same team that had battered Madrid & the Mancs last month …Stevie wasnt fit, maybe affected by playing too many games for LFC & eng-er-land in the last 2 weeks..but I suppose I have to give some credit to the "chelski rent – boys though, they took advantage, and it will take "another Istanbul" for the REDS to get through this tie…anyway, we have lost the first time at home since more than a year (we beat Chelski home & away this season, so maybe they were going to fight harder than usual) – now Rafa has to decide if he tries to rescue the game in London next week, or concentrate on the Premiere league title..
its as important how we lose , as to how we win!
anyway I am planning to go to London for the away game, and then to LIVERPOOL for the HILLSBOROUGH memorial (20 years since the 96 REDS died because of police/stadium mis-handling)
You’ll never walk alone!
p.s. good idea Nico, team spirit @ BQ10 is vital!


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