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ChriStory – book 2, …(09) oh, Nein …chapter 3 …FFF……………..?

ChriStory – book 2, …(09) oh, Nein …chapter 3 …FFF……………..?

After the summer "international pirates meeting"  I really must have "touched the nerve" of the "sytem" ("cia" = Criminals/c*nts, Idiots/ILL-legal arrogant/A**holes) as they blocked my spaces/blog, and email/hotmail at eured@live.com…I have re-loaded the chapters of "book2" from the time of the abduction to the end of "European Capital of CULTure 08" including the last attempt to see my little girl..this is the stuff that was "censored" ..shows just how F**ked up your "democratic government" is????

29 June 09
Video…from FFF…(Footy FUN & Friendship) weekend Zwolle09
more incriminating evidence..

to prove that "old bruce-willis-lookalike" should concentrate on the BBQ, & "coahing & training with my team" (Rafa) …and give up on the matches..


11:06 | UREDS  25 June

90623 ; Footy, FUN & FRIENDship " Special " (inc the Euro NOT without-me CUP 09 …)
EuRED Direct Action "Grass Routes" Network….(EdAgN)

FIVE LIVERPOOL Mothers of Hillsborough disaster victims marched on Downing Street on June 20 to demand a new inquiry into the tragedy. 20 years on, and the World still hasnt been told the TRUTH , J4t96! (You’ll Never Walk alone) for latest info go to (& join) http://www.redandwhitekop.net

&……..some words from RAFA >

I remember after the Champions League and also the FA Cup," the boss told Liverpoolfc.tv. "It would be fantastic to do it again." Benitez also paid tribute to Kopites who helped make 2008-09 a hugely successful season. Liverpool remained unbeaten at home throughout the league campaign, while suffering just two defeats on the road as they finished second in the table. "Our fans are always different, always fantastic," added Benitez. "They know when the team is working hard and they know when they have to support. They know we have improved a lot this year. "For us, it’s always important to see them in the stands. "On the streets you see a lot of support. We have a lot of fans and every single day you have people supporting you and cheering – these are the kind of fans we have. They’re always with the team." Benitez will welcome back the bulk of his squad in early July ahead of pre-season tours to Switzerland and Asia. the season gets underway at White Hart Lane on August 15.

Dutch media articles;

see also Http://zredszwolle.nl (also blocked…!!!)

Liverpool-fans veroveren Zwolle
door Peter Dekkers. maandag 22 juni 2009 | 09:46 |

Liverpool-fans vermken zich in Zwolle. foto Frans Paalman
ZWOLLE – "FC Liverpool is meer dan voetbal, het is een religie.” Chris Smith, speler van Be Quick 10 en gepassioneerd aanhanger van de legendarische voetbalclub uit zijn geboorteplaats is een echte. Hoeveel fan moet je zijn om ziel en zaligheid te storten in het organiseren van een toernooi gespeeld om de ‘Euro-Not-Without-Me’ cup. "Mijn voornaamste drijfveer is de fun en relationship tussen Liverpool-fans uit heel Europa. Met voetbal en ‘a few beers’ komt het helemaal goed.”
En dus speelt er zaterdag een bonte mix van spelers uit Zwolle, de regio en Liverpool op het on-Engelse kunstgras van Be Quick’28. Geplaagd door de naweeën van de welkomsparty heeft Smith het zweet op de kop. De fans uit Madrid en Brussel komen later in verband met verkeerschaos. "Maakt niet uit, dan spelen wij met een eigen clubje wel onder Spaanse vlag.” En dus zien we Smith voetballen met maatje Colin Latham van SVI 4, ook al zo’n Nederlandse Liverpool fan. Latham kwam acht jaar geleden vanuit Liverpool naar Zwolle. Zijn liefde voor ‘The reds’ was toen al levenslang verzegeld. " Mijn moeder was zes maanden zwanger tijdens de Europacupwedstrijd tegen Bayern München. Het was dringen op de tribune en een cordon van Liverpool fans ging om mijn moeder staan om mij te beschermen. Zo wordt je dus als Liverpool fan geboren.”

De afgereisde fans uit Liverpool zijn erg onder de indruk van de accommedatie van Be Quick’28. "Is dit een amateurclub? Wow!” Lee Whittingham komt woorden tekort om zijn gevoel voor Liverpool te omschrijven. "Telkens als ik ‘You’ll never walk alone’ hoor, krijg ik kippenvel. Dit lied wordt overal geassocieerd met onze prachtige club. Laatst was ik met een groepje in het Polen van Jerzy Dudek, de held van die schitterende finale tegen AC Milan. Toen die Polen doorkregen dat we uit Liverpool kwamen zong de hele kroeg voluit ‘You’ll never walk alone’, machtig!”

Volgens teamgenoot Tom Kirby moet je z’n vader niet laten kiezen tussen moeder de vrouw of FC Liverpool. "Dat komt niet goed voor ‘my mom.’ Bij mijn geboorte werd ze vroegtijdig ingeleid vanwege de cupfinal die Liverpool moest spelen.”
"From the hospital to Wembly”, grinnikt vader David. Terwijl de dames van Be Quick 3 de knapste boys uit Liverpool toejuichen gaat er alweer een schrijven rond voor een volgend toernooi in België. De opbrengst daar gaat naar de nabestaanden van de Hillsborough slachtoffers. Deze stadionramp waar 96 fans de dood vonden, draagt elke Liverpool fan ook na twintig jaar nog mee. "Sommige mensen vinden dat we de ramp maar een keer af moeten sluiten, maar dat kan toch niet”, reageert Latham.
"Voor de nabestaanden is ‘the Hillsborough door’ never closed. Never!”
http://zredszwolle.nl (?)

to our theme ; Football FUN & FRIENDship – for "Euro-NOT-Without-me CUP09 " phase 1-Zwolle

THis initiative started early in 2007 & was a connection by ChriS Smith (a member of the "veteran BQ#10 team) via "Europe-based LIVERPOOL supporters " to the winners of the HJC cup ("Hillsborough Justice campaign"(justice badge?)LIVERPOOL every last weekend of the Premiere league season to promote not only awareness but to make friends …our extension of this is to include all football fanatics & enthusiasts, fans or non fans across europe.. the "Not without me" weekend in August 2008 took it to the next stage, involving teams & friends from Benelux …local teams & fans and visitors from LIVERPOOL & Brussels..especially to follow the POSITIVE example of LIVERPOOLs world-famous "kopites" (and extinguish "hooliganism" ….)…"You’ll Never Play Alone"

"International Guest Teams"
Roby FC
(winners HJC 08 & EnW0me 08 & 09)
Background: (the "hollywood stars" of 08)
Roby FC is a mixture of family and friends with connections to the city of Liverpool. The squad consists of 6 native scousers and 2 out of towners who moved to Liverpool to attend university. It was originally put together specifically to enter last years Hillsborough Justice Campaign tournament, and due to the performance of the lads continued on afterwards. At the time of writing, Roby has entered 5 tournaments (winning 4 of them) including last years Not-Without-Me Cup in Zondereigen.

Their players are as follows.

Mike Ford – Mike has been between the sticks for Roby in every game so far. He has a superhuman ability to save penalties, which has served us well in two penalty shoot out finals.(Mike leaves for OZ in August 09) Mathew Giles – Mat is the latest addition to the Roby squad. A left footed defender/midfielder, Mat is known for his well rehearsed and polished looking goal celebrations. Loves to shout and wear cardigans, but not at the same time. Dave "Showbiz" Wah – Some say he was smuggled into the country on a boat from Ghana at a very young age. A utility man with a big engine and will chip in with a goal or two as well usually late in games when everyone else is tired. Sean Avery aka The Entertainer aka The Swinger – Box to box, no nonsense, 110% and can play as well. Once took the greatest penalty of all time! Usually found in Liverpool nightclub ‘Flares’. Gary Clarke – "Tank" is back baby. Played in the original HJC tournament and scored two screamers which he hasn’t stopped talking about since! At 6’6, Gary brings the physical presence to an otherwise small team.Andrew Wah – Passing and moving is his game. The much injured Andy once broke his toe on his right foot and played even better as a left footer. If Roby had fans he would make a fortune from selling Andy wigs. Paul Avery – AAAVVVVOOOOOOOOOOOO is the captain. Plays with either foot, has a complete all round game and is a big goal threat. The "most experienced" member of the squad, ‘Avo’ has led Roby to 3 trophies! Ian Wah – Only deals in Goals Goals Goals. Scoring them and creating them. Doesn’t do a lot else really.

DKA team
DK Architects have been established as an architectural practice for 25 years and as a footballing force for approximately 8 years! Bill Shankly once said "Aim for the sky and you’ll reach the ceiling. Aim for the ceiling and you’ll stay on the floor." Well, we will be aiming for the sky this weekend but if we have to settle for just making it under the table in the bar after the football then I am sure it won’t be too disappointing!"
Local teams

Zwolsche Boys
Be quick 28 #10
Be Quick Ladies
& FC Zwolle 6 (as replacements ; BUFC ; BQ 8 & gemuiden no-show)
original Time table
June 19 Friday
17h welcome Party" we invited all partcipating teams, officials & players to come to the "Be Quick 28" Canteen , to "meet & greet" the guest players & their supporters. Lets enjoy some beers together & give y-our visitors a very friendly welcome & make a good atmosphere to start the weekend.
June 20 Saturday
11h Registration of players then competition; (rules attached) 7-a-side with "fair-play"
2 leagues each of 6 or 7 teams play 15 minutes each game
– the top 2 teams from each league go to semis, then final
18h Presentaion of the "Winners Trophy" sponsored by Be Quick 28") & the
"EuRED" special "Euro NOT-withOUT – me, Zwolle 09 Friendship CUP" (sponsored by "EuRED") presented by…a celebrity (Dirk, Mayor?)
19h Barbeque with party on terrace contuing in canteen until the last one standing switches off the lights….
June 21 Sunday
For any survivors – a "Farewell Brunch" sunday morning (?) <smile> or later ..with "surprise"…(boat)?
last Word ;Enjoy the weekend and PLEASE participate in raffles & auctions, bar & BBQ ..(there are also limited number of "souvenir" T-shirts for sale ) this is a not-for-profit event; any Profits will go to "Kika"or similar childrens charity & "HJC awareness".further information availble via http://zredszwolle.nl & http://www.eured-san.net email EuRED@live.com or ChriS@eured-san.net

Interim Report
From Skillful Scousers in the forest to FFF……in Zwolle (Euro NOT without-me CUP 09)

On the 13th June the "EuRED"squad (made up of ZREDS & BQ10 "vets") made the long drive to Molenstede (near Belgian Diest, Limburg) Hiya Stefan, thanks from "EuRED/ZReDs" (http://zredszwolle.nl ) for the warm welcome & friendly atmosphere, apart from your lads tim-wasting (kicking the ball into the forest just when we we launching a "super-istanbul" comeback) , and of course the sad news of Wouters dad..it was great to be " part of it" again…need to get them singing though…<smile> all the best from Ed, Paul, Wout, Boyke, Jan D , Orestis & myself , YNWA/J4t96


Report for ZreDS CS>; "monday 15th June…I am in ZonderEigen (near Baarle) at the moment , the " Skillful Scousers @ Diest toernooi was …extreme, we lost first game, heavily, which we blamed on "jet lag" .<smile>..after that we done some training (& on the field…) then suddenly we were shocked by a phone call to say Wout’s father had died…Orestis & I stayed , but the other 5 (Wout, Ed, Jan D, Boyke & Paul) went back immediately to Zwolle (225 kms) …The locals "lent" us some players & we won the final game 7-4 with a fine goal from Orestis & I also enjoyed a role in defensive midfield..(without falling over this time) we stayed until the end at the Scousers clubhuis (this club is only about LIVERPOOL supporters, all members are belgian but all speak english with LIVERPOOL dialect/accent …even the kids & babies & girls are all wearing LIVERPOOL RED shirts etc…the lads from Zwolle found it amazing..like a RED oasis in the limburg countryside…" ..special mention ; Stef, Neel & Raoul who went out of their way to make us feel "at home" . …and sample the atmosphere we hope for in Zwolle….

June 18th 09..
Getting ready for HOSTING the Euro NOT without-me CUP 09, for the 3rd time , but first time in "gay Zwolle" and first time @ "be quick 28"…another aborted ("bored") meeting , followed by training and it showed that the organisation was on my mind.. Orestis & Lianne were warned but took me to "timeless" anyway until 04 h for a few " warm up" drinks …the day was spent checking vital matters & emailing as usual…not easy with no (Zwolle) home-base..

June 19th 09..
nerves?…hmmm I am now "expecting"disaster the previous (BQ-bored) adminsistrative "problems" leave me with an uneasy feeling ..2 LIVERPOOL teams flying in, disaster could ruin the chances of more FFF (Footy FUN & Friendship ) weekends …no news from 2 teams ( BQ 8 & Gemuiden pull out at almost the last minute ?)…hmmm..I send more emails.(nearly 400 this year just on THIS Weekend )..anyway new member Colin helps me collect Roby FC from the sttaion (after their birthday party for captain Paul in Hamster..where the team were all wearing their special t-shirts & son after 19h theres enough teams registered to make a tourny , I put up the RED flag & relax a little , make an announcement, draw the team names for the first game, then HUGO & mates drag me out to Zwolle city , on the back of Hans ‘ bicycle ..I fall off twice , and cant remember how I got back to the "ZReDS bus" sometime around 05h…

June 20th 09…The BIG day…
Have trouble getting up , but kids arriving warn me to get going about 09h…its bedlam upstairs in the kantine/offices of BQ…stadium & surrounding fields…full of kids there for a junior national football tournament, rumour has it theres some mancs around , but if i see them they are probably too little to kick (probably…) I love encouraging (& coaching ) kids but I aready told the BQ "bored" that WE booked this stadium 6 months ago and NOT to have 2 tournies in the same weekend…as the morning goes on the promised field markings are not done, we dont have keys for changing rooms and theres a rumour of teams lost or flight delays…the rumoured storms could not have matched my own anger at 6 months preparation & 400 emails, countles phone calls, post & hundreds of man-hours at RISK …the media are late, and some people are simply impatient, why cant they chill out over a "bevvy" in the bar or kick a ball about, the CLEAR message to all participants is this should be FFF..not F********!

The RED (LFC) flag was flying high above the stadium, I hoped any mancs might beware…and to encourage our ZReDS & LIVERPOOL supporters & fans…it made me feel more at home as the grey skies loomed..I start to doubt my own consciousness as the "priority" had gone to the kids and our team were changing in one of the refs changing rooms, however, when I went back there the girls had occupied it, ..if only they had been a few years older…..(!)…
The games get started , Roby & DKA fight out a competitive 2-1 in the first (strong) group , whilst the BQ ladies sink BQ10 in a "controversial" first game of group 2. MAD-REDS arent there , nor are BUFC, so a mixture of EuRED & BQ10 players make up an extra team (which proved to damage chances of qualification) Koos re-arranged the group 1 schedule whilst group 2 was already an hout late before the local press turned up & interviewed Lee, Colin & myself..& of course a photo opportunity…whilst one particular team was moaning…everyone else seemed to enjoy the games, even in the rain (!) …

I didnt really enjoy much of my own game, my head was still dwelling on problems with the "administratie" but one moment of "Gerrard-Torres magic" must have inspired my through pass to assist Colin Latham (our EuRED guest player orginally from Carra’s Bootle,Liverpool) to score just like "our Kid" (El Nino)..(v ZAC?)The refs shortened the games in group 2 because of the delays and a tired EuRED/MAD-REDS team got edged out of semi qualification by ZAC, in Group 1 Meppel were the only team to take a point off Roby FC & DKA were clearly second placed. In Group 2 Zwolsche Boys only dropped one point (to ZAC?) and so there was a chance of another "Scouser final" …however DKA narrowly lost to ZB ,,,0-1 & after Roby overcome a difficult ZAC team 2-0 (including a penalty) …the final was expected to be a close one. However, having seen ROBY in action last year, I know just how effective they can play, and my "can of beer" Bet with Hans Okken was secured when Roby claimed the EURO NOT without me CUP with a 4-0 (details to follow in another report)

We had to wait for the kids to finish, but they were VERY late …so we could NOT play on the main field…a big disappointment as I was hoping the locals could experienec a "travelling KOP" singing in the main stand…The BBQ had been delivered at 17h, so Koos & I get that lit in between playing our last game and getting showered…a FEW people seemed to forget the "theme" and the INTENT for the PARTY to be a VITAL part of the FFF ..Feeling..but most were happy to take time, playing drinking games until some food was "ready" …

ANYONE LUCKY ENOUGH to travel with REDS …at away games in GB or throughout Europe (and the last couple of seasons I have enjoyed Athens, Istanbul, Bordeaux , Barcelona, Madrid, Eindhoven , Newcastle, London & Marseille with several thousands of my "RED family" ) will know that there is a UNIQUE feeling & party atmosphere wherever we go…LIVERPOOL support is the BEST in the World…in collective mentality and making FUN..to simply "party" smiling , singing, joking with our RED brothers & sisters or with the "locals"…we have the most songs & the best lyrics..and when "you never walk alone " gets sung ..miracles can happen (as in Istanbul on may 25 ,2005) when I presented the trophies with ("google"translator) Koos, the winners to…ROBY FC , & the FRIENDSHIP (fair play) trophy to the BQ girls ( and for me this is the MOST important ) I asked people not to sit int heir own group, but mix…& although they are mostly blues ROBY got the "feeling" started with TANK leading a combination of spontaneous karaoke & party performances that provoked local reaction (a sort of modern "duelling banjoes")…

Koos & I also let the lads & guests "help themselves" at the BBQ on the terrace…also creating contact between "strangers" like a big family BBQ would…in the Kantine a ROBY=led drinking game had almost EVERYone gathered round one table.. OUR Celebrity was still 200 kms away so we held the "lottery" I believe that Halim, the leader of ZAC squad won the signed shirt from LFC, Hans of ZW6 got the "Euro 04 winner t-shirt" (after causing controversy with presenting Koos with a yellow shirt of the BQ enemies…) & pure chance decided that Jan ("Xabi") Diepenheim got the signed & framed photo of Xabi Alonso with "old big ears" (not Hans Okken but the European Cup of Champions) and so it went on until one ZB lad invited the young lads from ROBY to go to the city. However, although invited & "tempted" I could not leave the party..as main host..and (because dutch train drivers dont get up early on a sunday) designated driver to get the lads to Schipol airport for their easyjet back to John Lennon airport. The OLDIES enjoyed some dancing in the bar…Paul especially!!! and before they drifted off I got some very nice compliments from almost all the participants..

Sunday 21 June (solstice)
In the night some "jokers" decided to rock the Zbus …waking me about 2 hours before the planned 05hrs wake up call (then the Roby lads came back) so I didnt sleep at all..the LONGEST day of the year and the BIGGEST sun kept me awake , we left just after 06h , but thanks to the A1 being closed and the Dutch motorway Diversion sending me BACK to Utrecht from near Almere (0nly 18 kms from Hamster,,) …we didnt get to Schipol until over 2 hours later…luckily the lads were asleep & didnt notice my brief panic-attack..!…..a farewell at the departure gate to the lads with a "well played" a few coffees at Schipol & I decided NOT to return to Zw(lol)le but to go to belgian "High street" near the frontier to meet a friend called May – I needed to talk & think about something different (she had invited me to a BIKERS meet this same weekend..she was in a similar conditin to me , happy but VERY tired)
a word about ZReDS ( http://zredszwolle.nl ) …(ZE/ZW REDS Supporters Club – Benelux) – http://zredszwolle – Our Club is made up of LIVERPOOL supporters & Fans , who, due to a unique association are situated in Zwolle (NL) & ZonderEigen (Be) ; & we are registered as a sports & social supporters club with the chamber of commerce. the FIRST 25 (founder) members are applying for @official status @ LFC, and as our "territory" crosses the borders of Netherlands & Belgium we have included BENELUX in the official title of our club, and the short form "ZREDS" is therefore logical. pre-register for "Footy FUN & FRIENDship weekend , Zwolle 19/21 June (Euro Not without -me Cup, Zwolle 09) / ZonderEigen 09…(14/15/16 August)- However I will recommend that ALL teams pre-pay for participation (still only 10 euros per player inc BBQ, parties etc)..and if that goes well , I will include U also in the 2010 invitations including the special "MAD-RED"(madrid) weekend …planned may 21-24 2010

Notes for the BORED..
Reasons I have no confidence in the existing "bored" of BQ
– the "Bram Incident" & how I was treated
– 6 months ago, WE were promised PRIORITY (but the kids got it on June 20)
– 3 times BQ came late or didnt turn up for FFF meetings
– the "booklets" (prog) was late
– NO tents or interest in hosting the visitors
– No care about parking for our members
– adding the youth tourny with only 2 weeks to go
– The "peeningmeester Joke" about the Kantine being closed 4 days before OUR welcome party..
(the doubt caused the entertaining "celeb" to cancel)
– BQ 8 team withdrawal 2 days before tourny..(how can I complain about others when a BQ team does it)
– no (promised) field markings
– no dressing rooms ready (I had asked for 7 to be available ..we didnt have half!! )
& an OVERall lack of reaction or enthusiam from BQ…"bored" (board)
ChriS>Jur, 90622> I understand U, ..BUT….I made my complaints & recommendations AT THE BEGINNING of this year, , BUT at almost EVERY step I was IGNORED & dis-respected or under-estimated , I have instigated & co-ordinated projects in my life that I am sure you cant imagine…so (without malice) PLEASE DON’T teach me about management or psychology , either U call an AGM/EGM or I will…from the "incident"with B. v D until last weekend in six months it has been proven that many things have to change..either I go or they change U can take me on as manager / co-ordinator OR as opponent , I am ready for a fight after such a weekend..mate!
I propose myself as co-ordinator – manager
my special association with LIVERPOOL would help youth development in Zwolle
ZReDS can take over BQ 10 (BQ9?)
I can Manage/coach/train the "vets"…and Bram can " assist "
Koos, did quite well in the most difficult circumstances (and I WILL LIST the MANY complaints against the "bored" with my interim account / report tomorrow..) and the reason HE (a really nice & competent guy) is LEAVING is OBVIOUS to anyone …TOO much attention is paid to the first team " elite " and image and not EQUALLY to the interest of 800 members – I can change THAT – POSITIVELY!
note ; I asked Koos to liase with U / or whoever @ "be quick 28" concerning collection by Haverkort of the BBQ, thanks to there being no NS train to Schipol early enough, so that I could get up at 05h sunday morning & drive the ROBY FC (winners of the Euro Not without -me Cup, Zwolle 09) to Schipol in time for the flight back to LIVERPOOL, I noticed a lack of board members at our weekend apart from (overloaded Anne!) yourself & Berry (for a while) …so U all missed the formalities and a chance for US toi "thank you all on the board" for your " contribution" ..please note that Peter (barman) and myself noted that a) the ticket machine doesnt work & that b) the barrier was broken (NOT by US!) …. Please tell me the expect date for the next AGM of "be quick 28" /re-elections of the board WE had a lot of thanks from various players & fans (& media) for OUR efforts with "FFF Zwolle 09" There WILL be at tournment in ZWOLLE next year with 20-24 teams – but NOt at the same time as another tournament! (and IF we hold it at "be quick 28" we will require a written guarantee from the NEW board members) The FRIENDSHIP trophy went to Peter & his "BQ Ladies 3" team for their "spirit" …I am DISGUSTED that BQ 8 team didnt show -a SAD representation of what is wrong at the club….. would anyone ELSE of U like to comment or complain BEFORE I publicise my own report for the media, internet or EdAgN (the EuRED Direct Action "Grass-Routes" Network – also http://www.eured-san.net/elson.html & http://zredszwolle.nl)
p.s. NOT ONE "thank U" from the "bored" .. .by the way 23 years of global strategic enterprise management; 14 years of charity; media ; peace & justice campaiging, parents organisations, youth projects & creative organisation…<smile>
Interim Accounting…
Zwolle (Euro NOT without-me CUP 09) weekend 19-20/21 June 09
Registration Receipts 19 June + 690
Zwolle 6 (replacement) +70
EuRED/ZReDS (replacement MAdReDS) +70
Brekkie/drinks Robbie/CS +120 (paid to Bmen; Peter/Gerd)
= 950
Refs (promised by BQ board?) – 60
Roby FC (sponsored) -80
BQ 8 LATE withdrawal -70
Trophy xxx (inc 2 BBQ tickets) -70
Fuel (diesel 4 Zbus) Zw(2)Schipol/Ze -40
LFC flag – 10
Madrid/BUFC -140
Souvenir t-shirts -100
Misc printing/ph/post -20
Sub total ; = e360
Donated to KIKA – 360**
= zero (not for profit weekend)
Interim total ..
(see below, )
Var. donations/sponsorship +150
(by EuRED/ZReDS)
Ancillary – drinks for VIPs & @ Schipol – e50
Reserve ; e150 ref Debb-ie-it -e94
(cancellation fee & hotel)
Meat left over – for BQ to use (in fridge) +90 (value)
Reserve for HJC (?to be decided) e??*
Man fees? e??
owed bevvies for winners/fairplay team
*It was hoped to raise some funds for HJC by t-shirt sales/donations (not received as yet)
**money placed in collection box, odd donations estmated to increase to circa e400!
note ; originally all accounts should have been via ZReDS account however delayed by JdG & ING, so all cash-accounting
p.s. "bq-bored" should have made enough at the kantine , having 2 toernois in same weekend ?..because WE (FFFzw09) probably lost 30-60 people (e300-600) as watching/bbq was not so inviting having to watch all our games (stuck out the back in the rain)

…………..ah "no good deed goes unpunished" ?


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