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1001 Grass Routes special …(first of the decade, part 3) ..from a Snowbound Cabin =

1001 Grass Routes special …(first of the decade, part 3) 

..from a Snowbound Cabin = RED Alien Alone….but still Fighting and 13 "reasons" to. ..join the "ARK" ?

"Havent met YOU yet"  great song…i have adopted it for this years theme tune <smile>

This last Month or two has been one of  "isolation" thanks to the weather I have n’t been able to travel to LP, or most places, its kept me fit, leaving the "bus" in the garage or, when it suddenly thawed , stuck in the mud outside <smile> I have bicycled most places or been "lifted" by Dirk from time to time..

Being  alone, can be daunting, and apart from talking to the chickens (*names ; "Fergie"  "Whinger"  and "No-way Jose-e" – who died recently !, now that is "iconic") who surprised me by actually laying some eggs, my forays through siberian weather on foot, on bike or with Dirk were the brief contacts with "civilization" …apart from the internet, where I find a lot of "polluted civilization" too..

This solitude ( a bit like that place in the superman film, that he has somewhere in the Artic <smile>) has at least given me the opportunity , although I havent seemed to have that much "spare time" ..to update the "ChriS-tor-Y book2" …when one is "snowbound" basic living takes up a fair amount of time in its-self..so I have "roughly edited" the period from May 2004 (when we were violently ambushed near our farmhouse home in the alsace (french/german border area) village of Geiswasser, and Noela STOLEN…from my life. (there is no other word for what happened in my heart)

Some people are confused that I mix persoal comment about my daily life , my Support for the LIverpool REDS football team, my charitable actions (EdAgN and Follow the Flag etc) and opposition to the "system"..for me the answer is simple; The IDEAL society is where people support each other, allow social equality and justice to be part of living, and not a "politic" where the individual can also blossom within a comunity such as " the (global ) REDS family" or (local) team..its socialism with goals..and ideals and a " holy trinity" of players (decision – makers) ; manager (responsible people) and supporters (whole community) aginst whatever evil we have to combat..

darkness and negatives are all around us, and whenever we "point the finger" at one group or other we may not see the evil standing by our side, pretending to be our friend; business; banker; lawyer; policeman; social worker; doctor; or whatever disguise evil may take on…

There is ALWAYS conflict, its required for the universe, cosmos or whatever you call it, to exist, for us to exist lile day needs night, sun needs moon, dry needs rain, GOOD needs evil to identify itself..

then its really just a decision to be taken, a choice of Route (or root) ..be Good or let the dark side take control…

YOU REALISE THAT IN THE SHORT TIME THAT I HAVE UPLOADED THIS "BLOG"…THE "U S of A" ..has increased its debt to the rest of the world ..(you and me?) by 57 MILLION DOLLARS..to a total of something like 1.4 "Trillion" ..and this is the "American dream" that they sold us since the 60’s and that most of you have bought or copied…whilst the USA has "led the World"  …result, an estimated 25,000 kids die daily from mis-management of global resources and logistics..whilst an ordinary person is thrown on the street for not paying his/her bills if THEIR system makes them unemployed or redundant….so what are YOU going to DO for HUMANITY..?  because if we dont start caring for the whole world society each one of us will go to "hell"

heres some snips from the month or son since I last wrote a "Grass ROUTES Special"…


The usual "cia interference" slowed down an already diificult contact with the "outside world" (those words take on some significance when truly alone, with roads cut off in the middle of a "flemish-siberian forest") …I was "Virus bombed" again and although I had to switch Laptop to clear it down , and clean it up enough to re-connect thanks to a new anti-virus software..the internet continually dis-connected during the uploading of various pages and chapters of "book2" ..partly because of the virus slowing down connection and partly due to the faulty service of the mobile ISP (no land lines or cale here – its a "dead zone" as far as Telecom is concerned)

Much of my thoughts were with Rafa and the REDS team, under seige from the gutter media who deliberately provoked young or fickle "fans" with dubious rumours and untrue dramas, …These extracts taken from a RAWK contributor yesterday…

If you dont understand the Scouse dialect ..pity…you can ask me though..

Zappa> The (simples) Facts of Life – FACT!

1. The mystification of the game of football. Score one more than them and you win. When the ball is in their penalty area they can’t score – simples

2. The rape of English. I’m older than God’s dog – hence I don’t begin to understand the modern game. I can’t understand the “Can’t stand Yanks” theme that goes beyond the miscreants currently at the helm in parts of the forum. Yet the same people are happy to embrace plural players (the Gerrards the Carraghers – when I look only one of the twins turns up); “assists” (Dole payments?)“Big asks” (does not compute!); Possession percentages – goals win games; “De-fence” (whatever the hey that may be – sounds like nicking some wood); “Off-fence” (Illegal whiskey sales?). Super-Sunday, Mega-Monday; Turbo Tuesday; Woeful Wednesday… have we renamed the week? Lets’ get together and talk Scouse

3. Owners – Used to be useless – currently are useless- will always be useless. None of them ever set out to fail. None of them ever poured buckets of money into our coffers; I doubt any future ones ever will.

4. Managers – don’t make them like the used to. Shanks said something like “if you dressed 11 pigs in Liverpool shirts 50,000 would turn up on Saturday and cheer them on”. I can tell you that sometimes he DID put 11 pigs out. King Kenny was infallible- no he wasn’t – as a manager some of his tactics were baffling. (snip)

5. Managers II. (snip). Lame joke from the ‘60’s – 50,001 at the game and the only one who doesn’t know the best team to play and the best way to play is the manager. The manager is the manager and as such demands your constant support. It’s okay to criticise but abuse is beyond the pale.

6. Players – I refuse to believe that any player I’ve ever seen turned up to play badly. I do believe that some have talent that we don’t always see but also don’t have the brains to interpret and implement tactics that complicate the modern game.

7. Players II. (snip) Young players are not the finished article- they will be but they deserve our support, not brutal criticism while they are developing. It used to be the case that if a player tried to pull off an audacious move and failed, they were applauded for trying – too often now they are lambasted and the result is that they play the safe ball. For example Insua has the potential to be world class – but he’s still a young kid so cut him some slack; and he’s not the only one.

8. The Walton Breck Road Stand. Used to be a hill of 27,000 SUPPORTERS (and a few auld moaners). At times, this entity is in danger of arising from the flames in its former guise as THE kop. But at times….

9. The media. When I was a hatchling, there used to be two types of current affairs in the newspapers and on the wireless (radio to you) and later on the TV. One was called the NEWS when they used to tell you the FACTS of whatever had happened that day. A second type was OPINION when usually someone held their hand up and gave their interpretation of the news. Now we have the opinion at 10 instead of news. The minority opinion is presented as if it were the majority. Sweeping generalisms join fact to conjecture in illogical leaps of faith. Can I have the facts packaged separately so I can make my own mind up.
24hrs news means that today we will tell you what someone will say tomorrow; so that tomorrow we can report it again and add insinuation to whatever was said and the day after we can regurgitate the same story. And if all else fails they can make it up. He who shouts loudest and most often MUST be right


10. Individual opinion. Without it RAWK would be dead but consider this lesson I gave my grandkids – two eyes; two ears; one gob- correct ratio for use. Everybody has an opinion – but do we have to give EVERY knee-jerk reaction opinion to history. Sometimes the cause is better served by silence.

11. Finance is God. Firstly, not enough weight is given to the fact that we are in a humungous global depression. That aside what if G&H went bust? What if the banks took us over? What if porn peddlars, mafiosa, pervs, murderers take over? What if we go into administration?
Would the club die?
Absolutely not – even if we had to take the Wimbledon route, we would and we’d be back in time.
Yes be concerned but remember we’ve built teams rather than bought the finished article in the past, and can do so again.

12. Source? – does my crust in. WUMs dream merchants and anglers apart – anyone who has any real info, and disclosed their source would need certifying.

13. Rumours – In the great dance of football politics managers/owners/players will leak crap to the media for their own ends. Don’t believe this nonsense – react to fact.

14. Windows – I’m waiting for bricklayers, bookies, process workers etc to have a job-change window. I’m that pissed off by windows that I only leave the house by the door now.

15. Supporters – been written about so many times. If you can’t make a noise when you go – visit the morgue! .. such passionless people are probably overdue anyway. The supporter – when properly united are like the old Kop was; a huge passionate animal. Use your support properly and you can affect things. What manager would dare defend in the face of an insistent “ attack ,attack , attack- attack- attack”

And the point
Divided we are nothing
If we are mainly concentrating on supporting individual players / the team / the manager / the club; NOTHING will stand in our path.
Unite or die.

Outline Business plan; Buy all the best players in the world – with money don’t have.
Find a billionaire with no connection to the club with a mental problem that manifests itself in an uncontrolable desire to throw obscene amounts of money into the coffers
The alternative; build within budget.
Reality will kick in when 3 or 4 clubs do a Leeds""


The above is a brilliant response to the mindless that have been bred to jump on weakness, to worship the god of money , the "fast food- fickle footy fans"

MY response to them…

CS>if you lose that which has made us the greatest club/supporters in the World, by your refusal to TRULY SUPPORT the REDS, team and manager nor honour our "holy trinity" YOU (and maybe the next generation) will regret for the rest of y-our lives, its that important, theres a million worldwide fans and the world looks on, in a global mess which has sold it soul to the highbest bidder /one with the most weapons..this is not a matter of life and death – its much more important , than that…

so dont be surprised if u choke at YNWA, and the "ARK" leaves without U,
Stuart, sad lad,thanks for proving me right, not that it does any good, because you just dont want to know, like all the "pundits"! that criticise, you got it all wrong…you wil spew your venom whatever those respected supporters write…its the same as when U say U can watch the games and "chat" – you make a hasty and nastly little snap – snipe, a knee-jerk decision based on poor observation and then distribute your lack of awareness around the world , I posted comments from guys like me , respected on the KOP for 4 decades and on RAWK, and in an instant , you and wez insult THEM, I couldnt care less about what YOU think, because this isn’ t my forum that you disgrace, but you do disgrace the image of Liverpool support, and missed the whole point of the "guidaance" within the "13 commandments"

YOU missed the point , there is no dictatorship on the KOP that I grew up in that your kind of "fan" is ruining, and decides to "ridicule" via forums etc, no respect in your methods for what U are destroying,..letting media BS be repeated by people who should know better, if I , or others that were there when it all started, dont remind you , then who will?..discussion is over mate, I dont need or want any more contact with "fans" like you, get the message? END of subject.

subject closed,
bye – bye!
end 10.01.31

During my "isolation" I made some female contact via facebook "friends" ,

"TO"  tempted me, I wanted to recue her – she manages a slovenian bar, and despite her (stress-induced) sickness refused my invitation to stop…She told me it was over with her boyfriend, but he didnt think so, and virtually "warned me off" ..I think thats what she wanted, not the first time I was being used either as a "drudge" for a lady to get out of her relatinshiop, or as a "warning" so that her man will make efforts to keep her…"oh what wonderous webs they do conceive in their efforts to deceive"

Last night it was ironic I was in the middle of a long , quite intimate, "chat" on msn/FB  with "RA" who seems to sincerely want me ("only") as a real friend , and I honestly would/could find that attractive, if a woman actually wanted this relationship without wantign to use/trick/cheat  me (or herself) ..she is not in LP any more (neither am I) her Dad was a RED, but the co-incidence is that we both lived in the same area near to London (at the time I was a youn man on my "work experience" learning the Logistics of import/export of wine & spirots etc. Anyway, ANOTHER 2 ladies tried to "chat" with me at the time,…talk about "London buses" (you know…you wait for ages then 3 come along…)


The intrenet can be great for uninhibited contact but the other side (for me) is that I cant look into her eyes and sense signs of BS…and some women just love to churn out that BS, I am sure they copy from their latest romantic novel or womans magazine..

Whilst writing this on sunday 31st of January , an old film (Jack Lemmon) came on the belgian TV "how to murder your wife" except perhaps the roles may be reversed in as much that women still wan to boss their men, AND be "free " to do whatever else they want..on reflection it could be that NOTHING has changed, just women now , with the "feminist fascism" in control, now blatantly demand EVERYthing, yep they want to be full and complete women, and also be "men" too…

There are things that no woman I have yet met can deal with, I have had fantastic times, I should ahve been killed several times, I survived all my family and those i loved are all gone, I lost my kids and I have a lot of love to give, therfore when I get close, I get really close and would lay down my life for any one i considered my (real) freind.. so I trusted 3 women in the last 10 years – 2 of them literally stole the kids i had with them after my prevbious son died, they exploited my kindness, so I stopped dating.

Then about 3 years ago I met a dutch girl ..and "hoped" over experience..she used me , and lied and and…(some of its on my blog) ..I can carry a lot on my shoulders, it seems I can  carry everyone’s load, I dont need anyone ..to lean on…but it would be great if I could find someone to share..

I would LOVE u to be that "soul partner" is the shortest answer, but i am worried that the next time I get hurt, i will break for good..i seem to find people in my life, good or bad, that make a difference, to them or me or both.. have been "discriminated" against..I spent  almost a total of 24 months  in in a battle with the german government , because i fought against their system..

what really mad,  i used to be a right "whatsit" when I was wheeling and dealing in biz all over europe etc ..fast cares blah blah , restaurants, hotels, clubs airports the lot..everyone loved me..but, since I became a "do-gooder" volunteer, charity stuff , making funds for kids, organising footy,& fun weekends and telling the idiots to be loyal to lfc etc , it seems they all hate me lol <smile>

I am sorry to say but most women are not worth worrying about.. havent really bothered to look since I split 7/8 months ago with my "nuclear holocaust" dutch girlfriend..

Jan 29 –  (investigation into Baghdad invasion without UN agreement) .."will George W(nkr) Bush be holding mr B-LIAR’ s hand today?..doubt it, polticians lie to us, and then like scorpions in a bucket will kill each other , or us..the mass is at fault for giving these people too much power..we should nt fight each other, its the corupt govt and industry destroying us.and the future of Y_OUR CHILDREN..
p.s. even if "guilty" neither "B" will ever pay for their CRIMES against humanity."


Liverpool for ever (discuss on FB) 29 jan..

"the trouble is the commercialisation has been done wrongly , the reason many of us original kopites hate what going on now, is that as Shanks said its "us" (players , manager and SUPPORTers) against the rest, the "office" at Lfc has always been a problem,, BUT the "magic" created by "the holy trinity" is being lost by modern fans "bitching"..this club has always been different, and if that which we fought hard to create is lost, then Liverpool will have lost its heart and soul,..the miracle of Istanbul, would not have been had the players and Rafa heard 30,000 in the stadium moaning instead of singing YNWA,

(snip)..we managed to be supporters before Sly sports and internet, and if U can stream games why do u need to write comments? cant you just appreciate the game, and take in the off the ball movement and then make an informed opinion and preferable offer constructive criticism after the game?..?

and it is TEAMS that win games, even when dominated the englisjh league and Europe – (highpoint say 1976-1984 ) we had "ordiunary players" because winning games is about combining talent with effort..a "team of carraghers" will beat any "select" U can name more often than not..so after this rant <smile> the choice is simple ,…join the "ARK" and be a true RED in respect of our kopite origins and be a supporters.. or be " another fan" and ….drown 😉 bye..

Jan 28

The xmas presents, birthday card ect I sent to Noela’s mothers neigh bour , in the HOPE of her getting them…I received this reply..

from Janice at autumnleaf B & B
Hi Chris,
Just dropped the parcel to Sgt Sexton in Clontarf Garda Station. Got no reply over Christmas at no 49. I went away for a couple of weeks and came back about 10 days ago. I have tried again but there is no response.
I would prefer if you did not send me any more parcels.
Kind regards
Janice Conboy

Its the 2nd year I asked Janice to try to pass presents to Noela, I can understand why people get nervous , estranged Dad’s are made unpopular by a feminist-lobbied media who like to balme us for the actions of their cold-hearted "sisters"..


I have been planning with Dirk to get the Liverpool lads to ZonderEigen again this summer…this is the video of last years "footy FUN and (international) Friendship" when we had a lot of fun (despite  rain, and obstacles and mess causedof the "Be Quick administration") we also riased around 500 euros for the kids with cancer fund (KIKA)  video ; 


I co-formed also an FB group with MH ; N.E.P.A.K

some snippets from the group discussion…on the subject of getting co-operation and justice when it is deneid to us daily…

CS> why arent you refusing to pay their taxes until your own case is settled?

Paula>Need to link up all the FB Family justice groups chris, but firstly list all those that are still active by listing them and contacting their admins to determine if they are still active. Determined recently that to try and structure one main group is not realistic as the Family justice theme is such a wide and varied one. PM me as I believe we may be able to get a few heads together and sort out which ways are practicable to move forward….:)

ChriS>Hiya Paula, non violent resistance is easy, but requires risking hard consequence..all affected can simply refuse to p[ay taxes, fill the courts and prisons if necessary with us if thats what it takes, if we REALLY care? -I will PM…

Carmen Cecilia Semaski sent a message via  the members of Mothers in RED.
Subject: Foster care Documentary
An independent documentary researcher based in Leeds called Alice Taylor would like to hear from anyone who has experienced what they consider to be poor or inappropriate foster care taking place in the UK. We would be particularly interested to hear from anyone whose children have been placed with foster parents and who has concerns about the care they’re receiving. Any anecdotal evidence of poor foster care would be very useful to hear for our background information too- they don’t have to be direct experiences. All information will be held in the strictest of confidence, but would be very much appreciated- our research is for a forthcoming documentary, and it really needs to highlight the impact that the fostering system can sometimes have on both children and their families, so we need to hear as many ‘real’ experiences as possible. Thank you so much to anyone who feels able to contribute their stories. My email address is: alice@chameleontv.com or my office number is 0113 2050040.
Thanks, to Maria Miller for this info.
I also had a few exchanges with south african "E" , warming up my evenings was much apprecitaed as I have been more or less "cut off" this last 2 months , last night it was -9 degrees and I was feeding the wood stove in this countryside cabin like it was an alligator! lol..  have a hunger for such a feeling that she wanted to share with me, and I would feel blessed, if we can do this, .it gives me hope, that whatever the shape of our progress that it will be TRUE…but as I have been hurt several times by betrayal in recent years,I will be honest and intimate , I probably cant be any other way, . One thing about distant relationship is that it gives people the chance of learning from each other what they expect when they get to meet. So they both have to make their choices to see whether they are content with it or not. I am currently waiting for the weather to change before I start the european tour of my plans, and that by summer or autumn I can set up the centre for the Ghanian kids, if all goes well I need just maybe a short while to help them become self-supporting, and then I want to move on and test my ideals elsewhere, so ..

 I have lost everyone now, I know almost all of Europe. some of North America and a little of Asia,  I have lived in various regions of Europea having left Britain when I was young, and speak french , german, and italian (and some english, lol) …I could probably understand written Afrikaans but talking may different depending on accent as I have been unable to practise dutch much, as I live alone..I had a dutch girlfriend, who was like a "nuclear holocaust" in my life, we split after my last birthday weekend several months ago..and I can deal with being alone..but I do wish for a REAL soul-partner…

I used to be a global business manager, and was a "whizz kid" I dropped out after "making it" and now am only interested in projects that help and support people and are good for humanity and the planet, I am still a bit arrogant in that i still have faith that I can improve things, I am bold enough to make right decisions on my own,but also can be a family oriented man who has his goals in life.But a man with abundance of love and care. ..I feel love quickly and deeply, I am an emotional person to those who can get close to me, I have an ocean of love to give if I trust, and I an independent , but not "rich" as I gave that up when I dropped out of the system, and love doing non-profit and charitable projects that I also make  "fun" so I hope I can make people smile too <smile> I am the man of  her dreams if she are the lady I have been looking for..

I used to swim a lot when I was young going to the seaside nearly every day, recently I went to a beautiful mmountain region of Trentino (northern Italy) where I swam in the clear fresh water lake every day too, beautiful. and I agree on the italian cooking, I like spicey, chinese, indonesian or indian style if I go out to a restaurant, and I cook myself, mixing my own style sometimes with Italian-asian, and never cook the same thing twice, just mixing up what is in the larder/fridge..most times it tastes good, I am adventurous in most things <smile> ..my ideal date is to share feelings or stories that warm the heart, and break down the barriers that modern life has made. I organise "football, fun and international friendship" weekends, for fun, playing myself, sometimes coaching, I write (my blog may one day become the book), I like many types of music, soul, motown, some rock and stuff with a "message" that I can relate to, and applies to films.."good will hunting" "as good as it gets" Da vinci code" "family man", "Ghandi" come to mind, but because I have been "snowbound" I must have watched a 100 dvds this winter, I am a RED, so I suppose thats my favourite colour…

When asked what do expect or hope to get out of these communications. I replied that I hope or  expect to get…"her" if she can be  that soul-partner, but at least a very good friend that I could trust, and who could trust me, and..be maybe the only person on this planet that really knows who I am…to be there for her, and her for me, to stand side by side, against anyone, without actually looking for conflict but to protect each other when needed, I am a great supporter..I love to encourage and enable..

and "KS" sent me this ..i have this poem for you

Life is a journey too much long,
Often tragedy,sometimes a song.

Glittering smiles twinkle at a moment,
The other instant,tears are sent.

Joy is having the unique pleasures,
But sorrow bitters our leisures.

So we all need a special someone,
Who brings with her laughter a ton.

That someone is surely a friend,
To blessed ones that heaven send.

I’ve found such blessing too,
No doubt … it’s certainly YOU.

A supreme partner God ever made,
Whose charms will never fade.

I’m proud of you my friend,
To keep you closer, I intend.

I’ll stand by you forever,
You’ll be left alone never.

You’re my dream coming true,
Afraid of me now is the woe.

Promise …… you’ll hold me firm,
Friends we’ll be for everlasting term.


I offered "KS" to share my "Follow the REDS flag" tour, as she is a nurse but will be looking for something new, and maybe a nurse could also help me the kids we shall eventually meet in times of trouble..

and also"AS" from near Cologne, in Aachen. who fights to get HER children again


AS preparation for the coming of a saviour taking over our club for the Supporters, …RAWK will end , you must join the ARK…but quickly…

my fellow supporters, I bring you important news…

I havebeen in the wilderness,(virtually cut off by the snow and ice) for many days unable to get to games, I have had my faith truly tested, by sLy TV and ignorant pub fans, who like the chickens getting impatient for their feed turn and bite at each other and at the hand that feeds them, in those pubs I have heard and on forums I have seen  "fans" use digustusting language against our manager , captain, players and brother fans or supporters, thus,  I called on the great Spirit , 50 years after he came to LIVERPOOL to save your fathers…I am here as a mere "supporter" to pass the new THIRTEEN  commandments to you..

1.AS Shanks did with the kit, there shall be NO more "white" in your forum, this shall henceforth be known as "ALL RED KOP"  = so  join the " ARK"  2 by 2 , one by one, or by the thousand, truly faithful converts are accepted too.

2. There shall be no more , "in-game chat or thread " really true supporters should be at the game, or on their way , or at the very least watching the game at their nearest bar/pub or on their own satelite/cable TV and NOT sending messages or "knee jerk" sms to "fans forums" you are not little girls, you are REDS. so BE truly RED, and remember "we ARE Liverpool".

3. Thou shalt support no other team before the REDS of LIVERPOOL, no national allegience is greater,and love no other bird than the Liver.

4. Ye shall respect and honour your fellow RED Supporter. encourage his or her faith, and be witty in your comment.

5. Thou shalt hold together the "holy trinity" of Players, manager and Supporters; against ALL others

6. Ye shall NOT publicly insult any players that wear the sacred LiverBird, the emblem of our Spiritual guide.

7. Thou shalt respect the match day, and keep it free for worship of the team, and substitutes that may be named by our dignified manager.

8.Honour your Liverpool family ; no matter where they are born, remember that those who worship the false gods of blue may also have been born in L4.

9. Sing the songs  handed down to you with enthusiasm , pride and full voice and respect the words  therin.

10. do not  steal, even from Mancs.

11. do not Murder,, even if the referee’s name is Bennet.

12. You shall not covet your neighbor’s players nor those players of other english teams nor around the world, for you and  those players are chosen for greatness, however long it may take to reach heaven, and number 19.

13 , and the Golden rule, to  DO unto others as you wish them to DO unto YOU….

as it has been written, so shall it be done..

You’ll Never walk alone …FACT!



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