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Grass ROUTES (part 2) …“he’ s not the MESSIAH, hes a VERY NAUGHTY BOY ! “ (M. Python s “Lifeof Brian”)

Grass ROUTES (part 2) …“he’ s not the MESSIAH, hes a VERY NAUGHTY BOY ! “ (M. Python s “Lifeof Brian”)

(cia; "you’re only  making it worse for yourself")

On the "KOP UNlimited – Shanks’ "ARK"  :-


and 2 great Utubes ;

 ("fearless" pink floyd..)

Liverbird upon my chest..

I added ;
http://cid-a73c195bb9885b12.spaces.live.com/blog/ (eured com) to my current "blog"


I use the "life of Brian " image  to relate to MORE "controversy" as I attack the peoples apathy and the "system" on the group discussion of N.E.P.A.K and on my own facebook..profile , with a little self-irony…<smile>

"in a daze, I see the gaze,
of HORROrs’s maze ..
and I querstion my ways…
out of the Horror…or or or
hungry dying, children crying..
politics lying..again & again..
…in this "horror’s maze"
whatever he or she  says..its a maze..
a "horror’s maze" …these days..
just a trendy craze …for more & more..
OR I can be strong..
..I know what is wrong..
..then it wont be long..
till I wake up …in my own song"


20 jan 01
Liverpool 2 – spurs 0 Dirk x2

CS> The word  " cool" seems to have blocked the ability of people ..to be "warm" ?

 " its not so "hot" to be "kool" if U follow the herd, U are a fool,
support the courageous, damaged or caring
being honest – its ok to be "sharing"
when U are "cool" you may soon become "cold"
LIVE, or U may be dead before U are old..

– eat a dish of consequence, before enjoying a dessert of happiness,"

 YNWA & be RED!


and the bank ING complaints go on, but they DO nothing to compensate for blocking my every move…

Dear Mr. SMITH,

We have forwarded your message to your ING branch, which will take care of your request as soon as possible, and contact you if necessary.
Our Home’Bank message service stays at your disposal for further information,
Best regards,
Antoine Orgias
ING Info Service
Ph. 02 464 60 04


and from time to time, I read a like-minded RED …(taken from "RAWK")

"Read a few wonderful things tonight and would like to share them as I think they are pertinent to our situation.
This speech was made by Teddy Roosevelt (ex USA president, yes you at the back  ::) ) in 1910.

It’s called The Man in the Arena.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

Far too many ex-reds, media w*nkers and nobody-in-particulars having a go at this great club and the great man in charge of it.  You’d do well to learn from the above passage and give those people no credit, none at all, because none of them have dared walk the walk that Benitez has.

Nelson Mandela gave a copy of this speech to Francois Pienaar prior to the rugby World Cup in 1995, it was something dear to Mandela’s heart during his time in prison.

To end the sermon, I’d like to leave you with the poem ‘Invictus’.  Yes, this thread is largely stolen from the film that has been recently made.  Unashamedly so.

"Out of the night that covers me,
Black as the pit from pole to pole,
I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.

In the fell clutch of circumstance
I have not winced nor cried aloud.
Under the bludgeonings of chance
My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Beyond this place of wrath and tears
Looms but the Horror of the shade,
And yet the menace of the years
Finds and shall find me unafraid.

It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishments the scroll,
I am the master of my fate:
I am the captain of my soul."

If that doesn’t strike a chord in you, then I don’t know what will.
God bless this club, God bless Rafa Benitez, and God bless every one of the fans who sing his name.


the REDS injury crisis continued despite a great win v the Mancs, and at home v Spurs and a last minute "our Kid special" at Villa we are still some 12 points off the lead , but with (at time of writing ) 45 points still to play for – its NOT "impossible" but belief in football is as vital as any other aspect of life…despite the idiots telling you, you cant do this , you cant do that..they want you to stay "inside the box" well I challenge you to BREAK out and DESTROY the "box" BE the maximum you can be..and WE can enjoy this universe of beauty, and mysterious wonder…


and from TO…when…

TO>I’ve read all of your messages now…I don’t know how to tell this…But as I already said. You’re a hell of a man and I can only wish to have someone like you near me. Tho I’m not understanding…Did you wrote all of that for me? I can’t belive anyone would do that for me!!! However…I am pleased that you have written so many things about your life and I respect that…I’m not a person that could have done the same. I am honest and I don’t lie but telling the other world how my life was like….I couldn’t do that. I’ve just saw the updated pics and … damn, those legs!!! I could easily fell for you…But there are too many differences in our life in our way of living… You’re almost like a God…I don’t want you to be cold with me…I still would love to have your friendship. If that is possible you’re the only person that knows that. Will you let me know? Please…
Why doing at the bar tho I have a f***ed up health condition? And why to wait till 2013?
I sometimes hate my work. I sometimes love to work there. I just don’t like the ppl that are around there couse they are ”limitted”. Waiting for 2013 to come is the easiest way for me. If I die in this time, I die. If not, I am having my life pretty much settled down financily.
When it comes to children…I don’t want to have child with a man I don’t trully love. It’s…Stupid thing to do!! The perfect timing to have kids is till 26 yrs old. So I’m already too late for that. I won’t risk anyones nerves, especially not mine to have childrens with … Huhh…At the moment I don’t feel like being a mother to his child even if I did love him.
He wouldn’t throw anything mine away, don’t worry…It just hasn’t came yet…
About the music…It’s not your kind of but still…I adore theee lyrics…
Have you ever loved someone so much, you’d give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they’re your heart and you know you are their armour,
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm her,
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for, turns on you to spite you?
What happens when you become the main source of her pain?
Hope you’re not in too high snowbound…And hope your day is going great…Or at least better than mine…xx"

a typical day…

woke 07 – up 09h
collected wood for the stiove/fire
fed chicks and birdies
10.30 Bike  to (TH) library (internet)
a coffee at Macs (TH)
and shop – change dvds
check LFC match highlights @ Merksplas Lib.
visit Dirk (at home due to leg injury)
take a compilation CD to Loan

I recall the golfer Nick Faldo , when receiving a trophy after a barren spell, and some personal troubles, making an acceptance speech, that went something like " I would like to thank all my fans who supported me though these difficult times , from the bottom of mt heart, and I would like to thank all the press from the heart of my bottom"


Hiya Stan (singer/songwriter)

thanks very much for your reply, I have been writing about memories and sayings of Bill Shankly from the 60’s and 70’s etc on the "Red and White Kop" internet forum, recently, as I didnt really feel enough had been dont to honour what Shanks did for supporters of the REDS, and for me, certainly. I know the LFC store had t-shirts and dvd’s on sale etc, but what I really liked, and miss, about your "Oh Liverpool We Love You" album was that it was by and for Supporters, with comments, chants, songs and clips from matches, "rocky road to Wembley" "oh come all ye fathful", and Emllyn’s squeaky voice describing THAT goal against Spurs!, and the heartfelt contributions of real Kopites, which really captured the atmosphere of the time, when I was starting a "work experience" in London, and it cost me a month’s spending money and the whole weekend to get up for the games, so , when I could n’t afford it, I would play your Album, lie on my bed and imagine

 – I feel a lot of the warmth and feeling is going out of the fan-base and perhaps even old Kopites are losing it. The young being fed "instant gratification" perhaps can’t imagine how great it felt then to be a Liverpool SUPPORTER in 1968-69, although, like now , we hadn’t won a trophy for 3 seasons, and wouldn’t for another 4!. When I was liiving in the black forest town of Freiburg, my then girlfriend got p*ssed off with me, some years back, and thought I was too long away from her, found another guy , who SOLD ALL of my record collection, that I had hauled around Europe with me, since I moved away from Britain in the Eighties. I try to get to as many games as I can, especially European "aways" and I like the idea of a re-issue of your production on CD (or even DVD with clips) but at least the audio. Maybe we could get the Suporters Union "S.O.S" and "ShareLiverpoolFC" to collaborate on it too, as a special 50 year tribute to the great man ; Shanks too?

all the best
You will NEVER walk alone

p.s. my latest project (website under construction)


(complaint) …V Mp politie
TO EdAgN – for the RECORD – email ; edagn@eured-san.net

cc: Translator, Merksplas


Page 1                 EdAgN protocoll for Internet distrubition

on Christmas eve morning, ChriS SMITH ("CS") was abruptly woken at the forest cabin ; Merksplas, Be, and was informed by a unknown man in plain clothes , who claimed to be Agent Patrick Humbolt of Hoogstraaten (?) claimed £CS" had an ‘obligation’ (?) to attend a meeting at the Politie station of Merksplas. At 09 H  Monday morning 28th December.09

The agent REFUSED to explain what it was about except to say theree are "complaints" that require a belgian-english TRANSLATOR to interview "CS" –

Considering "CS" retired from the "system" in 1995 following a meningitis – induced COMA and has since only involved himself in not-for-profit activities; ecology; equal rights ; coaching and other volunteer and charitable activities , at his own expense, to benefit the community ; local and global (the current being under construction ; http://www.eured-san.net/ftf.html ) "CS" would like to know what is happening to COMPLAINTS against officials / citizens when meeting the agent whose name can’t be read from the card provided by the stated agent. At this momemt "CS" is snowbound and it will cause considerable difficulty in attending this "invititation".

1. an EU petition at Brussels ; concerninG the abduction of his 2 children ;
Leon (born 11.8.96) abducted by a german citizen (A.Hartmann) in 1999
Noela (born 28.11.01) abducted by a german citizen (M. Streifeneder) in 2004

subject to / and associated with 54 complaints (between 1996-2006) against CORRUPT German Police, "beamte" , attorneys, judges and politicians – at the ECHR (Strasbourg) appeal ref; 22923/05  ; since transferred to to the EU Brussels – Mr. Marcin Libicki,
Secretary-General committee  petitions of the European parliament,
Rue Wiertz, B-1047 Bruxelles. (Petition 0290/2007)

a VALUE of associated damages (excluding the loss of his children ) exceeds several millions of euros. (claimed originally in the german city of Freiburg) and also which joined agents & others on the french / Alsace border area. N. Brissac/Colmar, and the english government ; and its consulate as witnesses.

2. A Number of "Minor PLAINTS" (relative to the above) against Dutch/Flemish officials etc; resulting in various damages against "CS" (which in every case expose blatant violations and ignorance of articles contained in the UN UDHR and the European council of Europe convention "for the protection of human rights and fundemental freedoms". examples:

-Wrongful de-registration of"CS" (ZonderEigen)-by "commune Baarle" August 08
-Loss of vehicle – mis-interpretation of "law"  by agents in Turnhout – June 08
-Various complaints V CVOM (ref 130938423)- invalid procedures by govt dept!
-Plainst V Rechtbank Zwolle/Breda = prejudice (ref477431 – 30 nov 09) (traffic) (& on behalf of J Duiker) – including wrongful de-registration of "CS"/Bus april 09
-Wrongful traffic fine paid(bus) Zwolle,NL(March 09)-the "wrong (canadian) Smith"

GENERAL discrimination against "CS" in obtaining normal living conditions shows an obvious POLICY applied in modern times against "mobile europeans" who choose not to fund a capitalist / commercial system that ;

– pollutes the planet, and takes no real action to clean its own mess.
– kills 25,000 children daily worldwide, by POLITICAL manipulation of resources
– goes to war on civilians, men, women & children, daily
– protects the rich at the expense of the poor.
And in the cases of "CS" fails to provide a FAIR and IMPARTIAL process.

Please do not be surprised if "CS" is "un-co-operative" with agents of the "system"

page 2


statement from; Chris SMITH (EdAgN/N.E.P.A.K European Co-ordinator)
I lost a nights sleep and had an UNEASY Xmas , as I was at no time prior to the Interogation informed of the reason for my obliged attendance. I had to get up and ride my bike several kilometres in cold sleet/rainy weather. and although I was punctual had to wait some time ("tactics"?) until they wanted to start, the translator was drinking a coffee, I was not offered a drink. The atmosphere was a typical atmoshere of an assumption that the (LOCAL WOMAN ) Plaintiff was correct. I wasn’t informed about her exagerations until half – way through.

The translator was a senior woman, who obviously sympathised with the "victim" – and as the translation was only completed in flemish I do not know if it represented a true and precise record of my explanation. Agent Patrick Seels, also kept forming the position of the plaintiff, however I made it clear that;

a) all contact had been of a "jovial" and "flirting" nature-until one of Sandra’s colleagues was ABUSIVE to me-I had no idea why,until now!
b) Dirk witnessed that Sandra’s reaction was friendly when we all met co-incidentally in Merkslpas several days before  Xmas.
c) Sandra waved and smiled at me in the "sporthall" where is manager, (at the same was acting as "victim" to the Politie)
d) After inviting her to dinner WITH Dirk and Annike – I left the note that she could phone HIM with a YES/NO decision.
e) From the actions of P.Seels Sandra obviously exagerated the situation, claiming that I was after her"every 2 days" – the last (3rd) time I went to the hall was several days before the (postponed) dinner, to leave the invitation AND request for INFO. was almost 2 weeks ago.

My humour about the situation changed to anger when I realised the bias and prejudicial nature of the situation.
P. Seels informed me that, as far as the POLITIE are concerned the matter is closed."


Gradually, and especially Since "9/11" the POLITICAL mis-use of "security measures" and media "Exploitation" of so-called "terrorist risk", police and other government and private "security" officers have escalated & grown a "fear element" in society, local and global. Add the feminist agenda to get biased and special treatment in the modern society and now ridiculous and DANGEROUS situations are becoming "normalised" and human rights thrown out so that the individual right to be traeted as a so-called "innocent" until proven guilty by a FAIR and IMPARTIAL process simply DOES NOT EXIST, and many fee-males can (and do) exploit this situation should the opportunity arise!

The result, instead of making a simple phone call to say "NO" , Sandra wasted several hours of the time of a police agent and paid translator, and wrongly tainted ChriS SMITH who should rather be focussed on planning of "Follow the (REDS) Flag – (webpage under construction) ;http://www.eured-san.net/ftf.html and agents, if employed at , helping ensure that the thousands of kids abused /killed daily are protected, rather than unstable women.

Copy on file;
cc: for media consumption – damages?
cc: EdAgN, c/o Postbus 1, Bist 129,
EKEREN, B2180 Antwerpen, Belgie.

… (cvausing me to write this letter…<smile>)

Hiya, Leen is translated to "Loan" in english?

PLEASE Dont phone the police, this is NOT me, stalking you! <smile> – I felt (obviously) deflated on New Year’s morning, and perhaps not appreciate of you, I can assure you that it was my condition and not my natural way. If I seem "extreme" it may be not for the "usual" reasons of a man wanting to be with an attractive woman, although it is several months since I split from my dutch girlfriend when I was with Dix and the FC ZonderEigen group in Liverpool (I would be pleased to show you "my Liverpool" or around London, as you mentioned <smile>. Since surviving my meningitis-coma in 1995, Life has been opposite to my "first (business) life" I don’t do things for others or myself based on time-management or financial planning. I am happy to be breathing air on this planet and doing (mostly) things I want to do, for GOOD reasons (www.eured-san.net/ftf.html)

So, I want to say that I LIKE you, (not least because I rarely find anyone I can compare similar stories with, these days), and "thank you" with this CD and should you choose to be "too busy" (and we both know it is a choice!) to meet me again, I have taken the liberty to add some pictures, should we never be together again. I dont mean to sound arrogant or overly sentimental. Its difficult to convey now, in text, what I shoudl have said last friday morning. Just know, whilst i am still here on this planet, I am "available" to go out, to cook dinner IN, to just sit and talk, or even , to kiss, cuddle and hug, <smile> and if we could help each other with our "dreams" that could also be nice!?

Whatever happens, PLEASE make sure you find time for other things than your career or material "assets" – remember you are a human being, so be human.

Take Care
may you never walk alone

ChriS x

"the world turns to bring us closer,
it turned on itself and on us
until it finally brought us together
in its dream –
Life is such a funny thing,
and yet, is hard to beat,
for every Rose has a thorn,
yet, the Rose, she is still so sweet"

Email; ChriS¨@  Blog;




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