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groutes, post-Valentines special..to “whom it may concern”

BLOG..(A-loan)…  2010,02,14 …HAPPY VALENTINES..
(belated thanks to snow and other "obstructions" … its tuesday 16 the februaery and i biked to Th in the snow; having failed to get the bus parked by the " snowy cabin"  started , it slid and so its taken over an hour to get here ( internet service) -having tried to resolve toms Laptop software problem "en route"
the comms shop dont employ "technicians" ..

..to whom it may concern….


Happy Valentines, better late than never, <smile> …
as i dont have consant internet access – thanks to U know who…I have had a chance to read through your last spiteful message..
its typical that U demand that I change my blog whilst U/your colleagues "virus-bomb" my blog, emails and websites..
I know you were not joking, I was trying to wake U up, get U to re-consider just how ridiculous your "retaliation" has become, but you act just like your
employers – for them doesnt matter who the enemy is, lets "wipe out" everything, throw all the weapons possible at the target and if there is
"collateral damage" no one wil care …after all , in your case ; a white "christian"  business woman, is beyond reproach?
You expect me react with sympathy?, when you have shown no empathy towards me or my charitable projects?
a fair arguement is ok, but U twist everything, even my "poem" which was directed at OUR (4 people) general discussion last saturday….(of course including our "arguement")
.and of course you use a typical system mentality , used by women in every situation to make "threats"..
as a so-called "educated business woman" you now go so far as to talk about my "elimination" would reduce violence???? yet your own words are cold ,heartless and violent,
– I can just imagine you programming a "drone" to fly over me and "zap" me, do U ever consider how similar your words are to the dictators of history
with indiscriminate and sweeping prejudice?…and seem just like Adolf and his sort of "policy" without full knowledge U identify me, within your general racial discrimination
and are prepared to damage me without any process of impartiality, despite this blog may be my only chance of my kids knowing me when I am gone,,,
Its easy to stop me being listed as a contact, you just stop the connection on your own profile???
HOWEVER, despite your claim to be highly gifted  your research is faulty and simply wrong..I am a FREE advisor to many who have custody problems & co-ordinate  of a global internet "NGO" AGAINST the abuse of Kids – how can being connected to me harm your case –
au contraire! …
And my experience of family court lawyers is that paying them only makes lawyers richer and continues the system biased towards those who are rich or politically "connected" so
are U really " investing in the safety and wellbeing of kids in real need." >???
again you make mistakes, I can PROVE than at least 2 women USED me to get pregnant, and then used VIOLENCE to steal my children..I gave them beautiful children
and took all responsibility paying maintenence fo my kids (even an adopted child) when in fact the mother ran off and THEY lied and cheated in return, back up your accusations with FACTS, my dear,
because U are SO WRONG!, really making your SELF look STUPID!
IF U had a SENSE of humour then you would have noticed the self-irony within my blog and emails to you…
but "hell hath no fury (nor indiscriminate hatred) like a woman scorned"
and were U not in such a hurry to "retaliate" U would have appreciated when I wrote.. " or are you the petal that no one knows?"…?
(so YOU chose to adopt the negative) and fail to see the many positive things written to U in the earlier emails, I mean your "name -calling" ("smelly lonely poor old man") dont hurt me, I sometimes get lonely, but often appreciate the chance to be alone,
to see things clearly in this mad world, but I will admit, when U use the loss of my dead and estranged children to hurt me, it hurts , because they are always in my heart,
you remind me how ruthless your "new world order" has become in its rush to establish a computerised global police-state which pretends to be "democratic" whilst simultaneously violating every human right ever promised by your own leaders, those articles
should be the FIRST thing taught to children, not the LAST thing applied by government officials and their armies.
and you remind me that many modern women actually represent the worst aspects..of men..how ironic, that in your rush to be emancipated you have lost the attractive, femininity and warmth
…replaced by cold selfishness..you cleverly suppress "highly sensitive" in private life, chosing to use your "gifts" to make money for your big hoiuse car
and "elite" lifestyle…and this world would be much better off if U didnt use your "gifts" to improve a WAR machine…
"education in all parts of life" – well those bits of paper that you and others carry – those "masters" you refer to have produced a global mess = which U only have to look
outside at the climate problems to see part of, at least 25,000 kids die daily because your political/business/religious leaders are corrupt , biased, or simply incompetent.
it REALLY bugs U that a "poor man" (with a limited brain <smile> ) as myself has more answers to local and global society than your "esteemed colleagues" ..
yeh sure, you "fully analyze"…with emphasis on the ANAL-ysis…as my "services" were offered more as a joke, I am amused that they (which are "virtual") have been "evaluated"
IF U had not "indiscriminately" virus-bombed me , with this " retaliation"  I might be able to consider your claim about "innocent kids"..but such insensitive threats dont make me co-operative, the germans tried it and it resulted in 54 complaints at the ECHR/EU parliament…
if U agree with the Bush-led elimination of "Islamists", or his predecessors fear of "communists" (when in fact "soviet" power wasn’t the same thing) ..
and my "joke" that if the "new world order" succeeds dont be suprised that Buddhists (and the asian community in general ) are the next "enemy" ..which may prove a
different problem completely, if U pick on them) the enemy of the people are not "other cultures" but those who pit us (people of this planet) against each other ,
for business/religious/political power..if U are truly intelligent, and "highly sensitive", how can U fuel this???
"God bless America" is a perverted extension that manipulates ordinary and ignorant people, mostly men , to sacrifice their lives for something that was lost a long time ago.
"the american dream" was destroyed along with the murder of the Kennedies and Luther-Kingin the 1960’s ..the capitalist dogma is a joke in the face of a multi-trillion dollar debt, at the
same making people people homeless for defaulting on bank loans, when banks themselves are at fault at least partly for the "crisis"
..its as much a "crime" in your "new world order" to be without a credit card, than to be a jew in hitlers 3rd kingdom, which in common with the USA and
(as Lennon once noted before he too was "elimanted" ) the previous Roman (catholic) empire used the eagle as its symbol and the mercenary weapon to obtain & maintain 
power and wipe out all opposition ("foreign and domestic") ..
Had you been able to look past your own prejudices It would be easy to explain how a better world can be achieved..
– Alternative economic progress
– Eco-logistics as a solution to energy / environmental requirements
– Team-networking to provide social intelligence and justice..for ALL
but U, like so many in the "systen" are too busy "winning" to care about the mess U will inherit as you "prize"..
…IF U could only step baqck, and put aside our personal differences ..stop what U are doing and see the truth, then U and others can improve this
world, we are in financial and climatic crisis, but it may not be too late if U act honestly..for others before yourself..
(this is my "valentines message" to the planet and people I once loved..)

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