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FtF European Pre-tour”

Dear Eured /ZRed / FB friends, and members of " KOP UNltd-"Shanks’  ARK "  and "N.E.P.A.K

 Due to an unexpected change in plans for the "FtF European Pre-tour" and (hopeful) weather improvement – I am NOW leaving and will be "on the move" around Europe promoting the awareness of y-our goals and the kids charities. IF you are ABLE..

a) to organise a meeting of your local club


b) a charity event


c) a party at your home, bar, cafe or favourite pub


d) a couch for a night or TWO 😉


e) AT LEAST locate an economy hostel or B & B  (as it not yet warm enough to sleep in the "Zbus"


WE have to choose a "theme" title to paint on the "Zbus" ..please choose from;


" Have n’t met you yet"

"to achieve the impossible , we must see the invisible"

" to boldly go where no RED has laughed before"

"he’s not the messiah, he ‘s a very naughty boy"

"Crisis – what Chris IS?"




it would be MOST appreciated – as I want to save all funds for the charitable projects…to benefit the kids and not waste money on "MY costs"

I will do my best to keep in touch with each and everyone of you, but thanks in advance for ANY help you may give with benefit the kids..


With HOPE in y-our hearts ..walk one..

take care and thanks x


email ; eured@live.nl   ( sometimes via  edagn@eured-san.net if not disrupted as my mobile/sms is currently not working)

website under destruction <smile>  : www.eured-san.net/ftf.html


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