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direct from the “Nags head” in MonteNegro…(mar 8-14)

do to others as you wish to they do to you…

(sent from the "Nags Head" in Pod. a bar which is full of "only fools and horses" …(BBC.tv) stuff, but too clean..even the barmaid wears a t-shirt with lovely juberly" , ,<smile>

"wake up"

I woke early with the sun on my face,
Look at the world, what a disgrace
Cars pumping poison day after day
Hour after hour,  its a lazy way

Cant trust government
Politics is their scent
Dont follow leaders
Who  turn U into bleeders

Question  Religious bigots who want to fight…
Your brothers with all your might
And business is not funny
They prostitute U for the money

Trust your friends and welcome the stranger
Find  positive in what they do
Make some thing GOOD
And feel positive about YOU…

Honour man woman and child
U can still go a bit wild
And have ideas, U can dare
SO important that U REALLY CARE

"2nd week in MyPod ..Drunken nights out..long days in , Mirko and Vaso’s Birthday Mar 8-14

…and long discussions with Ad & others about the "what are U doing question" …The above "poem" I wrote on Tuesday as I woke up, these words came in my head like a message..Monday I had takenREd carnations to the girlls in the bookstore (book-sore? or a joke abvout their boss? who almost always looks "sore") I have been a "reular"  there nearly every day and joined the "poor mans Rose " tradition of giving these flowers on "ladies day" here in MonteNegro..unfortunately (or fortunately) our game was not on the "blues bar" tv monday night, so I ate a sndwich there and a few "niksicko" beers and as BK was working at home had a nice chat with her colleague ("Rushka-Dushka) before waking my way back to my room (getting some bits from the local store, atill open at 23h!! …Note ; the cost of living is relatively high compared to the incomes which are prbably about half those in BeNelux. if anything supermarket costs are higher than in the Netherlands, although eating out is probably cheaper, drinks and coffees about half the price of Be/NL.)

I read a book about MonteNegro ("black mountain" ) and its troubled history before becoming independent in May 2006 (maybe I can celebrate my birthday when they do…here) gacve a copy of my passport to the "lady of the hose ; Sasa) despite our wonderful "democratic" governments signing the "UDHR freedom of movement" we are still "controlled" wherever we go, and I also tidied up the inside of the bus which had been ransacked by various immigration and customs police controls en route to here. "freedom = my ar*e"…

BK took me for a pizza and on thursday booked econiomy flights to Lp (Dubrovnik seems to be the nearest airport with economy airlines) lets hope the REDS can find top form from now until the end of the season..at least to shut up the media and those "spoilt brats" Had a go at my ISP for not unblocking "cia interference" of my emails and despite buying a new sim and battery for the mobile, on thursday, it cut out later that evening at the "other" irish Pub, maybe the noise of the party thrown by Milos and his mates caused it to cut out! <smile> really great time, and funny freindly, and sometimes drunk but happy people in that place took my mind off the fact that BK hadnt shown up again, and that the match wasnt on Milos cable Tv (it was on the national channel 2!!! ..these people respect the Europa league!)
Wed. and Friday were quiet days mostly in my room, early to be  and although I used the net , thanks to BK) at the K store..I will look for an alternative now, maybe a cafe with wifi. …saturday I had an "empty" feeling ..maybe some of past emotions are coming out…it started in the morning sunshine as I sat on the porch reading about this place and watching a neighbour kick a ball about in the street with all the neighbourhood kids (in our modern civilization this is a dying scene , a) because Dads are being cut out of kids lives and b) many weatern kids just sit in front of computer games instead of getting "active" and c) most countries ban "ball games" unless thjey are played on authorised facilities…rules are choking us as much as the pollution)  So it was a happy birthday for Mirko and Vaso but for me…I wrote this "poem " that day..and with sadness ended it…I got drunk and emotional..Sunday, was sunny, but I wasn’t ….I was alone again….."freedom’s just another name for nothing left to lose" ?  (me and Bobby Mcgee)

"the book-sore cafe"

it became a "centar" for me..
..a chat, an expresso or tea..
check the net
sometimes a laugh I get

from the boys behind the bar
Marco, Serge and Mirko
joke of theirs or mine
as I sip  a glass of wine..

& the loverly ladies of the bookstore;
Rushka-Dushka, Jasna and , of course ; Branka
always get a a (hello) kiss
with the muisc and the smiles
all of these I will miss..

————POD 13.3.10

and the following I sent to those "fickle fast food footy fans" that moaning when we lose…Short memories and no dignity..

"A message to cowards and traitors

where are YOU …?
– true and loyal supporters
–  the most knowledgable fans in the world?
–  Shanks "holy trinity"?

YOU moaners are ruining the worldwide reputation that Shanks , the original KOP supporters and the players , and those that came after gave so much to make us world famous and respected…
…YOU disgrace the LIVERBIRD…

were ANY of YOU at Barca when we won there ?( they had Messi and Ronaldinho etc in top form in those days) ..we didnt beat a tired AC like the mancs did last night.,.

never mind Istanbul..

Rafa made us (according to UEFA stats) tyhe most succesful side in europe in nthe last 5 years) if YOu went to the San Siro to see us do the double over Inter , or were in Madrid when we won in the Bernabeau ..
..lless than a year ago..we wiped out the richest club in the world 5- 0 ..repeat FIVE  – Zero"!!!!! ….when we destroyed real Madrid…and then went to Old Trafford and humiliated the Mancs 1-4 on their turf..WHERE WERE YOU? you spoilt brats?  

when did we last have a feeling like that?..dont give me the "hes taken us as far as he can" bull sh*te…there is no one better out there for us …who cares, who give us 26/7(!)..like Rafa.. hes only half way to where he wants US to be,…and if its not the biased media , or biased Refs, or our traditonal enemies that want us to see him fail then IF YOU,  our OWN FANS, with your "spoilt brat" moaning because we have had a bad season (whatver you think the reason is, injuries,  bad luck or bad decisions or all of that) He is Y-OUR manager and  he is MY mate because  he is part of the holy trinity … and you will consign this club to hell if you dont realise that WE are (were?) unique in our support and bond between manager , team and supporters…because of that we have been RESPECTED WORLDWIDE, and you idiots will destroy that? ..shame,. shame and MORE SHAME ON YOU!….god help you..because not only that YOU wuill have destroyed the only thing I ever had to hold onto in my life ,…a belief in the " the Liverpool way" ..so if you choose to rubbish that then …go to hell!"

…see kop unlimted…for further info/discussions..on the "REDS" ..and for the sake of the kids…"NEPAK"…



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