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“the (half) full Monty” week 15-21 Mar

…………….Last weekend really brought out some deep emotions, the extreme "solitude" of 4 months of being virtually cut off in the "snowbound cabin" and an "explosion" of social contacts via BK followed by a "settling down" period seemd to empty me of my energy but as the new week started I also became more encouraged , independent and stronger in myself..this is a place to be "independent" …they are .

I discuused some positives with BK’s friends and I am sure they think I am "Crazy"..but whilst I am here I want use all my abilities and experience ..to help them help themselves..but we shall see what develops .."naturally"..

rather than detail my week I share some of my "observations"

This is the capital city and perjaps in the global age of "media and fashion" many are "fashion" slaves..or even fashion snobs?..
ironic for me, when I was wearing an old t-shirt the traffic almost aimed at me, (zebra crossings are just for "design purposes" not for any safety reasons..) when I wore a "business jacket" and carried a laptop..they stopped for me..;)

and…theres a "Bum" taxi company, but not to be sniffed out… ūüėČ …a euro will get U across the city!

The people seem a bit insular, as independence was always their aim its not surprising, and anyway I miss the "welcome stranger" of my early travel days when I was often invited into peoples homes, and I did likewise , even being given house- keys by some of the RT people I visited!..so far no one has shown me the insite of a MonteNegro family home..I am curious, mind U only Orestis and Dix made me feel "at home" in the previous 3 years or so in the Flemish/Dutch inhabited europe. why do I use the word "inhabited" …because although many patriots will hate me for it, all this planet belongs to all of us, and whilst cultural identity is vital and interesting, NO lond should be "owned" "all property is theft" If we didnt allow "royalty" politicians and religions to "diivide and rule" the people there would be place and resources to feed and house everyone..some people think they are being "tolerant" by saying "everyone is a foreigner" ..I prfeer "NONE of us are foreigners"…this is Y-OUR planet..and it is IGNORANT to be divided by manipulating "leaders"…

its so sad this fear -ridden world..fear stops so much ..BK s aunt has cancer and has been told to start chemo-therapy, knowing it destroyed my ex wife Jacqui, I really would like to show her alternatives…spiritual belief in meditation and homeopathy..can work, and without the pain and damage caused by "modern" medicine..

Cars seem to be much more important than pedestrians…If you walk U have to walk on the road because the cars fill the pavements (sidewalk) ..apart from one or two of the "best" eating out is not too expensive, but for locals the costs are high relative to incomes..and supermarkets are maybe even more expensive than the Netherlands..there are some good TV series like "Weed" and the BBc "Spooks" and recent American/Brit films and of course "crimi-series" (CSI etc) not sure about the local Tv ( I am picking up some words ; Naravno ; Sigurno, Hvala ; Dobro – dan ; Lucu-Noc Lieb-dan (spelling?) and "sendvic"…but there are also some pretty awful spanish and italian series too..and surprisingly the main (NOT pay-per view) channels show nearly all main Champions League and Premiere League games and Liverpools Europa league games were LIVE on the local equivalent of BBC2!!..maybe thats why we are having trouble finding a Real¬† "football bar" where people actually watch the game instead of it being in the backgriound ..as they get the games at home..??

Nice to see kids flaying footy in the street, something being lost in most feminist / video game dominated "western" cultures, I really think its great to see Dads kicking a ball around with kids..no wonder teenagers grow up not knowing their dads..

sometimes it seems theres a lack of "service" mentality then on the other hand my local store has "packers" at the check-out…

this week REDS have dominated my activities, watching the game v Pomey (4-1, with goals by Torres (2) Babel and AQUILANI!!) ..was a joy to watch and I could "rent" the BK net and watch it fully focussed on the "live streamed" game, even though the connection wasnt great. We played the sort of footy that had smashed Madrid man U and villa in the latter part of last season, and on thursday a solid 3-0 with Stevie and Torres (another 2) sealing a win over Lille (a place I knew years ago when I lived in that region..another story)

St paddys day, being a work-day here has been "postponed" to the weekend so, to have a "green pint" but the "Sexy" U2 cover band didnt seem to getting the audience moving at the "St paddys irish pub party"..so I went to "TIT-o’grad…ys" ….and the atmosphere was booming, and plaenty of ladies moving with the music..a guy alone..in a crowd where its not one of my known languages..what to do..?..

then as I parked myself by a table , a couple of 6-footers stood directly in front of me, so i sat down, then the waiter informed me that the table was "reserved"..and , luckily , this moved me to ask a couple if they minded me resting my drink on their table, they turned out to be a really nice and friendly paid who were out on their first night since before the wife got pregnant, and although the guy didnt move, we laughed and joked and his wife was very happy to dance with me, which helped me to "bump" into the group of¬† 6 lasses on the next table, and by the time I had left at 03h I had danced with all of them, one of them hugging me close to avoid the advances of a rather unsteady guy from Napoli..Most were local but I had a short chat with katherine from Sarajevo, and wish that we had time to talk before the pub closed..expect to see them there again…I hope..the down side was one "girl" who seem p*ssed off that I was having fun, and called me a "dirty foreigner"…..but I was just having fun, and maybe they were suprised that I didnt want to make an advance on one of them, as they were all funny, friendly and ..sexy..so & as anyway¬† I had to get to go over to Kotor, in the morning, I didnt see any reason to try…save it for another night..or not..

I have to stop getting drunk on these "nights out alone" ..as BK has (her fee-male boss seems to require her to work 6 days+ and with family duties ) so far "missed" a get-together about¬† 5/6 times (hmmmmm….I hope that not a bad omen for our trip to LP..) as the certainly not only damage my bran cells they hit my wallet, I am not sure if I get ripped off, or just buy anyone who shows a slight inlking of friendship a drink..its surely another reaction to being "starved" of social contact during the "fortress of solitude" months in the snowbound flemish cabin.. I would have rather blown my "social budget" for the week on BK and heramtes ; MilEna Ivan, Mira and Ana,,but they were busy all weekend..

..and then sunday..I was later, for once, grateful for the neighbours dog, waking me up after only a couple of hours sleep, but it meant that I was in the beautful marine town of Korot (albeit after a 2 hour bus ride!) by mid-day, a coffee in the sunshine in the old town square, well its more like a town inside an ancient¬† harbour fortress , very quaint, and I had a "sendvic" to try to help soak up the beer induced headache from the night before…hungover again!..
I had a GUINESS in the "dock pub" before meeting the "Montenegro LFC fan club" organisers ; Vuk and Radovan (dont mix up his name with BK…!)

I find it odd that people watch the games in bars without sound, with music or whilst chatting./..But the broadcast was (cynically?) delayed whilst extended commercials and the proceeding programme overlaps the game @ Old Toilet by 10 minutes..

Fashion rules..and a lot of women seem to go for the "toy boys" and/or obsessing with "perfect=looking" guys who wear the same "high fashion" grey/black "mafia look" UNIFORM….and , as with a lot of the "west"¬† are more interested in the "packaging" physical looks than the mentality inside..

somwone texted to VUK to say we were winning 0-1 …but..as the picture came on, "shrek" was placing the ball for a (predicted) ManUre penalty..
..(predicted because everyone knows that refereee is a manc fan!, he dont need to be bribed to give them a pen and every decision whilst penalising our team at almost every incident)..its a disgrace, its a PUBLIC disgrace..there was some good moves and a midfrield battle and unfortunately SG didnt show his class and "shrek" was allowed too much of the ball, it should have been Stevie running the game, and I really hate "the World cup" for distracting our captain from what his priorities are…to win Trophies for LIVERPOOL, its us that pay him. having said that 3 games in 6 days obviously takes its toll not only in physical but mental sharpness, and towards the end of the game Torres also wasnt sharp enough to make the most of a cross from Stevie after a great pass from Masch, tired reaction as he missed 2 chances that another day would have meant taking another win over the mancs, if we cant win the title, then I would rather arse-nal than the mercenary rent boys or mancs, Rafa should have thumped "Sir sh*tface" on the touchline..

I did have an instinct avbout this one, ironic, that we won last year 1-4 on the 14th march, and THEY won 2-1 on the 21st of march?

Despite ther result, Radovan was very warm and friendly host, taking me up to the world-fanous "St Giovanni" for a fantastic view of Kotor, its harbour and the surounding bay and mountain area…and took me for a walk around the "Stari Grad" (does that make me "Starry ChriS" ?) before we had a coffee and I caught my bus back to Pod. I was almostr relieved that there was no "Sangria party" at Delboy’s pub..so a much needed early night..and hope for some sweet dreams about those….(more later..) … I like the way Radovan has taken "the LIVERPOOL way" (YNWA) to heart and he and his mate have a "you’ll never drink alone..or watch the match//alone"…philosophy….others take note..social bonding, caring about others and togetherness is opposite to "modern cool, me me me mentality" but vital to avoid us becoming unfeeling robots….

and yet, despite the "damage" this weekend,¬† I was¬† pleased to "discover" Kotor, and I wont wait around any more for BK, I can get myself around to see more of this beautiful land..someone wrote that we should forget the negatives…but its those things that should show us how to be positive, remeember the bad and take those memories and make tomorrow better..


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