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” ..almost perfect w/end..(half-full monty..continued) mar 19-26″.

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." ~ Albert Einstein

" ..almost perfect w/end..(half-full monty..continued) mar 19-26".

22h…….Sunday (26 mar…) ..niot long got back to my room..as I left Rasho at the Kotor bus station ..we agreed "a prefect weekend" (with the REDS winning 3-0) ..slightly marred by a taxi driver ripping me off, normally I walk, but after sleeping for the major part of the 2 hr bus joirney ..I was abit lazy and got charged double, mind you, even 5 euros wasnt that expensive by "western standards"…but couldnt spoil the weekend, not least that great goal by our kid…

fellow RED Rasho had found a bar to watch the game, (with the sound on) but even "Don" (bar owner) flicking back to the text to see other results (or "wind us up") and usual "sicko" beer adverts (which I told him would be a better time to see other results) couldnt spoil this final part of a great weeknd..(as I have mentioned betting is a big thing..and so they tend to want to zap around games, but at least we saw the game and a performance by the REDS that matched last years form, Since the game v Portsmouth and Lille , despite the bent manc ref at OT, the form is good and the team are pinging around the ball again, injuries and players form has been the reason we havent been leading the PL and CL leagues , not Rafa s fault! thats surely obvious by now to even the most blinkered of the fickle fans.

I bussed over to Kotor on Saturday and Rasho met me at the entrance of the old town and we took a local bus up to his family’s home at Kobota, a suburb of Kotor. His parents were really friendly , his father, a merchant seaman , having sailed aorund most of the World ,made the effort , with his wife, and Rasho’s brother Vuk, to make me feel really welcome..and we had a lunch come dinner of their home food with a type of chicken soup, then a meal called "Sama"… no wonder the lads are so big/tall 😉

Ltare on Rasho and I wen with the "Beatie" fans to watch the european champions of water – polo, (my old joke, of " bit tough on the horses"  got a faint smile…) then we went on the town..I think we got round to most of the old town bars, and in the "Dock pub" despite some crap team being on the TV, when a guy came in to the bar, and I just sensed he wasnt local, and we met at the bandiera bar later, and his name was "Dan" from Burnley, who had been living there since 5 years, seemed to be happy enough (despite having some "mis-understandings" I am getting to grips with myself)…anyway Rasho and I got back about 03hrs and I enjoyed the comfortable couch-bed in his room,  although it seemed the Bl**dy dog from Podgorica "found me" waking me up about 06hrs sunday morning, but I got back to sleep before a friendly "good morning" greeted me from the parents when I went to the living room..

Some more Sama gave me some "filling" before we went off to watch the game…

The week had been fairly quiet with no other REDS game, but I had managed to sort out some "administrative" chores and the "landlady" Sasa offered to wash my dirty clothes as there isnt a launderette close to my room….however the "saga" of missing BK for "get – togethers" took even a worse turn (as did she?) I waited again for hewr at the BK store/cafe Thursday night , having changed and returned to the city according to her plans. However, as I chatted to Mirko’s friend Nico about his leaving Sarajevo etc, I was worried that BK hadnt called Mirko to say she wasnt coming ,  and colleague Jsna, also didnt know anything …and so it was on my mind until I got a reply from BK via FB friday morning that she had "passed out"…I hope she has now recovered as the "no-show saga" of BK and her friends had me considering if something else is the problem…

anyway, a quiet week, which became weird, was balanced by an (almost) perfect weekend and I cant place enough emphasis  just how much having a friendly and warm "home feeling"  meant to me , I feel comfortable and relaxed for the first time in months,,..

p.s. even Rasho’s mum offered to "find me a girlfriend" when she heard of my past fee-male troubles..but I dont know if its still possible to find a good (single) woman anyway in the mad and selfish world..that I could trust having been burnt too many times..

/….In answer to Peters questions ; and other FB an d"half-full monty snips" ..edited dirct from the  "Nags head" (myPOD)

how long I staty depends on budget, and cost for getting the bus sorted, the target is to get everywhere else on the planet  (lol) but so far i am "surviving" this area, I have been just about everywhere else in europe, so the Balcans is a new "adventure" … I will stay a while, hoping to fly over to Anfield for a game before the end of the season though, just trying to do a bit of REDS "missionary work" in the meantime , they are not used to "footy pubs" ..the cult is more to bet on results and chat whilst zapping around the games on tv..you can imagine how much that pleases me…. lol , take care!

Friday; watched a mum speaking on her mobile , wearing sunglasses, driving her kid to school, almost running me over, oblivious to anything else..reminded me of thet "stupid girl" video ..(by "Pink") lol …Sunny day, yesterday all the "macho guys" were carrying brollies, in case the rain melted their hair gel, 😉 ..modern fee-males seem to know everything about sex..but nothing about "making love" ..or the difference..lol x

R.I.P. Harvey Tuttle

(to Jim of RAWK) Hiya Mate, I suppose as I live my life differently from just about everybody else, I seek a bit of "leeway" …
its more to do with my personal "ID" …I keep copies of stuff that are "pure;y" my onw as Yafoy on my laptop..and when I am "Harvey Tuttle" I open that up to new and "virgin" Reds whoim I teach english (or "euro-scouse") as I go, so they keep that as part of their educational file on their memory chip or whatever…I wont bore U with all the difficulties of moving around europe, its certainly not what they promised, every time I change location just how much BS exists , U wouldnt believe but…I wont ask any more, if U cant do it , then its R.I.P. Tuttle…which is ironic, and if U ever get to see a re-run of a certain episode of "M.A.S.H" U will undetand
YNWA! …I hope.,;)

Wrote sponsor letter for BK monday (Serge the messenger) …and..

to BK  …….."I am very happy for all your friends and dont know why they complain of so little money to spend..
it seems to me that they must be VERY rich…<SMILE> ..I offered my time FREE, …my time, which isa bigget thing I can give, anyone more important than money or presents,….which International Clients,  Managing Directors, business owners and leaders of government would pay an average of e250 p/h long befoire I "dropped out" in ;95…dont U think that is taking "independence" to a n extreme? <smile> ?
I HOPE we can be honest with each other…/that is real friendship..
(I realise its hard to believe what I tell you about my history, but imagine what amistake if  I am true, you dont take advantage of what I know…?)
so shall I withdrawl my offer. BUT, .anyway I will keep my promises to you…and then see if anyone else appreciates what I can do..for them"

Balkan REDS
(associated with Med-REDS)
Aims for all true REDS living in the Balkans region;
– Friendship Network with other REDS
– regular meetings  & locations to watch games
– Anfield experience & knowledge of "the Liverpool way"
– Learn and translate the Shankly traditions & famous KOP songs
– Associate with other REDS supporters in the Mediteranean

Locations; all region of the Balkans
(posted on FB (various REDS and Montenegro LFC fans wall) …)

"Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value." ~ Albert Einstein

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