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Blog…16 years on getting fuller @ “Monty”! mar 20-april 4 (a fools saga)

Sunday April 4 ..Fools rushing in? or out?..and "J" ..a "Girl Friday"..?

A lazy easter sunday after an all- night out with the Pubs boss and "J" ..first night club tested here, enjoyed dancing with her ! 😉  …I tend to hate "the holidays" (xmas and easter) ..not only for the reason that almost everybody is "occupied" with their fdamily gatherings, so I am usually alone, , but because they always remind me of the people that I lost in my life ,friends, wives, sisters, brothers and children…not least my deceased son Adam and the 2 stolen children Leon (13) and Noela (8) ….I watched a programme today on Tv about famous fathers and their children and how many said that their relationships were the most imprtant and vital. The worst thing a woman can do, is not kill me, or divorce me but deny me my fatherhood. oela’s mums birthday today, and 4 years after I "escaped" the last time from germoney…

talking of "germioney" my favourite cafe-pub in Pod. had a visit by 2 local "gestapo" complaining that the cafe had started to build a "garden" outide the cafe on the pavement …this in a city that allows cars to park all over the pavements etc so that pedestrians have to walk in the road. I am told their is bureaucratic / insider "corruption" here.  what a surprise , just like everywhere else! ..no wonder ther EU are in a hurry to add this gem to their "christian membership"…
Bk and I have fallen out, (the saga of missed appointments and "promises" etc etc became like a massive "April fools" joke, ) so I wont be around the cafe BK-store so often. REDS fan had his birthday on April 1, I wrote this this little prose for the lad;

to VUK on your birthdsay, YNWA

Hes Big hes RED,
His feet stick out the bed..

its NOT Peter Crouch..
Have another look
A  face Like Danny Agger
but his name is VUK

He follows Rasho, his Brother
and a team like no other
and the dream to be
a KOP-ite like me

On your birthday I send U a wish
worth more than a million pound(s)
for a true red, his dream
to get to Anfield;  THE "holy ground"

but I think my own "april joke"…
"Thurs 09h Reuters ; CNN breaking news (source: MyPOD MNE) "A Balcans based conglomerate have agreed terms to buy out Hicks & Gilet together with Supporters groups to control the Liverpool Football club as from the end of season 09-10, the fund of several Billion will include propotion of the "LFC brand" worldwide , a new sports complex in the Anfield district , retention of the Anfield stadium as a heritage site and a new arena with double seating capacity,plus funds to bolster the squad with players of the standard ; Messi; Rooney; Kaka; etc." end "

…was easily eclipsed by that MASSIVE FOOL Eriksson (svens’ brother?)who pretended to be a Referee at our game later that night in the "stadium of Bullsh*te"  their fans got away with throwing firworks onto the pitch, their players got away with kicking Torres and the rest, whilst Babel got a RED card for something you wouldnt even remark about in a kiddies playground, never mind so-called adult male sports pros. NO wonder the benfica fans had a Swedish flag draped on their terraces. !!! just as it was at Olt toilet , when Mancs fan Webb gave them a pen. Eriksson gave benfica TWO penalties and denied us a goal and a pen when Torres waS FOULED. nO WONDER HE  missed a chance he must have been knackered from chasing all over the pitch after Babel was red-carded. and his legs must be black and blue from the kicking of benfica’s defenders.

A tired LFC (and a very tired and bruised "Our Kid" Torres) could only draw at Brum Sumday, may have damaged our chances of CL qualification next season, no one will love me for it, but I would rather see us win the Europa League and GO FOR the PL next season , than end the season struggling to do either. Maybe the best way to win the Pl next season is NOT to have the "distraction" of the "glam" CL and IF the squad believes we can do it.

Started to look for a "candidate" ..for the Gemini(phoenix-LiverBird) ..RESURRECTION?. crative start ups etc….in time for next week, a fitting date after easter?
" a human BEing without philosophy is a robot –  Love without respect is like eating soup from a basket" (CS; 1 May 2000)


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